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*APR 4: 1896 

QtoHR^-F, IAN' 






Index to Periodicals i 

Index to General Literature 139 

Author-Index " 163 

Bibliographies 229 

Necrology 241 

* Index of Dates to Principal Events 247 

•This new feature of the Annual Literary Index will be found of use as practically an index to the 
files of any newspaper, and in other ways. 


OF 1895. * 


Wm. I. Fletcher, Editor Librarian Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

Prof. Herbert B. Adams Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

Willard Austin Assistant Librarian Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 

James Bain, Jr Librarian Public Library, Toronto, Ont. 

S. H. Berry Librarian Y. M. C. A., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

W. S. Biscoe Librarian [Catalog Dept.] State Library, Albany, N.Y. 

Miss C. A. Blanchard Librarian Tufts Library, Weymouth, Mass. 

I. S. Bradley Librarian State Historical Society, Madison, Wis. 

Prof. Arthur N. Brown U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 

Rev. Charles H. Burr Librarian Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. 

Edith E. Chase Office Associated Charities, Boston, Mass. 

John F. Davies Librarian Public Library, Butte City, Mont. 

R. C. Davis Librarian University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

W. E. Foster Librarian Public Library, Providence, R.I. 

Geo. L. Fox Rector Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, Conn. 

S. S. Green .* Librarian Public Library, Worcester, Mass. 

W. C. Hawks Assistant Librarian Hartford Theological Seminary, Hartford, Conn. 

Caroline M. Hewins Librarian Public Library, Hartford, Conn. 

William J. James Librarian Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 

W. C. Lank Librarian Boston Athemeum, Boston, Mass. 

J. N. Larked Superintendent Buffalo Library, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Joseph D. Layman Assistant Librarian University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 

Geo. T. Little Librarian Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. 

Mary Medlicott Assistant, City Library, Springfield, Mass. 

A. Louise Morton " " " " " 

C. Alex. Nelson Deputy Librarian, Columbia College Library, N.Y. City. 

Mary O. Nutting Librarian Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. 

Helen P. Odeli Assistant, Y. M. C. A. Library, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Mary W. Plummer Librarian Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Franklin O. Poole Amherst College Library, Amherst, Mass. 

Josephine A. Rathbone Assistant, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Abbie L. Sargent Assistant, Public Library, Medford, Mass. 

Mary E. Sargent Librarian " " " •• 

Alice Shepard Assistant, City Library, Springfield, Mass. 

Adele Smith Amherst College Library, Amherst, Mass. 

Walter M. Smith Librarian University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 

W. K. Stetson Librarian Public Library, New Haven, Conn. 

W. H. Tillinghast Assistant, Harvard University Library, Cambridge, Mass. 

Mary L. Titcomb Librarian Free Library, Rutland, Vt. 

Theresa H. West Librarian Public Library, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Carrie W. Whitney Librarian Public Library, Kansas City, Mo. 

Solon F. Whitney Librarian Public Library, Watertown, Mass. 

Eleanor B. Woodruff Assistant, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Elizabeth A. Young Assistant, Public Library, Chicago, 111. 


Name of Periodical. Abbreviation. Volumes. 

Academy, London, Eng Acad 47, 48 

All the Year Round, London, Eng All the Year .... 76 

American Antiquarian, Chicago, 111. Am. Antiq 17 

American Architect, Boston, Mats Am. Arch 47 _ 5° 

American Catholic Quarterly, Phila., Pa Am. Cath. Q 20 

American Economic Assoc. Publications, Bait., Md. . . . Am. Econ. Assoc. . . 10 

American Historical Review Am. Hist. R *i 

American Journal of Archeology, Bait., Md Am. J. Archseol. ... 10 

American Journal of Philology, Bait., Md Am. J. Philol *i6 

American Journal of Psychology, Bait., Md Am. J. Psychol. ... *y t 8 

American Journal of Science, New Haven, Conn Am. J. Sci 149, 150 

[American] Journal of Social Science, Boston .... Am. J. Soc. Sci. ... no. 33 

American Journal of Sociology, Chicago Am. J. Sociol *i 

American Law Review, St. Louis, Mo Am. Law R 29 

American Magazine of Civics, New York Am. M. Civics ... 6, 7 

American Naturalist, Phila., Pa Am. Natural 29 

American Statistical Assoc. Publications, Boston, Mass. . Am. Statis. Assoc. . . *4 

Annals of the Am. Acad. Pol. Science, Phila., Pa. . . . Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. % 6 

Anthropological Institute, Journal of, London, Eng. . . Anthrop. J *24, 25 

Arena, Boston, Mass Arena *i 1-15 

Argosy, London, Eng Argosy 59. 60 

Art Journal, London, Eng Art J 47 

Athen/EUM, London, Eng Ath '95, 1, 2 

Atlantic Monthly, Boston, Mass. Atlan 75, 76 

Belgravia, London, Eng Belgra 86, 87, 88 

Biblical World, Chicago Bib. World 5, 6 

Bibliotheca Sacra, Oberlin, Bib. Sac 52 

Blackwood's Magazine, Edinburgh Black w 157, 158 

Bookman, New York Bookman 1, 2 

Canadian Magazine, Toronto, Ont Canad. M ' . *4, 5, 6 

Catholic World, New York Cath. World .... *6o, 61, 62 

Century, New York Cent *49, 50, 51 

Chambers's Journal, Edinburgh Chamb. J. (11) ... 72 

Charities Review, New York Char. R *4» 5 

Chautauquan, Meadville, Pa Chaut *20, 21, 22 

Christian Literature, New York Chr. Lit * 12, 13, 14 

Church Quarterly, London, Eng Church Q +39, 40, 41 

Contemporary Review, London, Eng Contemp 67, 68 

Corn hill Magazine, London, Eng Corah 71, 72 

Cosmopolitan, New York Cosmopol * 18, 19, 20 

Critic, New York Critic (n. s. 23, 24) . . 26, 27 

Critical Review, London Crit. R 5 

Dial, Chicago, 111 Dial (Ch.) 18, 19 

Dublin Review, London, Eng Dub. R. (n. s. 33, 34) 116, 117 

Eclectic Magazine, New York Eel. M 124, 125 

Economic Journal, London, Eng Econ. J 5 

Economic Review, London Econ. R 5 

Edinburgh Review, Edinburgh Ed. R 181, 182 

Education, Boston, Mass Educa +15, 16 

Educational Review, New York Educa. R 9, 10 

Engineering Magazine, New York Engin. M *8, 9, 10 

English Historical Review, London, Eng Eng. Hist. R 10 

English Illustrated Magazine, London, Eng Eng. Illust 14, 15 

Fortnightly Review, London, Eng Fortn. (n. s. 57, 58) . . 63, 64 

Forum, New York Forum * 18, 19, 20 

Garden and Forest, New York Garden & F 8 

Gentleman's Magazine, new series, London, Eng Gent. M., n. s. ... 54, 55 

Geographical Journal, London, Eng Geog. J 5, 6 

Good Government, Washington, D.C Good Govt 14 

Good Words, London, Eng Good Words .... 36 

Green Bag, Boston, Mass Green Bag 7 

Harper's Magazink, New York Harper ^90, 91, 92 

Harvard Graduates' Magazine, Cambridge, Mass. . . . Harv. Grad. M. ... *3, 4 


Name of Periodical. Abbreviation. Volumes. 

International Journal of Ethics, Phila., Pa Int. J. Ethics .... *5, 6 

Johns Hopkins University Studies in Hist., etc., Bait., Md. J. H. Univ. Studies . . 13 

Journal of the Franklin Institute, Phila., Pa J. Frankl. Inst. . . . 139, 140 

Journal of Hellenic Studies, London, Eng J. Hel. Stud *i$ 

Journal of Political Economy, Chicago, 111 J. Pol. Econ *3» 4 

Journal of the Statistical Society, London, Eng. ... J. Statis. Soc 58 

Knowledge, London Knowl 18 

Lend a Hand, Boston, Mass Lend a Hand .... 14, 15 

Library Journal, New York Lib. J 20 

Lippincott's Magazine, Phila., Pa Lippinc 55, 56 

Literary World, Boston, Mass Lit. W. (Bost.) ... 26 

Littell's Living Age, Boston, Mass Liv. Age 204-207 

Longman's Magazine, London, Eng Longm *25, 26, 27 

Lutheran Quarterly, Gettysburg, Pa Luth. Q 25 

McClure's Magazine, New York McClure *4, 5, 6 

Macmillan's Magazine, London, Eng Macmil +71, 72, 73 

Methodist Review, New York Meth. R. (5th Ser. 10) . 55 

Mind, London, Eng Mind 20 

Monist, Chicago, 111 Monist *5. 6 

Munsey's Magazine, New York Munsey *i2, 13, 14 

Nation, New York Nation 60, 61 

National Review, London, Eng National *24, 25, 26 

Natural Science, London, Eng Nat. Sci 

Nature, London, Eng Nature 

New England Hist, and Gen. Register, Boston, Mass. . . N.E. Reg 

New England Magazine, Boston, Mass New Eng. M., n.s. . 

New Review, London, Eng New R 

New Science Review, New York New Sci. R. . . . 

New World, Boston, Mass New World .... 

Nineteenth Century, London, Eng 19th Cent 

North American Review, New York No. Am 

Our Day, Boston, Mass Our Day .... 

Outing, New York Outing 

Overland Monthly, San Francisco, Cal Overland, n. s. . . 

Pedagogical Seminary, Worcester, Mass Pedagog. Sem. . . 

Pennsylvania Magazine of History, Phila., Pa Pennsyl. M. ... 

Philosophical Review, Boston, Mass Philos. R 

Poet-Lore, Boston, Mass Poet-Lore .... 

Political Science Quarterly Pol. Sci. Q. ... 

Popular Astronomy, Northfield, Minn Pop. Astron. . . . 

Popular Science Monthly, New York Pop. Sci. Mo. . . . 

Portfolio, London, Eng Portfo 

Presbyterian and Reformed Review, New York .... Presb. and Ref. R. 

Psychological Review, New York Psychol. R 

Public Opinion, New York Pub. Opin * 18, 19, 20 

Quarterly Journal of Economics, Cambridge, Mass. . . . Q. J. Econ *g t 10 

Quarterly Review, London, Eng Quar f 180, 182 

Reformed Quarterly Review, Phila., Pa Ref. Q 42 

Review of Reviews, New York R. of Rs *io, 11, 12 

Saturday Review, London, Eng Sat. R 

School Review, Hamilton, N.Y School R 

Science, New York Science, n.s 

Science Progress Sci. Prog 

Scottish Review, Paisley, Scot Scot. R 

Scribner's Magazine, New York Scrib. M 

Spectator, London, Eng Spec 

Sunday Magazine, London, Eng Sund. M 

Temple Bar, London, Eng Temp. Bar .... 104, 

Westminster Review, London, Eng Westm 

Writer, Boston, Mass Writer 

Yale Review, New Haven, Conn Yale R 

* These volumes are not entirely included, as they cover more than the year 1S05. In a. few other cases the 
volumes given do not exactly coincide with the year, but the indexing is for the year 1895, irrespective of the volumes. 
f Of the Quarterly Review, Vol. 1S1 is to be an index-volumc. The text of the review is complete without it. 

The number of volumes indexed for 1S95 is 197, representing 124 publications. 

The volume numbers given in parentheses in a few cases are those used in the periodicals themselves, when 
these do not correspond with the volume numbers used in this Index. These latter are based on the numbering in 
Poole's Index, in the Preface to which work a sufficient explanation of these variations may be found. 


. 7 

*5*» 5*. 



*n, 12, 





, 2 




160, i 




♦25, 26, 





, 4 







f 3 

*46, 47» 









, 2 


, 4 









, 4 



X une femme; a poem. (P. Verlaine) New R. 12: 

Abandoned farm; a poem. (J. Karl) Canad. M. 5: 

325 (Ag). 
Abattoirs, Cattle ships and. (M. E. Haweis) 

Westm. 143:678^). 
Abbey, Edwin A., Pastels of. (F. H. Smith) 

Scrib. M. 18: i35(Ag). — (C. Monkhouse) 

Acad. 48:370(N2). 
Abbotsford, House- party at. (N. L. Smith) Cos- 

mopol. I9:$I3(S). 
Abd-ul-Hamid, Sultan.* Con temp. 67:43^). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 204: 361 (F9). Same art. Eel. 

M. i24:303(Mr). 
Abdur Rahman, Amir of Afghanistan, Wheeler's. 

(L. Griffin) Sat. R. 79*855(Je29). 
Abelard and early universities, Compayre's. Sat. R. 


— and Heloise. (Anatole France) Cosmopol. 18: 


— as a theological teacher. Church Q. 41: 129(0). 
Aberdare, Lord, with portrait. (G. T. Goldie) 

Geog. J. 5:386(Ap). 
Abrantes, Duchesse d'. [Temp. Bar] Eel. M. 124: 

29 (Ja). 
Absent-mindedness. Spec. 75: i72(Agio). 
Absentee landlord, Irish, and his tenants, 1768- 

'92. (J. G. Alger) Eng. Mist. R. 10:663(0). 
Absolute, The, and the time-process. (J. Watson) 

Philos. R. 4:353 (Jl). 
Absorption, Physiological. (E. W. Reid) Sci. 

Prog. 2:3330a). 
Abu'l Kasim, Persian poet. (J. H. Parsons) Gent. 

M. n. s. 55:419(6). 
Academie Francaise, Election of M. Heredia to. 

Acad. 47:484(^8). 

— Reception of Paul Bourget. (C. Nicholson) 

Acad. 47: 524(Je22). 
Academies in N.Y. state, State aid for. School R. 

Academy of France, at Rome. Am. Arch. 47: 124 

Acadian rambles. Outing, 26: 289 ( J 1). 
Ace of hearts, The. (J. S. Fletcher) Chamb. J. 

Acetylene as product of electric furnace. J. Frankl. 

Inst. 139: 72 (Ja). 

— commercially considered. (T. L. Willson and 

J. J. Suckert) J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 321 (My). 

— Practical method of producing. Dub. R. 1 16: 

401 (Ap). 

Achimenes IV. (W. E. Endicott) Garden & F. 8 : 

Acland, Arthur H. D. School R. 3: i29(Mr). 

Aconite collectors on the Singalilas. Chamb. J. 

Acoustics in relation to buildings. (H. W. Bur- 
rows) Am. Arch. 48:65(Myi8), 78(My25). 

Acting. (H. Irving) Fortn. 63: 369 (Mr). 

— Amateur, of today. (W. G. Elliot) National, 


— as an art. (H. Irving) Fortn. 63:369(Mr). 

Same art. Eel. M. 124: 587(My). 

— Criticism of. (W. Archer) New R. 12: 654(Je). 
" Active," sloop, Case of. (H. L. Carson) Green 

Bag, 7:17 (Ja). 
Acton, Edward Hamilton. Nat. Sci. 6: 351 (My) . 
Acton, J. E. E. D., Lord, as professor of modern 

history at Cambridge. Sat. R. 79: 82i(Je22). 
Actor, manager, and the public. (J. Malone) 

Forum, 20:235(0). 
Actors, Strolling. Cornh. 72: 87(J1). Same art. 

Eel. M. 125:374^). 
Actresses, Titled. (M. Bacheller) Munsey, 13:46 


— who have become peeresses. (A. C. Wheeler) 

Cosmopol. 20: 130(D). 
Adam, Mme. Juliette Lamber, Portraits of. McClure, 

Adamawa, German expedition to. (Dr. Passarge) 

Geog. J. 5:5o(Ja). 
Adams, John Couch. (Henriette Cork ran) Temp. 

Bar, i05:5i9(Ag). 
Adaptation, Agglutination and. (E. W. Fay) Am. 

J. Philol. i6:i(Ap). 
Adele Berthier; a story of old Quebec. (T. Swift) 

Canad. M. 6:43(N), 138(D). 
Adhesive organs in animals. (R. Lydekker) 

Knowl. i8:246(N). 
Admiral's yarn, The; a story. (C. S. Clarke) 

Eng. Illust. 6, 84(Mr). 
Admiralty surveys. Geog. J. 6: 22QI). 
Adriatic, Beyond the. (H. W. Preston) Cent. 

49 : 737(Mr),9Q5(Ap). jo:n8(My). 
Adventure of a lady of quality. (M. J. Judah) 

Harper, 9o:238(Ja). 
Adventurer, The. (S. J. Weyman) Eng. Illust. 

12: no. 4, 3(Ja). 
Adventures of a poet-laureate. (M. F. Gibson) 

Gent. M. n. s. 54: 473 (My). 
Adventurous week, An. (C. Edwardes) Chamb. 

J. 72:626-680(0). 



Advertisement, Advance of. Cornh. 72: 505(N). 
Advertisements, Only the. (E. Stuart) Temp. Bar, 

106:221(0). Same art. Eel. M. i25:66o(N). 
Advertising as a trespass on the public. (R. 

Evans) 19th Cent. 37-"968(Je). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 206: 131 (JI20). Same art. Eel. M. 


— Curiosities of. Chamb. J. 72: 311 (My). 

Adye, Sir John, Military recollections of. (W. O. 

Morris) Acad. 47: 393(Myi 1). 
Aerial vessels, Automatic stability in. (T. Moy) 

Knowl. 18: 29(F). 
Aerial warfare. (T. Moy) Knowl. 18:276(0). 
Aesthetic principles, Marshall's. Sat. R. 80:480 

(O12).— (E. E. Hale, jr.) Dial (Ch.) 19: 141 

Affair at Islington; a story. (M. White, jr.) Mun- 

sey, i2:38i-62o(Ja-Mr). 
Affectionate son, An; a story. Cornh. 72:49o(N). 

Same art. Eel. M. 125:821(0). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 207: 589(07). 
Afghanistan, Alliance with. (E. K. Robinson) 

Fortn. 64: 707 (N). 

— Amir's surgeon on. Dub. R. 116: i88(Ja). 
Africa, Central; British protectorate in. (H. H. 

Johnston) Geog. J. 5: i93(Mr). 

— the coming continent, Vincent's. Sat. R. 80: 273 


— East, American trade prospects in. (C. J. Zingg) 

Am. M. Civics, 6: 500 (My). 
Neumann's journey in. Geog. J. 6:274(8). 

— equatorial, Count Gotzen's journey across. Geog. 

J. 5:354(Ap). 

— Ethnology of. (E. Heawood) Geog. J. 6: 465 


— Expedition to Ruwenzori and Tanganyika. (G. 

F. S. Elliot) Geog. J. 6: 301 (O). 

— French fighters in. (P. Bigelow) Harper, 90 : 


— French occupation of. (J. W. Lowther) Na- 

tional, 25: 3o6(My). 

— Map of, by treaty, Hertslet's. Sat. R. 79:813 


— New British markets in. (F. D. Lugard) rgih 

Cent. 38:442(8). 

— Partition of, Keltie on. Sat. R. 80: 243(Ag24). 

— Problem of. (E. W. Blyden) No. Am. 161: 


— Rome in. (W. Sharp) Harper, 91: 95 (Je). 

— Routes in. (F. D. Lugard) National, 25: 765 


— South, British ; 1200 miles in a waggon. (Alice 

Balfour) National, 25: i83(Ap), 35i(My). 

Same art. Eel. M. 124:751^6). 125:22 

(Jl). Same art. Liv. Age, 205 .'605 (Je8). 
Expansion of, Wilmot's. Sat. R. 79: 448 

Social questions in. (V. T. Kirby) Econ. 

R. 5:1250a). 

— Transformation of. (J. M. Hubbard) Nation, 


— Triangulation of. (E. F. Chapman) Geog. J. 


— Tropical. (A.S.White) 19th Cent. 38:455 (S). 

— West, Missionary pioneers in; women. * (A. R. 

Buckland) Sund. M. 24:841(0). 
British possessions in. (F. D. Lugard) 

Blackw. 157:970^). 

land of palm oil. Chamb. J. 72: 484^' Ag). 

Railways for. Dub. R. 117: 455(0). 

After five years ; a story. (L. Butt) Belgra. 86: 65 

After long waiting; a poem. Argosy, 59:66 (Ja). 

After many days; a story. Blackw. 158: 650(N). 

Aftermath; a story. (W. J. Locke) New R. 

13: I03(J1). Same art. Eel. M. 125:399(8). 
Afterwards; a story. (I. Maclaren) McClure, 

4 : 472(Ap). 
Agava, An Arizona. Garden & F. 8: i84(My8). 
Age of consent in U.S. (A. M. Powell and others) 

Arena, 11:192. 12:282. 13:88-353. 14:205, 

Agglutination and adaptation. (E. W. Fay) Am. 

J. Philol. i6:i(Ap). 
Agnostic, Why I am not an. (F. Max MUller) 

Eel. M. I24:99(ja). Same art. Chr. Lit. 12: 

Agnosticism. (J. G. Schurman) Philos. R. 4: 241 


— Balfour's attack on. (T. H. Huxley) 19th Cent. 

37 : 5 2 7(MO- 

— Common-sense view of. Westm. 144: 278(8). 

— free thought, and skepticism. (S. Dewey) 

Westm. 143: 178(F). 

— Passing of. (A. A. Berle) Bib. Sac. 52: 505 


— Rebound from; Balfour's book. (J. G. Schur- 

man) Forum, i9:364(My). 
Agreements not to be performed within a year. 

(E. H. Bennett) Am. Law R. 29:48i(Jl-Ag). 
Agricultural experiment stations. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8:401(^9). 
Agricultural laborer. (H. G. Pearce) Eng. Illust. 

12: no. 6, 43(Mr). 

— Imperturbability of. Spec. 74: 683(Myi8). 
Agricultural science, Evolution of. (R. M. Gamier) 

Econ. R. 5:441(0). 
Agricultural syndicates and co-operative societies in 

France. (C. Gide) Econ. J. 5: I95(je). 
Agriculture, Advanced, Webb's. Sat. R. 79: 70 


— Beginnings of. (L. Bourdeau) Pop. Sci. Mo. 


— Co-operation in. (H. W. Wolff) Contcmp. 68: 

4 8 5 (0). 

— Experimental farms of Canada. Garden & F. 

— • in England; Climax of disaster. (W. E. Bear) 
Fortn. 64:405(8). 

— in Great Britain, Two points on. Spec. 75:358 


— Perish agriculture ! Quar. 180: 406 (Ap). 

— Pottering with. (P. A. Graham) New R. 13: 

Ahalya Ball, Queen of Myhsir. Argosy, 60:225 

Aiken, Aunt Lizzie, Story of, with portrait. (Mrs. 

G. Anderson) Our Day, 15: 125(8). 
Air, Electrification of, and other gases. Nature, 5 1 : 

and diselectrification of. Nature, 52: 608 


— expired, Composition of, and effects on life. 

Science, n. s. i:48i(My3). 

— Recent researches on. (C. M. Aikman) Gent. 

M. n. s. 54: 146(F). 
Air-car, The. (B. Baden Powell) National, 26: 

Aix-en-Provence. (W. H. Pollock) Eng. Illust. 

— i3 : 43 ! (Ag). 



Alabama, Industrial conditions of. (J. Ralph) 
Harper, 90: 607 (Mr). 

— Pioneer marriage in. (F. E. Herring) Can ad. M. 

5 : 375(Ag)* 
Alabaster. (R. Benyon) Knowl. i8:245(N). 
Alain of Halfdene; a story. (A. R. Brown) 

Lippinc. 55 : 435( A P)- 
Alaska, Chapter of. (C. E. Cabot) New Eng. M. 
n.s. n:588(Ja). — (J. W. Bingham) Nation, 
60: io(Ja3), 28(Jaio). 

— Charles Bryant on. (C. E. Cabot) Nation, 60: 


— revisited. ( W. H. Dall) Nation, 61 : 6-22o(Jl-S). 

— Work among natives in. (R. S. Jackson) Lend 

a H. 14: i79(Mr). 
Albatross, White-breasted, on Laysan island. 

Knowl. 18: 79(Ap). 
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, and his set. Mun- 

sey, 13: 1 64c My). 
Albrecht, Archduke. (S. Wilkinson) Spec. 74: 261 

Ale drinking in old Egypt and the Thrako-Ger- 

manic race. (K. Blind) Scot. R. 2$:23(Ja). 
Alexander III., of Russia, and his advisers. (C. E. 

Smith) No. Am. i6o:2i(Ja). 

— and what we may expect of him. (E. Borges) 

Harper, 9* : I29(je). 

— Lowe's. Sat. R. 79: ioo(Jai9). — (I. F. Hap- 

good) Nation, 60: i5o(F2i). 
Alger, H. f jr. John Maynard, How I came to 

write. (H. Alger, jr.) Writer, 8: 182(D). 
Alkalies; preliminary note on a new alkali mineral. 

(W. M. Foote) Am. J. Sci. 150:480(0). 
All for honour; a story. (Darcy Lever) Gent. M. 

n.s. 54:i(Ja). 

All I could never be; a story. (M. Bradford- 
Whiting) Gent. M. n. s. 55:217(8). 

All my sad captains. (S. O. Jewelt) Cent. 50: 737 

All Saints' Church, God's Hill. Am. Arch. 47:59 


Alladine and Palomides : a prose play. CM. Mae- 
terlinck) Poet-Lore, 7: 28i(Je-Jl). 

Allen, Grant, Hilltop novels by. Spec. 75: 722^23). 

— Woman who did. Sat. R. 79:3i9(Mr9). — (M. 

G. Fawcett) Contemp. 67: 625 (My). 
Allen, James Lane, with portrait. (N. H. Banks) 

Bookman, i:3<>3(Je). 
Allen, Ralph. (R. C. Browne) Acad. 48: 309(C)). 
Alliances, Talk of new. (F. Greenwood) New R. 

Alligator-hunting in Mexico. (E. French) Outing, 

27: 206(D). 
Alloys, Chemical nature of. (F. H. Neville) Sci. 

Prog. 4:1 77(N). 

— Recent study of. (F. H. Neville) Sci. Prog. 4: 

Allylene, New method of preparing. (E.H. Keiser; 

M. B. Breed) J. Frankl. Inst. i39'.304(Ap). 
Alma-Tadema, Laurens. (C. Monk house) Scrib. 

M. 18: 663(D). 
Almanacs. (R. W. McFarland) Pop. Astron. 2: 225 

(Ja), 358(Ap), 452(Je). 3= "4(N). 

— Early American. (W. L. Andrews) Book- 

man, 2: 283(D). 
Almshouses, Ancient English. Cornh. 7i:63(Ja). 
Almshouse women; a study. (Mary R. Smith) 

Am. Statis. Ass^oc. 4: 2I9(S). 
Alone in China: a story. (J. Ralph) Harper, 


Alps and Caucasus, Mummery's Climbs in the. 
(C. W. Colby) Nation, 61:650125).— Sat. 
R. 8o:il3(Jl27). 

— Conway on. (Hiram M. Stanley) Dial (Ch.) 

19:178(01). — (C. W.Colby) Nation, 61: 351 
(N14). — Sat. R. 80: 24i(Ag24). 

— Glacial land-forms of margins of. (H. R. Mill) 

Geog. J. 5: 68(Ja). — Am. J. Sci. 149: 121 (F). 
Altar of mammon; a story. (Mrs. de Koven) Cos- 

mopol. 18: 387(F). 
Altitudes, High, and climate. (H. R. Wray) 

New Sci. R. 2:26(J1). 

— maximum and ex-meridian, Corrections of. (J. 

White) Nature, 5 1 : 485 ( Mr2 1 ) . 
Altruistic impulse in man and animals. (T. Gavan- 

escul) Int. J. Ethics, 5: 197 (Ja). 
Altruria. (E. B.Payne) Am. M. Civics, 6: 168(F). 

— Discovery of. (Sir Robert Harton) Cosmopol. 


— A brief history of. (Sir Robert Harton) Cos- 

mopol. 20: 218(D). 
Alumina, Reduction considered from thermo- 

chemical standpoint. (J. W. Richards) J. 

Frankl. Inst. i39:295(Ap). 
Aluminium alloys, Resistance to corrosion. (J. 

W. Richards) J. Frankl. Inst. i39J69(Ja). 
Aluminium solders. (J. Richards) J. Frankl. Inst. 

Amazing marriage, The. (Geo. Meredith) Scrib. 

M. i7 : 33-774- i8:35-65i(Ja-D). 
Amazon, Tribes of. (C. R. Markham) Anthrop. 

J. 241236(F). 
Amazons, Two West Indian. All the Year, 76: 59 

Amber. Cornh. 72:278(8). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 

6i 4 (N). 
Amboise, Chateau d*. Am. Arch. 49:122(821). 
Ameer's justice, The. Macmil. 72: 3i4(Ag). 
America, Discovery of; Voyages of the Cabots, 

Dawson's. Sat. R. 79:659(Myi8). 

Portuguese claim to. Dub. R. 116: i95(Ja). 

Pre-Columbian. (H. Y. Oldham) Geog. J. 5: 


— Pre-historic contact with Oceanic peoples. (C. 

Thomas) Am. Antiq. 17:101 (Mr), 191 CJO- 
" America," Hymn, How it was written. Critic, 

American Academy at Rome. (R. Cortissoz) 

Harper, 90: 626(Mr). 
American antiquities; netting, rope, and wood 

implements in a mud deposit in Western 

Florida. (C. D. Durnford) Am. Natural. 

29: io32(N). 
American Assoc, for Adv. of Science. Science, 

2: U3(Ag2). — (F. W. Putnam) Science, n. s. 

2: i7i(Agi6). 

— Springfield meeting, 1895. CJ» L. Howe and 

others) Science, n. s. 2:313(813), 349(820^, 

American character in politics. (A. B. Hart) 

Chaut. 22: I42(N). 
American citizenship, Distinctive. (A. Roeder) 

Am. M. Civics, 6: 5i6(My). 
American commercial and financial supremacy, 

Conditions for. (P. Leroy-Beaulieu) Forum, 

20: 385(D). 
American commercial policy, Rabbens on. (F. 

W. Taussig) Q. J. Econ. 10: 102(0). 
American Dahlia Society, Meeting of. (L. H. 

Bailey) Garden & F. 8:418(016). 



American Dead Sea fruit. (A. M. Kerr) Over- 
land, n. s. 25: 189(F). 
American diplomacy, Two years of. (G. Gray) 

No. Am. i6o:409(Ap). 
American ethnology and archaeology. (J. F. 

Hewitt) Westm. 143: 151(F). 
American Exchange Bank robbery. (C. Moffett) 

McClure, 5: 179OI). 
American Historical Review. (A. B. Hart) Nation, 

American history, Proper perspective of. (W. 

Wilson) Forum, 19: 544(J1). 
American ideals, True. (T. Roosevelt) Forum, 

18: 743(F). 
American Institute of Architects; Amendments to 

the by-laws. Am. Arch. 49: 125(821). 
American king, An; a poem. (H. C. Kirk) Educa. 

16: iii(O). 
American Library Association, Proceedings, Lake 

Placid meeting, 1894. Lib. J. 19: supp. 109 

Denver meeting, 1895. (C. A. Nelson) Lib. 

J. 20: 31 1 (S), supp.(D). 

American literature, Healthful tone for. (R. Bur- 
ton) Forum, i9:249(Ap). 

American nationality, Growth of. (F. A. Walker) 

Forum, i9 : 385(J e )- 
American note, The. (H. Ward) No. Am. 161: 507 

American people, Intellectual life of. (C. F. 

Thwing) Chaut. 22: 273(D). 

— McMaster's History of. (F. W. Shepardson) 

Dial (Ch.) i8.'3i9(Jei). 
American petty tyrants. (M. O'Rell) No. Am. 

American poetry, ed. by Simonds. Sat. R. 79: 48 

American political philosophy. (W. A. Dunning) 

YaleR. 4: 147 (Ag). 
A. P. A., Senator Hoar and the. Pub. Opin. 19: 232 


American Revolution, Songs and ballads of. (L. 

B. Newcomb) New Eng. M. n. s. 131501(D). 
American School of Architecture at Rome. Am. 

Arch. 48:56(Myn). 
American stock in European markets. (F. E. 

Clark) R. of Rs. n:293(Mr). 
American traits. (Martin Morris) New R. 13:296 

(S), 434(0). 
American type. Survival of the. (J. H. Denison) 

Atlan. 75: i6(Ja). 
American wealth, True source of. (B. F. Clayton) 

No. Am. i6i:6i2(N). 
Americanisms. (A. Lang) Acad. 47: i93(Mr2), 

(F. Hall) 278(Mr3o). 

— Shakespeare's. (H. C. Lodge) Harper, 90: 


— Some so-called. All the Year, 76:38(^12). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204:438^16). 
Americans abroad; Reflections of a consul. (F. 
B. Loomis) Cosmopol. 18: 475(F). 

— in Paris. (R. H. Davis) Harper, 91: 272QI). 
America's cup, The. Spec. 75: 332(814). 

Ames, Frederick Lothrop. (E. B. Willson) N. E. 

Reg. 49:27301). 
Amherst College, Tyler's History of. Nation, 60: 

263 (Ap4). 
Ammonium-cuprous double halogen salts. (H. L. 

Wells and E. B. Hurlburt) Am. J. Sci. 150: 390 


Amphioxus and the ancestry of the vertebrates, 
Willey on. (D. S. Jordan) Dial (Ch.) 19: 112 

Amphipoda, the, A passage of arms over. (T. R. 
R. Stebbing) Nat. Sci. 6:257(Ap). 

Ampthill, past and present. (C. W. Williams) 

Westm. i43 : 53 8 ( Mv )- 
Amputation, An old-time. (J. Albee) New Eng. 

M. n. s. i2:309(My). 
Amsterdam, Jottings in. (R. D. Benn) Am. Arch. 

49 : 3(J16). 
Anabaptism, early: what we owe to it. (R. Heath) 

Contemp. 67: 578(Ap). 
Anabaptists, The. (W. E. Griffis) New World, 4: 

Anaglyph. (A. F. Watch) J. Frankl. Inst. 140: 

Anarchism, Origin and organization of. (C. B. 

Roylance-Kent) Gent. M. n. s. 54:349(Ap). 
Anarchist, The cry of. (E. V. Debs) Am. M. 

Civics, 6:4o8(Ap). 
Anarchists, Prescription for. (E. M. Winston) 

Am. Law R. 29*.68i(S-0). 
Anatomy, Three-years' course in; best order of 

topics. Science, i:3i2(Mr22). 
Ancestor-gods (Kalow-Vu) of the Fijians. (B. H. 

Thomson) Anthrop. J. 24:340(My). Same 

art. Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 671 (8). 

— in China. (S. R. Gundry) Fortn. 63: 225(F). 
Ancestors, Collecting. Corah. 7i:253(Mr). 

And so the story ends; a story. (J. De Boys) 

Eng. Illust. i3:359(JO. 
Andaman Islanders, Habits of. (M. V. Portman 

and others) Acad. 47: 174^23). 
Anderida; a mediaeval stronghold. (A.W.Beckett) 

Gent. M. n. s. 54:465(8^). 
Anderson, Mary; girlhood of an actress. No. Am. 

Andrews raid, and the locomotive "General." Am. 

Arch. 47:85 (F23). 
Angel of the Four Corners, The. (G. Parker) 

Chamb. J. 72: i29~i86(Mr). 
Angel of St. Jude's, The. (J. Armstrong) Sund. 

M. 24: 104(F), i76(Mr), 255(Ap). 
Angel ico, Fra, with portrait. (8. C. Flint) Cath. 

World, 6o:454(Ja). 
Angels, Service of, Latham's. Sat. R. 79: 321 (Mr9). 
Anger, Words for, in certain languages. (A. F. 

Chamberlain) Am. J. Psychol. 6:5850a). 
Anglican Catholic, Experiences of an. Contemp. 

67 : 396(Mr). 
Angling, Bickerdyke's. Sat. R. 80: i76(Agio). 

— New departure in. Chamb. J. 72: 221 (Ap). 

— Poetry of. (J. Buchan) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 60 

(Ja). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 270(F). 
Angling idyl, An. Chamb. J. 72: 398 (Je). 
Anglo-Saxon courts of law, The. (F. Zinkeisen) 

Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 1 32 (Mr). 
Anima poetae, extracts. (S. T. Coleridge) New R. 

*3 : 353(0). 
Animal as a prime mover. (R. H. Thurston) 

J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 1, 100, i6i(Ja-Mr). Same 

art. Science, n. s. 1 :365(Ap5). 
Animal materia medica. Spec. 75: 77OI20). 
Animals and plants, Distinction between. (J. C. 

Arthur) Am. Natural. 29: 961 (N). 

— at the National Gallery. (Sophia S. Beale) Good 

Words, 36: 4 54(J1). 

— Crime among. (W. Ferrero) Forum, 20:492 




Animals, Distribution of. Sat. R. 79:215(^16). 

— Evolution of, Bonavia's. Sat. R. 8o:i79(Agio). 

— giant, Decay of. Spec. 74: 849(^22) . 

— Grief in. Spec. 74: 8i7(Jei5). 

— Luminous. (T. R. R. Stebbing) Black w. 158: 


— Mind in. Spec. 75: 514(019). 

— Senses and intellect of: a dream suggested by 

Sir John Lubbock. Eel. M. 124: ij4(Ja). 

— Variation in the habits of. (G. C. Davenport) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 47:619(8). 

— Wanton mutilation of. (G. Fleming) 19th Cent. 


— Will and reason in. (W. R. Newbold) Am. 

Natural. 29:948(0). 
Anna Pavlovna's pilgrimage. (B. Russell) Sund. M. 

24: 773 (N). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 689. 
Annals of a quiet Browning club; a story. Poet- 
Lore, 7:43 6 (Ag-S), 556(N). 
Annan dale, House of. Ed. R. 182:307(0). 
Anna's engagement; a story. Argosy, 60:375(8). 
"Annie Laurie," True story of. (F. P. Humphrey) 

McClure, 6: 66(D). 
Annie Tousey's little game; a story. (M. S.Briscoe) 

Harper, 91: 179CJI). 
Annisquam, Mass. (E. M. Hallo well) New Eng. 

M. n. s. 12: 7o6(Ag). 
Anniversary, An. (A. H. Thorndike) New Eng. 

M. 12:59501). 
Anomalies, Significance of. (T. Dwight) Am. 

Natural. 29: 130(F). 
Antarctic continent. Dub. R. 117:453(0). 

— Murdoch's From Edinburgh to the. (W. H. 

Dall) Nation, 60: 113^7). 

— The " Antarctic's " voyage. (C. E. Borchgre- 

vink) Geog. J. 5: 583(Je). — Nature, 52: 375. 
Antarctic exploration. (T. Southwell) Nat. Sci. 6: 
97(F). — Macmil. 72:250(Ag). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 206:614(87). 

— Need for. (C. R. Markham) i9thCent.38: 7o6(0). 
Antelope, After, in Wyoming. (O. K. Davis) Out- 
ing, 26:40i(Ag). • 

— disappearing. Sat. R. 80: 234(Ag24). 
Anterior time, The; a story. (E. W. Pugh) New 

R. i3:i75(Ag). 
Anthropology, Aims of. (D. G. Brinton) Science, 
n. s. 2:241 (Ag3o). Same art. Pop. Sci. Mo. 
4 8: 59 (N). 

— at the University of Oxford. (F. Boas) Nation, 


— Relation of, to study of history. (G. E. Fellows) 

Am. J. Sociol. i:4i(Jl). 
Anthropology, Spanish. (J. Beddoe) Sci. Prog. 3: 

Anthropometry in India. (J. Beddoe) Sci. Prog. 

4: i88(N). 

— Legal. (E. R. Spearman) Green Bag, 7: 33 (Ja). 
Anthropomorphism. (S. D. Peet) Am. Antiq. 17: 

Anti-Christ saga; Armenian form of the. Acad. 

Antidromy in plants. (G. Macloskie) Am. Natural. 

29 : 973(N). 
Antipathy and sympathy. (S. Bryant) Mind, 20: 

Antistes of Zurich. (J. I. Good) Presb. & Ref. R. 

Anti-toxin cure for diphtheria. R. of Rs. 1 1 : 292 
(Mr). — (G. S. Woodhead) Nature, 51:402 
(F21), 425 (F28). — (H. B. Donkin) New R. 

12: 191(F). Same art. Eel. M. i24:453(Ap). 

— (W. H. Park) McClure, 4:365^).— (L. 

E. Holt) Forum, 19: io6(Mr). — Sat. R. 79: 
151 (F2). — (W. J. Fleming) Good Words, 36: 
115(F). — (S. T. Armstrong) Pop. Sci. Mo. 
46: 512(F). — (G. S. Woodhead) Nature, 51: 
402, 425(F2i, 28). — (H. M. Biggs) McClure, 
4:3oo(Mr). — (E. Klein) Sci. Prog. 3: I (Mr). 

— (G. A. Buckmaster) Sci. Prog. 3: i93(My). 
Antoine, Andre, and the " theatre libre." Sat. R. 

Ants as mushroom growers. (A. L. Smith) Good 
Words, 36: 592 (Ag). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 
845(D). Same art. (E. F. Smith) Am. 
Natural. 29:851(8). 

— European and North American, Origin of. (C. 

Emery) Nature, 52=399(Ag22). 
Antwerp, Carillons of. (J. F. Rowbotham) Good 

Words, 36: Xmas no. 44. 
Anuradhapura, the place of the sacred Bo-tree. 

Cornh. 72:i66(Ag). 
" Apergy " : Power without cost. (C. Morris) New 

Sci. R. 2:174(0). 
Apes; our Simian cousins. Chamb. J. 72:750(N). 
Apocalypses, The Jewish. (G. H. Shodde) Bib. 

World, 6:97(Ag). 
Apollo, Another hymn to. (J. H. Mc Daniels and 

F. P. Nash) Nation, 61: H2(Agi5). 
Apostles' creed and the monuments. (J. B. Fox) 

Luth.Q. 25:i45(Ap). 
Apostolic delegation, The. (T. Bouquillon) Am. 

Cath. Q. 20: U2(Ja). 
Apostolic Fathers, Lightfoot's edition. Quar. 182: 


Appalachian type of folding in the White Moun- 
tain range of Inyo County, California. (C. D. 
Walcott) Am. J. Sci. 149: i69(Mr). 

Apparition of Gran'ther Hill. (R. E. Robinson) 
Atlan. 76:68o(N). 

Appeal, Court of, in England. Green Bag, 7: 377 


— in criminal cases. (Herbert Stephen) New R. 

Appeals to the highest court. (G. H. Westley) 

Green Bag, 7: 501 (N). 
Apperception. (M. K.Smith) School R. 3:548^). 
Applied art; a story. (W. T. Nichols) Lippinc. 56: 

April's passing; a poem. (E. P. Seabury) Outing, 

Aquatic gardening. (J. H. Connelly) Cent. 50: 726 

Aquatic plants, Notes on. (W. Watson) Garden & 

F. 8:333(Ag2i). 

— Wintering. (W. Tricker) Garden & F. 8:436 

Arb dinner. (W. S. Blackstock) Canad. M. 4: 

Arabia, Islam, and the Eastern question. (W. H. 

Thomson) Harper, 91:625(8). 
Arabia, the land of frankincense and myrrh. (J. 

T. Bent) 19th Cent. 38:595(0). Same art. Eel. 

M. I25:628(N). 

— southern, Exploration of the frankincense country. 

(J. T. Bent) Geog. J. 6: i09(Ag). 
Arabian horse, Tweedie on. Black w. 157: 424 (Mr). 
Arabian Nights, History as told in. (J. F. Hewitt) 

Westm. !43:253(Mr). 

— tr. by Burton, ed. by Smithers. Sat. R. 79: 322 

(Mr 9 ). 



Arbitrary lover, An; a story. Cornh. 72: 601(D). I 
Arbitration, Industrial, in the U.S. (£. C. Cum- 
mings) Q. J. Econ. 9 : 353(J0- 

— Industrial conciliation and, in Europe and Aus- 

tralasia. (E. R. L. Gould) Yale R. 3: 376(F). 
Arbitration treaty between Great Britain and the 

U.S. (G. H. Emmott) Arena, i3:376(Ag). 
Arbitrator, The; a story. (M. Roberts) Eng. Illust. 

Arbutus, Trailing, Cultivation of. (J. G. Jack) 

Garden & F. 8: I5(ja9). 
Arcachon, A Sunday at. All the Year, 76: 184 

Archaeology in Greece, 1894-5. (E. A. Gardner) 

J. Hel. Stud. 15:202. 
Archseopteryx, Structure and habits of. (C. H. 

Hurst) Nat. Sci. 6: 112(F), i8o(Mr), 244(Ap). 
Archery. Ed. R. i82:27(Jl). 
Architect and client. (T. M. Clark) Am. Arch. 48: 


— and engineer. (M. D. Burke) Am. Arch. 47: 


Architect's - office, U.S. Govt., Bill for reorganiza- 
tion of. Am. Arch. 47:9(Ja5). 

Influences against. (J. M. Carrere) Am. 

Arch. 47: 84JT23). 

Architect's vacation, An. (R. S. Peabody) Atlan. 
7 6:23-634(Jl-N). 

Architects, Contemporary English, and their work. 
(H. H. Statham) Ejig. M. 10: 203(N). 

— Licensing. (J. B. Robinson) Engin. M. 9: 197 

Architectural ethics. Am. Arch. 47: 78(Fi6). 
Architectural League exhibition, 10th. Am. Arch. 

47:99(Mr9), 131^30). 
Architectural students' work abroad. (G. R. P. 

Spiers) Engin. M. 10:33(0). 
Architectural style. Am. Arch. 49: 7o(Agi7). 
Architecture, Artistic domestic, in America. (B. 

Ferree) New Eng. M. n. s. I2:^5i(je). 

— Bread and butter side of. (C. H. Blackall) Am. 

Arch. 49:92(Ag3i). 

— Early Christian, Romanesque and Gothic, Sylla- 

bus of. (M. Wergeland) Am. Arch. 49: 50 
(Ag3),87(Ag3i),no(Si4), 135(^28). 50:16 

— Federal. (G. B. Post) Critic, 26: 205(Mn6). 

— First principles in. (W. H. Goodyear) Engin. 

M. 8:687 (Ja). 

— in France, Recent. (B. Ferree) Engin. M. 8: 992 

(Mr). 9=73(Ap). 

— in Paris, Domestic. 19th Cent. 37^593(Ap). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 3oo(My4). 

— Mediaeval domestic. (Barr Ferree) Am. Arch. 

47: i6(Jai2). 

— of municipal buildings. (E. C. Gardner) Engin. 


— profession, or art? Sat. R. 79:690(My25). 

— Seaside. (H.C. Butler) Am. Arch. 49: i2o(S2i). 

— Study of, in America. Am. Arch. 49: 62(Agio). 

— Study of the history of. Am. Arch. 50: 100 


Arctic expedition, American, in 1894. Dub. R. 
116: I94(ja). 

— of 1895. (R. D. Salisbury) Science, 2:457 


— by F. Jackson. (A. C. Harmsworth) Eng. Illust. 

M : 359(D)- 
Arctic heroes. (F. L. Ford) Munsey, 14: 286(D). 

Arctic life, The problem of. Spec. 75: 365(821). 

Arctic regions; in Arctic seas. Belgra. 87: i89(Je). 

Argentina, Social life in. Chamb. J. 72: 731 (N). 

Argon. J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 390(My). — Liv. Age, 
204: 8i7(Mr3o). — Nature, 5 I: 337( F 7)- — (J- 
H. Gladstone) Nature, 51: 389^21). — (Lord 
Rayleigh) Nature, 52: 159 (Je 13). Same art. 
Science, 1: 70i(Je2§). — (Lord Rayleigh) New 
Sci. R. i:262(Ja). — (Lord Rayleigh and 
W. Ramsay) Nature, 5i=347(F7). Same 
art. Am. J. Sci. 149: 275 (Ap). — (Lord Ray- 
leigh and others) Nature, 51:337, 347(F7). 

— (G. McGowan) Knowl. i8:49(Mr).— (J.T. 
Stoddard) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 522(Ag). — (J*T« 
Stoddard) Nation, 60: i6o(F28). — Dub. R. 
116: 396( Ap). — (A. H. Church) Acad. 47: 130 
(F9). — (Ira Remsen) Science, n. s. 1:309 

— and the atmosphere. (C. M. Aikman) Scot. R. 


— and helium. (G. McGowan) Knowl. i8:2io(S). 

— Acad. 48: i48(Ag24). — Ed. R. 182:464 
(O). — (H. M. Stokes) Science, n. s. 2:533 


Additional notes on. (E. A. Hill) Am. J. Sci. 

I5° : 359(N). % 
in meteoric iron. (W. Ramsay) Nature, 52: 


— and the kinetic theory. (C. E. Basevi) Nature, 


— Discovery of. Sat. R. 79: 183^9). 

— Doubts concerning. Sat. R. 79: 576(My4). 

— Fluorescence of, and combination with the ele- 

ments of benzine. (P. E. Berthelot) Nature, 

— Liquefaction and solidification of. Nature, 51: 


— Mendeleeff on. Nature, 5i:543(Ap4). 

— Prout's hypothesis, and the periodic law. (E. A. 

Hill) Am. J. Sci. 149:405^^). 

— Reasons for predicting existence of. (C. J. 

Reed) J. Frankl. Inst. 140.68OI). 
Argus )-, Spectrum of. (L. A. Eddie) Pop. Astron. 

Arid America, Conquest of. (W. E. Smythe) 

Cent. 50: 85 (My). 

— Future of. (E. V. Sm alley) Forum, 19:466 

(Je).— (E.G. Ross) No. Am. 161:438(0). 

Aristocracy, landed, Have we a? (G. M. Simon- 
son) Munsey, 13: 528(Ag). 

Aristotle. Poetics. (R. P. Hardie) Mind, 20: 350(J1). 

Butcher's ed. Sat. R. 79: 291 (Mr2). 

— Politics, ed. by Susemihl. Sat. R. 79:417 

(Mr30). — (W. W. Goodwin) Nation, 61:366 

Aristotle's doctrine of barter. (W. J. Ashley) Q. 

J. Econ. 9 : 333(Ap). 
Armenia. (E. J. Dillon) Contemp. 68: !53(Ag). 

— (J. J- O'Shea) Cath. World, 60:5530). 

— (F. S. Stevenson) Contemp. 67: 201(F). 

— Atrocities in, Gladstone on. Sat. R. 79: 3(Ja5). 

— Moslem view of Abdul Hamid and the powers. 

(R. Ahmad) 19th Cent. 38: 156OI). 

— must have a European Governor. (R. Stein) 

Arena, i2:368(My). 

— past and present. (H. Hyvernat) Cath. World, 

62: 312(D). 

— Problem of reform in government. Macmil. 


— Turkey and. (R. Davey) Fortn. 63: 197(F).— 

(T. Peterson) Cath. World, 6i:665(Ag). 



Armenian question. The. New R. 12: 02 (Ja). — (J. 
Bryce) Cent. 5i:i50(N). — (E. L. Godkin) 
Nation, 60:44(^17^1. 

— Ottoman lessons in massacre. (J. Cook) Our 

Day, 14: 121 (Mr). 

— Turkish atrocities. (C. Hamlin) Our Dav, 14:9 

— Unbiassed view of the. (, W. B. Harris) Blackw. 

I53:4«3(0 , >. Same art. Eel. M. 125: 641 (N). 
Armor of old Japan. (M. S. Hunter) Cent. 49: 386 

Arnold, Edwin, light of Asia. (R. M. Rvan) 

Catb. World, 6i:677(Ag\ 8o9(S). 

Arnold, Matthew. (J. Morley; \V. E. Gladstone) 

19th Cent 38: 1040(D). ' 

— Blank verse of his " Sohrab and Rustum." (H. 

E. Franklin) Poet-Lore, 7-497(0). 

— Charm of. Spec. 75:814(07). 

— Letters. (A. Austin) National, 26:471(0). 

— Poetry of, Ethical tendency of. (T. Bradtield) 

[Westm.] Eel. M. i24:3io(Mr). 
from an ethical standpoint. (A. Flexner) 

Int. J. Ethics, 5: 2o6(Ja). 
Aroostook County, Maine. (W. M. Thompson) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 13:65^). 
Arranged marriage. (D. Gerard) Longm. 25:221- 

551. 26:i(Ja-My). 
Arsenic, Derivation of the word. (F. Chance and 

others) Acad. 47 : 35 8 » 3 8l » 4*7- 4& : S3>93- 
Art, American, types in, Some imaginative. (K. 
Cortissoz) Harper, 91: 165QI). 

— and eyesight. (L. Howe) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 


— Decline of taste in. Sat. R. 79: 185 (F9). 

— for art's sake, Richard Burton on. (E. Fuller) 

Bookman, 1:241 (My). 

— in Greece, Mycenian, Perrot and Chipiez on. 

Sat R. 79 : 53(Jal2). 

— Indian, Notes on. (E. L. Weeks) Harper, 91 : 

5 6 7 (S). 

— Municipal. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 501 


— Nationality in. Sat. R. 79: H9(Ja26). 

— The new criticism. (M. Logan) Atlan. 76:263 


— Origins of, Grosse on. (A. C. Had don) Nature, 

51: 24 1 (Ja 10). 

— Primitive, in Greece; Perrot and Chipiez on. (J. 

C. Van Dyke) Dial (Ch.) 18: i42(Mn). 

— Successful efforts to teach, to the masses. (H. 

Garland; A. C. Bernheim; J. Addams) Forum, 

— Venetian, at the New gallery. Sat. R. 79:9 

Art association in western towns, Work of. (II. 

Garland) Forum, i9:6o6(Jl). 
Art connoisseurship in England. (C. Robinson) 

19th Cent. 38:838(N). 
Art spirit. (O. A.Howland) Canad. M.4.'493(Ap). 
Artels: co-operation in Russia. (Edith Sellers) 

Chamb. J. 72: 705 (N). 
Arthur's country, A Christmas legend of. (Arthur 

Warren and J. L. Williams) Cosmopol. 20: 115 

Artillery, Railway batteries. (C. G. Boxall) Fortn. 

64:2 4 l(Ag). 
Artists, American. (W. H. Downes and F. T. Rob- 
inson; New Eng. M. n. s. I3:289(N). 

— Compensation of. (W. C. Lawton) Lippinc. 

55 : 429(Mr). 

Artists, Modern, and their work. Munsey, 12 :J3J~ 

557. i3 : 3-5 6 5. U^-^vJa-L^. 
Aryan race. (G. 1). Gurley) Rcf. Q. 42:33I V J1V 

"As a day in June/' ^M. D. Hatch) Lippinc. 

55 : $3o(Jc). 
Ascending Magdalen; a poem. (M. C. Smith} 

Harper, 90: 559 v Mr). 
Asclepia. Stapelia gigantea. (W. Watson^ Garden 

&F. 8:514(025). 
Asia, Central, Dr. Sven Hedin's travels in. Geog. |. 

— crossed on bicycles, by Allen and Sachtleben. 

Sat. R. 79 : 53i(Ap27). 

— European partners in. Contemp. t>7:6o9(My^. 

— Permanent European dominion in. (A. C. 

Lyall ) 19th Cent. 3,$: 3S i{ S^ . 

— Railroad invasion of. (C. Morris) Lippinc. 

5°:8 3 (J1). 
Asia Minor and Syria, Early history of. (J. E. 

Gilmore) Eng. Hist. R. 10: i(Ja^. 
Asoka pillar in the Terai, The. (G. Btihler) Acad. 

47:36o(A P 27). 
Asphalt and bitumens. (S. P. Sadtler) Am. Arch. 

49 : 123(S2I). — (S. P. Sadtler) J. Frank I. 

Inst. 140: 198(8). 
Asquith, Herbert Henry. (W. T. Stead) R. of Rs. 

n:553(My). — Sat. R. 80: i64(Agio). 
Assassins, Order of. (H. Porter) Bib. Sac. 52: 113 

Assisted destinv, An. (F. Lynde) Scrib. M. 18: 

Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools of 

the Middle States and Maryland. (L. C. 

Hull) School R. 3: 87(F), i52(Mr). 
Associations, Voluntary. (C. R. Henderson) Am. 

J. Sociol. i:327(N). 
Assogue, The; a peculiar British mammal. (O. 

Thomas) Nat. Sci. 6: 377 (Je). 
Assuan, Christmas shopping at. (A. Repplier) 

Atlan. 75: 681 (My). 
Assyria, First contact with Israel. (R. W. Rogers) 

Meth. R. 55: 207 (Mr). 
Assyrian dictionaries. (F. Brown) Nation, 60:304 

Assyrian stele, A new. (C. II. W. Johns) Acad. 

48: i 3 (J16). 
Asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta. (E. E. 

Barnard) Pop. Astron. 3: 143(N). 
Astrolabe, The. (Marg. L. Huggins) Pop. Astron. 

* I99(J»). 261(F). 
Astronomy and geology, Union of. (Sir J. Cowell) 
New Sci. R. i:257(Ja). 

— Course of, for engineering students. (G. C. 

Comstock) Science, n. s. 2: 502(018). 

— Egyptian, and exact science. (W. M. Adams) 

Ath. *95, 2:324(87). 

— in High Schools. (E. Miller) Pop. Astron. 3: 


— making it popular. (Mary Proctor) Pop. Astron. 


— Observations for beginners. (W. W. Payne) Pop. 

Astron. 3: I4(S), I2I(N). 

— physical, Study of. (T. J. See) Pop. Astron. 2: 

2 4 9(K), 28 9 (Mr), 337(Ap). 

— program for 1895. (^- A. Young) Pop. Astron. 


— Progress of, 1 894. (J. K. Rees) Science, n. s. 2: 5 


— Pleasures of the telescope. (G. P. Serviss) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47: i94(Je). 




Asylums, Modern private; defence. (W.T. H.Has- 

lett) Westra. 143: 307 (Mr). 
At the Bunch of Grapes Inn. (M. K. Champion) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 3i3(My). 
At the Hop-pole inn; a story. (E. E. Bigelow) 

Lippinc. 55:503(Ap). 
At a conversazione; a story. (B. Durham) Eng. 

Illust. I3 : 547(S). 
At duty's bidding; a story. (G. W. Carryl) Mun- 

sey, i3:42(Ap). 
At the Grand Hotel du Paradis; a story. (T. A. 

Janvier) Harper, 91: 5io(S). 
At the road-house; verses in memory of R. L. Steven- 
son. (B. Carman) Poet-Lore, 7-'397(Ag-S). 
At the Sign of the Ship. (A. Lang) Longm. vols. 

25, 26, 27. 
At the Waterloo banquet. Cornh. 72:48(11). 

Same art. Li v. Age, 206: 536(Ag3i). 
Atavism and evolution. (C. Lombroso) Contemp. 

68: 4 2(J1). 
Athabasca river, Grand rapids of the; a poem. (E. 

S. Colcleugh) Outing, 26:31 (Ap). 

— Mount Brown and the sources of the. (A. P. 

Coleman) Geog. J. 5:530*)- 
Athens, Archaeological schools in. Sat. R. 80: 406 

— fall of, Causes of. Macmil. 71:311 (F). 
Athletes, A gallery of. (E. B. Osborn) New R. 

Athletic clubs, Life at the. (D. Edwards) Scrib. 

M. i8:4(Jl). 
Athletic extravagance. (W. Camp) Outing, 26:81 

Athletic sports of ancient days. (T. J. de la Hunt) 

Lippinc. 56:838(0). 
Athletics; Are the Harvard teams representative? 

(E. L. Conant) Harv. Grad. M. 3:33o(Mr). 

— college, Morality in. (O. S. Jones) No. Am. 


— Harvard College report on. Lend a H. 14: 217. 

— Harvard's policy. (A. B. Hart) Harv. Grad. M. 


— International contests of 1895. Outing, 26:454 

(S). 2 7 :I 57 (N). 

— Intercollegiate, and Faculty control. Outing, 


— Outreachings of. Nation, 60: 235(Mr28). 

— Place of. (B. W. Richardson) Sat. R. 80: 167 


— Professor's view of. (F. W. Taussig) Harv. 

Grad. M. 3:305(Mr). 

Atlanta; Cotton States and International Exposition. 
(C. Howell) R. of Rs. 11: 159(F). — (W. A. 
Coffin) Nation, 61:324^7). — (VV. Y. Atkin- 
son) No. Am. 161:385(0). — (J. K. Ohl) 
Chaut. 2i:555(Ag). 

Atlantic, North, pilot chart, U.S. Chamb. J. 72: 437. 

Atlantic cable, Possibilities of communication by. 
(J. H. Heaton) No. Am. i6o:65i(Je). 

Atmosphere, higher, Exploration of. Dub. R. 116: 

Atoms, Color relations of molecules and. (M. C. 
Lea) Am. J. Sci. i49^357(My). 

— Space relations of. (A. Eiloart) Sci. Prog. 3: 490, 

4: i32(Ag, O). 
Atonement; the divine sacrifice. (E. M. Caillard) 
Contemp. 67: 265(F). 

— Gladstone on. Church Q. 39: 378(Ja). 

— New Testament idea of. (A. G. Voigt) Luth. 

Q. 25:31001). 

Atonement, True and false conceptions of. (Annie 

Besant) 19th Cent. 37: i02i(Je). 
Attention and will. (A. F. Shand) Mind, 68: 450 


— as intensifying sensation, MUnsterberg on. (H. 

M. Stanley) Psychol. R. 2: 53 (Ja). 

— Memory after-image and. (A. H. Daniels) Am. 

J. Psychol. 6:558(Ja). 

— Sensory stimulation by. (J. G. Hibben) Psychol. 

R. 2:36901). 
Atwood, William. (C. P. Dalv) Green Bag, 7: 121 

(Mr), i88(Ap), 242(My)'. 
Auburn, A Scottish. (P. A. Graham) Chamb. J. 

7 2: 753(N). 
Auch ; a Gascon city and its church. (R. Twigge) 

Dub. R. n6:63(Ja). 
Auditoriums, How to find the key note of. (E. 

Cutter) Am. J. Sci. 150:449(0). 
Auk, Great, Gossip about. Chamb. J. 72:493(Ag). 
Aunt Angeline's triumph. (W. A. Dromgoole) 

Arena, 11: 391(F). 
Auriga, New star in. (E. E. Barnard) Pop. Astron. 

Aurora borealis, The. (A. E. Dolbear) Cosmopol. 


— of Nov. 23, 1894. (A. S. Herschell) Nature, 

51: 246 (Ja 10). 
Australasia, Civil service problem in. (P. R. 

Meggy) R. of Rs. 12:447(0). 
Australasian colonies, History of, Jenks's. Sat. R. 

Australasian poets, Gallery of. (O. Smeaton) 

Westm. I44:477(N). 
Australia, Commonwealth of. (J. G. Bourniot) 

Scot. R. 26:22(J1). 

— Exploration of, Calvert on. Sat. R. 80: 274 


— Federation of. (E. Salmon) Fortn. 64:6701). 

Outlook of. (E. Wilson) National, 25:430 


— Geological development of. (A. C. Gregory) 

Nature, 52: 2o(My2) . 

— governorship in, A. National, 25: 641 (Jl). 

— Meteorological work in. Nature, 5 1 : 3o6(Ja24) . 

— Political leaders in New South Wales. (J. T. 

Ryan) R. of Rs. I2:42(J1). 

— revisited. (J. F. Hogan) Contemp. 67: 533(Ap). 

— "Sundowners" and other bush types. Temp. 

Bar, 105: U7(My). 

Australian aborigines, Paintings, rock, and carv- 
ings of. (R. H. Mathews) Anthrop. J. 25: 145 

Australian bush memories. (R. M. Dene) Outing, 
25: 461 (Mr). 

Austria, Race question in. (O. Wittelshofer) Chaut. 


Author, agent, and publisher. (T. W. Laurie) 19th 
Cent. 38:850(N). 

Authority, Hatred of. Sat. R. 79"-377(Mr23). 

Author's dilemma; a story. (C. Burke) Argosy, 

Authors and publishers. (W. R. Nicoll) Book- 
man, 1: 3SK>(J1). 

— England's new. (G. Holme) Munsey, 13: 336 


— I have known. (J. Murray) Good Words, 36: 

87(F), i6 5 (Mr). 

— Our veteran. (G. Holme) Munsey, 13: 224(Je). 

— Some notable beginners in Chambers's Journal, 

Chamb. J. 72:330a). 



Authors, Society of. (W. Martin Conway) 19th | 
Cent. 38: 975(D). I 

— vtrsus publishers. Critic, 27:446(1)28). | 
Authorship and money, E. W. Bok on. (A. Schade . 

van Westrum) Critic, 27:316(1^16). 
Autobiographers, A pair of. (C. Whibley) New , 

R. 13:674(0). 
Autographs, by a collector. (L. Mendenhall) Mun- 1 

sey, i2:589(Mr). ] 

— Talk over. ((». B. Hill) Atlan. 75:445, 669. ' 

76: 46-605 (Ap-N). 
Automatic processes, Experimental induction of. 

(W. R. Newbold) Psychol. R. 2:34801). 
Automatism in morality. (J. G. Hibben) Int. J. 

Ethics, 5:462(31). 

— Suggestibility, and kindred phenomena. (W. I 

R. Newbold) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 193(D). ! 

Automobile, The: a forecast. (H. C. Marillicr) 
New R. 13:386(0). Same art. Eel. M. 125: | 
774(D). J 

Autumn; a poem. (W. Cowan) Belgra. 60:558, 

(N). i 

Autumn clouds. (E. Yolland) Belgra. 88: 169(0). 
Autumn gardens, Suggestions for. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8:391(02). 
Autumn sessions in a Buchan garden. National, 

26:180(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:311 

Autumnal changes in leaves. (J. W. Folsom) 

Garden & F. 8:383^25), 392(02). 
Avalanche at Gemmi, Sept. 11, 1895. (M. M. 

Ogilvie) Nature, 52:573(010). 

— Buried under an. (J. C. Werner) Canad. M. 4: 

Avon, River, Dockisation of the. Chamb. J. 72: 

i 3 8(Mr). 
Awakening; a poem. (M. Sangster) Harper, 

Awkward fix, An. Chamb. J. 72: 733 (N). 
Azaleas, Indian. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden & F. 

8: i77(Myi). 

Cultivation of. Garden & F. 8: i46(Apio). 

Azores, Twilight tales of the. (L. H. Weeks) 

Chaut. 2i:33o(Je). 
Aztec paintings, Humboldt's. (P. J. J. Valentini) 

Cosmopol. i8:33i(Ja). 

Baalbek, Ruins of. (C. A. Rich) Am. Arch. 

47 : 3(J*5)- 
Babies and monkeys. (S. S. Buckman) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 46: 371 (Ja). 
Babington, Charles Cardale. Ath. '95, 2: 133 

(JI27). — Nat. Sci. 7:2I5(S). 
Babism. (H. Cottrell) Acad. 47: 22o(Mr9). 
Baboo's pirates. (R. Wildman) Overland, n. s. 

Babylon, Myth of. (T. G. Pinches) Knowl. 18: 52 


— True story of. (T. G. Pinches) Knowl. 18: 169 

Babylonian myths in the Bible, Gunk el on. (J. D. 

Davis) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 745(0). 
Bacchae, the, Problem of. (A. G. Bather) J. Hel. 

Stud. 14: 244. 
Bach, J. S., Festival, 1895. 0*. H - Statham) Fortn. 

63: 8oo(My). — (J. S. Shedlock) Acad. 47: 302 

(Ap6), 322 (Ap 1 3).— Sat. R. 79=475» 5°°( A P 

Bache, Alexander Dallas, with portrait. Pop, Sci. 


Backwater of life, The. (J. Payn) Cornh. 71: 517 
(My). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 804 (Je). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 569(Jei). 
Bacteria, Action of light on. (H. M. Ward) Am. 

Natural. 29:671^1). 

— Color- producing. (C. A. Mitchell) Knowl. 18: 


— Fischer on. (E. F. Smith) Am. Natural. 29: 

Bactericidal action of metals. (M. Bolton) Am. 

Natural. 29:933(0). 
Bacteriology, Modern, Heim on. (G. C. Frankland) 

Nature, 51:481(^21). 

— Recent advances in, with reference to food. (M. 

V. Ball) J. Frankl. Inst. 140:340^). 
Bad lands of Nebraska and So. Dakota. (F. C. 

Kenyon) Am. Natural. 29: 2i3(Mr). 
Bagehot, Walter. (W. E. Gladstone) 19th Cent. 

38: 7i6(N). — (W. Wilson) Atlan. 76: 668(N). 
Bail Ion, Henri Ernest. Nature, 52:37i(Agi5). 

— Nat. Sci. 7:288 (O). — Ath. '95, 2:134 


Baker, Sir Samuel, Murray's Life of. (E. G. Raven- 
stein) Geog. J. 6:73(J1). — (S. H. Peabody) 
Dial (Ch.) I9:283(Ni6).— (A. H. Keane) 
Acad. 47:349(Ap27). — Sat. R. 79=5i3(Ap 
20). — Blackw. 157: 949 (Je). Same art. 
Eel. M. i25:2i2(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 
206: 150QI20). 

Baku. From, to Samarkand. (Frank Vincent) 
Cosmopol. 18: 394(F). 

Balance of power; a story. (M. Thompson) Har- 
per, 90: 796(Ap). 

Balfour, Arthur, as leader. Sat. R. 79?436(Ap6). 

— as a doubter. Sat. R. 79:2ii(Fi6). 

— as a theologian and as a Christian. (J. Denney) 

Chr. Lit. T2:32i(Ap). 

— Attack on agnosticism. (T. H. Huxley) Chr. 

Lit. i2:325(Ap). 

— Dialectics of. (H.Spencer) Fortn. 63:861 (Je). 

— Foundations of belie t. (W. Barry) Dub. R. 117: 

I28CJ1).— Ath. '95, 1: 241 (F23). —Blackw. 
I58:33(J1). — (W. T. Stead) R. of Rs. 11 : 
429(Ap). — (A. M. Fairbairn; J. Martineau) 
Chr. Lit. 13: 9 (My). — (A. M. Fairbairn) Con- 
temp. 67:457(Ap). — (F. W. Farrar) Eng. 
Illust. 13: i9(Ap). — (B. Kidd) National, 25: 
35(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 8o8(Mr30). 

— (M. Todhunter) Westm. 143:484^). — 
(J. Martineau) 19th Cent. 37:552(Ap).— (G. 
W. Steevens) New R. 12: 301 (Mr). — (W. 
Wallace) Fortn. 63:540(Ap). — (J. G. Schur- 
man) Forum, 19: 364(My). — (Sir F. Pollock) 
Mind, 20: 376(J1). — (R. Ogden) Nation, 60: 
243(Mr28).— (J. Seth) Philos. R. 4: 3ii(My). 

— Ed. R. i82:i92(Jl).— Quar. i8o:488(Ap). 
Same art. Liv. Age, 205:657^615). — (A. 
W. Benn) Acad. 47:207^9).— (S. D. F. 
Salmond) Crit. R. 5: i84(Ap). 

Brahmanism and. (Vamadeo Shastri) Fortn. 

64: 682 (N). 

— Philosophy of. Ch urch Q. 4 1 : 47 (O) . 

— Seen from a distance. (N. Hapgood) Contemp. 

68: 773(D). 
Balkan Peninsula, Conflict of peoples in. (C. de 

Stefani) Chaut. 21: i48(My). 
Ball, Thomas. (W. O. Partridge) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 12: 291 (My). 
Ball, Valentine. Acad. 47:527^622). — Ath. '95, 

1: 8o8(Je22). — Nat. Sci. 7: i40(Ag). 

". ' 

r r . — T..oi 

4f " ■* / 



I «■*-=. i Log. 

- - - _ V 


*- <-* 


' /. ' 

*"9 « . 

» - ^ - - - 

. 3. 

-~r't -f. 

/' *. 

m , 

'''' "' 

' ■>-. 

-' 9 *. 

-4 • 1 . 

.•. .a. 7. iy 

-rvr la. "7. J 

*r T*IO». 

C i ^j* Ap). 

H «l -artby) 
' :=».i Dal 

~- *w _ T e22). 

_ . "u'j.iS). 

; AsLley Q. 

.i^g, 25: 273 

~ •- ■« 

.- 1 r* 

Geog. J. 

i t.c*jgrapher. 

X" IS! 


* ' *',•/><'*• 


4 •'*•"* \ 72 '^21 

w * s * 

I'' • ' "• ' 4' '/ < *' 1 ' ' 

> .' * |/f '.'.,/*« ,',. 'If. Vf •* , Y.'ii.': M. 

»'/ '/ft' It, 

'hit* »f'l l ),'*•'>•, f, J2' 442'J.,- 

1 »«') , M I'/,,,,.;,*, 'I', l,*Mj y W/*»»ro. 143: 

f'/M».' |/«//j,J# /'I,, J, Vzti'.zj No. Am. 160: 

0/ <h« h'/rOi of l;tnf\>>u<\, l'hil!i|/» on. Sat. K. 

70 J/H'l'ift,. 
I'unil, (\,. S\. |.yn<Ji; Onl. M. n. h. 55: 160 

U.11HMM P linlMfM, A l/ru^li with the. (S. A. Miles) 

• »'o, Am, |<#i; j4/;^Sj, 
Mfi|ih4iii imi'I < oiilirniiiiion, Knrly history of. (J. R. 

(fu%«|iiilj huh. K. iio;i^6CJa). 
Inl.ini, Of»l««f of MTviii' for. ((i. U. VVenner) 

I Mlh (,), j\: j\u Ap). 
Il»|iimi «l.ur.)i, fotirniilism of, in U.S. (II. C. 

Vi ilili«r ) ( liniit, ui t*)j( A%). 
lhi|ilU( limn, KcIikI"Un nturiy of a. (W. H. Hale) 

Mnr, tVMifii^^lii^ liiw-Hchooln nnd an untrained. 

(I l. S. |»»iihu») I'm urn, ly: 35o(My). 
h.Hiiiil.', I hi* ilr, Mcmoiin. (A.'Laugcl) Nation, 

o(i. jyHiMyio;, .^u^Myjo), 

z\z t-». W. V. E>V Acad. 
— £- >- Z* *is>- Acad. 47: 
- » » « - » - 

r-irtu"--»./."l A :-} »r.h. F. J. Lyaie) Outing, 

h-** K >-!•.' f r.r. :f Fvry ir.i :t* *isged inhabi- 
ts".*. H.F. \S--r v R- wl. lS:4l(F). 

hi:t- C - . r;:c. C A. «. -^sc. New Eng. M. n. s. 13 : 
513 L» . 

Bi'r.rr.^ at the American s« resorts- (J. H. 
A'ian.-^ C *s::r» L 10:310 Ti . 

— at the sta->h -re resorts. (J. H. 

Adamv C.«ir. *^>1. 10:131 Je"'. 

— at the Eng'.i-h sea-sh-: re resorts. (J. H. Adams) 

Cosm-jpc'l. 19:305 Ag . 

— in ancient Rome, and its effects on Roman char- 

acter. .A. Inkersley) Educa. 16: 134(N). 
Uath>, Hot sulphur, of Kusatsu. Chamb. J. 72: 1 18 

Uattas, Folklore of. (E. B. Tylor) Acad. 47 : 3° 8 

Battle of Salamanca. (B. P. Galdos) Lippinc. 55: 

723/ Je). 
Bavaria, Byways of. (J. E. Rogers) Outing, 26: 260 

Bayard, Thomas F., as a diplomat. (L. R. Harley) 

Am. M. Civics, 7: 613(D). 

Beachy Head, Battle of. Macmil. 72: 222QI). 

Beaconsfield, Lord, Lyre of. (W. Meynell) Eng. 
Illust. 12: no. 7, 28(Ap). 

Beams, flexure of, laws of, Apparatus for experi- 
menting with. (J. L. Greenleaf) J. Frankl. 
Inst. 140: 27(J1). 

Bear-chasing in the Rocky mountains. (F. Rem- 
ington) Harper, 91: 240(J1). 

Bear flag, The. (J. Bidvvell) Overland, n. s. 25: 

Bear hunting in Japan. Outing, 26: 22i(Je). 

Beards. (R. E. Ingpen) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 5°4 




Beardsley, Aubrey. Bookman, i: i59(Mr). 
Bears, Himalayan, Amongst the. (C. Hastings) 

Argosy, 59: I09(ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 

507 (F23). 
Beauty and sanity. (V. Paget) Fortn. 64:252 

Beaver river, Inner gorge terraces of. (R. H. 

Hice) Am. J. Sci. 149: 112(F). 
Bechtel, John ; his contributions to literature and 

his descendants. (J. W. Jordan) Pennsyl. M. 

>9 : >37(JO- 
Bee, The, in Greek mythology. (A. B. Cook) J. 

Hel. Stud. 15:1. 
Beecher, Lyman. (H. A. Glass) Sund. M. 24:588 

(S), 682(0), 754(N). 
Bees, Pleasant occupation of tending. (W. Z. 

Hutchinson) Cosmopol. i9:29(My), I59(je). 
Beetles, Leaping. (E. A. Butler) Knowl. 18:176 

Beggars, How London deals with. (Lord Norton) 

No. Am. 161: 685(D). 

— A study of, and their lodgings. (A. F. San- 

born) Forum, 19: 20o(Ap). 
Beggars of the Sea and Queen Elizabeth. (J. H. 

Round) Ath. '95, 2:455(05). 
Begonias, Notes on. (R. Cameron) Garden & F. 

Belfry, The. (S. Baring-Gould) Sund. M. 24: 446 


Belgium, The danger in. Macmil. 72: 1 (My). 

— Economics in. (E. Mahaim) Econ. J. 5:462 


— Electoral experiment in. (W. C. Robinson) 

Dub. R. 116: I09(ja). 
Belief, Foundations of. See Balfour, A. J. 
Belknap genealogy. (A. A. Codman) N. E. Reg. 

Bell, Charles IL, Memoir of. (E. F. Slafter) N. 

E. Reg. 49 : 9(Ja)- 
Bell, John. Ath. '95, 1:449 (Ap6). 
Bellenger, Clement, wood-engraver. Scrib. M. 18: 

Bellingham, John, Regina vs. Green Bag, 7: 132 

Bells and bell customs. (F. Peacock) Dub. R. 

H7 : 77(JO- 

— Christ Church. (R. A. Cram) New Eng. M. 

n. s. n:64o(Ja). 

Bemis, Prof. E. W., and the University of Chicago. 
Pub. Opin. 19:296(85). 

Bengal, Permanent settlement of. (B. H. Baden- 
Powell) Eng. Hist. R. io:276(Ap). 

Bennett's partner. (J. K. Reeve) Lippinc. 56: 844. 

Benson, Arthur Christopher, Poetry of. (L. John- 
son) Acad. 47: 499(Jei5). 

Bent, John, English ancestors of. (E. C. Felton) 
N. E. Reg. 49:65 (Ja). 

Bentley, George. Acad. 47: 483(Je8). — Ath. '95, 
* : 739(Je8). 

— In memoriam; a poem. (J. J. Beresford) Temp. 

Bar, 105: 289 (Jl). 

Benvenuti, Giambattista, called L'Ortolano, Altar- 
piece of. (G. Allen) Eng. Illust. 14: i84(N). 

Beraud, Jean. Chemin de la croix. (J. Bernac) 
Art J. 47:21 (Ja). 

Bergerac, Cyrano de. (F. J. Hudleston) Gent. M. 

n. s. 54 : 5 8 5(J e ). 
Bering Sea arbitration, Results of. (J. W. Foster) 
No. Am. 161: 693(D). — (E. L. Godkin) Na- 
tion, 61: 421 (Di 2). 

Berkeley, George, Huxley on. (G. G. Greenwood) 

Westm. 144: ifjl). 
Berkshire hills, Bryant and the. (A. Lawrence) 

Cent. 50:36801). 

— Literary, Reminiscences of. (H. D. Sedgwick) 

Cent. 5o:552(Ag). 
Bermuda, Touring awheel in. (T. B. Dowden) 

Outing, 27:236(0). 
Bernhardt, Sarah. (M. White, jr.) Munsey, 14:323 


— and Eleanora Duse. Sat. R. 79: 787(Jei5). 
Bernhardt and the bear. (A. M. R.Gordon) Canad. 

M. 5 :2 73(J0- 
Bernheim, Abram C. Critic, 27: i75(Ag3). 

Berthelot, P. E. M., and Renan. (A. D. Van Dam) 

Contemp. 68: 862(D). 

Besant, Walter. (F. Handley) Our Day, 14: 63(F). 

— knighted. Sat. R. 79: 7i7(Jei). 

Beset in Aravaipa cafion. (W. Thomson) Lippinc. 

55 :8 45(J e )- 
Betting and gambling. Westm. 143: 140(F). 

Beyle, Henry, and his critics. (E. C. Price) Scot. 
R. 25:309(Ap). 

Beyond; a story. (K. Trask) Harper, 9o:3i4(Ja)/ 

Beyond the shadows; a story. (M. Holley) Arena, 

Bhopal, My residence in. (H. C. E. Ward) Na- 
tional, 26:59(8), Same art. Liv. Age, 207:53 

Bible and the church. (F. von Hiigel) Dub. R. 

n6:3o6(Ap). 117:275(0). 

— and its expositors. (L. A. Fox) Luth. Q. 25: 541 


— as literature. (R. Ogden) Nation, 61:76 


— at home and abroad. Quar. 180: 29o(Ap). 

— Authority of. (F. H. Foster) Bib. Sac. 52:69, 

232(Ja, Ap). 

— Canonicity in, Apostolical sanction the test of. 

(W. M. McPheeters) Presb. & Ref. R. 6:26 


— Encyclical on; a negative view of. (A. J. 

Maas) Am. Cath. Q. 20: i62(Ja). 

— in Chinese. Bishop Schereschewsky's version. 

Lit. W. (Bost.) 26:265(Ag24). 

— in Luther's time, Place of. (J. D. Pickles) 

Meth R. 55: io6(Ja). 

— Inerrancy of. (P. J. Cormican) Cath. World, 

61: i(Ap). 

— Inspiration of. (G. F. Wright) Bib. Sac. 52: 1 

(Ja). — (F. H. Foster) Bib. Sac. 52:69, 232 
(K Ap). 

— Literary aspects of. Spec. 74:894^29). 

— Russian. Church Q. 41: 203(0). 

— Septuagint vs. Hebrew text. (H. H. Howorth) 

Acad. 47: 2i5(Mr9), (S. A. Cook) 279(Mr3o). 
The text of. (W. Sanday) Acad. 47: 106 


— Testimony of the Holy Spirit to. (J. De Witt) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 69(Ja). 

— Word of God and the Sacraments, objective 

efficacy of. (J. A. Earnest) Luth. Q. 25:289 


— Wycliffite, Authorship of. (F. D. Matthew) 

Eng. Hist. R. io:9i(Ja). 

— Old Testament; Christianity's millstone. (Gold- 

win Smith) No. Am. 161: 703(D). 
in the early Church. (J. Orr) Chr. Lit. 13: 

the new. (N. Smyth) Cent. 50: 299(Je). 




Bible, Old Testament ; Sociological value of. (O. H. 

Gate*) Bib. Sac. 52:587(0). 
Spirit of God in. (B. B. Warfield) Presb. & 

Ref. R. 6:665(0). 
Use of mythic elements in. (C. M. Cady) 

Bib. World, 6: 115, i94(Ag, S). 

— Pentateuch, Archaeology of. (C. R. Conder) 

Scot. R. 26:63 (Jl). 

Higher criticism of. (W. S. Watson) Presb. 

& Ref. R. 6:323(Ap). 

— Genesis, Lectures of W. R. Harper. (H.Osgood) 

Bib. Sac. 52:323(Ap). 

Origin and composition of. (E. C. Bissell) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: i-6i4(Ja-0). 

— Deuteronomy, by S. R. Driver. (G. A. Smith) 

Crit. R. 5:339(0). 

Authorship of (W. S. Watson, jr.) Bib. World, 


— Judges v : Deborah's song. (R. G. Moulton) 

Bib. World, 6: 26o(0). 

— Song of Solomon. (W. W. Martin) Meth. 

R.j 5 : 7 75(S). 

— Prophets, Messianic idea in. (T. W. Chambers) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 224(Ap). 

— Isaiah, Cheyne's Introduction to. (A. W. 

Benn) Acad. 47:457(Jei). 

Virgin oracle of. (T. G. Soares) Bib. 

World, 6: 58(J1). 

— Daniel. (J. A. Howlett) Dub. R. 117: 27QI). 
Authenticity and genuineness of.* (J. J. 

Lampe) Presb. & Ref. R. 6:44o(Jl). 
Daniel in the critic's den. (R. Anderson) 

Blackw. i57:56o(Ap). 
Some queries about the Book of. (I. M. 

Price) Bib. World, 6: 264(0). 

— New Testament, Origin or formation of. (G. T. 

Purves) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 239 (Ap). 

— — Earliest quotation as Scripture. (D. Moore) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6:ii3(Ja). 
Greek, Tischendorfs. Quar. 182: 181 (Jl). 

— Gospels, tr. from the Sinaitic palimpsest, by 

Lewis. Sat. R. 79:385(Mr23). 
Synoptic problem of. (S. C. Hodge) Presb. 

& Ref. R. 6: 703(0). 
— Present standing of, in Germany. (H. H. 

Wendt) New World, 4: 239(Je). 
Syriac. See Syriac. 

— — Tolstoy's Harmony of. Sat. R. 80: 271. 
Use of four, by Justin Martyr. (H. M. 

Harman) Meth. R. 55:8i(Ja). 

— Matthew i., priority of. (F. P. Badham) Acad. 

48: II2(AgI0). 

Syriac version. (R. H. Charles and others) 

Acad. 47: I3-I72(ja-F). 

— — ch. xii: 39, 40. Interpretation of: a sympo- 

sium. (L. C. Barnes and others) Bib. 

— Luke, Introduction to the Gospel of. (S. 

Mathews) Bib. World, 5:448(Je). 

— John, as correcting Luke. (E. A. Abbott) 

New World, 4:459(8). 

— Acts, The book of. (E. D. Burton) Bib. World, 

Historical method of interpretation. (J. 

Brand) Bib. Sac. 52:259(Ap). 

— Epistles of St. Paul, Lightfoot on. Sat. R. 

80: i79(Agio). 

Paul's earliest letters. (E. D. Burton) Bib. 

World, 6:203(S). 

— Romans. (E. D. Burton) Bib. World, 6: 367(N). 

Bible, Corinthians, Epistles to the. (E. D. Barton) 
Bib. World, 6:278(0). 

— 2 Thess. ii : 3-12; Man of sin. (G. U. Wenner) 

Luth. Q. 25:63(Ja). 

— Hebrews, i: 1-8, Exegesis of. (E. J. Wolf) 

Luth. Q. 25: i88(Ap). 

— James, The letter of. (E. D. Burton) Bib. 

World, 6: i2i(Ag). 
Biblical criticism and philosophers. (H. Osgood) 
Presb. & Ref. R. 6:688(0). 

— and verdict o'f the monuments. (W. D. Kers- 

well) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 753(0). 

— Archaeological stage of. (T. K. Cheyne) Con- 

temp. 68:89(J1). 

— Higher, and the supernatural. (A. W. Benn) 

New World, 4:429(8). 
Archaeology vs. (A. H. Sayce) Contemp. 68: 

as viewed by a liberal scholar. (J. H. Long) 

Arena, 12: 14 c (Ap). 
Questions of. (F. B. Denio) Bib. World, 6: 95 


What it is not. (M. S. Terry) Bib. World, 

6: 22(J1). — (A. C. Zenos) Bib. World, 6: 189 
(S). — (W. J. Beecher) Bib. World, 6: 35i(N). 

— Modern. Sat. R. 79: 225(Fi6). 

Biblical theology. (G. H. Gilbert) Bib. World, 

Biblical truth, Self-evidencing power of. Chr. Lit. 

14: 193(D). 
Bicameral system in America, Rise and development 

of. (T. F. Moran) J. H. Univ. Studies, 13: 211. 
Bicycle, Authors and the. Critic, 27: 226(012). 

— Era of. (J. G. Speed) Lippinc. 56: 23o(Ag). 

— Evolution and perfection of the. (R. Perkins) 

Engin. M. 9: 281 (My). — Sat. R. 80: 343(814). 

— its pleasures and perils. (R. L. Seymour) 

Chaut. 2o:703(Mr). 

— The wheel of to-day. (P. G. Hubert, jr.) 

Scrib. M. I7:692(je). 

— Woman and the. (Marguerite Merington) 

Scrib. M. 17:702^6). 
Bicycles. (J. K. Starley) New R. i2:3i2(Mr). 

— and bicycle riders. Pub. Opin. 19: 342(812). 

— A modern centaur. (H. Ansot) Overland, n. s. 

26: I2l(Ag). 
Bicycling: All Paris a-wheel. (A. Alexandre) 
Scrib. M. 18: i95(Ag). 

— Doctor's view of. (J. W. Roosevelt) Scrib. M. 


— for women. (Mrs. Reginald de Koven) Cos- 

mopol. i9:386(Ag). 

— My first tour. (E. Ingersoll) Outing, 26: 205, 


— Social side of. (J. B. Townsend) Scrib. M. 17: 

704 ( Je) . See Cycling. 

Big rodeo; among the cattle ranges. (M. C. John- 
son) Outing, 26: i52(My). 

Bijapur. All the Year, 76: 102 (F2). 

Billington, Elizabeth W. (W. B. Squire) National, 
26: 512(D). 

Billop mystery; a story. (J. Hawthorne) Eng. 
Illust. I4:97(N). 

Biltmore ; Mr. Vanderbilt's forest. (C. S. Sargent) 
Garden & F. 8:481^4).— (F. C. W. Bar- 
bour) Chaut. 2i:320(Je). 

Bimetallism. (L. Courtney) National, 25:337 
(My). — (II. A. Scomp) Am. M. Civics, 6: 
21 (Ja). — (J. B. Robertson) J. Statis. Soc. 58: 
4 i7(S). 




Bimetallism and currency. (J. Douglass) Am. M. 
Civics, jr: 1 19, 253(Ag, S). 

— and legislation. (C. S. Thomas) Arena, 1 1 : 378 


— as a bubble. (H. D. MacLeod) 19th Cent. 37: 

99 1 (JO- 

— as a new way to pay old debts. (J. W. Cross) 

19th Cent. 37: iooi(Je). 

— Balfour on. Spec. 74.:458(Ap6). 

— Conditions for American commercial and finan- 

cial supremacy. (P. Leroy-Beaulieu) Forum, 
20: 385(D). 

— How to save. (Due de Noailles) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:557(Ja). 

— in England. (H. White) Nation, 60: i77(Mr7). 

— in France, Operation of. (H. P. Willis) J. Pol. 

Econ. 3 : 35°(J e )- 

— is it a delusion? (E. Tuck) 19th Cent. 37: 274 


— the issue in '96. (A. J. Warner) Am. M. Civics, 


— Kernel of. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 60: 316 

(A P 25). 

— Lexis on. Econ. J. 5: 276(Je). 

— H. D. MacLeod on. (T. E. Powell) National, 

24: 795(F). — (H. P. Willis) J. Pol. Econ. 3: 
486(8).-- Sat. R. 79:226^16). 

— Memphis silver convention. Pub. Opin. 18:690 


— Six centuries of. (H. White) Nation, 60:356 

(My 4 ). 

— vs. the single standard. (L. B. Prince) Am. M. 

Civics, 6:4i3(Ap), 483(My). 

— Gen. Walker on. (H. White) Nation, 60:250 

Bingham genealogy. (T. A. Bingham) N. E. Reg. 

49 : 333(JO- 
Biological work in secondary schools. (A. J. Mc- 

Clatchie) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:634(Mr). 
Biology, Relation to geological investigation. (C. 

A. White) Nature, 52:258, 279QI11, 18). 

— Sociology rests indirectly upon. (L. F. VVard) 

Am. J. Sociol. i:3i3(N). 
Birch, Oil of. (H. Trimble) Garden & F. 8: 303 

Birches, American white. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

&F. 8: 3 5^(S 4 ). 

— Hybrid. (J. G. Jack) Garden & F. 8: 243(Jei9). 
Bird-life in southern Scotland. Chamb. J. 72: 77(F). 

— in spring. Spec. 74: 53i(Ap2o). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 205:446(^18). 
Bird lyric, A. Argosy, 59 : 555(My). Same art. 

Iiv. Age, 206: !2o(Jli3). 
Bird-shooting in South Africa. Sat. R. 79: 154^2). 
Bird songs in spring. Spec. 74: 645c My 1 1). 
Birds, Accidents to. Cornh. 72: 384(0). 

— Alaudarum legio. (F. A. Fukher) Fortn. 64: 


— and their persecutors. (L. de La Rame) 19th 

Cent. 37:45 (Ja). 

— British, and the frosts of 1895. Sat. R. 79:375 

Hudson's. (A. R. Wallace) Sat. R. 80: 342 

Migration of, Dixon's. Sat. R. 8o:83(Jl2o). 

— (M. G. Watkins) Acad. 47: 546(^29) . 

— domestic, Law about. (R. V. Rogers) Green 

Bag, 7:i82(Ap). 

— Domesticated. (N. S. Shaler) Scrib. M. 18: 501 


Birds, English wood-notes. (J. L. Allen) Cosmopol. 

— Giant, of South America. (R. Lydekker) Knowl. 


— in Kensington gardens. Sat. R. 79: 184^9). 

— in winter. Cornh. 71: 133(F). 

— migration of, Mystery of. Spec. 74: 681 (Myi8). 

— Nature's training-school. Blackw. 157:114 


— of the Arnold arboretum. (C. E. Faxon) Garden 

&F. 8:292 (JI24). 

— of the cliffs. (C. J. Cornish) Sund. M. 24: 302 

-* of New Guinea. (G. S. Mead) Am. Natural. 
29: 1-I056(ja-D). 

— Rambles among. (H. G. Hutchinson) Longm. 

26:i74(Je). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 102QI). 

— Recent books about. (S. A. Hubbard) Dial 

(Ch.) 19: i6(J1i). 

— Roadside singers and covert warblers. Blackw. 

I 57 :8 79(J e )- Same art. Eel. M. 125:384(8). 

— Sea, of the cape. (Wm. Greswell) Good Words, 


— shore, Nests of, in Brading Harbor. Spec. 74: 

576(A P 27). 

— Silence of. (F. A. Fulcher) Argcsy, 60: 283 


— Some feathered artists. (C. Smiley) Chaut. 21: 


— Some of the " outliers " among. (R. W. Shu- 

feldt) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 76o(Ap). 

— Spring. (N. C. Brown) Outing, 26: 69(Ap). 

— Spring migration of. (W. W. Brown) Lippinc. 


— Study of, out-of-doors. (F. M. Chapman) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47:664(8). 

— Testimony of, to the king. (B. Waugh) Sund. 

M. 24:31 (Ja). 

— Tramps with an enthusiast. (O. T. Miller) 

Atlan. 75:658(My). 

— What shall we do with the? (F. W. Card) 

Garden & F. 8:388(825). 

— Winter. (H. G. Hutchinson) Longm. 26:174 

Birds' eggs, Collecting. Atlan. 75: 288(F). 
Birds' nests, Some curious. (R. B. Sharpe) Good 

Words, 36:528(Ag). 
Birds of passage. (W. Haacke) Chaut. 20: 603 

Birmingham. Municipal finance, as illustrated by 
the city. (E. O. Smith) J. Statis. Soc. 58: 327 

Birth, The mystery of. (G. Allen) Fortn. 64: 113 


Bishops, proposal to have the Lutheran bishops of 
Denmark consecrate bishops for the Episcopal 
churches in America. (F. P. Manhart) Luth. 

Q- 25:36501). 

Biskra; an Algerian winter-resort. (A. Griffiths) 

Fortn. 63.*456(Mr). 
Bismarck, Prince von. Eng. Illust 13:28901). 

— American friends of. (H. W. Fischer) Munsey, 

i3 : 48i(Ag). 

— and Prussian monarchy. ( W. H. Dawson) Fortn. 

63 : 745(My). 

— as a ruler. Sat. R. 79:405(Mr3o). 

— Honored on his 80th birthday. Sat. R. 79: 468 


— Lowe's Life of. (M. Todhunter) Westm. 144: 22 


V X 



. s vn \ « •>. >v«. ^t. 

. . t ^ I Must. 14: 
** . w\ K*Ai\h Scrib. M. 

v , V v v tv Kennedy) Outing, 

- v 
.... ii \*iO Mumey, I4 : 5 6 

' v |5 ; »'^ Munacy, 12:467^). 
/ ;..;..< V VM Judd) Belgra. 88: 149 

.\\w •* * v v K. lVckham) J. Frankl. 

\ ^."^^v V s - ^ S*^lcr) J. Frankl. 

•. . ,.-\ tV.'l^U^i^^v, of - (W. H. Carpenter) 

• v VV\ Mi« W^v, the first picture play. 

V\v l«.^ Scrib. M. i8:348(S). 
t. .A ^«»<" «* England, Transformation of. 
\Uoud 7iM77(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age. 

U% k^M^nu'ddmg. A. Cornh. 72:95(J1). Same 

M \ % 1 iv. Age, 206: 334( Agio)- 
1»Uck«hrrp. As antory. Belgra. 88: 39(*0- 
iuukUMiii*. Cultivation of. Garden & F. 8: 4 39 

Hlu-kV *1olm Stuart. Acad. 47 : 465(J e O- — Ath. 
\i 1: «n(Mr9). - Blackw. i 57 :662(Ap), 
mS:7iSCN).— Liv. Age, 207:612(07).— 
('iilu', a«i:i88(Mr9;.— (J- Douglas) Nation, 
(K»;J5(»(Ap4).— (Henriette Corkran) Temp. 
Bur i(>5 : 52o(Ag). 
Biography of, Stoddard's. Sat. R. 80: 510(019). 
ami hW Doppcl-ganger. (W. G. Blaikie) Good 
Wonb, 36:297(My). 

Hliickmorr, K. D. Perleycross, Local history in. 
(K. I). Hlackmore) Critic, 26:66(Ja26). 

Illnkr, William. (K. Garnett) Portf. 1895:22(0). 
— (A. T. Story) Temp. Bar, 106:525(0). 

Blaiuhard, Joshua. (A. E. Brown) New Eng. M. 

n. h. iy-3<M l >)- 
Miami, Richard Parks, and a new party. Arena, 

1 y. 5o(le). 
Hlimphemy lawn, Intellectual liberty and the. (E. 

(J. Taylor) Wcstm. I43 ! "7( r 
lllitvnttky, Helen Pctrovna. (J. R. Bridge) Arena, 

12: l77(Ap). 

- - and her thcosophy, Lillie's. Sat. R. 79: 533 


— a fraud. Sat. R. 79: 191 (*9)- 

Blenching by electricity. (L. J. Matos) J. Frankl. 

Inst. I39S"77( M 0- 

Blighting of Mynheer Van Steen. (A. E. King) 

Cent. 50:33401). 
Blind, Minn Mathilde. Songs of the Orient and the 

Occident. Sat. R. 80: 24i(Ag24). 
Blind, Kindergarten for. (D. Sturgis) New Eng. 

M. 11. ». ij:433(^). 
writing for, New system of. (J. A. Zahm) 

(.nth. World, 6i:32(Ap). 
Dlindnrsit; Voyage in the dark. (R. E. Robinson) 

Allan. 75: 172(F). 
Blizzard, The; a Htory. (E.V.Wilson) McClure, 

4 :3«7(Mr). 
Blizzard-bound; a sketch. All the Year, 76:53 


Blondin. Chamb. J. 72: 282(My). 
Blood, Coagulation of (W. D. Halliburton) Sci. 
Prog. 2: 369(Ja). 3: i27(Ap). 

— human, Legal detection of. (E. Marshall) Green 

Bag, 7: 61(F). 
Blue bonnet; a story. (C. Barnard) Chaut. 20: 

562(F), 682(Mr). 2i:40(Ap). 
Blue Hill, Weather studies at. (R. L. Bridgman) 

New Eng. M. n. s. l2:4o(Mr). 
Blue Mountain Forest Park. (T. J. Walker) New 

Eng. M. n. s. i2-355(My). 
Blueberry, white fruit (E. J. Hill) Garden & F. 

Blunt, Wilfred, Poetry of. (P. Addleshaw) Na- 
tional, 26:202(0). 
Boar, Hunting the. (R. S. Osborne) Munsey, 12: 

405 (Ja). — Outing, 27:24(0). 
Boar-hunt, Yaqui. (F. Crissy) Outing, 25:511 

Board school children and their food. Lend a H. 

14: 262 (Ap). 
Boase, Charles W. (F. C. Conybeare) Acad. 47: 

237(Mn6). — Ath. '95, i:345(Mn6). 
Boat-building. (H. R. Palmer) New Eng. M. n. s. 

Boer, Africander, and Briton. (F. I. Ricardo- 

Seaver; Fortn. 64: i97(Ag). 
Boer pastoral, A : a story. (H. A. Bryden) Blackw. 

158: 130OI). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 274 

Boerhaave, Hermann, with portrait. (W.T. Lusk) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 47:uo(My). 
Bohemia and the Bohemians. (A. Heilprin) Nation, 


— in the time of Zizka, 1415-24. Macmil. 72:346 

Boiler explosions, Domestic. Am. Arch. 47:44 

Boise, James Robinson. (I. M. Price) Bib. World, 

Bokhara, Samarkand and. (F. Vincent) Cosmopol. 

»9 : 3(My). 
Bol, Ferdinand, old Dutch master. (T.Cole) Cent. 

Bombardier, The. (Gilbert Parker) Chamb. J. 

72: 4 8i-5l9(Ag). 
Bonamy Chad wick's secret; a tale. (G. F\>sbery) 

Argosy, 60:474(0). 
Bond-syndicate : its excellent work. (A. B. Hep- 
burn) Forum, i9:658(Ag). 

— Government and the. (B. Ives) Yale R. 4: 10 

Bonds, U. S., Sale of. (H. White) Nation, 60: 158 

Bonfires in London streets. (G. L. Apperson) 

Gent. M. n. s. 55=355(0). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 207: 38o(N9). 
Bonghi, R. Ath. '95, 2: 571(026). 
Bonifacio, Juan. (F. Watson) Acad. 47:421 


— Visit to. (J. N. Usher) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 194 

(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 685 (Si 4). 
Bonney, Anne, West Indian amazon. All the Year, 

7 6:59(Jai9). 
Bontebok antelope disappearing. Sat. R. 80: 234 

Book of the dead. (Sara Y. Stevenson) New 

World, 4:32i(Je). 
Bookbinding, The gentle art of. (V. C. Tweedale) 

Chamb. J. 72:44901). 




Bookbinding, History of, ed. by Brassington. Sat. 

R- 79 : 7 2 O aI 9)- 

— its processes and ideals. (T. S. C. Sanderson) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 671 (Mr). 
Bookbindings, Historical, at the Grolier Club. 

Critic, 26: I26(Fi6). — Bookman, 1: 55(F). 
Book-collecting as a fine art. (J. Moore) Fortn. 

64:699^). Same art. Eel. M. 125:805(0). 
Book lending, Gentle art of. (G. S. Layard) 19th 

Cent. 37: io6o(Je). 
Book-plates. Sat. R. 79:388^^23). 
Book trade, English, Literature and. (L. de La 

Rame) No. Am. 160: 157(F). 
Books, Bits about. (W. Canton) Good Words, 36: 

6o-8 57 (Ja-D). 

— Choice of. (L. Stephen) National, 25: i65(Ap). 

— Gems at auction in 1894-5. (F* M. Hopkins) 

Bookman, i:277(My). 

— Improper, in libraries. Lib. J. 20:supp. 32(D). 

— in paper covers. (B. Matthews) Cent. 50: 354 


— Some friends of mine in. (H. L. Cary) Educa. 

i6:2 3 (S). 
Boom town tragedy; a story. (A. Leland) Munsey* 

Booth, Edwin, Grossman's Recollections of. (E. 

A. Barron) Dial (Ch.) 18: I7(jai). 
Bora, or initiation ceremonies of the Kamilaroi 

tribe. (R. H. Mathews) Anthrop. J. 24:411 

Bora unvisited. (E. Pullen) Atlan. 75=339(Mr). 
Borgu, on the Niger, An expedition to. (F. D. 

Lugard) Geog. J. 6: 205 (S). 
Borneol and Isoborneol, Crystal form of. (W. H. 

Hobbs) Am. J. Sci. 149: 449 (Je). 
Bosnia, Baron de Kallay's achievement in. Spec. 

Boston, Christ Church, Bells of. (R. A. Cram) New 

Eng. M. n. s. n:64o(Ja). 

— Exchange club-house. Am. Arch. 47: 54(F2). 

— Freemasonry in. (W. B. Ellis) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 3:3(S). 

— Greater. (E. Atkinson) New Eng. M. n. s. 13: 


— Literary, thirty years ago. (W. D. Howells) 

Harper, 91: 865 (N). 

— Old Milk street. (H. A. Hill) New Eng. M. 

n. s. i2:97(Mr). 

— Old South Meeting-house, Builder of. (A. E. 

Brown) New Eng. M. n. s. 13:390(0). 

— Public Library. Am. Arch. 48:3(Ap6), 70 

(Myi8). - (C. H. Walker) New Eng. M. 

Abbey's decorations for. Critic, 26: i9o(Mr9). 

— (E. R. Pennell) Nation, 60: 104^7). 
its artistic aspects. (M. G. Van Rensselaer) 

Cent. 50:26o(Je). 
its ideals and working conditions. (L. Swift) 

Cent. 50: 264(Je). 
Story of. (E. J. Carpenter) New Eng. M. 

n. s. i2.*737(Ag). 

— Schools and teachers of. Arena, 13: 38(Je). 

— School street. (H. F. Jenks) New Eng. M. n. s. 


— State House. (T. A. Fox) Am. Arch. 48:127 

(Je29). 49 : 55( A 83). 

Report on the condition of. Am. Arch. 48: 39 

(A P 2 7 ). 

— Subway in. (F. Foxcroft) New Eng. M. h. s. 

>3 : 193(0)- 

Boston Light and the Brewsters. (R. G. F. Cand- 

age) New Eng. M. n. s. 13: 131(0). 
Botanical garden, New York. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8: 261 (JI3). 
Botanical notes from Texas. (E. N. Plank) Garden 

&F.8: 7 2(F2o), i93(Myi5). 
Botany at the German universities. (G. J. Pierce) 

Educa. R. 9:720a). 

— Everyday. (W. B. Hemsley) Knowl. 18: 217(0). 

— June flora of a Long Island swamp. (Anna M. 

Vail) Garden & F. 8: 282OI17). 

— Native composites. (J. N. Gerard) Garden & F. 


— Nomenclature in ; the Vienna propositions. (P. 

Ascherson; A. Engler) Ami Natural. 29: 

— Notes from a botanic garden. (W. J. Beal) 

Garden & F. 8:3040131), 322(Agi4). 

— Notes from Harvard botanic garden. (R. Cam- 

eron) Garden & F. 8: ji6(D25). 
Botticelli, Alessandro. Pallas Athene. (H. Zim- 

mern) Art J. 47: i88(Je). 
Boucher de Perthes, J., Recollections of. Black w. 

I 57 : 939(J e )> Same art. Liv. Age, 206:232 

Boulanger, Gen. Georges; An object-lesson in 

French politics. Blackw. 157: 297(F). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 204: 694 (Mr 16). 
Bourbone, Fortunes of the. (K. M. Rowland) 

Harper, 90: 171(^7). 
Bourget, Paul. (M. Todhunter) Westiu. 144:597 


— Andre Cornelis. (R. P. Jacobus) Fortn. 64: 179 


— Mark Twain and. (M. O'Rell) No. Am. 160: 


— on the U. S. (S. L. Clemens) No. Am. 160: 48 

Bourne, Vincent. (A. C.Benson) Macmil. 71:423. 

Bowditch, Nathaniel, Services to American astron- 
omy. (T. J. J. See) Pop. Astron. 2: 385 (My). 

Bowlders, Drift, between the Mohawk and Susque- 
hanna rivers. (A. P. Brigham) Am. J. Sci. 

Bowling Green, N. Y. City, Proposed statue in. (C. 
S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 2ji(Je26). 

Boxing, Brutality of. Sat. R. 79: 86(Jai2). 

Boy, The. (R. M. Stuart) Cent. 49: 624(F). 

Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth. Critic, 27: 237(612). 

Boyle, Rev. G. D., Recollections of. Sat. R. 79: 
258(F2 3 ). 

Boylston Nicholas. (B. Wendell) Harv. Grad. M. 

Boy's brigade and youthful Canada. (J. C. Hop- 
kins) Canad. M. 4:55i(Ap). 

Boys. Sund. M. 24:632^). 

— Poor city, in the country. (A. F. Sanborn) No. 

Am. i6o:755(Je). 

— When we were. Macmil. 71:442. 72:43-414 

(Ap-O). Same art. Eel. M. i24:664(My). 

i25:275(Ag), 848(D). Same art. Liv. Age, 

205:611, 627. 206:312, 679. 207: I23,425(je- 

Brace of lions; a story. Temp. Bar, 104: 245(F). 
Bracken, Thos. (O. Smeaton) Westm. 1 44: 50o(N ) . 
Braddon, Edward, a great Shikari. Blackw. 157: 

949(Je). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: i5o(Jl20). 

Same art. Eel. M. i25:2i2(Ag). 
Bradlaugh, Charles. (C. Waterer) Westm. 143: 





Bradlaugh, Charles, Life and work of. (H. B. Bon- 
ner) 19th Cent. 37: 349(F). — Sat. R. 79: 16 
CJ a 5)« — (A. Webb) Nation, 6o:424(My3o). 

Brahe, Tycho, and Uraniberg. (A. Hinrichs) Cath. 
World, 61: 589^ Ag). 

Brahman ism and Balfour's Foundations of belief. 
(Vamadeo Shastri) Fortn. 64:682(N). 

Brain, The, in the light of science. (S. M. Miller) 
New Sci. R. 2:49(J1). 

Brain development as related to evolution. (G. H. 
Scribner) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 525(F). 

Bramante, Donato. (H. Mereu) Am. Arch. 47: 

Branchiostomida?, Genera of. (T. Gill) Am. Nat- 
ural. 29: 457( My). 

Brandling, Conjugation of. (E. A. Andrews) Am. 
Natural. 29:1021, U2i(N,D). 

Brass men, The rising of the. Chamb. J. 72: 737 

"Brava Torera!" a story. (G. B. O'Halloran) 
Temp. Bar, io6:68(S). 

Brave little lass; a story. (M. Gaunt) Eng. Illust. 

i3 : 459(Ag). 
Bread laws and the price of bread. (J. Kirkland) 

Econ. J. 5:413(8). 
Break of day; a story. (J. A. Altshelcr) Munsey, 

13 : 579(S). 
Breath- figures. (J. G. McPherson) Knowl. 18: 101 

Breckinridge, John C, and Hannibal Hamlin. (H. 

L. Dawes) Cent. 50:46301). 
Brett, John, as art critic. Sat. R. 79=439(Ap6.) 
Brewer, H. W., a master-builder of castles in the 

air. (G.White) Argosy, 59: 151(F). 
Brewster tablet at Scrooby. Critic, 37: 20o(S28). 
Brickfield, A Kentish. (Beatrice A. Dan) Good 

Words, 36:671(0). 
Bride elect, A. Macmil. 73=53(N). 
Bridge, City Avenue, over Schuylkill River, Phila. 

(R. V. Merrick) J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 241 (Ap). 
Bridge, Old, in Mass. Garden & F. 8:42(^30). 
Bridges, Robert, The poems of. (J. C. Baileyj 

Eel. M. i24:466(Ap). 
— Eros and Psyche. Sat. R. 79: 41 (Jai 2). 
Bridges, Famous. (R. Jamison) Chaut. 20: 552 

- (K). 

— sidewalks, roads and pavements. (W. Howard) 

Engin. M. 8:ioi4(Mr). 
Bringing down the house. Cornh. 71: 141(F). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204:6o3(Mr9). 
Briseis; a novel. (W. Black) Harper, 92:79(0). 
Briticisms, Recent. (B.Matthews) Critic, 26:245 

British America. Land of the Muskeg, Somerset's. 

Sat. R. 80:317(87). 

— New route from. (D. Macarthur) Westm. 144: 

i 7 8(Ag). 

— On snow-shoes to the Barren Grounds. (C. W. 

Whitney) Harper, 92: 10(D). 
British Columbia, Life in. (T. L. Paton) Good 
Words, 36:448(J1). 

— Mining prospects in. Dub. R. 117:457(0). 

— Okanagan and Kootenay. (C. Lindsay) Canad. 

M. 5.-36i(Ag). 

— Rambles around Esquimault and Victoria. (A. 

Inkersley) Canad. M. 5:514(0). 
British Guiana, Four months of travel in. (G. G. 
Dixon) Geog. J. 5:337(Ap). 

— Rodway's History of. (N. D. Davis) Nation, 

60: iii(F7). 

British Guiana, Swamp vegetation in. Dub. R. 1 1 7 : 

454 (O). 
British Museum print room and its treasures. (A. 

Whitman) Good Words, 36:680(0). 
British officers serving in America, 1754-74. (W. 

C. Ford) N. E. Reg. 49^47(Ja), i6o(Ap), 292 

British possessions. Comparative statistics with 

foreign countries. (E. C. Nowell) J. Statis. 

Soc. 58:480(8). 
British posts in the west and British debts. (A. C. 

McLaughlin) Yale R. 3: 408(F). 
British South Africa company, Questionable acts of. 

Sat. R. 80:70c Jl 20). 
Brittany : of cabbages and kings. Same art. Eel. 

M. 125:407(8). 
Broken Hill silver mine, A visit to. (M. Frewen) 

Contemp. 68: 358(8). 
Bromsgrove, England. Argosy, 60:663(0). 
Bromvalerianic acid. (J. G. Spenser) Am. J. Sci. 

149: 1 10(F). 
Bront6, Charlotte, Place of, in literature. (F. 

Harrison) Forum, i9:29(Mr). 
Bronte myths, A crop of. (A. M. Mackay) Westm. 

Bronze age in Bavaria, The. (A. J. Evans) Acad. 

Bronze statues of Grant and Lincoln. (C. MofTett) 

McClure, 5:419(0). 
Brook Farm, Codman on. (J. W. Chadwick) 

Nation, 60: 207(Mri4). 

— to-day. (A. A. McGinley) Cath. World, 61: 14. 
Brooke, Emma. Critic, 26:383^^25). 
Brooke, Fulke Greville, Lord, Selections from 

works of. Sat. R. 79: 588c My4). 
Brooklyn and Kings County, Ostrander's History 

of. (J. W. Chadwick) Nation, 61 : 33OI1 1). 
Brooks, Phillips, as a theologian. (J. Fox) Presb. 

&Ref. R.6: 39 3(J1). 

— Preaching of. (H. G. Spaulding) New World, 


— Statue of. Critic, 27:44^120). 

Brother Christian's adventure. (P. W. Roose) 

Argosy, 59'-67i(Je). 
Brotherhood of India. Arena, i3:478(Ag). 
Brother's story; a story. (J. C. Gwillim) Canad. 

M. 4: 307(F). 
Brown, Robert. (J. S. Cotton) Acad. 48: 362^2). 

— Ath. '95, 2: 6i2(N2). — Geog. J. 6: 577(D). 
Browne, Edward H., Kitchin on. Ath. '95, 1: 

209 (Fi 6). 
Browne, Sir Thomas. (E. W. Adams) Gent. M. 

n. s. 54: 185(F). 
Brownell, Henry Howard. (R. Burton) New Eng. 

M. n. s. I2:6oi(J1). 
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, A little girl's recollec- 
tions of. (H. Corkran) Eel. M. 124: 345 (Mr). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204:311^2). 

— "A musical instrument." (H. Corson) Poet- 

Lore, 7: 259 (My). 
Browning, Robert, definitive edition of. Poet-Lore, 
7: 102(F). 

— Influence of Shelley on. (F. Converse) Poet- 

Lore, 7: i8(Ja). 

— Mr. Sludge the medium. (F. B. Hornbrooke) 

Poet- Lore, 7: 240(My). 
Browning Club, Annals of a quiet. Poet-Lore, 7: 

Brozik, Vacslav. (R. H. Sherard) Art J. 47: 129 





Brugsch-Pasha, Henry. (W. M. Muller) Am. J. 

Archaeol. io:47(Ja). 
Brunetiere, Ferdinand. (V. Blaze de Bury) Fortn. 

64:497(0). — Liv. Age, 204: 572(Mr2). 
Brunner, John T. (F. Dolman) Eng. Illust. 14: 

Bruno, Saint, Some thoughts on. Macmil. 73: 72 

(N). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 501 (N23). 
Bruns, Karl Georg, German jurist. (M. Smith) 

Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 664(D). 
Brushwood boy, The. (R. Kipling) Cent. 5 1 : 265 

Bryant, William Cullen. (T. Bradfield) Westm. 

143: 84 (la). — (H. S. Nahmier) Arena, 15: 28 


— and the Berkshire hills. (A. Lawrence) Cent. 

5 o: 3 68(Jl). 
Brydges, James. See Chandos, Duke of. 
Bryn Mawr College, Festivals in. (S. G. Walker) 

Cent. 49:4290a). 
Buchan garden, Autumn sessions in a. (Mrs. R. 

Boyle) National, 26: i8o(0). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 207: 31 1 (N2). 
Buchanan, Sir Geo. Nature, 52: 58(Myi6). 
Buckland, Wm., Gordon's Life of. (S. A. Hub- 
bard) Dial (Ch.) i8:i72(Mn6). — Sat. R. 

Buddhism, Essence of. (T. W. R. Davids) Chr. 

Lit. i2:35o(Ap). 

— of Tibet, Waddell's. Sat. R. 79: 5i7(Ap2o). 
Buddhist sanctuary of North China. (W. W. 

Rockhill) Atlan. 75: 758(Je). 
Buddhist sects in Japan. (C. de Harlez) Dub. R. 

Buddhists, Shall we become? (H. M. King) Chr. 

Lit. I4:6i(N). 
Bud- variation and evolution. (G. Henslow) Nat. 

Sci. 7: io3(Ag). 
Buenos Ayres, British expedition to, (1806-7). 

(J. W. Fortescue) Macmil. 7i:47i(Ap). 
Buffalo, Excise and charity at (F. Almy) Char. 

R. 4:3i9(Ap). 
Building, Bogus. Econ.R. 5: 75 (Ja). 

— Construction of a great. (F. H. Kimball) Engin. 

M. 8: 877(F). 
Buildings, Careless construction and wilful destruc- 
tion of. (L. Windmiiller) R. of Rs. 12: 309(8). 

— Steel. Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 567(Ag). 

Building and Loan Associations. Lend a H. 

"4-45°(J c )- 

Building- material station, Switzerland. (E. Ger- 
main) Am. Arch. 49: 3o(Jl2o). 

Bulgaria and her ruler. Sat. R. 79: i8o(F9). 

— The new. (J. M. Hubbard) Nation, 60:338 


— Youngest of the nations. Chamb. J. 72: 385 

Bull-fight on the border. (P. W. Avirett) Outing, 

Bull-fighting in Spain. (S. L. Bensusan) Eng. 

Illust. 14: I27(N). 
Bulwer, Edward. See Lytton, E. L. B. 
Buncle, John. (W. G. Waters) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

Bunyan, John, and Pilgrim's Progress. (K. M. 

Warren) Sund. M. 24:669(0). 
Burke, Father Thomas. Spec. 74: 22(Ja5). — Sat. 

R. 79M3i(Ja26). 
Burke, Ulick Ralph. Acad. 48:9©(Ag3). — Ath. 

,Q 5. 2:i3i(Jl27). 

Burlington, Vermont. (G. G. Benedict) New Eng. 

M. n. s. u.*547(Ja). 
Burmah, Holidays in. Chamb. J. 72: 509 (Ag). 

— Women of. (H. Fielding) Blackw. 157:776 

(My). Same art. Eel. M. I25:82(J1). Same 
art. Liv. Age, 205:8oi(Je29). 
Burnham, Clara Louise. (L. A. Coonley) Writer, 

8= I33(S). 
Burns, John. (R. J. Hinton) Arena, 12: 9o( Mr). 

— Blunders as a socialist. Our Day, 14: 83(F). 
Burns, Robert. (C.A.Price) Belera. 87:24801). 

Same art. Liv . Age, 206: 5 1 5 (Ag3 1 ) . 

— The Burns and Dunlop correspondence. (L. 

M. Roberts) Fortn. 64:662^). 

— Century of biography of. ( W. Wallace. Chamb. 

J. 72: 817(D). 

— Completion of statue of. Critic, 27: 157(87). 

— Religion of. (W. Walsh^ Poet-Lore, 7: 57(F). 

Burr, Aaron, A dramatic incident in legal ex- 
perience of. (L. B. Proctor) Green Bag, 

Burr, Theodosia, the wrecker's story; a poem. (J. 

W. Palmer) Cent. 50: 86o(0). 
Burton, Robert. (T. E. Brown) New R. 13: 257. 
Burton, Lord, and Burton-on-Trent. (F. Dolman) 

Eng. Illust. 12: no. 6, 6o(Mr). 
Burying alive. Spec. 75:332(814). 
Busby, Richard. Cornh. 7 1 : 4 1 6 ( Ap) . 
Bush wo man's romance. (H. A. Bryden) Longm. 

Business, Improvement in, Indications of. Forum, 


— Improving condition of. Forum, 19: 5o8(Je). 

— Private, is a public trust. (A. W. Small) Am. 

J. Sociol. i:276(N). 
Business arrangement, A; a story. (E. E. Kitton) 

Argosy, 59:6o2(My). 
Business education, How to get. (M. J. Owens) 

Chaut. 22: 21 3 (N). 
Business situation in review, 1895. (N. Sharp) 

Engin. M. 9: 1005 (S). 
But an envelope. (L. A. Dawson) Temp. Bar, 

Butler, Lady Eleanor. Gent. M. n. s. 55:401(0). 
Butler, Bishop Joseph, and his censors. (W. E. 

Gladstone) 19th Cent. 38:715^), 1056(D). 

Same art. Chr. Lit. 14: 113(D). 
Butter-making, Danish. (Mrs. A. Tweedie) 

Fortn. 63: 8i9(My). 
Butter supply, Our. Chamb. J. 72: 74o(N). 
Buttercups; a story. (E. Hatchett- Jackson) Gent. 

M. n. s. 54 : 325(Ap). 
Butterflies; a tale of nature. (J. L. Allen) Cos- 

mopol. 20: 158(D). 

— Among the. (W. Seton) Cath. World, 62: 


— Bird -winged, of' the East. (W. F. Kirby) 

Nature, 5i:254(Jaio). 

— Colors of. (C. F. Marshall) Knowl. 18:128. 
Butterfly, The. (M. Dawson) Lippinc. 55:543 

Butterfly episode; moorland idyll. (G. Allen) 

Eng. Illust. 12: no. 6, 33(Mr). 
By hook or crook ; a story. (R. Grant) Harper, 

By the judgment of God; a tale. (R. F. Dixon) 

Canad. M. 5:26301). 
By Kibesillah. (V. Shanet) Overland, n. s. 26: 

54 o(N). 
By lapd and sea. (H. Pyle) Harper, 92: 3(D). 




By telephone; a story. (F. E. Regal) Lippinc. 

55: I26(ja). 
Byrom, John. Temp. Bar, 104: 563 (Ap). 105:68 

Byzantine art and culture in Italy*. (A. L. Froth- 

ingham, jr.) Am. J. Archaeol. 10: i52(Ap). 
Byzantine architecture. Ed. R. i8i:46o(Ap). 

Cabbages and kings. Macmil. 72: I34(je). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 206:240(1127). 
Cabinet, English, History of, Torrens's. Ed. R. 

181: n6(Ja). 
Cable, Laying a submarine. (F. A. Hamilton) 

Canad. M. 4: 46^ Mr). 
Cables, telegraph, The world's. (M. P. Handy) 

NewSci. R. U347(Ja). 
Cab's father; a story. (Mrs. H. H. Penrose) Temp. 

Bar, ioq: 54o(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 

Cactus; Echinocactus Wislizeni. (J. W. Tourney) 

Garden & F. 8: i54(Api7). 

1. Holl; 

Cad, The; a story. (M. Holland) Belgra. 87:370 

Caesium, rubidium, etc. (J. H. Pratt) Am. J. Sci. 

Caesium chloride, Double salts of. (H. L. Wells 

and B. B. Bolt wood; Am. J. Sci. 150:249(8). 
Caillebotte, G us lave. Bequest of paintings to the 

Luxembourg. (J. Bernac) Art J. 47: 230 

Caine, Hall. Critic, 27: 1 16(05). — (W. A. Sher- 
wood) Canad. M. 6: 166(D). — (R. H. Sher- 
ard) McClure,6:8o(D). 

— Dinner to. Critic, 27: 307^9). 

— Novels of. (G. Saintsbury) Fortn. 63: 180(F). 

Same art. Eel. M. 124: 8i8(Je). 

— Portraits of. McClure, 4*.442(Ap). 

Cairns, John. (W. Wallace) Acad. 47: 539 (Je29). 
Cairo scandal; a story. Temp. Bar, 104:427^0, 

Caithness folk lore, Fragments of. (Frank Rinder) 

Scot. R. 26:49(J1). 
Calaverite from Cripple Creek, Col. (W. F. Hille- 

brand) Am. J. Sci. 150: i28(Ag). 
Calcutta, Chinee town in. Chamb. J. 72:289(My). 
Caldecott, Randolph. (E. S. F. Dilke) Art J. 47: 

i 3 8(My), 20 3 (J1). 
Calendar, Sacrificial, from the Epakria. (R. B. 

Richardson) Am. J. Archaeol. io:209(Ap). 
Calendars, Sacred, and ancient codices. (S. D. 

Peet) Am. Antiq. 17: 175 (My). 
Calhoun, John C, Rhind's statue of. McClure, 

5 : 55°(N). 

Calico printing, Progress in. (L. F. Day) Art J. 

47: 50(F). 
California, Among the old missions of. (J. T. 

Connor) Chaut. 22: i85(N). 

— and the railroad. (J. P. Irish) Overland, n. s. 


— the bear flag. (J. Bidwell) Overland, n. s. 25: 


— Churches of '49. (A. Inkersley) Overland, n. s. 

25 : 533(My). 

— Constitution of, Genesis of first, 1 846-1 849. (R. 

D. Hunt) J. H. Univ. Studies, i3:36i(Ag). 

— forests of, Observations in. (C. H. Shinn) 

Garden & F. 8:402(09). 

— Fruit-farming fiasco in. (J. L. Macdonald) 

National, 25:8o4(Ag). 
. — Fruits of. Garden & F. 8: 512(025), 

California, Irrigation surveying in. (C. E. Fowler) 
Engin. M. 9:42i(Je). 

— Legal lore of '49. (E. L. Keyes) Overland, 

n. s. 26:2oi(Ag). 

— Mountains of, Muir on. (A. M. Earle) Dial 

(Ch.) i8:75(Fi). 

— Railroad commission of. (S. E. Moffett) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 469 (N J. 

— Ranch life in. (B. Harradent Bookman, 1:326 


— schools in, Early. (S. S. Boynton) Overland, 

n. s. 26:553(N). 

— Voyage to, by way of Panama. (H. M. North) 

New Eng. M. n. s. u:6o2(Ja). 

— What Indiana has done for. (J. A. Woodson) 

Overland, n. s. 26: 131 (Ag). 

Californian : a story. (G. Bonner) Harper, 90: 512 

Californians, Famous, of other days. (J. J. Peat- 
field) Overland, n. s. 25: 115(F). 

Call, The. (D. Lowry) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 369 

Call to duty : a story. (J. Lychenheim) Our Day, 


Calvinism the origin and safeguard of our constitu- 
tional liberties. (A. Kuyper) Bib. Sac. 52: 
3 8 5 (J1), 646(0). 

Cambrian rocks, Lower, in Eastern California. (C. 
D. Walcott) Am. J. Sci. 149: 141(F). 

Cambridge, Duke of, Transformation of army by. 
(J. L. A. Simmons) 19th Cent. 38:889(0). 

Cambridge, Eng., Post-graduate study at. Nature, 

— Science scholarships at. Nature, 52:271^18). 
Cambridge, Mass., License and no- license in. (F 

Foxcroft) New Eng. M. n. s. I3:53(S). 
Camel in Australia. Dub. R. 116: i92(Ja). 

— transport by, Limits of. Spec. 74J497(Api3). 
Camelford, Thomas Pitt, baron. (C. B. Angier) 

Argosy, 60:25 (Jl). 
Campbell, Colin, Letters from camp during the siege 

of Sebastopol. Macmil. 71 : 393 ( Mr). 
Campbell, James Dykes. (A. Symons) Acad. 

47:482^8). — (A. Ainger and W. Besanr) 

Ath. '95, 1: 738(Je8). — (L. Stephen) Ath. '95, 

i : 773(Jei5)- 
Camping, Family. (E. H. Palmer) Outing, 26: 


— Outfit for. (W. H. Hobbs) Outing, 26: 207(Je). 
Canada and the empire. Spec. 75:329(814). — 

(G. F. Denison) Westm. 144:248(8). 

— Annexation of: Why Canadians do not favor. 

(J. G. Bourinot) Forum, 19: 276(My). 

— Camping in; At the sign of the balsam bough. 

(H. van Dyke) Harper, 91:674(0). 

— a colonial court. (M. Mackenzie; Munsey, 12: 


— Constitution of. (E. Meek) Am. Law R. 29: 32 


— Dominion of. (J. G. Bourinot) Scot. R. 26: 22 

(Jl).— (W. H. Withrow) Chaut. 21:565^), 

695(8). , ^ 

— Future of, as seen by Canadians. (H. Gregory- 

Flesher) Am. M. Civics 6: 281 (Mr). 

— history of, Fourth century. (O. A. Howland) 

Canad. M. 4: I99(ja). 

— Military College, Kingston. Canad. M. 4:428 


— National song of. (J. A. Cooper) Canad. M. 6: 





Canada, northern, Second expedition through the 
barren lands of. (J. B. Tyrrell) Geog. J. 
6: 4 38(N). 

— Northwest, American emigration to. (S. A. 

Thompson) New Eng. M. n. s. 13:179(0). 

Experiences in. (G. M. Standing) Canad. 

M. 5:3<>9(Ag). 

— Parliament, Member for the University. (T. 

Hodgins) Canad. M. 5: U5(Je). 

— Progress of. Ed. R. 181: 2j3(Ap). — Liv. Age, 


— Religious differences in. Sat. R. 7Q:46o(Api3). 

— Royal military college. Canad. M. 4: 376(F). 

— Sacrament week in the Lake Megantic region. 

(M. Ross) Canad. M. 4:449(4X10. 

— School expenditures in. (R. G. Huling) Educa. 

16: 104(G). 

— Scientific investigation in. (G. M. Dawson) 

Nature, 51:236(^3). 

— Singers of. (J. D. Miller) Munsey, 13: 128 


— Some thoughts on. (Marquis of Lome) No. 

Am. i6o:7i2(Je). 

— Somerset's travels in N.W. Dub. R. 117:451 


— Winter sports in. (R. S. Osborne) Munsey, 

12: 492(F). 
Canadian banking system, Breckenridge's. (F. E. 

Steele) Econ. J. 5: 233 (Je). 
Canadian immigrants. (A. Paterson) National, 

25 : 399(My). 
Canadian military college. Canad. M. 4: 261 (Ja). 
Canadian poets and poetry, with portraits. (T. 

O'Hagan) Cath. World, 61: 783(8). 
Canadian short-story writers. (A. D. Brodie) 

Canad. M. 41334(F). 
Canals, Ship, projects for. Pub. Opin. 19: 580 

(N7). — (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 61:180 

Canary, The. (P. White) New R. I2:625(je). 
Cannas. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden & F. 8:367 


— Cultivation of. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden & F. 

8: ii6(Mr2o). 
Cannibal Islands, Among the. (L. G. Weld) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 48: 229(D). 
Canning, George : what he owed to an Irish actor. 

(P. S. Cassidy) Cath. World, 61: 770(8). 
Canoe song by moonlight. (J. C. Bell) Canad. M. 

5 : 475(S). 
Canoeing, May-Day's. (F. E. Wilkes) Outing. 26: 

— True. (R. B. Burchard) Outing, 26:462(8). 
Canon law; opening of a judicial instruction. (G. 

Peries) Am. Cath. Q. 20:52801). 
Canons of southern France. (A. J. Jukes-Browne) 

Nat. Sci. 6:379(Je). 
Cant hooks and peavey stocks. (E. B. Ginty) New 

Eng. M. n. s. i2:83(Mr). 
Cantaloupe, What is a. (F. F. Waugh) Garden & 

F. 8:i83(My8). 

— Winter. (H. P. Harris) Garden & F. 8:457 

Canton; the Paris of China. (A. J. H.-Antona) 
Outing, 26: i2o(My). 

— Province of, A foreign mission in. Liv. Age, 


— Scenes in; punishment of criminals, and the 

river population. (F. O'Driscoll) Cent. 49: 


Cantu, Cesare. (J. W. Mario) Nation, 60:254 

Capay valley, In the. (R. Wildman) Overland, n. s. 

26: !49(Ag). 
Capital and labor, Relations of. (L. C. Warner) 

Bib. Sac. 52: 41 1 (Jl). 

— Genesis of, Clark on. (E. Bohm-Bawerk) Q. J. 

Econ. 9: H3(Ja). 

— Marx on. (W Lexis) Q. J. Econ. 10: i(O). 

— Positive theory of. (J. B. Clark) Q. J. Econ. 

and its critics. (E. Bohm-Bawerk) Q. J. 

Econ. 9:235(Ap). 
Bdhm-Bawerk's. (J. B. Clark) Q. J. Econ. 

Capital punishment; ought it to be abolished? 

(G. R. Vicars) Westm. 143: 561 (My). — Gent. 

M. n. s. 5<>: 3o8(S). 
Cap'n Ben. (A. Brown) New Eng. M. n. s. 11: 

Captain Eli's best ear : a Christmas story. (F. R. 

Stockton) Cent. 51:227(0). 
Captain Moratti's last affair. (8. L. Yeats) Chamb. 

J. 72:417-47101). 
Captain Rooke; a story. (F. M. F. Skene) Argosy, 

Captious critic, A. Chamb. J. 72: 45 (Ja). 
Captor captured; a tale. (D. Dare; Canad. M. 6: 60 

Car-building industry of the United States. (J. C. 

Wait) Engin. M. 9:68o(Jl). 
Caracas; the Paris of America. (R. H. Davis) 

Harper, 92: 104(D). 
Caran d'Ache, at Passy. (M. A. Belloc) Eng. 

Must. 14: 12(0). 
Carausius, A milestone of. (F. Haver field) Acad. 

Carbides and acetylene commercially considered. 

(T. L. Willson and J. J. Suckert) J. Frankl. 

Inst. 139: 321 (My). 
Carbon dioxide, Precipitation and gravimetric deter- 
mination of. (F. A. Gooch and I. K. Phelps) 

Am. J. Sci. 150: ioi(Ag). 
Carboniferous flora, Southern. (W. T. Blanford) 

Nature, 52:595(017). 

— Williamson's researches on. (D. H. Scott) Sci. 

Prog. 4: 253(D). 

Carducci. Readings from Italian renaissance. (J. 
W. Mario) Nation, 6i:36l(N2i). 

Caria and Lycia, Frontier of. (W. Arkwright) J. 
Hel. Stud. 15:93. 

Caribou hunting in Quebec. (E. P. Rogers) Out- 
ing, 27:217(0). 

Caricature. (N. B. McCune) Lippinc. 56: 245 (Ag). 

— Animals in. Spec. 75: 174c Agio). 
Caricaturists and humorists, Our political. Spec. 

Carlisle, John G., Open letter to. (G. W. Pep- 

perell) Arena, i2:77(Mr). 
Carlyle, Thomas. (G. S. Lee) Critic, 27: 359 (N30) . 

— and Wordsworth : a parallel. Temp. Bar, 106: 

261 (O). 

— Centenary of. Spec. 75: 8io(D7). 

— Interview with the Queen. Liv. Age, 204: 636 

(Mr 9 ). 

— Preservation of his house at Chelsea. (L. 

Stephen) Acad. 47: I2(ja5). — (R. Garnett) 
Nation, 60: 105 (F7). 

— Work and influence of. (W. R. Thayer) 

Forum, 20:465(0). 




Carmencifa, Dancing oC Sat. R. 79:441^06). 
Cannichael, Jennings. (O. Sroeaton) Westm. 144: 

Carnations and chrysanthemums. (T. D. Hatfield) 

Garden & F. 8:427(023). 

— Notes on. fW. N. Craig) Garden & F. 8:26 

fjai6), i78(Myi), 2 77 (Jlio), 357(84), 476 

Carnation cuttings, Selection of. Garden & F. 8: 

Carnation society, American. Garden & F. 8: 89 

(F27), 99(Mr6) f io8(Mn 3 ). 
Carnegie libraries. The. (W. B. Shaw) R. of Rs. 

Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh. Critic, 27:353^23). 
Carnot, Sadi, president of France. (Ernest 

Daudet) Cosmopol. 18: 541 (Mr). 

— assassination of, Paris after. (R. H. Davis) 

Harper, 9o:70o(Ap). 
Carousal, The; story of Thanet. (M. Pemberton) 

Eng. IUust. I3:243(je). 
Carp, the, History of. Cornh. 71: 284 (Mr). 
Carpets, Axminster, Making. (G. White) Art J. 

47 : 3*5(N). 
Carpets, Brussels and tapestry, Making of. Art J. 

47 J *37(Ag). 
Carr, J. Comyns. King Arthur. Sat. R. 79:93 

(Jai9). — (R. W. Bond) Fortn. 63: 703 


Carriages, auto-mobile, Race of, in France. Nature, 


— driven by petroleum motors. Sat. R. 80: 8 


— Horseless. Chamb. J. 72: 563(8). — Spec. 74: 

8i2(Tei 5 ). 
Carriere, Moritz. Acad. 47: 125^9). 
Carries, Jean, sculptor and potter. (E. Hovelaque) 

Cent. 49: 750^Mr). 
Carroll's cows. Lippinc. 56: 561(0). 
Carrying-trade, The, of the world. Chamb. J. 72: 

Cartouche, Louis- Dominique. (C. Whibley) New 

R. i2.-3i8(Mr). 
Carvings, Hindu. (L. H. Weeks) Chaut. 22: 59(0). 
Casa Braccio. (F. M. Crawford) Cent. 49:414- 

841. 50:105-8840-0). 
Casario, Fra Lodovico da. (Comtesse de Courson) 

Cath. World, 62: I55(N). 
Case, William Scoville. (W. L. Phelps) Writer, 

8:i 35 (S). 
Case in equity. (F. Lynde) Lippinc. 56: 291 (S). 
Case of the guard-house lawyer, The. (G. I. Putnam) 

Scrib. M. i8:2i3(Ag). 
Cashmere. Cornh. 72:409(0). 
Casimir-Perier, Position of. Spec. 74:430a 12). 

— Resignation of. Spec. 74: 72(Jai9). 

Caisie Quin's atonement. Chamb. J. 72: 383 (Je). 
Cassiterides, The. (T. Rhys) Acad. 48:272(05). 

— (C. Torr and others) Acad. 48: 366-547 

" Caste "; a story. (C. Adams) Belgra. 86: 163(F). 
Castle Dangerous. Chamb. J. 72:433^!). 
Castle in the air; poem. (H. M. Burnside) Argosy, 

Castles, German. (L. v. Krockow) Am. Arch. 49: 

Castro, Eugcnio de. (E. Prestage) Acad. 48: 126 


Cat, The, in law. (G. B. Rolfe) No. Am. 160: 251 


Cat and the cherub, The. (C. B. Fernald) Cent. 

50: 57 6(Ag). 
Cat and the king, The; a story. (S. J. Weyman) 

McClure, 5:438(0). 
Cataloguing of books in the future. (E. I. Wade) 

Lib. J. 20: supp. 21(D). 
Cat-fish, the, History of. Cornh. 71 : 291 (Mr). 
Catharine, St., in the National Gallery; that great 

painter Ignote. (G. Allen) Eng. Illust 14: 

Cathedrals of France. (Barr Ferree) Cosmopol. 

Catherine II. of Russia, Waliszewski's. Sat. R. 

Catholic Club House, N. Y. city. Am. Arch. 48: 112 

Cats; "Unprotected vermin." (Mary Campbell 

Smith; Westm. 143: 204(F). 

— and their affections. (C. B. Wister) Temp. Bar, 

106: 557(D). 
Cattle rearing in the Argentine. Dub. R. 117:163 


Cattle ships and abbatoirs. (M. E. Haweis) Westm. 

Catullus, Diminutives in. (S. B. Platner) Am. J. 

PhUol. 16: i86(Jl). 
Caucasus, and Schamyl's struggle against Russia. 

Macmil. 72:21301). 
Caught napping. (P. W. Roose) Temp. Bar, 106: 

248(0). Same art. Eel. M. 125:819(0). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 509 (N23). 
Cause of a tragedy; a story. (C. H. New) Mun- 

sey, I3 : 592(S). 
Caustics, Demonstration of. (R. W. Wood) Am. 

T. Sci. 150:301(0). 
Cavalier, Jean, An almost forgotten man. (R. 

Greene) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 26o(S). 
Cavalry, Revolver or sabre for? (W. P. Hall) No. 

Am. 161: 249 (Ag). 
Cavalry troop, Beginnings of a. (K. Brown) 

Lippinc. 55: 276(F). 
Cave-dwelling animals. (E. A. Martel) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 46:8i5(Ap). 

— Blind. (R. Lydekker) Knowl. 18: 2o8(S). 
Cavendish, Ada. (F. Wedmore) Acad. 48:302 

Caves, Martel on. Sat. R. 79: 26o(F23). 
Caxton club of Chicago, First exhibit of. Bookman, 

Caxton f s vision; a poem. (T. Bradfield) Westm. 

Cayley, Arthur. Acad. 47: I07(F2). — Ath. '95, 

1: 15 1 (F2).— Nature, 51:323031). 

of. (M. 


Cecilia, St., Legend 

Field) Munsey, 13: 

Cedar of Algeria. Garden & F. 8: 332(Ag2i). 
— Red. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 61 (F13). 
Celebrities, Glimpses of some vanished. (F. M. F. 

Skene) Blackw. 158: iCJO- 
Celery, Greenhouse. (M. Barker) Garden & F. 8: 

266(J1 3 ). 
Celibacy and the struggle to get on. (H. E. M. 

Stutfield) [Blackw.] Eel. M. 124:359^0. 
Celtic element in French romance. (A. Nutt) Ath. 

'95, 2: i62(Ag3). 
Celtic law, Jubainville's. Sat. R. 79: 74(Jai9). 
Cement mortars, Adhesion of, to brick work. Am. 

Arch. 47 : 35(J aI 9). 
Census statistics, Use and value of. (H. L. Bliss) 
J. Pol. Econ. 4: 86(D). 




Central America, Three Gringos in. (R. H. Davis) 

Harper, 91:490(8), 730(0). 
Centre of the world. All the Year, 76: I5o(Fi6). 
Century cyclopedia of names. (M. Anderson) 

Dial(Ch.) i8:344(Jei6). 
Cervantes. Don Quixote, Sources of. (C. B. 

Leuffman; L. M. Lane) Temp. Bar, 106:207 

(O). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:277^2). 
Ceylon, A dead city of. (O. Hall) Lippinc. 56: 

Chairman, Legal position of the. ( W. R. Herkless) 

Scot. R. 26:321(0). 
" Challenger " expedition, Scientific results of. (H. 

N.Dickson; J. W. Judd; G. R. M.Murray; 

C. B. Clarke; E. Haeckel; A. C. Haddon; A. 

R. Scott) Nat. Sci. 7: 14, iojCJI, Ag). 

— Murray's Report of. (A. Agassiz) Nation, 61 : 190 

(S12), 2o8(Si9). — (H. R. Mill) Geog. J. 5: 

— reports of, Last of. (G. Murray) Nat. Sci. 6: 317 


— The voyage and its achievements. (H. N. Dick- 

son) Knowl. 18:235(0). 
Chamberlain, Joseph. New R. 12: 393(Ap). — (J. 
C. Hopkins) Canad. M. 6: 169(D). — (J. 
M'Carthy) Forum, 19:448^6). 

— Colonial schemes. (E. L. God kin) Nation, 61: 


— and Clemenceau, Eugene. Sat. R. 79: 373(Mr23). 

— Municipal career of. (F. Dolman) Fortn. 63: 


— on trade. Spec. 74-453(Ap6). 

Chamois- driving. (W. A. Baillie-Grohman) Eng. 

Must. 14: I57(N). 
Chamois hunting in the high Alps. (H. E. M. 

Stutficld ( Black w. 158:213^). 
Chamois-stalking. (W. A. Baillie-Grohman) Eng. 

Illust. 14:33(0). 
Chancery, Unclaimed fortunes in. Chamb. J. 72: 

Chancery division of the English judicature system. 

Green Bag, 7:416(8). 
Chandler, John, Sketch of. (J. W. Dean) N. E. 

Reg. 49: 141 (Ap). 
Chandler, William E. (H. C. Pearson) Munsey, 12: 

Chandos, James Brydges, duke of, and the Univer- 
sity of St. Andrews. (J. M. Anderson) Scot. 

R. 25: 4 i(Ja). 
Chant, Mrs., and the Empire theatre. Lend a 

Hand, i4 : 334(My). 
Chanticleer; a poem. (K. Tynan) New R. 12: 

Chapel of ease; a story. (H. R. Davis) Lippinc. 

55: 147(F)- 
Chapman, Dr. John. Westm. 143: i(Ja). 
Character, Higher measurements of. (W. B. 

Chisholm) Am. M. Civics, 7^455(N). 

— Sudden changes in. Spec. 74: 52y(Ap2o). 
Charades. Atlan. 75=569(Ap). 

Charcot, Jean-Martin, and his work, with portrait. 

(W. Seton) Cath. World, 6o:798(Mr). 
Charities, American, Warner's. (P. W. Ayres) 

Char. R. 4: 1 25 (J a). 

— Instruction on, in University of Wisconsin. 

Lend a Hand, 14:406^). 

— of the Netherlands. (S. R. Thayer) Lend a 

Hand, 15: 361 (N). 

— that have succeeded. (E. E. Hale) Lend a 

Hand, 15:292(0), 354(N). 

Charity, Administration of. (L. Twining) Econ. 
R. 5:476(0). 

— Business, friendship, and. (L. G. McPherson) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 73(My). 

— Democracy and. (J. K. Paulding) Char. R. 


— Empire of. (R. T. Paine) Lend a Hand, 15: 


— Individualism in. (A. N. Lincoln) Lend a 

Hand, 14: 411 (My). 

— Investigation in cases for. (M. L. Birtwell) 

Char. R. 4: I29(ja). 

— New, and the newest. (W. F. Crafts) Char. R. 

— Old 

and new. (H. C. Vrooman) Arena, 1 1 : 274. 
Charity organization as teacher of ways to self-help. 
(R. T. Paine) Lend a Hand, 14: i6(Ja). 

— in southern cities. (P. W. Ayres) Char. R. 4: 


— a necessity of modern conditions. (F. J. Kings- 

bury) Lend a Hand, 14: 3(Ja). 

— Problem of. (F. Almy) Char. R. 4: 169(F). 

— Remarks on. (C. J. Bonaparte) Char. R. 4: 337 


— Training of volunteers in. Char. R. 4: 191. 

— Winter work in. (E. E. Hale) Lend a Hand, 

*5 : 323(N). 
Charity organization movement. (J. R. Brack ett) 

Char. R. 4:393(Je). 
Charity organization society, Talk with registrar of. 

(L. S. Cody) Chr. Lit. 12: 161 (Ja). 
Charity organizations in public emergencies. (H. 

M. Todd) Lend a Hand, 14:90a). 
Charlatan, A. (M. Kendall) Longm. 27: 184(D). 
Charles I., Closing years of. (R. C. Browne) Acad. 

47 :n8(F9). 
Charles II., Eulogy of. (G. S. Street) New R. 12: 

6 7 (Ja). 

— Voyage from Holland, 1650. Chamb. J. 72: 317 

Charles Pelham, sportsman, his holiday; a story. 

(G. L. Cook) Poet-Lore, 7:49(0). 
Charles Stuart, Prince. (Andrew Lang) Scrib. M. 

Charleston and the Carolinas. (J. Ralph) Harper, 

Charlie; a story. (R. Bergengren) Outing, 27: 

Charlotte Elizabeth, "Madame." [Temp. Bar] 

Liv. Age, 205:504(My25). 
Charmer of men, A; a story. (T. C. Crawford) 

Cosmopol. 19: 91 (My). 
Chartist movement, 1837-54, Gammage on. Sat. R. 

Chase, Salmon P., Lincoln and Grant. (N. Brooks) 

Cent. 49: 607(F). 

— Personal recollections of. (E. L. Didier) Green 

Bag. 7 : 3*3(11). 
Chateaubriand's tomb, St. Malo; a poem. (C. E. 

Meetkerke) Argosy, 60:490(0). 
Chatterton, Thomas. (Mrs. E. M. Davy) Belgra. 87: 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. Works, ed. by Skeat. Quar. 180: 

52i(Ap.) (E. Fliigel) Dial (Ch.) 18:116 

(F16). — (G. L. Kittredge) Nation, 60:239 


— Troilus and Criseyde in Skeat's edition. (G. C. 

Macaulay) Acad. 47: 297(Ap6), 338(Ap20). 
Chaunis Temoatan, Discovery of, of 1586. (W\ W. 
Tooker) Am. Antiq. I7:3(ja). 




Chautauqua movement, The. (H. H. Boyesen) 

Cosmopol. 19: I47(je). 
Chautauqua, Aims and influence of. (A. S. Cook) 

Forum, i9:688(Ag). 
Cheapside, Down. All the Year, 76: i97(Mr2). 
Cheating at letters. (H. C. Bunner) Cent. 49: 716 

Chebyshev, P. I,. See Tchebicheff. 
Chemical affinity. (J. Walker) Sci. Prog. 3: 41 9( Ag). 
Chemistry, Progress of, since 1851. (R. Meldola) 

Nature, 52: 47-/ (Si 2) . 

— Progress of, 1894. (J. W. Rodger) Sci. Prog. 

3:223, 29o( My, Je). 

— The spectroscope in recent. (R. A. Gregory) 

Fortn. 64:289(Ag). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 


— Symmetry in compounds. Sat. R. 79: 344 

(Mn6). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 830 (Je). 

— Theoretical: Nernst on. (M. M. P. Muir) 

Nature, 51:530^4). 

— Watt's Dictionary of, rev. by Muir and Morley. 

Sat. R. 79:293(Mr2). 

— World's debt to. (H. B. Cornwall) Chaut. 20: 


Cherokee Indians and their neighbors. (A. Down- 
ing) Am. Antiq. 17:307^). 

Chesney, George. Acad. 47: 297(Ap6). 

Chess, International tournament. (H. N. Pills- 
bury) Sat. R. 80: 264(Ag3i). 

Chester, Earl of, and King Stephen. (J. H. 
Round) Eng. Hist. R. io:87(Ja). 

Chester-on-the-Dee. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 14: 


— Strolls beyond the walls of. (B. O. Flower) 

Arena, 14:349^). 
Chestnut, Cultivation of, in the west. (C. A. 

Keffer) Garden & F. 8:83^27). 
Chestnut weevil, Destroying. Garden & F. 8: 8 

Chestnuts with a history; a story. (M. B. RuddJ 

Outing, 26:87(My). 
Cheyne, Thomas Kelly. (A. S. Peake) Chr. Lit. 

Chicago before the fire, after, and to-day. (M. E. 
Stone) Scrib. M. I7:663(je). 

— Civic federation of. (A. W. Small) Am. J. 

Sociol. i:79(Jl). 

— drainage- canal. (G. F. Wright) Nation, 60: 


— Municipal progress in. (J. Visher) Lend a 

Hand, I4 : 439(J<0- 

— Newspapers of, and their makers. (W. J. 

Abbot) R. of Rs. 11: 646c Je). 

— Populist campaign in. (W. J. Abbot) Arena, 

" : 33o(*0. 

— Public library, New. (L. Monroe) Critic, 27: 


— Public libraries in. (W. B. Wickersbam) Lib. 

J. 2o:274(Ag). 

— University of. Dial (Ch.) 19:201(016). — 

(R. Herrick) Scrib. M. 18:399(0). 

Departmental libraries. (Z. A. Dixson) 

Lib. J. 20: 375 (N). 

— World's Columbian exposition, Catholic educa- 

tional exhibit. (J. Eaton) Am. Cath. Q. 

No. 58 ; an episode of. (C. K. Rathbone) 

Outing, 26: i3(Ap). 
Chicago Commons and its summer school. (M. 

West) Our Day, 15: 167(0). 

Chickamauga. (B. Torrey) Atlan. 76: 3io(S). 

Chickaniauga and Chattanooga national military 
park. (H. V. Boynton) Cent. 50:703(8). — 
(C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8:371(818). 

Child, the, Mind of. (D. W. Fisher) Presb. & 
Ref. R. 6:86(Ja). 

— Spiritual talents of. (T. F. Dornblaser) Luth. 

Q. 25: i6(Ja). 
Child-life and the kindergarten. (F. B. Vrooman) 
Arena, 13: 292 ( J 1). 

— in Bible lands. (J. Wells) Sund. M. 24: 527 (Ag). 
Child-study. (J. Sully) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 348-781. 

47: 1-648. 48: 105, i66(My-D). 

— A bit of. Pedagog. Sem. 3: 314(0). 

— in America, Sketch of history of. (S. E- 

Wiltse) Pedagog. Sem. 3: 189(0). 

— Methods and difficulties of. (A. H. Barns) 

Forum, 20: 113(8). 

— The new study of children. (J. Sully) Fortn. 

64:723^). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:579. 
Children as subjects in painting. Sat. R. 79: 723 


— Child distress and state socialism. (J. R. Diggle) 

National, 26:519^)). 

— Developing interest of, in good literature. (W. 

E. Foster) Lib. J. 20: 377(N). 

— Factory. Econ. R. 5:37o(Jl). 

— in hospital, Three. Sund. M. 24:4i3(Je). 

— infirm, Glasgow home for. (A. Lamont) Sund. 

M. 24:263(Ap). 

— little, The art of. (E. Barnes and others) Ped- 

agog. Sem. 3:302(0). 

— of charity. (A. S. Sherman) Am. M. Civics, 


— of the state in Massachusetts. (F. B. Sanborn) 

Char. R. 5:89(0). 

— Placing-out in country-homes of homeless. 

Lend a Hand, 14: 34 (Ja). 

— Saturday's. (P. W. Roose) Argosy, 59:629. 

— The welcome child. (Lady Henry Somerset) 

Arena, i2:42(Mr). 

— What state and society owe to. (A. G. Spencer) 

Lend a Hand, 14:34^). 
Children of the regiment. Liv. Age, 207: 566 

Children's Aid Society, farm at Kensico. (J. A. 

Riis) Cent. 51: 303(D). 
Childs, George W., with portrait. Our Day, 15: 

Chillon, prisoner of, The real. (L. W. Bacon) 

Chr. Lit. i2:3i3(Ap). 
China against the world. (G. Reid) Am. M. Civics, 

7: 617(D). 

— and the Bible. (W. Wright) Sund. M. 24: 327 


— and Japan. (Viscount Wolseley) Cosmopol. 

1 8: 4 1 7(F). — (G. F. Seward) Cosmopol. 18: 
7i3(Ap). — (R. B. Brett) Contemp. 67:817 


The new situation in the far east. (D. C. 

Boulger) Contemp. 68: 815(D). 

— Alone in. (J. Ralph) Harper, 91: 685(C)). 

— Awakening of. (M. R. Davies) Fortn. 64:454 

(S). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 597(N). 

— Curio-hunting in. Temp. Bar, 104: 284(F). 

— England's interests in. (R. S. Gundry) Sat. R. 

79:856^29). 80:464(012). 

— House-boating in. (J. Ralph) Harper, 91:3 

— in 1895. Blackw. i57:50i(Ap). 


2 3 


China, In the garden of. (J. Ralph) Harper, 91: 

— Infanticide in. (A. M. Clarke) Cath. World, 


— Journey through, Morrison's. Sat. R. 80: 349 


— language of, Written. (J. C. Moffet) Educa. 


— Massacre in; a word in season. (£. L. Linton) 

New R. 13:267(8). 

— Missionaries in. Macmil. 73: io(N). 

— Navy. Blackw. 158: 457(G), 6o9(N). 

— National and religious characteristics in. ( J. C. 

Hopkins) Canad. M. 5:528(0). 

— Norman's People and politics in the Far East. 

(W. E. Griffis) Nation, 6o:3o8(Api8). 

— North, Sledging picnic in. (A. L. Craig) Out- 

ing, 25:2990a). 

— Our trade with. (W. C. Ford) No. Am. 160: 63 


— Past and present, Gundry's. Sat. R. 79: 675 


— Problem of, and its solution. (E. T. C. Werner) 

Fortn. 63:573(Ap). 

— Problems of the far East. Ed. R. 182: I32(J1). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 579(87). 

— Russia, Mongolia and. (E. Reel us) Contemp. 

67:6i7(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:555 


— Western, as a British market. (H. S. Hallett) 

19th Cent. 38: 236(Ag). 
China painting in America, Pioneer of. (E. A. 

Barber) New Eng. M. n. s. 13:33(8). 
China wedding; a poem. (J. C. Bell) Canad. M. 

6: 151(D). 
China's extremity. Blackw. i57:50i(Ap). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 205: 287c My4). 157: 501 (Ap). 
Chinatown, San Francisco; Night scenes in. ( W. 

H. Gleadell) Gent. M.n. s. 54:576(Je). 
Chinese, in America, Divination and fortune- telling 

among the. (S. Culin) Overland, n. s. 25: 165 


— Scientific knowledge of ancient. Nature, 52: 

Chinese drama, The. (G. Adams) 19th Cent. 37: 
497(Mr). — (F. J. Masters) Chaut. 21:434 

Chinese festivals. (R. K. Douglas) Good Words, 

Chinese gentlemen and virtuosos. Temp. Bar, 104: 

4i9(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:62 

Chinese letter-shops. (S. L. Gracy) Chaut. 21: 309 


Chinese London and its opium dens. (J. Piatt) 

Gent. M. n. s. 55:272(8). 
Chinese outrages, Origin of. (H. H. Van Meter) 

Our Day, 15:202(0). 
Chinese pirates. An adventure with. Liv. Age, 

Chinese view of missionaries. (J. C. Hay liar) 

19th Cent. 38:769^). 
Chinese war of 1860, Recollections of the. (W. 

H.James) Macmil. 71: 241(F). Same art. 

Eel. M. 1 24: 444 (Ap). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Chino-Japanese war, 1894. (John O'Neill) New 

R. 12: 180(F). 

— Chinese collapse at sea. (S. Eardley-Wilmot) 

Fortn. 63:87^). 

Chino-Japanese war, Influence of, upon the future 
of the American people. (H. Weinstock) Our 
Day, i4:238(My). 

— International law in. (T. E. Holland) Fortn. 

63 : 9i3(Je). 

— Military lessons of. (H. A. Herbert) No. Am. 

160: 685 (Je). 

— The naval war. (W. L. Clowes) Blackw. 157: 


— Results of. [Contemp.] Eel. M. 1 24:520a). 
Chitral. (S. Wilkinson) National, 26: 246(0). 

— and frontier policy. (L. Griffin) 19th Cent. 

37 : 98i(Je). — (A. Coivin) Sat. R. 80:38 


— campaign of, Thomson on. Sat. R. 80:469 


— Cost of holding. (W. Wedderburn) Sat. R. 80: 


— Defence of. Fortn. 64: 1 (Jl). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 2o6:538(Ag3i). 

— Description of. Dub. R. n6:4io(Ap). 

— Drama of. Spec. 74: 52o(Ap2o). 

— From, to Gilgit. Cornh. 72: 368(0). 

— garrisoned. (H. B. Hanna) Sat. R. 80: 200 


— Hunza, and the Hindu Kush. (F. E. Young- 

husband) Geog. J. 5: 409 (My). 

— Moral effect of retaining. Sat. R. 80: 73QI20). 

— Why we went to. Blackw. 158: 402 (S). 

— Younghusband on. Dub. R. 117: 165QI). 
Choice of parents. (I. Zangwill) Cosmopol. 20: 

Cholera in Germany in 1894. (G. C. Frankland) 

Nature, 53:63(N2i). 
Choral societies in England, Failure of. Sat. R. 

79 ; 578(My4). 
Chorus in later Greek drama. (E. Capps) Am. J. 

Archseol. io:287(Jl-S). 
Christendom, Reunion of, Earle's. Sat. R. 79:419 

Christian art, Old Testament subjects in early. (R. 

Seton) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 501 (Jl). 
Christian doctrine, Dale's Discourses on. Church 

Q. 39:442(Ja). 

— Re-statement of. (A. S. Weber) Ref. Q. 42: 

2 9 I(J1). 

Christian Endeavor movement. (F. E. Clark) No. 
Am. 161: 287(8). — Pub. Opin. 19: 115QI25). 

— Leaders of. (J. L. Hill) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 

Christian fellowship, Centrality of. (E. H. Delk) 

Luth. Q. 25:527(0). 
Christian monuments, Early. Ed. R. i8i:2o6(Ja). 
Christian science. (J. Ferguson) Canad. M. 6: 183 

Christian Social Union, The. (B. F. Dunelm) 

Econ. R. 5: i53(Ap). 

— Church Quarterly Review on. (V. H. Stanton) 

Econ. R. 5:516(0). 
Christian teachers of the 19th century. (T. B. Kil- 

patrick) Chr. Lit. 13: 211, 253 (Ag, S). 
Christian unity. Pub. Opin. 19:591(^7). 
Christianity and English institutions. (D. H. 

Wheeler) Chaut. 2o:395(Ja). 

— and the experimental method. (R. McC. 

Edgar) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 201 (Ap). 

— Bruce's lectures on. (E. Buckley) Bib. World, 


— Eve of. (F. T. Richards) Sund. M. 24:52-314 





Christianity, Evidences of. (W. B. Greene, jr.) 
Presb. & Ref. R. 6: M2(Ja). — (R. McC. Ed- 
gar) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 201 ( Ap) . 

— Function of the reason in. (W. B. Greene, jr.) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6:48i(Jl). 

— Future of. (A. B. Bruce) Bib. World, 6: 248(0). 

— Judaistic, Hort's. Sat. R. 79: 658(Myi8). 

— Modernizing. (M. G. Hansen) Ref. Q. 42: 351 


— Natural history of, Mackintosh's. (B. B. War- 

field) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 507c Jl). 

— St. Paul's conception of, Bruce on. (G. Vos) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 761 (O). 

— A sermon for the season. (J. Adderly) National, 


— Sociality of. (G. D. Herron) Arena, 14: 385 (N). 

— Truth of. (A. Menzies) New World, 4: 57 (Mr). 
Christmas; a poem. (Will Hill) Cosmopol. 20: 217 


— among the tules. (M. B. Gibson) Outing, 25: 

337 (J a )- 

— Colonial, in the red hills of Georgia; a story. 

(E. F.Andrews) Chaut. 22:299(0). 

Christmas betrothal; a story. (F. Coppee) Cos- 
mopol. i8-'323(Ja). 

Christmas carol; a poem. (A. Austin) National, 

Christmas customs and superstitions. (E. F. Seat) 
Lippinc. 55:96(Ja). 

— in Central France. (Mabel Peacock) Gent. M., 

n. s. 55:551(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 

Christmas greens of America. (A. C. Sage) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 13:461(0). 
Christmas legend of King Arthur's country. (Arthur 

Warren and J. L. Williams) Cosmopol. 20: 115 

Christmas offices, Two mediaeval. (F. E. Gilliat- 

Smith) Dub. R. Il6:46(ja). 
Christmas-tree vendor. (F. Smith) Eng. Illust. 

14- 343(D). 
Christ's hospital. (E. H. Pearce) New R. 12: 171 

Chromatophores of animals. (W. Garstang) Sci. 

Prog. 4: 104(0). 
Chronicles of Count Antonio, The. (A. Hope) 

Chamb. J. 72: 1-243 (Ja-Ap). 
Chronicles of San Lorenzo. (H. A. Vachell) 

Overland, n. s. 25:69-483. 26:9i(Ja-Jl). 
Chrysanthemums. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden & F. 

8:247(Jei9),377(Si8), S^i^s). 

— at Cornell University. (W. Miller) Garden & 

F. 8:466(N2o). 

— Carnations and. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden & F. 


— for specimen plants. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden 

& F. 8: i96(Myi5). 

— Midsummer care of. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden 

&F. 8:2870117). 

— Newer. (M. Barker) Garden & F. 8: 36(^23). 

— Propagation of. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden & F. 

8:46030), i27(Mr27). 

— Some good. (F. D. Hatfield) Garden & F. 8: 

Chrysanthemum show, American institute. Garden 

& F. 8:469(N2o). 
Chudleigh, John; an Elizabethan adventurer. (R. 

W.Cotton) Macmil. 71: ioo(Ja). 
Church, Sir Richard. (R. Hughes) Acad. 48:403 


Church, Richard William, Life and letters of. (G. 

A. Simcox) Acad. 47: 27(Jai2). — (C. A. L. 

Richards) Dial (Ch.) 18: i76(Mn6). — (J. W. 

Chadwick) Nation, 60: 348 (My 2). — Church 

Q. 40:85(Ap). — Sat. R. 79: 14O5). 
Church, American, and the primitive Church. (L. 

W. Bacon) Chr. Lit. 13: i77(Ag). 

— and the Bible. (F. von Hugel) Dub. R. 116: 306 


— and property. (R. Ogden) Nation, 6o:4i8(My 


— and social reform. (W. Gladden) Chr. Lit. 14: 


— and social work. (H. S. Holland) Econ. R. 5: 


— Christian, Meaning of. (Archdeacon Sinclair) 

Chr. Lit. i2:285(Mr). 

— Corruption of, through wealth. (W. A. Evans) 

Arena, 14: 228(0). 

— Five theories of. (L. W. Bacon) Chr. Lit. 13: 

241 (S). 

— in apostolic times, Unity of. (T. M. Lindsay) 

Contemp. 68:548(0). 

— Is its influence growing? (M. Fowler) Chr. Lit. 

12: I04(ja). 

— of England and the Tithe Acts. (H. R. Far- 

quharson) National, 26: 379 (N). 

Auricular confession and. (T. T. Shore; T. T. 

Carter) Chr. Lit. 12: 210(F), 28o(Mr). 

— — Congress, 1895. ( W. Lefroy) Sat. R. 80: 467 


Disestablishment and disendowment, moral as- 
pects of. (W.J. K. Little) Contemp. 67: 29(Ja). 

Disestablishment of. (H. M. Bompas) Fortn. 


Anti-. (A. Graham-Barton) Westm. 143: 

357( A P)- 
Disestablishment fictions. (A. G. Asaph) 

National, 25: 705 (Jl). 

Endowment of. (J. G. Whiteley) ChauL 22: 

The kirk's alarm. (Reuben Butler) New R. 

Lacking order and jurisdiction. (A. F. 

Marshall) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 226(Ap). 
The new clergy. (H. R. Haweis) Contemp. 

Opportunity of. (S. A. Barnett) Contemp. 

68:348(8). Same art. Eel. M. 125:577^). 

Same art. Chr. Lit. 13:304(0). 
Reform in. (A. G. Edwards) National, 26: 

409(N). — Contemp. 68:65i(N). 
What is church authority in? (T. T. Shore) 

19th Cent. 37: 435(Mr). 

— of the upper room, The. (J. Watson) Sund. M. 

24 : 5 I 7(Ag). 

— Opportunity of. (G.D. Herron) Arena, 1 5: 42(D). 

— Rational view of sacraments and rites of the. 

(J. Copner) Westm. 144: 48CJI)- 

— The Universal. (A. Taylor) Arena, 13: 185OI). 
Church authority; What is it? (T. T. Carter) 19th 

Cent. 37:692(Ap). Same art. Chr. Lit. 13: 

3 8(My). 
Church porch, The. (S. Baring-Gould) Sund. M. 

24: 741 (N). 
Church property; should it be taxed? (W. H. 

Laird) Am. M. Civics, 6: 543 (My). 
Church unity. Pub.Opin. 18: 767(514). — (Viscount 

C. L. Halifax) National, 26:415: (N). — (W. 

Lloyd) Westm. 144:552^). 


' *5 


Church unity in apostolic times. (T. M. Lindsay) 

Contemp. 68: 548(0). Chr. Lit. 14: 82(N), 137 

Churches, Co-operation between. (J. £. Bushnell) 

Luth. Q. 25: 246 (Ap). 
Churches, English country. (A. B. Bibb) Am. 

Arch. 49: 11 (Jl 1 3). 

— French and English. (R. S. Peabody) Atlan. 

76: i74(Ag). 

— in the Isle of Wight. (A. B. Bibb) Am. Arch. 

5<> : 5(05). 
Churchill, Lord Randolph. (Sir H. Maxwell) 
National, 25: H9(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 
205:28 (Ap6). — New R. 12:245, 363 (Mr, 
Ap). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 603 (My). — 
(T. H. S. Escott) Fortn. 63:380^). — R. 
of Rs. 11:305 (Mr). — Sat. R. 79: ii5(Ja26), 

— and modern conservatism. Quar. 180: 549 (Ap). 
Churchyard by the fen; a poem. (H. St. A. Den- 
ton) Argosy, 59:487^). 

Cineraria, Origin of the cultivated. (W. Bateson 
and others) Nature, 51:605. 52: 3-1 28 (Ap- 

Circle in the water, A. (W. D. Howells) Scrib. M. 

17: 292-428 (Mr, Ap). 
Circuit notes; court room sketches. Cornh. 71: 

357(Ap). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 671 (My). 
Circus, Behind the scenes in the. (C. Moffett) Mc- 

Clure, 5:277(Ag). 

— How it is put up and taken down. (C. Moffett) 

McQure, j:49(Je). 
Cities, charitable work in. Union M. Lend a Hand, 

— Geansing of, and public health. (G. E. Waring) 

Engin. M. 8: 805(F). 

— Drift of population to ; remedies. (H. J. 

Fletcher) Forum, i9:737(Ag). 

— Evolution of. (E. Reclus) Contemp. 67: 246 

(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 707(Mr23). 

— Finance of; taxation and expenditure as il- 

lustrated by Birmingham. (£. O. Smith) J. 
Statis. Soc. 58:327(Je). 

— Government of. Cleveland conference for good 

city government. (C. R. Woodruff) Am. M. 

Civics, 7: i67(Ag). 
Good. (C. R. Woodruff) Pub. Opin. 18: 536 

Home rule in. (F. J. Goodnow) Pol. Sci. 

Q. 10: 1 (Mr). 
in England. (E. Porritt) Chaut. 21:168 

in Great Britain, Shaw's. (D. MacG. Means) 

Nation, 61: i2ofAgi5>. 
Municipal spirit in England. (R. P. Porter) 

No. Am. i6i:59o(N). 
Problem of. (T. E. Will) Am. M. Civics, 

7 :2 3 i(S). 
Some neglected points in. (L. S. Rowe) 

Pub. Opin. 19:810(019;. 
Recent books on. (H. P. Judson) Dial (Ch.) 

18: i47(Mn). 

— — reform in. (R. L. Bridgman) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 11: 698(F). 
Progressive, of 1894-5. (C R. Woodruff) 

Am. M. Civics, 7: 66(J1). 
why a failure? (C. E. Burton) Am. M. 

Civics, 6:6n(Je). 

— Growth of. (D. Mac G.Means) Nation, 61:92 


Cities, Municipal progress and the living wage. (D. 
M. Means) Forum, 20: n(S). 

— population of, Distribution of. (M. B. Ham- 

mond) Am. Statis. Assoc. 4: H3(Mr). 

— Slums of great. (C. Osborn) Econ. J. 5:474 


— State supervision for. (J. R. Commons) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5: 865 (My). 
Citizen, American, What true patriotism demands 
of. (R. Sherman.) Am. M. Civics, 6:392 

— The, a sovereign. (W. H. Goodale) Am. M. 

Civics, 7: 23(J1). 
Citizenship by birth. (G. D. Collins) Am. Law R. 

— Cooperation in work for good. (L. Satter- 

thwait) Pub. Opin. 19:620(^4). 

— good, Decadence of. (S. H. Ransom) Am. M. 

Civics, 7:411(0). 

Elements of. (F. De Land) Am. M. Civics, 

6: 181(F). 

— Obligation of the inactive. (K. Trask) Forum, 


— What the citizen owes the state. (L. W. Kep- 

linger) Am. M. Civics, 6: 196(F). 
Citric acid. Chamb. J. 72:405^). 
City in modern life. Atlan. 75: 552(Ap). 

— Planning the site for a. (L. M. Haupt) Engin. 

M. 8:626 (Ja). 
City-engineering bureau, Ideal. (F. Colling wood) 

Engin. M. 9:445 (Je). 
Civic aphorisms. (A. Roeder) Am. M. Civics, 7: 


Civic education, Popular, in France. (W. B. 

Scaife) Pub. Opin. i8:504(My9). 
Civic policy. (J. Schouler) Pub. Opin. 19: 703 

Civic religion. (W. Gladden) Am. M. Civics, 

7: 624(D). 
Civic renaissance, Our. (A. Shaw) R. of Rs. 1 1 : 

Civics, American Institute of, Decennial of. (H. 

R. Wake) Am. M. Civics, 6:632(Je). 

— and politics at Philadelphia summer meeting. 

(S. Axson) Lend a Hand, i4:445(Je). 

— in American universities. (F. J. Warne) Am. 

M. Civics, 7: 74(J1). 

— a science for citizens, and a creed for patriots. 

(H. R. Waite) Am. M. Civics, 6: 202(F). 
Civil service as a career. (H. T. Newcomb) Forum, 
20: I20(S). 

— The home. Chamb. J. 72: 504(Ag). 

— How Chicago got her law. (E. J. Phelps) Good 

Govt. 14: 137. 

— How the bill in New York legislature, 1 895, was 

killed. (G. McAneny) Good Govt. 14: 207. 

— Improvement of. (W. G. Rice) No. Am. 161: 


— Reform in, and labor. (H. Welsh) Good Govt. 

14: 195. 
Present status of. (T. Roosevelt) Atlan. 75: 

Relative value of. (R. H. Dana) Good Govt. 

14: 99. 
Six years of. (T. Roosevelt) Scrib. M. 18: 

2 3 8(Ag). 
Theory and practice of. (W. D. Foulke) 

Good Govt. 14: 140. 
Value of. (T. Roosevelt) Pub. Opin. 18: 343 





Chtisenrice, System of Illinois. (J. T. Doyle) Good 

Govt. 14: 193. 
Gmtization. hpec. 75: 362(821 ). 

— and the state. (A. A. Johnson) Am. M. Civics, 


— Corse of. (F. Petrie) Critic, 27:205(828). 
Clark, George Rogers. Intercepted letters and 

journal. 1778, 1779. Am. Hist. R. 1:90 (O). 
Clark, James G., poet. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 14: 

5 2(S). 

Class sympathies. (E. L. Linton) National, 26: 

40O(N). Same art Eel. M. 125:839(0). 
Classical criticism in Oxford. Sat. R. 79:88-120 

Classicism in Italian ethics. (L. Ferri) Int. J. 

Ethics, 5'.34o(Ap). 
Classics, Educational value of. (W. W. Goodwin) 

Edaca. R. 9 : 335( A P)- 
Classification of scientific knowledge. (J. T. Kay) 

New Sci. R. 2: I2(J1). 
Claude Lorrain. (George Grahame) Portfo. no. 15 

Clay, Henry, with portrait. (H. Coyle) Green 

Bag, 7:441(0). 

— Recollections of. (M. McDowell) Cent. 50: 

Cleg Kelly; arab of the city; a story. (S. R. 

Crockett^ Cornh. 72: i-56i(Jl-D). 
Clemenceau, Eugene, and Chamberlain, Joseph. Sat. 

R-79 : 373(Mr23). 
Gemens, Samuel Langhorne, on Paul Bourget. 

(M. O'Rell) No. Am. i6o:302(Mr). 
Clement, St„ History of. (E. C. Richardson) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: io8(Ja). 
Clergyman, Worldly, Passing of. (R. Drail) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 13: 495(D). 
Clerical exterior. (L. B. Walford) Longm. 27:82 

Clerical life, The. Chr. Lit. 12: I52(ja). 
Clerkenwell, Eng., Open lending library. (J. D. 

Brown) Lib. t. 20: 51(F). 
Clermont, Council of, and the first Crusade. (T. 

A. Archer) Scot. R. 26: 274(0). 
Cleveland, G., Third term for. Pub. Opin. 19: 455 

Clever chaperon, A ; a story. Argosy, 59:488(Ap). 
Climate and high altitudes. (H. R. Wray) New 

Sci. R. 2:26(J1). 
Closed cabinet; a story. Black w. I57:i(ja). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 268(F2), 332 (F9). 
Closson, William B. Scrib. M . 1 7 : 459 ( Ap) . 
Clothing, Tailor-made, in Germany. (M. F. Bill- 

ington) New R. i2:63i(Je). 

— Winter. Chamb. J. 72: 55 (Ja). 
Gouds, Ley on. Nature, 51: 248(Jaio). 
Clovelly, A romance of; a story. (K. D. Wiggin) 

Cosmopol. 19: 277(J1). 
Club life among outcasts. (Josiah Flynt) Harper, 

Coal, Formation of. (H. Greene) New Sci. R. 2: 


— of the world, The. Chamb. J. 72: 628(0). 

— Stratigraphy of the Kansas coal measures. (E. 

Ha worth) Am. J. Sci. 150: 452(D). 

— Structure and formation of. (A. C. Seward) 

Sci. Prog. 2:3^5, 431 (Ja,F). 

Coal-dust and colliery explosions, Stuart on. Nat- 
ure, 51:268(^17). 

Coal mines, Distribution of power in. (L. B. At- 
kinson) Engin. M. io:236(N). 

! Coal mines, explosions in, Causes of. (D. A. Louis) 
KnowL 18:224(0). 

Coast defence, A system of. (W. L. Clowes) 
Fortn. 63: 551 (Ap). 

Cobbe, Frances Power. (J. W. Chadwick) New 
World, 4:207(Je).— (A. B. McMahan) Dial 
I (Ch.) I9:44(jli6)- 

Coccidology, Contributions to. (T. D. A. Cockerel 1) 
Am. Natural. 29: 725 (Ag). 

Cod-liver oil. Chemistry of, Moeller on. (J. Cam- 
eron) Nature, 5i:5o8(Mr28). 

Co-education. (F. Sarcey) Cosmopol. I9:354(J0- 

Coelentera, Digestion in. (S. J. Hickson) Sci. 
Prog. 2: 447(F). 

Coeur d'Alene riots, 1892. (G. E. French) Cher- 
land, n. s. 26: 32(JI). 

Coffee-house as a rival of the saloon. (I. W. 
Howerth) Am. M. Civics, 6: 589(Je). 

Cognition, Metaphysical x in. (P. Cams) 5:510 

Coinage, free, Dangers of. (A. B. Dale) Am. M. 

Civics, 6:42(Ja). 

— of Greeks. (G. F. Hill) KnowL 18: I2i(je). 

— of Rome. (G. F. HH1) Knowl. 18: 241 (N). 
Coincidence, Tyranny of. Spec. 75 : 43 ( Jl 1 3) . 
Cold Spring Harbor biological laboratory. (H. W. 

Conn) Am. Natural. 29: 228(Mr). 
Coleridge, Christabel Rose. Sund. M. 24: 7o4(N). 
Coleridge, S. T. (J. Wedgwood) Contemp. 67: 548 

(Ap). Same art. Lav. Age, 205: 387 (My 11). 

— Atlan. 76: 397 (S). 

— and his critics. (N. C Smith) Fortn. 64: 340(S). 

— Annua poetse. (W. E. G. Fisher) Acad. 48: 513 

(D14) — (J. B. Bury) Sat. R. 8o:68(N23). 

— Letters of. (A. Lang) Contemp. 67:876^). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 2o6:279(Ag3). — (L. 
Stephen; National, 25:3i8(My). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 205:7950629).— (E. G.Johnson) 
Dial (Ch.) i8:3i6(Jei). 

— Note-books, Ed. by E. H. Coleridge. (T. F. 

Huntington) Dial (Ch.) 19:244(^1). 
Collacchione, Giovanni Battista. (W. Mercer) 

Acad. 48: i47(Ag24). 
Collar of S S, worn by English judges. Green Bag, 

7: 24o(My). 
Collating of library books. (W. I. Fletcher) 

Lib. J. 2o:8o(Mr). 
Collectivist prospect in England. (W. Graham) 

19th Cent. 37: I5(ja). 
College, The American. Atlan. 75: 703(My). 

— Entrance requirements in history. (A. B. Hart) 

Educa. R. 10: 417(D). 

Reform in. (W. Farrand) Educa. R. 10:430 


— Future of. (E. D. Warfield) Educa. 15: 321(F). 

— preparation for, Uniform standards in. (W. H. 

Butts) Educa. R. 9: 148(F). 

— The private, and the State. (G. W. Knight) 

Educa. R. io:57(Je). 

— Should your boy go to? (C. M. Depew and 

others) Munsey, i3:46i(Ag). 
College education, cost of, Increasing. (C. F. 

Thwing) Forum, 18: 630 (Ja). 
College endowments, Well-meant but futile: the 

remedy. (C. F. Thwing) Forum, 20: 133(0). 
College finances : the best investment in the world. 

(C. F. Thwing) Forum, I9:438(je). 
College life, Girls', Stories of. (Abbe C. Goodloe) 

Scrib. M. 17:356, 713. 18: 322(Mr-S). 
College oratory in the West. R. of Rs. 11: 665 (Je). 




College scouts ; the scout's boy. Black w. 157:223 

College women, A generation of. (F. M. Abbott) 
Forum, 20: 377(N). 

— Marriage rate of. (M. W. Shinn) Cent. 50:946 

College-bred men, Influence of. (C. F. Smith) 

Nation, 60:91 (Ja3 1 ), 124^14). 
Colleges and their memories. Macmil. 72: loo(Je). 

— Denominational. (J. B. Kieffer) Ref. Q. 42: 


— Necessary reforms in. (C. C. Ramsay) Educa. 

R. 9: io(Ja). 

— Southern student life in. (F. C. Woodward) 

Educa. R. 10: 461(D). 
Collett, Jacobine Camilla. Ath. '95, 1:345 (Mr 16). 
Collingwood, Cuthbert, Vice* Admiral Lord. Macmil. 

Collins, John Churton, as a critic. (H. Walker) 

Acad. 48:427^X23). 

— Essays and studies. Sat. R. 79: 353 (Mr 16). 
Collinson, Samuel. Acad. 47: 401 (My 11). 
Colman, Jeremiah J.; the roan and the town (Nor- 
wich). (F. Dolman) Eng. IHust. 13: I96(je). 

Colombe's birthday, a play, presented by the 

Marlowe-Taber company. (O. L. Triggs) 

Poet-Lore, 7: 32(Ja). 
Colombia, Business opportunities in. (C. F. Z. 

Caracristi) Engin. M. 9: 883 (Ag). 
Colonel Poparel; a story. (T. Hopkins) Eng. 

Illust. 13: i47(My). 
Colonel's " nigger dog," The. (J. C. Harris) Scrib. 

M. 18: 722(D). 
Colonel's tea-party, The. (Bessie Chandler) Scrib. 

M. i8:6so(N). 
Colonial architecture in Western Massachusetts. 

Am. Arch. 47:39(J aI 9)' 

— so-called. (O. Z. Cewin) Am. Arch. 48: 63- 


Colonial conference at Ottawa. (C. Smith) Con- 
temp. 67: 105 (Ja). 

Colonization, Experiments by. Hertzka's Freeland. 
(E. Salmon) Fortn. 63: 260(F). 

— A tropical colony. (F. Boyle) New R. 13: 272(S). 
Colonizing, Two ways of. New R. 13: ioo(Ag). 
Color, Application of, to architecture. (A. T. Sib- 
bald) Am. Arch. 48: n(Api3). 

— Change of, in animals. Animal tinctumutants. 

(J. Weir, jr.) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:388^). 

— Influence of, on estimation of magnitude. (J. 

O. Quantz) Am. J. Psychol. 7: 26(Ja). 
Color-blindness, Peril of. Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 574(Ag). 
Color-music. (W. Schooling) 19th Cent. 38: 125 

(Jl). — Liv. Age, 206: 349(Agio). 
Color range, indirect, Observations on. (G. W. A. 

Luckey) Am. J. Psychol. 6:489(Ja). 
Color-shadows. (A. E. Wright) 19th Cent. 37: 819 

(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 560 (Jei). 
Color standards, Scheme of. (J. H. Pillsbury) 

Nature, 52:390^22). 
Colorado river, Scenery on. (J. W. Powell) Am. 

Antiq. 17: 240QI). 
Colorado Springs water-works. (A. Lakes) Engin. 

M. io:273(N). 
Colors, Nomenclature of. (H. Spencer) Nature, 

Colt, officer and gentleman; a story. (J. Lloyd) 

Munsey, 13: i37(My). 
Columbia College, New library building of. Critic, 


Columbus, Ohio; a brief history. Am. Arch. 49: 

Colvin, John Russell, Life of. Sat. R. 79: 792 (Je 

Comanche series, Outlying areas of, in Kansas, 

Oklahoma and New Mexico. (R. T. Hill) 

Am. J. Sci. 150: 205 (S). 

Combination; the new factor in government. (J. 

A. Collins) Am. M. Civics, 7: 268(S). 

— Competition and. (G. Conn) Econ. J. 5: 550(D). 
Comedie francaise at Orange. (T. A. Janvier) Cent. 

50: i65(Je). 
"Come down"; a story. (A. M. Ewell) Atlan. 

75: 230(F). 
Comet, Barnard's. 1884, "Probable observations of. 

(L. Swift) Pop. Astron. 3: I7(S). 

— 1&84 II., Barnard's periodic. (H. C. Wilson) 

Pop. Astron. 2:32i(Mr). 

— 1892 V., Photographic discovery of. (E. E. 

Barnard) Pop. Astron. 3: I3(S). 

— f, 1894, and the lost comet of Vico, 1844 I. 

(H. C. Wilson) Pop. Astron. 2: 241(F). 

— Rordame. (W. J. Hussey) Pop. Astron. 2: 353 

(Ap), 445 (Je). 
Comets, Magnitudes of. Nature, 53=93(N28). 

— Periodical, due in 1895. (W. T. Lynn) Knowl. 

i8:i 3 (Ja). 

— Photography of. (W. J. Hussey) Pop. Astron. 

Comfort Pease and her gold ring ; a story. (M. E. 

Wilkins) Eng. Illust. 13: 3(Ap). 
Commencement, The college. (L. M. Salmon) 

Educa. R. 9:427(My). 
Commonwealth hotel, Boston. Am. Arch. 48: 30 

Communion, close, Reasons against. Bib. Sac. 

Reasons for. (J. W. Willmarth; Bib. Sac. 

Communities. Seebohm's Tribal system in Wales. 

(C. M. Andrews) Am. Hist. R. 1: I2o(0). 
Complete husband, The; a poem. New R. 12: 317 

Complete lover, The; a poem. (Alex. Scott) New 

R. i2: 4 33(Ap). 
Complete recovery; a story. (B. Pain) Eng. 

Illust. 13: 191 (Je). 
Comrie, Alexander. (J. P. Lilley) Chr. Lit. 13: 151 

Comstock mines, Consumption of wood in. Garden 

&F. 8:38(Ja23). 
Comte, Mill and Spencer, Watson's. (C. S. 

Peirce) Nation, 60: 284(Apn). 
Concentration. (F. M. McMurray) Educa. R. 9: 

Conception as a mental act. (J. Ogden) Educa. 

16: 227(D). 
Conciergerie, The. Quar. 180: 354 (Ap). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 205:579^68). 
Concord, N.H. (F. M. Abbott) New Eng. M. n. s. 

Concrete-iron arches and slabs. Am. Arch. 47: 86 

Conditional sentences, Greek and Latin. (R. H. 
Smith ; B. L. Gildersleeve) Nation, 60: 78 

(J a2 4). 
Confederate statistics once more. (D. H. Hill, jr.) 

Nation, 60: 7i(Ja24). 

Conference course of study. (V. S. Collins) Meth. 

R-55 ! 57(Ja)- 




Confession, auricular, Church of England and. (T. 

T. Shore) 19th Cent. 37: 71 (Ja).— (T. T. Car- 
ter) 19th Cent. 37: 281(F). 
Confirmation and baptism, Early history of. (J. R. 

Gasquet) Dub. R. 116: I36(ja). 
Congo, tribes of, Ethnographical notes on. (H. 

Ward) Anthrop. J. 24: 285(F). 
Congo Free State, Three years' travel in. (S. L. 

Hinde) Geog. J. 5:426(My). 
Congregational memorial hall, London. (W. J. 

Woods) Sund. M. 24:544(Ag). 
Congregational national council. Chr. Lit. 14: 78(N). 
Congregationalism and the historic Episcopate. (G. 

P. Fisher) Chr. Lit. 13:322(0). 
Congress, extra sessions of, Past. (C M. Harvey) 

No. Am. 160: 379(Mr). 

— Work of the next. (M. W. Hazeltine; T. C. 

Catchings; J. P. Dolliver; G.N. Southwick; 
J. C. Bell) No. Am. 1611641(D). 
Congressional library building. (G. G. Bain) Am. 

Arch. 48:95 (Je8). 

— Authorship of the designs for. (P. J. Pelz) Am. 

Arch. 48: I34(je29). 
Conifers in Iowa. (L. M. Pammel) Garden & F. 

— in the West. (C. A. Kepper) Garden & F. 8 : 


Connecticut sandstone group. (C. F. Hitchcock) 
Science, n. s. 1: 74(Jai8). 

Connoisseur, The; a story. (G. Fosbery) Argosy, 
60: 544(N). 

Conrad, Timothy Abbott. (C. C. Abbott) Pop. Sci. 
Mo. 47: 257(Je). 

Conscience, Nature and origin of. (W. W. Car- 
lile) Int. J. Ethics, 6:63(0). 

Consciousness and Christian faith. (F. C. Had- 
dock) Meth. R. 55: 921 (N). 

— and evolution. (J. M. Baldwin) Science, n. s. 


Conservatism, English, The new. Quar. 180: 549(Ap.) 

Conservatories, Small. Garden & F. 8: 437 (O30) . 

Conspiracy of Daniel Dwarber; a story. (A. Cob- 
ham; Eng. Illust. 13: in (My). 

Constable, John. (J. Orrock) Art J. 47: 367(D). 

Constable, Lord High. Spec. 74:89i(Je29). 

— Office of. (H. B. Simpson) Eng. Hist. R. 10: 

Constant, Benjamin. (A. Laugel) Nation, 60:47 

( Jai 7) . — Sat. R. 80: 267 ( Ag3 1 ) . — Blackw. 

Constantine, Labarum of. (A. Harvey) Canad. M. 

5: i64(Je). 
Constantinople. (J. P. Mahaffy) Chaut. 21:442 

(Jl), 6io(Ag), 7 22(S). 

— Massacre at, 1895. (M. MacColl) Contemp. 68: 


— Views about. (R. Davey) Art J. 47: 200QI). 
"Constitution," Last fight of. (J. J. Roche) Cent. 

Constitutional liberty, German Emperor and. 

(Poultney Bigelow) Cosmopol. 20: I7(N). 
Constitutions, Revision of. (W. W. Phelps) Am. 

M. Civics, 6: 387c Ap). 
Construction, Literary. (V. Paget) Bookman, 2: 

i8(Ag-S), H2(0). 
Consular service, Reform of. (O. S. Straus) Good 

Govt. 14: 97. — (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 61: 218 

Consummation; a poem. (H P. Ktmliall) Poet- 
Lore, 7:45 3 (Ag-S). 

onsumption considered as a contagious disease 
(A. L. Benedict) Pop. Sci. Mo. 4§:33(N). 

Contemplation, Ode to the spirit of. (Maud Wal- 
pole) National, 26:57(8). 

Content and function, Confusion of, in mental analy- 
sis. (D. S. Miller) Psychol. R. 2: 535 (N). 

— and meaning. (A. Sidgwick) Mind, 20:281 


Continental Congress. (H. Friedenwald) Pennsyl. 

M. 19:19701). 
Continued story, The. (M. W. Learoyd and M. L. 

Taylor) Am. J. Psychol. 7:86(Ja). 
Contracting, sub-, Code of practice for. Am. Arch. 

Contracts ; Independent contractor doctrine and its 

limitations. (C. W. Pierson) Am. Law R. 29: 

Convention, In praise of. (A. Clerk) New R. 12: 

260 (Mr). Same art. Eel. M. 125:363(3). 
Conversion of trapper Lewis. (E. W. Sandys) Out- 
ing, 26:64(Ap). 
Cookery, Literature of. (A. K. Herbert) National, 

24:6760). 25:776^). 
Coolie passenger traffic. Macmil. 71: I99(ja). 
Cooper, James Fenimore, Literary offences of. (S. 

L. Clemens) No. Am. 161: i(Jl). 
Cooper Union Labor Bureau. (W. H. To! man) 

Pub. Opin. 19:739(05). 
Cooperation among California farmers. (E. F. 

Adams) Forum, 20:364^). 

— Economic. (E. M. Burchard) Am. M. Civics, 

6: 151(F). 

— vs. competition. (N. S. Patton) Am. Arch. 50: 

5 6(N2). 
Cooperative agriculture. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F.8: 4 5UNi3). 
Cooperative competition. (E. Atkinson) New 

World, 4:421 (S). 
Co-operative Congress, International, 1895. (A- 

Williams) Econ. J. 5:456(8).— (H. W. Wolff) 

Econ. R. 5:544(0). — (H. Vivian) Econ. R. 

Cooperative courtship, A. (A. S. Winston) Scrib. 

M. 17:767^). 
Co-operative production. (H. W. Wolff) Econ. R. 
5: I9(ja). 

— Ethics of. (J. M. Ludlow) Atlan. 75:383^0. 

— in the British Isles. (J. M. Ludlow) Atlan. 

75 : 96(Ja). 
Co-operative societies and agricultural syndicates 

in France. (C. Gide) Econ. J. 5: I95(je). 
Copais, Lake, Prehistoric engineering at. (J. D. 

Champjin) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 209(D). 
Copenhagen, battle of, 1807. (W. S. Millard) 

Macmil. 72:81 (Je). 
Copernicus. (R. Ball) Good Words, 36: 252 (Ap). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 3io(My4). 
Copper in Western Idaho. (R. L. Packard) Am. 

J. Sci. 150:298(0). 
Copyright and art. Art J. 47: 79 (Mr). 

— Canadian. Critic, 26: 353(Myi8). 27:89-373 

(Ag-N).— (D. A. Rose) Canad. M. 6:8i(N). 
— (Goldwin Smith) Canad. M. 5:551(0).— 
(Hall Caine; W. E. H. Lecky ; H. Rider Hag- 
gard; J. Murray; Macmillan & Co.) Contemp. 

67 : 477( A P)- 
a Canadian reply. (P. A. Hurd) Contemp. 


— Covert bill. Critic, 26: 1 70-246 (Mr2-3o), 

— International. Critic, 27:90c Agio), 




Copyright congress, 1895. (T> Solberg) Nation, 

Copyright depositories, Need of additional. (S. 

H. Ranck) Lib. J. 2o:supp. 43(D). 
Cordelia's night of romance; a story. (J. Ralph) 

Harper, 90: 781 (Ap). 
Cordite and its manufacture. Chamb. T. 72:495 

( Ag) . Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 767 ( S2 1 ) . 
Corea and its people, Notes on. (H. S. Saunder- 

son) Anthrop. J. 24: 299(F). 

— and the Siberian railway. Fortn. 64: 879(D). 

— Dolmens and other antiquities of. ' (W. Gow- 

land) Anthrop. J. 24: 316(F). 

— People of. (R. K. Douglas) Good Words, 36: 


— Savage- Lan dor's. Sat. R. 79: 35i(Mn6). 

— Unpleasant reminiscences of. Chamb. J. 72: 78 

Corean rebel, Story of. (H. Gordon) Lippinc. 55: 

662 (My). 
Corinna's Fiammetta. (M. G. Van Rensselaer) 

Cent. 5o:362(Jl). 
Corinto, Out of the world at. (R. H. Davis) 

Harper, 91: 933CN). 
Cork, South-west and Kerry : a congested district. 

Blackw. 157: 208(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 

204: 750(Mr23). 
Cork-oak, Fructification of. (C. E. Faxon) Garden 

Cormorant, Etymology of. (F. Chance and others) 

Acad. 47: 38o(My4), 404(Myu). 
Corn. See Indian corn. 
Cornelian necklace, The; a story. (A. M. Trotter) 

Argosy, 60: 2io(Ag). 
Cornell University, Horticulture at. (L. H. Bai- 
ley) Science, n. s. 2:831(020). 
Cornwall, William, Family of. (E. E. Cornwall) 

N. E. Reg. 49 : 39(Ja). 
Cornwall, Prehistoric remains in. (A. L. Lewis) 

Anthrop. J. 25: 2(Ag). 

— Superstitions of. Macmil. 73: 36(N). 
Corporations and public morals. (W. Gladden) 

Bib. Sac. 52:607(0). 

— Control of public-service. (A. R. Foote) Engin. 

M. 9:50(Ap). 

— notice to, Mistakes on the subject of. (S. D. 

Thompson) Am. Law R. 29:523(J1-Ag). 

— public, Municipal ownership of. (M. J. Fran- 

cisco) Engin. M. 9:4i(Ap). 
Corpus Christi, Feast of, in Seville. (C. E. White) 

Lippinc. 55: 273(F). 
Corpus poetarum latinarum, ed. by Postgate. Sat. 

R. 79:587(^4). 

Correlation of science and history. (N. S. Jack- 

man) Educa. R. 9: 464 (My). 
Corsica, the land of the bandit. Cornh. 72: i79(Ag). 
Cosmic, The, and the moral. (J. M. Baldwin) Int. 

J. Ethics, 6:93(0). 
Cosmic process, relation to the ethical, Huxley on. 

(F. E. White) Int. J. Ethics, 5:478(51). 
Cosmology and sociology. (L. F. Ward) Am. J. 

Sociol. 1: 132(8). 
Cosmos, Yellow-flowered. (J. N. Rose) Garden & 

F. 8:484(04). 
Costume, Modern. (W. D. McCrackan) Lippinc. 

Cotes, Merton Russell, Art collection of. Art J. 

47: 81-341 (Mr-D). 
Cotton family, Needed correction in the pedigree of. 

(H. Williams) N. E. Reg. 49: i8o(Ap). 

Cotton, low price of, Effect on the South of. (W. C. 

Estes) Nation, 61: i86(Si2). 
— Romance of. [Chamb. J.] Liv. Age, 204: 188 

Cotton mills in the South. (E. Porritt) New Eng. 

M. 12: 57500- 
Cotton printing, Progress in. (L. F. Day) Art J. 

47: 50(F). 
Cottons, Colored, of Peru. (A. F. Sears) Over- 
land, n. s. 25: 359(Ap}. 
Cotton-seed oil. Chamb. J. 72:612(8). 
Country clubs and hunt clubs in America. (E. S. 

Martin) Scrib. M. 18:302(8). 
Coupons of fortune, The : a story. (M. S. Cutting) 

Harper, 91:670(0). 
Courage; Woman question, a question of courage. 

(H. Quilter) Fortn. 63:979(Je). Same art. 

Eel. M. 125: H3(J1). 
Course of study, The necessity of five co-ordinate 

groups in. (W. T. Harris) Educa. 16: I29(N). 
Court of Claims, Notable and curious cases in. 

(Kate Field) Green Bag, 7: I2(ja). 
Court, Russian. (G. Knox) Green Bag, 7:297 (Je). 
Courtesy of Christian the highwayman; a story. 

(A. Hope Hawkins) McClure, 5:313(8). 
Courts, Witty encounters in. Green Bag, 7: 449 

Cousin, Victor, and the Unitefi States. (T. Stanton) 

Nation, 60: 27(Jaio). 
Cousin Charley; a story. Chamb. J. 72: 265 (Ap). 
Covenanters, The. (D. Paton) Sund. M. 24: 092, 

779(0, N). 
Covent Garden in the early morning. Spec. 75: 202 

Cowen, F. Hymen. Harold. Sat. R. 79: 786 

Cowper, William, Some beauties of. (Alice Law) 

Temp. Bar, 104: 91 (Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Cow-puncher, Evolution of the. (O. Wister) 

Harper, 91: 602 (S). 
— Passing of. (W. T. Larned) Lippinc. 56: 267 

Coxwell, Henry; morning calls. (T. H. Lewis) 

Eng. Illust. I3-343CJ 1 )- 
Crabbing. (C. D. Wilson) Lippinc. 56:394(8). 
Crackanthorpe, Hubert. Sentimental studies. Sat. 

R. 80:1170127). 
Cracksmen, Two. (Charles Whibley) New R. 13: 

Craftswomen in the Livre des metiers. (E. Dixon) 

Econ. J. 5:209(Je). 
Cranberry growing for ornament. Garden & F. 

Crane, Stephen, with portrait. Bookman, 1:229 

Cranford souvenirs. (Beatrix L. Tollemache) Temp. 

Bar, i05:536(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 

575( A g30- 
Cranks and crazes. (L. Linton) No. Am. 161:667 

Crauford, Isabella Valancy. (E, J. Hathaway) 

Canad. M. 5:569(0). 
Craven, Mrs. Augustus, Life and letters of. Ed. R. 

181: 31 5 (Ap). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:725 

(Je22). — Quar. 182:454(0).— (E. M. Clerke) 

Dub. R. 116: i2o(Ja). — (T. Hutchinson) Acad. 

47: 141 (F16). — Quar. 182:454(0). 
Crawford, Francis Marion, An interview with. (R. 

Bridges) McClure, 4: 3i6(Mr). 




Crayfish, Conjugation in an American. (E. A. 

Andrews) Am. Natural. 29:867(8). 
Creation and the Deluge, Ancient monumental 

records of. (R. M. Ryan) Cath. World, 61: 


— Hidery story of. (J. Deans) Am. Antiq. 17: 61 


— Story of, among American aborigines. (S. D. 

Peet) Am. Antiq. 17: 127 (My). 

Credit, National, System of. (A. C. Houston) Am. 
M. Civics, 6: 172(F). 

Cremation of Colonel Calverly ; a story. (J. Ays- 
cough) Temp. Bar, 104: 305 (Mr), 449 (Ap). 

Crete, Archaeological researches in. (L. Mariani) 
Acad. 47: i98(Mr2). 

— Mycenaean military road in. (A. J. Evans; 

J. L. Myers) Acad. 47:469^1). 
Cricket, Eton and Harrow matches, 1 858-1 864. 
(N. G. Lyttelton) National, 25:690(71). 

— W. G. Grace in. (R. H. Lyttelton) New R: 

Crillon, Count Edward de. (H. Adams) Am. Hist. 

R. 1:51(0). 
Crime among animals. ( W. Ferrero) Forum, 20: 


— and common sense. (H. I>aslett- Browne) Fortn. 


— and the enforcement of law. (H. C. Vroo- 

man) Arena, i2:263(Ap). 

— in Australia, White on. Sat. R. 79: i8(Ja5). 

— Politics and. (A. G. Warner) Am. J. Sociol. 

Crime of Count Nicholas of Festenberg, The; a 

story. (A. Hope Hawkins) McClure, 5:401 

Crimea in 1854, and 1894. (Gen. Sir E. Wood) 

Fortn. 63:101 (Ja), 285(F). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 204: 1 69-668 (Ja- Mr). Same art. Eel. 

M. 124: i(Ja), 187(F), 332(Mr), 5<M(Ap). 
Wood's. Sat. R. 80: 2io(Agi7). 

— Invasion of, Russell's. Sat. R. 79:420(Mr3o). 
Crimean war, Letters on. Ed. R. 182:326(0). 

— Lysons'. Sat. R. 80: 382(821). 

Criminal, The. (St. J. E. C. Hankin) Eel. M. 124: 

47 8(Ap). 
Criminal anthropology applied to pedagogy. (C. 

Lombroso) Monist, 6:50(0). 

— its origin and application. (C. Lombroso) 

Forum, 20:33(8). 
Criminals, Dealing with. (H. S. Williams) Am. 
M. Civics, 6: 225 (Mr). 

— Female. (A. Griffiths) No. Am. 161: 141 (Ag). 
Lombroso on. Sat. R. 79: 603 (My 1 1). 

— Habitual offenders. Blackw. 157:483(^0. 
What to do with. (S. A. K. Strahan) 

Westm. 143: 660 (Je). 

— Shall we look backward or forward in dealing 

with? (H. S. Williams) Am. M. Civics, 6: 225 
Criminology. (W. R. Newbold) Am. Natural. 29: 

— and sociology. (C. Bell) Pub. Opin. 19: 587 

(n 7 ). 

Cripple Creek, Col., Calaverite from. (W. F. 

Hillebrand) Am. J. Sci. 150: i28(Ag). 
Crispi, Francesco. (G. M.James) R. of Rs. 11: 

297(Mr). — (W. S. Alden) 19th Cent. 37: 165 


— Administration of. (V. Riccio) Contemp. 68: 


Crispi, Dictatorship of. (L. de La Ram4) Contemp. 

Criticism, Classical, in Oxford. Sat. R. 79:88 


— The new. (R. Ogden) Nation, 60: 159^28). 

— The old. Cornh. 71 : 1 51 (F). 

— of life. (E. Fuller) Bookman, 2: 203 (N). 

— Relation of, to art. (H. Quilter) National, 25: 

4 66(Je). 

— Touchstones of. Dial (Ch.) 18: 335 (Je 16). 
Crockett, Samuel R. Men of the Moss-hags. 

(W. Wallace) Acad. 48:358^2). 
Croke, Archbishop. R. of Rs. 12: 3I3(S). 
Croker, Richard. (E. J. Edwards) McClure, 5: 542 

Cromwell, Oliver. Spec. 74:844^22). 

— and the House of Lords. (C. H. Firth) Macmil. 


— as a soldier. Liv. Age, 207: 598(07). 

— before Edinburgh, 1650. (W. S. Douglas) 

Scot. R. 26:258(0). 

— Hatred of. Sat. R. 79: 8i9(Je22). 

— Major-Generals of. (D. W. Rannie) Eng. Hist. 

R. io:47i(Jl). 

— Mask of. (F. Anderson) Eng. Illust. 14:115 

Cromwell family, Women of. (Sheila E. Braine) 

Good Words, 36:461^). 
Crops, Condition and prospects of. (H. Farquhar) 

No. Am. 161:313(8). 
Crow, The common. (W. H. Hudson) Fortn. 63: 

793(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:812 

(Je2 9 ). 
Crown's "right of reply." (A. Cock) 19th Cent. 

37: 304(F). 
Crowns, Ancient and modern. Chamb. J. 72: 539 

Cruel doubt, A; a novel. (Lady M. Majendie) 

Argosy, 60: i6o-559(Ag-N). 
Cruikshank outrage, A; a poem. (G. 8. Lay an!) 

Gent. M. n. s. 54: 242(Mr). 
Cruise of the two; a story. (C. G. Rogers) Outing, 

26:199, 276(Je,Jl). 
Crumbs; a story. (H. C. N. Wilson) Canad. M. 

4: 228 (Ja). 
Crusaders, Effigies of. Cornh. 72: 304(8). 
Crusades, Archer and Kingsford's. Sat. R. 79:52 

Crustacea in early paleozoic times, Life history of. 

(H. Woodward) Nature, 52: H4(My3o). 
Crystal, atoms in, Arrangement of. (H. A. Miers) 

Sci. Prog. 3: i29(Ap). 
Crystallography, Story-Maskelyne on. (H. A. 

Miers) Nature, 52: I45(jei3). 
Crystals, microscopic investigation of, improved 

methods for, Klein on. (A. E. Tutton) 

Nature, 5i:6o8(Ap25). 
Cuba and Spain. (R. Ogden) Nation, 60: 3l9(Ap 

2 5)- 

— Glimpse of. (J. K. Reeve) Lippinc. 55:404 


— How it might have belonged to France. (G. 

Colmache) Fortn. 64: 747 (N). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 207: 696(014). 

— Ought we to annex? (F. R. Coudert and 

others) Am. M. Civics, 7: 37 (Jl). 

— Problem of. Spec. 75:359(821). 

— Revolt in, its causes and effects; by a native 

Cuban. Engin. M. 10:9(0). 

— Shall it be free ? (C. King) Forum, 20: 5o(S.) 




Cuba, Situation in. (S. Alvarez) No. Am. 161: 362 

— Struggle for freedom. (J. F. Clark) Cosmopol. 


— Sympathy for. (R. Ogden) Nation, 61:250 

Cuckoo and the myth of March. (G. W. Murdoch) 

Gent. M. n.s. 54: 233(Mr). 
Cuckoo corner; a story. Blackw. I57«865(je). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 75OI13). Same art. 

Eel. M. 125: i79(Ag). 
Culdees. (A. Allaria) Scot. R. 25: i(Ja). 
Culture and faith. Spec. 75 : 89 1 (D2 1 ) . 

— Politics and. (H. Seal) Westm. 144: 650(D). 
Cumberland, Richard, Ethical system of. (E. 

Albee) Philos. R. 4:264(My), 371 (Jl). 
Cumberland dialect. (T. H. B. Graham) Gent. M. 

n.s. 54:5i2(My). 
Cundall, Joseph. Ath. '95, 1 : 91 (Ja9) . 
Cup of trembling, The. (M. H. Foote) Cent. 50: 

Cupid in the village. (J. Ramsay) Good Words, 

Cupid's birth; a poem. (R. W. Bunny) Cosmopol. 

20: 189(D). 
Curfew, Origin and history of. (L. Cresswell) 

Gent. M. n. s. 54: 599(Je). 
Curious lottery, A; a story. Blackw. 157: 188(F). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 65i(Mn6). 
Curlingin the north-west. (H. J. Woodside) Outing, 

25:422, 497 (F, Mr). 
Currants, Greek, Over-production of. (V. Gabrieli- 

dis) Econ. J. 5: 285 (Je). 
Currency, An automatic, vs. a fiat currency. (E. L. 

Rector) Am. M. Civics, 7: 382(0). 

— and banking, A plea for a sound system of. 

(A. R. Foote) Am. M. Civics, 7: i33(Ag). 

— English, under Edward I. (C. G. Crump and 

A. Hughes) Econ. J. 5: 5o(Mr). 

— History of, Shaw's. (C. Morrison) Econ. J. 5: 


— Imperial national. (W. M. Gray) Canad. M. 


— plan of President Cleveland. (W. J. Bryan) 

Arena, 11: 321(F). 

— Problem of, and its solution. (A. Mills) En gin. 

M. io:i87(N). 

— Question of. (H. C. Gibbs) National, 25: 207 

(Ap). — Pub. Opin. 19: 519(024). 

for laymen. (B. Currie) National, 25:519 

(Je). — (H. R. Beeton) National, 26: 388(N). 

— Sound, the dominant political issue. (W. Salo- 

mon) Forum, 19: 586(J1). 
*Curtis, George William, as a man of letters. Atlan. 

Curtius festival at Olympia. (D. Kalopothakes) 

Nation, 6o:378(Myi6). 
Curved lines, About a certain class of, in a space of 

n manifoldness. (E. Lasker) Nature, 52: 596 


Curzon, George, Travels in the country north-west 
of India. Dub. R. n6:4o6(Ap). 

Cushing, Col. Job. (G. A. Gordon) N. E. Reg. 
49: M3(Ap). 

Cushman, Holbrook, Unpublished papers by. Sci- 
ence, n. s. 2:757(06). 

Cycling; awheel in Jamaica. (E. M. Aaron) Out- 
ing, 27: 129(N). 

— Blind Parisians a- wheel. (F. E. Thomas) Out- 

ing, 25: 364(F). 

Cycling for health and pleasure. Chamb. J. 72: 529 


— In banana-land awheel. (E. M. Aaron) Outing, 

2§ : 3I2(W- 

— in Jamaica. (E. M.Aaron) Outing, 27:25(0). 

— in the Jersey pines. (H. M. Sayres) Outing, 26: 


— in the White mountains. (P. C. Stuart) Outing, 


— Lenz's world tour. Outing, 26: 224-467 (Je-S). 


— Military, French. Liv. Age, 207: 700(014). 

— My wheel and I. (J. P. Rudd) Outing, 26: 124 

(My). , 

— on the Palisades of the Hudson. (E. IngersoU) 

Outing, 26: 442 (S). 

— Touring in Bermuda awheel. (T. B. Dowden) 

Outing, 27:236(0). 

— What to avoid in. (B. W. Richardson) No. Am. 

161: iTo(Ag). 

Cyclonic indraught at the top of an anticyclone. 
(H. H. Clayton) Nature, 52: 243(Jlu). 

Cypress of the Sultana, The. (E. A. Kiching) Ar- 
gosy, 60:504(0). 

Cyprus, Mediaeval. Ed. R. 182:440(0). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 207:707(021). 

Czars, A change of. Blackw. 157: 306(F). Liv. 
Age, 204:579(Mr9). 

Daddy Longlegs and his Joanna; a story. Cornh. 

7« : 3»7(Ap). 
Daghestan, the, Lex barbarorum of. (M. Kovalev- 

sky) Anthrop. J. 25: H2(N). 
Daemonelix, Is it a burrow? Reply to Dr. Fuchs. 

(E. H. Barbour) Am. Natural. 29: 5i7(Je). 
Dahshur, pyramids of, Recent excavations at. 

Nature, 52: 131 (Je6). 

— Visit to. (Amy Strachey) National, 24: 809(F). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 763( Mr23) . 
" Daily Morning Chronicle." (A. Eliot) New Eng. 

M. n. s. 13:307^). 
Dainties, local. Chamb. J. 72: 26 (Ja). 
Dairy produce, England's Competitors in. Chamb. 

J. 72: 86(F). 
Daisy Venn; a story. (A. Gordon) Argosy, 59: 346 

Dale, R. W. (P. T. Forsyth) Sund. M. 24:331 

(My). — (R.Thomas) Chr. Lit. i2:348(Ap). 

— Recollections of. Westm. 144:655(0). 

Dal ton, John, and the atomic theory. Nature, 52: 

Daly, Augustin, and the modern stage. Sat. R. 79: 

Dana, Charles A. (F. Morris) Chaut. 21: 325 (Je). 

— on journalism. (H.T. Peck) Bookman, 2: i9i(N). 
Dana, James Dwight. Critic, 26: 295(Ap2o). — (E. 

S. Dana) Am. J. Sci. 149: 329c My). — Nature, 
5i:6n(Ap25). — Nat. Sci.6:348(My).— (W. 
M. Davis) Geog. J. 5: 599(Je). — Ath. '95, 1: 
Dancing. (A. W. Beckett) Westm. I43:675(je). 

— Bohemian, Zfbrt on. Sat. R. 79:676(^25). 

— origin of, Herbert Spencer on. Spec. 75: 12 


Dandy Jackson; a story. Gent. M. n. s. 55: 541(D). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 781(028). 
Danforth's dilemma; a story. (F. M. Smith) 

Munsey, 13:282^). 
Dangerous experiment; a story. (M. Ogilvy") 

Canad. M. 6:38(N). 




Danish literature, Modern. (M. Wergeland) Dial 

(Ch.) 19: i35(Si6). 
Dannat, William T. (J. F. Opp) Munsey, 13:517 

Dante, Biographical notice of, in the 1494 edition 
of 'Speculum Historiale.' (P. Toynbee) 
Eng. Hist. R. 10: 297c Ap). 

— Classical studies of. Ed. R. 181: 284(Ap). 

— Divina commedia, Use of the Divine Name in. 

(E. F. Jourdain) Chr. Lit. 13: 35 (My). 

Women of. (E. F. Jourdain) Chr. Lit. 13: 


— Paradise. (E. M. Mitchell) Poet-Lore, 7: 399 


— Recent books on. (P. Toynbee) Acad. 47: 

Danube, Through the iron gates of. (H. A. 

Gwynne) Longm. 27: 54(N). 
Daphne. (Guy Boothby) Chamb. J. 72: 572(S). 
Dardanelles, Through the. (C. Warman) McClure, 

6: 103(D). 
Darlington, S. C, Bays of. (L. C. Glenn) Science, 

n. s. 2:472(611). 
Darmesteter, James. (Gaston Paris) Contemp. 67: 

8i(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204:387^16). 

— Atlan. 75:57i(Ap). 
Darwinian theory, Marshall on. (D. S. Jordan) 

Dial (Ch.) 19: I40(Si6). 
Darwinism and race progress, Haycraft's. Sat. R. 

79: x63(F2). 

— Haycrafton. (F.Starr) Dial (Ch.) io:89(Agi6). 

— of Darwin, and of the post- darwinian schools. 

(G. J. Romanes) Monist, 6: i(O). 
Daughter of the church; a story. (C. Smith) 

Canad.M. 5: 378(Ag). 
David, The historical. (B. W. Bacon) New World, 

4: 54o(S). 
Davidson, John. (H. D. Traill) Fortn. 63:393 

(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 61 6( My). 

— Interview with. Bookman, 1: 85 (Mr). 

— Poems of. Church Q. 39:457(Ja). 

— Poetry of. (L. Johnson) Acad. 47:6^5). 
Davidson's beat; a story. (G. G. Bain) Munsey, 

Davis, M. E. M. (A. Alain) Writer, 8: 152(0). 
Davis, Richard Harding. Atlan. 75:654(My). 
Davis, Walter Renick. (W. A. Quayle) Meth. R. 

55 :6i8(Jl). 
Day after, The; a story. (A. I. Harris) Temp. 

Bar, 105:39201). 
Day of days; a poem. Argosy, 59:364(Mr). 
De-facto court, Can there be a? (D. Fish) Am. 

Law R. 29: 833 (N-D.) 
De rerum natura; a poem. (Transl. by C. A. 

Lane) Monist, 5:app.(Ja). 
Deaf, dumb and blind, Treatment of. (S. M. 

Miller) Arena, 12: 1 30 (Mr). 
Death. Sat. R. 79:376(^23). 

— and the resurrection, Gerhard's. (J. M. Titzel) 

Ref.Q. 42: 505(0). 

— Times to die. (Pauline W. Roose) Temp. Bar, 


Death chase, The; a poem. (D. T. Callahan) Over- 
land, n. s. 25:476(My). 

Death duties, New, in England. (Lord Winchilsea) 
No. Am. i6o:95(Ja). 

Debs insurrection and American Republic. (Z. S. 
Holbrook) Bib. Sac. 52: 13c, 209(Ja,Ap). 

Debt of honour, A; a story. (Lady H. Somerset) 
Sund. M. 24:3i9(My). 

Decadence of a scholar. (W. P. Reeves) Dial 

(Ch.) 116:71(01). 
Decalogue; St. Paul's seeming abolition of the law. 

(T. W. Chambers) Ref. Q. 42:418(0). 
Decoration, House. (G. Jekyll) Eel. M. 124: I27(ja). 
Decorations, Foreign orders and. (Edward Denloh) 

Cosmopol. 19:29401). 
Decorative art in America, The outlook for. (F. 

Fowler) Forum, 18: 686(F). 
Decree of Duke Deodonato; a story. (A. Hope) 

Eng. Illust. 1 2: no. 6, 49 (Mr). 
Deer forest, Life in a. (J. C. Lees) Good Words, 

36: 822(D). 
Deer hunt in Uruguay. (G. A. Stock well) Canad. M. 

6: 114(D). 
Deer-hunting. (R. S. Osborne) Munsey, 13:532 

(Ag).— (P. Pastnor) Outing, 27: 138(N). 

— on Exmoor. Macmil. 72:24i(Ag). 
Deer-stalking. (T. Speedy) Blackw. 158:351(8). 
Defective classes. (A. O. Wright) Char. R 5: 67(D). 
Defendant speaks, The; a story. (G. H. Rosen- 

feld) Lippinc. 55:56i(Ap). 
Defoe, Daniel, " Apparition of Mrs. Veal." (G. A. 
Aitkin) 19th Cent. 37:95(Ja). 

— Life of, Wright's. (J. R. Smith) Dial (Ch.) 19: 


— Discourse on. Spec. 74:21^5). 
enerates, 1 

Degenerates, Literary 

ec. 74:21 
. (J.E. 

Hogarth) Fortn. 63: 

— Society's protection against the. (M. Nordau) 

Forum, I9 : 53 2 (J1). 

Degeneration; are we degenerating? (C. L. Dana) 
Forum, I9:458(je). 
See Nordau, Max. 

Deir el Bahari temple, Naville on. Sat. R. 79:451 

Delacroix, Eugene, et les peintres de l'ecole An- 
glaise. (C. Yriarte) 19th Cent. 38:947(0). 

Delaware River and Harbor of Philadelphia, Im- 
provement of. (J. Birkinbine) Engin. M. 9: 

Delphi. (R. Lister) 19th Cent. 37: 241(F). Same 
art. Eel. M. i24:8o7(Je). 

— Excavations at. Am. Arch. 47:45^26). 49: 


Deluge, Ancient monumental records of. (R. M. 
Ryan) Cath. World, 6i:223(My). 

— Prestwich on some supposed new evidence of. 

(G. F. Wright) Bib. Sac. 52: 724(0). 

— Scientific evidence of. (F. R. Wegg-Prosser) 

Dub. R. 117:396(0). 
Democracy and religion. (J. H. Crooker) New 
World, 4:264(Je). 

— and subsidizing. (A. A. Baumann) Sat. R. 79: 


— at home. (J. W. Breslin) Westm. I44:62(J1). 

— not ideal. Sat. R. 79: 339(Mn6). 

— The opportunity of. (W. H. Robinson) Westm. 

i44:ii7(Ag). Same art. Eel. M. 125:467(0). 
Democratic ideals. (J. W. Kennedy) Westm. 144 : 

Democrats, Single chamber. (R. Wallace) 19th 

Cent. 37: 177(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 

Demorest, W. Jennings. A character sketch, with 

portrait. Our Day, 15: 9(J0- 
Demurrer; is it a personal affront? (C. Patteson) 

Green Bag, 7: i36(Mr). 
Denmark, Archaeology in. (F. Starr) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 47: i2(My). 




Dennis, Robert, of Portsmouth, R.I., Descendants 

of. (O. M. Humphrey) N. E. Reg. 49:441. 
Dentistry, Shall it be taught as medicine? (T. Fille- 

brown) Harv. Grad. M. 4: 214(D). 
Departure from tradition. (R. Masson) Chamb. J. 

72: 524~536(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 15. 
Depew, Chauncey Mitchell. (F. Morris) Chaut. 

20: 6o4(Mr). 
DeQuincey, Thomas. How he wrote. Sat. R. 79: 

Derring do, derring-do. (J. A. H. Murray) Nation, 

Desclee, Aimee. Sat. R. 79-'472(Api3). 
Desire, interest and emotion. (S. F. M'Lennan) 

Psychol. R. 2 :462c S). 
DeTabley, Geo. W., Lord. Acad. 48:459 CN30). 

— (T. Watts) Ath. '95. 2:754^30).— (M. 

E. Grant-Duff) Spec. 75:818^7). 

— Poetry of. (C. Monk house) Acad.47:29i(Ap6). 
Detective who failed. (J. Hudson) Belgra. 87: 64. 
Detroit plan, The. (H. S. Pingree) Our Day, 14: 

Development, Deviation in, due to the use of un- 
ripe sheds. (J. C. Arthur) Am. Natural. 29: 
8o4(S), 904(0). 

— Evolution and. (S. W. Dyde) Philos. R. 4: 1 (Ja). 
Devil, The. (C. C. Everett) New World, 4: 1. 
Devil inspires the monk : a story. ( L. T. Damon) 

Poet-Lore, 7*30i(Je-JI). 
Devon, Gerical and social life in, in 1287. (Bishop 

of Clifton) Dub. R. 116: i(Ja). 
Devonian fossils in strata of carboniferous age. 

(H. S. Williams) Am. J. Sci. 149: 94(F). 
Devotion of Enrique/.. (B. Harte) Cent. 5 1 : 37(N). 
Dewing, Thos. Wilder, with portrait. ( R. Cortis- 

soz) Harper, 91: i67(Jl). 
Dhofar; the land of frankincense and myrrh. 

(J. T. Bent) 19th Cent. 38:595(0). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 207: 342^9). 
Dialect; Lingo in literature. (W. C. Elam) 

Lippinc. 55:286^'). 

— Use and abuse of. Dial (Ch.) 18: 67(Fi). 
Dialect dictionary, The. (E. II . Babbitt) Nation, 

60: 201 (Mr 1 4). 
Diamond, Regent, Napoleon and. (C. S. Pratt) 

Lippinc. 56:373(8). 
Diatessaron, The; a reply. (J. R. Harris) Chr. 

Lit. 13:268(8). 
Diaz, Porfirio, president of Mexico. (G. Parker) 

Sat. R. 8o:i68(Agio). 
Dice and dolasses. Chamb. J. 72: 811 CD). 
Dickens, C, Christmas books of. (C. Dickens, jr.) 

Good Words, 36: Xmas no., 52. 

— Further travels in Bozland. (P. Fitzgerald) 

Gent. M. n. s. 24: 116(F). 

— Glimpses of. (C. Dickens, jr.) No. Am. 160: 

525, 677(My, Je). 

— Place of, in literature. (F. Harrison) Forum, 

Dickinson, Emily. Letters. (L. J. Block) Dial 

(Ch.) i8:i46(Mn). 
Digestion in plants. (J. Pentland-Smith) Knowl. 

Digger Indian, The. (Will. S. Green) Overland, 

n. s. 25:282(Mr). 
Dike, Newly discovered, at DeWitt, near Syracuse, 

N.Y. (N. H. Darton and J. F. Kemp) Am. J. 

Sci. i49 : 45 6 (J e )- 
Dikes, Complementary rocks and radial. (L. V. 
Pirsson) Am. J. Sci. !5o:u6(Ag). 

Dillman, August. (T. W. Davies) Chr. Lit. 12: 

262(Mr). 13:760c). 
Dinictis, Two new species of, from White River 

beds. (G. I. Adams) Am. Natural. 29: 573 

Dinosaur tracks, Three* toed, in the Newark Group 

at Avondale, NJ. (J. B. Woodworth) Am. 

J. Sci. 150:481(6). 

Dinosaurian reptiles, the, Affinities and classifica- 
tion of. (O. C. Marsh) Am. J. Sci. 150:483 

Dinosaurs, Restoration of some European, with 
suggestions as to their place among the 
Reptilia. (O. C. Marsh) Am. J. Sci. 150:407 

Dionysius of Halicarnassus, On a legend of the 
Alban Lake told by. (K. F. Smith) Am. J. 
Philol. i6:203(Jl). 

Diphtheria, Recent studies on. Nature, 52:393 


— Recent works on, and its prevention. (J. C. 

Hoyle) Knowl. 18: 44(F). 
See Anti-toxin. 
Diplacodon. New species of. (J. B. Hatcher) Am. 

Natural. 29: 1084(D). 
Diplograptus, Mode of growth and development of. 

(R. Ruedemann) Am. J. Sci. I49>453(je). 
Diplomacy and the newspaper. (E. L. Godkin) 

No. Am. i6o:57o(My). 
Diplomats. Spec. 75: 512(019). 
Directories in public reference libraries. (R. G. 

Thwaites) Lib. J. 20: 341(0). 
Dirge of love; a poem. (M. A. Curtois) Gent. M. 

n. s. 54:423(Ap). 
Dirk, Etymology of. (W. W. Skeat) Acad. 47: 15 

Discount at the Bank of England; two per cent. 

Chamb. J. 72: 321 (My). 

Dishes, Ceremonial, of England. (Esther Single- 
ton) Cosmopol. 19: 49 (My). 

Dismal Swamp, Great. (A. Hunter) Outing, -27: 70 

Distribution, Ethical basis of, and its application to 

taxation. (T. N. Carver) Ann. Am. Acad. 

Pol. Sci. 6:79(J1). 
Dives loquor; a story. Temp. Bar, 105: 355(J1). 
Divinities, Anthropomorphic. (S. D. Peet) Am. 

Antiq. i7:79(Mr). 
Divorce. Church Q. 40:i(Ap). 

— The Bible and. (E. J. B. and W. W. Bolton) 

Overland, n. s. 25: 362 (Ap). 

— from a layman's point of view. (F. Chaffee) 

Green Bag, 7:295(Je). 

— in the New Testament. (T. W. Chambers) Ref. 

Q. 42=39(Ja). 

— Marriage and : doctrine of the Church of Eng- 

land. (W. J. K. Litde) Chr. Lit. 13: 259(8). 
High-Church doctrine of. (G. Serrell) Chr. 

Lit. 13: i86(Ag). 
Divorced persons, Marriage of innocent. (Baron 

Grimthorpe) 19th Cent. 37: 325(F). 
Doctor of the old school, A; a story. (John Wat- 
son) McClure, 4: 266(F). 
Doctor of philosophy, Early history of the degree 

of, in the U.S. (E. G. Bourne) Educa. R. 10: 

81 (Je). 
Dr. Vyron; a story. (I. L. Cassilis) Belgra. 86: 

Doctor's romance. (Alex. Gordon) Good Words, 

36: Xmas no., 30. 




Doctrine, fixed system of, Reasons for a. (W. F. 

Eyster) Luth. Q. 25:93^). 
Dogma, History of Harnack's. Sat. R. 79:485 


— Necessity of. (J. E. McTaggart) Int. J. Ethics, 

5: i47(Ja). 
Dogmatics, Scope and method of Christian. (M. 

S. Terry) Meth. R. 55: i9o(Mr). 
Dog's home, Battersea. (B. Tozer) Eng. Illust. 13: 

445( A g). 
Dogs. (Barbara C. Finch) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 526 

Domestic interior; a story. (G. King) Harper, 

90: 407(F). 
Domestic servants, An appeal in behalf of. (C. 

Goodwin) Forum, i9^753(Ag). 
Domestic service, Problem of. (G. Vrooman) 

Arena, 14:308(0). 
Domestic tyrannies. (Mrs. E. L. Linton) National, 

26: 170(0). 
Domestication of animals. (C. D. Wilson) New 

Sci. R. 2: 139(0). 
Domett, Alfred. (O. Smeaton) Westm. 144:484 

Dominoes, the national game of China. (S. Culin) 

Overland, n. s. 26: 559(N). 
Don Juan. (James Fitzmaurice-Kelly) New R. 

13: 50 4 (N), 665(D). 
Donald, Colin Dunlap. Ath. '95, 1: 384(Mr23). 
Donegal, Ireland: a visit to purgatory. Belgra. 

86: 178(F). 
Donkey-show, The costers'. Spec. 75: 110QI27). 
Donkeys and horses. (B. C. Finch) Gent. M. n. s. 

54 : 409(Ap). 

— Wild, in the Greek archipelago. (W. R. Paton) 

Ath. '95, 2:421(828). 
' Donna ' in 1894. (Author of ' Charles Lowder ' ) 

Longm. 25:304(Ja). 
Dora, the pretty type -writer; a story. (W. Lutton) 

Canad. M. 5:52(My). 
Dorchester, Mass.; Some Dorchester matters. (R. 

T. Swan) N.E. Reg. 49: i53(Ap). 
Dore, Cistercian Abbey of, in Herefordshire, Ex- 
cavations at. Ath. '95, 2:6i3(N2). 
Dorothy. (H. L. Bradley) Atlan. 76: 788(D). 
Doubles. Chamb. J. 72: 5i3(Ag). 
Doubt not; a poem. Argosy, 59: 191(F). 
Doubter's diary; a story. Temp. Bar, 104:401 

(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. i24:704(My). 
Doucette, Camille. Ath. '95, i:443(Ap6). 
Douglas book, The. Gent. M. n. s. 55: 27 (Jl). 
Douglass, Frederick. (J. Cook) Our Day, 15:233 

(N). — Pub. Opin. i8:i9i(F28). 

— as orator and reformer. (W. L. Garrison) 

Our Day, 14: i82(Ap). 

— Character and career of, with portrait. (J. E. 

Rankin) Our Day, 14: 171 (Ap). 
Douhault, Mme. de, Case of. (J. J. Brown) 

National, 25:824(Ag). 
Dow, Neal. Watchwords for the 20th century. 

(J. Cook) Our Day, 14: I2(ja). 
Dowie, Me*nie Muriel. Gallia. Sat. R. 79: 383 

Down on the desert; a story. (W. # M. Wolfe) 

Outing, 25:3450a). 
Down the west coast. (C. F. Lummis) Harper, 

90: 391(F). 
Downing, A. J., Debt of America to. (C. S. 

Sargent) Garden & F. 8:2ii(My29). 
Downs, South, On the. Cornh. 71: 6io(Je). 

Doyle, A. Conan. Stark Munro letters. Sat. R. 

Dragomanov, Michael Petrovich. Acad. 48:31 

Drainage, house, Improved methods of. (W. P. 

Gerhard) Am. Arch. 47: 6(Ja5). 
Drainage system of the valley of Mexico. (M. 

Romero) Engin. M. 8: 597(Ja). 
Drake, Joseph Rodman. (R. H. Stoddard) Critic, 

27 : 83(Agio). 
Drama, Decadent. (E. Fuller) Lippinc. 56: 423(8). 

— A dialogue on. (H. A. Kennedy) 19th Cent. 


— Censorship of the. Sat. R. 79.*28o(Mr2). 

— English, 1894-5. Sat. R. 80: 1070127). 

— in relation to truth. (H. A. Michael) Poet- 

Lore, 7: i49(Mr). 

— The new. Quar. 182: 399(0). 

— of revolt, The. (H. H. Boyesen) Bookman, 

«= 38400- 

— Technique of, Freytag on. (J. S. Nollen) Dial 

(Ch.) i8:77(Fi). 

Drama in tatters, A; a story. (W. B. Harte) 
Arena, n:25i(Ja). 

Dramatic art in the far East. (R. W. E. East- 
wick) Chamb. J. 72:52i(Ag). 

Dramatic censorship. All the Year, 76: 294(Mr3o). 

Dramatic season, The. (E. Marshall) McClure, 4 : 

Dramatis personae. Macmil. 71: 262(F). 
Drawing-room idyl. (A. C. Deane) Longm. 25: 

3oo(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204:424^16). 
Drawings, original, To prevent loss of. (C. S. 

Wady) Writer, 8: 82(Je). 
Drayton, Michael, Introduction to, Elton's. Sat. 

R. 8o:2io(Agi7). 
Dream of the psychometer. (M. Kendall) Longm. 

25: 388(F). 
Dreaming of the dead. (H. Ellis) Psychol. R. 2: 

Dreams. (W. D. Howells) Harper, 90: 836(My9). 

— of tasting. (E. B. Titcljener) Am. J. Psychol. 


— Prophetic faculty of mind revealed in. (B. O. 

Flower) Arena, 12: 123 (Mr). 
Dress, women's, What men think of. (C. H. Cran- 

dall) No. Am. 161: 251 (Ag). 
Drift-fruit of Jamaica. (D. Morris) Nature, 53: 

Drink, Environment and. (J. F. Waldo; D. 

Walsh) No. Am. 161:460(6). 
Drinking habits, Old-time. (C. Northend) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 13:49(8). 
Drinks, Aromatic. (J. Rochard) Chaut. 20:579 

Druids, The grave of the. (E. H. Barker) Temp. 
Bar, io5:378(Jl). Same art. Liv. Age, 206 

287 (Ag3). 
Drummond, William, of Hawthornden. Poems, ed. 

by Ward. Sat. R. 79: 161 (F2). 
Drumsheugh's love story. (J. Watson) Bookman, 

2:27(Ag-S), io8(0). 
Drumtochty, Visit to. (F. C. Gordon) Bookman, 

2: 288(D). 
Drunkenness, The decline of. (A. Shadwell) 

National, 261558(D). 
Drury Lane court, In a. All the Year, 76: 279 

Duality of mind, T. J. Hudson's theory of, disproved. 

(T. E. Allen) Arena, 13: 177CH). 




Duchartre, Pierre. Nature, 51:344^7). 
Duck shooting. (J. D. Knap) Outing, 27: 97(N). — 
(E. A. Shepard) Outing, 27: 210(D). 

— in a crater. (H. D. Couzins) Outing, 26: 29 (Ap). 
Ducks and duck shooting. (S. Jenkins) Canad. 

M. 5 : 443(S). 

Ducks of Chesapeake Bay. (C. D. Wilson) Lip- 
pine. 55:8o(Ja). 

Duddon, The valley of the. Cornh. 72:78(11). 
Same art. Li v. Age, 2o6:4i9(Agi7). 

Dudgeon, Patrick. Ath. '95, 1: 2i6(Fi6). 

Dudley, Sir Robert. (Goldwin Smith) Nation, 

Duel between Duke of Hamilton and Baron Oak- 
hampton. Chamb. J. 72:465(J1). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 206:637(87). 

— The last, in the Place Royale. Macmil. 72:443 

Duelling-grounds, Old London. Chamb. J. 72: 

Dumas, Alex., fils. Critic, 27:397(07). 

— Visit to. (A. Symons) Sat. R. 80: 724^30). 
DuMaurier, George. (R. H. Sherard) McClure, 


— Trilby; causes of its popularity. (F. Wedmore) 

Acad. 48: 392 (N9). 

on the stage. Critic, 27 : 306 (N9^ . 

Trail of, in Paris. (A. D. Vandam) Forum, 

— Trilbyana. Critic, 26:66 (Ja26). 27:330113). 

in England. Critic, 27: 209(05). 

Dumb Foxglove. (A. T. Slosson) Allan. 75:466. 
Dunnottar Castle. Chamb. J. 72: 577(S). 
Dunraven, Lord, and the cup. (A. T. Quiller- 

Couch) Contemp. 68:796(0). 
Dupuy, Fall of. Spec. 74:73(^19). 
Durham Cathedral and the bishop's palatine. (W. 

C. Sydney) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 234(8). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 207:205(026). 
Duruy, Victor, Lavisse's Life of. (J. Bigelow) Am. 

Hist. R. 1:142(0). 
Duse, Eleanora. (J. R. Towse) Cent. 51: i3o(N). 

— (V. Blackburn) New R. I3:39(J1).— (W. 

Archer) Fortn. 64.:299(Ag). 
Dust and hygiene. All the Year, 76: I54(Fi6). 
Dutch etchers of the 17th century. (Lawrence 

Binyon) Portfo. no. 21 (S). 
Dutch Kitty's white slippers; a story. (J. Ralph) 

Harper, 90:9i4(My). 
Duty the aim of life. (H. C. Shuttleworth) Sund. 

M. 24:26o(Ap). 
Dwarfs, Forest, of the Congo. Chamb. J. 72: 298 

Dwellings, Improved. (A. N. Lincoln) Char. R. 

4 : 425(Je). 
Dynamics, Foundations of. (C. F. Fitzgerald) 

Nature, 5 1 : 283 (Ja 17). 
Dynamo and motor design. (G. S. Dunn) J. 

Frankl. Inst. 139:384^^). 

Eagle, The golden. Knowl. 18: 269(D). 

Earlier manner, An; a story. (G. A. Hibbard) 

Cent. 50:878(0). 
Ears and eyes in spelling. (W. D. Parkinson) 

Educa. 16: 106(6). 
Earth, Age of. (J. Perry and others) Nature, 51: 

224(Ja3), 341(^7). 439(M'7)» 533(Ap4), 5 82 
(Api8). —(Kelvin) Nature, 51:438(1^7). 
— axis of, Position of. (O. E. Harmon) Pop. 
Astron. 2:2i9(Ja). 

Earth a magnetic shell. (F. H. Bigelow) Am. J. 
Sci. i50:8i(Ag). 

— surface of, Configuration of. (J. Lubbock) 

Geog.J. 6: $45(D). 

— the theory of, Hutton on. (F. D. Adams) 

Nature, 52: 569(010). 
Earthquake-motion, A. Schmidt on. (C. Davison) 

Nature, 52:631(024). 
Earthquakes, After-shocks of. (C. Davison) Nat. 

Sci. 6:39i(Je). 

— Cause of. (J. L. Lobley) Knowl. 18: 161 (Jl). 
Earth-waves and vibrations, Observations of. (J. 

Milne) Nature, 5i:548(Ap4). 
Earthworms. (C. F. Marshall) Knowl. 18:259 

East, Problems of the far. Ed. R. 182: 132OI). 
East winds in Hagar. (A. W. Colton) New Eng. 

M. n. s. i3:37i(N). 
Easter in Russia. Chamb. J. 72: 145 (Mr). 
Easter sepulchre. Ancient English office of. (H. 

J. Feasey) 19th Cent. 37:748(My). 
Eastern Island and evidences of a lost continent. 

(O. Smeaton) Westm. I44:29(JI). 
Eastern question, Arabia, Islam and the. (W. H. 

Thomson) Harper, 91:625(8). 

— The greater. (R. K. Douglas) National, 26: 


— How the sultan can save his empire. (R. 

Ahmad) 19th Cent. 38: 1008(D). 

— Religious basis of Russian policy. (O. Novikoff) 

19th Cent. 38: 1001(D). 

— Turkish reforms and Armenia. (F. H. Geffcken) 

19th Cent. 38:991(0). 

— Russia and England. (A. J. French) Fortn. 

Eaton, Daniel Cady. (W. H. Brewer) Am. J. Sci. 

150: i84(Ag). — Nat. Sci. 7: 2i6(S). — (N. L. 

Britton) Science, n. s. 2:57^119). 
Ebb and flow; a poem. All the Year, 76: I3(ja5). 
Ebb and flow of the tide; a poem. (J. Parr) 

Westm. 144:273(8). 
Echegaray, Jose. (W. Webster) Acad. 48:358 


— Mariana: a play. Sat. R. 79:547(Ap27). 
Eclipse of the moon, Mar. 11, 1895. (L. A. 

Eddie) Pop. Astron. 2.*449(Je). 

Scientific value of total. (C. E. Furness) Pop. 

Aslron. 3: io9(N). 

— of the sun, August 8, 1896. (A. Burton-Brown) 

Nature, 52:633(024). 
Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Mathematics and construc- 
tion in. (J. M. White) Am. Arch. 49: 1 1 1 

Economic freedom. (H. Teichmuller) Am. Law 

R. 29:373(My-Je). 
Economic legislation and reports, English, Summary 

of. (E. Cannan) Econ. R. 5: I33(ja), 263 


— of the states in 1894. (W. B. Shaw) Q. J. 

Econ. 9: 195 (Ja). 
Economic terms, Misunderstandings about. (A. T. 

Hadley) Yale R. 4: i56(Ag). 
Economic theory in America prior to 1776. (C. 

W. Macfarlane) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 


Economics, mathematical, Recent contributions to. 
(C. P. Sanger) Econ. J. 5: ii3(Mr). 

— Relation of engineering to. (W. Kent) Science, 

n. s. 2:321(813). 
See Political economy. 




Economists and the public. (S. M. Macvane) Q. 

J. Econ. 9: I32(ja). 
Eden of the gulf; a story. (A. J. H. Antona) 

Outing, 25: 5i4(Mr). 
Edgehill, Battle of, and its ghost story. Argosy, 

59: 381 (Mr). 
Edgeworth, Maria. Temp. Bar, 105:317(51). Same 

art. Eel. M. i25:i9i(Ag). 

— and her works. (Geo. Saintsbury) Macmil. 72: 


— Hare's Life and letters of. (J. W. Chadwick) 

Nation, 60: i29(Fi4). — Sat. R. 79: 288(Mr2). 

— Novels of. Quar. 1 82 : 305 ( O) . 

Edinburgh. (J. J. O'Shea) Cath. World, 62: 195 

Edinburgh University. (Andrew Seth) Scot. R. 

26: 159OI). . 

Editor of "The Cuadrilla," The. Macmil. 72:57 

Editorial talks with contributors. (W. H. Ward 
and others) Writer, 8: I25~I73(S-D). 

Editors, Experiences with. (J. M. Oxley) Book- 
man, 2: 3i(Ag, S), 122(0). 

Education, ^Esthetic side of. (H. L. Clapp) Educa. 
'5 ; 449(Ap). 

— American, Need of a distinctively. (E. P. 

Powell) Educa. 16: 202(D). 

— and evolution. (J. Le Conte) Educa. R. 10: 121 


— and the state. (J. G. Fitch) Contemp. 68:134 


— Art in general. (J. S. Clark) Educa. R. 10: 331 


— Basis of our educational system. (J. J. Green- 

ough) Atlan. 75*.528(Ap). 

— Catholics and Protestants in co-operation. (S. 

J. Barrows) Lend a Hand, i4:202(Mr). 

— Christian, Function and scope of. (M. Rhodes) 

Luth. Q. 25:393(Jl). 

— Direction of. (N. S. Shaler) Atlan. 75: 389 


— Duty of young people to obtain best possible. 

(M. A. Whedon) Educa. 15: 354(F). 

— Elementary. (W. T. Harris) No. Am. 160:538 

(My).— (N. M.Butler) Nation, 60: i42(F2i); 
(W.T.Harris) 181 (Mr7). 
Report on. Dial (Ch.) 18: i67(Mn6). 

— A few words about. Dial (Ch.) 19: io5(Si). 

— in ancient Greece. (C. G. Herbermann) Am. 

Cath. Q. 20: 766(0). — School R. 3: i6(Ja). 

— in England, Crisis in. Church Q. 41: i(0). 
Mr. Acland's new code. (J. J. Davies) 

Westm. 144: 141 (Ag). 
Reopening the settlement of 1870. (E. L. 

Stanley) 19th Cent. 38:915(0). 
The school question, 1895. (E» Porritt) 

Nation, 61: 252(010). 
The secondary education commission report. 

(J. Massie) Contemp. 68: 783(D). 
Voluntary schools. (J. M. Wilson; F. W. 

Farrar; H. S. Holland; R. Eyton; W.Sinclair) 

Contemp. 68: 731 (N). 

— in France, Contemporary. (G. Compayre) 

Educa. R. io:3i3(N). 

— Initial propositions in. (B. H. Holbrook) 

Educa. i5:543(My)« 

— A modern liberal. (G. T. Ladd) Educa. R. 


— Nervous system and its relations to. (J. Fer- 

guson) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 528(Ag). 

Education, The new. (C. B. Gilbert) Educa. 16: 37, 
95,i 5 i(S,O f N). 

— of the whole of the three- fold nature of man. 

(H. C. Haithcox) Luth. Q. 25: 236(Ap). 

— Physical element in. (E. L. Richards) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47:47i(Ag). 

— Pre-Christian, Laurie on. (B. A. Hinsdale) 

Dial (Ch.) I9:282(Ni6). 

— Reform in. (W. Mitchell) Int. J. Ethics, 6: 24(0). 

— Research in. (H. E. Armstrong) Nature, 51: 


— religious, Crisis in. (Bp. of Sal ford) National, 


— Roman. School R. 3: 143 (Mr). — (S. S. Laurie) 

School R. 3:2ii(Ap). 

— School in an air castle. (W. Griffin) Canad. 

M. 5:299(Ag). 

— state aid in, Cost of. Spec. 74: 893(Je29). 

— Unappreciated factors in. ( — Austin) Educa. 

i5 : 485(Ap). 
Educational aims and educational values. (P. H. 

Hanus) Educa. R. 9:323(Ap). 
Educational system in fact, An American. (E. P. 

Powell) Forum, I9.*429(je). 
Educational values. (J. H. Baker) Educa. R. 

10: 209(0). — Dial (Ch.) 18: 229(Api6). 
Egerton, George. Discords. Sat. R. 79.'4i6(Mr30). 
Egypt* Age of. (F. G. Fleay) Ath. '95, 2: 100 


— Antiquities from, exhibited in London. Acad. 

48: i6(J16). 37(Jli3). 

— Archaeological letters from. (A. H. Sayce) 

Acad. 47: 26i(Mr23), 385(My4). 

— Archaeological researches in. (D. G. Hogarth) 

Acad. 47: I33(F9); (A. H. Sayce) I54(Fi6). 
— (E. Naville) 32i(Api3); (W. M. F. Pet- 
rie) 34i(Ap2o). 

— Contemporary. (F. C. Pen field) No. Am. 

i6i:i 3 (J1). 

— discoveries in, Recent. Am. Arch. 49: 112(814). 

— England in. Quar. i8o:255(Ja). 

— English failure in. Contemp. 67:390(Mr). 

— English policy in. Sat. R. 79: 276(Mr2J. 

— History of, Petrie's. Sat. R. 79: 7i(Jai9). — (C. 

R. Gillett) Nation, 60: i88(Mr7).— (A. Mac- 
alister) Crit. R. 5: i33(Ap). 

— Moses in. (W. R. Winston) Sund. M. 24:375 


— Newly-found race in. (J. E. Quibell) Knowl. 

18: 196(8). — (D. G. Brinton) Science, n. s. 

— Recent works on. Church Q. 39:474(Ja). 

— The situation in. (W. T. Marriott) Fortn. 63: 


— Tunis and. (J. St. Loe Strachey) National, 25: 

21 (Mr). 
Egypt exploration fund. Acad. 48:440^23). — 

(E. Naville) Acad. 47: 242(Mn6). — (O. G. 

Hogarth) 47: 43o(Myi8). 
Egyptian book of the dead, ed. bv Davis. Sat. R. 

7 9 :2o(Ja5). 
Egyptian thief, The; a story. (Sir Edwin Arnold) 

Cosmopol. l9:428(Ag). 
Eichonoderms of N.E. America, Distribution of. 

(A. E. Verrill) Am. J. Sci. 149: 127(F), 199 

Eight hours' day, Effect of. (C. Beardsley, jr.) Q. 

J. Econ. 9:450c Jl). 
Eisteddfod, Meaning of an. (E. Brower) Atlan. 

75 : 45(J a )- 




Elbe disaster, Lessons of the. (R. Gillhamj En gin. 
M. 9:92(Ap). 

— Poem on. (J. J. Beresford) Argosy, 59: 607 

Eleanor Keith's strange adventure. (E. F. Byrrne) 

Argosy, 59:416c Ap). 
Election versus appointment of officials. (J. G. 

Bourinot) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5: 65 3 ( Mr). 
Electioneering, Humours of. (C. W. Radcliffe- 

Cooke) Eng. Iilust. i3-'389(Ag). 
Elections, The costs of. (T. S. Ball) Westm. 143: 

Elective* in elementary schools. (E. J. Goodwin) 
Educa. R. 10: I2(je). 

Electric discharge through gases. (J. J. Thomp- 
son) Nature, 51: 33<KJa3i). • 

Electric and cable cars, Progress in England. Sat. 
R. 8o:72i(N3o). 

Electric furnace; a lecture-experiment. (W. C. 
Roberts- Austen) Nature, 52: ii4(My3<>). 

Electric heating and cooking. Dub. R. 117: 154OI). 

— Modern science of. (W. S. Had a way) Engin. 

M. 9:302(My). 
Electric light, Reducing the cost of. (N. W. Perry) 

Engin. M. 9-57(Ap). 
Electric light fittings, Ornamentation of (C. R. 

Ashbee) Art J. 47: 91 (Mr). 
Electric lighting. (F. Parsons) Arena, 13:118, 

381. 14:86-439. is:95(Je-D). 

— Municipal, in Chicago. (W. J. Meyers) Pol. 

Sci. Q. io:87(Mr). 

— of streets. (F. L. Pope) Engin. M. 9: 261 (My). 
Electric locomotives on steam roads. (G. J. Var- 

ney) Lippinc. 55:415( M 0- 
Electric measure, Legal units of. (T. C. Menden- 
hall) Science, n. s. i = 9(Ja4). 

— U.S. units of. Nature, 51: 5i8(Mr28). 
Electric motor; Will it suspersede steam? (J. 

Wetzler) Scrib. M. i7:594(My). 

Electric oscillations, Poincare on. (A. Gray) Na- 
ture, 51: 361 (F14). 

Electric power for isolated factories. (VV. A. 
Anthony) Engin. M. 8: 869(F). 

— in Southern cotton mills. (A. F. McKissick) 

Engin. M. 8: io63(Mr). 

— transmission of. (F. J. Patten) New Sci. R. 

« : 435( A P)- 
Limits of. (A. D. Adams) Engin. M. 10: 269 


Electric railroads and country roads. (J. G. Speed) 

No. Am. 161:382(8). 

— in competition with steam railroads. (C. Deming) 

Engin. M. 9:823(Ag). 

— Will trunk lines be operated by electricity? 

(F. J. Sprague) Engin. M. 9:642(J1). 
Electric railway, Brott. Lippinc. 56: 689 (N). 

See also Trolley system. 
Electric spark, An ; a story. (G. M. Fenn) Chamb. 

J. 7 2:273-7 5 6(My-N). 
Electric storm on Mt. Elbert, Colorado. (P. A. 

Welker) Science, n. s. 2: 304(86). 
Electric strokes and their treatment. Dub. R. 117: 

Electric waves, Hertz on. (H. S. Carhart) Dial 

(Ch.) i8:79(Fi). 

— Velocity of. (J. Trowbridge and W. Duane) 

Am. J. Sci. 149: 297(Ap). 150: i04(Ag). 
Electric wiring and the fire hazard. (F. E. Cabot) 
Engin. M. 8: 1025 (Mr). 

— Conduits for. Am. Arch. 48: I33(je29). 

Electrical research, Tendencies of. (M. I. Pupin) 

Science, n.s. 2:861 (D27). 
Electrical science for architects. (R. Robb) Am. 

Arch. 47:9i(Mr2), ii9(Mr23). 48:48(My 

4), 99(Je8). 49: I2(jh3), 47(Ag3), 75( A 8 

24), 107(814). 
Electricity and steam; a study in sociology. (A. 

A. Johnson) Am. M. Civics, 7:343(0). 

— British school of. Sat. R. 79: 7(J a 5)- 

— directly from coal. (A. H. Bucherer) J. Frankl. 

Inst. i39 : 37 8 ( M y)- 

— Marvels of. (J. R. Buchanan) Arena, 14: ^ 


— Modern theories as to. (H. A. Rowland; Engin. 

M. 8:589 (Ja). 

— Operating machine tools by. (G. Richmond) 

Engin. M. 8:669(Ja). 

— Power, light, and heat in city blocks. (J. E. 

Talbot) Engin. M. 9=457(Je). 

— Pre-scientific. (H. Hayden, jr.) New Sci. R. 

i: 35 8(Ja). 

— N. Tesla and. R. of Rs. 12: 293(8). — (T. C. 

Martin) Cent. 49:9i6(Ap). 

— What it is. (Mrs. B. Moore; C. J. Reed; H. 

Clay) New Sci. R. i:309(Ja). 

— World's debt to. (J. Trowbridge) Chaut. 20: 

Electrification and light. (O. J. Lodge) Sci. Prog. 

3:i 7 5(My). 

— of air and other gases. (Lord Kelvin; M. Mac- 

lean; A. Gait) Nature, 5i:495(Mr2i). 

Electro-chemistry, Recent advances. (J. W. Rich- 
ards) J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 351 (My). 

Electrolysis, Theories of. (C. D. Whetham) Sci. 
Prog. 4: 293(D). 

Electrolytic phenomenon, Remarkable. (C. J. 
Reed) J. Frankl. Inst. i39=283(Ap). 

Electro-magnetic theory. 1. The law of electro- 
magnetic flux. (M. I. Pupin) Am. J. Sci. 150: 

Elements, The. (W. Crookes) New Sci. R. 1:385 

Elephant, African, Re-domestication of. Spec. 74 : 
161 (Ap6). 

Elephant-hunting. (P. F. Dixon) Outing, 27:117 

Eliot, George, Place of, in literature. (F. Harri- 
son) Forum, 2o:66(S). 

— Portrait of, at thirty. Critic, 27: 46, 64(Jl20, 27). 

— Tito Melema; a study. (J. H. Gulliver) New 

World, 4: 687(D). 
Elizabeth, Queen, and the beggars of the sea. (J. 
H. Round) Ath. '95, 2:455(05). 

— first 20 years of the reign of. Church Q. 40: 

405 CP). 
Elizabeth Rivers; a study in crayons. (C. Burke) 

Argosy, 60:287(8). 
Elizabethan literature, Revival of. (F. I. Carpenter) 

Dial (Ch.) i8:297(Myi6). 
Elizabethan poets, Nature in. (G. Bradford, jr.) 

Poet-Lore, 7: 529(N). 
Elizabethan sea kings. (J. Fiske) Atlan. 76:91 


Elk- battue in Russia. (F. Whishaw) Outing, 25: 

Elvira's chance; a Kansas idyl. (L. P. Bridgman) 

Overland, n. s. 25:30i(Mr). 
Ely, R. T., Acquittal of. Econ. R. 5: u8(Ja). 

— on hard times. (E. M. Burchard) Am. M. 

Civics, 7: 531 (N). 




Ely palace. (E. Venables) Good Words, 36: 554 

Elzevirs, The. (Althea Salvador) New Sci. R. 1 : 

Embezzlement and fraud; causes and remedies. 

(A. R. Barrett) Arena, 14: 196(0). 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. (J. W. Chad wick) 

Arena, 15: 12(D). 

— and Alexander Ireland. (M.D.Conway) Na- 

tion, 6o:26(Jaio), 44(Jai7). 

— and Walt Whitman, Friendship of. (W. S. 

Kennedy) Poet-Lore, 7: 71(F). 

— in his home. (F. B. Sanborn) Arena, 15: 16 

— transcendentalist and Unitarian. (V. Paget) 

Contemp. 67: 345 (Mr). 
Emin Pasha, Death of. (R. D. Mohun) Cent. 49: 

Emotion and pleasure-pain. (H. R. Marshall) 

Psychol. R. 2:57(Ja). 

— Descartes and modern theories of. (D. Irons) 

Philos. R. 4: 291 (My). 

— desire and interest. (S. F. M'Lennan) Psychol. 

R. 2:462(8). 

— Recent developments in the theory of. (D. 

Irons) Psychol. R. 2: 279(My). 

— Significance of. (J. Dewey) Psychol. R. 2:13 

Employees, Property rights of. Char. R. 5: 1 (N). 

Employer and employee, contract between, Statutory 
limitations of. (F. C. Woodward) Am. Law R. 

under the common law. Am. Arch. 50: 1 1 1 


— Place of, in distribution. (F. W. Taussig) Q. 

J. Econ. 10:67(0). 
Employer's liability, Taking stock of. (Lord 

Farrer) National, 26:356^). 
Employers and employed, Industrial Union of. 

(J. M. Ludlow) Econ. R. 5:549(0). 
in France and Belgium, Joint associations of. 

(A. M. Anderson) Econ. J. 5: 641(D). 
Encore, The; a story. (V. Hunt) Eng. Illust. 

End of it, The. Macmil. 72:454(0). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 207:337(N9). 
End of the game, The. (A. Brown) Cent. 49: 551 

Energy, Natural storage of. (L. F. Ward) Monist, 


— of the universe, Heysinger on. Sat. R. 79:516 


— Physical and spiritual; are they identical? (Mrs. 

Mary Parmele) New Sci. R. i:478(Ap). 
Engels, Friedrich. (J. Bonar) Q. J. Econ. 10: 95 

(O). — Econ. J. 5:490(8). 
Engineering, Prehistoric, at Lake Copais. (J. D. 

Champlin) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 209(D). 

— Relation to economics. (W. Kent) Science, n. s. 


— Relation to science. (L. F. Vernon-Harcourl) 

Nature, 52:501(819). 
Engineering colleges. (R. H. Thurston) Engin. 

M. 10: 418(D). 
Engineering education. (W. S. Aldrich) J. Frankl. 

Inst. 140:262(0). 

— Foundations of. (G. Lanza) Nalure, 52:405 


Engineering practice and education. (G. Lanza) 
J. Frankl. Inst. 139:44, I22(ja, F). 

Engineers. Bearing of shop practice. (C. E. 
Emery) Engin. M. 10:423(1)). 

— Natural science training for. (N. S. Shaler) 

Engin. M. 9: io2i(S). 

— Value of the manual training schools. (A. E. 

Outerbridge, jr.) Engin. M. 10: 428(D). 
England ; American ' impressions ' and * compari- 
sons.' (E. L. Banks) 19th Cent. 37:634(Ap). 
Same art. Eel. M. 125: i72(Ag). 

— and France; Anglo-French problems. (J. W. 

Lowther) National, 25:3o6(My). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 205: 707(je22). 

— and Russia. (A. Vambery) No. Am. 160: 561 


— and Wales, Rateable value of. (T. R. Luke) 

Weslm.144: 131 (Ag). 

— as a reservoir of capacities. Spec. 75: 759(N3o). 

— at the time of Sir Thomas More. (B. O. 

Flower) Arena, 14:278(0). 

— Commercial treaty with Japan. Dub. R. 116: 


— Eastern; development of certain English rivers. 

(W. M. Davis) Geog. J. 5: 127(F). 

— History, Commonwealth and protectorate, Gar- 

diner's. (W. O. Morris) Acad. 47: 5(Ja5). — 
(A. V. Dicey) Nation, 60: 28o(Apn). 61: 
I3(JU).— (W. O'C. Morris) Scot. R. 25:323 
(Ap). — Sat. R. 79:293(Mr2).— Ed. R. 181: 
New light on. (E. Porritt) No. Am. 161: 

Oman's. Sat. R. 80: i77(Agio). 

— Industrial history, Cunningham and McArthur's. 

Sat. R. 79:6o6(Myii). 

— Labor and politics in. (J. Mavor) Pol. Sci. Q. 


— Morals and religious belief in the reign of Ed- 

ward VI. (N. Pocock) Eng. Hist. R. 10:417 


— or Russia? (D. Mills) Canad. M. 4: 5i8(Ap). 

— The passing of. (Spenser Wilkinson) New R. 


— Political evolution in. Blackw. 157: 651 (Ap). 

— Rural. An architect's vacation. (R. S. Pea- 

body) Atlan. 76: 23(J1). 

— Seaman of the 16th century, Froude's. Sat. R. 

80: i 4 4(Ag3). 

— Social, Traill's. (A. B. Woodford) Dial (Ch.) 

i8:i5(Jai). 19:87^16).— (W. B. Wee- 
den) Am. Hist. R. 1: 124(0). 

— Social changes in. (E. S. Nadal) Critic, 27: 


— Two tramps in. (J. Flynt) Cent. 50: 289(Je). 
English channel. On summer seas. (Lady Ar- 
nold) Outing, 26: i56(My). 

— The short sea cross-channel routes. Blackw. 

i57:6i 4 (Ap). 

English country-house parties. (Lady Colin Camp- 
bell) Cosmopol. i8:687(Ap). 

English industry and Eastern competition. (R. S. 
Gundry) Fortn. 64: 609(0). 

English institutions, * Christianity and. (D. H. 
Wheeler) Chaut. 2o:395(Ja). 

English language, College. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 

— dictionary of, Murray's. (W. P. Garrison) 

Nation, 60: 167^28). 
Standard. Atlan. 76:414(8). 

— Educational value of. (G. H. Browne) Educa. 





English language; English as she is spoke. Atlan. 
7 6: 7 i 7 (N). 

— Expressive power of English sounds. (A. H. 

Tolman) Atlan. 75:478(Ap). 

— Renascence in. (R. Burton) Forum, 20: 181 (O). 

— Retrogression in. (P. F. Bicknell) Dial (Ch.) 


— School. (C. F. Adams) Nation, 61:309(031). 

— (W. W. Goodwin) Nation, 61: 291(624 \ 

— spoken, Changes in. (A. B. Kingsbury) New 

Sci. R. i:428(Ap). 
English law before Edward I. (R. W. Lee) Acad. 

4 8:355(N2). 
English literature. (T. Appel) Ref. Q. 42:487(0). 

— Georgian era of. (T. Hutchinson) Acad. 47: 


— High-school course in. (G. J. Smith) Educa. R. 

10: 445(D). 

— History of, Jusserand's. Sat. R. 80:550(026). 

— (W. M. Payne) Dial (Ch.) i8:32o(Jei). 

— in American Universities, Teaching of. (F. J. 

Carpenter) Dial (Ch.) 19:181(01). 

— in the college. (L. A. Sherman) Educa. R. 10: 


— Teaching of. (R. Burton) Dial (Ch.) 19:277 


— Tudor translations. (W. Raleigh) Fortn. 64: 

English nobility of our time. (H. Baumann) 

Chaut. 22:83(0). 
English people, Good sense of the. (T. E. Kebbel) 

19th Cent. 37:382(Mr). 
English poetry, Courthorpe's History of. (G. 

L. Kittredge) Nation, 61: i52(Ag29). — (W. 

M. Payne) Dial (Ch.) 19: 179(01). — Sat. 

R. 8o:85(jl2o). 

— Early history of. Church Q. 40: 461 (Jl). 

— Life of the spirt in modern. Atlan. 76: i3o(Je). 
English society; disappearance of the smaller 

gentry, 1 660-1 800. Macmil. 72: i29(Je). 
English wife, A plea for the. (E. M. Nicholl) No. 

Am. 161: 759(D). 
English-speaking lands. (S. P. Cadman) Chaut. 

2i:6i5(Ag), 727(8). 
Engraving, Copper, steel, and bank-note. (C. W. 

Dickinson) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:597(Mr). 
Entomology, Legal. (R. V. Rogers) Green Bag, 

7 : 323(J1). 
Envelopes, Civil-war. (J. H. Adams) New Eng. 

M. n. s. 12: i2i(Mr). 
Envoy, The; a poem. (L. S. Porter) Cosmopol. 

Eon de Beaumont, Chevalier, True story of, Vize- 

telly's. Sat. R. 80:581^2). 
Eozoon and the Monte Somna blocks. (H. J. 

Johnston-Lavis and J. W. Gregory) Nat. Sci. 

6: 39 8(Je). 
Ephemerides, Astronomical. (J. Morrison) Pop. 

Astron. 2: 301 (Mr.) 
Ephesus and the Temple of Diana. Temp. Bar, 

I0 4 : 355(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 153 


— Council of, Papal supremacy at. (L. Rivington) 

Dub. R. u6:375(Ap). 
Ephphatha; a poem. (C. Burke) Argosy, 60: 472 

Epidemics and Providence. (E. D. Weigle) Luth. 

„ Q- 25:317(11). 

Epigenesis, Evolution or? (H. C. Hiller) Nature, 

Epigenesis, Hertwig on. (G. C. Bourne) Nature, 

Epigraphy, Field. (J. Alden) Nation, 61 : 307 

Epiphany, Reflections on. (G. F. Mull) Ref. Q. 

42: i6o(Ap). 
Episcopate, Historic. (R. J. Cooke) Meth. R. 55: 

Congregationalism and. (G. P. Fisher) Chr. 

Lit. 13:322(0). 
Episode in two lives ; a story. Belgra. 86: 369(Ap). 
Epitaph for a husbandman; a poem. (C. G. D. 

Roberts) Cosmopol. 19: I46(je). 
Epitaphs, Curious. Canad. M. 4: 290 (Ja). 

— Some English graves. (Mrs. J. M. K. Fleming) 

Argosy, 60:536(0). 
Equality as the basis of good society. (W. D. 

Ho wells) Cent. 5i:63(N). 
Equatorial, small, Adjustment of. (H. A. Howe) 

Pop. Astron. 3: 131 (N), 193(D). 
Equity, Thirteen maxims of; a poem. (R. Palmer) 

Green Bag, 7: 27 (Ja). 
Eranthemums, Cultivation of. (N. J. Rose) Garden 

&F. 8:516(025). 
Erasmus, D. (F. St. J. Thackeray) Gent. M. n. s. 

54: 91 (Ja). — Quar. 180: 1 (Ja). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 204:77i(Mr30). 

— and the Reformation. (J. C. Bailey) Temp. 

Bar, 104: 207(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 

— in Italy. (E. H. R. Tatham) Eng. Hist. R. 10: 


— Life of, Froude's. Church Q. 4o:4o(Ap). — 

(C. A. L. Richards) Dial (Ch.) 18: 73(Fi). — 
Ed. R. i8i:i73(Ja). — (J. Gibb) Crit. R. 

5 : 7i(Ja). 
Eretria, Temple in. (R. B. Richardson) Am. J. 

Archaeol. 10: 326(J1-S). 

— Theatre in. (E. Capps) Am. J. Archaeol. 10: 338 

Ericsson, John. (J. J. O'Shea) Cath. World, 61: 

832 (S). 
Erie, I^ake; Correlation of New York moraines 
• with raised beaches of. (F. Leverett) Am. J. 

Sci. 150: i(Jl). 
Errant wooing, An. (C. C. Harrison) Cent. 49: 

370-894. 50: i33(J a -My). 
Erwin, Joseph, a merchant of Philadelphia, 1768- 

91. (J. Erwin) Pennsyl. M. 19:397(0). 
Eschatology, Pauline. (O. Cone) New World, 4: 

Eskimos, A day's hunting among. (F. Nansen) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 446(F). 
Esmond, H. V. Divided way. Sat. R. 80: 728 

(n 3 o). 

Espronceda, Jose de, a son of Spain. (O. F. Dab- 

ney) Poet-Lore, 7:546^). 
Essex farm folk. (A. T. Pask) Eng. Illust. 13: 551 

Estate duty in England, Munro's. Sat. R. 79: 534 

Esther. (R. B. Hale) New Eng. M. n. s. 12:561, 

688(J1, Ag). 
Eternal punishment, The case against. Westm. 

144: i6o(Ag). 
Ether, The, and its functions. (G. F. Fitzgerald) 

New Sci. R. i:4i4(Ap). 
Ethical process, relation to the cosmic, Huxley 

on. (F. E. White) Int. J. Ethics, 5:478(31). 





Ethics, Advancement of. (F. E. Abbot) Monist, 
5: I92(ja). 

— and economics. (F. P. Powers) Lippinc. 56: 

53 1 (O). 

— and politics. (H. Macqueary) Am. M. Civics, 


— Hyslop's Elements of. (E. Albee) Philos. R. 


— idealist, Method of. (S. H. Mellone) Philos. R. 

Ethics, Immoral. (A. Gilbertson) Westm. 144: 


— in natural law. (L. G. Janes) Pop Sci. Mo. 


— Italian, National character and classicism in. 

(L. Ferri) Int. J. Ethics, 5:340(Ap). 

— natural law and evolution. (J. Royce) Int. J. 

Ethics, 5:48901). 

— principles of, Scth on. (G. S. Patton) Presb. 

& Ref. R. 6:57801). — (J. G. Schurman) 
Philos. R. 4: 77 (Ja). 

— Question of authority in early English. (N. 

Wilde) Philos. R. 4:603^). 

— science of, Georg von Gizycki and. (F. Jodl) 

Int. J. Ethics, 5: 5Co(Jl). 

— Theoretical and applied. (E. M. Bowden) 

Philos. R. 4:6i6(N). 
Etiquette, Animal. Liv. Age, 204:8i9(Mr3o). 

— Marine. (A. O. Klaussmann) Chaut. 22: 199(N). 
Etruria: a sleeping beauty. (G. E. Channing) 

Cosmopol. 19:30101)' 
Euboea, Summer ride in. (N. W. Williams) Gent. 
M. n. s. 55:25(S). — Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 

Eucalyptus — the fever-tree. All the Year, 76: 84 

Eugene, Prince. (A. Laugel) Nation, 60: 80*3). 
Euphrates, Sources of. (W. F. Ainsworth) Geog. 

J. 6: i73(Ag). 
Euripides, Alcestis, performed at Brad field. (J. E. 

Sandys) Acad. 47:5100615). 

— the rationalist, Verrall's. (C. Dodgson) Acad. 

47:4i8(Myi8). — (R. Y. Tyrrell) Sat. R. 80: 
40OI13). — (B. L. Gildersleeve) Nation, 61: 136 


Europe from 181 5 to 1871. (A. von Stern) 19th 
Cent. 37: 341(F). 

— Some reminiscences of eastern. (H. W. Pres- 

ton) Atlan. 76: 795(D). 

— Summer outings in. (J. Rochard) Chaut. 21: 

Evangelical movement in America. (C. F. Dole) 

New Eng. M. 12:53301). 
Evangelists, Famous, of the U.S. (S. P. Cadman) 

Chaut. 2o:44i(Ja). 

— Need for. (W. F. Mallalieu) Meth. R. 55: 849 


— Place of, in church work. (A. R. Kremer) Ref. 

Q. 42: i78(Ap). 
Evans, Amos A., Surgeon U.S.N., Journal kept by, 

on U.S. frigate "Constitution," 1812. (A. W. 

Evans) Pennsyl. M. 19: 152OI). 
Evans, George Essex. (O. Smeaton) Westm. 144: 

501 (N). 
Evelyn Moore's poet. (G.Allen) Longm. 25:487 

(Mr). Same art. Chaut. 20:4340a). 
Evening continuation schools. (J. J. Davies) 

Westm. 144:670(0). 
Evening Home and Library Association, Philadel- 
phia. (O. Wister) Harper, 91 : 268(J1). 

Every day affair; a story. (O. Flinch) Harper, 

Everyday egotist, An; a story. (E. Miller) Eng. 
Ill ust. 12: no. 5, 89(F). 

Every day martyr, An. (A. M. Hays) Overland, 
n. s. 26:332(8). 

Evil eye, Superstition of the. (E. Clodd) Acad. 
47 : 459(J eI )« — Quar. 182: 204 (Jl) 

Evolution, agnostic, Gaps in. (F. H. Hill) Na- 
tional, 26:97(S). Same art. Eel. M. 125:766 

— and consciousness. (J. M. Baldwin) Science, 

n. s. 2: 2i9(Ag23). 

— and cosmic telepathy. 0* Cook) Our Day, 15 : 


— and development. (S. W. Dyde) Philos. R. 

4 :i(Ja). 

— and education. (J. Le Conte) Educa. R. 10: 


— and man's place in nature. Church Q. 40: 150 


— and teleology. (F. H. P. Coste) New Sci. R. 

2:6 4 (J1). 

— Atavism and. (C. Lombroso) Con temp. 68: 42(J1). 

— Babies and monkeys. (S. S. Buck man) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 46:37i(J a )« 

— Bonnet's theory of. (C. O. Whitman) Monist, 


— Bye-products in. Sat. R. 79: I55(F2). 

— doctrine of, Constructive power of. (E. P. 

Powell) New World, 4:506(8). 

— Drummond and Kidd on. (H. C. Minton) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: I36(ja). 

— ethics and natural law. (J. Royce) Int. J. 

Ethics, 5:48900. 

— Experimental, amongst plants. (L. H. Bailey) 

Am. Natural. 29: 3i8(Ap). 

— the fifth gospel. (W. Hutchinson) Monist, 6: 99 


— For the beauty of an ideal. (A. Fogazzaro) 

Contemp. 67: 671 (My). Same art. Eel. M. 

125: 1 (ji). 

— Hereditary mechanism and the search for the 

unknown factors of. (H. F. Osborn) Am. 
Natural. 29:4i8(My). 

— how it evolves. (S. Jarvis) Arena, 14:67(8). 

— Human, and the fall. (H. Wood) Arena, 12: 

35 8(My). 

work of, Ideas in. (G. Le Bon) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 47: 451 (Ag). 

— Method of organic. (A. R. Wallace) Fortn. 

63: 211(F), 435(Mr). 

— Morality in nature and. (J. T. Bixby) New 

World, 4:444(8). 

— of evolution. (St. G. Mivart) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 


— or epigenesis? (H. C. Hitler) Nature, 52:317 


— organic, and mental elaboration. (H. M. Fos- 

ton) Mind, 68:472(0). 

— Origin of man and the religious sentiment. (A. 

Fogazzaro) Contemp. 68:65(J1). Same art. 
Eel. M. 125:289(8). 

— Osborn's From the Greeks to Darwin. (F. C. 

S.Schiller) Philos. R. 4:850*0- 

— Present problems of organic. (E. D. Cope) 

Monist, 5:56301). Same art. Science, n. s. 

— Present-day conception of. (B. B. Warfield) 

Chr. Lit. 13: 277(8). 


4 1 


Evolution, Primer of, Clodd's. Sat. R. 79: 605 

— Salisbury on. (H. Spencer) 19th Cent. 38: 741 


— Statistical investigation of. Nature, 5i:5io(Mr 


— Theory of, and social progress. (J. le Conte) 

Monist, 5:48101). 

— What should be the attitude of the church tow- 

ards, as a working theory of the universe. (G. 

J. Burton) Chr. Lit. 13: 125OI). 
Examination curve. (C. L. Morgan) Nature, 51: 

Examinations, Civil service, in England. Sat. R. 
80: 572, 655, 688 (N2, 16,23). 

— College, and student honor. (VV. L. Stevens) 

Forum, 18: 732(F). 

— Dangers of. (A. W. Drayson) New Sci. R. 

Examining, Science of. (P. T. Austen) Science, 

n. s. 2:223(Ag23). 
Exchanges, Foreign, and movement of gold, 1894-5. 

(W. C. Ford; Yale R. 4: i28(Ag). 
Exeter, Bishops of, in the 13th and 14th centuries. 

(A. Hamilton) Dub. R. 117: i6(Jl). 
Exeter, Countess of, the cottage countess. Cornh. 

. 72:375(0). 

Exiles. M acmil. 7 2 : 2 74 ( Ag) . 

Exington bank, The ; a story. Temp. Bar, 106: 35 

Exploration of the world. (J. L. Lobley) Knowl. 
18: i8 7 (Ag). 

Explorations, Early, Beazley on. Sat. R. 79:604 

Explosives. All the Year, 76: 298(Mr3o). 

Export trade, American, Growth of. (T. A. Eddy 
and C. Schurz) Engin. M. 9:4i3(Je). 

Expression, Facial; Trades and faces. (L. Robin- 
son) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47:627(S). 

Exterritoriality of orientals in England. Green 
Bag, 7: 388(Ag). 

Extravagance, Our national. (F. C. Baylor) Lip- 
pine. 56: I23(J1). 

Eyes and head, Relations between the movements 
of the. (R. Boyle) Nature, 52: i84(Je2o). 

— of the dead, Images in. (E. Wallace) No. Am. 

160: 248(F). 
Eyesight, Art and. (L. Howe) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 

Eyoub, Turkey. (R. Davey) Art J. 47: i46(My). 

Same art. Eel. M. 125:604^). Same art. 

McClure, 5: 3 6i(S),455(0). 

Face of death, The. (L. DougalH Atlan. 76:640 

Facial expression; trades and faces. (L. Robin- 
son) Blackw. i57:689(My). 

Fact and fiction. Liv. Age, 205: 572(Jei). 

Factory act, The new English. Econ. J. 5: 471 (S). 

Factory law, Illinois. (J. H. Wigmorej Nation, 
60: 299(Api8). 

Fairs, The great, of Russia. Chamb. J. 72: 550 

Faith and culture. Spec. 75:891(021). 

— Foresight of. (J. Watson) Chr. Lit. 12:275 


— Light of. (F. David) Dub. R. 1 17: 87QI). 

— Science and. (P. Topinard) Monist, 6: 28 (O). 
Faith-healing. (J. Fergusson) Canad. M. 6: 183 


Faithful failure, A. (G. I. Putnam) Cent. 49:939 

Faithful failure, A. (E. O. White) Atlan. 75:613 

Falconry. (R. B. Lodge) Good Words, 36:686 

Fall, The, and human evolution. (H. Wood) 

Arena, i2:358(My). 
Fall of Rhodes, The; a story. (H. N. Crellin) 

Gent. M. n. s. 55: 109 (Ag). 
Falling leaves; a poem. (Maude Lyons) Cosmo- 

pol. i9:48(My). 
Falstaff, Verdi's. Critic, 26: 109 (F9). 
Fame's little day; a story. (S. O. Jewett) Harper, 

90: 56c(Mr). 
Families, Continued care of. (F. A. Smith) Char. 

R. 4:4i8(Je). 
Family council, The, in France. (M. Betham- 

Ed wards) National, 26:35i(N). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 207:634(07). 
Family names. Cornh. 7i:405(Ap). 
Fancher, Mollie, Clairvoyance of. (T. E. Allen) 

Arena, i2:329(My). 
Farewell ; a poem. (D. H. Cornish) Argosy, 60: 

Farmer, American, What of? Pub. Opin. 19:298 


— Education of. (S. J. Logan) Am. M. Civics, 6: 


— Fate of the. (F. P. Powers) Lippinc. 55:261 


— in American politics. (J. Macy) Yale R. 3: 369 


— Politics and the. (B. F. Clayton) No. Am. 

160: 166(F). 

— Western, Problems before the. (L. D. Lewell- 

ing) No. Am. 160: i6(Ja). 
Farmers, Cooperation among. (E. F. Adams) 
Forum, 20:364^). 

— Reform from their point of view. (W. Al- 

drich) Am. M. Civics, 6:399(Ap). 
Farming, The charm of. Spec. 74: 68o(Myi8). 

— in England, Depression of. Sat. R. 80: 402 

(S28). See Agriculture. 
Farming the taxes; a story. (S. J. Weyman) 

McClure, 5: 269 (Ag). 
Farnell, Geo. Stanley. Acad. 48:410(^6). — 

Ath. J 95, 2:682(Ni6). 
Farnham castle. (E. Venables) Good Words, 63: 

i59(Mr), 258(Ap). — Spec. 75: i73(Agio). 
Fashions, A century of. (Henri Bouchot) Cos- 

mopol. 19: 261 (Jl). 

— of the 19th century. (A. M. Earle) Chaut. 21: 

i3i(My), 26o(Je). 
Fast and Thanksgiving Days of New England, 

Love on. (A. M. Earle) Dial (Ch.) 19:41 

Fatal reservation, A; a story. (R. O. Prowse) 

Cornh. 71: 86-643 (Ja-Je). 
Fate of Humphrey Snell; a story. (G. Gissing) 

Eng. Must. 14: i(O). 
Fate of three; a story. (J. D. Symon) Eng. Must. 

Faulting, Folds and. (W. F. Hume) Sci. Prog. 

2: 399. 456(Ja, F). 
Fauna, First, of the earth. (J. F. James) Am. 

Natural. 29: 88o(0), 97°(N). 
Faunas, Subterranean. Nature, 52:225014). 
Fechin, St., of Corca Bascinn. (E. Lawless) 19th 

Cent. 37: 421 (Mr). 


4 2 


Fechner's paradoxon. (T. R. Robinson) Am. J. 

Psychol. 7:9(0). 
Federal jurisdiction in case of corporations. (S. D. 

Thompson) Am. Law R. 29:864(N-D). 
Federalism, American, Sources of. (W. C. Morey) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 197 (S). 
Feeble-minded, Adult, Care of. (E. P. Bicknell) 

Char. R. 5:76(0). 
Feeble-minded children, Bibliography of literature 

on. (G. E. Johnson) Pedagog. Sem. 3: 299(0). 

— Contribution to the psychology and pedagogy 

of. (G. E. Johnson) Pedagog. Sem. 3: 246(0). 
Feelings, The. (H. Nichols) Philos. R. 4:506(8). 
Felicity Brooke. Liv. Age, 204: n(Ja5). 
Feline fate, A; a story. (A. R. Brown) Eng. 

Illust. 14:251(0). 
Fenelon, F. de S. de la Mothe, Some thoughts on. 

Macmil. 7i:462(Ap). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Fenian spy, A. (C. Stein) Blackw. 157: 745(My). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 715^22). 
Ferns, Notes on. (W. Scott ^ Garden & F. 8: 456 


Ferrara, Court of, in the 15th century. (Conte 
Gaudini) Scot. R. 25: 7o(Ja). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 204. P 5i5(Mr2). 

Feudal England, Round's. Sat. R. 80:477(012). 

Fever-tree, The. All the Year, 76: 84(Ja26). 

Fiction, Fact in. (F. M. Bird) Lippinc. 56: 140 


— How to write. Sat. R. 80: 693 (N23). 

Fiction, Motion and emotion in. (R. M. Daggett) 
Overland, n. s. 26: 614(D). 

— in public libraries. (E. H. Woodruff) Lib. J. 

20:342(0). — (G. W. Cole) Lib. J. I9:supp. 


— recent, A dominant note of some. (T. Brad- 

field). Eel. M. 124: 71 (Ja). 
in Britain. (G. N. Adam) Canad. M. 4: 218 


— Recent text-books on. (B. Matthews) Educa. 

R. 9:478(My). 

— Sex in. (D. F. Hannigan) Westm. 143: 616 


— Sound logic in. (F. A. Doughty) Critic, 26: 431 


— "Tendencies" in. (A. Lang) No. Am. 161: 


— types in, The two eternal. (H. W. Mabie) 

Forum, 19: 41 (Mr). 

— with a purpose. All the Year, 76: 230 (Mr9). 
Fiction-reading in the country. (F. Bates) Dial 

(Ch.) 19: n(Jli). 
Field, Eugene. Critic, 27: 304-324^9-16). — 
Our Day, 15: 279(D). — Lit. W. (Bost.) 26: 
39o(Ni6). (J. D. Barry) 420^30). 

— Home life of. (J. Blewett), Canad. M. 6: 180(D). 
Field Columbian Museum. Nature, 52: I37(je6). 
Field and hedge gleaners; by a son of the 

marshes. Eng. Illust. 14: 69(0). 
Fifth picture, The. Macmil. 72: 1 I2(je). 
Figure-head of the White Prince; a story. (M. 

Roberts) Eng. Illust. 14:243(0). 
Fijians, Ancestor-worship among. (B. H. Thomson) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 67 1 (S). 
Film holder, A new. Nature, 52:40O(Ag22). 
Filters, water, Organic matter and. Knowl. 18: 165 


Filtration of water. (S. Rideal) Knowl. 18:80 
(Ap), 270(D). 

Finance ; Is sound finance possible under popular 
government? (J. B. McMaster) Forum, 19: 

— The middleman in. (F. E. Steele) Econ. J. 5: 

4 24(S). 

— Our cash reserves. (J. B. Peat) Canad. M. 5: 

461 (S). 

— Patriotism and. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 61:459 


— Recent. National, 25: 277(Ap), 26: 267(0). 
Financial system, An American. (I. E. Dean) 

Arena, i2:25o(Ap). 
Financial trouble before election of 1892. (A. D. 

Noyes) Nation, 61:402(05). 
Finch ampstead, England, Chronicles of, Lyon's. 

Sat. R. 80:353(814). 
Fine arts, history of, Educational value of. (C. E. 

Norton) Educa. R. 9:343(Ap). 
Finger of Hankin, The. (C. J. C. Hyne) Chamb. 

J. 72:769-787(1)). 
Finland, Fishing in. (F. Whishaw) Longm. 26: 87 

(My). Same art. Outing, 27: 56(0). 

— in the 19th century. Sat. R. 79:763^8). 

— Science in. Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 566(Ag). 
Firdausi, Persian poet. (J. H. Parsons) Gent. M. 

n. s. 55:419(0). 
Fire-alarm telegraph system, Pneumatic. J. Frankl. 

Inst. i40:8i(Ag). 
Fire congress at Amsterdam. Am. Arch. 50:87 

(N23), 9 8(N 3 o). 
Fireplaces, Heating with. (W. W. Jackson) Am. 

Arch. 49 : 79(Ag24). 
Fireproofing tests. Am. Arch. 49: 99(S7). 
Fires, Apparatus for extinguishing. (J. G. Morse) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 47:477(Ag), 6o3(S). 
First book, Young writer's. (M. K. Buck) Writer, 

First-edition mania, The. (W. Roberts) Eel. M. 

First year, The; a story. (C. H. New) Munsey, 

Fish, Migrations of. Chamb. J. 72: 633(0). 

— Strange. (C. B. Hudson) Cosmopol. 19:483(8). 
Fish hatchery, New sea-, at Dunbar. (ll N. 

Badenoch) Knowl. 18: i89(Ag). 
Fish hatching. ( W. A. Smith) Scot. R. 26: 295(0). 
Fish-shooting in the West Indies. (H. W. Lanier) 

Outing, 25:455(Mr). 
Fisheries : a neglected Australian industry. Chamb. 

J. 72:645(0). 

— Sea, and the territorial waters. Blackw. 158: 

io 4 (Jl). 
Fishes, food, Distribution of. (H. N. Dickson) 

Nat. Sci. 6:3o(Ja). 
Fishing, Game, in the Pacific. (C. F. Holder) 

Cosmopol. 20: 138(D). 

— off Santa Barbara. (H. C. Booth) Outing, 26: 

355 (Ag). 

— Old-fashioned. (H.Van Dyke) Cent. 50: 540(Ag). 

— on a Devonshire trout stream. Macmil. 72:94 

(Je). Same art. Eel. M. 125:500(0). 

— on Nashotah lake. (E. W. Chubb) Outing, 26: 


— When rustics went a-trouting. (E. French) 

Outing, 26: I92(je). 
Fishing tackle. (J. Cassidy) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 

Fiske, John. Critic, 26: 3io(Ap27). 
Fitch, Robert. Ath. '95, i:478(Api3). — Nat. 

Sci. 6: 35 2 (My). 




Fitchburg, Massachusetts. (J. G. Edgerly) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 12: 321 (My). 
Fitzgerald, Edward, and archdeacon Groome. Sat. 

R. 80: i75(Agio). 

— Letters to Fanny Kemble. 1871-1883. Temp. 

Bar, 104: 27-473. 105: 33-486(Ja-Ag). — 
(E. P. Garrison) Nation, 61:297(024). — 
(W. G. Johnson) Dial (Ch.) 19:174(01).— 
(R. C. Browne) Acad. 48:45i(N3o). 

Fitzgerald, Percy, Memoirs of. Sat. R. 79:679 
(My2 5 ). 

Flag, U.S., Story of. (R. H. Titherington) Munsey, 

»3 : 40i(Jl). 

Flanders, Skating in. (C. J. K. Fenton) Argosy, 

Flash of daring, A; a story. (E. V. Wilson) 
McClure, 5: 144CJI). 

Flat-fishes, Origin of species among. (J. T. Cun- 
ningham) Nat. Sci. 6: i69(Mr), 233(Ap). 

Flaubert, Gustav. (H. T. Peck) Bookman, 2: 130 
(O). — (D. F. Hannigan) Westm. 144:383 
(O). — (E. Newman) Fortn. 64:813(0). 

— Tarver's Works and correspondence of. (J. R. 

Smith) Dial(Ch.) 19:208(016).— (W.Sharp) 
Acad. 48: 85 (A g3). — Sat. R. 80:443(05). 

Fliedner, Theodore, and Kaiserswerth. (E. Kinni- 
cutt) Cent. 5i:84(N). 

Flies as conveyers of infection. Dub. R. 117:160 

Flight of quails; moorland idyll. (G. Allen) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 5, 33(F). 
Flinck, Govaert. (T. Cole) Cent. 49:412^). 
Flint implements, Diminutive, from Hastings 

Kitchen Midden and Sevenoaks. (W. J. L. 

Abbott) Anthrop. J. 25: I37(N). 
Flodden, Campaign of. Li v. Age, 206? I95(jl27). 
Flogging; must we have the cat-o'-nine tails? (E. 

T. Gerry) No. Am. i6o:3i8(Mr). 
Floods in western rivers. (C. B. Going) Engin. 

M. 8:i038(Mr). 
Flora, vernal, Origin of. (J. Harshberger) Science, 

n. s. i = 92(Ja25). 
Harshberger on. (C. Robertson) Science, 

n. s. 1:371 (Aps). 
Floral biology, Present position of. (J. C. Willis) 

Sci. Prog. 4: 204(N). 
Floras, Insular. (W. B. Hemsley) Sci. Prog. 2: 

379- 3 ; 23, 447(>, Mr, Ag). 
Florence, Mass., Sheffield's History of. (W. P. 

Garrison) Nation, 6o:264(Ap4). 
Florian, wood-engraver. Scrib. M. i8:578(N). 
Florida, Winter days in. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 

I3 :1 e ). 
Flower of the fields; a poem. (M. Cawein) Cosmo- 

pol. 2o:52(N). 
Flower festivals, Santa Barbara. (S. A. Higgins) 

Chaut. 2i:53i(Ag). 
Flower garden at Wellesley. (T. D. Hatfield) 

Garden & F. 8:358(84). 

— Color in. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 321 


— Notes on. (W. N. Craig) Garden & F. 8:387 

Flower-lore. Atlan. 75:858(Je). 

— of New England children. (A. M. Earle) Atlan. 

75 : 459(Ap). 
Flower-show at Temple gardens. Spec. 74: 749 

— Autumn, in Chicago. Garden & F. 8:468(N T 2o). 

— in Boston. Garden & F. 8: !39(Ap.3). 

Rowers, Doubling of. (G. H. Powell) Garden 
& F. 8:448(N6). 

— Late blooming hardy herbaceous plants. (J. W. 

Manning) Garden & F. 8: 396(02), 406(09). 

— New York Cut Flower Co. Garden & F. 8:452 

(N13), 4 62(N20). 

— Popular books about. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

& F. 8:20i(My22). 

— Some unusual androgynous flower-clusters. (J. G. 

Jack) Garden & F. 8: 222(Je5). 

— town, Tyranny of. Argosy, 59«47(Ja). 

— Wholesale markets of, N. Y. City. Garden & 

F. 8: 232 (Je 1 2). 
-r- Wild, of September. (D. E. Collins) Garden 
& F. 8:409(09). 

— Wind-fertilized. (A. S. Wilson) Knowl. 18: 

Fluorine, Presence of, as a test for the fossilization of 

animal bones. (T. Wilson) Am. Natural. 29 : 

301. 439^ 7 J 9(Ap, My, Ag). 
Flying, Mechanical. (H. S. Maxim) Knowl. 18: 

Flying- machine, Birds in flight and the. (H. S. 

Maxim) No. Am. 161:405(0). 

— The Maxim. (A. G. Greenhill) Nature, 52:321 


— Maxim's experiments. (H. S. Maxim) Cent. 

49 : 444(Ja). 

— Wellner's sail- wheel. (H. Bonfort) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 46:627(Mr). 

Foa, Edouard, in Africa. Sat. R. 79: 224(Fi6). 

Fogg art museum at Cambridge, Mass. (M. Brim- 
mer; E. W. Hooper) Harv. Grad. M. 3:301 

Folds and faulting. (W. F. Hume) Sci. Prog. 2: 

399, 45 6 (Ja, F). 
Folklore, Cox's Introduction to. (A. Lang) Acad. 
4 8: 5 59(D28). 

— West African; some prototypes of the " Uncle 

Remus " stories. (A. B. Ellis) Pop. Sci. Mo. 

4 8:93(N). 
Folk-prayers. (S. Baring-Gould) Chr. Lit. 12: 157 

folk-speech. Spec. 74:495(Api3). 

Food, familiar, Notes on. All the Year, 76: 7(Ja5). 

— of mankind. (C. D. Wilson) Lippinc. 55:716 

Food-nerves. (T. W. Nunn) New Sci. R. 1:277 

Fools of Shakspeare. (T. R. Slicer) New Eng. M. 

n. s. i2:374(My). 

Football, Characteristics of Canadian. (A. C. 

Kingstone and C. A. S. Boddy) Outing, 27: 


— Review of season of 1894. (W. Camp) Outing, 


of '95. (W. Camp) Outing, 27: i69(N). 

Foote, Henry S., Personal recollections of. (G. 

Baber) Overland, n. s. 26: i62(Ag). 
Foote collection of English literature, Sale of. 

Critic, 26:101, i64(F9, Mr2). 
Footstep from the Unseen. (J. Watson) Good 

Words, 36:Xmas no. 1. Same art. Liv. age, 

For the Chiltern Hundreds; a story. (E. W. 

Abram) Temp. Bar, 106:538(0). 
For the dearest; a Valentine story. (E. H. Miller) 

Chaut. 20: 593(F). 
For humanity's sake; a story. (W. L. Edmonds) 

Canad. M. 5:411(8). 




For love of Marta; a story. (F. I. Curric) Mun- 

sey, 1 3:256c Je). 
For ten francs; a story. (George Fleming) New 

R. 13:456(0). Same art. Eel. M. 125:695 

Forbes, Archibald. Memories of war and peace. 

Sat. R. 80:807(014). 
Forbin, Claude de, More adventures of. (E. P. 

Thompson) Gent. M. n. s. 55: i39(Ag). 
Force as a moral influence. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 

Forces, Inter-relation of. (A. H. Ivens) Westm. 

125:369(8). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 369(8). 
Foreigner, A; a story. (E.Gerard) Blackw. 157: 

77-885. 158: 42-836(Ja-D). 
Forest, German. (S. Whitman) Chaut. 21:36 

Forest-fires; are they a necessary evil? (B. E. 

Fernow) Garden & F. 8: 242(Jei9). 

— Lesson of. (B. Hubbard) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 586 

Forest management. (Gifford Pinchot) Garden & 

F. 8:3090131), 3i9(Ag7). 
Forest-trees in spring. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F. 8:i9i(Myi5). 
Forestry; American Forestry Association meeting at 

Springfield, Mass. Garden & F. 8: 369CS1 1). 

— and the abandoned farm. (C. S. Plumb) Garden 

& F. 8: i62(Ap24). 

— at Atlanta exposition. Garden & F. 8: 449(N6). 

— Black-walnut in the west. (C. A. Keffer) 

Garden* F. 8: I2(ja9). 

— California experiment station. (C. H. Shinn) 

Garden & F. 8:62(Fi3). 

— for farms. (C. S.Sargent) Garden & F. 8:411 


— Hybrid oaks in Western Missouri. (B. F. Bush) 

Garden & F. 8: 32 ( Ja23) . 

— in the Mich. Agricultural College. (W. F. 

Beal) Garden & F. 8: i48(Apio). 

— in Natal. (W. R. Fisher) Nature, 51:234 


— Meeting of the American and N. J. State associ- 

ations. Garden & F. 8: 229 (Je5). 

— Need of forest schools in America. (G. Pinchat) 

Garden & F. 8: 298OI24). 

— Seasonable work among the trees. (C. S. 

Sargent) Garden & F. 8:46i(N2o). 

— Western N. Y. woodlands. (E. J. Hill) Garden 

&F.8:3 4 2(Ag28), 382(S2 5 ). 

— Why we need skilled foresters. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8: 131 (Ap3). 
Forests, and rivers. Garden & F. 8: 371(818). 

— of Japan, Sargent's studies of. (C. E. Bessey) 

Am. Natural. 29: 1049(D). 

— of the National domain. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

&F. 8:i(Ja2), 5i(F6). 

— of Pennsylvania. (J. F. Rothrock) J. Frankl". 

Inst. 140: 105 (Ag). 

— of the Wabash valley. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

& F. 8:ioi(Mri3). 

— A plan to save the. Cent. 49: 626(F). 
Forever and a day; a story. (K. Jarboe) Munsey, 

Forged Madonna, The. (R. M. Strong) Chamb. J. 
* 72:774-809(0). 
Formalin. (L. Stern) Am. Arch. 47:21(^12). 

— as a preservative medium for marine animals. 

(J. Homcllj Nat. Sci. 6: 416(D). — (F. C. 
Kenyon) Am. Natural. 29:82(Ja). 

Formosa island. (R. S. Gundry) Sat. R. 79: 574 
(My4). — Liv. Age, 2o6:44o(Agi7). 

Fort Griswold massacre. New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 

Forth river, The inches of. (T. P. White) Scot R. 

Fossilization of animal bones, Presence of fluorine 
as a test for. (T. Wilson) Am. Natural. 29: 
301 (Ap). 

Fotheringay, Tragedy of, Scott on. (Goldwin 
Smith) Nation, 6i:3o(J1ii). 

Four as a sacred number. (A. W. Buckland) An- 
throp. J. 25:96(N). 

Four cameos; a symposium. (G. W. Steevens) 
New R. i2:536(My). 

Four-dimensional space. (A. E. Bostwick) New 
Sci. R. 2: 146(0). 

Four hundred, Myth of the. (Mrs. Burton Har- 
rison) Cosmopol. 19: 329(Jl). 

Four wise virgins; a sketch. (S. J. A. Fitz-Gerald) 
Belgra. 86:289(Mr). 

Fovea, Normal defect of vision in. (C. L. Frank- 
lin) Psychol. R. 2: i37(Mr). 

Fowls of the air. (H. Maxwell) Good Words, 36: 

Fox hunters and farmers; Lord Suffolk. A reply. 

(E. Heneagc) National, 24: 764(F). 
Fox-hunting. Outing, 27: 193(D). 

— by moonlight. (M. G. Humphreys) Outing, 26: 


— Decline of. Sat. R. 79: 343(Mn6). 

— in Kentucky. (J. Fox, jr.) Cent. 50: 62o(Ag). 

— in the United States. (C. W. Whitney) Har- 

per, 90: 495 (Mr). 
France, An atole, as a critic. Sat. R. 80:41 (Jl 13). 

— chief influences of his career. Forum, 20: 344 

France and Belgium, The danger in. Macmil. 72: i 
* (My). 

— and England. (J. Simon) Contemp. 67: 783(Je). 
Attitude of France. (F. A. Maxse) National, 

25 : 85i(Ag). 
Les sentiments de la France pour l'Angleterre. 

(E. Ollivier) New R. I2:46(ja). 

— and Germany, Twenty-five years of peace. Sat. 

R. 8o:26i(Ag3i). 

— and Italy, Question of. (E. Armstrong) Scot. 

R. 25:1410a). 

— and Russia, Industrial alliance of. (A. Laugel) 

Nation, 61: H4(Agi5). 

— Army; discipline of troops in colonial conquests. 

(J. D. Ross) Chamb. J. 72: i40(Mr). 

Health experiments in. (S. Dewey) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 48:204(1)). 

— Baring-Gould's Deserts in Southern. (A. B. 

Hart) Nation, 60:53(^17). 

— Centralization in. (A. Laugel) Nation, 61: 221 


— Church of, The new grievance of. Spec. 74: 


— constitution, Development of present. (R. 

Saleilles) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: i(Jl). 

— Finances of the Republic. (D. MacG. Means) 

Nation, 61:443^19). 

— " Fraternal," Maxse on. (C. C. P. Fitzgerald) 

National, 26:258(0). 

— Genius of. (H. Ellis) Atlan. 75: 72 (Ja). 

— History, Revolution ; memoirs of the Directory. 

^A. Laugel) Nation, 60: i44(F2i), i62(F28), 




France, History, Revolution, Von Hoist's. Nation, 
6o:347(My2). — (D. L. Shorey) Dial (Ch.) 
i8: lo(Jai). 

Work of committees of legislation and pub- 
lic instruction in the Convention. (H. M. 
Stephens) Yale R. 4:305^). 

1st empire, Broc's Life under. (A. Laugel) 

Nation, 60: 297(Api8). 

2d empire, Personal history of. (A. D. Van- 
dam) No. Am. 160: i-726(Ja-D). 

Life in the Tuileries under. (A. L. Bick- 

nell) Cent. 50: 709(8). 

Second republic, Beginnings of. (A. D. 

Vandam) Fortn. 64: 776, oo2(N, D). 

— Institute of. (H. de Varigny) Nature, 52:459 


— Orleanism. New R. 13: I9(J1). 

— Political situation in. (G. Monod) Contemp. 


— Presidents and politics in. (A. Filon) Fortn. 

63: 337 (Mr). 

— Revival of, 1870-95. (A. Cohn) Atlan. 75: 82 


— Rural dwellings in. (E. Castelot) Econ. J. 5: 

Francesca di Rimini. (L. de La Rame) Cosmopol. 

Francia, II. Madonna and child, with St. Anne. 

(G. Allen) Eng. Illust. 14:27(0). 
Francis of Assisi, St., Saba tier's. (B. B. Warfield) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 158O). —Church Q. 40: 

Franco, Niccolo. The first Castilian inquisitor. 

(H. C. Lea) Am. Hist. R. 1:46(0). 

Franklin, B., as an economist. (W. A. Wetzel) 

J. H. Univ. Stud. 13:419(8). 

— Neglected incident in life of. (E. J. James) 

Nation, 60: 296(Api8). 

— 189th birthday celebration of. Critic, 26:69 

Franklin, Sir John, Arctic expedition, Fiftieth 

anniversary of. Geog. J. 6: 31 CJO- 
Fraud and embezzlement: Causes and remedies. 

(A. R. Barrett) Arena, 14: 196(0). 
Frederick the Great. Ed. R. i8i:373(Ap). 
Free thought, Crisis in. (S. Dewey) Westm. 143: 

Free trade in Australia. (D. MacG. Means) 

Nation, 6i:74(Agi). 

— The new party. (A. Reid) Fortn. 63:874^). 
Free-will and responsibility. (D.G.Ritchie) Int. 

J. Ethics, 5:409^). 
Ritchie on. (J. H. Hyslop) Int. J. Ethics, 6: 

Freedom: a poem. (E. M. Thomas) Cosmopol. 

20: 224(D). 

— Individual. (J. W. Appel) Ref. Q. 42: 397 


— Speculative significance of. (B. P. Bowne) 

Meth. R. 55:681(8). 
Freeman, Edward A. Quar. 182: 281 (O). 

— the scholar and professor. (II. B. Adams) Yale 

R. 4 :2 3 i(N). 

— Stephens's Life and letters of. (H. B. Adams) 

Am. Hist. R. 1: 149(0). — (N. Pinder) Acad. 
47 : 5i7(Je22). — Sat. R. 79:698^^25). — 
Church Q. 41: io8(0). — (B. S. Terry) Dial 
(Ch.) I9:37(jli6). — Nation, 6H48CJI18). 
Freemasonry in Boston. (W. B. Ellis) New Eng. 
M. n. s. 13:3(8). 

French, Daniel Chester. (R. Corlissoz) Atlan. 75: 

French, Frank, wood engraver. Scrib. M. 17:689 

French, Thomas Valpy. (H. B. Harington) Acad. 

French colonization. (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 

French journalism. National, 26:74(8). 
French language, Do Americans need to speak? 

(A. Hennequin) Educa. 16: i7o(N). 
French legal procedure, Peculiarities of. Green 

Bag, 7: 79(F). 
French literature. Les jeunes revues. Atlan. 76: 

i 4 i(J1). 

— 19th century. Black w. 157: 171(F). 

French men and manners, Vandam's. Sat. R. 80: 

French squire's diary, A. Gent. M. 55:442^). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 607(07). 
Freneau's National Gazette. (P. L. Ford) Nation, 

6c: i43(F2i). 
Frere, Sir Bartle. (F. J. Goldsmid) Geog. J. 5:462 

(My).— Ed. R. i82:i56(Jl). 

— Martineau's. Blackw. 157: 351 (Mr). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 205:i95(Ap27). — Ath. '95, 1:109 

(Ja26). — Sat. R. 79:32o(Mr9). 
Fresh air work in New York city. (W. H. Tol- 

man) Chaut, 21: 713 (S). 
Fressingfield, Eng., Families in, wishing to emigrate 

to America. N.E. Reg. 49: 337 (Jl). 
Freytag, Gustav, with portrait. ( \V. H. Carpenter) 

Bookman, i:3i5(Je). — Dial (Ch.) 18:287 

Friend to the Devil. (M. Thompson) Lippinc. 

56:25 7 (Ag). 
Friendly societies, 1884-94. (E- W. Brabrook) 

J. Statis. Soc. 58: 286( Je). 
Friendly societies, Old-age pensions and. (J. 

Chamberlain) National, 24:5920a). 
Friendly Society finance, Illustrations of. (J. F. 

Wilkinson) J. Statis. Soc. 58:3030c). 
Friendly Society system. Quar. 182: I26(J1). 
Friends on the Astrakan ranch ; a poem. (S. F. 

Harrison) Canad. M. 4: 361(F). 
Friendship; a sermon. (R. W. Dale) Sund. M. 

Fripp, Alfred D. Acad. 47: 262(Mr23). — Ath. 

'95> 1:383(^23). 
Frith, Walter. Her advocate. Sat. R. 80: 438(05). 
Froebel and Herbart. (J. L. Hughes) Educa. R. 

Frogging in northern waters. Outing, 26: I96(je). 
Froissart, Jean, the historian. (G. C. Macaulay) 

Macmil. 71:384^0. 

— the lover. (G. C. Macaulay) Macmil. 71:223 

From the dark past. Macmil. 71: 207 (Ja). Same 

art. Eel. M. i24:4i5(Mr). 
From generation to generation. (E. E. Hale) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 13:534(0). 
From the Hebrid Isles : stories. (F. Macleod) 

Harper, 92:45(0). 
From the jaws of death. (R. F. Dixon) Canad. 

M. 5 : 35KAg). 
From the memoirs of a minister of France; stories. 

(S. J. Weyman) Eng. Illust. v. 12, I3(ja-S). 
From the note-book of a country doctor. Macmil. 

73 : 36(N). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:628 



4 6 



Frontier fight, A. (G. A. Forsyth) Harper, 91: 
42 (Je). 

Frontier service, On the. (G. W. Van Deusen) Out- 
ing, 27:241(8). 

Frothingham, Octavius Brooks. (J. H. Morse) 
Critic, 27: 379(D7). — (E. C. Stedman) Critic, 
27: 430(021). — (J. W. Chadwick) Nation, 61: 
405(05). — Ath/95, 2:872(021). 

Froude, James Anthony. (Mrs. Ireland) Contemp. 
67: I7(ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 303(F2) . 
Same art. Eel. M. 124: 262(F). Same art. Chr. 
Lit. 12: 203(F). — Quar. 182:281(0). — Liv. 
Age, 204: H2(Jai2). — (A. Binnell) Scrib. M. 
17: 149(F). 

— Reminiscences of. (J. Skelton) Black w. 157:40 


— Some letters of. (T.Stanton) Critic, 27:400(0 

Fruit as a food and medicine. (H. Benjafield) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47:677(8). 
Fruit-barrow man. (J. D. Symon) Eng. Must. 12:. 

no- 4. 59(Ja). 
Fruit-drying, a representative rural industry. (C. 

S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8:44i(N6). 
Fruit-growing in California, New fields in. (W. H. 

Tisdale) Garden & F. 8: 258^29). 
Fruit raisers of California, Cooperation among. 

(E. F. Adams), Forum, 20: 364(N). 
Fruits, California. Garden & F. 8:512(025). 

— Evolution of. (C. F.Marshall) Knowl. 18:77 

Fujisan. (A. Parsons) Harper, 90: 269 (J a). 
Fulfilment; a story. (E. K. Carter) Lippinc. 55: 

Fulham palace. (W. S. Simpson) Sund. M. 24: 735 

(N), 845(D). 
Fuller, Henry B., with portrait. (N. H. Banks) 

Bookman, 2: i5(Ag-S). 
Fuller, Margaret, Critical work of. (C. B. La 

Monte) Poet- Lore, 7=477(0). 

— Permanent influence of. (K. West) Poet-Lore, 

7 : 377(Ag-S). 

Fulton, Robert, and his steamboats. (T. C. Purdy) 
Engin. M. 9: 868(Ag). 

Function and content, Confusion of, in mental an- 
alysis. (D. S. Miller) Psychol. R. 2:535^). 

Funera nefunera; a story. (E. B. Osborn) New 

R- I3:53CJ0. 
Funeral formalities. Spec. 74: 7i5(My25). 

Funeral wreaths, Collection of in museum at Giseh. 

(Anna M. Vail) Garden & F. 8:3i2(Ag7). 
Furly, Benjamin. (J. F. Sachse) Pennsvl. M. 19: 

Furness Abbey. All the Year, 76:295^^30). 
Furs in Russia. (I. J. Hapgood) Lippinc. 55:413 


— Rare. Spec. 75: 721 (N23). 
Future, In the. Chamb. J. 72: 209(Ap). 

Future life, Ideas of, in the Pentateuch. (T. S. 
Potwin) Bib. Sac. 52:423(J1). 

Future punishment; hell no part of divine revela- 
tion. (W. E. Manley) Arena, 14:464^). 

Futures, Legislation against. (H. C. Emery) Pol. 
Sci. Q. 10; 62 (Mr). 

Galapagos Islands. (Dr. Wolf) Geog. J. 6: 560(D). 
—Flora of. (W. B. Hemsley) Nature, 52:623 

Gallitzin, Prince Demetrius Augustine, with portrait 

(K. Hart) Cath. World, 6i:94(Ap). 

Gait, John, The novels of. (J. H. Millar) New R. 

— redivivus. (W.Wallace) Bookman, 2: 138(0). 
Galvanometer, Ballistic, and its use in magnetic 

measurements. (T. Gray) Science, n. s. 1: 

Galvanotropism of tadpoles. (A. D. Waller) Sci. 

Prog. 4:96(0). 
Galway coast, Pictures of. (M. Moore) Cath. 

World, 60: 727 (Mr). 
Gambling and betting. Westm. 143: 140(F). 

— and speculation. (C. H. Hamlin) Arena, 11: 


— Suppression of. (N. Smyth) Forum, 19:238 


— What is? (J. Bigelow) Harper, 90: 470(F). 
Game postponed, A; a story. (G. Smith) McClure, 

5 : 5 6 4(My). 
Game we might play, A. (Marquis of Lome) Good 

Words, 36: I2(ja). 
Games, Graeco-Roman, in California. (A. Inkersley) 

Outing, 24: 409(F). 
Gamma Virginis, The story of. (J. E. Gore) Gent. 

M. n. s. 54:8(Ja). 
Garden of dreams, A. Liv. Age, 2o6:443(Agi7). 
Gardener, Helen H. An unofficial patriot. (J. C. 

Ridpath) Arena, 13: 74 (Je). 
Gardener, The; a poem. (Katharine Tynan) 

NewR. 12: 131(F). 
Gardener's head; a story. (Percy White) New R. 

Gardening an outlet for American vitality. (M. C. 

Robbins) Garden & F. 8:42^30). 
Gardens, Floating, of Mexico. (C. H. Coe) Garden 

& F. 8:432(030). 

— Old fashioned. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 

8: 281OI17). 

— Old Italian. (V. Paget) Longm. 26:3u(Jl). 

— Social use of. (J. De Wolf) Garden & F. 8: 

Gardiner Lyceum. (J. H.Cooper) J. Frankl. Inst. 

Gardner, Isaac, jr. (C. K. Bolton) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 12: i07(Mr). 
Garfield, James A. Ride at Chickamauga. (J. R. 

Gilmore) McClure, 5:357(8). 
Garfields, English, Notes on. (W. P. W. Philli- 

more) N.E. Reg. 49: 1 94-449 ( A p-O). 
Garland, Hamlin. Atlan. 76:840(0). 

— Gospel according to. (A. Inkersley) Educa. 

i 5 :6o8(Je). 

Garrick, David, Last appearances of. (A. Dob- 
son) Longm. 26: 590(G). 

Garrison, William Lloyd. (L. W. Bacon) Chr. 
Lit. i3:i,65(My, Je). 

Garshine, Vsievolode Michailovitch. Temp. Bar, 
105: 523 (Ag). 

Gas, coal, of London. Dub. R. 116: i79(Ja). 

— Illuminating, for heating purposes. (F. Sie- 

mens) Engin. M. 9: 86o(Ag). 

— in cleveite, Constituents of. (C. Runge and F. 

Paschen) Nature, 52:520(826). 
Gas making. (N. Tait) Good Words, 36:479 


Gases, Electrolysis of. (J, J. Thomson) Nature, 

— Kinetic theory of. (G. H. Bryan) Nature, 51: 

22i(Ja3), 3i9(J a 3'). 

— Liquefaction of. (M. M. Pattison-Muir; J. 

Dewar) Nature, 51:364^14), 413^28). 




Gases, mineral, New. (J. N. Lockyer) Nature, 52 : 
547(03)- —Nature, 53: 162(019). 

— Ratio of specific heat of. (J. W. Capstick) Sci. 

Prog. 3:272(Je). 

— Theory of. (L. Boltzmann) Nature, 51:413 

Gaskell, Mrs. E. C. (M. Hompes) Gent. M. n. s. 
55 :I2 4(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:623 


— Knutsford in fiction. Gent. M. n. s. 55:507 


— Stray notes from. (M. Howitt) Good Words, 

Gay, John. Ladies' petition. (G. A. Aitken) 

Acad. 47:426(Myig). 
Gayarre, Charles E. A. Critic, 26: i28(Fi6). 
Genealogical gleanings in England. (H. F. 

Waters) N. E. Reg. 49: 1050a), 237(Ap), 369 

(Jl), 4 8i(0). 
" General," The locomotive, and the Andrews raid. 

Am. Arch. 47:85^23). 
General Conference, Methodist, as a working body. 

(J. D. Walsh) Meth. R. 55: 7I2(S). 
General Theological Seminary, N.Y., Glimpses of 

in. (C. A. Walworth) Cath. World, 60:477. 

Genesis of a docker; a story. (}. Kent) Gent. M. 

n. s. 54: 109(F). 
Geneva and its memories. (S. W. Kershaw) Sund. 

M. 24: i82(Mr). 

— Concerning the use of fagots at. (L. W. Bacon) 

Chr. Lit. 13: 121 (Jl). 

— Public schools of. (W. B. Scaife) Educa. R. 

Genial editor, The. (John Reid) Good Words, 

36: Christmas no. 12. 
Genius; the model for educational methods. (W. 

G. Jordan) New Sci. R. i:397(Ap). 

— Penalties of. (B. S. Lefroy) Can ad. M. 5: 24 


— Something about. (F. B. Wilson) New Sci. R. 

Gentleman from Huron, The. (G. A. Hibbard) 

Scrib. M. 17: 743 (Je). 
Gentleman in the barrel. (C. B. Fernald) Cent. 

Gentleman Jerry; or, how the Kraal was saved. 

Chamb. J. 72:46001). 
Gentry, the smaller, Disappearance of the (1680- 

1800). Macmil. 72: I29(je). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 206: io6(Jli3). 
Geographical Congress, German, The eleventh". 

Geog. J. 5:5890c). 

— International, Sixth. (H. N. Dickson) Nat. 

Sci. 7:241(0). — Geog. J. 5:369(Ap). 6:269 

Geographical dispersal, A new law of. (C. Dixon) 

Fortn. 63: 64o(Ap). 
Geographical literature, Recent Russian. Geog. J. 

6: 554(D). 
Geography as a school subject. (C. A. McMurray) 

Educa. R. 9:448(My). 

— as a sociological study. (W. Z. Ripley) Pol. 

Sci. Q. 10: 636(D). 

— at the British Association, Ipswich, 1895. Geog. 

J. 6:46o(N). 

— at the Universities. (H. J. Mackinder and 

other) Geog. J. 6: 26 (Jl). 

— Modern, German and English. (H. J. Mac- 

kinder) Geog. J. 6: 367(0). 

Geography, Need of, in the university. (W. M. 

Davis) Educa. R. io:22(Je). 
Geologic atlas of the U.S. Science, n. s. 2: 714 

(N29), 7 8 7 (Di3). 
Geological study, recent, Characteristics of. Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47: 568(Ag). 
Geology at the British Association. (N. W. Watts) 

Science, n. s. 2:493(018). 

— Conquest of the under earth. (N. S. Shaler) 

Chaut. 22: 280(D). 

— Foreign literature on the older rocks. (J. E. 

Marr) Sci. Prog. 3: io(Mr). 

— Neozoic, in Europe. (P. Lake) Sci. Prog. 2: 


— Twenty- five years' progress of, in Britain. (A. 

Geikie) Nature, 51:367^14). 
Geo-morphology, Walther, Rothpletz and Penck 

on. (J. W. Gregory) Nature, 51: 3'3(J a 30- 
George Fenton's chance; a story. (D. J. Belgrave) 

Argosy, 59 : 3°(J a )« 
Georgia and the Confederacy: letters of 1865. Am. 
Hist. R. 1:97(0). 

— Industrial conditions of. (J. Ralph) Harper, 

90: 607 (Mr). 

Georgian literature. (W. R. Morfill) Acad. 47: 

German drama, The. (S. Whitman) Chaut. 21: 
i6 3 (My). 

German factory, Visit to. (S. Whitman) Chaut. 
22: I93(N). 

German forest, The. (S. Whitman) Chaut. 21:36 

German literature, Paralysis of. (M. Delines) Book- 
man, 2: I98(N). 

German music; das Lied. (S. Whitman) Chaut. 21: 


German watering place, Glimpse of a. (S. Whit- 
man) Chaut. 2o:677(Mr). 

Germans at home. (V. Rend all) Gent. M. n. s. 
54 :, 75(F). Same art. Eel. M. i24=422(Mr). 

— French view of. Sat. R. 80: 374(821). 
Germantown, Pennsylvania,- Middle Ward Fire 

Company of. (T. H. Shoemaker) Pennsyl. 
M. 18:4290a). 
Germany; a sketch. (M. Sutherland) 19th Cent. 

— Constitutional liberty in. (Poultney Bigelow) 

Cosmopol. 20: I7(N). 

— Empire of, Von Sybel's. (Munroe Smith) 

Nation, 60: 204(Mri4), 223(Mr2i). 

— Federal Council and the emperor. (R. Hudson) 

Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 655(D). 

— Socialistic situation in. (K. Francke) Nation, 

6i: I32(Ag22). 

— Struggle of, for liberty. (P. Bigelow) Harper, 

91 : 202-822. 92: 66(J1-N) . 
Germinating nuts and acorns. (J. G. Jack) Garden 

&F. 8:6(Ja2). 
Germs in the air. (C. M. Aikman) Gent. M. n. s. 

54: 146(F). 
Gerry, Elbridge, Letters of. (W. C. Ford) N.E. 

Reg. 49:430(0). 
Gerrymander, A cure for. (J. Haynes) Am. M. 

Civics, 7:i54(Ag). 
Gesner, Conrad; an old naturalist. (W. K. 

Brooks) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47:49(My). 
Gessner, Solomon. Death of Abel. (J. A. Noble) 

Eel. M. 114:970a). 
Gesture, Written. (J. H. Schooling) 19th Cent. 

3 7 :477(Mr). 


4 8 


Geysers, At the. (R. Wildman) Overland, n. s. 

Gheel, Colony for lunatics at. Cornh. 71: 577(Je). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: I24(jli3). 
Ghost of nisi prius ; a story. (A. O. Hall) Green 

Bag, 7 : 268, 343(Je, Jl). 
Ghost of Rhodes House. (W. T. Nichols) Lippinc. 

Ghost stories and beast stories. (A. Lang) 19th 

Cent. 37: 258(F). 
Ghostly premonitions. (L. C. Lillie) Harper, 90: 

6 7 6(Ap). 
Ghosts; " Duppies." (Alice Spinner) National, 

2 5 : 55 2 (J e )- Same art. Eel. M. 125:124 


— Some English. Chamb. J. 72: 721 (N). 
Giants and giantism. (C. L. Dana) Scrib. M. 17: 

Gibbs, James. (J. R. Brown) Am. Arch. 48: 29 

Gibraltar; a fortress of the centuries. (M. T. 

Carpenter) Cosmopol. 19:623(0). 

— Grievance of. (C. Bill) National, 24: 816(F). 

— Past and future. (J. Adye) 19th Cent. 38:814 

(N). Same art. kiv. Age, 207:673(014). 
Gifts, law of, Inconsistency of. (C. B. Labatt) Am. 

Law R. 29:36i(My-Je). 
Gilbert Islands. (C. M. Woodford) Geog. J. 6: 

Gildas De excidio Britanniae, Author and date of. 

(A. Anscombe and others) Acad. 48:206-411 

(S-N). — (W. H. Stevenson) Acad. 48:522 

Giles's resolution, Authorship of. (P. L. Ford) 

Nation, 61: 164(85). 
Gilgit, From Chitral to. Cornh. 72:368(0). 
Gilsonite, Utah. (W. C Day) J. Frankl. Inst. 

140: 221 (S). 
Ginseng. Chamb. J. 72:359(Je). 

— Corean export of. Dub. R. 117: i64(Jl). 

Gioberti, Vincenzo, Extracts from. (C. C. Star- 
buck) Ref. Q. 42:82(Ja), 225(Ap), 315QI), 

Giraffe hunting. Sat. R. 79: I23(ja26). 

Girard, Stephen, and John Woolman. (G. M. 

Hammell) Meth. R. 55:74i(S). 
Girl, The, and the game ; a drama. (G. E. Milton) 

Eng. Illust. i3:428(Ag). 

— little, One year with a. (O. Chrisman) Educa. 

R. 9:52(Ja). 

— the modern, A defence of. Westm. 143: 54 

Girl who believed in the saints, The; a story. (L. 

Dougall) Temp. Bar, 104: 221(F). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 204: 720(Mr23). 
Girl-martyrs of Ku-Cheng. (A. R. Buckland) 

Good Words, 36:676(0). 
Girls, What shall we do with our? (F. M. Edselas) 

Cath. World, 61: 538(J1). 
Gissing, George. Eve's ransom. Sat. R. 79: 531 


— In the year of jubilee. Sat. R. 79'99(Jai9). 
Giving, Proportionate and systematic. (J. K. 

Hilty) Luth. Q. 2 5 :3 5 8(J1). 

— Tribulations of a cheerful giver. Pt. I. (W. 

D. Howells) Cent. 50: 181 (Je), 417OI). 
Gizycki, Georg von, and the science of ethics. (F. 

Jodl) Int:J. Ethics, 5 : 50o(Jl). 
Glacial Lake St. Lawrence of Professor W. Upham. 

(R. Chambers) Am. J. Sci. 149: 273(Ap). 

Glacial phenomena between Lakes Champlain and 
George, and the Hudson River. (G. F. Wright) 
Science, n. s. 2:673(^2). 

— of Newfoundland, Labrador and Southern Green- 

land. (G. F. Wright) Am. J. Sci. 149: 86(F). 
Glacial studies in Greenland, Recent. (T. C. 

Chamberlin) Nature, 52: I39(je6). 
Glacier on Montana Rockies. (L. W. Chaney, jr.) 

Science, n. s. 2: 792(013). 
Glacier Bay, Discovery of. (J. Muir) Cent. 50: 

234 (Je). 
Glaciers, Cause of movement of. (P. L. Addison) 
Knowl. 18: 65 (Mr). 

— Observations upon the glacial phenomena of 

Newfoundland, Labrador and Southern Green- 
land. (G. F. Wright) Am. J. Sci. 149:86 


— Study of existing. (Marshall-Hall) Nat. Sci. 

Gladstone, W. E., Hopkins' Life of. (G. M. Grant) 
Canad. M. 6:8i(N). 

— Lucy's Life of. (M. Todhunter) Westm. 144: 


— Portraits of. McClure, 4: 375 (Mr). 

Gladys Grey, a pastoral. (W. K. Honnywill) 

Belgra. 87:30701). 
Glamour. (E. M. Thomas) Cent. 51: 308(D). 
Glasgow. Chamb. J. 72:490a). — (W. E. Garrett 

Fisher) Fortn. 63:6o7(Ap). Same art. Eel. 

M. I24:735(je). 

— and its municipal industries. (W. Smart) Q. J. 

Econ. 9: i88(Ja). 

— Art in. (E. R. Pennell) Harper, 90: 412(F). 

— Home for infirm children. (A. Lamont) Sund. 

M. 24:263(Ap). 

— Municipal work and finance of. (W. Smart) 

Econ. J. 5:35(Mr). 
Glass, Some modern uses of. Chamb. J. 72:639 

Glass painters. (F. Miller) Art J. 47: i5o(My). 
Glave, Edward James, Career of, in Africa. (R. H. 

Russell) Cent. 50:865(0). 
Glengarry, R. Macdonnell, Chief of. (L. C. R. 

Macdonnell) Blackw. i57:52o(Ap). 
Glimpse of genteel socialism; a story. Temp. Bar, 

Glimpses of some vanished celebrities. Blackw. 

158: 1. Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 337 (Agio). 
Gloxinias. Garden & F. 8: 247(Jei9). 
Gnarled pine-tree; moorland idyll. (G. Allen) 

Eng. Illust. i3 : 33(Ap). 
Gneist, Rudolf von, German jurist. (M. Smith) 

Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 664(D). 
Gnosticism and modern pantheism. (G.J. Stokes) 

Mind, 2o:32o(Jl). 
God and the world, Christian view as centring in 

the Incarnation, Orr on. (T. G. Darling) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 359(Ap). 

— Communion with, Herrmann on. (C. M. Mead) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 555(J1). 

— Fichte's conception of. (J. A. Leigh ton) 

Philos. R. 4: 143 (Mr). 

— Omnipresent divinity. (H. Wood) Arena, 14: 


— Unwritten law of. (T. W. Chambers) Presb. 

& Ref. R. 6:ii7(Ja). 
God-beloved. (M. B. Hardie) Longm. 27: 158 

Godfrey, G. W. Vanity Fair. Sat. R. 79:579 

(My 4 ). 




Goethe. Faust. Translations of angel chorus. (R. 
McLintock) Acad. 48:568(028). 

— Iphigenia. (J. W. Sherer) Gent M. n. s. 54: 388 


— Two days in Weimar. (E. Sigrid) Canad. M. 


— Way of disposing of old manuscripts. (E. L. 

Hibberd) Writer, 8:95(J1). 
Goethe archives. (E. Schmidt) Forum, 19:723 

Goff, John W. (T. C. Quinn) Munsey, 12:361 

Going of the White Swan, The. (G. Parker) 

Scrib. M. 17:650a). 
Gold and international trade, Agio on. (W. Lexis) 

Econ. J. 5: 532(D). 

— appreciation of, Index numbers and. (N. G. 

Pierson) Econ. T. 5:329(8). 

— Future of. (R. E. Preston) No. Am. 160: 38. 

— has it risen? the crux of the money controversy. 

(L. A. Garnett) Forum, 18: 573(Ja). 

— in British Isles. (E. A. Smith) Knowl. 18:33. 

— Movement of, and foreign exchanges, 1894-5. 

(W. C. Ford) Yale R. 4: i28(Ag). 

— Nature's method of refining. (G. F. Baker) 

Cosmopol. 19: 362 01). 

— not necessary for foreign trade. (W. M. Stew- 

art) Overland, n. s. 26: 483 (N). 

— Past and future of. (C. S. Ashley) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 48:39(N). 

— A plea for the gold standard. (W. R. Harper) 

Am. M. Civics, 7: 5o(Jl). 

— production of, Conditions of. (T. A. Rick- 

ard) No. Am. i6o:50j(Ap). 
. in Colorado. (W. C. Wynkoop) Engin. M. 

9 : 97(Ap). 

these golden nineties. (D. H. Wheeler) 

Chaut. 2i:57i(Ag). 

— A scarcity of. (H. W. Stuart) J. Pol. Econ. 


Pierson on. (F. Y. Edgeworth) Econ. J. 

5: i09(Mr). 

— South African gold boom. (A. Williams, jr.) 

Engin. M. 10:399(0). 

— stored in the National Banks of Europe. Chamb. 

J. 72.97(F). 

— Why exported. (A. S. Heidelbach) Forum, 

18: 647(F). 
Gold-digging in British Guiana. Liv. Age, 207: 446 

Gold fields of Africa. (S. F. Emmons) Nation, 61: 


— of British Guiana. Chamb. J. 72: 79(F). 

— Scottish. Chamb. J. 72: 292(My). 
Gold-mania, The. Chamb J. 72: 790(D). 
Gold-miners in the past. Chamb. J. 72: 668(0). 
Gold-mines, Vanished. Chamb. J. 72: 782(D). 
Gold ores, Concentration of. Nature, 53: i6(N7). 

— of California, Notes on. (H. W. Turner) Am. J. 

Sci. 149: 3^ My). 
Gold standard in the light of recent theory. (J. B. 

Clark) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 389(8). 
Gold-supply, The world's. Spec. 75: 391(828). 
Golden-rod killing horses. (J. L. Scott) Garden & 

F. 8:477(1*27). 
Goldsmith, Oliver, "Deserted Village" of. (H. 
C. Shelley) New Eng. M. n. s. 13: 323(N). 

— Memoirs of a Protestant. Sat. R. 79: 627(Myn). 
Goldsmith's art at the Royal Academy. Art J. 47: 


Golf. (H. E. Howland) Scrib. M. 17: 531 (My). 

— Evolution of. (E.Blake) Longra. 26: 20o(Je). 

— Old and new. (A. Lang) Harper, 91: I39(je). 

— Should it be encouraged at public schools? 

Blackw. ij7:4i7(Mr). 
Good and evil, Knowledge of. (E. M. Caillard) 

[Contemp.] Eel. M. 124: 145(F). 
Good hunting; a story. (R. Kipling) McClure, 5: 

195 (Ag). 
Goodhart, H. C. Acad. 47: 357(Ap27). 
Goodyear, Charles, vs. Horace H. Day, Case of. 

(A. Dutcher) Green Bag, 7: 547(D). 
Gordon, Adam Lindsay. (O. Smeaton) Westm. 

Gordon, Adoniram Judson. Our Day, 14: 144. 

— as preacher and reformer. (J. Cook) Our Day, 


Gordon family of Scotland. Scot. R. 25: 246 (Ap). 

Gorst, Sir John. (J. J. Davies) Westm. 144: 332. 

Gospel, The, and the gospels. (B. Weiss) Chr. 
Lit. i2:267(Mr). 

Gothenburg system. National, 24: 726(F). — (D. 
N. Beach) New Eng. M. n. s. 11: 785(F). — 
(E. S. Talbot) Good Words, 36: 98(F).— 
(J. W. Leigh) Sat. R. 80:371(821). 

— England and. (E. Goadby) Fortn. 63: 165(F). 
Gothic architecture in Italy, French sources of. 

(C. H. Moore) Nation, 60: 285(Apn). 
Gould, S. Baring, at home. (J. M. GatviU) Sund. 

M. 24:597(8). 
Gournay, Mane Le J. de. See Le Jars de Gournay. 
Gout, A new theory of. (M. Granville) National, 

26: 529(D). 
Governess at Greenbush, The. (E. W. Hornung) 

Chamb. J. 72: 74-1 19(F). 
Government, Functions of, with relation to natural 

resources. (B. E. Fernow) Science, n. s. 2: 

25 2 (Ag30). 

— Interest of the lieges. New R. 12: 605 (JO- 

— New divine right. (W. 8. Lilly) New R. 12: 505 


— Province of. (H. Teichmueller) Am. Law R. 


— state, sovereign. A triad of political concep- 

tions. (C. M. Piatt) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 292(Je). 

— Unrighteousness of. (C. C. Rudolf) Arena, 14 : 

47 6(N). 
Government paper, A transaction in. (W. Forbes 

Mitchell) Chamb. J. 72:589(8). 
Governmental waste. (R. Ogden) Nation, 60: 

Governor of Gueret; a story. (8. J. Weyman) 

Eng. Illust. 12: no. 6, 23(Mr). Same art. 

McClure, 5:62(Je). 
Gower, Lord Ronald. Eng. Illust. 13: H9(My). 

— Speculum meditantis. (G. C. Macaulay) Acad. 

Grace, W. G., and cricket in 1895. (R* **• Lyttel- 

ton) New R. 13: i29(Ag). 
Grade crossings. Modern problem of. (W. O. 

Webber) Engin. M. 9: 1034(8). 
Grady, Henry W. (C. Howell) Chaut. 21 : 703(8) . 
Graft, Symbiosis of stock and. (E. F. Smith) Am. 

Natural. 29: 615OI). 
Graham, Margaret Collier. (B. Harraden) Critic, 

27: i27(Ag3i). 
Grain trade, Thirty years in the. (E. R. Williams) 

No. Am. i6i:25(Jl). 
Grammar, bad, Our inherited. (A. M. Spence) 

Poet-Lore, 7:45o(Ag-S). 




Gramophone. (E. Berliner) J. Frankl. Inst. 140: 

Grand Army, Decadence of. (A. W. Fiske) Na- 
tion, 6o:342(My2). 

Grand Prix and other prizes. (R H. Davis) Har- 
per, 91: 26(Je). 

Grant, U. S., Abraham Lincoln and S. P. Chase. 
(N. Brooks) Cent. 491607(F). 

— at Pilot Knob. (J. M. Thayer) McClure, 5: 433. 

— his life at the outbreak of the rebellion. (E. J. 

Edwards) McClure, 5:38(Je). 

— Japanese life of. Cent. 50:43501). 
Granther's set-kittle. (K. Shelton) New Eng. M. 

Grape culture. Chautauqua grape belt. (L. J. 
Vance) Garden & F. 8:438(030). 

— Keeping grapes fresh all winter. Garden & F. 8: 

458(Ni3), 499(D"). 

— Lake Kenka (N. Y.) vineyards. (L. J. Vance) 

Garden & F. 8:409(09). 

Grass and flowers; a poem. (J. V. Cheney) Har- 
per, 9o:836(My). 

Grasse. (M. Hunt) Longm. 25:2900a). Same 
art. Liv. Age, 204:480^23). 

Grasses, Troublesome, in southern N. J. (Mary 
Treat) Garden & F. 8: io3(Mri3). 

Grasshopper and the ant. (J. G. Vibert) Cent. 51: 

Grasshopper vane in Boston. (D. W. Baker) N.E. 
Reg. 49: 24(H) . 

Gravels, Story of. (H. B. Bashore) Lippinc. 55: 

Gravitation,- Newtonian constant of. (C. V. Boys) 
Pop. Astron. 3: I28(N), 167(D). 

Gravity, Relation to continental elevation. (T. C. 
Mendenhall) Am. J. Sci. 149: 81(F). 

Great Britain, Army, Ammunition for. (S. Wilkin- 
son) National, 25: 843 (Ag). 

— — Autumn manoeuvres, for civilians. (L. Hale) 

National, 24: 782(F). 

Cavalry of. Macmil. 73: i(N). 

Cavalry officer's expenses. (Earl of Airlie) 

19th Cent. 37.'467(Mr). 
English officer — as he was, and as he is. 

(H. Knollys) Blackw. 158:527(0). Same 

art. Eel. M. 125: 756(D). 
— English soldier, as he was, and as he is. (H. 

Knollys) Blackw. 1 58: 850 (D) . 
Is our military administration hopeless ? (L. 

Darwin) National, 25: 538(Je). 
Military problem — for civilian readers. (F. 

I. Maxse) National, 26: 545(D). 

of the 'forty-fiVe.' Chamb. J. 72: 662(0). 

Queen's royal West Surrey regiment, History 

of, Davis'. Sat. R. 79: 795(Jei5). 
Transformation under Duke of Cambridge. 

(J. L. A. Simmons) 19th Cent. 38:889(0). 

— Colonial empire. (M. G. Mulhall) Contemp. 


— Colonial navies. Spec. 75: 328(814). 

— Colonics, Colonial problems. (C. Bill) National, 

24:816, (A. R. Whiteway) 822(F). 
Imperial Federation. Financial incidents of 

War. (A. C. Gait) Canad. M. 5:453(8). 
relationship to the mother-land. (J. H. 

Long) Am. M. Civics, 6: 379(Ap). 

— Constitution versus evolution. (" Historical 

Scientist") Westm. 144:393(0). 

— Defence of. (G. S. Clarke) Blackw. 157:665 

(My), 962(Je). 

Great Britain, Defence of ; advancement in the 
army. (A. Griffiths) Fortn. 64: 582(0). 

New council of defence. (H. O. Arnold- 

Forster) National, 26: 5o(S). 

— Diplomacy of; Her Majesty's service abroad. 

Chamb. J. 72:708^). 

— Electoral methods. (L. H. Courtney) National, 


— electoral reform in, A scheme of. (W. Laird 

Clowes) Contemp. 68: 363(8). 

— Empire of; Imperial federation. (J. Bon wick) 

Westm. 144: 622(D). 

— Foreign policy. (J. W. Gambier) Fortn. 64: 544 

(O). — (E. J. Dillon) Contemp. 68:6o9(N). 
— - (E. W. Beckett) Sat. R. 79:470^13). 

— Foreign relations. Turkey or Russia? (M. 

MacColl) Fortn. 64:943(0). 

England in Nicaragua and Venezuela. (G. 

H. D. Gossip) Fortn. 64:829(0). 

— Government, Socialist view of. (G. Lansbury) 

National, 25:56400). 

— Imperial veto. (G. Smith) Sat. R. 80:499 


— Ministerial responsibility in. (S. Low) Fortn. 

64: 2io(Ag). 

— Ministries, The making of. National, 25: 750 


— Navy. (C. W. Dilke) New R. 12: 22(Ja). 
and the colonies, The. (H. O. Arnold-Fors- 

ter) NewR. 13:2501). 
Engineering in. (R. C. Oldknow) New R. 

I3 : 3<M(S). 
Fleet in being. (David Hannay) New R. 

Guns of. (H. O. Arnold-Forster) Sat. R. 

in 1894. (W. L. Clowes) National, 24:661 


Manning of. (D. Hannay) New R. 12:373 

The marines. (D. Hannay) New R. 13:655 


— — Naval manoeuvres 1895. (Wi ** Clowes) 

Fortn. 64:566(0). 

Navy records society. Macmil. 7i:4i6(Ap). 

Our defenceless. Westm. 143: 543(My). 

Tactics. Temp. Bar, 106.' 3i8(N). 

— Ordnance Survey of. Quar. 180: 36(Ja). 

— Politics and the clergy. Spec. 75: 301 (S7). 

— Politics in, 1895. (W. Reid) 19th Cent. 37: 131 


The budget : a new scheme. Contemp. 68: 

The conservatism of to-day. Quar. 180: 

A counterfeit revolution. Ed. R. 181: 227 

Economic reforms of late liberal admin- 
istration. (E. Porritt) Yale R. 4: 2©9(N). 
The failure of government by groups. 

(W. Rathbone) Fortn. 64: 843(0.) 
Fall of the government. (S. Wilkinson) 

National, 25 : 843 ( Ag) . 
A foreign affairs committee. (S. Low) 

19th Cent. 38:506(8). 
General election. (J. G. Rogers; E. 

Dicey) 19th Cent. 38: i77(Ag). — Pub. Opin. 

and the prospects of social legislation. 

(W. Cunningham) Econ. R. 5: 501(0). 




Great Britain, Politics in. General election. Cause 
of the collapse. (A. Withy) Westm. 144:237 
(S). Another cause. (S. Williams) Westm. 

The coalition. New R. 1 3: 1 1 7 ( Ag) . 

Crisis in English history. (H. Max- 
well) Forum, 20: 144(0). 

The debacle and after. (H. W. Mas- 

singham) Contemp. 68: 299 (Ag). 

Defeat of the liberal party; why, 

whence and whither? (J. M'Carthy) Forum, 

— I. General view. (C. S. Wortley). 

II. Lessons from Scotland. (Lady Frances 
Balfour) National, 26:87(8). 

Moral of. (H. H. L. Bellot) Westm. 


Salisbury's triumph. Fortn. 64: 355 (S). 

Significance of. (H. Maxwell; G. W. 

E. Russell; J. M'Carthy) Forum, 20: i6o(0). 

Triumph of conservatism. Quar. 182: 


The great democratic joke. New R. 12: 

Legislation, parliamentary inquiries, and 

officiabreturns. (E. Cannan) Econ. R. 5: 133, 

263, 406, «8(Ja, Ap, Jl, O). 
The liberal leadership. (James Annand) 

New R. 13:367(0). 
— The liberal party and its candid friends. 

Fortn. 63:526(Ap). 
Liberal programme, Wanted a new. (T. 

Scanlon) Westm. 144:357(0). 

— — — Need for a united progressive party. (R. 

Balmforth) Westm. 144: 624(D). 
The new cabinet. Spec. 74: 889(Je29). — 

(C.W. Dilke) No. Am. 161: i96(Ag). — (T. E. 

Champion) Can ad. M. 5: 345 (Ag). 

The new radicalism. Spec. 75: 103(3127). 

Opening of Parliament. Green Bag, 7: 578 

A plague on both your parties! (K. 

Wilkinson) Fortn. 63:757(My). 

Political retrospect. Ed. R. 182: 249c Jl). 

Political situation. (D. Balsillie) Westm. 

i43 : &>3(J e )- 

Politics, parties, and imperial defence. 

Ed. R. 182:524. 

Predominant partners and Unionist dis- 
cords. (T. H. S. Escott) Contemp. 67:864 

Re-organization of liberalism. (James 

Annand) New R. 13: 494 (N). 

Rival leaders and party legacies. Quar. 


Rosebery and the liberal party. (W. L. 

Stobart) Fortn. 64: 234(Ag). 

The rural revolution. (R. Heath) Con- 
temp. 67: 182(F). 

Timely truths for the outs and ins. (K. 

Wilkinson) Fortn. 64: i7o(Ag). 

Unionist policy. (J. S. Stuart-Glennie) 

Fortn. 64: 849(D). 

Wilful isolation. (F. Greenwood) Con- 
temp. 67:838(Je). 

— Treasury, its history and associations. (C. E. 

D. Black) Westm. i43:503(My). 

— War office reform. Contemp. 68; 326(S). 
Great good heart of Corporal D wight (G. W. 

Carryl) Munsey, 14:61(0). 

Great gulf, A; a story. Blackw. I57:8i7(je). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: I2(J16). 
Great international cricket match; a story. (Basil 

Thomson) New R. 13:398(0). 
Great men, The twilight of. (R. Ogden) Nation, 

6i: I30(Ag22). 

Greatness of man. (R. Le Gallienne) Cosmopol. 

Greece. Battle of Chaeroneia, B. C. 338. Sat. R. 


— Highland, A trip in. (A. W. Plant) Good 

Words, 36:324(My). 

— The living Greek. (J. I. Manatt) R. of Rs. 

Greek art, Characteristic studies in. (M. Burnside) 
Educa. 16: 86(0). 

— Primitive, Perrot and Chipiez on. (J. C. Van 

Dyke) Dial (Ch.) i8:i42(Mn). — Art J. 

Greek Church on the Pacific coast. (A. Inkersley) 

Overland, n. s. 26:469^). 
Greek coins. (E. L. Cutts) Eng. Illust. 12: no. 

5. "(F)- 

Greek drama, Chorus in later. (E. Capps) Am. 

f. Archaeol. io:287(Jl-S). 

Greek fire; Lightning from the East. Gent. M. n.s. 

„ 55 : 45<>(N). 

Greek language; address of the Philological Asso- 
ciation on the study of, in the schools. School 
R. 3:434(8). 

— Imperfect and aorist in. (C. W. E. Miller) Am. 

T. Philol. i6:i39(Jl). 

— Modern, no guide to the ancient. (P. Shorey) 

Forum, i8:6o2(Ja). 

— Proper pronunciation. (J. Gennadius) 19th 

Cent. 38: 681 (O). 
Greek studies, Pater's. Sat. R. 79: 191 (F9). 
Green, Mrs. Everett. Ath. '95, 2:645(^9). 
Green flag, The; a story. (A. C. Doyle) McClure, 

4- 15500- 
Green rushes, O! a story. (S. Baring-Gould) 

Chamb. J. 72: 6o4(S). 
Gregory I., Pope, with portrait. (T. J. Shahan) 

Cath. World, 60: 507(Ta). 
Gregory, Sir William. (E. A. Gowing) Belgra. 

Gregory, William, Journal of, 1771. New Eng. M. 

n. s. i2:343(My). 
Gresham, law of, Formulation of. (W. M. Daniels) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 28o(S). 
Greyhounds; how they hunt. (A. H. Powers, jr.) 

Outing, 26:49(Ap). 
Gridou's pity. (G. H. Peirce) Atlan. 75: 325(Mr), 

Grief, Pleasures of. All the Year, 76:88(Ja26). 
Grimald, Nicholas. (J. M. Hart) Acad. 47: 126 

Grote, Herman. Ath. '95, i:384(Mr23). 

Ground- rents, A tax on: who would pay it? (R. 

Balmforth) Westm. i43:297(Mr). Same art. 

Eel. M. 124: 641 (My). 
Grouse-shooting, Charm of. Sat. R. 80: 169 (Agio). 
Growth, Correlation of factors in organic. (E. 

Strasburger) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:397(Ja). 
Gruetzner, Eduard. (C. S. Johnson) Munsey, 12: 

Grundy, Sydney. Slaves of the ring. Sat. R. 79: 

Guardian of Stonehenge; a story. (A. William- 
son) Eng. Illust. 14: I47(N). 


5 2 


Guiana forests, Rodway's. Sat. R. 79: 227(Fi6). 

Guides; a protest. (A. Repplier) Atlan. 76:364 

Guilds, Roman, and charity. (J. P. Waltzing) 
Char. R. 4: 345 (My). 

Guises, Assassination of, as described by the Vene- 
tian ambassador. (H. Brown) Eng. Hist. R. 

Gulf Stream, Causes of. (R. M. Bache) Science, 
n. s. 2:88(Jl26). 

Gulls. (P.A.Graham) Longm. 27:75^). 

Gully, Mr., as Speaker of the House of Commons. 
Spec. 74: 488 (Ap 1 3). 

Guns and shooting. (E. W. Sandys) Outing, 27: 


Gurneys of Earlham, Hare's. Sat. R. 80:478(0 

Gustavus Adolphus. (M. Lenz) Chaut. 20:658 

(Mr). — (R. Parsons) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 510. 
Gustavus III. and his contemporaries, Bain's. Sat. 

R- 79 : 67(Jai9). 
'Gustus Frederick; a story. (C. E. Raimond) 

New R. 12: 271 (Mr). 
Gutenberg, Parentage of. (H. H. Howorth) Acad. 

Guyot of Provins. (Edith Sellers) National, 25: 

529(Je). — Liv. Age, 206: U4(Jli3). 
Gypsy-moth. Dendrolene as a protection. Garden 

& F. 8:470(N20). 

— in Mass. (W. C. Wright) Garden & F. 8mo8 

(Mn 3 ). 
Gypsy -springs in Yorkshire. (H. Brierley) Nature, 

Hackman, James, and Reay, Martha, Love letters 

of. Sat. R. 80:1150127). 
Hades, The descent into. (P. Gardner) Contemp. 

67: 361 (Mr). 
Hading, Jane. (H. St. Maur) Munsey, 14: 159 

Hafiz, Persian poet. (J. H. Parsons) Gent. M. n. s. 

55 : 4I9(0). 
Hagenbeck,Carl, the Moltke of menagerie owners. 

(C. J. Cornish) Eng. Illust. 14:82(0). 
Haggard, H. Rider, as a politician. Sat. R. 79: 372 


— Joan Haste. Sat. R. 80: 386(821). 
Hair-growths. All the Year, 76:227(Mr9). 
Hairs of plants. Functions of. (J. Pentland-Smith) 

Knowl. 18: I38(je). 
Hake, Thomas Gordon. Acad. 47: 57(Jai9). — (T. 
Watts) Ath. '95, 1: 84^19), u8(Ja26). 

— Poetry of Sat. R. 79:122(^26). 

Hale, Robert Beverly. New Eng. M. n. s. 13:481. 
Half-burnt letter, The; a story. (C. N. Carvalho) 

Argosy, 60: 121 (Jl). 
Halford, Sir Henry. (C. J. Robinson) Acad. 48: 

481 (D 7 ). 
Halfway between the stiles. (M. L. Molesworth) 

Longm. 25: 374(F). 
Haliburton, Thomas Chandler, with portrait. (J. 

A. Chisholm) Green Bag, 7:489(5*). 
Halicarnassus, Mausoleum of. (T. Sulman) Sund. 

M. 24:832(0). 
Halifax, Heroes of. (W. B. Wallace) Canad. M. 

— A Yankee in. (Allan Eric) Canad. M. 4:401 

Hall, Fitzedward. Acad. 47: 299(Ap6). — (W. P. 
Garrison) Nation, 60: 221 (Mr2i). 

Halle, Sir Charles. Ath. '95, 2: 61 5 (N2).— Acad. 

4 8: 37 i(N2). 
Halley, Edmund. (Robert Ball) Good Words, 36: 

75 o(N). 
Hallucinations. (T. B. Snow) Dub. R. 117:245 

Halogens in mixed silver salts, Estimation of. (F. 

A. Gooch and C. Fairbanks). Am. J. Sci. 150: 


Hamburg: Reminiscences of a pleasure-trip. (R. 
Ganthony) Eng. Illust. 13:561(8). 

— killed by the Baltic canal. Liv. Age, 206: 254 


Hamilton, Alexander. Macmil. 72:461(0). Same 
art. Eel. M. 125:830(0). Same art. Liv. 
Age, 207: 259(N2). 

— as a political economist. (E. C. Lunt) J. Pol. 

Econ. 3: 289 (Je). 

— as a lawver. (A. O. Hall) Green Bag, 7: 537 

Hamilton, Capt. Alexander; a 17th century Scot in 

the far East. Chamb. J. 72: 568(S). 
Hamilton, Lady Emma. (M. Todhunter) Westm. 

144: 367(0). — (Mrs. R. P. Porter) Cosmopol. 

Hamilton, James, 4th duke of; an historic duel. 

Chamb. J. 72:465^1). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Hamley, Sir Edward. (A. C. Gleig) Gent. M. n. s. 

SS : S l SW. 

— and the Egyptian campaign. (W. F. Butler) 

Contemp. 68: 2i2(Ag). 

— Shand's life of. Blackw. 158: 583(0). — Sat. R. 

Hamlin, Cyrus. (C. M. Nichols) Our Oay, 14: 117 

Hamlin, Hannibal, and John C. Breckenridge. 

(H. L. Dawes) Cent. 50:463^). 
Hancock, Gen. W. S., Walker's. (J. D. Cox) 

Nation, 60: i88(Mr7). 
Hands, History of. Cornh. 71: 182(F). 

— of men and children, Relation of strength to 

flexibility in. (J. A. Hancock) Pedagog. Sem. 

3:308(0). . 
Handwriting, Character in, Lombroso on. Sat. R. 

Hanssen, Georg. (G. Cohn) Econ. J. 5: 141 (Mr). 
Happiness, Pursuit of. (E. C. Cardozo) Cosmopol. 

'9 : 595(0)- 

— Tolstoi on. Our Day, 14: i33(Mr). 

Happy-go-lucky beach. (C. Rice) Outing, 26: 405 

Harada, Toyokitsi. Nat. Sci. 6: 35o(My ) . 
Harcourt, Sir William. (J. St. Loe Strachey) 

National, 26: I40(S). — Spec. 74:4o(Jai2), 

Hard times, Benefits of. (E. Atkinson) Forum, 


— Cause of. Sat. R. 80: 368(821). 

Hard trigger, The. (H. S. Edwards) Cent. 49: 780 

Hardy, Thos., Art of, Johnson on. (A. M. Logan) 

Nation, 6o:225(Mr2i). 
Harland, Henry. Bookman, i:87(Mr). 
Harnack, Adolf. (D. Macfadyen) Chr. Lit. 14: 17 

Harold Hardrada; Battle of Stamford Bridge. 

(D. Lever) Gent. M. n. s. 55:8o(Jl). 
Harper's Book of facts, Willey's. (C. W. Colby) 

Nation, 61: 2o6(Si9). 




Harraden, Beatrice. Ships that pass in the night. 
(B. Harraden) McClure, 4: I44(ja). 

How it was written. Critic, 26: 441 (Je 15) 

Harrison, Frederic. Religion of humanity. (W. 
H. Mallock) 19th Cent. 38:661(0). 

Harte, Walter Blackburn. Meditations in motley. 
Poet- Lore, 7:34(Ja). 

Hartford, Conn., a New England literary colony. 
(E. S. Echols) Munsey, 13:647(8). 

Harvard College; are the athletic teams represent- 
ative? (E. L. Conant) Harv. Grad. M. 3:330 

— Archives of. (W. G. Brown) N.E. Reg. 49: 35 


— Composition and rhetoric at. Critic, 27: 244 

(oi 9 ). 

— Engineering at. (I. N. Hollis) Harv. Grad. M. 

4: 187(D). 

— Hill on. (B. A. Hinsdale) Dial (Ch.) 18:295 

(Myi6).— (W. R. Thayer) Nation, 60:14 


— presidents of, and the election of Messrs. Quincy 

and Eliot. (W. A. Richardson) N.E. Reg. 

49 : 59(Ja). 

— University club at, Shall we have. (W. R. 

Thayer) Harv. Grad. M. 3:468(Je). 

— Volunteer charity work at. (R. Calkins) Harv. 

Grad. M. 3:323(Mr). 

— Where the students come from. (J. H. Beale) 

Harv. Grad. M. 3:4o4(Je). 
Harvard Divinity School. (J. W. Chadwick) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 11: 740(F). 
Harvard Medical school, Bacteriological laboratory 

at (H. C. Ernst) Harv. Grad. M. 3:336 

Harvey, Wra. Hope, with portrait. Bookman, 1 : 

Hastings, Warren, Malleson's. Sat. R. 79:69 

Hastings, England. Old and new. Art J. 47: 225 


— Kitchen middens at. (W. J. L. Abbott) An- 

throp. J. 25: I22(N). 
Hatfield, Historic pictures at. (T. Sulman) Good 

Words, 36: 76o(N), 815(D). 
Haunted by a bard; a story. (H. F.Lester) Ar- 

gosyi 59 : 35 2 ( M 0- 
Haunting memories; a story. All the Year, 76: 174 


Haunts of ancient peace. (A. Austin) Eel. M. 124: 

82 (Ja). 
Havana. Cornh. 72:526^). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 207:560^30). 

— Flying visit to. (A. J. H. Antona) Outing, 27: 

Hawaii. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 60: 121 (F14). 

— annexation of, Practical and legal aspects of. 

(C. J. Swift) Overland, n. s. 25:5860c). 

Will it pay the United States? (P. C. Jones) 

Overland, n. s. 25: j8o(Je). 

— Bibliography of articles on, in the Overland. 

Overland, n. s. 25:685(Je). 

— Cable to. (Hugh Craig) Overland, n. s. 25: 


— Climate of. (C. J. Lyons) Overland, n. s. 25: 

602 (Je). 

— Coffee planting in. (C. D. Miller) Overland, 

n. s. 25:669(Je). 

— Commercial development of. (T. G. Thrum) 

Overland, n. s. 25:6i3(Je). 

Hawaii. Disturbances in the direction of the 
plumb-line in. (E. D. Preston) Am. J. Sci. 
149: 271 (Ap). 

— for tourists. (J. D. Spreckels) Overland, n. s. 


— How has it become Americanized? (S. E. 

Bishop) Overland, n. s. 25: 507 (Je). * 

— land tenures in, Evolution of. (S. B. Dole) 

Overland, n. s. 25:565^). 

— Political importance of. (J. A. Harman) No. 

Am. 160: 374(Mr). 

— Schools in. (W. R. Castle) Overland, n. s. 26: 


— Sugar industry in. (H. P. Baldwin) Overland, 

n.s. 25:663(Je). 

— Wild flowers of. (G. C. K. Thompson) Over- 

land, n. s. 25: 157(F). 
Hawk, A, descends on a Japanese war-ship. Liv. 

Age, 204:443(Fi6). 
Hawk and the dove; a story. (E. A. Richings) 

Belgra. 87:283^1). 
Hawks as fruit- watchers. Chamb. J. 72: 431 (Jl). 
Hawthorne, N., as an interpreter of New England. 

(K. Hillard) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 732(Ag). 
Hay, Spontaneous combustion of. Dub. R. 117: 

Haynes family, Material relating to the Essex, Eng., 

family of Haynes. (A. M. Haines) N.E. 

Reg. 49:30401). 
Hazels; Caryl us rostrata. (J. G. Jack) Garden & 

F. 8:345 (Ag28). 
He served the king. (D. Lowry) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13:84(8). 
He would a-wooing go. (F. P. Humphrey) Cent. 

49: 599(F). 
Headaches. (A. S. Eccles) National, 25:328 

" Healers" in an age of science. (R. Ogden) Na- 
tion, 61: 383(N28). 
Health. All the Year, 76: 25o(Mn6). 

— Public, the national defence. (F. B. Vrooman) 

Arena, i3 : 4 2 5( A g)- 
Health resort; Leysin-sur-Aigle. (H. D. Rawnsley) 

Blackw. i58:68o(N). 
Heart of the fire spirit. (A. H. Sydenham) 

Lippinc. 55:686(My). 
Heart of life. (W. H. Mallock) Fortn. 63: 133- 

. 996. 64:i32(Ja-Tl). 
Heart of oak. (W. Clark) Good Words, 36: 58- 

8 4 5(Ja-D). 
Heart of the Princess Osra; a story. (A. H. Haw- 
kins) McClure, 5: 2i9(Ag). 
Hearts insurgent. A novel. Pt. VI. (T. Hardy) 

Harper, 90: 188-940. 91:11 7-8o4(Ja-N) . 
Heat engines, Experimental study of. (W. C. 

Unwin) Nature, 52:89(My23). 
Heat insulation. Am. Arch. 50:90^23). 
Heath, Dwellers on the. All the Year, 76: 77 

Helaths, mosses and meres. Blackw. 158:293 


Heating and ventilating tall buildings. (L. Allen) 
Engin. M. 9:476(Je). 

plants in the Suffolk County court-house, and 

the Massachusetts State House. (P. N. Ken- 
way) Am. Arch. 50: 121 (D14). 

Hebrew, Use of, in New Testament study. (J. 
Poucher) Bib. World, 6:88(Ag). 

Hebrew legislation, Humane spirit in. (J. Poncher) 
Meth. R. 55:39(». 




Hebrid Isles, From the. (F. Macleod) Harper, 

92: 45(D). 
Hebrideans as patriots and naval reservists. (D. 

N. Reid) Gent. M. n. s. 54:41^). 
Hecker, Rev. Isaac T., with portrait. (M. E. 

Jordan) Cath. World, 60:489^). 
Hedera, Ktaa6g and. (L. Horton-Smith) Am. J. 

Philol. i6:38(Ap). 
Hedonism, Rational. (M. S. Gilliland and others) 

Int. J. Ethics, 5: 376(Ap). 
Hegel. (R. B. Haldane) Contemp. 67: 232(F). 

— Logic of. (J. E. Creighton) Philos. R. 4: 187 

Heinrich Hoffmann's history; a poem. (J. R. Mal- 

lett) Temp. Bar, 104:87,279,422. 105:80, 

35 2(Ja-Jl). 
Heligoland, Gatke's Bird lore at (E. Coues) 

Nation, 6i:99(Ag8). 
Helium. Dub. R. ii7^i53(Jl). 

— and argon. (H. N. Stokes) Science, n. s. 2: 

533(025). — Ed. R. 182:404(0).— (G. Mc- 
Gowan) Knowl. i8:2io(S). 

— a constituent of certain minerals. Nature, 52: 

306, 33i(Jl25» A gO- 

— is it terrestrial? (W. W. Payne) Pop. Astron. 

3: I6(S). 

— Spectrum of. (W. Crookes) Nature, 52: 428 

(Ag29). — (W. Crookes) Am. J. Sci. 150: 302 

— Terrestrial. (J. N. Lockyer) Nature, 51:586 

(Api8). — (W. Ramsay and others) Nature, 
52: 7, 55(My2, 16). 

— Wave length of the D3 Helium line. (A. DeF. 

Palmer, jr.) Am. J. Sci. 150:357^). 

Hell no part of divine revelation. ( W. E. Manley) 
Arena, 14:464^). 

Helleu, M., Drypoints and pastels of. (F. Wed- 
more) Acad. 47: I77(F23). 

Hellriegel, Hermann. Nature, 53: 11 (N7). 

Helmholtz, Hermann L. F. von. (C. R. Mann) 
Scrib. M. i8:568(N).— (T. C. Martin) Cent. 
49:687(Mr). —Dub. R. 116: 181 (Ja). 

— and the new psychology. (C. Stumpf) Psychol. 

R. 2: i(Ja). 

— Physical work of. Nature, 51: 4 72 (Mr 14), 493 

Helvellyn, A night on. All the Year, 76: 125 (F9). 
Henley, W. E. (H. B. M. Watson) Bookman, 

2: i86(N). 

— and Stevenson, R. L. " Macaire." Sat. R. 79: 

Henley idyll, A, a story. (E. Markwick) Temp. 

Bar, 106:231(0). 
Hennell, S. S. (W. E. Gladstone) 19th Cent. 

38: 721 (N). 
Henry the navigator, prince^ Beazley on. Sat. R. 

Henry IV., of France, Blair's Life of. (W. H. 

Carruth) Dial (Ch.) 18: i44(Mn). — Sat. R. 

79: io2(Jai9). 
Her passport into heaven; a story. (I. J. Arm- 
strong) Eng. Illust. 14: 207(D). 
Her Tarn O'Shanter; a poem. (J. W. Parker) 

Outing, 26:364(Ag). 
Herbal, Stearns's American. (S. P. Boyle) Canad. 

M. 5:i 7 8(Je). 
Herbarium; another pest. (J. G. Jack) Garden 

&F. 8:323(Agi4). 
Herbart, J. F., and Froebel. (J. L. Hughes) 
Educa. R. 10: 239(0). 

Herbart, De Garmo on. Sat. R. 79: 194^9). 

— Unmoral education. (W. T. Harris) Educa. 

Herbartism, Every day uses of. (J. T. Prince) 

Educa. 15: 328(F). 
Hereditary legislators. Sat. R. 80: 375(821). 
Heredity. (St. G. Mivart) Harper, 90: 631 (Mr). 

— and pre-natal influence, Effect of, on a child. 

(B. O. Flower) Arena, 13:24301). 

— Essays on, Weismann's. Sat. R. 79: i6o(F2). 

— in U.S. political history. (H. King) Chaut. 

2i: 3 8 7 (Jl). 

— Morbid. (C. F6re) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 388(J1). 

— Mystery of birth. (G. Allen) Fortn. 64: 1 13CJI). 

— once more. (A. Weismann) Contemp. 68:420 

(S).— (H. Spencer) Contemp. 68: 6o8(0). 

— vs. individual variation. Sat. R. 79:89(^19). 
Heretics, Salvability of. (C. C. Starbuck) Meth. 

R. 55:720(8). 
Hermaphroditism, successive protandric and pro- 

terogynic, in animal. (T. H. Montgomery, jr.) 

Am. Natural. 29: 528(Je). 
Hermitage wharf; a story. Argosy, 60: 736(D) . 
Hero; a tale. (T. G. Randall) Outing, 27:30(0). 
Heroism, The true. (G. Dobbs) Our Day, 15:4 

Heroism of Landers, The. (A. S. Pier) Scrib. M. 

18: 780(D). 

Herons, The. Macmil. 71:161-401. 72:20,143, 

Heronscourt; a story. Argosy, 60: 668(D). 

Herreshoff, J. B. and N. G., and their boats. (H. 
R. Palmer) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 5I5(J1). 

Herring, Feeding-ground of. (A. Turbyne) Nat- 
ure, 52:617(024). 

— Mysterious migration of. (A. H. Gouraud) 

New Sci. R. 2:162(0). 
Herron, George D., and his work in California. (A. 
Knapp and others) Arena, 14: iio(S). 

— The kingdom of God : resum6 of the teachings 

of, with portrait. (H. P. Douglass) Our Day, 

Herschel, Sir John. (Sir R. Ball) Eel. M. 124: 

Hertzka, Theodor. Freeland ; experiments by col- 
onisation. (E. Salmon) Fortn. 63: 260(F). 
Hervieu, Paul. Armature. Sat. R. 79:836^22). 
Herz, Dr. Cornelius, Imprisonment of. Green Bag, 

7 :496(N). 
Herzegovina, Baron de Kallay's achievement in. 

Spec. 75:428(05). 
Hessian fly. (E. A. Butler) Knowl. 18: 30(F). 
Hester; a story. Chamb. J. 72: 93(F). 
Hey wood, Thomas, Plays of. (A. C. Swinburne) 

19th Cent. 37: 646(Ap). 38: 397( s )- 
Hiawatha ; a poem. (C. A. Goodwin) Outing, 26: 

Hickories; why certain ones died. (J. B. Smith) 

Garden &F. 8:352(84). 
High School, the American, Future of. (J. R. 

Bishop) School R. 3: 287(My). 

— small, Curriculum of. (E.J. Goodwin) School 

R. 3 : 2 68(My). 

— Teacher of, equipment in French. (A. H. Ed- 

gren) School R. 3:257(My). 
High-school period. (J. H. Baker) Educa. R. 9: 

Higher aim; sonnet. (W. M. Payne) Dial 

(Ch.) I9:io5(Si). 
Higher law, A; a story. Temp. Bar, 104: 288(F). 




Highlands, Scottish, Development of. (J. H. Ful- 

larton) Scot. R. 25:20j(Ap). 
Highways, The people's. (F. Parsons) Arena, 12: 

218, 393('Ap, My). 
Higinbotham, George, Morris* Life of. (J. G. C. 

Minchin) Acad. 47:440^x25). 
Hiller, Ferdinand. Temp. Bar, 106:240(0). 
Hills, Rose Dunster. (W. S. Hills) N.E. Reg. 49: 

Himalaya mountains, Exploration in, Conway's. 

Sat. R. 79:49(^12). 
Hinderer, Anna. (A. R. Buckland) Snnd. M. 24: 

Hindu and Moslem. (E. L. Weeks) Harper, 91: 

Hindu carvings. (L. H. Weeks) Chaut. 22: 59 (O). 
Hindu Kush, Chitral, Hunza and. (F. E. Young- 
husband) Geog. J. 5<409(My). 
Hindu logic, Inference in. (S. N. Gupta) Mind, 

20: 159YAP). 
Hinduism, Evangelical. (M.-M. Snell) Bib. World, 

Hine, Henry George. Ath. '95, 1:384 (Mr23). — 

Acad. 47:283(5^30). 
Hirst, Father J. Ath. '95, 2: 540(019). 
His advocate. (G. G. Farquhar) Chamb. J. 72: 779. 
His ghostly wife. Argosy, 59: 67 (Ja). 
His Highness's playthings. (Headon Hill) Chamb. 

J. 72: 689-7 io(N). 
His magnificence; a story. (S. F. Bullock) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 5, 53(F). 
His sister; comedietta. (H. A. Spurr) Eng. Illust. 

13 : 3*9(J1). 
Histology, physiological, A plea for. (S. H. Gage) 

Science, n. s. 2: 20Q(Ag23). 
Historical argument, Importance and limitations of. 

(A. T. Swing) Bib. Sac. 52:480a). 
Historical novel, The. (W. H. Carruth) Dial (Ch.) 

i 9 :8(Jli). 
History and democracy. (W. M. Sloane) Am. 

Hist. R. i:i(0). 

— Beginnings of. (S. D. Peet) Am. Antiq. 17: 


— Definition of, and a forecast. (M. S. Barnes) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: I28(J1). 

— Educational value of. (A. B. Thompson) 

Educa. R. 9: 359(Ap). 

— entrance requirements in, Report of the Con- 

ference on. School R. 3:469(0). 

— Five books of. (J. W. Powell) Science, n. s. 

i:i 57 (F8). 

— for ready reference, Larned's. (A. H. Noll) 

Dial (Ch.) i9:9o(Agi6). 

— local, Teaching of. (M. S. Barnes) Educa. R. 

10: 481(D). 

— The most valuable. (H. C. Kirk) Educa. 16: 15 


— The new spirit in. (W. S. Lilly) 19th Cent. 

38:619(0). Sameart. Eel. M. 125: 721(D). 
Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 737(021). 

— On the writing of. (W. Wilson) Cent. 50:787 


— prophecy and the monuments, McCurdy's. (A. 

B. Davidson) Crit. R. 5:3(Ja). 

— Study of, at Oxford. Nation, 60: 274(Api 1). 
Methods of. (L. R. Harley) Educa. 15: 332 

— Teaching of. (E. D. Warfield) School R. 3: 33. 

— Why should we learn? (G. W. Prothero) Eel. 

M. i24:349(Mr). 

Hitchcock, Pres. Edward. With portrait. Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47:689(8). 
Hittites and Pelasgians, The. (A. H. Sayce) Acad. 

Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood. (D. E. Ware) Atlan. 

76: i62(Ag). 

— How he ceased to be attorney-general. (J. D. 

Cox) Atlan. 76: i62(Ag). 
Hoar, Senator George F., and the A. P. A. Pub. 

Opin. 19: 232(Ag22). 
Hobby, Value of a. Spec. 74: 896(Je29). 
Hodge in the saddle; a poem. Spec. 74:464(Ap6). 
Hodgson, John Evan. Ath. '95, 1: 844(^29). 

— Acad. 47 : 549(Je29). 

Hoffmann, Heinrich, painter, Studio of. (M. C. 

Crowley) Cath. World, 601653(F). 
Holberg, Ludwig, influenced by Addison. Sat. R. 

Hole, Samuel Reynolds, "More memories" of. 

Critic, 26:1 (Jaj). 

— on America. Critic, 26: i7i(Mr2). 

Holiday, The autumn. (H. D. Traill) National, 

25 : 755 (Ag). 
Holland, — . Surveyor- General. (H. Scadding) 

Canad. M. 5:521(0). 

Holland ; how it was made. (F. Crowell) Engin. 

M. 9:204(My). 

— Land wrested from the sea. (M. Beck) 

Chaut. 2i:597(Ag). 

— Literature in. (W. E. Griffis) Lit. W. (Bost.) 

Holland House. Am. Arch. 48:42(Ap27). 
Hollingshead, John, Life of. Sat. R. 79: 763 (Je8). 
Hollis, Thomas. (A. McF. Davis) Harv. Grad. M. 

Hollow ruby, The; a story. (J. Hawthorne) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 6, 3(Mr). 
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Lippinc. 55: 107 (Ja). 

— (T. T. Munger) New World, 4: 33(Mr). — 
Quar. 180: i89(Ja). Sameart. Ecl.M. 124:433 
(Ap). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 537 (Mr2). 

— a poem. (C. G. D. Roberts) Dial (Ch.) 19: 


— and Tennyson; a parallel, with portraits. Cath. 

World, 60: 521 (Ja). 

— as professor of anatomy. (Thos. Dwight) Scrib. 

M. I7:i2i(ja). 

— Personal recollections and unpublished letters. 

(A. Fields) Cent. 49: 505(F). 
— Recollections of. (E. E. Hale) Arena, 15: 21(D). 

— With the Autocrat. Lippinc. 55: 107 (Ja). 
Holmes, Judge O. W., Sentimental jingoism of. 

(W. P. Garrison) Nation, 61:440(019). 
Holy sepulchre at Jerusalem, Sunday morning at 

church of. (T. Conant) Canad. M. 4: 531 (Ap). 
Holy Spirit as the administrator of the church. 

(T. Cook) Our Day, 15:288(0). 

— as known to science. (J.Cook) Our Day, 15: 


— in natural law. (J. Cook) Our Day, 15: 181 (O). 

— in Scripture, science and life. (J. Cook) Our 

Day, 14: i76(Ap). 
Home, Study at, for school-children. Lend a Hand, 

14: 131(F). 
Home life. (P. Browne) Eel. M. 124: 767 (Je). 
Home-ownership, Decadence of, in the United 

States. (J. A. Collins) Am. M. Civics, 6: 56 

(Ja). — Reply. (G. L. Eberhart) Am. M. 

Civics, 6: 291 (Mr). — (H. L. Bliss) Am. M. 

Civics, 7:361(0). 





Homer, Local cults in. (A. Fairbanks) New World, 
4: 716(D). 

— Odyssey, Plot of. (W. C. Lawton) Atlan. 76: 


— to-day. (A. B. Hyde) Meth. R. 55: 8o4(N). 

— Writing in. (W. Ridgeway and others) Acad. 

48: 54-i47(Jl-Ag). 
Homeric hymns, Text of. (T. W. Allen) J. Hel. 

Stud. 15: 136. 
Homes, William, of Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, 

1689-1746, Diary of. (C. E. Banks) N.E. 

Reg. 49 : 413(0). 
Homes, American; Are they decreasing? (G. L. 

Eberhart) Am. M. Civics, 6: 291 (Mr). 
Hong Kong and the Straits settlements. (R. S. 

Gundry) Fortn. 63:9o5(Je). 
Honnie, a study of Irish peasant life. Temp. Bar, 

104: 367 (Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 793 

Honorable Patrick Kilfinane Winch ; a story. (M. 

Carmichael) Temp. Bar, 106: 253(0). " 
Hooch, Pieter de. (T. Cole) Cent. 49: 7oo(Mr). 
Hook, Theodore, satirist and novelist. Liv. Age, 

Hoppe-Seylier, Ernest Felix Immanuel. (A. 

Garogee) Nature, 52: 575(Oio), 623(024). 
Hopper's wife, A; a story. (F. A. McKenzie) 

Eng. Illust. 12: no. 6, 71 (Mr). 
Hops, Eelworm disease of. (J. Percival) Nat. Sci. 

6: i87(Mr). 
Horace. (W. Everett) Atlan. 76: i8(Jl). 

— and his translators. Quar. 180: 1 1 1 (Ja). 

— Odes, Gladstone's edition. (E. A. Meredith) 

Canad. M. 5: io2(Je). — (H. T. Henry) Am. 
Cath. Q. 20: 327(Ap). 

Horatio as a friend. (H. P. Goddard) Poet-Lore, 

Horb, John Anthony Fenton. Judaistic Christianity. 
Church 0.41:187(0). 

Hornby, Sir Geoffrey T. P. (W. L. Clowes) Na- 
tional, 25: 226(Ap). — Sat. R. 79: 309(Mr9). 

Hornets; a familiar guest. (W. H. Gibson) Har- 
per, 9i:76(Je). 

Horoscope of two portraits; a story. (C. Wheeler) 
Harper, 91:30301). 

Horse and his competitors. (R. L. Seymour) 
Chaut. 22: io6(N). 

— Teeth of. (W. G. Ridewood) Nat. Sci. 6: 249 

Horse- market, The. (H. C. Merwin) Cent. 49: 

691 (Mr). 
Horse progress on the Pacific coast. Overland, n. s. 

26: 622(D). 
Horseless age, The. (H. W. Fischer) Munsey, 

13: i43(My). 
Horseless carriages. Some speculations regarding 

rapid transit. (). B. Walker) Cosraopol. 20: 

See Automobile. 
Horses and donkeys. (B. C. Finch) Gent. M. n. s. 

54: 407 (S). 

— Trotting and pacing champions of 1894. Out- 

ing, 26: i8i(Je). 
Horticultural show of, Philadelphia. Garden & F. 

Horticulture; Chino valley (Cal.) experiment 

station. (C. H. Shinn) Garden & F. 8:212 


— Garden herbariums. (F. W. Card) Garden & 

F. 8:242(Jei9). # 

Horticulture; Nebraska State Society. Garden & 

F. 8: 4 7(Ja3°), 57(F6), 67^13). 

— A novel school of, (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F. 8:2i(Jai6). 

— Schools of. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 471 

(N27).— (L. Bevier) Garden & F. 8:508 

— Study of principles as a help in. Garden & F. 


— Western N.Y. Society. Garden & F. 8: 58(F6), 

68(Fi3), 79(F*>). 

Horton, Samuel Dana. (F. A. Walker) Eoon. J. 
5 : 3°4(Jc)- — (F. W. Holls) R. ofRs. 11:412 

Hospitals, Architecture of modern. (E. C. Gard- 
ner) Engin. M. 9: 1086 (S). 

— Financial support of. Lend a Hand, 14:45 

— Ventilation of. (M. Wyman) Am. Arch. 48: 47 

(My 4 ), I02(je8). 
Hotchkiss, Chauncey C, with portrait. Bookman, 

2: 274(D). 
Houghton, Henry Oscar. (J. H. Ward) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 13: 159(0.) -—Lit. W. (Bost) 

26: 280 (S7).— Critic, 27: i36(Ag3i). 
Hounds and hunting, Irish. (T. S. Blackwell) 

Outing, 25.393(F). 
Hour and the man, The; a story. (R. Barr) 

McClure, 5:45(Je). 
Hour of her life, The ; a story. (Mabel E. Wotten) 

Temp. Bar, 105: 107 (My). 

House of Commons, (j. W. Longley) Canad. M. 
6:2 7 (N).— (M. J. 

Wright) Arena, 13:31 

— Decline of. (S. Low) 19th Cent. 37^567(Ap). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 411 (My 1 8). 

— House of Representatives and. (R. F. D. Pal- 

grave) No. Am. 161: 740(D). 

— Humors of. Chamb. J. 72: 183 (Mr). Same art. 

Eel. M. 124: fOo(My). 

— If it were abolished? Dv. Age, 204: 88(Jai2). 

— A night in the reporter's gallery. (M. MacDon- 

agh) 19th Cent. 37:5 16( Mr). Same art. Liv. 
Age, 205: 5o(Ap6). 

— A plea for action. (J. F. Moulton) Contemp. 


— Relation of the House of Lords to. (G. W. 

Prothero) National, 25: 259 (Ap). 

— Speakership of. (D. Crawford) Nation, 60: 253 

House of Lords. (Sir H. S. Northcote) National, 

24: 685 (Ja). — Green Bag, 7: 329 (Jl). — (Lord 

Ribblesdale) 19th Cent. 38: i99(Ag). 

— How to 'mend' the. (Earl of Meath) 19th 

Cent. 37: 195(F)- 

— Lord Salisbury and the. (R. B. Haldane) Na- 

tional, 24:705(Ja). 
Mr. Haldane's policy. (A. Lyttleton) Na- 
tional, 24: 863(F). 

— a plea for deliberation. (J. F. Moulton) Con- 

temp. 67: 153(F). 

— Position of. Liv. Age, 204: 32(Ja5). 

— A reformed. (T. A. Le Mesurier) Westm. 143: 


— Short way with. (J. G. Swift McNeill) Fortn. 


— since the reform act. (C. B. Roylance-Kent) 

Fortn. 63: I4(ja). 

— Single-chamber democrats. (R. Wallace) 19th 

Cent. 37: 177(F). 




House of Lords. A strong second chamber. (E. 
S. Beesly) Fortn. 64: 161 (Ag). 

— Unionists and the. (A. V. Dicey) National, 24: 


House of Representatives, and the House of Com- 
mons. (R. F. D. Palgrave) No. Am. 161: 740 

House they took, The; a story. (J. W. Tompkins) 
Munsey, 14: IJ5(N). 

House with the paint wore off; a story. (M. Rich- 
ardson) Lippinc. 55:525(Ap). 

Housekeeping; Penalties of ignorance of scientific 
methods. (E. Priestley) 19th Cent. 37:579 

Houses, Old Dutch, on the Hudson. (W. E. Ver 
Planck) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 71 (Mr). 

How I became a Bashi-bazouk. (E. Vizetelly) 
Eng. Illust. 12: no. 6, 76(Mr). 

How the La Rue stakes were lost. (C. N. Hood) 
Lippinc. 56: 384(8). 

How the man-eater was killed. Chamb. J. 72: 490 

How the other half lives; stories. (J. D. Symon 
and others) Eng. Illust. 12: no. 4, 59, no. 6,43. 

*3 : 73-539. i4 : 5i(Ja-*>)- 
How to live on nothing a year; a story. (Mrs. E. 

T. Cook) Gent. M. n. s. J4:433(My). 
How the town was saved. Chamb. J. 72: 541 (Ag). 
Howard, H. R. (M. H. Spielmann) Ath. '95, 

Howe, Julia Ward, and her daughters. (M. Field) 

Munsey, 12: 527(F). 
Hryniewicki, Charles, Bishop of Vilna; sketch of. 

(M. E. Herbert) Dub. R. 117:265(0). 
Hudson River, Bridge across, at N.Y. Will it pay? 

(G. Lindenthal) Engin. M. 10: 261 (N). 

— Old Dutch houses on. (W. E. Ver Planck) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 71 (Mr). 

— Steamboats of. (S. W. Stanton) Engin. M. 

8: 849(F). 
Hudson's Bay route to British America. (D. Mac- 

arthur) Westm. 144: i78(Ag). 
Hughey; a story. (R. Macknight) Scrib. M. 17: 

Huguenots and the revocation of the Edict of 

Nantes, Baird on. (H. E. Bourne) Dial (Ch.) 

Huldah, the prophetess : a story. (K. D. Wiggin) 

Harper, 92: 115(D). 
Hulke, John Whitaker. Nat. Sci. 6: 277(Ap). 
Hull-House, Chicago, Art- work done by. (J. 

Addams) Forum, 19: 6i4(Jl). 

— Maps and papers of. (M. West) Dial (Ch.) 

Human body, Changes in proportions of, during 

period of growth. (W. S. Hall) Anthrop. J. 

Humanities, The. (J. W. Powell) Science, n. s. 

Humble advocate; a story. (W. A. Dromgoole) 

Arena, 14:322(0). 
Hum-drum girl, A. (J. Wren) Belgra. 88: 179(0). 
Hume, David, Huxley on. (G. G. Greenwood) 

Westm. 144: i(Jl). 
Humorists, American. (L. A. Sherman) Chaut 

22: i6o(N). 

— of the 19th century, Four English, Lilly's. Sat. 

R. 80:766(07). 
" Humpbacking " in the Friendly Islands. (F. T. 
Bullen) Good Words, 36: 627 (Ag). 

Humperdinck, Engelbert. M Hansel und Gretel." 
(B. Stavenhagen) Cent. 51:257(0). 

Hunchback to his linnet, A; a poem. (G. K. Men- 
zies) Temp. Bar, 104: 505 (Ap). 

Hungary and the Vatican. (B. Molden) Fortn. 

64-33(J e ). 
Huns in Pennsylvania. (W. F. Gibbons) Am. M. 

Civics, 7:315(8). 

Hunt, Richard Morris. (H. Van Brunt) Am. 
Arch. 50: 53( N2) . — Critic, 27: 89(Agio) . — 
Am. Arch. 49: 7<>(Agi7). 

Hunt, William. (J. Orrock) Art J. 47: I2(ja). 

Hunting; Christmas among the tules. (M. B. Gib- 
son) Outing, 25:337(Ja). 

— large game. (N. A. Miles) No. Am. 161 : 484(0) . 

— With the hounds in France. (H. Sears) Har- 

per, 90:257^). 

Hus, John, Letters to his Church in Prague. (M. 
J. Cramer) Chr. Lit. 13: i79(Ag). 

Hutchinson, W. R. Acad. 48: 7o(Jl27). 

Huxley, Thomas Henry. (R. H. Hutton) Forum, 
20: 23(S). — (O. C. Marsh) Am. J. Sci. 150: 
i77(Ag). — Science, n. s. 2:85(Jl26). — Lit 
W. (Bost.) 26:222(1113). — Nature, 52:226 
(JI4). — (M. Foster) Nature, 52:3i8(Agi). 
— Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 557(Ag). — Dial (Ch.) 
I9:35(jli6).— Ath. '95, 2:33(J16).— (G. 
W. Smalley) Scrib. M. 18:514(0). — Sat. 
R. 80: 6(J16). — Acad. 48: io(J16). — Critic, 
27MQI6). — (P. C. Mitchell) New R. 13: 
147 (Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:666 


— and Karl Vogt. (E. Haeckel) Fortn. 64: 464(8). 

— and the "new reformation/' Church Q. 41: 151 


— and religion. Pub. Opin. 19:830118). 

— as anthropologist. (E. B. Tylor) Fortn. 64: 31 1 


— as biologist. Fortn. 64: 3 1 3 ( Ag) . 

— as evolutionist. (W. F. Reid) Westm. 144: 


— as philosopher. (W. L. Courtney) Fortn. 64: 


— Creed of. Quar. 1 80: 1 6o( Ja) . 

— Essays. (W. K. Brooks) Forum, 20: 284(N). — 

Ath. '95, 1:57 1 (My4). 
— forty seven years ago. (C. Hedley) R. of Rs. 

— Funeral of. Nature, 52 : 248OI 1 1 ) . 

— the great agnostic. Spec. 75: io(J16). 

— Greatest service of. (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 


— Memorial to. Science, n. s. 2: 796 (D 13). 

— on Hume and Berkeley. (G. G. Greenwood) 

Westm. 144: i(Jl). 

— on Sunday observance. (Jane A. H. Simpson) 

Westm. 144: 266 (S). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 
5 84(N). 

— Reminiscences of. (W. H. Flower) No. Am. 


— Scientific work of. Dub. R. 117:443(0). 

— Some personal characteristics of. (G. C. Brod- 

rick) Fortn. 64: 3o8(Ag). 

— With portrait. (E. R. Lancaster and others) 

Nat Sci. 7: U9(Ag). 
Huysmans, J. K., as mystic. Sat. R. 79: 3i2(Mr9). 
H'yakusho's summer pleasures. (Sen Katayama) 

Harper, 90: 403(F). 
Hydrazine, free, Isolation of. (A. E. Tutton) 

Nature, 51: 544(Ap4). 




Hydrographic research to the north of Scotland. 

Geog. J. 5i58i(Je). 
Hydrography and navigation. Scientific results of 

the " Challenger " expedition. (T. H . Tizard) 

Nat Sci. 7: io(Jl). 
Hydroids, Reproduction of Plumularian. (C. C. 

Nutting) Am. Natural. 29:966(N). 
Hylozoism. (W. A. Hammond) Philos. R. 4: 394 


Hymeneal fiasco. A; a story. Cornh. 72:390(0). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207:406(^6). 
Hypnotism. (G. M. Aylsworth) Canad. M. 5:279 


— and justice. (H. M. Steele) No. Am. 160: 505 


— Recent work in. (W. R. Newbold) Am. Nat- 

ural. 29: I027(N). 

— Wonder of. (H. Gaullieur) Arena, 15: 33(D). 
Hypocritical romance, A; a story. (C. Ticknor) 

Cosmopol. I9:203(je). 

Ibsen, H., Bibliography of. (W. H. Carpenter) 
Bookman, 1:275 (My). 

— Little Eyolf, a play. Poet-Lore, 7: 99(F). — 

(W. M. Payne) Dial (Ch.) i8:s(Jai). 
Note on. (W. L. Courtney) Fortn. 63: 277 


— The new. (G. W. Steevens) New. R. 12: 39 (Ja). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 239 c Ap27). 
Ibsen legend. Dial (Ch.) i8:259(Myi). 
Ice, Growth and sustaining power of. (P. Vedel) 

J. Frankl. Inst. 140:355, 437(N, D). 
Ice age, cause of, Sir Robert Ball on. (H. H. 

Howorth) Nature, 52: 594(017). 

— Central Michigan and the post-glacial submerg- 

ence. (E. H. Mudge) Am. J. Sci. 150:442 

— Epochs and stages of. (W. Upham) Am. J. Sci. 

149: 305 (Ap). 

— Geikie on. (R. D. Salisbury) Dial (Ch.) 19: 


— Minor time-divisions of. (W. Upham) Am. 

Natural. 29: 235 (Mr). 

— View of, as two epochs, the glacial and Cham- 

plain. (W. Upham) Science, n. s. 2: 529 


Iceland and its people. (R. Shaffner) Chaut. 22 : 

— Fortnight on a farm in. (W. E. Mead, Meth. 

R.55 : 5i3(Jl)- 

— School for women in. Lend a Hand, 14: 272 

Icelandic sagas, tr. by Dasent. Sat. R. 79: 2i(Ja5). 
Iconoclastic episode, An. (Emma M. Newton) 

Overland, n. s. 26:366(0). 
Iconography, Mediaeval, from the Psalms. (C. 

Dodgson) Acad. 48: 570(028). 
Ideas, community of, of men and women, J. Jas- 

trow on. (C. C. Nevers) Psychol. R. 2: 363 


— Motor power of. (H. Nichols) Philos. R. 4: 174 

Identifying criminals. (A. F. B. Crofton) Cosmopol. 

Idle days, the lake and a little music; a social 

sketch. (B. McEvoy) Canad. M. 5:369(Ag). 
Idyl of the 4o's; a story. (C. Bissell) Lippinc. 55: 

If, Chateau d\ (W, H, Pollock) Eng. Illust. 13: 

221 (Je). 

Igneous rocks of the Sweet Grass Hills, Montana* 
(W. H. Weed and L. V. Pirsson) Am. J. Sci. 
i§ o: 3°9(0). 

— of Yogo Peak, Montana. (W. H. Weed and L. 

V. Pirsson) Am. J. Sci. 150:467(0). 
Illinois, Map of, in 1680. (H. W. Beckwith) Am. 

Antiq. 17:21301). 
Illinois, National Guard of. (W. R. Hamilton) 

Outing, 26:75, 160, 24o(Ap-Je). 
Illumination. New methods of. Chamb. T. 72: 582 

Illustration of books. (J. Pennell) Art J. 47: 136- 

Illustration, Pictorial imagination vs. Spec. 74: 683. 
Illustrators and illustrating. (P. R. Paulding) 

Munsey, i3:i5i(My). 

— Some San Francisco. (P. N. Boeringer) Over- 

land, n. s. 26:7001). 
Image, Selwyn. Poems and carols. Sat R. 79: 8 

(J a 5)* — (k. Johnson) Acad. 47: 27i(Mr3o). 
Imaginary companions, Study of. (C. Vostrovsky) 

Educa. i5:393(Mr). 
Imerina, In. (Pasfield Oliver) New R. 13:554 

Imitation. (J. Royce) Psychol. R. 2:2i7(My). 
Immigrants; day in the new Castle Garden. (F. 

Balgarnie) Eng. Illust. 13: 155 (My). 
Immigration, Alien. (G. Drage) J. Statis. Soc. 

58: i(Mr). — (A. White) Fortn. 63:501^). 

— (G. Drage) Fortn. 63: 37(W- 

— and naturalization. (H. S. Everett) Atlan. 75: 


— Has it increased population? (S. G. Fisher) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 244(D). 

— into Great Britain : Strangers within our gates. 

Chamb. J. 72:344(Je). 

— Working-man and. (J. W. Knight) Char. R. 4: 

Immorality, Laws favoring. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 
11: i67(Ja). 

— Social conditions as feeders of. (B. O. Flower) 

Arena, 1 1: 399(F). 

— Wellsprings of. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 12:337 

Immortality, Ethical consequences of doctrine of. 
(W. Lutoslawski) Int. J. Ethics, 5-309(Ap). 

— in the Old Testament, Modern religion and. (A. 

B. Davidson) Chr. Lit. I3:82(je). 

Immortality that is now; a poem. (G. J. Ro- 
manes) Pub. Opin. i8:38l(Apii). 

Immortals to the sleepers, The; a poem. (B. 
Pares) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 618(D). 

Imperial Federation. Financial incidents of war. 
(A. C. Gait) Canad. M. 5:453(S). 

Imperial Institute, German. (P. Magnus) Nature, 
53:32(Ni 4 ). 

Impressionists; a story. (J. F. Rafia&lli) Scrib. M. 

Imprisonment for debt. (B. F. Washer) Green 

Ba g» 7 : 4* (S). 
Imprisonment, Terms of. (F. Galton) Nature, 52: 

In Acadie; a tale. (G. Bartlett) Canad. M. 5:536 

In Arcady; a story. (K % Grahame) New R. 12: 

In Arcady. (G. S. Street) New R. 13: i57(Ag). 
In the bear latitudes. All the Year, 76: 207 (Mr 2). 
In Breton land; a poem, (E. Leith) Argosy, 60: 





n the camp of the shadow of death. (£. £. 

Luthell) Belgra. 87: I40(je). 
n case of discovery. (Mrs. W. K. Clifford) Fortn. 

n 1 81 2, a story. (S. Livingston) Canad. M. 5: 385 

n a field of buckwheat; a story. (J. P. Rudd) 

Outing, 26:33i(Ag). 

n foro conscienliae; a story. (W. Mills) Arena, 

I4 : 495( N )- 
n honour bound; a story. (G. Gissing) Eng. 

Illust. 13: 79 (Ap). Same art Liv. Age, 205: 


n the land of Shadows; a story. Canad. M. 4: 210 

n northern waters. (T. C. Evans) Scrib. M. 17: 


n the pine lands of Georgia; a story. (E. F. An- 
drews) Chaut. 21:41301), 579(Ag). 

n the redwoods; a story. (J. C. Bull) Munsey, 

n sight of the goddess. (H. R. Davis) Lippinc. 

n summer; a poem. (M. A. Mason) Outing, 26: 

n sunny June; a story. (L. G. Ackroyd) Argosy, 

n the time of our sickness (A.D. 1348); a story. 

Temp. Bar, i04:537(Ap). 
n the track of the wandering Jew; a story. Cornh. 

71: 164(F). 
nactive, Obligation of the. (K. Trask) Forum, 

20: 489(D). 
ncas, The ancient. Chamb. J. 72: 758(N). 
ncident from borderland, An; a story. Cornh. 

7 2:5i 4 (N). 
ncome, Management of the. (P. Browne) Eel. 

M. i24'.497(Ap). 
ncome tax, The. (F. J. Lippitt) Nation, 60:217 

(Mr2i). — (G. Bradford) Nation, 60:298 

(Api8). — (C. J. Swift) Overland, n. s. 25: 


— I. Decision of the Supreme Court. (G. S. 

Boutwell) No. Am. 160: 589c My). II. Spirit 
of the tax. No. Am. 160: 601 (My). 

— The decision on. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 60: 

272(Apn), 394(My23). — J. Pol. Econ. 3: 

509(8). — Pub. Opin. i8:40X)(Api8). — (L. 

Allen) Am. Law R. 29:847(N-D). — Reply. 

(S. Pennoyer) 29:856(N-D). 
and constitutional construction. (C. G. Tiede- 

man) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 268 (S). 
and the power of the Supreme Court to 

nullify acts of Congress. (S. Pennoyer) 

Am. Law R. 29:55o(Jl-Ag). 
Political dangers of. (E. B. Whitney) 

Forum, 19:52101). 
Salutary results of. (G. F. Edmunds) Forum, 

«9 S 5 I 3CJ1)- 

— in the American colonies and states. (E. R. 

A. Seligman) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 221 (Je). 

— in the U.S. Sat. R. 79: 50o(Ap2o). 

— Is it constitutional? (N. Trickett) Am. Law 

R. 29:73(Ja-F). 

— Is it constitutional and just? (E. R. A. Selig- 

man) Forum, 19: 48(Mr). 

— Is it socialistic? (W. H. Mai lock) Forum, 19: 


— Is it unconstitutional? (D. A. Wells) Forum, 

i8 : 537(Ja)« 

Income tax, Legislative history of the second law. 
(G. Turrell) J. Pol. Econ. 3:31100. 

— National finance and the. (A. C. Miller) J. 

Pol. Econ. 3:255(Je). 

— of 1894 [text of the bill]. Q. J. Econ. 9: 223 


— A progressive. (G. H. Blunden) Econ. J. 5: 527 

Income taxation in France. (H. P. Willis) J. Pol. 

Econ. 4:37(0). 
Income taxes in 1787. (S. Webster) Nation, 60: 

Incongruence, Spiritual. (J. H. Phillips) Educa. 

R. 10:384^). 
Incubation among Egyptians. (J. T. Baylee) 

Nature, 52:4i4(Ag29). 
India. Outing, 27: 232(D). 

— Akbar in the 1 6th century, by Abul-Fazl. Sat. 

R. 79:8670629). 

— and Afghanistan. Our last war with the Man- 

suds. (S. S. Thorburn) Blackw. 158: 76(J1). 

— and the viceroyalty. (E. K. Robinson) Fortn. 

64 : 439(S). 

— Archaeological survey of. Acad. 48: 96(Ag3) . 

— art of, Notes on. (E. L. Weeks) Harper, 91: 

5 6 7 (S). 

— British possessions in. (G. B. Wolseley) Blackw. 

*57 : 537(Ap). 

— British rulers in. (W. S. Seton-Karr) National, 


— Chance of change in. Spec. 74: 7i6(My25). 

— Chitral campaign, Uselessness of. Sat. R. 79: 

68 4 (My25). 

— Christian Church in, Earlier. Meth. R. 55:441 


— Closing of the mints. (Brassey) 19th Cent. 38: 


— Commercial travelling in. Chamb. J. 72: 5(Ja) . 

— Currency question. (D. Barbour) National, 25: 


— England and. Pub. Opin. 19:491(017). 

— English in. ( W. Bonnar) Contemp. 68: 564 


— Finances of. Sat. R. 80: 336(514). 

— Frontiers and finance. (A. Colvin) 19th Cent. 

3 8:8 7 o(N). 
-r- Government of, Twelve years of. Ed. R. 181: 1 


— Import duties on cotton goods and yarns. (E. 

Helm) Econ. J. 5:269(Je). 

— Impressions of. (C. F. Keary) New R. 12: 29- 

3950 a *-Ap). Same art. Eel. M. 124:370- 

— In the jungles of. (E. O. Walker) Gent. M. n.s. 

54: I3(ja)- 

— In the 7th century, I-tsing's Record of. Acad. 


— A khud in the Punjab. (E. Carrington) Eel. M. 


— Latent religion of. (G. M. Cobban) Contemp. 

67:8530c). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:50 

— Lenz's world tour awheel. Outing, 26: 224-467. 


— life in, Anglo-, Recent impressions of. (E. L. 

Weeks) Harper, 91:903^). 

— Little wars on the Indian frontier. Blackw. 

!57 : 93<>(Je). 

— MacGeorge's Ways and works in. (G. S. 

Morison) Nation, 60: i3o(Fi4). 




India, The native press of. Liv. Age, 207: 164 


— Night traveling in. (S. C. Logan) 19th Cent. 

37:ioi(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204:426 

— North-west frontier of. (H. Beaucharap) Fortn. 


— Polity in, Chesney on. Sat. R. 79:447(Ap6). 

— Public opinion in. Quar. 182:429(0). 

— Ragozin's Story of Vedic India. (M. Bloom- 

field) Am. Hist. R. 1: 103 (O). 

— Railway to. (C. E. D. Black) Contemp. 67: 569 


— Religions of, Recent books on. (G. S. Good- 

speed) Dial (Ch.) I9I289(Ni6). 

— Religious movements in. (B. Khuda) Spec. 

75:47(Jli3). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:572 


— Representative government in. (D. MacG. 

Means) Nation, 6i:23(J1ii). 

— Rupee and silver. (F. C. Harrison) Econ. J. 


— Scientific frontier of, Hanna on. Sat. R. 80: 315 


— Station in, A. Liv. Age, 207: 755(021). Same 

art. Eel. M. 125: 810(D). 

— Survey of. Chamb. J. 72: 151 (Mr). 

— Surveys in 1893-94. (C. E. D. Black) Geog. 

J.6:2 7 (J1). 

— Thirty years of Shikar, Braddon's. Sat. R. 79: 


— Travel and sport in, Gardner's. Sat. R. 80: 84 


— Trigonometrical survey. Liv. Age, 205 : 58 ( Ap6) . 

— Voices of the night in. Sund. M. 24:405(Je), 

6o6(S), 75 i(N). 

— Zhob field force in 1890, McFall on. Sat. R. 

India Exhibition, London. (S. Beale) Am. Arch. 

49: 102 (S7). 
Indian, American, as a citizen. (J. Wickersham) 

Am. Antiq. 17:329^). 
Indian corn, An Indian on. (T. H. Hoskins) 

Garden & F. 8: 23(Jai6). 
Indian lover, An; a story (J. G. Menard) Can ad. 

M. 5:242(J1). 
Indian maiden's grave; a story. (C. Traill) 

Canad. M. 4:28o(Ja). 
Indian Territory, Failure of government in. (W. 

M. Fishback) Am. M. Civics, 6:96(Ja). 

— Problems in. (O. H. Piatt) No. Am. 160: 195(F). 
Indian War Clubs. (J. Wickersham) Am. 

Antiq. l7:72(Mr). 
Indiana, State bank of. (W. F. Harding) J. Pol. 

Econ. 4: 1, 109(D). 
Indians. Beauty from an Indian's point of view. 

(R. W. Shufeldt) Cosmopol. 18: 591 (Mr). 

— Canadian, Treatment of. (W. Trant) Westm. 

144: 5o6(N). 

— Condition of, 1895. (W. T. Larned) Lip pine. 

55:o4 7 (My). 

— Education of. (R. H. Pratt) Pub. Opin. 18: 730 

Fruits of. (D. O. Lewis) Canad. M. 5:425 


— Food of. (L. Carr) Lend a Hand, I5^347(N). 

— languages of, Bibliographies of. (R. R. Elliott; 

Am. Cath. Q. 20: 238(Ap), 721 (O). 

— life of, Personal studies of. (A. C. Fletcher) 

Cent 50: 691 (S). 

Indians. Nations of the Great lakes. (W. M. 
Beauchamp) Am. Antiq. 17:321^). 

— of British Columbia, potlach dance. (D. O. 

Lewis) Canad. M. 5:337(Ag). 

— of Minnesota. (H. B. Whipple) Lend a Hand, 

14: 97(F). 

— Origin of. (C. Thomas) Am. Antiq. i7:44(Ja). 

— Problem of, by an Indian. (S. Po-ka-gon) R. 

of Rs. 12: 694(D). 

— Proper training and future of. (J. W. Powell) 

Forum, i8:622(Ja). 

— question of, Some phases of. (H. Welsh) Pub. 

Opin. i8:4o8(Api8). 

— School system for, The evolution of. (H. D. 

Sheldon) Educa. 16: 7(S). 

— schools for, Supt. Hailman on. Lend a Handy 

14: 361 (My). 

Industrial training in. (R. H. Pratt) Educa. 

R. io:325(N). 

— Scotch Highlanders and. (M. E. Strieby) Lend 

a Hand, 15: 376(N). 

— Spoils system and Indian service. (F. E. Leupp) 

Pub. Opin. i8:57o(My23). 

— Tour of observation among, Meserve on. Lend 

a Hand, 14: 133(F). 

— U.S. Indian service. (H. Smith) Lend a Hand. 

14: i70(Mr). 

— Virginia, Government and religion of. (S. R. 

Hendren) J. H. Univ. Stud. I3:539(N-D). 

— With gun and palette among. Outing, 25: 355 

Indifference of the miller of Hof bau; a story. (A. 

Hope Hawkins) McClure, 5=533(N). 
Indifferentism. (C. Coupe) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 266 

Indigo; an old industry. (M. H. Leonard) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 46: 649 (Mr). 
Individualism. (T. Hedge) Luth. Q. 25:506(0). 

— Progressive. (J. R. Commons) Am. M. Civics, 

Individuality, A plea for. (F. A. Comstock) Educa. 

Indo-China, France in. Dub. R. 117: 161 (Jl). 
Indus-delta country, M. R. Haig's. (F. J. Gold- 

smid) Geog. J. 6: 260(8). 
Industrial depression, The present. (R. H. I. Pal- 
grave) National, 25: 105 (Mr). 
Industrial history, English, Cunningham and Mo 

Arthur. Sat. R. 79:6o6(Myii). 
Industrial order, The coming. (J. G. Clark) 

Arena, n:238(Ja). 
Industrial organization, The. (D. H. Wheeler) 

Meth. R. 55=59500. 
Industrial reform. (J. G. Stevenson) Arena, 14: 


Industries, Relations of, to advancement of chemi- 
cal science. (W. McMurtie) Science, n. s. 2: 
28 3 (S6). 

Industriously, Use of the word. (F. Hall) Nation, 

Industry, Evolution of, Dyer's. Sat. R. 80:442 


Infanticide in China. (A. M. Clarke) Cath. World, 
60: 769 (Mr). 

Infantry, The Swiss. Macmil. 73: 106(D). 

Infectious diseases, Explanation of acquired immu- 
nity from. (G. M. Sternberg) Science, n. s. 1: 

Inference, Theory of. (W. W. Carlile) Philos. R. 
4: 407 (J 1 )- 




Information, Undesirable. (E. F. Benson) 
Contemp. 68: 125 (J 1). Same art. Li v. Age, 
2o6:49o(Ag24). Same art. Eel. M. 125:222 


Benson on. Sat. R. 80: 37CJI13). 

Informer's family, An. Liv. Age, 206: 38o( Agio). 
Ingoldsby, Thomas, With, in Kent. (H. M. 

Stephens) Temp. Bar, 106:89(8). Same art. 

Eel. M. 125:541(0). 
Inheritance, Dynamical hypothesis of. (J. A. 

Ryder) Science, n. s. i:597(My3i), 6i7(Je7). 
Inheritance and wills, Laws regarding. (Lady 

Cook) Westm. 143: 187(F). 
Initiative and referendum, Relation of, to labor. 

(A. L. Lowell) Int. J. Ethics, 6: 51(0). 
Injunctions and strikes. (W. H. Upson) Bib. Sac. 

5 2: 549CP). 
— Mc 

Lodern use of. (F. J. Stimson) Pol. Sci. Q. 

10: i8c;(Je). 
Ink and paper, Best. (R. T. Swain) Lib. J. 20: 

l6 3 (My). 
Inness, George. Pub. Opin. 18: 207 (F28). 

— Characteristics of. (G. W. Sheldon) Cent. 49: 


— Exhibition of paintings of. Critic, 26: 17(^5). 

Innocent offender, An. (A. Turner) Cent. 49: 949 

Inns, Notable, around London. (N. L. Beal) 

Chaut. 2i:659(S). 
Insane, Care of. (S. G. Smith) Char. R. 4: 138 (Ja). 

— Politics and the. (H. S. Williams) No. Am. 

Insanity, Communicated. (C. W. Pilgrim) Pop. 
Sci. Mo. 46:828(Ap). 

— in royal families. (A. Bodington) Am. Natural. 

29: 118(F). 

— Moral, as a defense to crimes. (F. B. Living- 

stone) Green Bag, 7:368 (Ag). 

— Popular. (A. Moses) Am. M. Civics, 7: 599(D). 
Insect pests; Kerosene attachment for spraying 

pumps. (E. S. Goff) Garden & F. 8: 143 

— Legislation against. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F. 8:41030). 
Insects and the fertilization of flowers. Sat. R. 79: 

— Intelligence of, in relation to flowers. (A. S. 

Wilson) Knowl. i8:6o(Mr). 

— literature on, Some recent. (G. H. Carpenter) 

Nat. Sci. 7: I79(S). 

— Senses of, Riley on. Nature, 52: 209(Je27). 

— social, Certain habits and instincts of. (M. 

Hartog) Science, n. s. 1:98(^25). 

— Transformations of. (L. C. Miall) Nature, 53: 


— Winter life of. (E. A. Butler) Knowl. 18: 

83, U3(Ap, My). 
Insects' eggs. (V. Brandicourt) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 


Inspiration, Sanday on. (G. T. Purves) Presb. & 
Ref. R. 6: I75(ja). 

— Theories of. (M. A. Wilcox) Bib. World, 5: 169 

Inspiration, An; a story. (G. Gissing) Eng. II- 

lust. 14: 268(D). 
Instinct, Definitions of. (C. L. Morgan) Nature, 


— Problem of. Am. Natural. 29: 773(Ag). 

— Some definitions of. (C. L. Morgan) Nat. Sci. 

6: 321 (My). 

Institute of France, Centenary of. (E. Lecky) 

Longm. 27: 174(D). 
Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Nature, 51: 

Instruction and study, Methods of. (H. C. Kirk) 

Educa. 16: 230(D). 

Insurance, Accident. (H. W. Wolff) Contemp. 

67:68(Ja). — (H. W. Wolff) Econ. R. 5:297 


— — Milan Congress on. (H. W. Wolff) Econ. 

R. 5: I2i(ja). 

— fire, Barnacles of. (L. Windmiiller) Forum, 18: 

Does it cost too much? (G. U. Crocker) 

No. Am. 160: 470 (Ap). 

Municipal. (R. Donald) Contemp. 68: 839 


— life, as an investment. Sat. R. 79: 154-861, 80: 


— Effects of free surrender and loan privileges in. 

(M. M. Dawson) Am. Statis. Assoc. 4: 84(Mr). 

— Methods in. (J. Ferguson) Canad. M. 4: 322(F). 

— Working men's. (H. W. Wolff) Econ. J. 5: 6x2 

Intellectual detachment. (H. Maxwell) 19th Cent. 
38:4i(Jl). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:387 


— Sir Herbert Maxwell on. Spec. 75: ii(J16). 

Intelligence, Human, Fraser's account of. (J. E. 

Creighton) Philos. R. 4: i67(Mr). 
Intemperance, Newspaper responsibility for. (W. 

W. Ramsay) Meth. R. 55: 568(J1). 

— Old-time, in New England. (C. Northend) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 13:49(8). 

— past and present. (A. Shad well) National, 26: 


Intercolonial railway. (P. F. Cronin) Canad. M. 4: 

Interest, desire, and emotion. (S. F. M'Lennan) 

Psychol. R. 2:462(8). 

— Herbart's doctrine of. (W. T. Harris) Educa. 

R. 10: 71 (Je). 
Interest, Origin of. (J. B. Clark) Q. J. Econ. 9: 
257(Ap). — (E. BShm-Bawerk) Q. J. Econ. 

— Real issues concerning. (J* B* Clark) Q. J. 

Econ. 10:98(0). 
International law in the war between Japan and 

China. Fortn. 63:9130c). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 2o6:6701i3)- 
Interoceanic canal in the light of precedent. (T. 

S. Woolsey) Yale R. 4:246^). 
Interoceanic canals. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 61: 


— Suez and Panama. (W. H. Wheeler) Longm. 

25 : 394(F). 

Interstate commerce, Federal power to regulate, 
and police power of the states. (H. B. Shoe- 
maker) Am. Law R. 29: 59(J a ~F')- 

Interstate migration, Decrease of. (W. F. Willcox) 
Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 603(D). 

Interval, Least observable, between stimuli ad- 
dressed to disparate senses and to different 
organs of the same sense. (A. J. Hamlin) 
Am. J. Psychol. 6:5640a). 

Interview, An, with Miss Marlenspuyk : a story. (B. 
Matthews) Harper, 92: 61(D). 

Interviewing. (F. Banfield) National, 26:367^). 

— Canadian newspaper. (P. S. Barydardt) Canad. 

M. 5 : 4 6(My). 




Invalid Aid Society, an, The service of. (C. F. 

Nichols) R. of Rs. 11: 290 (Mr). 
Invention, Law of. (H. Pettit) J. Frankl. Inst. 


— March of. (N. S. Shaler) Chaut. 22: 151 (N). 
Inventive faculty; is it a myth? (W. H. Smyth) 

Engin. M. 9:85i(Ag). 
Inventor, The professional mechanical. (H. H. 

Suplee) Engin. M. 8: 842. 
Inventors, Our debt to : shall we discourage them ? 

(R. H. Thurston) Forum, i9-356(My). 
Investigation, Units of, in the social sciences. (A. 

F. Bentley) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:915 

Investors and their money. (H. E. M. Stutfield) 

National, 26:501(0). 
Iodine, Compounds containing lead and extra. (H. 

L. Wells) Am. J. Sci. i5o:2i(Jl). 
Ipswich, England, and its neighborhood, Geology 

of. (C. Reid) Nat. Sci. 7: I73(S). 
Ireland ; A congested district in. Black w. 157: 208 


— Constabulary force in. Westm. 143: 379(Ap). 

— Education in, Catholic and Protestant. (H. A. 

Hinkson) Westm. l44:8o(Jl). 

— farmer in, Evolution of. (G. H. Bassett) No. 

Am. 160: 509 (Ap). 

— Field-club work in. (G. A. J. Cole) Nat. Sci. 


— Home rule for; killing with kindness. (J. E. 

Redmond) 19th Cent. 38:905(0). 

Prospects of. (M. Dalton) Westm. 144: 456 


— Illiterate voters in. Spec. 75:23o(Ag24). 

— in 1895; an Irish compromise? (Lord Stan- 

more; L. A. A. Jones; R. W. Hanbury; Sir 

J. Leng) National, 24: 737(f)- 
by a disenchanted nationalist. Fortn. 64: 512 

Mr. Morley and the Irish land bilL (T. W. 

Russell) Fortn. 63: 347 (Mr). 

— The Irish fiasco. (H. Jephson) 19th Cent. 

3 8:i 7 (Jl). 

— Land acts. (H. O. Arnold-Forster) National, 


— Land question in. (M. O'Brien) Nation, 60: 340 


Settling the. (H. de F. Montgomery) Na- 

• tionai, 25: i42(Mr). 

— Latest land bill. (Lord Monteagle) 19th Cent. 


— Outlook for. (B. J. Clinche) Am. Cath. Q. 

20:859(0). — (Earl of Crewe) No. Am. 

— pagan, W. G. Wood-Martin on. Nature, 53: 82. 

— Pre-Christian antiquities, Wood- Martin's. Sat. 

R. 80:511(019). 

— Recent politics. Sat. R. 80: i32(Ag3). 

— revisited. (A. Austin) Blackw. 158: 634(N). — 

Liv. Age, 207: 532(N3o). 

— A royal residence in. (J. St. L. Strachey) Na- 

tional, 25: 746(Ag). 

— To; a poem. (A. Austin) National, 26: 165(0.) 

— A unionist policy for. (X; Lord Monteagle; V. 

B. Dillon; Lord Castletown; W. O'Brien; H. 
de F. Montgomery) National, 26: 306 (N). 

— Un visited. (Lord Houghton) National, 25: 598 

(Jl). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 496 (Ag24). 
Iris hexagona. (Laura S. La Mance) Garden & F. 


Irises. (J. N. Gerard) Garden & F. 8:246 


— American. (J. N. Gerard; Garden & F. 8: 286 

Irish, The. How they pass the winter. Corah. 71: 


Irish- Americans; do they hate England? (T. B. 
Grant) Am. M. Civics, 7: 5i6(N). 

Irish and Norse literature. (W. Larminie) Con- 
temp. 68:575(0), 665(N). 

Irish gentleman a hundred years ago; a poem. 
(P. Lawdeshayne) Canad. M. 5:553(0). 

Irish police, Localising of the. Blackw. 157:798 

Irish politics, Future of. Fortn. 63: 685 (My). 

Irish question, — national poverty. Sat. R. 79: 779 

Irish rajah of Hariana, The. Chamb. J. 72:635 

Irish superstitions. (A. Gregory) Spec. 74:533 

Iron and steel, mechanical testing of, Our present 

knowledge of. (H. Beare) Sci. Prog. 4:216 

Tests for. Am. Arch. 48: 6(Ap6). 

— Carbides of. (F. L. Garrison) J. Frankl. Inst. 


— Place of, in nature. (J. T. Kemp) Knowl. 18: 


— Wrought, decorations in. (J. M. O' Fallon) Art 

J. 47:269(8). 
Iron-ores, Magnetic separation of. (C. M. Ball) 

Engin. M. 9:oo8(Ag). 
Iron smelting, Modern. (J. Birkinbine) Engin. M. 

Irrepressibles. (Mrs. Lynn Linton) Chamb. J. 72: 

Irrigation. (A. B. Wyckoff) J. Frankl. Inst. 140: 

241(0;. — Lend a Hand, i4:243(Ap). 

— The conquest of arid America. (W. E. Smythe) 

Cent. 50: 85 (My). 

— for Kansas farms and orchards. Garden & F. 


— in California. (W. S. Green) Overland, n. s. 


— in Egypt. (C. Whitehouse) Engin. M. 8: 821 


— in the San Joaquin. (C. S. Greene) Overland, 

n. s. 26: 32o(S). 

— Shall we irrigate orchards in N.Y. State? (L. 

H. Bailey) Garden & F. 8: 236(Jei2). 
Irritability, Scientific. (E. J. Hardy) New Sci. R. 

Irvine; memories of an old Scottish burgh. Chamb. 

J. 72: 497 (Ag). 
Irving, Henry, and the dignity of the stage. Sat 

R. 79:i82(F9). 

— in King Arthur. (J. W. Cunliffe) Canad. M. 6: 


— in the ridiculous. Sat. R. 79: 6i9(Myi 1). 

— knighted. Sat. R. 79: 7i8(Jei). 

— on the art of acting. (L. de la Rame) 19th 

Cent. 37 : 786(My). 
Isandhlwana, Zululand, 1894. Liv. Age, 206:248 

Islam and its critics. (Ameer Ali) 19th Cent. 38: 

361 (S). 

— Reply. (Ameer Ali) 19th Cent. 38: 778(N). 

— (M. MacColl) 19th Cent. 38: 1075(D). — 
(J. Knowles) 19th Cent. 38: 1075(D). 




Islam and soofeeism. (Mohammed Barakatullah) 

Westm. 144:674(0). 
Islay, Carved stones of, Graham on. Sat. R. 79: 834 


Isle of Wight. (C. J. Cornish) Portf. 19: no. 7(J1). 

Israel. See Jews. 

Italian garden; a poem. (E. Nesbit) Argosy, 59: 

Italian gardens, Old. (V. Paget) Longm.2o:3H 

(Jl). Same art Liv. Age, 206: 546(Ag3i). 

Same art. Eel. M. 125: 388(S). 
Italian merrymaking, A bit of. (M. Scott-Uda) 

Cent. 5o:532(Ag). 
Italian women of 15th century. No. Am. 160: 126 


Italians, Immigration into U.S. (V. Grotsi) Chaut. 

Italy, Capitalists and land owners in. (G. Flamin- 
go) Econ. J. 5: i28(Mr). 

— Church and state in. (W. J. D. Croke) Cath. 

World, 60: 579(F). 

— cities of, Recent progress in. (A. Shaw) R. of 

Rs. I2:553(N). 

— constitution of, Amendments to. (G.~A. Rutz) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 227 (S). 

— Disunion in. (J. Crooklands) Fortn. 63: 940 

(Je). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 25(J16). 

— during the renaissance. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 

12: i85(Ap). 

— Glimpses of. (E. C. Foster) Cath. World, 61: 


— Hodgkin's Italy and her invaders. Am. Hist 

R. i:io8(0). 

— in Africa. (J. W. Mario) Nation, 60: i79(Mr7). 

— kingdom of, Twenty-five years of. (F. Z. Rooker) 

Chr. Lit. 13:329(0). 

— Liberation of. (Countess Evelyn Martinengo 

Cesaresco) 19th Cent. 37: 337(F). 
— The new reformation of. (A. Robertson) Chr. 
Lit. i2:342(Ap). 

— of the Renaissance. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 

11: 310(F). i2:jo(Mr). 

— Political situation in. (Deviti DeMarco) 19th 

Cent 38: 548 (O) . Same art. Eel. M. 1 25 : 677 
(N). — ((5. B. Roylance-Kent) Macmil. 71:431 

— Reconciliation with the Holy See. (W. C. 

Robinson) Am. Cath. Q. 20:389(Ap). 

— Silver jubilee of. (W. Poland) Am. Cath. Q. 

2° : 571(J1)- ' 
Ivan IV., the Terrible. (J. Errol) Belgra. 88: 262 

Ivan AksentiefPs petition. (O. M. Norris) Sund. 

M. 24:564^). 
Ivory. Chamb. J. 72: 726(N). 
Ivy, Poison. (W. H. Harrison) Garden & F. 8: 

268(J1 3 ). 
When most active. (H. Havard) Garden 

& F. 8: 203(My22), 239(lei2). 

— Structure and growth of. (A. S. Wilson). 

Knowl. i8:i7(Ja). 

Jack Smith, boy; a story. (M. Pemberton) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 4, 85 (Ja). 
Jackson-Harmsworth Arctic expedition. (A. Mon- 

tefiore) Geog. J. 6:497(0). 

— Fitting out the. (A. C. Harmsworth) Eng. 

Illust. 14: 359(D). 
Jacob; a story. (K. S. Macquoid) Eel. M. 125: 

Jamaica, An evening chat in. Cornh. 72:636(0). 

— In banana-land awheel. (E. M.- Aaron) Outing, 

25: 3"(Ja). 27: 25(0), i29(N). 

— Recently discovered remains of the aboriginal 

inhabitants of. (W. H. Flower) Nature, 52: 

James II. at Saint-Germains. (Herbert Vivian) 

New R. 13: 5 25 (N). Same art. Liv.. Age, 

James, Henry. Guy Domville. Sat. R. 79«43(Ja 

Jamestown romance. (S. B. Kennedy) Outing, 

*5 : 324/368, 484(J*-Mr). 
Jamie; a story. (H. V. Brown) Gent M. n. s. 

Jamie; a story. (Ian Maclaren) Harper, 91:559 

Jamie the kid: a story. (J. Flynt) Harper, 91: 

Janet; a story. All the Year, 76: 108, i3i(F2, 9). 
Japan. (H. H. Gardener) Arena* ri: i76Qa). 

— After the war. (L. Hearn) Atlan. 7*>:599(N). 

— and China. (Viscount Wolseley) Cosmopol. 

18: 417(F).— (G. F.Seward) CosmopoL 18: 


Treaty questions. Sat R. 79: 5 7 1 (My4) . 

War between. See Chino-tapanese war. 

— and the European powers. Sat. R. 79: 54o(Ap 


— Autumn in. (A. Parsons) Harper, oco 767 


— Burning questions of. (A. H. S. Landor) Eel. 

M. 124: H4(Ja). 

— Commercial treaty with Great Britain. Dub. R. 

116: ioo(Ja). 

— Constitutional crisis and the war. Contemp. 68: 

457(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:323^9). 

— Corea, and China. (M. A. Hamm) Overland, 

n. s. 25: 130(F). 

— Currency and finances of. (J. Soyeda) Econ. J. 


— Forests of, Sargent's. (C. E. Bessey) Am. 

Natural. 29: 1049(D). 

— Future of. (S. Kurino) No. Am. 160: 621 


— Genius of Japanese civilization. (L. Hearn) 

Atlan. 76:449(0). 

— Hearn on. (E. Buckley) Dial (Ch.) 18: 241 


— Imperial family of. Liv. Age, 205: 822(Je29). 

— In the mountains of. (L. B. Starr) Outing, 26: 


— Josses in : In the twilight of the gods. (L. 

Hearn) Atlan. 75:79Hje). 

— Language and literature in. (E. W. Gement) 

Dial (Ch.) 19: I37(Si6). 

— National debt in. (J. Soyeda) Econ. J. 5: 289 


— Notes from a traveling diary. (L. Hearn) 

Atlan. 76: 815(D). 

— Occult, Lowell on. (E. W. Clement) Dial 

(Ch.) i8: 4 5(Jai6). 

— Open furrows in the Orient. (J. Cook) Our 

Day, 15: I3(J1). 

— Politics of. (C. T. Long) Canad. M. 4:407 


— Present and future of. (M. Komatz) Arena, 

12: 1 (Mr). 

— Problems of the far east Ed. R. 182: I32(J1). 

Same art Liv. Age, 206: 579(87). 



6 4 


Japan, Recent books on. Atlan. 75:830^). 

— Recent growth of. Sat. R. 79: 5<x>(Ap2o). 

— Religions of, Giiffis on. (E. Buckley) Nation, 

60: 260 (Ap4). 

— Religious situation in, as altered by the war. 

(J. T. Yokoi) Chr. Lit. 12: 265 (Mr). 

— Some wanderings in. (A. Parsons) Harper, 90: 


— Soshi-ism in. (G. Droppers) Nation, 60:321 


— Tea ceremony of. (J. K. Matumoto) Lippinc. 


— Triumph of. (R. K. Douglas) 19th Cent. 37: 

I56(ja). — (E. Arnold) Chaut. 20:4490a). 

— Victorious. (G. Droppers) Nation, 60: 377 (My 


— Women of. (A. B. de Guerville) Munsey, 14: 

341(D).— (A. M. Hart) Sat. R. 80: 500(019). 
Japanese and the war, The. (G. Droppers) Na- 
tion, 60: I22(Fl4). 

— Future of the. Our Day, 14: i85(Ap). 
Japanese art work, Lawrence's collection. Sat R. 

Japanese curiosities, Collection of. (E. Hart) Art 

J. 47 : 7-336 (Ja-N). 

— Mental characteristics of the. (G. T. Ladd) 

Scrib. M. I7:79(ja). 
Japanese imbroglio. 1895. Blackw. 158:309(8). 
Japanese play, A. Belgra. 86: 359 (Ap). 
Japanese vegetation in California. (C. H. Shinn) 

Garden & F. 8:3020131). 
Jay's treaty. (H. White) Nation, 61 : 460(026). 
Jefferson, Joseph. (M. Bacheller) Munsey, 12:497 


— at the Normal college. Critic, 27: 284 (N2). 
Jefferson, Thomas, and the French Revolution. 

Nation, 6t:6i(Jl25). 

— as an architect. (J. K. Peebles) Am. Arch. 

47: 29(Jai9). 
Jefiersonian heresy, The Mayflower compact and 

the. (H. B. Sprague) Our Day, 15: 145 (S). 
Jenolan caves, Through the. (F. C. T. Mann) 

Westm. i43:426(Ap). Same art. Eel. M. 

124: 789(Je). 
Jeremiah's roll, The burning of. (E. B. Pollard) 

Bib. World, 6: 15QI). 
Jerome, Jerome K. Rise of Dick Halward. Sat. 

R. 80:543(026). 
Jerusalem, Archaeological explorations at. Am. 

Arch. 49: 123(821). 

— Literary landmarks of. (L. Hutton) Harper, 


— The poor of. (G. R. Lees) Sund. M. 24:469 


Jesuits in China, Jenkins on. Sat. R. 79: 99(Jai9). 

Jesus Christ as a preacher. (W. C. Wilkinson) 
Bib. World, 6:476(0). 

— Birth and childhood of. (A. C. Zenos) Bib. 

World, 6: 433(D). 

— crucifixion of, Day of. (C. W. Heisler) Luth. 

Q. 25:209(Ap). 

— Death of, and religious fanaticism. (J. J. 

Young) Luth. Q. 25: $i6(0). 

— Foreshadowings of, in the Old Testament. (W. 

R. Harper) Bib. World, 6: 401 (D). 

— Hall of, at Chautauqua. (J. H. Vincent) Bib. 

World, 6: 530(D). 

— in art. (R. Phees) Bib. World, 6: 490(D). 

— in history. (A. M. Fairbairn) Bib, World, 6: 


Jesus Christ in poetry. (F. W. Gunsaulus) Bib. 
World, 6: 504(D). 

— in theology. (W. H. Dunbar) Luth. Q. 25: 


— Incarnation of, Gore's. Sat. R. 80: 692 (N 23). 

— Josephus and. (S. L. Bowman) Meth. R. 55: 

272 ( Mr). 

— life of, Helps to the study of. (S. Mathews) 

Bib. World, 6: 524(D). 

in art. Church Q. 39: 396 (Ja). 

Lacunae in. (W. H. Wynn) Luth. Q. 

-prior to his public ministry. (F. Godet) 

Chr. Lit. I3:92(je). 
Sources of. (E. D. Burton) Bib. World, 6: 

424 (D). 

— Manliness of, Hughes'. Sat. R. 79:29i(Mr2). 

— Ministry of. (W. A. Stevens) Bib. World, 6: 


— Natural and the supernatural in. (A. M. Fair- 

bairn) Bib. World, 6: i68(S). 

— Renan on. (J. D. McPherson) Arena, 12: 289 


— resurrection of, Credibility of. (W. N. Rice) 

Meth. R. 55: i77(Mr). 

— resurrection body of, Nature of. (S. Hutch- 

ings) Bib. Sac. 52: 708(0). 

— Righteousness of. (B. W. Bacon) Bib. World, 


— Scenes from life of. (R. H. Titherington) 

Munsey, 13: i8(Ap). 

— Social ethics of. (J. S. Sewall) Bib. Sac. 52: 


— Studies in Christology. (F. H. Foster) Bib. 

Sac. 52:53101). 

— Teaching of. (G. B. Stevens) Bib. World, 5: 

7-43i(Ja-Je). — (A. B. Bruce) Bib. World, 
6: 455(D). — (M. Dods) Bib. World, 6: 467 

— Times of. (H. M.Scott) Bib. World, 6:413. 

— Tissot's Life of. (E. Coues) Cent. 51: 289(D). 
Jew, The, from a Gentile stand-point. (K. M. 

Nesfield) Overland, n. s. 25:4io(Ap). 
Jew and the jewel, The; a story. Temp. Bar, 104: 


Jewel bright in a setting rude, A : a tale (E. Dows- 

ley) Canad. M. 5:429(8). 
Jews; Anti-Semitism, Classical. (M. H. Morgan) 
* Nation, 61: 5o(Jl 18). 

— in San Francisco. (G. A. Danziger; Mrs. D. M. 

Nesfield) Overland, n. s. 25:38i(Ap). 

— Religion and history of. (F. Meinhold) New 

World, 4:98(Mr). 
Jhering, Rudolf von, German jurist. (M. Smith) 

Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 664(D). 
Jiltings, Certain royal. (E. F. Corby) Argosy, 60: 

Jim Curley, bad man; a story. (H. White) Mun- 
sey, i3: 4 88(Ag). 
Jimty; a story (M. S. Briscoe) Harper, 9i:439(Ag). 
Jingoes and silverites. (E. Atkinson) No. Am. 

"Jingoism" in America. (W. T. Stead) Contemp. 

68:334(8). Same art. Eel. M. 125:588^). 
Joan, First Princess of Wales. (C. Leigh) Belgra. 

- 88: 134(0). 
Joan of Arc. Quar. 180: 461 (Ap). — (C. S. Hill) 

19th Cent. 37: 848(My). 

— The false Pucelle. (A. Lang) 19th Cent. 37: 

8 59 (My). 




Joan of Arc, Personal recollections of. Harper, 
90:485,680. 91:227-879. 92: i35(Ap-D). 

Jocky's ladder. (E. H. Bell) Sund. M. 24:823(0). 

Jocularity, Plague of. (H. H. Boyesen) No. Am. 

John, St. (J. Stalker) Good Words, 36:41-834 

John the Baptist, Message of, to Jesus. (M. Dods) 
Chr. Lit. i2:344(Ap). 

John Gavin's accident; a story. Cornh. 71:296 

John Peter Macnab, Commission Agent, and practi- 
cal golfer. Black w. 1 5 8: 39 1 (S) . 

John Sanders, laborer; a story. (F. H. Smith) 
Harper, 90: 344(F). 

John-a-combe, the moving wood ; a forgotten esti- 
mate of Bacon. (C. C. Stopes) Poet- Lore, 7: 
i8 5 (Ap). 

Johnson, Andrew, Impeachment of. (E. G. Ross). 

Forum, 19: 595 (J*) • 
Johnson, Lionel. Poems. Sat. R. 79"553(Ap27). 

— (E. D. A. Morshead) Acad. 47: 394 (My 1 1). 
Johnson, Pauline. Poems. (H. Charlesworth) 

Canad. M. 5:478(8). 
Johnson, Samuel, in Lichfield. Critic, 27: 353 (N23). 

— Johnson Club, London. Critic, 26: i70(Mr2). 
Johnston, Charles. Chrysal. Macmil. 72: I22(je). 
Joint owners in Spain; a story. (A. Brown) At- 

lan. 75 : 3o(Ja). 
J6kai, Maurus, Literary recollections. Forum, 19: 

66 7 (Ag). 
Jonathan; a story. (F. H. Smith) Cosmopol. 19: 

6 54 (0). 
Jones, Henry Arthur. Triumph of the Philistines. 

Sat. R. 79:65o(Myi8). 
Jones, Inigo, Latter days of. Am. Arch. 50: 146 

Jones, Paul. (M. E. Seawell) Cent. 49: 873 (Ap). 
Jones, William, Dep. Gov., Saybrook branch of the 

family of. (E. A. Hill) N.E. Reg. 49: 310QI). 
Jones, Winslow. (W. P. Courtney) Acad. 48: 146 

Joniaux, Madame, Case of. Green Bag, 7: 239 (My). 
Jonson, Ben. Epicoene, Revival of, at Harvard 

College. (G. P. Baker) Harv. Grad. M. 3: 

493 (Jc). 

— Shakespeare burlesqued by. (H. Wood) Am. J. 

Philol. 16:273(0). 
Jordan valley and the Perea. (J. S. Riggs) Bib. 

World, 5:36(Ja). 
Joseph, St.., Eastern devotion to. (W. H. Kent) 

Dub. R. 1 16: 245 (Ap). 
Joseph, the dreamer; a story. (I. Zangwill) Cos- 
mopol. 2o:63(N). 
Josephine, Empress, 90th anniversary of crowning 

of. (E. Duff) Lippinc. 55: I04(ja). 
Josephus and Jesus. (S. L. Bowman) Meth. R. 

Jotchie; a story. (F. F. Robertson) Eng. Illust. 

Journalism. (C.A.Dana) McClure, 4- 555 (My). 

— Bucolic, of the West. (M. E. Stick ney) Lip- 

pinc. 55:5i6(Ap). 

— C. A. Dana on. (H. T. Peck) Bookman, 2: 191 


— London pen and gown in the sixties and since. 

(T. H. S. Escott) Fortn. 63: 238(F). 

— The new. (E. M. Phillips) New R. 13: i82(Ag). 
Journalists, Education of. (C. H. Dana) Our Day, 

14: i88(Ap). 

Journalists, Pay and rank of. (H. King) Forum, 

i8: 5 8 7 (Ja). 
Journey in a chaise. (J. Boylston) New Eng. M. 

Jowett, Benjamin. (LA. Taylor) Longm. 26: 78 

(My). — Spec. 75: 6o3(N2). 

— College sermons. Sat R. 80: 527(026). 
Judaism and Unitarianism. (M. H. Harris) No. 

Am. i6o:632(My). 

— Position of. (I. Zangwill) No. Am. 160: 425 (Ap.) 

— Tendencies of thought in modern. (D. Philip- 

son) New World, 4: 601(D). 

— Zangwill on. Sat. R. 79:504(Ap2o). 

Jude the obscure. (T. Hardy). See Hearts in- 
Judges, Superannuation of. Sat. R. 80:496(019). 
Judgment, Value of good, in business. (H. L. 

Biddle) Chaut. 22: 74(0). 
Jug and the bottle, The; a story. (H. B. M. 

Watson) New R. 13:325(8). 
Julia; a story. (C. Macnaughton) Eng. Illust. 

Julian, emperor and philosopher, Gardner's. Sat. R. 

July, 4th of. The birthday of liberty. (C. M. 

Depew) Munsey, 13: 35o(Jl). 
Jumpers; New England religious sect. (E. C. 

Cord) New Eng. M. i2:272(My). 
Junior promenade; a story. (W. Camp) Outing, 

25 : 396(F). 
Junius; did he commit suicide? (A. Lang) 

Blackw. i57:4o6(Mr). 

— on priestcraft. (W. F. Rae) Ath. '95, 1:476 


— Who was? (W. F. Rae) Ath. '95, 1: 568(My4). 

Jupiter, The planet. (W. F. Denning) Nature, 51: 

2 27(Ja3). 53^33(Ni4). 

— Orbit of. (H. A. Newton) Am. J. Sci. 149:420 


— Pseudo-satellites of, in 17th cent. (C. W. L. 

Johnson) Nature, 5i:285(Jai7). 
Jurisprudence, English and French systems of. (L. 

E. Chittenden) Green Bag, 7: 56(F). 
Jury, Medical study of. (T. D. Crothers) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 47: 375 (Jl). 

— the palladium of liberty. (V. Yarros) Arena, 

— Trial by, Origin and growth of. (J. E. R. 

Stephens) Westm. 144: 70 (Jl). Same art. Eel. 

M. 125:323(8). 
Reform in. (H. F. Cutter) Am. M. Civics, 


— The wrongs of the juryman. (H. M. Shepard) 

Atlan. 76:258(Ag). 
Just a sub. (M. Crichton) Belgra. 87:47(My). 
Justice and charity. (S. King) Lend a Hand, 15: 

2 74 (0). 

— Art of. (A. Clerk) New R. i2.*527(My). Same 

art. Eel. M. 125: 17CJI). Same art. Li v. Age, 

205 :6 43(Jei5)- 

— Theory of. (T. Whittaker) Mind, 2o:99(Ja). 

Juvenile offenders, and the conditions which pro- 
duce them. (W. D. Morrison) Int. J. Ethics, 
5: i62(Ja). 

Kaffirs, The, in British South Africa. Chamb. J. 

Kaikai; a story. Cornh. 72:624(0). 
Kaiserswerth and its founder, (E. Kinnicutt) 

Cent. 5i:84(N). 




Kalakaua, Queen, Trip around the world. (W. N. 
Armstrong) Overland, n. s. 25:644(Je). 

Kamehameha the Great. (Joaquin Miller) Over- 
land, n. s. 25:629(Je). 

Kandyans, Ceremonies observed by, in paddy culti- 
vation. (T. B. P. Kehelpannala) Anthrop. 
J. 25: 104 (N). 

Kangaroo hunt. (R. M. Dene) Outing, 26:97 

Kanjut Valley and its inhabitants. Dub. R. 116: 

Kansas coal measures, Stratigraphy of. (C. R. 
Keyes) Am. J. Sci. i«>o: 239(8). 

Kant, Bibliography of; German. (E. Adickes) 
Philos. R. Supp. No. i(Je). 

— theory of religion, Some aspects of. (J. Orr) 

Chr. Lit. 13:318(0). 
Karl Ludwig, Archduke of Austria. (Edith 

Sellers) Temp. Bar, 106: 23 (S). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 207:23(65). 
Kashmir, Travels in. Dub. R. n6.'4o6(Ap). 
Kashmir valley, Lawrence's. (L. Griffin) Sat. R. 

Kaslo, British Columbia. Chamb. J. 72:602(8). 
Kate Negley's leadings. (L. S. Furman) Cent. 49: 

Katie. Chamb. J. 72: 333 (My). 
Kea, the sheep-eating parrot of New Zealand, 

Habits of. (W. Garstang) Nature, 52:629 

(O24). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:575(^30). 

— (J. Buckland) Eng. Illust. 14:203(1)). 
Keary, C. F. A wanderer. (Mrs. W. K. Clifford) 

Bookman, 2: i89(N). 
Keats, John. (E. A. Price) Belgra. 87*.404(Ag). 

— (J. G. Speed) McClure, 5:458(0). 

— and Severn, Graves of. (J. L. Hurst) Critic, 


— Centenary of. (M. Schuyler) Forum, 20: 356 


— in Hampstead. (K. West) Cent. 50: 898(0). 

— Influence of. (H. van Dyke) Cent. 50:910 


— Stray thoughts about. (E. J. H.) Critic, 27: 

Keble, John, Poetry of. (A. C. Benson) Contemp. 
67:825^). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 97 (Jl 

Keely, John E. W. The veil withdrawn. (Mrs. 

Bloomfield Moore) New Sci. R. i-'465(Ap). 
Keely motor and the dogmatism of science. (Mrs. 

Bloomfield Moore) New Sci. R. 2: 75 (Jl). 
Kelpers, Among the. (D. J. Robertson) Longm. 

*7 : 33( N )« 

Kemble, Fanny, Fitzgerald's Letters to. See Fitz- 
gerald, Edw. 

Kemeys, Edward. (H. Garland) McClure, 5: 120 

Kendal, Henry. (O. Smeaton) Westm. 144:40c 

Kennebec River, Lower. (W. Thompson) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 11: 675(F). 
Kenneth; a golfing story. Cornh. 72: 266(S). 
Kent, James, Chancellor, with portrait. (C. S. 

Martin) Green Bag, 7: T53(Ap). 
Kent, Prehistoric metropolis in. (H. Slopes) Ath. 

'95. 2:325(87). 
Kentucky, Humors of political campaigning in. 

(E. J. McDermott) Cent. 50: 826(0). 
Kepler's problem, Method of solving. (F. R. 

Moulton) Pop. Astron. 3: I36(N). 

Kestrel hawk. (H. F. Witherby) Knowl. 18:218 

Kew gardens, Aquatic life in. Spec. 75: i4o(Ag3). 

— in May. Spec. 74: 682(Myi8). 

Kew observatory for measurement of temperature, 
Apparatus of. (E. H. Griffiths) Nature, 53: 

Khama. (J. S. Little) Acad. 48: 265(05). 
Kidd, Benjamin. Larger issues of his position. 

(L. P. Jacks) New World, 4: 528(S). 

— Some fallacies of. (J. M. Whiton) New World, 


Kiel, Celebration at. Spec. 74: 743(Jei). 

Kilby Brooke; a story. (I. J. Roberts) Munsey, 
i3 : 90(Ap). 

Kilwa island, in Lake Mweru. (A. Blair- Watson) 

Geog. J. 6: 45»(N). 
Kindergarten and the elementary school. (C. C. 

Van Liew) Educa. R. 9: 172(F). 

— Child-life and. (F. B. Vrooman) Arena, 13: 292 


— for the blind. (D. Sturgis) New Eng. M. n. s. 

«3 : 433(D). 

— in Japan. (L. W. Mason) Lend a Hand, 15: 442 

Kinetoscope of time, The. (B. Matthews) Scrib. 

M. 18: 733(D). 
King, Francis S.; 'engraver. Scrib. M. 17:291 

King, Capt. John, Muster-roll of company of, 1775. 

(E. B. Hill) N.E. Reg. 49: 2o6(Ap). 
King of Foula, The; a story. (C. J. C. Hyne) 

Temp. Bar, i05:5o6(Ag). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 206:725(821). 
King's treasure, The; a story. (H. B. M. Watson) 

New R. 13: iCJO- 
Kingdom of God, Enthusiasm of. (I. Maclaren) 

Chr. Lit. 13:325(0). 
Kinglake, A. W. 'Eothen' and the Athenaeum 

Club. (A. Gregory) Blackw. 158: 797(D). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207:748(021). 
Kingsley, Charles, as a Christian teacher. (F. H. 

Woods) Chr. Lit. 12: I44(ja), 200(F). 

— Place of, in literature. (F. Harrison) Forum, 


— Westward ho ! (R. G. Moulton) Chaut. 20: 

Kingsley, Elbridge. Scrib. M. i8:32(Jl). 
Kingston, Can , Military College. Canad. M. 4: 428 

Kiowas, Brush with. (W. Thomson) Lippinc. 56: 

Kipling, R., Some tales of. (S. R. Crockett) 
Bookman, 1: 23(F). 

— Work of, so far. (W. H. Bishop) Forum, 19: 


Kissingen; a German watering place. (S. Whit- 
man) Chaut. 20: 677 (Mr). 

Kioodg and hedera. (L. Horton-Smith) Am. J. 
Philol. i6:38(Ap). 

Knaus, Ludwig. Morning after the fete. Art J. 

47- 53(F). 

Kneipp, Sebastian, visit to Wftrishofen. (A. 
Quarry) Argosy, 59: 745 (Je). 

Knight, Thos. A., botanist. (L. H. Bailey) Gar- 
den & F. 8:5I2(D23). 

Knight and the lady, The; a story. Blackw. 158: 

Knights of the Temple. (A. Grange) Dub. R. 


6 7 


Knowledge. (W.Smith) Mind, 68:489(0). 

— What knowledge is of most worth? (N. M. 

Butler) Educa. R. 10: ios(S). 
Knox, Major John, Journal of the French and 

Indian War, 1757-60. Macmil. 72:62(My). 
Knox College, Galesburg, III. (Madame Blanc) 

McClure, 4: 541 (My). 
Knutsford in fiction. (Geo. A. Payne) Gent. M. 

n. 5.55:507(1*). 
Kolgueff Island. (A. Trevor-Battye) Geog. J. 5: 


— Trevor-Battye on. Sat. R. 80: i47(Ag3).— 

(Hiram M. Stanley) Dial (Ch.) 19: 253(Ni). 
Kootenay Indians. (A. F. Chamberlain) Am. 

Antiq. i7:68(Mr). 
Koptos, Sculptures from. (S. Y. Stevenson) Am. 

J. Archaeol. io:347(Jl-S). 
Koran, Introduction to the. (G. Weil) Bib. World, 

5: 181, 438. 6: 26, I05(je, Jl, Ag). 
Kossuth, Louis. (J. B. Moore) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 

Kovalevsky, Sonya. (I. F. Hapgood) Cent. 50: 536 

(Ag). — Sat. R. 80: 51JI13). — (E. W. 

Carter) Fortn. 63: 767(My). Same art. Eel. 

M. 125:50^1). Same art. Li v. Age, 205: 679 

Krakatoa eruption, The. (J. T. Van Gestel) Cos- 
mopol. 18: 7i9(Ap). — (E. R. Hodges) Knowl. 
18: 265(D). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:823 

Kruell, Gustav; engraver. Scrib. M. 17: 186(F). 

Kruger, Paul, president of Transvaal. Sat. R. 80: 

Ku-Cheng, Massacre of missionaries at. Sat. R. 

80: i64(Agio). — (J. Lawson) Gent. M. n. s. 

54:244(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. 124:659 

Kurdistan, Persian, Journey in, with map. (W. B. 

Harris) Geog. J. 6:453(N). 
Wanderings in. Blackw. 158: 735 (N). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 207:476^23). 
Kurds. (W. B. Harris) Sat. R. 80: 724^30). 
Kutho-daw, The. (F. M. Muller) 19th Cent. 38: 

494(S). — Acad. 47: 5oq(Jei5). 
Kuyper's, Abraham, Theological encyclopaedia. 

(A. H. Huizinga) Presb. & Ref. R. 6:502 


La Baraonda, Rovetta's. (A. Gorren) Dial (Ch.) 

19: 169(01). 
Labarum; was Constantine's sign a sun dog? (A. 

Harvey) Canad. M. 5: i64(Je). 
Labor and laborers. (H.Jones) Sund. M. 24:88 

— Civil service reform and. (H. Welsh) Good 

Govt. 14: 195. 

— Emancipation of, by machinery. (A. E. Outer- 

bridge) Engin. M. 9: ioi2(S). 

— in England, National Free Labor Association. 

(J. M. Ludlow) Econ. R. 5: no(Ja). 

— in Great Britain, New government and. Spec. 

75 :8(J16). 

— in New Zealand, Adult male. (E. Reeves) 

Westm. 144: 631(D). 

— in U.S. (P. Vedel) Am. M. Civics, 6: 32 (Ja). 

— Infringing a political patent. (St. Loe Strachey) 

19th Cent. 37: 206(F). 

— liquor, and land. Fortn. 64: I2(J1). 

— Organized. (N. O. Nelson) New Eng. M. n. s. 

I3 : 338(N). 

Labor, Question of, Church and the. (H. H. Bar- 
ber) Am. M. Civics, 6:65(Ja). 

Moral forces in dealing with. ( W. M. Salter) 

Int. J. Ethics, 5: 2o6(Ap). 

Recent books on. (E. W. Bemis) Dial (Ch.) 


Women on. (J. A. Kellogg and others) 

Arena, 14: 268(0). 

— unskilled; what ails it in America? (P. Vedel) 

Am. M. Civics, 6: 32 (Ja). 

— what it wants. (R. Grieve) Arena, 14: 259(0). 

— Wealth of, Palmer on. Lend a Hand, 1 4: 91 (F) . 

— Relation of the referendum and initiative to. (A. 

L. Lowell) Int. J. Ethics, 6: 51 (O). 

— The right to. (F. J. Stimson) Nation, 60:251 


— State tribunals of, Necessity of. (N. T. Mason ) 

Am. M. Civics, 7: i6o(Ag). 
Labor bureaus. A conversation with C. D. Wright. 

(H.Johnston) Chaut. 2i:62(Ap). 
Labor church; religion of the labor movement. (J. 

Trevor) Forum, i8:597(Ja). 
Labor colonies in South Australia. (J. Berry) 

Contemp. 67:665(My). 
Labor day, Significance of. (E. V. Debs) Arena, 

H5 303(0). ' 
Labor exchange, The. (F. W. Cotton) Arena, 14: 

Labor legislation in the United States. (G. K. 

Holmes) Engin. M. 9: 1027(8). 
Labor Market. (E. E. Hale) Lend a Hand, 15: 

Labor movement and the new labor party. (H. W. 

B. Mackay) Am. M. Civics, 7: 608(D). 
Labor party in England. (J. L. Garvin) Fortn. 

64:325(S). — (J. Keir Hardie) 19th Cent. 

37 ; i(J*)- 
Labor-tests, Concerning. (A. Wilcox) Char. R. 


— municipal, Economy of. (F. Almy) Char. R. 4: 

Labor troubles: causes and proposed remedies. 
(J. H. Hyslop) Int. J. Ethics, 5:44401). 

— Significance of, in America. (C. D. Wright) 

Int. J. Ethics, 5: i37(Ja). 
Labor war. (H.Thomas) Westm. 144:438(0). 
Laboratory apparatus, Notes on convenient forms 

of. (D. A. Kreider) Am. J. Sci. 150: i33(Ag). 
Laborer, The; character note. Eel. M. 124: 124 (J a). 
La Bourboule, France. (E. C. Vansittart) Belgra. 

88: 197(0). 
Labrador. Liv. Age, 206: 45 1 ( Ag24) . 

— Expedition to, 1894. (C. E. Hite) Am. 

Natural. 29: 143(F). 

— Explorations through the interior of, 1893-4. 

(A. P. Low) Geog. J. 5:5i3(Je). 

— In rugged. (R. G. Taber) Outing, 27: 1 6(0), 


— Outing in. (R. G. Taber) Outing, 27: 213(D). 
Labrunie, Gerard. (C. E. Meetkerke) Argosy, 

59 J 75 2 (J e )- 

Lace; Dreams in woven thread. (M. S. Lock- 
wood) Cosmopol. 20: 177(D). 

Laces of queen Margherita of Italy. (E. B. 
Clarke) Art J. 47:296(0). 

Ladd, Philosophy of the mind. (A. L. Hodder) 
Nation, 60: 226(Mr2i). 

Lady ; a plea for the word. Atlan. 76: 431 (S) . 

Lady and the trumps. ( W. L. Taylor) New Eng. 
M. n. s. 11: 756(F). 




Lady Cecilia's emeralds; a story. (J. Leete) 

Argosy, 59: 608, 685. 60: 52, 230(My-Ag). 
Lady Jean's vagaries. Temp. Bar, 104: i32(Ja) t 

Lady Joan; a story. (E. Chilton) Argosy, 59: 283 

(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: i4(Ap6). 
Lady journalist, A; a story. (G. Paston) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 4, 65 (Ja). 
Lady of Las Cruces. (C. Reid) Lippinc. 55: 579 

Lady of Lucerne. (F. H. Smith) Cent. 50:284 

Lady of New York, A. (R. Stewart) Cent. 49: 

Lady of the Pool. (A. Hope) Longm. 25: 264 (Ja). 

Lady's chamber, The; a story. (H. B. M. Watson) 

New R. 12: 473 (My). 
La Farge, John, Art of. (C. Waern) Atlan. 75: 

69o(My). — R. of Rs. 11:535 (My). 
La Fayette in the American Revolution, Towers on. 

(C. J. Stille) Pennsyl. M. 19: i(Ap). — (P. 

L. Ford) Nation, 60: 222(Mr2l). — (D. L. 

Shorey) Dial (Ch.) i8:2o8(Api). 
Lagoa Santa. (E. F. Smith) Science, n. s. 1:510 

(My 10). 
Lake St. John country. (H. Van Dyke) Scrib. 

M. 18:291(8). 
Lake Yacht Racing Association. (P. S. Peer) 

Outing, 26:31501). 
Lakes, Disappearance of in Minn, and Dak. 

Garden & F. 8:482(04). 

— English, Bathymetrical survey of. With maps. 

(H. R. Mill) Geog. J. 6:46, I35(J1). 

— great, From, to the sea. (E. V. Smalley) R. of 

Rs. 12: 305 (S). 
Lambeth palace. (J. Cave-Browne) Good Words, 

36:696(0), 7 65(N). 
Lambing-time. Spec. 74: 646 (My 11). 
Lambs, Motherless. (W. Botham) Sund. M. 24: 

536 (Ag). 
Lament, A; a poem. (J. R. Robinson) Westm. 

*43 : 435(Ap). 
Lamp, Story of the. All the Year, 76: 107 (F2). 
Lamp of Psyche, The. (Edith Wharton) Scrib. 

M. 18:418(0). 
Lancashire, History of, Fishwick's. Sat. R. 79: 76 

Lancaster, Edmund, Earl of. (W. E. Rhodes) 

Eng. Hist. R. 10: 1, 209(Ja, Ap). 
Land in England; considerations for small holders. 

(Earl Percy) National, 25:64701). 
Pottering with agriculture. (P. A. Graham) 

New R. 13:443(0). 
The squirearchy and the statute book. Quar. 

180: 23 1 (Ja). 

— liquor and labor. Fortn. 64: I2(J1). 

— Making of. (W.H.Wheeler) Longm. 26:422 


— Question of, George and Spencer on. (J. Arms- 

den) Westm. 144:317(8). 

— Re-peopling the. (H. W. Wolff) Contemp. 67: 


— Tenure of, in Tuscany. (J. Ross) Macmil. 71: 

I95(ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204:380^9). 
Land of promise; a poem. (F. E. Coates) Cos- 

mopol. 18: 406(F). 
Land systems of Australasia. (A. Duckworth) 

Econ. J. 5:76(Mr). 
Epps on. (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 60: 


Landes, A day m the. (C. Edwardes) Chamb. J. 

Landor, Walter Savage. (J. Fyvie) Temp. Bar, 

105: 253(Je). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 3(J16). 
Landscape, Some thoughts on. (N. W. Williams) 

Westm. 144: 409(0). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 


— at the National gallery. (J. Brett) Fortn. 63: 


Landscape art in the military parks. (C. S. Sar- 
gent) Garden & F. 8: 381(825). 

Landscape gardening. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 
F. 8:36l(Sn). 

— Debt of America to A. J. Downing. (C. S. 

Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 2ii(My29). 

— Doing too much. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F.8:29i(Jl2 4 ),3H(Ag7). 

— Plans for home grounds. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8: 241 (Jei9). 

— School-grounds. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 


— Sculpture in. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 


— Small seashore places. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

& F. 8:341 (Ag28). 

— Utility and landscape. (Sylvester Baxter) 

Garden & F. 8:2(Ja2). 
Lang, Andrew, as a poet. (W. Canton) Bookman, 

2: 24(Ag-S). 
Lang, Dr. Marshall, at home. Sund. M. 24: 167 

Langham sketching club. Art J. 47: 1, 54(Ja, F). 
Langland, W., what he saw. (Kate M. Warren) 

Good Words, 36:3o6(My). 
Langsyne. (A. H. M. Macleod) Good Words, 36: 

Xmas no. 58. 
Language and thought. (C. N. Barham) Westm. 

I 43 : 437(Ap)- Same art. Eel. M. 124:721 


— in elementary schools. (J. Ogden) Educa. 15: 

3 6 3 (F, Mr). 

— or languages. (E. P. Powell) Educa. 16:65(0). 

— versus literature at Oxford. (J. C. Collins) 19th 

Cent. 37: 290(F). 
Languages, Method of teaching. (J. S. Black ie) 
Contemp. 67: 278(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 

— On learning. Chamb. J. 72: 236(Ap). 
Lanier, Sidney. (C. Lanier) Chaut. 21:403^). 

— Poems. 'Ed. by Calloway. (W. M. Baskervill) 

Dial (Ch.) i8:299(Myi6). 
Laplace, P. S. Eulogy, on, with portrait (Baron 

Fourier) Pop. Astron. 3: i(S). 
La Plata, British expedition to (1806-7). (J* W. 

Fortescue) Macmil. 7i:47i(Ap). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 205: 429 (My 1 8). 
La Rame, Louise de. Toxin: a sketch. Sat. R. 

Larcom, Lucy, Addison's Life of. (J. W. Chad- 
wick) Nation, 60: 289(Apii). 
La Rochefoucauld. (A. Laugel) Nation, 61: 147 

La Rochejaquelein, Madame de. (Mrs. A. Crosse) 

Temp. Bar, 105: 1 7( My). Same art. Eel. M. 

124: 795 (Je). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:751 

Last drive, The. (L. Q. Couch) Eng. Illust. 13: 

Last parade; a poem. (J. L. Molloy) Temp. Bar, 
105: 191 (Je). 


6 9 


Last Saturday in August, The; a story. Argosy, 

Last sonnet, The, of Prinzivalle di Cembino; a 

story. (T. Wharton) Harper, 92: 126(D). 
Late in life; a novel. (A. Perrin) Belgra. 86:91- 

421. 87:92-430. 88:94-323(Ja-N). 
Late returning, The; a story. (Gertrude Hall) 

Cosmopol. i8:663(Ap). 
Late war in Europe, The : a story. (H. P. Robin- 
son) Scrib. M. 18:542^). 
Latin, Six years' course. (A. F. West) School R. 

3:32i(Je). — (A. F. Nightingale) School R. 

3 : 335(Jc)«— (W.G.Hale) School R. 3:334 


— What shall we teach in and how shall we teach? 

(W. C. Collar) School R. 3: i(Ja). 
Latin lexicography, Contribution to. (C. Knapp) 

Am. J. Philol. i6:52(Ap). 
Latin literature, History of, Mac kail '3. Sat. R. 80: 

Latin poetry, Tyrrell's. Sat. R. 80:509(019). — 

(W. H.Johnson) Dial (Ch.) i8:267(Myi). 

— (W. Everett) Nation, 6o:388(Myi6). 
Latin prose and verse, Peck's Roman life in. 

(M. H. Morgan) Nation, 60: 283(Apn). 
Latitude by elongation. (O. J. Klotz) Pop. Astron. 

3: 199(D). 

— Variation of. (J. K. Rees) Science, n. s. 1: 561 

(My24). — (E. Doolittle) Pop. Astron. 3: 105 

Laplace on. (A. B. Hancock) Pop. Astron. 

2 : 349(Ap). 
La Tour D'Auvergne, Princess de, at Jerusalem. 

(O. R. Seward) Cath. World, 62: 351(D). 
La Tour-Landry, Sir Geoffrey de, Book of. (A. B. 

Stone) Lippinc. 56: ioo(Jl). 
LaToussaint; a story (S. J. Weyman) McClure, 

Laud, William, Simpkinson's Life of. (R. C. 

Browne) Acad. 47:4i7(Myi8). — Spec. 74: 

395 (Mr23).— Church Q. 40: 80 (Jl). — Sat. R. 

79 : 355(Mn6). — Church Q. 40: 63(Ap). — 

(Goldwin Smith) Nation, 6o:346(My2). 
Laughter; Why we laugh. (C. Melinand) Chaut. 

Laureateship. See Poet Laureate. 
Laurel; Kalmia-cuneata. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

&F. 8:434(030). 
Laurentian, Further contribution to our knowledge 

of. (F. D. Adams) Am. J. Sci. 150: 58CJI)- 
Laurie, Annie. See " Annie Laurie." 
Laurie, S. S. (F. Watson) Educa. R. 9: i(Ja). 
Lauzun, A. L., Due de, and the private court 

of Louis XV. (Y. Blaze de Bury) Fortn. 63: 

Law, Common, and civil law. (L. E. Chittenden) 
Green Bag, 7: 56(F). 

— constitutional, Thayer' 6 Cases on. (S. E. Bald- 

win) Am. Hist. R. 1: 163(0). 

— enforcement of, Crime and. (H. C. Vrooman) 

Arena, 1 2: 263 ( Ap) . 

— English, Pollock and Maitland's History of. 

(M. M. Bigelow) Am. Hist. R. 1: U2(0). 

— Ethics of. (J.T. Holmes) Green Bag, 7:428(8). 

— in England, Civil and Canon. (J. E. R. Steph- 

ens) Gent. M. n. s. 552585(D). 

— Profession of; has it been commercialized? (W. 

B. Hornblower) Forum, 18: 679(F). 

— Reminiscences of bench and bar in Canada. (C. 

A. Durand) Canad. M. 5: 3i4(Ag). 

Law, treatises on, Modern. (F. H. Bacon) Am. Law 

R. 29:688(S-0). 
Lawrence scientific school, at Harvard college. (I. 

N. Hollis) Harv. Grad. M. 4: 187(D). 
Lawyer, Obligations of, to the public. (T. M. 

Cooiey) Am. M. Civics, 7:5ii(N). 

— The young. (J. W. Peddie) Green Bag, 7: 165 

Layer Marney tower and church in Essex. (T. M. 

Mundle) Art J. 47: I7(ja). 
Lead and extra iodine, Compounds containing. (H. 

L. Wells) Am. J. Sci. 150: 21 (Jl). 
Leadhillite pseudomorphs at Granby, Mo. (W. M. 

Foote) Am. J. Sci. i5o:99(Ag). 
Leaf from life; a story. (J. E. Bennett) Munsey, 

I3 : 3fe>(jl). 

Leased premises, Appropriation of, for public pur- 
poses; does it abate the payment of rent? (J. 
H. Taulane) Am. Law R. 29:35i(My-Je). 

Leather pocket-book; a story. (L. Street) Argosy, 
60: II2(J1). 

Leconte de Lisle, Charles. (E. Stuart) Fortn. 64: 
I2I(J1). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:432 
(Agi7).— (P. T. Lafleur) Atlan. 75:694 

— and his fellow poets. Sat. R. 79: 689 (My 25). 
Lectern, On the. Chamb. J. 72: 767 (N). 
Lecture system, Want of economy in. (J. Trow- 
bridge) Atlan. 75: 102 (Ja). 

Lee, Jane. Acad. 48:410(^16). 

Lee, Mary Catherine. (H. P. Robinson) Writer, 

8: 183(D). 
Legal business, Causes of decrease in volume of. 

(L. E. Chittenden) Green Bag, 7:304(Ag). 
Legal information, free, Bureaus of. (W. B. 

Scaife) Pub. Opin. i8:698(Je2o). 
Legal procedure, French, Some peculiarities of. 

Green Bag, 7: 79(F). 
Legal reminiscences. (L. E. Chittenden) Green 

Bag, 7: 544(D). 
Le Gallienne, Richard. Critic, 26: 295(Ap2o). 

— Poetry of. (P. Addleshaw) Acad. 47: 519(^22). 

— Robert Louis Stevenson and other poems. Sat. 

R. 79-699(My25}. 
Legend of Invershield. (M. A. Marks) Argosy, 

Legend of Prince Maurice, A. (H. A. Bryden) 

Chamb. J. 72: 7~23(Ja). 
Legion of Honor, The. (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 

61: iu(Agij). 

— by a knight of the Order. Eng. Illust. 14: 293 

Legislation, Energy of. (E. P. Powell) Am. M. 
Civics, 6: 274(Mr). 

— Society of Comparative. (C. P. Ilbert) 19th 

Cent. 38: I42(J1). 
Leguminosae, Root tubercles of. (E. F. Smithy 

Am. Natural. 29: 898(0). 
Leibnitz day of the Berlin Academy of sciences. 

(K. Francke) Nation, 6i:6o(Jl25). 
Leighton, Frederic. Garden of the Hesperides. 

(E. Radford) Art J. 47: n(Ja). 
Leighton, Miss Dorothy. Thyrza Fleming. Sat. 

R. 79: I26{ja26). 
Le Jars de Gournay, Marie, adopted daughter of 

Montaigne. (F. J. Hudleston) Belgra. 87: 

I26(je). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 169 (JI20). 
Lejeune, General, Souvenirs of. (A. Laugel) 

Nation, 61:344^14), 386(N28). 
Lcmaitre, Jules. Sat. R. 79: 857^29) . 




Lemons at Massa-Lubrcnse. Chamb, J. 72: 188 

— Cultivation of, in Southern Cal. (W. M. Tis- 

dale) Garden & F. 8: i68(Ap24). 
Le Moyne, William J. (M. White, jr.) Munsey, 

i3 : 3*(Ap). 
Lens, Crystalline. (C. H. Hurst) Nat Sci. 7:113 

Lentils, About. Chamb. J. 72: 102(F). 
Leo XIII. and historical research. (E. Soutif) 

Am. Cath. Q. 20: 750(0). 

— and the social question. (J. A. Zahm) No. Am. 


— Encyclical of. (A. F. Hewit) Cath. World, 

60: 721 (Mr). — Pub. Opin. 18: 136^7). 

— Letter to the English people. (F. W. Farrar) 

Contemp. 67:78800). Same art. Chr. Lit. 

I3 : "4o(Jl). 

— Reactionary phases in pontificate of. (H. C. 

Sheldon) Meth. R. 55:877^). 
Lepere, A., wood -engraver. Scrib. M. 18: 718(D). 

Same art. Eel. M. 125:702^). 
Lepidoptera, Gassification of. (V. L. Kellogg) 

Am. Natural. 29:278(Mr). 
on larval characters. (H. G. Dyar) Am. 

Natural. 29: 1066(D). 

— Habits and tastes of. (C. J. Mans ford) Chamb. 

J. 72: 325 (My). 

— Mouth parts of. (V. L. Kellogg) Am. Natural. 

29: 546 (Je). 

— New classification of. (A. S. Packard) Am. 

Natural. 29: 636, 788OI, S). 

— wing of, Affinities of. ( V. L. Kellogg) Am. 

Natural. 29: 709 (Ag). 
Lescure, Victorine de. Set La Rochejaquelein. 
Lesdiguieres, Constable. (E. Armstrong) Eng. 

Hist. R. lo:445(Jl). 
Lesseps, Ferdinand de. (T. Schwartz) Munsey, 12: 

6i7(Mr). — Am. Arch. 47:31 (Jai9). — Allan. 


— and the Suez and Panama Canals. (W. H. 

Wheeler) Longm. 25: 394(F). 
Lessing. Story of the three rings. (T. Bradfield) 

Westm. 144: 666(D). 
Lesson of content, A; a poem. (J. H. May) 

Educa. 16:77(0). 
Le Sueur, Charles A., with portrait. (D. S. Jor- 
dan) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 547(F). 
Let the best man win; a drama. (M. H. Dixon) 

Eng. Illust. 12: no. 5, 47(F). 
Letters from a French atelier. Temp. Bar, 104: 105 

(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 369^9). 
Letting in the jungle; a story. (R. Kipling) 

McClure, 4: I28(ja). 
Lettres de Cachet, Issue of, in blank. (H. M. 

Baird) Nation, 61:446(619). 
Leuciscus balteatus (Richardson). (C. H. Eigen- 

mann) Am. Natural. 29: io(Ja). 
Leucocytes, Varieties of. (C. S. Sherrington) Sci. 

Prog. 2: 415(F). 
Leveille, A., wood-engraver. Scrib. M. 1 8: 1 67 (Ag) . 
Lewiston, Me. (C. A. Chase) New Eng. M. n. s. 

13 : 513(D). 
Leysin-sur-Aigle. (H. D. Rawnsley) Blackw. 158: 


Li Hung Chang. (S. J. E. C. Hankin) Acad. 48: 

I79(S 7 ). 

— Douglas's. Sat. R. 80: 81 (JI20). 

Liar, On the elench of the. (H. M. Stanley) Philos. 
R. 4: i85(Mr). 

lib and the others. All the Year, 76: 276(Mr23). 
Liberal party in England, The. (D. Crawford) 
Nation, 60:46(^17). 

— Causes of its defeat. (G. W. E. Russell) Forum, 


— Future of. Macmil. 72: 383(S). 

— Leadership of. (James Annand) New R. 13: 


— Unification of the. (H. H. L. Bellot) Westm. 

*43 : 477(My). 
Liberalism and Roman Catholicism. (B. Herford) 
Chr. Lit. 14: 157(D). 

— Demoralisation of. (James Annand) New R. 

I 3 :248(S). 

— Re- organization of. (James Annand) New R. 

I3 : 494(N). 

— true and false. (H. D. Atchison) Meth. R. 55: 

Liberty, The actualities of. (J. C. Macdonald) 

Westm. 143: 182(F). 

— Civil, A doctrine of. (H. L. Sibley) Meth. R. 

55 : 528(J1). 

— Nature of. ( W. D. Howells) Forum, 20: 401 

Librarian, How should he read? (G. E. Wire) 

Lib. J. 20: supp. 16(D). 
Librarians and teachers, Co-operation of. (G. W. 

Cole) Lib. J. 20: nc(Ap). 

— Training of. (A. R. Hasse) Lib. J. 20: 202, 239, 

272, 303(Je-S). 
Libraries, College, Public use of. (S. H. Ranck) 
Lib. J. 20: 235 (Jl). 

— Free public. (H. H. Barber) Lend a Hand, 14: 

366(My). 15:246(0). 

Failure of. (W. Roberts) New ^13:316 


— Great, of the United States. (H. Putnam) Forum, 


— Home. (C. W. Birtwell) Lib. J. 19: supp. 9 


— in secondary schools. (K. L. Sharp) Lib. J. 20: 

supp. 5(D). 

— Public, Access to the shelves in. (B. C. 

Steiner and S. H. Ranck) Lib. J. 19: supp. 87 

(D '94). — (J. D. Brown) Lib. J. 20: 9(Ja). 
Adaptation of, to local needs. (A. L. Peck) 

Lib. J. 20: 45(F). 
Aids and guides in, Report on, 1893-94. 

(W. H. Austin) Lib. J. 19: supp. 77(0*94). 

— — and University extension. (T. L. Montgom- 

ery) Lib. J. 19: supp. 64(0*94). 
Architecture of. (T. H. West) Lib. J. 19: 

supp. 96(0*94). 
bulletins, Publishing of periodical. Lib. J. 19: 

supp. 5o(D J 94). 
Cards for the "two-book" system. (G. M. 

Jones) Lib. J. 20: i68(My). 
Classification and catalogs, Report on, 1893- 

94. (C, A. Nelson) Lib. J. 19: supp. 69(D '94). 

— — employes in, Training of. (A. R. Hasse) 

Lib. J. 20: 202, 239, 272(Je-Ag). 
Floors and floor- coverings of. (W. Beer) 

Lib. J. 19: supp. ioo(D'94). 
Gifts and bequests to, 1893-94. (**• Kep- 

hart) Lib. J. I9:supp. 6i(D*94). 
Helping inquirers in. (G. E. Little) Lib. J. 

20: supp. 19(D). 

Improper books in. Lib. J. 20: supp. 32(D). 

in United States, Progress of, 1893-94. (F. 

P. Hill) Lib. J. 19: supp. 56(D '94). 




Libraries, Public, Moving of. (C. R. Gillett) Lib. 

J. 20: 48(F). 
newspapers, Current, in. Lib. J. 19: supp. 42 

(D '94). 
Present problem of. (W. H. Brett) Lib. J. 

19: supp. 5^94). 
Reading for the young in. (L. E. Stearns) 

Lib. J. 19: supp. 81 (D '94). 
Reference work among school children in. 

(A. L. Sargent) Lib. J. 20: i2i(Ap). 
Selection of books for. Lib. J. 19: supp. 30 

(D , 94).— (J. N. Larned) Lib. J. 20: 270(Ag). 

— (M. S. Cutler) Lib. J. 20: 339(0). 
Technical collections in. (C. W. Andrews) 

Lib. J. 20:6(Ja). 

— Some continental. (M. W. Plummer) Nation, 

6o: 7 (Ja 3 ), i8o(Mr 7 ), 35?(My9). 

— travelling, Free. (W. R. Eastman) Forum, 18: 

6i6(Ja). — Critic, 27: i38(Ag3i). 

— University, Functions of. (H. L. Koopman) 

Lib. J. 19: supp. 24(D'94). 
Library, Public, changing a subscription library to. 

(C. W. McClintock) Lib. J. 20: supp. 46(D). 
The free. (H. H. Barber) Am. M. Civics, 


— The writer's. (W. H. Hills), Writer, 8: I58(N). 
Library associations, State, Work accomplished by. 

(E. L. Adams) Lib. J. 2o:38o(N). 

Library building, Ideal free public. (E. C. 
Hovey) No. Am. 160: n8(Ja). 

Library economy, Handbook of. (A. H. Hop- 
kins) Lib. J. 20: supp. 41(D). 

Library examinations in schools. (C. K. Bol- 
ton) Lib. J. 20: i22(Ap). 

Library legislation in New Hampshire. (W. I. 
Fletcher) Critic, 26: 367 (My 18). 

— in Ohio. (W. H. Johnson) Critic, 26: 426(Je8\ 
Library notes, Keeping of. (N. E. Browne) Lib. 

J. 20: 3o6(S). 

Libyans; newly-found race in Egypt. (J. E. 
Quibell) Knowl. 18: I96(S). 

License and no-license in Cambridge. (F. Fox- 
croft) New Eng. M. n. s. 13: 53(S). 

Lichens, Notes on Mexican. (T. A. Williams) 
Am. Natural. 29:48o(My). 

Lie, Jonas, with portrait. Bookman, 2: 200(N). 

— One of life's slaves. Tr. by J. Muir. Sat. R. 

79:6 7 5(My25). 
Liederbuch des Konigs Denis von Portugal, 

Lang's. (A. R. Marsh) Nation, 61: 373(N2i). 
Life and its environment. (E. Mancini) Chaut. 


— Backwater of. (J. Payn) Cornh. 7i:5i7(My). 

— Continuity of. (J. Watson) New Sci. R. 1:487 

(Ap). Same art. (J. Watson) Chr. Lit. 

I3 : 13°(J1)- 

— Duration of. Sat. R. 79: 248^23). 

— Guesses at the riddle of. (G. Smith) No. Am. 


— Inequalities of. (R. Thomas) Chr. Lit. 12:218 


— Is it universal? (E. J. Chappel) New Sci. R. 

2: 4 I(J1). 

— is it worth living? (W. James) Int. J. Ethics, 

6: i(O). 

— Nature of, the foundation of medical science. 

(L. S. Beale) Science, n. s. 2: 644(^5). 

— Simple forms of. Sat. R. 79:40^12). 

— What is it? (E. Montgomery) Monist, 5: 166 


Life of Nancy. (S. O. Jewett) Atlan. 75: r 
Light, Action of, on animal life. (G. C. Frank- 
land) Nature, 52: 86(My23). 

— and electrification. (O. J. Lodge) Sci. Prog. 


— Perception of. (G. G. Stokes) Nature, 53: 66 

Lighthouse keeper's story. (B. Chandler) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 12: 723 (Ag). 
Lighthouses, Recent improvements in. Nature, 

Lightning, Effect of, on trees. Knowl. 18: i62(Jl). 

— Effects of, in Ben Nevis observatory. (W. S. 

Bruce) Nature, 52: 244(Jlu). 

— Injury from. (G. M. Minchin) Nature, 53:5 


— Protection from. (Alex. McAdie) Am. Arch. 

50: 77(Ni6). 
Lightning arrestors and why they sometimes fail. 

(A. J. Wurts) J. Frankl. Inst. I39:439(je). 
Like the good God. (M. Wilcox) Harper, 90: 590 

Like a mountain path; a story. (M. L. Radford) 

Canad. M. 4:48o(Mr). 
" Like other folks." (G. Morton) New Eng. M. 

i*:434(J c )- 
Lilac thief, The. (C. Battersby) Sund. M. 24: 

Lilacs. Garden & F. 8: 224^5). 
Lilies, Cultivation of. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & 

F. 8: U5(Mr2o), 426(023). 

— Luther Burbanks hybrid. (Carl Purdy) Garden 

&F. 8:328(Agi4). 

— Notes on. (F. H. Horsford) Garden & F. 8: 7 

(Ja2),i 7 Oa9),2 7 6(Jlio). 
Lilies of Nola, The. (M. Scott-Uda) Cent. 50: 532 

Lily flower in art. (L. B. Thompson) Art J. 47: 


Limpets, Habits of. (J. R. A. Davis) Nature, 51: 

Lin McLean's honeymoon; a story. (O. Wister) 

Harper, 9o:283(Ja). 
Lincoln, Abraham, Appeals to clemency of. (L. 

J. Perry) Cent. 51:251(0). 

— as commander-in-chief. (A. K. McClure) 

McClure, 4: 253(F). 

— Brooks on. (E. G. Johnson) Dial (Ch.) 19: 

241 fNi). 

— The close of his career. (N. Brooks) Cent. 50: 


— Glimpses of, in war time. (N. Brooks) Cent. 


— His journey to Washington in 1861. (A. K. 

McClure) McClure, S'-9 l (J e )- 

— life of, with illustrations. (I. M. Tarbell) 

McClure, 5:481 (N). 6:2(D). 

— Reflection of. (N. Brooks) Cent. 49:865(Ap). 

— S. P. Chase and Grant. (N. Brooks) Cent. 49: 

line upon line; a poem. Argosy, 59: 452 (Ap). 
Lines written on returning a lady's violin ; a poem. 

(Will Hill) Cosmopol. 19: 300 (Jl). 
Linton, W. J. Recollections. (E. G. Johnson) 

Dial(Ch.) i8:43(Jai6). 

— Studio and library of, by himself. Lippinc. 55: 

71 1 (My). 
Lion-hunting beyond the Haud. (H. C. Lowther) 
19th Cent. 38: 474 (S). Same art. Liv. Age, 
207: io8(Oi2). 




Lion-hunting in SomaliUnd, Melliss'. Sat. R. 79: 

Liquor, land and labor. Fortn. 64: I2(J1). 

Liquor laws in England, Five centuries of. (E. 

Porritt) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 615(D). 
Liquor problem, Some aspects of. (H. O. Ward) 

Am. M. Civics, 6:426(Ap). 
Liquor traffic. (J. S. Hopkins) National, 25: 72 


— Government control of. (R. B. Rockham) Econ. 

R. $:285(Ap). 

— Popular control. (F. S. M. Bennett) Eicon. R. 

5= 338(J1). 

— Regulation of. (F. Gottsberger) No. Am. 161 : 


— Shall we nationalize it? (A. L. Cornwall) Am. 

M. Civics, 6:3i7(Mr). 

— State monoply of. (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 

Lishoy, Ireland. (H. C. Shelley) New Eng. M. 

n. s. I3 : 3 2 3( N )- 
Literary advice and patronage. (R. Ogden) 

Nation, 61:323^7). 
Literary agent, The. (W. R. Nicoll) Bookman, 1: 

249 (My).— Reply. (W. Besant) 19th Cent. 

, Literary construction. (V. Paget) Contemp. 68: 

404 rS). Same art. Eel. M. 125:530(0). 
Literary hack and his critics. Forum, 20: 508(D). 

— Confessions of a. Forum, I9:629(J1). 
Literary judgment, Finality in. (W. M. Dixon) 

Westm. 143: 401 (Ap). 
Literary necrology for 1894. Lit. W. (Bost.) 26: 13 

Literary students' league. (F. W. Coburn) Writer, 

8: 77 (Je). 
Literary study, Aims of, Corson on. (E. E. Hale, 

jr.) Dial (Ch.) i8:io9(Fi6). 
Literary taste, Decay of. (E. Gosse) No. Am. 

161: io9(J1). 
Literary woman at the picnic. (E. W. Wilcox) 

Lippinc. 56:400(8). 
Literature as a resource. (H. W. Mabie) Chaut. 


— Best, of 1894. Lit. W. (Bost.) 26:8(Jai2). 
Literature, Contemporary, Mediocrity of. Lit. W. 

(Bost) 26:350(019). 

— Decadent. (H. E. M. Stutfield) Blackw. 157: 833 

(Je). Same art. Eel. M. 125: i62(Ag). 

— Decay of spirituality in. (L. Hunt) Critic, 27 : 

' 297(N9)- 

— How to make a living by. (W. D. Adams) 

Bookman, 2: 124(0). 

— Immorality in recent. (H. Quilter) Contemp. 


— Money the modern king of. (E. W. Bok) 

Forum, 2o:334(N). 

— New studies in, Dowden's. Sat. R. 80: 49 (Jl 


— of the kailyard. (J. H. Millar) New R. 12: 384 


— Place of, in reform. (R. M. Alden) Pub. Opin. 


— Sex in modern. (B. A. Crackanthorpe) 19th 

Cent. 37:6o7(Ap). 

— Success in. (H. Caine) Critic, 26: 384 (My 25). 

— Vocal interpretation of. (T. O'Hagan) Can ad. 

M. 5 : 439(S). 
Lithography, A century of. (E. R. Pennell) Na- 
tion, 61:289(024). 

Little fiddler, The; a story. (L. B. Tisdale) Eng. 

1 11 ust. 12: no. 6, 37(Mr). 
Little Lady Lee. (Mrs. H. L. Cameron) Lippinc. 

56:i4 7 (Ag). 
Little old ladies of the creek; a story. (C. Burke) 
1 Argosy. 59=543(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 

2 °5 : 597U e °)- 
Little tailor of the ritten. (J. P. Rudd) Outing, 

26: i67(Je). 
Liturgies, The tropes and the gradual. Church Q. 

40: i32(Ap). 
Liver, Story of the. (Dr. A. Wilson) Harper, 90: 

Liverpool to-day. (R. Machray) Can ad. M. 5:397 


— Walker art gallery. (H. M. Cundall) Art J. 

47: 247(Ag). 
Living, Art of. (R. Grant) Scrib. M. 17:3-752. 

— Cost of. Sat. R. 80: I3(J16). 

" Living pictures " in public. Sat. R. 79: 443 

Livingstone, David, The heart of. Cent. 50: 100 

Liza's lout; a story. Cornh. 71:266c Mr). 
Lizards, Hypnotized* (W. T. Van Dyck) Nature, 

52: i 4 8(Jei3). 
Llangollen, Ladies of. Gent. M. n. s. 55:401(0). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 285 (N 2). 
Loan societies, Provident. (E. W. Peet) Char. R. 

4: 181(F). 
Lobbying in the House of Commons. Macmil. 72: 

1 95 (JO • 
Lobster, Notes on biology of. (F. H. Herrick) 

Science, n. s. i:263(Mr8). 

Local history, Collections of, in public libraries. 

(H. J. Carr) Lib. J. I9:supp. 67(D '94). 

— Value of, in public libraries. (M. A. Sanders) 

Lib. J. 20 : supp. 40(D). 
Locker- Lampson, Frederick. (C. Kernahan) 19th 

Cent. 38:634(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 

3o6(N2). — Critic, 26:423(Je8). — Ath. '95 

Lockhart, John G., Notes on. Temp. Bar, 105: 175 

(Je). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: i77(Jl2o). 
Lockwood, Crosby. Ath. '95, 1: 3i6(Mr9). 
Locomotives, English and French. (C. Warman) 

McClure, 5: 156CJI). 
Lodger in Maze Pond; a story. (G. Gissing) 

National, 24: 847(F). 
Logarithms. (N. Hill) J. Frankl. Inst. 140: 130 


— chart of, Scale-lines in. Nature, 52: 272OI18). 
Logic; content and meaning. (A. Sidgwick) 

Mind, 2o:283(Jl). 
Lombards, The; Fair Rosamund, the first. (W. 

W. Hunt) Gent. M. n. s. 54J458(My). 
London and the kingdom, Sharpe's. Sat. R. 80: 


— and the water companies. (J. Lubbock) 19th 

Cent. 37:657(Ap). 

— City of, Queer customs. (J. C. Thorniey) 

Chaut. 21: i73(My). 

— County Council and its work. (G. L. Fox) Yale 

R. 4: 8o(My). — (S. Webb) Contemp. 67: 130 

Elections of. (C. A. Whitmore) National, 

Work and policy of. (R. M. Beachcroft; H. 

P. Harris) National, 24: 828(F). 




London, Crones in. (G. Clinch) Eng. Must. 14: 

— Crystal Palace; East African show. (C. J. Cor- 

nish) Eng. Illust. 14:82(0). 

— East end, Aspects of social life in. (S. Moody) 

Chaut. 2o:J99(Ja). 

— Health of. Nature, 52:2980125). 

— Heights of. (C. N. Barham) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 


— houses in, Historic. (P. Norman) Eng. Illust. 

12: no. 4, 41 (Ja). 

— Map of, in 1677. (P. Norman) Acad. 47:425 


— of to-day. Quar. 182: 59(J1). 

— Rebuilding of. (J. Parker) Eng. Illust. 13: 174 


— Relics of the past in. (A. Webb) Nation, 60: 


— St. James's square, Dasent's. Sat. R. 80: 601 (N9). 

— St. Olave, Hart street, church annals, Povah's. 

Sat. R. 79: I32(ja26). 

— school board, Elections for. Church Q. 39: 501 


— Six days' tour in. (P. Fitzgerald) Gent. M. n. s. 


— Some historic landmarks of. (J. Gennings) 

Chaut. 2o:387(Ja). 

— Thackeray's. Temp. Bar, 105:422(11;. 

— The theatre in. (G. S. Street) New R. 12:558 


— Tower, Money-making at. Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

30 4 (Mr). 

— under England's old laws. (W. S. Hardy) 

Sund. M. 24: 124(F). 

— Underground. Chamb. J. 72:673(0). 

— Underground railway in. (A. E. Daniell) 

Chaut. 20: 654 (Mr). 

— Unification of: City metropolitan law courts. 

(G. H. Knott) Am. Law R. 29: 395(My-Je). 

— University of. Nature, 53: 103(05). 

— University for, A great. (Playfair) 19th Cent. 

Teaching. (W. P. Wynne) Nature, 51: 297 


— versus the water companies. (B. F. C. Cos- 

telloe) Contemp. 67:8oi(Je). 

— Water-supply of. Chamb. J. 72: 502(Ag). 
London Bridge. Am. Arch. 47: 76 (Fi 6). 
London School of economics and political science. 

(W. A. S. He wins) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

6:28 3 (S). 
London seasons, My. Temp. Bar, io6:335(N). 
London Times, The. (J. Creetman) McClure, 5: 


Lonely soul, A; a story. (M. Milton) McClure, 

*i75(J a )- 
Long lost friend, A ; duologue. (Mrs. Hugh Bell) 

Temp. Bar, 105:40201;. 
Long run, the, Law of. (T. C. Mendenhall) 

Science, n. s. 2:825(020). 
Longevity and death. (G. J. Romanes) Monist, 

Longfellow, Religion of. (W. H. Savage) Arena, 


— " Ship of state." (W. Everett) Atlan. 76: i8(Jl). 
Longmeadow, Mass., Inscriptions at. (O. B. Steb- 

bins) N.E. Reg. 49: 335 (Jl). 
Loochow islands and their inhabitants. (B. H. 
Chamberlain) Geog. T. 5:289, 446, 534(Ap, 
My, Je). 

Looker-on, The. Blackw. I57:902(je). 

Lookout Mountain. (B. Torrey) Atlan. 76: C45 (S). 

Looting of the Second National. (W. Brooks) 

Overland, n. s. 2j: 151(F). 
Ix>pc de Vega, Grillparzer on. (W. Webster) 

Acad. 48:266(05). 
Lord of Chateau Noir, The; a story. (A. C. 

Doyle) McClure, 4:3 io( Mr). 
Lord's prayer; the kingdom of darkness. (J. B. 

Rust) Ref. Q. 42:470a). 
Lorimer, J. H. (R. A. M. Stevenson) Art J. 47: 

3 2i(N). 
Lost battle, A; a true story. Sund. M. 24: 805(D). 
Lost cipher, The; a story. (S. J. Weyman) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 5, 37(F). Same art. McClure, 

5 : 349(S). 
Lost duchess, The; a story. Corah. 7i.*4o(Ja). 

Same art. Eel. M. 124: 394 (Mr). 
Lost in wooing; a story. (P. Andreae) Eng. Illust. 

Loti, Pierre, pseud. See Viaud, Julien. 
Lo-To-Kah and the golden woman. (V. Z. Reed) 

Overland, n. s. 25: 426 (Ap). 
Lottery, Suppression of. (N. Smyth) Forum, 19: 

2 3 8(Ap). 
Ix>tto, Lorenzo, Berenson's. (K. Cox) Nation, 60: 

76( Ja24).— (J. Cartwright) Art J. 47: 233(Ag). 
Lotze, R. H. Influence on theology. (G. T. Ladd) 

New World, 4:401(8). 
— Jones' critical account of the doctrine of. (F. 

C. S. Schiller) Philos. R. 4:43501). 
Louis Philippe,' -Fall of. (Emile Ollivier) Cos- 

mopol. 18: 424(F). 
Louisbourg, capture of, Anniversary of. Critic, 26: 

Sir W. Pepperrell and. (V. Reed) New Eng. 

M. n. s. I2:4i5(je). 
Louise of Savoy and Francis I., De Maulde's. (A. 

Laugel) Nation, 60: i99(Mri4). 
Lourdes, Miracles at. (E. Berdoe) 19th Cent. 38: 

614(0). Same art. Eel. M. 125:802(0). 
Love the gift; a 6tory. (M. Brooke) Argosy, 60: 

l 5 6(Ag). 
Love in the big barracks; a story. (J. Ralph) 

Harper, 90: 421(F). 
Love of the natural ; a story. (V. de l'l. Adam) 

Poet-Lore, 7:388(Ag-S). 
Love of the Prince of Glottenberg, The; a story. 

(A. Hope Hawkins) McClure, 6: 23(D). 
Love song; a poem. (L. G. Ackroyd) Argosy, 

59: 554(My). 
Love tokens; a poem. (I. J. Postgate) Gent. M. 

n. s. 54: 3 1 8( Mr). 
Loven, Sven Ludvig. (F. A. Bather) Nat. Sci. 7: 

283(0). — Ath. '95, 2:359(814). 
Love's court; a poem. (E. C. Cardozo) Cosmopol. 

20: 129(D). 
Low, Will H. (C. MofTett) McClure, 5:291(8). 
Lowe, Mount, and Santa Monica. (R. Wildman) 

Overland, n. s. 26:353(0). 
Lowell, James Russell. (W. C. Lawton) Lippinc. 

56: 7 I7(N). 

— A morning with. (M. J. Savage) Arena, 15: 1 


— Yorkshire haunts of. (E. Skelding) Atlan. 76: 

Lowell Institute. (H. K. Smith) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 11: 713(F). 
Lowell observatory and its work. (A. E. Douglass) 

Pop. Astron. 2: 395 (My). 




Loyalists in the American Revolution. (M. C. 

Tyler) Am. Hist R. 1:24(0). — (C. G. D. 

Roberts) Canad. M. 6: 127(D). 
Lubbock, Sir John, and the teaching university for 

London. Nature, 52:295(1125). 
Luanda. (L. £. Mitchell) Cent. 50: 63 ( My) . 
Luck of the Atkinses; a story. (M. B. Yeates) 

Uppinc 55?409(Mr). 
Luck of Xeri Boldwig, The. Macmil. 72: 203 (J 1). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 46o(Ag24). 
Lucky man, The; a story. (J. Achurch) Eng. 

lllust. 14: 345(D)- 
Lucy, Sir Thomas. (C. C Stopes) Ath. '95, 2: 67 

Oil 3)- 
Ludwig, CarL (W. Stirling) Sci. Prog. 4: I55(N). 

— (L. Asher) Sci. Prog. 4: 323(D). 
Ijimhrr Industry, Canadian. (J. S. Robertson) 

Engin. M. 10: 17 (O). 
Lumby, Joseph Rawson. Acad. 48: 459 (N30) . 
Luminous animals. (T. R. R. Stebhing) Blackw. 

158: 543(0). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 685 (N). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207:430(^6). 
Lundy's land, In. (W. P. Garrison) Pennsyl. M. 

19: 340(0). 
Lung-tests, Two. (F. Li Oswald) Pop. Sci. Mo. 

46: 34300- 
Lupton's guest; a story. (L. Becke) New R. 13: 

Luther, Martin, Hymns of. (E. Dickinson) Bib. 

Sac. 52:676(0). 

— Language of, Sources of. (F. R. Hochdoerfer) 

Luth. Q. 25: 26o(Ap). 

— Translation of the Bible. (C. H. Merk and K. 

Pearson) Acad. 47: I27(F9), I5o(Fi6). 
Lutheran church in U.S., Augustana synod, educa- 
tional work of the Kansas conference of. (C. 
A. Swensson) Luth. Q. 25:253(Ap). 

— Confessional history of the General synod. (J. 

W. Richard) Luth. Q. 25:458(0). 
Lutheranism and the real presence. (J. W. Santee) 

Ref. Q. 42: i95(Ap). 
— Central principle of. (J. W. Richard) Luth. Q. 

25: i62(Ap). 
Luttrell, Henry. (Mrs. A. Crosse) Temp. Bar, 104: 

47 (Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 487 (F23). 

Same art. Eel. M. 124: 236(F). 
Luxembourg gallery, Caillebotte bequest to. (J. 

Bernac) Art J. 47: 308(0), 358(D). 
Luxury; asocial study. (P. Leroy-Beaulieu) Chaut. 


— Office of. (P. L. Beaulieu) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 25 

Lycett, Edward. (E. A. Barber) New Eng. M. n. s. 

*3 : 33(S). 
Lyceum, New England, Rise and decline of. (E. 

P. Powell) New Eng. M. n. s. 11: 730(F). 
Lycia and Caria, Frontier of. (W. Arkwright) J. 

Hel. Stud. 15: 93. 

— and Pisidia, Incriptions from. (G. F. Hill) J. 

Hel. Stud. 15: 116. 

— Greek inscriptions from. (G. Da vies) J. Hel. 

Stud. 15: 100. 
Lydia Gibson. (L. Parr) Longm. 26: 295 (Jl). 
Lying. Truth and the white lie. (E. M. Thomas) 

Atlan. 76: 836(D). 

— Why children lie. (N. Oppenheim) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 47 : 3 82(Jl). 
Lyly, John, and his Euphues. (H. Lacey) Gent. 
M. n. s. 54:292(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Lyly, J. Endymion. (E. K.Chambers) Acad. 48: 

Lymph, Formation of. (W. D. Halliburton) Sci. 

Prog. 3:40901;. 
Lynching and the law's delays. ( W. LeC. Stevens) 

Nation, 61: 426 (D 1 2). 
— Southern. (F. M. Noa) Nation, 61 : 407(05). 

Cause of. Nation, 6 1 : 463 (D26) . 

'Lyon in mourning. The; ' or, Reminiscences of 

the 45. Chamb. J. 72: 785(D). 
Lyra sacra, ed. by H. C. Beeching. Sat. R. 79: 625 

Lyttelton, Thomas, Lord ; Did Junius commit sui- 
cide? (A. Lang) Blackw. 157 1406 (Mr). 
Lytton, E. L. Bulwer, Lord. (J. W. Sherer) 

Gent. M.n. s. 55:299(8). 
Lytton, Earl of. Some unpublished letters. (G. 

Stewart) Canad. M. 4: 297(F). 

" Ma p'tite Philomcne." (T. G. Randall) Outing, 
25: 381(F). 

Mabie, Hamilton W., with portrait. (J. McArthur) 
Bookman, 2: 298(D). 

Macaire ; a farce. ( W. E. Henley and R. L. Steven- 
son) New R. I2:685(je). 

Macallester, Oliver; study of a spy. (A. Lang) 
Eng. Illust. 13: 2i4(Je). 

McClure's Magazine. McClure, 4: 487(My) . 

McCosh, James. (F. L. Patton) Presb. & Ref. R. 

— as a teacher of philosophy. (A. T.Ormond and 

S. M. Hamilton) Educa. R. 9: 122(F). 
McDonald, Flora. (C. McD. Smith) Munsey, 13: 

Macdonald, Sir John A. (W. F. Maclean) Canad. 

M. 4: 253(Ja). — (G. M. Adams) Nation, 60: 

940*30.— Ath. '95, 1:41 (Jai2). 
Macdonell, George Paul. Acad. 47: 5Q4(Jei5). 
Macedonia and the Macedonians. Contemp. 68: 305 

(S). Same art. liv. Age, 207: 131(019). 
Mach, E. Scientific lectures, Popular. (A. E. Dol- 

bear) Dial (Ch.) 18: i76(Mn6). 
Machias, Me. (M. E. C. Smith) New Eng. M. 

n. s. i2:672(Ag). 
Machine designing, Racial traits in. (A. Williams, 

jr.) Engin. M. 10:92(0). 
Machinery, Educational influence of. (A. E. Out- 

erbridge) Engin. M. 9: 225 (My). 

— Emancipation of labor by. (A. E. Outerbridge) 

Engin. M. 9: ioi2(S). 

Mackenzie delta, A woman in. (E. Taylor) Out- 
ing, 25: 3Q4(Ja)- 

Maclaren, Ian. See Watson, John. 

Maclean, A. Petruccio: a prize opera. Sat. R. 

Maclean, John. Acad. 47: 237(Mn6). 

Macleod, Dr. Donald, at home. (A. W. Stewart) 
Sund. M. 24:3820c). 

Macleod, Fiona. The mountain lovers. (G. Cot- 
terell) Acad. 48: !25(Agi7). 

Macmonnies, Frederick. (Will H. Low) Scrib. M. 

McNeill's zareba as a surprise. (W. Huyshe) Sat 

R-79 : 5 II »55 , ( A P 2 °- 2 7)- 
Madagascar. Fortn. 63: 77(Ja). * 

— England's futile scheme to colonize. (Julian 

Corbett) Macmil. 7i:358(Mr). 

— Expedition to and neutrals. (M. J. Farrelly) 

Am. Law R. 29: 539(J1-Ag). 




Madagascar, "Exposition de," at the Jardin dcs 
Planter (P. L. Sclater) Nat. Sci. 7:251(0). 

— French in. Ed. R. 182:499(0). — (P. Oliver) 

New R. i2:547(My).— (F. C. Maude) Sat. 
R. 80: K>5(Jl27). 
Routier on. Sat. R. 79: 552(Ap27). 

— History, An unpublished page in. (Alice Zim- 

mern) Temp. Bar, 104: 262(F). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 204: 6o9(Mr9). 

— In Imerina. (P. Oliver) New R. 13: 554(N). 

— Invasion of. Spec. 75 : 294(87). 

— Journeying in. (F. Vincent) Pop. Sci. Mo. 

47 : 239(Je). 
— • Languages spoken in. (J. T. Last) Anthrop. 

J. 25:46(Ag). 

— New animals from. (R. Lydekker) Knowl. 18: 


— Sacred city of Ambohimanga. (F. C. Maude) 

Sat. R. 80: 233(Ag24). 

— The Sancho Panza of. (J. Corbett) Macmil. 

Wi : 358. Same art. Liv. Age, 20c: i47(Ap2o). 
ar literature of. (S. P. Oliver) Ath. '95, 2: 

— western, and the Antinosi country, Notes on. 

(J.T. Last) Geog. J. 6:227(8). 
Madame la comtesse; a story. Argosy, 59: H5(Ja). 
Madame's bass; a story. (A. C. Hurlburt) Outing, 

Mademoiselle Cle*mence. (E. Pouvillion) Chaut. 

21: 29o(Je). 
Mademoiselle de Maupin; a story. (H. de V. 

Stacpoole) Temp. Bar, 106: 86 (S). 
Madison letters, The revelation contained in the. 

(C. C. Nott) Nation, 60: 38o(Myi6), 398 

Madonna and child in art. (W. H. Low) McClure, 

6: 33(D). 
Madonna of a day, The. (L. Dougall) Temp. 

Bar, 106:145(0), 289(N), 433(D). 

Madura, India. All the Year, 76: 31 (Ja 12). 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. (R. Hovey) 19th Cent. 37: 
491 (Mr). — (I. Zangwill) Critio, 26:45i(Je 
22). — With portrait. (J. T. Stoddart) Book- 
man, i:246(My). 

— at home. (M. Pidoux) Bookman, 2: 104(0). 

— Impressions of, and the Theatre de l'Oeuvre. 

(R. Hovey) Poet- Lore, 7:446(Ag-S). 

M agazines, Cheap. M cClure, 5 : 287 ( Ag) . 

Magazine-writers, Relations of editors to. (F. M. 
Bird) Lippinc. 56:859(0). 

Magdalen, the, Types and legends of. (M. Field) 
Munsey, 13:258^). 

Magic, Modern. Ed. R. 181: 82(Ja). 

Magnesium, Action of, upon vapors of the alcohols. 
(E. H. Keiser and M. B. Breed) J. Frankl. 
Inst. i39:304(Ap). 

Magnetic elements at principal magnetic observa- 
tories of the world, Value of. (C Chree) Sci 

Prog- 3 : 39<>(J1)- 
Magnetic needle. (V. Cornish) Knowl. 18:93 

Magnetism, Terrestrial, Distribution and secular 

variation of. (L. A. Bauer) Am. J. Sci. 150: 

io?(Ag), i89(S), 314(0).— (L. A. Bauer) 

Science, n. s. 1:673(^21). 
in England; Whiston's discoveries. (L. A. 

Bauer) Nature, 51:295(^24). 
Magnificence. Spec. 75 : 635 (N9) . 
Magnolias as garden plants. (C. S, Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8: i6i(Ap24). 

Magrath, Miler. (P. G. Smyth) Cath. World, 61: 

Mahsuds, Our last war with the. BIackw.158: 76 

(Jl). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 468 (Ag24). 
Mail delivery, Free, in rural districts. (J. M. 

Stahl) No. Am. 161:511(0). 
Maine, Supreme court of. (C. Hamlin) Green 

Bag, 7:457(0), 50 4 (N), 553(D). 

— Trade depression in. (C. Osborn) Econ. J. 5: 

47 6(S). 
Maistre, Joseph de. (T. L. L. Teeling) Am. Cath. 

Q. 20:807(0). 
Majendie's heroism ; a story. (T. Garvey) Argosy, 

j9 : 73 I (J e )« 
Making a point of it; a story. (C. J. K. Fenton) 

Argosy, 59: 747(Je). 

Malagrida, Gabriel, Trial of. Green Bag, 7:299 

Malatesta, Paolo de, and Francesca di Rimini. 

(L. de La Rame) Cosmopol. 18: 259(Ja). 
Malay sketches, Swettenham's. Sat. R. 80:513 

Malayan Christmas, A. (R. Wildman) Overland, 

n. s. 26: 618(D). 
Malbrouk, Song of. (D. G. Adee) Harper, 91: 

Mallarme, Stephane. (F. Carrel) Fortn. 63:446 

Mallock, W. H. (A. W. Benn) Acad. 48:83 


— Heart of life. Sat. R. 80: 147 (Ag3). 

— Studies of contemporary superstition. (F. 

Harrison) 19th Cent. 38: 2i4(Ag). 
Mallorca, Try. (Alan Walters) Chamb. J. 72: 

Maltese cat, The; a story. (Rudyard Kipling) 

Cosmopol. 19: 303 (Jl). 
Malthas, T. R., Doctrine of, and modern society. 

(L. R. Harley) Am. M. Civics, 6: I3(ja). 
Mammals, Geography of. (W. L. Sclater) Geog. 

J. 5:47*(My). 

— of the Malay Peninsula. (H. N. Ridley) Nat. 

Sci. 6:23(Ja), 89(F), i6i(Mr). 
Man, Antiquity of the greater. (J. Prestwich) 
19th Cent. 37.-6i7(Ap). Same art. Eel. M. 

in N. America. (E. D. Cope) Am. Natural. 

Primigenial skeletons, the flood, and the 

glacial period. (H. P. F. Marriott) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 48: I4(N). 

— Ascent of, Drummond's. (H. C. Minton) Presb. 

&Ref. R. 6:i36(Ja). 

— Debrutalisation of. (B. Leppington) Contemp. 

67:725(My). Same art. Eel. M. 125:145 

— Destiny of. (W. E. Manley) Arena, 13:454 


— Evolution of the human race. (W. J. Sollas) 

Nature, 53: 150(019). 

— Fossil remains of. (A. Keith) Sci. Prog. 3: 348 

— Glacial, in Ohio, New evidence of. (G. F. 

Wright) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 157(D). 

— Origin of, and the religious sentiment. (A. 

Fogazzaro) Contemp. 68:65(J1). 

— petrified, Observations on a so-called. (J. M. 

Stedman) Am. Natural. 29:326(Ap). 

— Varieties of the human species, (G. Sergi) 

Nature, 51: 595(Api8). 


- 1. 

l f. • 






Man, A, and his model; a story. (A. Hope) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 4, 5i(Ja). 
Man and the town. (F. Dolman) Eng. Illust. 

v. I2-I4(F-D). 
Man of millions; a story. (C. Stewart) Eng. 

Illust. i3:57(Ap). 
Man of Monceaux, The; a story. (S. J. Weyman) 

McClure, 5:1 I3(J1). 
Man of promise; a story. (R. Hichens) Temp. 

Bar, 105: i29(My), 227 (Je). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 206: i4o(Ji2o),« 208QI27). Same art 

Eel. M. 125:257^), 353(S). 
Man of silence; a story. (E. Pugh) New R. 13: 

Man of sin. [2 Thess. ii. 3-12."] (G. U. Wenner) 

Luth. Q. 25:630a). 
Man-of-war pets. Chamb. J. 72: 6o,8(N). 
Man with the iron mask. (F. Funck-Brentano) 

Chaut. 201531(F). 
Man with the ivory pass, The. (T. W. Speight) 

Argosy, 60:759(6). 
Manassas Industrial school. (Mrs. B. Whitman) 

Lend a Hand, i4:297(Ap). 
Manatee, Florida, Present standing of, in Indian 

River waters. (O. Bangs) Am. Natural. 29: 

Manchester school, The. (G. Smith) Contemp. 67: 

377(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. i24:594(My). 
Mandalay, "Bloody hand" at. (R. C. Temple) 

Acad. 48: 363 (N2). 
Mandy. (Ednah Robinson) Overland, n. s. 26: 

Manet, Edouard. (C. Mauclair) Art J. 47: 274(8). 
Manikin lion, The. (P. Robinson) Eng. Illust. 

1 2: no. 6, 9o(Mr). 
Manitoba, our western heritage. (G. H. Ham) 

Canad. M. 5:560(0). 

— revista. (B. Cumberland) Canad. M. 4:313 


— School question. (E. Meek) Canad. M. 5:90 

(My). — (H. H. L. Bellot) Westm. 144:11 
(Jl). — (C. Sifton) R. of Rs. 12:452(0). — 
(J. S. Ewart) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 839(6). 

— Study of civil government in. (E. V. Smalley) 

R. of Rs. 1 1: 167(F). 
Manning, Fredrick and Maiia, Case of. Green 

Bag, 7: I5(»- 
Manning of the fleet. (D. Hannay) New R. 12: 

Manns, August. Acad. 47: 387 (My4). 

— as orchestra leader. Sat. R. 79: 546(Ap27). 
Mansfeld, Schloss. Chamb. J. 72: 234(My). 
Mantz, Paul. Acad. 47: 1 io(F2). 

Manual training. (C. H. Henderson) Pop. Sci. 
Mo. 46: 799(Ap). 

— for women. (G. Vrooman) Arena, 14:308(0). 
Manuscript of Axel Hermelin; a story. Argosy, 

59: 7 56(Je). 
Manuscripts, British, in Cottonian library. Blackw. 
i57 : 846(Je). 

— relating to America in the British Museum. 

(N. Darnell Davis) Nation, 61: i46(Ag29), 
270(017), 291(024). 

in European archives, Stevens's Facsimiles of. 

(L. Swift) Nation, 60: U2(F7), 307(Api8). 

Manuscripts, author's, On compelling careless edi- 
tors to pay for. (H. P. Arms) Writer, 8: ill 


— Prize offers for. (E. L. Martin) Writer, 8:45 


Manuscripts, three, Experience of. (M. E. Ireland) 

Writer, 8: I26(S). 
Manx mystery; a cycling experience. (T. D. 

Dickson) Outing, 25:472^1:). 
Maoris; Politics and social life of the native New 

Zealander. (L. Becke and other) R. of Rs. 

Maple leaf forever, a song. (A. Muir) Canad. M. 

6: 177(D). 
Maples, Bishop Chauncy. (H. Waller) Geog. J. 

6: 481 (N). — Eng. Illust. 14: i7o(N). 
Maps, American, Study of early. (S. D. Peet) 

Am. Antiq. 17: 219QI). 

— Care of, in public libraries. (F. H. Parsons) 

Lib. J. 20: I99(je). 

Marble, Temperature variation of thermal con- 
ductivity of. (B. O. Peirce and R. W. 
Willson) Am. J. Sci. 150:435(0). 

Marblehead, Mass. (J. W. Chadwick) New Eng. 
M. n. s. I2:6ii(J1). 

March, Cuckoo and the myth of. (G. W. Mur- 
doch) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 233(Mr). 

Marengo, Battle of. (J. Petit) McClure, 4: i64(Ja). 

Margaret, To; a poem. (G. Halford) Temp. Bar, 
104: 242(F). 

Margaret Ward, spinster. Macmil. 72:426(0). 
Same art. Liv. Age, 207:459^23). 

Margaritana, Validity of the genus. (C. T. Simp- 
son) Am. Natural. 29:336(Ap). 

Maria Clementina, Escape of. (A. Lang) Macmil. 
71: 302(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:131 

Marine animals, Preservation of. (W. A. Reden- 
bough) Am. Natural. 29: 399(Ap). 

Marine etiquette. (A. O. Klaussmann) Chaut. 22: 

Marine zoological station, Swedish. (F. A. Bather) 

Nat. Sci. 6: 407(D). 
Marines, The. (David Hannay) New R. 13:655 


— Evolution of the blue-jacket. (P. H. Colomb) 

No. Am. i6i:268(S). 
Marmontel, J. F. Moral tales, ed. by Saintsbury. 

Sat. R. 80:354(814). 
Marriage and divorce: doctrine of the Church of 

England. (W. J. K. Little) Chr. Lit. 13: 259 

High church doctrine of. (G. Serrell) 

Contemp. 68:2i(Jl). Same art. Chr. Lit. 

13: i86(Ag).— (W. J. Knox Little) Contemp. 


— Apparent decline of. Sat. R. 79: 721 (Jei). 

— Bigamy under the Canadian code. (R. J. Wick- 

steed) Canad. M. 5-304(Ag). 

— Divine laws of, Watkins\ Sat. R. 80:211 


— Luckock's History of. Cath. World, 60: 682(F). 

— The matrimonial puzzle. (H. H. Boyesen) No. 

Am. 160: 203(F). 

— Some modern ideas about. Westm. 143: 520 

Marriage market at Babylon. (J. F. Rowbotbam) 

Argosy, 59:662(Je). 
Mars. (P. Lowell) Atlan. 75: 594, 749. 76: 103, 


— and Jupiter. (F. L. Blake) Canad. M. 4: 224 


— Canals of. (P. Lowell) Pop. Astron. 2: 255(F). 

— Circulation of water in atmosphere of. (C. 

Flammarion) KjiqwI, i8:73(Ap). 




Mars, Climate of. (M. Manson) Pop. Astron. 2: 371 

— "Eye" of. (E. W. Maunder) Knowl. 18:55 


— Flagstaff photographs of. (P. Lowell) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 12: 643(Ag). 

— Latest news of. (E. S. Holden) No. Am. 160: 

6 3 6(My). 

— Oases of. (P. Lowell) Pop. Astron. 2: 343 (Ap). 

— Seasonal changes on. (P. Lowell) Nature, 

51: 259 (Ja 10). 

— South polar cap of, Micrometrical measures of. 

(E. E. Barnard) Pop. Astron. 2:433(Je). 

— Twilight arc upon. (P. Lowell) Nature, 52: 401 


Marseilles. (W. H. Pollock) Longm. 26:384 
(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:572^30). 

— old and new. (W. H. Pollock) Eng. Illust. 13: 

Marston, John, Shakespeare burlesqued by. (H. 

Wood) Am. J. Philol. 16: 273(0). 
Marteilhe, Jean. Memoirs, tr. by Goldsmith. Sat. 

R. 79:627(Myn). 
Martha's head-stone. (E. Brower) Lippinc. 55: 

Martin, St., of Tours. (A. Jessopp) 19th Cent. 

37:ii2(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204:239 

Martineau, James. Spec. 74:574(Ap27). — (A. 

W. Jackson) Chr. Lit. 13: 41 ( My). 

— at ninety. Critic, 26:4170015). 
Martyrdom of John the Baptist, The; a story. 

(W. LeC. Beard) Scrib. M. i7:633(My). 
Martyrs of Africa, 208 A.D. (H. Hay man) Cath. 

World, 61: 481 (Je). 
Marvellous prayer of Aubrey Saul. (W. J. Lacey) 

Longm. 26: I92(je). 
Mary, queen of Scots, Death of, Bourgoing on. 

Sat. R. 79: ci5(Ap2o). 

— Execution of: (R. C. Brown) Acad. 48:4301 


— First wooing of. (A. Buckler) Gent. M. n. s. 

54:55 6 (J e )- 
Mary Tudor, Queen of England. (J. D. Breen) 

Dub. R. 117: io2(Jl). 
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, Hanover, N.H. 

(E. Cowles) Am. Arch. 49: 59 (Agio). 
Maryland and Virginia, Early Relations between. 

(J. H. Latan<5) J. H. Univ. Stud. 13: i29(Mr- 


— or Rhode Island, which established religious 

liberty first? (R. H. Clarke) Am. Cath. Q. 
20: 289 (Ap). 

— Provisional government of, 1774-77. (J. A. 

Silver) J. H. Univ. Stud. 13:477(0). 
Mashon aland, Eastern, Notes in. (W. A. Eckers- 
ley) Geog. J. 5:27(Ja). 

— Memories of, Bruce's. Sat. R. 80: 765(07). 
Maskelyne, J. N., the great wizard of the west. (T. 

H. Lewis) Eng. Illust. 12: no. 4, 74(Ja). 
Mason, Lowell. (F. H. Jenks) New Eng. M. n. s. 

— Recollections of. (S. F. Smith) New Eng. M. 

n. s. ii:648(Ja). 
Mass, Doctrine of, at Council of Trent. (C. 

Walker) Bib. Sac. 52:629(0). 
Massachusetts in the civil war. (T. S. Townsend) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 3(Mr). 

— Militia of. (T. F. Edmands) New Eng. M. n. s. 

11: 770(F). 

Massachusetts Railroad Commission. (W. A. 

Crafts) Engin. M. io:286(N). 
Massachusetts State Library. Lib. J. 20: 85 (Mr). 
Master of deceit, A; a story. (I. Maclaren) 

Blackw. 158:333(8). Same art. Liv. Age, 

207: 84(012). Same art. McClure, 5: 470(6.) 
Matabeleland, and how we got it, Newman's. Sat. 

R. 80:385(821). 

— under the British South Africa company. (F. 

Frankland) R. of Rs. 12:436(0). 
Matches; Only a match. (C. Falkenhorst) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47:683(S). 
Mater triumphans; a poem. (R. L. Stevenson) New 

R. I2:2i(ja). 
Materialism untenable. (A. E. Dolbear) Monist, 

Mathematics, Educational value of. (F. A. Hill) 

Educa. R. 9: 349(Ap). 
Mather family of Lancashire, Some deeds of. (J. 

P. Rylands) N.E. Reg. 49:290a). 
Matt Digby's meddling. (W. N. Harben) Lippinc. 

56: io8(Jl). 
Matter and force, Modern view of. Sat. R. 80: 370 


— a property of energy, Hiller's. Sat. R. 79:516 


— Unity of. New Sci. R. 1: 502 (Ap). 

Matter of taste, A. (S. Dawson) Belgra. 86:35 

Matterhorn, Ascent of. (G. P. Serviss) McClure, 

5 : 339(S). 
Mauve, A, Incidents in early life of. Art J. 47: 

Maxim, Hiram S. Experiments in aSrial naviga- 
tion by. Cent. 49:4440a). 
Maxim gun, The latest. (S. E.Tillman) Cosmopol. 

19: 584(8). 
May and December; a poem. (P. B. Strong) 

Outing, 27: 179(D). 
May queen festival, A; With letters from Mr. 

Ruskin. (J. P. Faunthorpe) 19th Cent. 37: 

Mayan hieroglyphics, Brinton on. (F. Starr) 

Dial (Ch.) 19:460116). 
Mayas,' the, Language of. (W. W. Skeat) Ath. 

Mayflower compact and the Jeffersonian heresy. 

(H. B. Sprague) Our Day, 15: 145 (S). 
Maynooth college, Centenary of. (J. F. Hogan) 

Am. Cath. Q. 20:370a). — (G. McDermot) 

Cath. World, 6i:205(My). 
Mayor's secret, The. Liv. Age, 204: 202(Ja26). 
Maytime in West England. Sat. R. 79: 825 ( Je22). 
Mazzini, G., Love episode in life of. (D. Melegari) 

19th Cent. 37:765 (My).— (J. W. Mario) 

Nation, 6i:75(Agi). 
Meacham, Capt. William, at Bunker Hill. (E. S. 

Willcox) N.E. Reg. 49: 203(Ap). 
Meanness, Pet. (F. C. Baylor) Lippinc. 56: 708 

Meats. (C. D. Wilson) Lippinc. 56: 855(D). 
Mecca, Pilgrimage to. Chamb. J. 72: 691 (N). 

— and the propagation of disease. (A. Proust) 

Chaut. 2i:574(Ag). 

Mechanic and employer, Hints for. (E. Wood- 
ward) Engin. M. 9:493(Je). 

Mechanical conception of the world. (W. Harri- 
son) Meth. R. 55:932(N). 

Mechanics, science of, An historical survey of. 
(R. S. Woodward) Science, n. s. 1: 141 (F8). 




Mechanics, skilled, Prevailing scarcity of. (A. E. 

Outerbridge, jr.) Engin. M. io:227(N). 
Median, the, Practical computation of. (E. W. 

Scripture) Psychol. R. 2: 376QI). 
Medical books for small public libraries. (G. E. 

Wire) Lib. J. 20: supp. 37(D). 
Medical education. (A. L. Benedict) Lippinc. 56: 


— in America. (J. Madden) New Sci. R. 2:152 

Medicine and society. (J. B. Yeo) 19th Cent. 38: 

— preventive, Twenty-five years of. (Mrs. H. M. 

Plunkett) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:302(18). 

— World's debt to. (J. S. Billings) Chaut. 20: 668 

Mediterranean, the, Braggadocio about. (W. L. 
Gowes) 19th Cent. 37: 875 (My). 

— England and. (G. S. Clarke) 19th Cent. 37: 541 

—The millstone round the neck of England. (Wm. 
L. Clowes') 19th Cent. 37:369^0. 

— Should England hold it in war? (H. Elsdale) 

19th Cent. 37: 215(F). 
Medoc, The, and its wines. Chamb. J. 72:609 


Medway, Mass., Births in, 1714-44. (E. O. Jame- 
son) N.E. Reg. 49: 28o(Jl), 444(0). 

Meeting-house feud. (D. E. Nelson) New Eng. 
M. n. s. i2:9o(Mr). 

Melba at home. (F. E. Thomas) Munsey, 12: 393 

Melville, Sir Andrew. (J. G. Alger) Scot. R. 26: 1 


Melville Bay, A journey round. (E. Astrup) Geog. 

J-5 : 345(Ap). 
Memories of books, authors and events. (J. 

Bertram) Chamb. J. 72: I7(ja). 
Memorizing. (P. T. Austen) Educa. 16: i8(S). 
Memory, Affective. (E. B. Titchener) Philos. R. 4: 


— for square size. (J. M. Baldwin and W. J. Shaw) 

Psychol. R. 2: 236(My). 

— Relation of attention to. (W. G. Smith) Mind, 

20:4 7 (Ja.) 
Memory after-image and attention. (A. II . Dan- 
iels) Am. J. Psychol. 6: 558(Ja). 
Men and women, Mutual relations of. (A. Clerk) 

New R. 13:375(0). 
and horses : a story. (B. Matthews) Harper, 

9 i:8i3(N). 
Men in stone, The; a story. (C. J. C. Hyne) 

Chamb. J. 72: i57(Mr). 
Men of the hills, The. [Macmil.] Liv. Age, 207: 

Men of the Moss-Hags, The. (S. R. Crockett) 

Good Words, 36: i-793(Ja-D). 
Menagier de Paris. (E. B. Stone) Lippinc 56: 

Mendelssohn, Felix. (H. H. Statham) Fortn. 64: 

Meneval, Baron, Memoirs. (J. J. O'Shea) Cath. 

World, 60: 698(F).— (C. H. Levermore) Na- 
tion, 60: 151 (F21), i82(Mr7). 
Mental congruence, Laws of, in education. (B. A. 

Hinsdale) Educa. R. 10: I52(S). 
Mental development in the child and the race, 

Baldwin on. Am. Natural. 29:68701). 
Mental education, Some principles of. (E. W. 

Scripture) School R. 3: 533( N )» 

Mental telegraphy. (C. S. Coles) New Sci. R. 

* 73(JO. 

— Logic of. (J. Jastrow) Scrib. M. 18: 5 71 (N). 

— again. (Mark Twain) Harper, 91:521(8). 
Mentation, Arrested. (C. Ferrero) Monist, 6:60 


— Science of. (E. Gates) Monist, 5: 574(0). 
Mentone, Notes from. (Mrs. H. Chetwynd) Belgra. 

Mercenary spirit in public life. Meth. R. 55: 116 

Mere Angele. (M. S. Hancock) Belgra. 86:297 

Meredith, George, Maiden speech of. (W. R. 

Nicoll) Bookman, 2: 34(Ag-S). 

— Novels of. Ed. R. 181: 33(Ja). 

— A summer with : in particular, ' Richard Feverel.' 

(E. L. Menefee) Poet-Lore, 7: 505(0). 

Merely an incident; a story. (W. Western) Mun- 
sey, i3:550(Ag). 

Meiimee, Prosper. Macmil. 73: i8(N). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 207: 5i5(N30). 

Merriam, Augustus Chapman. (C. H. Young) Am. 
J. Archaeol. 10: 227 (Ap). — (R. B. Richardson) 
Ath. '95, i:i56(F2). 

— Death of. Critic, 26: 69(^26). 

Merrick, Frederick. (W. G. Williams) Meth. R. 

J5 : 345(My). 
Mernngton- Manning affair; a story. (F. L. Guer- 

tin) Munsey, i2:652(Mr). 
Merry maid of Arcady; a story. (Mrs. B. Har- 
rison) Harper, 90: 378(FJ. 
Merry Thanksgiving of the burglar and plumber, 

The; a story. (A. French) McClure, 5:515 

Mesozoic flora of Portugal compared with that of 

U.S. (L. F. Ward) Science, n. s. i:337(Mr29) 
Metallurgists, Practical laboratory training for. 

(R. H. Richards) Engin. M. 8: 6j7(Ja). 
Metallurgy, Electro-, as applied to silver refining. 

(G. Faunce) J. Frankl. Inst 140:287(0). 
Metals, Rarer, their alloys. (Prof. Roberts- 
Austen) Nature, 52: 14, 39 (My 2, 9). 
Metaphysics, Sectarian criticism. (K. Pearson) 

Fortn. 64:674^). 
Metaplastid cell and protoplastid body. (J. E. S. 

Moore) Sci. Prog. 3:323(Je). 
Metasomatic changes in limestones. (A. Harker) 

Sci. Prog. 4:50(8). 
Meteorite Canon Diablo, Constituents of. (O. A. 

Derby) Am. J. Sci. 149: 101(F). 
Meteorite, Plymouth, Ind. (H. A. Ward) Am. J. 

Sci. I49 : 53(J«0- 
Meteorites, Two new. (E. E. Howell) Am. J. Sci. 

Meteorological stations, High-level. (A. L. Rotch) 

Nature, 52:236(514). 

— on Mount Wellington. Nature, 52: 599(017). 
Meteorological work in Australia. (C. Todd) 

Nature, 5 1 : 3o6( Ja24) . 
Meteorology in the University. (C. Abbe) Science, 
n. s. 2:709(N29). 

— Progress of. (F. Waldo) No. Am. 160: 580 

Meteors, April. (W. F. Denning) Nature, 52: 33 
(My 9 ). 

— August, Heights of. (A. S. Herschel) Nature, 

Methodism, World-wide, Glimpses of. (J. Mudge) 

Meth. R. 55:53801). 




Methodist Episcopacy in transition. (J. M. Tho- 

burn) Mcth. R. 55: 764(8). 
Methodist General Conference; as a working body. 

(J. D. Walsh) Meth. R. 55: 7i2(S). 
Metric system. Nature, 53: &4(N28). 

— in England. Science, n. s. 2: H9(Ag2). 
Mexican war, Veterans of, in California. (K. M. 

Nesfield) Overland, n. s. 26: 258(8). 
Mexico as the cradle of man's primitive traditions. 
R. of Rs. I2:49(J1). 

— Early political organization of. (B. Moses) 

Yale R. 4: 2j6(N). 

— Floating gardens of. (C. H. Coe) Garden & 

F. 8:432(030). 

— Hospitality in. (A. Paterson) Temp. Bar, 105: 

476(Ag ). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 8i6(S28). 

— Lawsuit in. (W. S. Logan) Am. J. Soc. Sci. 

33 : «34(N). 

— Notes of travel in. (C. G. Pringle) Garden 

&F. 8:372(Jlio). 

— Republic of. (A. Inkersley) Chaut. 22: 3, 131 


— Valley of. Drainage system. (M. Romero) 

Engin. M. 8: 597(Ja). 
Meyer, Lothar. (M. M. P. Muir) Nature, 52: 81 

Meyerheim, Paul. (F. H. Meissner) Art J. 47: 301 

Micawbensm, Political. (J. J. Davies) Westm. 

143: 206(F). 
Mice, Waltzing. (E. R. Waite) Nat. Sci. 7: 101 

Michigan, Central, and the post-glacial submer- 
gence. (E. H. Madge) Am. J. Sci. 150: 442(D). 

— New England in. (E. P. Powell) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13: 419(D). 
Mickiewicz, Adam. (W. R. Morfill) Acad. 48: 334 

Microbe, The, as a social leveller. (C. Edson) No. 

Am. 161:421(0). 
Microbes as factors in society. (L. Capitan) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47: i03(My). 

— in the air. (C. M. Aikman) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

Micrograph ic analysis. (W. C. Roberts- Austen) 

Nature, 52: 367(Agi5). 
Middle-aged woman. (R. B. Hale) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13: 471(D). 
Middle Ages, The art of war in the. Macmil. 72: 


— Mediaeval life in England. (A. F. Sanborn) 

Lippinc. 56: 793(D). 

— Political theory of the early. (A. J. Carlyle) 

Econ. R. 5: 319, 464OI, O). 
Middle hall; a sequel to The dividing fence. (R. 

M. Stuart) Harper, 9o:3o6(Ja). 
Middle ton, Henry, of South Carolina; missed a 

crown. (McD. Furman) Educa. 16: 115(0). 
Midnight; New Year's eve; a poem. Argosy, 59: 

4 6(Ja). 
Midshipmite. (A. E. P. Searing) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13: 428(D). 
Midsummer day : a poem. (J. Davidson) Sat. R. 

Midsummer night, A. (B. Kidd) Cent. 51: 222(D). 
Milan, Manners and customs early in the 18th cen- 
tury. Macmil. 72: 29 1 ( Ag) . 
Miles, Gen. Nelson A. (G. E. Pond) McClure, 5: 


— Portraits of. McClure, 5 : 398(0) . 

Militarism, Spirit of. (A. B. Ronne) Pop. Sci. Mo. 

47 :2 34(Je). 
Military College, Kingston. Canad. M. 4: 261 (Ja), 

Military drill for boys' clubs. Char. R. 4: 235 (Mr). 
Military education in colleges. (J. K. Cree) 

Educa. I5:398( Mr), 473 (Ap). 
Military engineering, Recent progress in. (J. 

Mercur) Chaut. 21: i56(My). 
Military lore in an old college library. (L. S. A. 

Herford) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 283 (S). 
Military systems of Europe and America. (W. 

Ludlow) No..Am. i6o:72(Ja). 
Militia, Canadian, Re-armament of. (C. F. Winter) 

Canad. M. 5: io7(Je). 

— Massachusetts. (T. F. Edmands) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 11: 770(F). 

— Illinois. ( W. R. Hamilton) Outing, 26: 75, 160, 


— New Hampshire. (G. H. Moses) Outing, 27: 77, 

165, 252(0-D). 
Milk and cream, imported into England. (R. H. 
Wallace) Chamb. T. 72:657(0). 

— human, Artificial. (E. Frankland) Nature, 52: 

Milky way, Dark " lanes" of. (E. W. Maunder) 
Knowl. 18: 36(F). 

— Distance of stars in. (C. Easton) Knowl. 18: 


— Southern, with the Sydney star camera. (E. W. 

Maunder) Knowl. i8:87(Ap). 
Millais, Sir John Everett R. of Rs. 1 1 : 543 (My) . 

— Clarissa. Art J. 47: 87(Mr) . 

Miller, Joaquin. (H. E. Gregory- Flesher) Arena, 

Miller, William, wood engraver. Scrib. M. 18: 525 

Millet, Madame J. F. (J. Cartwright) Art J. 47: 72 


— Work of. Sat. R. 79: 98(Jai9). 

Milling machine, Economic possibilities of the. 

(H. L. Arnold) Engin. M. 9:65(Ap). 
Millionaire, The. (J. R. Vernon) Argosy, 59: 621 


— The unspeakable. (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 

Milton. His indebtedness to Vondel. (G. Duflou) 

Acad. 47:379(My4). 
Milton's daughters; a story. (V. de L'Isle Adam) 

Poet-Lore, 7: 601(D). 
Mind and body. (P. Shorey) Psychol. R. 2:43 

Mind and body; auto-suggestion and concentra- 
tion. (H. Wood) Arena, 12: i36(Mr). 

— Dynamics of. (H. Wood) Arena, 1 1 : 302(F) . 

— Hegel's philosophy of. (E. B. Titchener) 

Philos.R. 4:i96(Mr). 

— Integration of. (E. Montgomery) Mind, 20: 307 


— Ladd's philosophy of. (J. E. Creighton) Philos. 

R. 4:42701). 

Mind-building by sense development. (S. M. Mil- 
ler) Educa. 16: 218(D). 

Mind-cure. (J. Fergusson) Canad. M. 6: 183(D). 

— has it any scientific basis? (H. Wood) New 

Sci. R. 2:8$(J1). 
Mineral lands in the U. S., Public ownership of. 

(G. O. Virtue) J. Pol. Econ. 3: 185 (Mr). 
Mineral species, Views on. (H. A. Miers) Sci. 

Prog. 3 : 4 2 9( A g)« 




Mineral transformations. (H. A. Miers) Sci. Prog. 

4: 273(D). 
Minerals of high specific gravity, Devices for the 

separation of. (S. L. Pen field) Am. J. Sci. 

Miners, Coal, in Pennsylvania; adopted home of the 

Huns. (W. F. Gibbons) Am. M. Civics, 7: 315 

Mines, Management and superintendence of. (C. 

Johnson) Engin. M. 8: 1032 (Mr). 

— Reports on, and mine " salting." ( W. McDer- 

mott) Engin. M. 9: 311 (My). 
Miniature, The; a story. (A. Leach) Munsey, 12: 

Miniatures, Concerning painters in little. (N. H. 

Banks) Cosmopol. 19:598(0). 
Mining, the prospector. (B. R. Atkins) Canad. M. 

Minister, How to become a better. (G. C. Henry) 

Luth.Q. 25:385(11). 
Ministerialists and Unionists. Black w. 157:807 

Ministers, Prime, of Queen Victoria. (R. B. Brett) 

19th Cent. 37 ; 32(J«0- 
Minor, John Bar bee; with portrait. (T. J. Michie) 

Green Bag, 7:400(8). 
Minorca, English occupations of. Temp. Bar, 106: 

Mint at London Tower. Gent. M. n. s. 54:304 

Miocene man, Alleged, in Burma. (R. D. Old- 
ham) Nat. Sci. 7: 201 (S). 
Mira, Variable star. (J. A. Parkhurst) Pop. Astron. 

3: 165(D). 
Miracle, A; a story. (M. E M. Davis) Harper, 

Miracles in French Canada. (E. Farrer) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 48: 234(D). 

— in the Synoptic gospels. (A. Reville) New 

World, 4: 626(D). 
Mirrors, Ancient and modern. Chamb. J. 72: 1 22 

Miser's doom ; a modern Greek morality. (J. L. 

Myres) Anthrop. J. 25: I02(N). 
Miss de Maupassant; a story. (C. E. Raimond) 

New R. 13: 233(S). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 

Miss Delamar's understudy. (R. H. Davis) Scrib. 

M. 18: i83(Ag). 
Miss Falkines; story. (L. Butt) Belgra. 86:405 

Miss Polly Lopp; a story. (O. Read) Eng. Illust. 

1 2: no. 5, 69(F). 
Miss Theodora. (H. L. Reed) New Eng. M. n. s. 

12:656. i3:2i-273(Ag-N). 
Missing link, The. (W. Hart) New Sci. R. 2: 99QI). 

— Eugene Dubois on. Nature, 53: 115(05). 
Mission, Catholic, in Canton. (E. A. Irving) 

Blackw. 158:555(0). 
Mission in life, A; a story. (Mrs. E. Cartwright) 

Belgra. 88: 277(N^). 
Mission Indians, Decline of the. (E. P. Clark) 

Overland, n. s. 25: 89 (Ja). 
Mission legend; a story. (J. C. Bull) Munsey, 13: 

Mission music and musicians. (J. J. Peatfield) 

Overland, n. s. 25:348(Ap). 
Missionaries in China. Macmil. 73: io(N). 
Missionary, Qualifications of a. (H. K. Fenner) 

Luth. Q. 25: 82 (Ja). 

Missionary methods, Cust on. Sat. R. 79: 161 (F2) 
Missionary Ridge, An idler on. (B. Torrey) Atlan. 

76: 807(D). 
Missionary spirit in the home churches. (D. H. 

Bauslin) Luth. Q. 25: i(Ja). 
Missionary temptations. (R. Ogden) Nation, 

Missionary's story, The. (J. G. Vibert) Cent. 51: 

Missions, Christian. Monist, 5:2640a). 

— Anglican, Science of. Church Q. 39: 4i6(Ja). 

— as seen at the Parliament of Religions. (H. R. 

Bender) Meth. R. 55:907^). 

— Comparative religion and. (A. Menzies) Chr. 

Lit. i2:335(Ap). 

— a debate. (J. M. Thoburn; V. R. Gandhi; P. 

Carus) Monist, 5: 264 (J a). 

— in India. (V. R. Gandhi) Arena, 11: I57(ja). 
Effect of Parliament of religions on. (H. H. 

Jessup) Our Day, 14: 98(F). 
Hunter on. Sat. R. 80: 444(05). 

— new style. (R. Ogden) Nation, 6i: 235(03). 

— Question of. Pub. Opin. 19: 274c Ag29). 

— Roman Catholic, in Canada. (E. S. Colcleugh) 

Cath. World, 61: io8(Ap). 
Mississippi, In sunny. (J. Ralph) Harper, 90:819 

Mississippi basin, Winsor's. (E. Coues) Nation, 

61:670125).— (B. A. Hinsdale) Dial (Ch.) 

19: no(Si). 
Mistletoe and mistle thrush. (G. W. Murdoch) 

Knowl. 18: 284(D). 
Mistress Sherwood's victory. (E. L. Ogden) New 

Eng. M. 12:338c My). 
Misunderstandings. Corah. 71: 158(F). 
Mitchell, John T. W. (A. Williams) Econ. J. 5: 

Mitchells, The; a brunette Darby and Joan. 

(Helen M. Carpenter) Overland, n. s. 26: 292 

Mitford, Miss, Some letters from. (Margaret 

Howitt) Good Words, 36:377(Je). 
Mithras, unconquered. (T. H. B. Graham) Gent. 

M. n. s. 55:58(J1). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Mitylene, In, with the late Sir Charles Newton, 

Blackw. i57:596(Ap). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Mivart, St. Geo., on the ethical motive. (H. 

Spencer) 19th Cent. 38:536(5). 

— Sectarian criticism. (K. Pearson) Fortn. 64: 674 


Mob, Study of the. (B. Sidis) Atlan. 75: 188(F). 

Models, Artists', Girls trained for. (A. D. Van- 
dam) Sat. R. 8o:649(Ni6). 

— Beautiful, of Paris. (F. T. Sisson) Cosmopol. 

Moderation. (E. M. Thomas) Atlan. 75: 217(F). 
Modern languages, Educational value of. (H. K. 

Schilling) Educa. R. 9:385 (Ap). 
Modern latchkey, A; a story. Argosy, 60:491(0). 
Modoc songs. Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 509(Ag). 
Mohammed and the Koran. (J. T. Bixby) Arena, 

12: i7(Mr). 

— Life and teaching of. Quar. 182: 22o(Jl). 

— Passing of. (E. Arnold) Cent. 49: 584(F). 
Mohammedanism. Islam and its critics. (A 

Quarterly Reviewer) Fortn. 64:621(0). 
Mohammedans of the East. (J. F. Hewitt) 
Westm. !43:253(Mr). 




Moharrem festival in Natal. (J. Meld rum) Good 

Words, 36:232(Ap). 
Mohonk. Indian conference. (E. A.) Lit. W. 

(Bost.) 26:350(019). 
Mohonk conferences. (F. C. Sparhawk) Am. M. 

Civics, 6: 206(F). 
Molecules, Color relations of atoms, ions and. (M. 

C. Lea) Am. J. Sci. 149: 35 7 (My). 
Moliere, J. B. P. de. (E. Duvall) Lippinc 56: 391 


— Last appearance of; a poem. (Nellie K. Blissett) 

Temp. Bar, 104: 185(F). 

— on the stage. (A. De Ternant) Gent. M. n. s. 

54: 252(Mr). 
Moll Cutpurse, the queen of thieves. Macmil. 72: 

Mollie Ahearne ; a story. All the Year, 76:62(Ja 

Mollusca from Pampean formation. (H. v. Iher- 
ing) Science, n. s. i.'42i(Api9). 

— Geographical distribution of. (F. C. Baker) 

Science, n. s. 2: i79(Agi6). 

— Shells and. Ed. R. 1 82: 35 1 (O) . 

Moltke, Count von. (S. Whitman) Fortn. 63:47 
(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204:323^9). 
Same art. Eel. M. 124: 294 (Mr). Same art. 

Chaut. 2o:4i3(J*)» 557(F)- 

— in war. (A. Forbes) McClure, 5: 209(Ag). 
Moluccas, Martin on. (H. R. Mill) Nature, 52: 217 

Momentary indiscretion; a story. (Sarah Grand) 

Cosmopol. 20: 169(D). 
Monasteries, Buddhist and Taoist, on the Lo Fau 

San. (E. A. Irving) Blackw. i57:453(Mr). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 37(Ap6). 

— English, Dissolution of. Quar. i82:83(Jl). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 67(012). 
Monasticism in Scotland. (E. Austin) Cath. World, 

— its ideals and its history. (A. Harnack) Chr. 

Lit. 12: I36(ja). 
Monderisch; a Turkish story. (L. von Sacher- 

MasochJ) Chaut. 2i:2i6(My). 
Monetary reform, Thoughts on. (F. Y. Edgeworth) 

Econ. J. 5:434(8). 
Monetary standards. (J. F. Orton) J. Pol. Econ. 

Money. (J. A. Quarles) Am. M. Civics, 6: 113(F), 

2 3 7(Mr). 

— American " sound money " problem and its solu- 

tion. (A. Higgins; M. Frewen) National, 26: 


— and bank credits in U.S. (H. W. Williams) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 531 (Ja). 

— and banking. (H. White) Engin. M. 10: 391 


— and credit paper in the modern market. (W. 

Fisher) J. Pol. Econ. 3: 391 (S). 

— and monetary problems, Nicholson's. (L. L. 

Price) Econ. J. 5: 563(D). 

— Battle of the standards, and the fall of prices. 

(E. Atkinson) Forum, 19: i43(Ap). 

— The business world vs. the politicians. (J. H. 

Eckels) Forum, 19: i(Mr). 

— "Coin's Financial school " and its censors. (W. 

H. Harvey) No. Am. 161:^1 (Jl). 
- food forth 


food for the gullible 

. 101:71 
• (J.L. 

Laughlin) Forum, 

Various replies to. (H. White) Nation, 60: 


Money, Fiat. Pub. Opin. 19: 262(Ag29). 

— Historical aspect of the question. (A. Del Mas) 

Fortn. 63: 565 (Ap). 

— Honest. (F. U. Laycock) J. Pol. Econ. 3:472 

Fonda on. Sat. R. 80: 530(026). 

— in the U.S., Problem of. Pub. Opin. 19: 70 


— Lord Farrer on the standard. (II. S. Fox well) 

National, 24:637^). 

— More, as a relief to financial distresses. (G. W. 

Pepperell) Arena, i2:233(Ap). 

— Outline of a new philosophy of. (A. J. Webb) 

Arena, 13: 19900- 

— Quantity of, and prices, 1 860-1891. (S. M. 

Hardy) J. Pol. Econ. 3: 145 (Mr). 

— Quantity-theory of. (F. A. Walker) Q. J. Econ. 

9 J 37201). 

— question of. The crux of; has gold risen? (L. 

A. Garnett) Forum, i8:573(Ja). 

— Reign of. (A. Leroy-Beaulieu) Chaut. 21:69 


— Should the government retire from banking? 

(W. C. Cornwell) Forum, 18: 641(F). 

— sound, Question of. Pub. Opin. 18: 592(My3o). 
See Bimetallism; Currency. 

Money-power in government. (C. H. Monroe) 

Arena, 12: io6(Mr). 
Mongolia, northern, Notes of a journey in, in 1893. 

(A. A. Borradaile) Geog. J. 5: 562 (Je). 

— Review of above. (N. Elias) Geog. J. 5: 572(Je) . 

— ObruchefTs explorations in. Geog. J. 5:260 

Monism, Ethical. (A J. F. Behrends) Meth. R. 

55 : 357(My). 
Monkey house at the zoo. (F. Miller) Eng. Illust. 

*3 : 32700- 
Monkshood; a poem. (C. E. Meetkerke) Argosy, 

Monopolies and patents. Cornh. 72: 256(8). 

— and revenue. Spec. 74: 843(^22) . 
Monopoly; is it always victorious? (G. L. Eber- 

hart) Am. M. Civics, 6:584(Je). 
Monroe doctrine. Spec. 75:478(012).-^ (M. B. 
Dunnell) 29:839(N-D). — (G. Smith) Sat. R. 
8o: 7 94(Di4). 

— and Nicaragua. Sat R. 79: 54i(Ap27). 

— defence, not defiance. (A. C. Cassatt) Forum, 

20: 456(D). 

— England, Venezuela, and the. (H. C. Lodge) 

No. Am. 160: 65 1 (Je). 

— More about. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 61:304 


— Some myths of. (R. Ogden) Nation, 60:356 

(My 9 ). 
Monsieur le Comte; a story. Blackw. 157:764 

(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 648 (Je 15). 
Mont St. Michel. (J. H. Adams) Cosmopol. 18: 

5 i 5 (Mr). 
Montaigne, Michel de. (L. E. Tiddeman) Temp. 

Bar, 106:48(8). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 

Montaigne's adopted daughter. Belgra. 87: I26(je). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: i69(Jl2o). 
Montana, Sporting vacation in. (G. M. Dillard) 

Outing, 27:41(0). 
Monte de Piedad, at Madrid. (M. Belmas) Am. 

Arch. 49:3o(Jl20). 
Montenero, Eighth of September at. (E. Cecconi) 

Good Words, 36:598(8). 




M icrerrr. Del Monte and. (R. Wildman) Over- 
load, n. s. 26: 581(D). 

M-caerey county pastoral, A. (K. P. Siegbold) 
C^reriand, n- s. 25:643(My). 

M^cdcelli, Adolphe. (M. H. Dixon) Art J. 47: 

211 r. . 

K:=tnni, M. de. (A. Laugel) Nation, 60:234 

v ~**-—*nt*- Inscriptions on public. (M. G. Van 

Rensselaer) Garden & F. 8:87^27). 
M-=.z=aerit5, Lessons from the. Liv. Age, 207: 

043 D14). 
Mjodr, Dwight Lyman. (H. Drummond) McClure, 

4 :iSS(Ja). 
M icn, The. (W. W. Payne) Pop. Astron. 3: 1 76 

— Photographs 01, taken at the Paris observatory. 

Nature, 52:439(85). 

— Progress of; selenography. (A. Mee) Knowl. 

i* ; i33(J<0- 

— Visibility of change in. (H. G. Wells) Knowl. 

18: 2J0(0). 
Moonlight. Eel. M. 125:92(5!). 
Moore, Albert, Life of, Baldry's. Art J. 47: 48(F). 

(R. Sturgis) Nation, 60: uo(F7). 

— Celibates. (F. Danby) Sat. R. 80: 105OI27). 

— Rise of, with portrait. (H. T. Peck) Bookman, 

Moore, Henry. Ath. '95, 1 : 843(^29). — Acad. 47: 

— Death of. Art J. 47: 28o(S). 

Moorish cafe, An evening in a. (J. E. B. Meakin) 
Gent. M. n. s. 54:4i8(Ap). Same art. Eel. 
M. I24:852(je). 

Moorland idylls. (G. Allen) Eng. lllust. i2:nos. 

4*5- « 3 : 33-481 (Ja-S). 
Moors in Spain, Among the. Chamb. J. 72: 132 

Moose, How I killed my first. (C. H. Gooderham) 

Canad. M. 4: 269 (Ja). 
Moral, The, and the cosmic. (J. M. Baldwin) Int. 

J. Ethics, 6:93(0). 
Moral conduct, Motives to. (A.DSring) Int. J. 

Ethics, 5=36i(Ap). 
Moral crisis, A. (E. T. Corbett) Munsey, 13:51 

Moral education. (L. V. Price) Educa. 16: i(S). 

— in schools. (S. E. Warren) Educa. 15:297 

Moral obligation, Consciousness of. ( W. W. Carlile) 

Philos. R. 4 : 3<>3(My)- 
Moral obliquity, A. (F. Lynde) Scrib. M. 17: 189 

Moral standards; are they shifting? (A. B. Hart) 

Forum, 1 8:51 3(Ja). 

Morality, in nature and evolution. (J. T. Bixby) 

New World, 4:444(8). 

— of art. Spec. 75: 722^23). 

Morals, English, and Christianity. (D. H. Wheeler) 

Chaut. 20: 522(F). 
Morant Bay, Underbill's, Tragedy of. (Goldwin 

Smith) Nation, 6i:97(Ag8). 
More, Alexander Goodman. Nat. Sci. 6: 351 (My). 
More, Sir Thomas. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 15:112 


More adventures of M. de Forbin. (E. P. Thomp- 
son) Gent. M. n. s. 55: i39( A g)- 

Mormons, The. Am. Cath. Q. 20: 486XJI). 

Mormon church; has it re-entered politics? (G. 
Miller) Forum, 20: 499(D). 

Morning calls. Eng. lllust. 13:47-343. 14:12, 170 

Morning on a trout stream; a poem. (J. H. 

Keene) Outing, 26:267(J1). 
Morning mists. (J.Gordon) Lippinc. 56:404(8). 
Morning song ; a pcem. (Sir Lewis Morris) Cos- 

mopol. i9:370(Ag). 
"Morning star," The; a story. Temp. Bar, 105: 

268(Je). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 242^ Ag). 
Morocco : My escape from Mulai Bushta. ( W. B. 

Harris) Blackw. i57.*o8(Ja). 

— Ras Doura village. (R. B. C. Graham) Sat. R. 

Morphology at the National Museum. (W. G. 

Ridewood) Nat. Sci. 7:258(0). 
Morrey, Humphrey, first Mayor of Philadelphia, 

1691-92. (J. G. Leach) Pennsyl. M. 18:419 

Morris, Lewis, knighted. Sat R. 79: 7i8(Jei). 

Morris, William. Eng. lllust. i3:47(Ap). 

— at the Kelmscott press. Eng. lllust. 12: no. 7, 

4 7 (Ap). 

— Home of. Critic, 27: H9(Ag24). 

— Unpublished letters on socialism. (W. G. 

Kingsland) Poet-Lore, 7:473, 543(0, N). 
Morris, William O'Connor. (H. Tattersall) Acad. 

47 : 37*(My4)- 
Mortar, cement, Tests of. (A. S. Cooper) J. 

Frankl. Inst. 140: 321 (N). 

Moscow in 1893. Westm. I43:66(ja). 

Moses, in Hebrew history, Place of. (W. R. Har- 
per) Bib. World, 5: 161 (Mr). 

— Laws of, and the higher criticism. (A. F. 

Hewit) Cath. World, 61: 728(8). — Church Q. 
40: 282 (Jl). 
Moslem, Hindoo and. (E. L. Weeks) Harper, 91: 

Mother, The, as a power for woman's advancement. 
(Mrs. B. Smith) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:622(Mr). 

— Rule of. (C. P. Selden) No. Am. 161:637 

Mother and son; a story. (W. B. Hale) Munsey, 

i3 : 465(Ag). 
Motherhood and citizenship; woman's wisest 

policy. (K. Trask) Forum, 18: 609 (Ja). 

— and the "New woman." Sat. R. 79: 752(Je8). 
Mothers, Tyranny of the. Belgra. 86: 4i5(My). 
Motive power, Selection of. (C E. Emery) Engin. 

M. 8: 638(Ja), 797(F). 
Motor, synchronous, Single-phase. (F. Bedell and 

H. J. Ryan) J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 197 (Mr). 
Mottl, — , as opera leader. Sat. R. 80: 649 (N 16) . 
Mound-builders, Effigy, and the modern Indians. 

(S.D. Peet) Am. Antiq. 17: I9(ja). 
Mounds, Ancient, in northern Minnesota. (T. H. 

Lewis) Am. Antiq. 17:316^). 

— in the Mississippi valley. (L. Carr) Nation, 61: 


— Sand, of the St. John's River, Florida. (H. C. 

Mercer) Am. Natural. 29: 7©(Ja). 

Mount Holyoke College, Festivals in. (H. E. 
Hooker) Cent. 49: 431 (Ja). 

Mount Royal; a poem. Canad. M. 4.'409(Mr). 

Mountain ascent, Highest, and effects of rarified 
air. (E. S. Balch) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:668 

Mountain ash, Sweet, as a fruit tree. (C. V. Hart- 
man) Garden & F. 8: i62(Ap24). 

Mountain-falls. [Con temp.] Liv. Age, 204: 121 




Mountain railways, Great. (J. H. Means and J. C. 

Branner) Chant 21:426(11). 
Mountain sickness. (C. S. Roy) Sri. Prog. 3: 85 

Mountain vigil, A; a story (A. P. Stone) Outing, 

Mountaineering memories. (H. Preston-Thomas) 

Blackw. 158:9201). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Mountains, Forms of. (J. E. Marr) Nat. Sci. 6: 

Mowgli leaves the jungle forever; a story. (Rud- 

yard Kipling) Cosmopol. 19: 670(0). 
Mozarabic offices, Pseudo-. Church Q.40: l69(Ap). 
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Don Giovanni. Sat. 

R. 79:858(Je29). 
Mr. Castonel; a novel. (Mrs. Henry Wood) Argosy, 

59: 49-561 (Ja-My). 
Mr. DuddePs temptation; a story. All the Year, 

76: I3(J*5). 
Mr. Snagg of London ; a story. (H. Vedder) Eng. 

Must.' 13: 4? 1 (Ag). 
Mr. Surtrees. (D. S. Meldrum) Good Words, 36: 

Xmas no. 15. 
Mrs. Lofty's diary, Extracts from. f B. Lindsay) 

Overland, n. s. 25: 237, 470. 26: 04, 502 (My- 

Mrs. Risley's Christmas dinner; a story. (E. Hig- 

ginsonj Lippinc. 55: 102 (Ja). 
Mrs. Santa Claus; a story. (M. Richardson) Lip- 
pinc. J5 : 87(Ja). 
Mrs. Tonkin at home. Liv. Age, 205: 204(Ap27). 
Much ado about nothing; a poem. Gent. M. n. s. 

54: 491 (My). 
Mud-line, Murray's. (J. Churoley) Nat. Sci. 6: 

Mueller, Wilhelm, Poetry of. (J. T. Hatfield) 

Meth.R. 55:58101). 
Mueller, William, painter. (J. Orrock) Art J. 47: 

Muff; Reign of the. (S. E. Braine) Good Words, 

36: 832(D). 
Mugwumps, Ancient and modern. Atlan. 75: 284 

Mulai Bushta, My escape from. (W. B. Harris) 

Blackw. I57:98(ja). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 

250(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 457 (F23). 
Mulberry Bend; Clearing of a New York slum. 

(J. A. Riis) R. of Rs. 12: i72(Ag). 
Mulso, John. (L. B. Lang) Longm. 26:492(8). 

Same art. liv. Age, 207: 177(019). 
Multiple standard, The. (H. Winn) Am. M. 

Civics, 7: 567(D). 
Munich, Court theatre of. (J. G. Robertson) 

National, 25: 247 (Ap). 
— Salon of. (A. B. Bibb) Am. Arch. 50: 133 

Municipal art. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 501 


Municipal buildings, Architecture of. (E. C. Gard- 
ner) Engin. M. 8:6o8(Ja). 

Municipal ownership of public corporations. (M. 
T. Francisco) Engin. M. 9:4i(Ap). 

Municipality, the, Christian citizen and. (W. D. 
Maxon) Am. M. Civics, 7:J43(N). 

Munster, Faction- fighting in. (J. F. MacNamara) 
Westm. 144:417(0). 

Murad V., Sultan of Turkey. Sat. R. 80: 839(021). 

Mural decoration. (F. Crowninshield) Am* Arch. 


Mural decoration in America. (R. Cortissoz) Cent. 

51: no(N). 
Murray, Sir Charles. Ath. '95, 1: 738(Je8). 
Murray, George, Verses and versions. (A. G. 

Doughty) Canad. M. 5:476(8). 
Murrieta, Joaquin, a Californian Fra Diavolo. (J. 

M. Scanland) Overland, n. s. 26:53o(N). 
Muscat. (J. T. Bent) Contemp. 68: 871 (D). 
Muscular contraction, On the nature of. (T. W. 

Engelmann) Nature, 51: 5i9(Mr28). 
Muscular sense and its location in the brain cortex. 

(M. A. Starr) Psychol. R. 2:33(Ja). 
Museums, Casual thoughts on. (H. H. Howorth) 

Nat. Sci. 7=97(Ag). 

— Relationships and responsibilities of. (G. B. 

Goode) Science, n. s. 2: i97(Ag23). 

— Some casual thoughts on. (2.) (H. Howorth) 

Nat. Sci. 7:319^). 
Mushrooms, Cultivation of. (W. Downs) Garden 
&F. 8:27(Jai6). 

— Our edible toadstools and. (W. H. Gibson) 

Garden &F. 8: 488(D4). 
Music, Church, recent decrees on. (H. T. Henry) 
Am. Cath. Q. 20: 82(Ja). 

— Difference of time and rhythm in. (R. Walla- 

schek) Mind, 20: 28(Ja). — (E. T. Dixon) 
Mind, 2Q:236(Ap). 

— "heavenly maid." (T. T. Munger) Cent. 51: 


— in America. (A. Dvorak) Harper, 90: 428(F). 

— in England. Sat. R. 80:542(026). — (F. J. 

Crowest) Blackw. 158:819(0). 

— Italian masters, Streatfeild's. Sat. R. 80: 708 


— Masters of. (G. Holme) Munsey, i3:468(Ag). 

— Mother-tone of, and tonalonomatopy. (C. C. 

Converse) Monist, 5=375(Ap). 

— Pianoforte sonata, Shedlockon. Sat. R. 80:472 


— Public schools. (S. W. Cole) New Eng. M. n. s. 


— Significance of. (P. Carus) Monist, 5:401 

— Studies in, Hadow's. Sat. R. 79: 7pi(My25). 

— unemotional, Some us< 
J. Ethics, 5:47101). 

at. K. 79: 70] 
of. (E. P. 

Resse) Int. 

Music halls, London county council and. (W. 

Archer) Contemp. 67:3i7(Mr). 
Musical criticism, Gentle art of. (J. F. Runciman) 

New R. I2:6i2(je). 

— Recent. Ed. R. 182:468(0). 

Musical curiosity, A. (S. Baring-Gould) Chamb. J. 

72: 81(F). 
Musical festival at Gloucester. Sat. R. 80: 376-407 


— of the Lower Rhine. (J. S. Shedlock) Acad. 

Musical pitch, Change of. (J. C. Hadden) 19th 

Cent. 38: 828(N). 
Muskallonge fishing. (E. W. Sandys) Outing, 27: 

Muskoka days and doings. (C. Bluefield). Canad. 

M. 5:488(8). 
Mussulmans of India and the Armenian question. 

(Ghulamus-Saqlan) 19th Cent. 37:926(Je). 
Mustagh-Ata, Attempts to ascend. (S. Hedin) 

Geog. J. 6:350(0). 
My dead self; a story. (R. F. Dixon) Canad. M. 

My first " kill " ; a story. Temp. Bar, 106: 336(N). 








-5 ^ • 

-V » 

". o ; jo). 

•v .--tssincation of 
^ :> Njjl Sci. 7:336 

iL McEvoy) Canad. 

• iiJu The. ( E. J. R. 

. j*.^. V M. E. S. Penn) 

* " l-w?: * $«ory. Argosy, 59: 

* ^jv Art- Liv. Age, 204:1630 

* ^.n .«*. "*• <T- St. E. Hake) 

„ ~ «** Mountain. (M. W. Mur- 
... - ^-5-5. 6 5"(S-N). 
v. -» ::* Buck country. Chamb. J. 
numc art Liv. Age, 206:251 

. • -%e New England hills. (D. Calvert) 
x - — X M.n.s, I2:57'(J0- m 

\V* %***■• All the Year, 76: 130CF9). 

v 1— 1 Childhood and youth of a French 

V " ^« X M. l^ ow > Atlan « 76:68(J1). 

* K and professional life of a French macon. 

* 'Ml uJlow) Atlan. 76: 187c Ag). 

Nt *VtJ chains. In the land of. All the Year, 76: 

Nji J^ ; v levels live words long. Chamb. J. 72: 

W*Vecrhunt. (G. Roberts) Outing, 26: 365 (Ag). 
v Lw!ml (M>av») Arena, 13:271,438. 14: 
N ^^ i 5 :i24(Ji-l>).-(I. M. Tarbell) 
McOure, 4- « 03-409 (Ja-Ap). 
*, St H^ena. Gent. M. n. s. 54=638(Je). 
"" Same art. Liv. Age, ^£6i(J16). 
.- X convention with, at Elba. [Macmil.] Liv. 
Vue. 204: 1 01 (Ja 1 2). 
I Wl Webster against. (A. B. Bates) Cent. 

.-. pSelind fall of, Wolseley's. Sat. R. 79: 55* 
-l/fc^CW. M. Sloane) Cent. 49=323-803. 

_ M SriaR^Uh Marie-Louise. (B. Morgan) Cath. 

' World, 61: i45( M y)- _ T . . - 

.-on hoard H.M.S. Bellerophon. Liv. Age, 206: 

.-on Acffid of Elba. (H. Houssaye) Chaut. 
21 : i4(Ap). 

« - :e*.-o I, relations with the United States. (I. 
n. Tarbell; McClure, 5: 24(Je). 
— \r^ral of worship of. (J. W. Russell) Canad. 

M. 5:226(J1). 
—Second funeral of. (I. M. Tarbell) McClure, 4: 


— Views of. (T. R. Bacon) Yale R. 4: 23(My). 

— Wax cast of the face of. (Baron de St. P61) 
McClure, 4: 231(F). 

Napoleon II., King of Rome. (E. S. Perkins) 

Lippinc. 56: 548(C)). 
Napoleon III., a little girl's recollections of. (H. 

Corkran) [Temp. Bar] Eel. M. 124: 345 (Mr). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204:31 i(F2). 
Narcissus, Notes on. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 

Nast, Thomas, with portraits. McClure, 4: 153 

Natal, Forestry in. ( W. R. Fisher) Nature, 5 1 : 234 

Nathaniel Dixon, naturalist; a story. (I. Hooper) 

Temp. Bar, 106:489(0). 
National airs, Some, and their associations. Chamb. 

J. 72:700(N). 
National character, Race mixture and. (L. R. 

Harley) Pop. Sci. Mo.47:86(My). 
National debt, Funding the : a business man's plan. 

(W. A. Amberg) Am. M. Civics, 7: 655(D). 
National Educational Association at Denver. (C. 

H. Thurber) School R. 3:422(8). 
National Free Labor Association. (J. M. Ludlow) 

Econ. R. 5: no(Ja). 
National Gallery; £ 100,000 worth of art. (Thos. 

Sulman) Good Words, 36:3i8(My). 

— Veronese paintings in. (J. P. Richter) Art J. 
47= 37(F). 

National University, Why we need a. (S. New- 
comb) No. Am. 160: 210(F). 

Nationalism, First steps to. (S. Schindler) Arena, 

Natura naturans. (W. W. Carlile) Philos. R. 4: 

Natural law, ethics and evolution. (J. Royce) Int. 
J. Ethics, 5:489(J1). 

Natural religion, Does it reveal only one God? 
(J. W. Schwartz) Luth. Q. 25: 382(J1). 

Natural science, Educational value of. (J. F. 
Woodhull) Educa. R. 9: 368(Ap). 

Naturalism. (C. L. Morgan) Monist, 6: 76(0). 

Naturalist, Education of a. (J. C. Branner) School 

R- 3 : *34(Mr). 

— Work of, in the world. (C. S. Minot) Pop. Sci. 
Mo. 47: 60 (My). 

Naturalists, Old and new. (C. L. Morgan) Nature, 

53 : 9(N7). 
Naturalization in the U.S. ; " Continued residence " 

of applicant. (F. Van Dyne) Am. Law R. 29: 

5 2(Ja-F). 

— Immigration and. (H. S. Everett) Atlan. 75: 

345 ( Mr ). 
Nature. (J. Weir, jr.) Outing, 26: 305 (Jl). 

— American literature and. (C. S. Sargent) 
Garden & F. 8:i8i(My8). 

— and eternity. (R. Jefferies) Longm. 26:38 
(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:76o(Je22). 
Same art. Eel. M. 125: 254 (Ag). 

— From, to art; a poem. (Edgar Fawcett) Cos- 
mopol. i9:9o(My). 

— Self-consciousness, social consciousness and. 
(J. Royce) Philos. R. 4:465(8), 577 (N). 




Nature, Sympathy with human suffering. (S. Urban) 

Gent. M. n. s. 55:319(8). 
Nature study, Nature and purpose of. (H. L. 

Clapp) Educa. 15:5970*). 

— Representative expression in. (W. S. Jackman) 

Educa. R. 10:248(0). 
Nature studies. (W. M. Thayer) Educa. 15:407 

Nature's training-school. Blackw. I57:ii4(ja). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 502 (F23). 
Nature's triumph. (J. Rodway) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 


Nautilus, the, In the home of. (A. Willey) Nat. 

Sci. 6:4<>5(Je). 
Naval Architects, Institution of. Nature, 51:568 

Naval battle, A modern. Spec. 75: 7j(Jl2o). 
Naval education. (C. F. Goodrich; Am. J. Soc. 

Sci. 33 :2 9(N). 
" Naval experts." (C. N. Robinson) New R. 13: 

161 (Ag). 
Naval history, The teaching of. (David Hannay) 

New R. 12: 132(F). 
Naval war college in Rhode Island. (R- S. Os- 
borne) Munsey, i2:638(Mr). 
Naval warfare, Future of. (W. Mitchell) Atlan. 

Navigation in Spain, History of. (J. de Perott) 

Science, n. s. 2:630119). 
Navy as a career. (A. T. Mahan) Forum, 20: 277 

Navy Yard regeneration. (J. B. Bishop) Nation, 

Nebula, What is a? (E. W. Maunder) Knowl. 18: 

Nebulae, Photographs of elliptical and spiral. (I. 

Roberts) Knowl. 18:207(8). 
Ned Clark, poacher; a story. (J. Edgar) Gent. M. 

n». 55 :l 79(Ag). 
Needlework, Decorative. (M. A. L. Wright) 

Canad. M. 4: 282 (Ja). 
Negro, American, Developmental status of. Pub. 

Opin. 18: 171 (F21). 

— Future of, in Action. (L. H. Egan) Dial (Ch.) 

Negro superstitions. Atlan. 75: I36(ja). 
Negro vote in South Carolina. (R. I. Manning) 

Nation, 60: 299(Api8). 
Negro woman, The new. (B. T. Washington) 

Lend a Hand, 15:254(0). 
Negroes, Calhoun school for. (P. Dillingham) 

Lend a Hand, 15: 369 (N). 

— Capacity of. Spec. 75: 927(028). 

— Colored children in the District of Columbia. 

(H. W. Lewis) Char. R. 5:94(0). 

— Emigration and deportation of. Pub. Opin. 18: 


— Future of. (M. H. Kingsley) Spec. 75:930 


— in the West Indies. (F. L. Hoffman) Am. 

Statis. Assoc. 4: 181 (Je). 

— Lingo of, in literature. Lippinc. 55: 286(F). 

— question of, Scientific aspects of. (N. S. Shaler) 

Pub. Opin. 18: 147 (F14). 

— Whites and. Spec. 75:427(05). 

Neighbor King; a story. (C. Shackelford) Mc- 

Clure, 6196(D). 
Nelson, Lord H. New R. 13: 485 (N). — Sat. R. 80: 

Nerval, Gerard de. See Labrunie, Gerard. 

Nerve-action in relation to modern nerve-cell, Two 

fundamental laws of. (A. D. Waller) Sci. 

Prog. 3: i86(My). 
Nervous diseases and modern life. (T. C. Allbutt) 

Contemp. 67: 210(F). Same art. Eel. M. 

124: 645 (My). 
Nervous system and its relation to education. (J. 

Ferguson) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 52S(Ag). 

— Education of. (H. H. Donaldson) Educa. R. 

9: 105(F). 
Nestlings [bird], (T. Wood) Sund. M. 24: 267(Ap). 
Neumann, F. Nature, 52: i76(Je2o). 
Neustadt, Joanna Mitchels, Memorial to. Critic, 

27 : i36(Ag3i). 
New Centurion. (J. East wick) Longm. 26:504- 

6o 3 (S, O). 
New child, The. (Mrs. E. T. Cook) Good Words, 

New Gallery exhibition, 1895. Sat- R» 79 : 577 

(My4). — Ath. '95, i:24(Ja5), I54(F2), 413 

New Jerusalem, Descent of. (W. E. Barton) Bib. 

Sac. 52:290). 
New River, source of, Travels to. (Percy Fitz- 
gerald) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 559(D). 
New tenor, The. (C. V. Chippendale) Eng. Illust. 

13 : 335 (JO- 
New voice from the South; a story. (M. L. Wells) 

Arena, 13:503^). 

New Year's day. (T. Hopkins) Eng. Illust 12: no. 

4» MO)- 
New Year's days in old New York. (E. Fawcett) 

Lippinc. 55:i36(Ja). 
New Caledonia. Chamb. J. 72: 543 (Ag). 
Newcastle museum of natural history. (A. Meek) 

Nat. Sci. 7:ii5(Ag). 

— Natural science in. (A. M. Norman) Nat. Sci. 

7: i69(S). 
New England, Customs of. (E. N. Blair) Chaut. 
22: 294(D). 

— In the gray cabins of. (R. H. Davis) Cent. 49: 


— Journey of William Gregory in, 1771. (M. G. 

Powell) New Eng. M. i2:343(My). 

— Names of places in. (E. F. Hay ward) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 13: 345 (N). 
New England woodpile. (R. E. Robinson) Atlan. 

76: 736(D). 
Newfoundland, Commercial collapse of. (A. R. 

Whiteway) National, 24: 822(F). 

— Crisis in. (W. Greswell) Fortn. 63: 467 (Mr). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 98 (Ap 1 3). 

— French fishery rights. (J. W. Lowther) Na- 

tional, 25:3i4(My). 

— in revolt. Econ. R. 5: 236(Ap). 

— Newspapers of. (I. F. M. Fawcett) Canad. M. 

4: 422 (Mr). 

— our oldest colony. Chamb. J. 72: i77(Mr). 

— Politics in. (A. R. Whiteway) New R. 12: 295 


— Prowse's History of. (G. Smith) Am. Hist. R. 


— a review. Westm. 144: i27(Ag). 

— Sentinel of the St. Lawrence. (P. C. Hurd) 

Eng. Illust. 13:525(8). 
New France, Study of exploration in. Atlan. 76: 

New Guinea. (J. P. Bocock) Lippinc. 56:555(0). 
New Hampshire, National Guard of. (G. H. 

Moses) Outing, 27: 77, 165, 252(0-D). 




Newbouse Tunnel at Idaho Springs. (A. Lakes) 

Engin. M. 10:49(0). 
New Jersey, West, Council of proprietors of, or- 
ganized 1687. (J. Clement) Pennsyl. M. 18: 

New London, Conn. Fort Griswold Massacre. 

New Eng. M. n. s. !2:668(Ag). 
New Orleans, Battle of, who won? Scrib. M. 17: 

507 (Ap). 
News-getting for country papers. (A. Fosdick) 

Writer, 8: 145(0}. 
Newspapers, English, and political education. 

Atlan. 76:571(0). 
Literature in. (W. R. Nicoll) Bookman, 

1 : 32(F). 
Newipaper correspondents, Some very curious. 

(W. H. Bradley) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 17(F). 
Newspaper English. (F. Matthews) Chaut 21: 

Newspaper enterprise, Humours of. Chamb. J. 

72'4*3(J 1 )- 
Newspaper ethics. (M. Y. Beach) Writer, 8: 157 

Newspaper reading. (W. A. Stille) Nation, 60: 

Newspaper Row and national legislation. (A. 

HaUtead) No. Am. 160: 249(F). 
Newton, Charles Thomas. (S. L. Poole) National, 

24:6i6(Ja). — (R. C Jebb) J. Hel. Stud. 

14: xhx. —Nature, 51: 25o(Jaio). 

— In Mitylene with. Blackw. 157: 596(Ap.) Same 

art Eel. M. i24:682(My). 
Newton, Sir Isaac. (Robert Ball) Good Words, 
36: 53 (Ja). 

— and Huygens. (A.Huet) Nature, 52V270OI1 8). 
Sew York City, Botanic garden. (G. L. Goodale) 

Science, n.s. 2:1 (JI5). 

— Central Park. (A. Wakeley) Munsey, 13: 565(8). 

— Common schools. (S. H. Olin) Harper, 90: 

5 8 4 (Mr). 

— Early schoolmasters of. (H. C. Kirk) Educa. 

*5 : 35°( F )- 

— Failure of municipal reform in 1895* ( E * 

Porritt) National, 26: 237(0). 

— First impressions of literary. (W. D. Howells) 

Harper, 9i:62(Je). 

— Franchises of; a chapter of municipal folly. 

(A. C. Bernheim) Cent. 50: i49(My). 

Government of; legacy of blackmail from colonial 

days. (C. C. Buel) Cent. 49: 769(Mr). 

— Landmarks of Manhattan. (R. Cortissoz) 

Scrib. M. 18: 531 (N). 

— Library of University of. Critic, 27: 252(019). 

— New Year's days in old. (E. Fawcett) Iippinc. 

55 : I36(ja). 

— People in. (M. G. Van Rensselaer) Cent. 49: 


— Police out of politics. (Theodore Roosevelt) 

Cosmopol. 2o:4o(N). 

— Police scandals. Sat. R. 80: i99(Agi7)» 

— public library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden founda- 

tions. Lib. T. 20: 84(Mr), i25(Ap). 

— Rapid transit for. Am. Arch. 49 : 9o( A g30- 

— Spring in. (W. Frith) Temp. Bar, 105: 83(My). 

Same art. Eel. M. 124: 843(Je). 

— Sunday closing in. (T. Roosevelt) Forum, 20: 

l(S). — (T. Roosevelt) McClure, 5 : 475(0). 
— (L. Windmttller) Forum, 2o:2ii(0). 
New York State, Court of Errors. (I. Browne) Am. 
LawR. 29:32i(My-Je). 

New York, National Guard of. (E. E. Hardin) Out- 
ing, 25:340, 427 (Ja,F). 

in active service in Brooklyn. (D. S. Mer- 

cein) Outing, 25:517^0. 

— New constitution of; in relation to prison labor. 

(W. P. Prentice) Lend a Hand, 15:418(0). 

— University of State of, Library work of. (W. 

R. Eastman) Lib. J. 20: 267 (Ag). 
New York Magazine, first illus. magazine publ. in 

N.Y. Bookman, 1:234 (My). 
New York Tribune, The, in the draft riots. (J. R. 

Gilmore) McClure, 5:445(0). 
New Zealand, Alps of, In the. (E. A. Fitzgerald) 

Contemp. 68: i9o(Ag). Same art. Eel. M. 

125:480(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:740 


— In the wake of Captain Cook. Macmil. 71: 294 


— the playground of the Pacific. (W. C. Mac- 

gregor) Westm. i43 : 3*9(Mr). 

— Westland Alps. Geog. J. 5: 61 (Ja). 

— Women of, Why they get the franchise. (E. 

Reeves) Westm. I43:35(ja). 

Next house, The; a story. (J. C. Fletcher) New 
R. 12: i(Ja). 

Ney, Marshall, Weston's Historic doubts as to exe- 
cution of. (G. Hunt) Nation, 61: H9(Agi5). 

— Mystery of. (C. H. Kidder) Munsey, 13: 277 

Niagara, St Andrew's Church. Canad. M. 5:286 

u»). , 

Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes. (F. B. Taylor) 
Am. J. Sci. 149: 249 (Ap). 

— Utilisation of. (G. Forbes) Blackw. 158:430 

(S). Same art. Eel. M. 125:507(0).— (A. V. 
Abbott) R. of Rs. 12:295(8). — (S. P. 
Thompson) Sat. R. 80: i34(Ag3). 

— — Distribution of the electric power. (F. L. 

Pope) Engin. M. 10:407(0). 
Prof. Forbes on. (E. A. Le Sueur) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 48: 198(D). 
Nicaragua and its people. Sat. R. 79: 6i3(Myi 1). 
Nicaragua Canal. (G. W. Sherwood) J. Frankl. 

Inst. 1 39: 425 ( Je) . — Macmil . 72: 321 (S) . — 

Dub. R. 1 16: 41 1 (Ap). 

— Our benefits from the. (A. S. White) No. Am. 

161: 720(D). 

— Outlook of. Sat. R. 79: 341 (Mri6). 

Nice, Drive from Paris to. (E. Johnson) Gent. M. 

Nicholas, St., in England. Cornh. 7i.'482(My). 
r^cholas II., Czar of Russia. Spec. 74: 84i(Je22). 
Nicknames, Historical. (F. L. Oswald) No. Am. 

Nicky Binks; a story. (C. Nicholson) Eng. Illust. 

12: no. 5, 17(F). 
Nicolas, St., Pope, Who is? (W. J. D. Croke) 

Cath. World, 62: 265 (N). 
Nicoll, W. Robertson, with portrait. Bookman, 1 : 

Niger, Christianising the. (T. C. Collings) Sund. 

M. 24: 307 (My). 

— England and France on the. (F. Lugard) 19th 

Cent. 37: 889(Je). — Liv. Age, 206: 87OI13). 

Night on the river; a poem. (J. H. Keene) Out- 
ing, 26:i5i(My). 

Night refuge for workingmen at Turin. (W. E. 
Mantius) Am. Arch. 49=52(Ag3). 

Nightingale, The; a poem. (F. Bierhoff) Outing, 

26: 395 (A*)- 




Nightingale, Florence. (H. E. Banning) Chaut. 

Nihilism as it is, Stepniak's. Sat. R. 79: 193^9). 
Nikisch, Arthur, as orchestra leader. Sat. R. 79: 

82 7 (Je22). 
Nikko, Japan. (A. F. Mockler-Ferryman) Gent. 

M.n. s.54:493(My). 
Nile, The. (C. Scott-Moncrieff) Nature, 51:444 

(Mr7). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 87 (Ap 13). 

— England and France on. (F. D. Lugard) 

National, 25:6o9(Jl). Same art. Liv. Age, 

— France and the. (F. A. Maxse) National, 25: 

8 5 i(Ag). 
Nimes, Maison Carree, Horizontal curves in. (W. 

H. Goodyear) Am. J. Arcbaeol. io:i(Ja). 
1920. [A political prophecy.] Contemp. 68: 761 

Nineteenth Century, Last gift of the. (N. S. 

Shaler) No. Am. 161:674(0). 
Ninia; a story. (L. Becke) Eng. Illust. 14:283 

Nippur, Arch at. (J. P. Peters) Am. J. Archseol. 


— Recent results of the University of Pennsylvania 

excavations at. (J. P. Peters) Am. J. Archseol. 

Nitchevo: a fragment of Russian life. (G. B. 

Stuart) Eel. M. 124:930a). 
Nitrogen fixation in algze. (R. Beer) Nature, 

Nitrogen, free, How plants utilize. (H. M. Ward) 

Sci. Prog. 3:251 (Je). 
Nitrogen, New element in the group of. (A. E. 

Tutton) Nature, 51: 258 (Ja 10). 
Nitrogen of the air as food for plants. (G. Mc- 

Gowan) Knowl. i8:26o(N). 
Nive, Battles of the. MacmU. 73: 149(D). 
Nixy's chord, The; a story. (H. H. Boyesen) 

Cosmopol. 19:523(8), 635(6). 
No resurrection ! a poem. (M. A. M. H. Marks) 

Argosy, 59: 404 (Ap). 
Noel, Roden, Poetry of. (P. Addleshaw) Acad. 

48: 105 (Agio). 
Nollekens, Joseph, and his times, Smith's. Sat. R. 

79 : 375( Mf 23). 
Nomadic ideal in the Old Testament. (K. Budde) 

New World, 4: 726(D). 

Nomenclature in secondary schools. (F. E. Part- 
ington) 3:2i9(Ap). 

Nonconformity, Philosophy of. (W. Lloyd) 
Westm. i44:j52(N). 

Nordau, Max, with portrait. Bookman, 1:157 
(Mr). — Critic, 26: 246(Mr3o). 

— Degeneration. (W. M. Ivins) Our Day, 

15 : 47(J1). — (K. Cox; A. Seidl; M. W. 
Hazeltine) No. Am. 160: 735 (Je). — (G. 
Saintsbury) Bookman, 1: i78(Ap). — (E. Pur- 
cell) Acad. 47 : 475(J e8 )- —Sat. R. 79:323 
(Mr9) . — (A. L. Hodder) Nation, 60: 327 
(Ap25).— (E. E. Hale, jr.) Dial (Ch.) 18: 236 

its value and its errors. (C. Lombroso) 

Cent. 50:936(0). 

a reply to my critics. (M. Nordau) No. 

Am. i6i:8o(Jl). 

Reply of, to his critics. Cent. 50: 546(Ag). 

— Inaccuracies of. (K. Cox) Nation, 61 : 45 ( Jl 1 8) . 

— The true degenerate. (Charles Whibley) New 

R. i2.*425(Ap). 

Norfolk broads, Cruise on the. (A. B. Dodd) 
Cent. 50:803(0). 

Norfolk flats, November on. Spec. 75: 689 (N 16). 
Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 766(021 ). 

Norfolk Island. Chamb. J. 72:252(Ap). 

Normal school at Paris. (R. A. Gregory) Nature, 

Norse and Irish literature. 1. (W. Larminie) Con- 
temp. 68:575(0), 665(N). 

North Carolina; Charleston and the Carolinas. 
(J. Ralph) Harper, 90: 2©4(Ja). 

— Fishing tramp in. (B. Rush) Outing, 26: 105 


North Pole, Artistic expedition to. (J. v. Payer) 
Geog. J. 5: 106(F). 

North sea and Baltic canal. (W. L. Clowes) 19th 
Cent 38: 165OI). 

Advantages of. Sat. R. 79: 437(Ap6). 

Northampton Association of education and in- 
dustry. (O. Rumsey) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 

— bank robbery. (C. Moffett) McClure, 5: 257 

Northampton, Eng., borough records. Ath. '95, 2: 

Norway. All the Year, 76: 222(Mr9). 

— and Spitzbergen, A short cruise to. (Marquis 

of Ormonde) Good Words, 36: 737 (N). 

— and Sweden; the case for Norwegian liberalism. 

(J. E. Sars) Fortn. 64: 2D9(Ag). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 2o6:643(Si4). 

The case for Sweden. New R. i2:402(Ap). 

Unification of. * (C. Siewers) Fortn. 64: 282 


— Glimpses of. (F. Yeigh) Canad. M. 5: 79(My). 

— Political crisis in Sweden and. (M. S. Con- 

stable) Fortn. 63: 81 1 (My). 
Norwegian club exhibition. (H. W. Brewer) 

Argosy, 59: 365(Mr). 
Norwegian house in England. (A. T. Sibbald) 

Am. Arch. 48: I2i(je22). 
Norwich palace. (E. venables) Sund. M. 24:453 

(Jl), 5 6o(Ag). 
Not to be accounted for; a story. Argosy, 59: 500 

Nova Scotia ; A Yankee in Halifax. (Allan Eric) 

Canad. M. 4: 401 (Mr). 
Novel, The. (M. Field) Munsey, I2:37i(ja). 

— America's first homogeneous. (G. Willets) 

Writer, 8: 78(Je). 

— Hall Caine on. Critic, 27: 355 (N23). 

— The modern. Temp. Bar, 105: 244(Je). — Chamb. 

J. 72:262(Ap). 
Tyranny of. (D. F. Hannigan) Westm. 143: 

303(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 556 (Ap). 
The picaresque. (James Fitzmaurice Kelly) 

New R. I3:59(J1)- 
Novel- writing; Cheating at letters. (H. C. Bunner) 

Cent. 49:7i6(Mr). 
Novelist, The irresponsible. Macmil. 72: 73(My). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 744(Je22). Same 

art. Eel. M. I25:68(J1). 
Novelists, Contemporary French. (A. Hornblow) 

Munsey, 12: 483(F). 

— female, Our early. Cornh. 72.: 558(D). Same 

art. liv. Age, 207:804(028). 

— Great realists and the empty story-tellers. (H. 

H. Boyesen) Forum, 18: 724(F). 
Novels and novel readers. (R. Burton) Dial (Ch.) 




,, in public libraries. (C. H. Garland ; 
E.' P. Thurston; G. W. Cole; A. W. Whelpley; 
E« M. Coe) lib. J. I9:snpp. 14-23(0*94). 

— Rise in the price of. Gent M. n. s. 54: 215 

— Socialist. (M. Kaufmann) Lippinc. 55: 138 

Noves, lames, Letter of, 1694. (S. B. Doggett) 

' N.E. Reg. 49- 2»5(J l >- 
Nubecula, Great. (E. W. Maunder) Knowl. 18: 

Nucleolus, The. (R. Beer) Nat. Sci. 7: 185(8). 
No. 58 ; an episode of the Columbian Exposition. 

U\ K, Rathbone) Outing, 26: i3(Ap). 
Nurseries, Day. (J. J. O'Shea) Cath. World, 61: 

77( A P)« 
Nurserymen, Convention of, at Indianapolis. 

Garden & F. 8: 259(Je29). 
Nurses of great men. (Mrs. E. M. Field) Sund. 

M. 24: 202 (Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 

Training-schools for, of the sisters of chanty. 

(T. Dwight) Cath. World, 61: i87(My). 
Nursing habits, Some strange. (R. Lydekker) 

Knowl. i8:97(My). 
Nut culture. (J. N. Rose) Garden & F. 8:263 

Nutation, diurnal, Determination of constants of. 

(F. Folic) Science, n. s. 2:6i3(N8). 

Nuttall, Thomas, with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 
689 (Mr). 

NyAsna, Lake, Crater-lakes north of. (Dr. D. Kerr- 
Cross) Geog. J. 51112(F). 

() lark; a song. (A. Tennyson, music by Emily, 

IjuJy Tennyson) Argosy, 59: 32o(Mr). 
11 () traveller by unaccustomed ways;" a poem. 

(!„ C. Moulton) Harper, oo : °75( A P)- 
Oak, The English. Garden & F. 8: 362(811). 
( )ak», Notes on North American. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8:92(Mr6). 
Oban cave, The new. (W. J. L. Abbott) Nat. Sci. 

Obituaries, Newspaper. Chamb. J. 72: 353(J C )- 
OUervatories of 100 years ago. (N. T. Lynn) 

Knowl. i8:86(Ap). 
Occult manifestations. (W. C. Cooper) Arena, 

Occultism, practical, Mission of, to-day. (M. B. 

Pceke) Arena, i2:i98(Ap). 

— True. (M. B. Peeke) Arena, 12: 73(Mr). 
Occupations, Balance of. (R. C. Barnett) Am. 

M. Civics, 7: 205(Ag). 

— J*gal regulation of, in N.Y. (L. D. Scisco) 

Am. M. Civics, 7: 649(D). 
Ocean, Temperature of, at various depths. (W. J. 
L, Wharton) Nature, 51:342^7). 

— Wonders of. (F. M. Edselas) Cath. World, 62: 

Oceanic deposits, ancient and modern. (W. F. 

Hume) Nat. Sci. 7: 270(0), 385(D). 
Oceanic route, Short, to Europe and Canadian 

ports. (O. P. Shannon) J. Pol. Econ.4:54 

O* canography, Future of; Challenger expedition. 

(A. Dohrn) Nature, 52: 121 (Je6). 
Oceans, depth of, New estimation of the mean. 

Geog. J. 6:267(8). 
Oceans, equilibrium of, Stability of. (T. J. J. See) 

Pop. Astron. 3:178(0). 

O'Conor, Charles, with portrait. (I. Browne) 
Green Bag, 7:1 (Ja), 83(F). 

— Some memories of a great lawyer. ( W. Watson) 

No. Am. 161: 757(D). 
October; a poem. (M. S. Anderson) Outing, 27: 

O'Daileagh, Muireagh; Adventures of a poet- 
laureate. (M. F. Gibson) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

Odds on the gun. Lippinc. 55: 657(My). 
Ode to silence; a poem. (W. W. Campbell) 

Canad. M. 6: 135(D). 
Of a meeting at Fulham; a story. (H. B. M. 

Watson) New R. 13:564^). 
Of many waters; a dialogue. (J. A. Blaikie) New 

R. 13:651(0). 
Ogham inscriptions in Ireland. (R. A. S. Mac- 

alister and others) Acad. 47: I3(ja5), 35(Jai2), 

83(Ja26),2i6(Mr 9 ),239(Mn6). 48:320113), 

Ohio, Howells's Recollections of life in. (W. H. 

Smith) Dial (Ch.) i8:243(Api6). 

— Legislative crisis in, 1848-9. (A. E. Lee) Am. 

M. Civics, 6: 369 (Ap). 

— Supreme court of. With portraits. (E. B. Kin- 

kead) Green Bag, 7: 105, 168 (Mr, Ap), 273 

Ohio river, Upper, Inner Gorge Terraces of. (R. 

H. Hice) Am. J. Sci. 149: 112(F). 

Oil of birch. (H. Trimble) Garden & F. 8: 303 

Oils, Essential (T. J. A. Freeman) Am. Cath. Q. 

20: I94(». 

— fats, and waxes, Analysis of, Benedikt on. (L. 

Archbutt) Nature, 52:2650118). 
Olafjansen's requital; a story. (F. Lynde) Mun- 

sey, 12:4270a). 
Old, When are we? Chamb. J. 72: 305 (My). 
Old-age homes in Austria. (E. Sellers) 19th Cent. 

38:338(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:698 

Old age pensions. Quar. 182:254 (Jl). — (J. W. 
Williams) Westm. i44:i93(Ag). 

— and Friendly societies. (J. Chamberlain) Na- 

tional, 24: 592 (Ja). — Reply. (J. L. Stead) 
National, 25: 59 (Mr). 

— by means of municipal dwellings. (E. Thomas) 

Econ. R. 5:22i(Ap). 

— Some economic issues in regard to. (C. S. Loch) 

Econ. J. 5:347 (S). 
Old Ben, a story. (V. C. McGie) Canad. M. 4: 

Old Ben's bargain; a story. Chamb. J. 72: 173 (Mr). 
Old days of New Burlington Street. (A. Benlley) 

Argosy, 60:469(0). 
Old folks' tales. (M. E. Francis) National, 26: 


Old gallery, The. (S. Baring-Gould) Sund. M. 24: 

Old John's Easter lilies; a story. (E. S. Atkin- 
son) Canad. M. 5: 41 (My). 
Old maid's mistake, An ; a novel. (Mrs. Conney) 

Belgra. 86: 1-337. 87: 1-337. 88: i-237(Ja- 

Old Mr. Tredgold. (M. O. W. Oliphant) Longm. 

26: 111-551. 27: i-553(Ja-N). 
Old one-horned stag, The. Macmil. 72:24i(Ag). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207: ioo(Oi2). 
Old Piute's gobbler; a story. (C. E. Taylor, jr.) 

Outing, 27: ioo(N). 


8 9 


Old silver trail. (M. £. Stickney) Lippinc. 56: 

Old Uncle Vanderveer; story. (E. Fawcett) Outing, 

26: io8(My), 2i3(Je). 
Old Westminster, An. Argosy, 59:48i(Ap). 
Old-world courtship, An. (C. Burke) Argosy, 60: 

Olive oil making near Florence. (I. M. Anderton) 

Good Words, 36:384(Je). 
Olives, cultivation of, in Southern Cal. (W. M. 

Tisdale) Garden & F. 8: i68(Ap24). 
Olmsted, Denison, with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 

401 (Ja). 
Olympic games at Athens in 1896, The. (D. Kalo- 

pothakes) Nation, 61: 237(03). 

— Can we revive the? (P. Shorey) Forum, 19: 313 

Omaha Indians, Hunting customs of. (A. C. 
Fletcher) Cent. 50:691(8). 

— Sacred pole of. (A. C. Fletcher) Am. Antiq. 

Omer Pasha. (A. Laugel) Nation, 61: 78(Agi). 
On account of Emmanuel. (B. N. Taylor) Cent. 

S i: 5 l(N). 
On a side-track. (M. H. Foote) Cent. 50: 27i(Je). 
On the way North; a story. (J. W. Tompkins) 

Munsey, 14:52(0). 
Once loved; a poem (W.Graham) Belgra. 86:34 

One brief year; a poem. (M. Wilcox) Harper, 

One of the few, a story. (K. Livingstone) Canad. 

M. 4: 538(Ap). 
One thing lacking, The. (C. S. Coles) Outing, 

One touch of nature. (L. Child) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13: 399(D). 
O'Neill, John. Acad. 47: 6i(Jai9), I02(F2). 
Only Kitty. (L. B. Walford) Longm. 25: 414(F). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 526c Mr2). 
"Only a lassie; " a story. (L. Hardy) Sund. M. 

Ontario, Early artists of. (J. W. L. Forster) Canad. 

Ontario drain tunnel and electric plant. (S. R. 

McKay) Engin. M. 9: 1079(8). 
Ontario ladies' college, Whitby. (J. F. German) 

Canad. M. 5:72(My). 
Open-field system in Northamptonshire. (G. L. 

Gomme) Ath. '95, i:569(My4). 
Open shutter; a story. (S. J. Weyman) Eng. 

Illust. i3 : 37(Ap). 
Opera and poor acting. Sat. R. 79: 724(Jei). 

— English, How to obtain a school of. (J. F. 

Rowbotham) 19th Cent. 38: 103QI). 

— Grand. (N. Melba) Lippinc. 55:5i2(Ap). 

— Italian and German contrasted. Sat. R. 80: 74 


in England. Sat. R. 79: 649 (My 18). 

— Paris. Blackw. 158: i57(Ag). 
Opera-house, A national. (A. W. Hutton) Contemp. 

ao: 5 8(Jl). 
Opera-houses, Famous, of Europe and America. 

(A. Hornblow) Munsey, I3:233(je). 
Opium and hemp, The reports on. Spec. 74:570 

(A P 27). 
Opium dens, Chinese London and its. (J. Piatt) 

Gent. M. n. s. J5: 272(8). 
Opportunity, Equality of; how to secure it. (J. L. 

Cowles) Arena, 15: 80(D). 

Opportunity, Have we equality of? (C. D. Wright) 

Forum, 19: 301 (My). 
Optical illusion, Quantitative determination of. 

(R. Watanabe) Am. J. Psychol. 6:509(Ja). 
Optical phenomena, Some. All the Year, 76: 34 

Optics, Recent progress in. (W. Le C. Stevens) 

Am. J. Sci. 150: 277(0), 377(N). 
Optional studies, Rigid courses versus. (S. Thur- 

ber) School R. 3:2o6(Ap). 
Oracles, Roman, Secret of. (R. Lanciani) Atlan. 

Orangemen in Ireland. Sat. R. 80: 861 (D28). 
Orchard street disaster. (G. B. Waite) Am. Arch. 

48: i8(Api 3 ). 
Orchardson, William Quiller, The art of. (Walter 

Armstrong) Portf. no. 14 (F). 
Orchestra conducting and conductors. (W. E. 

Apthorp) Scrib. M. 17:384^0. 
Orchids. (L. Irwell) Lippinc. 56:827(0). 

— at Short Hills, N.J. Garden & F. 8: 37(Ja23). 

— Cattleya labiata. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 


— Cultivation of Mexican Lalias. (E. O. Orpet) 

Garden&F". 8:i7(Ja9). 

— Mitloina Vexillaria. (W. Robinson) Garden & 


— New Cypripediums. Garden & F. 8: 63(Fi3). 

— Notes on. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 8: 156 

(Api7). — (W. Watson) Garden & F. 8:354 


— Noteworthy. (W. Watson) Garden & F. 8: 274 


— A season with the native. (E. J. Hill) Garden 

& F. 8:412(016), 422(023). 

— Spot disease of. (W. Watson) Garden & F. 

Ordeal by water, An. Liv. Age, 206: 57(J16). 
Orders, Foreign, and decorations. (Edward Den- 

loh) Cosmopol. 19: 294(J1). 
Ordinance of 1787, Part of Massachusetts men in. 

(E. H. Tetlow) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 55 (Mr). 
Oregon, senatorships of. Memorable contests for: 

Dolph's defeat. (E. Hofer) Overland, n. s. 

Oregonian characteristics. (A. Holman) Overland, 

n. s. 25: 202(F). 
Orgeas and Miradon. (F. Wedmore) 19th Cent. 

38:227(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:761 

Oriental social life, Trumbull on. Sat. R. 79: 260 

Original retribution, a story. (C. N. Johnson) 

Canad. M. 4: 411 (Mr). 
Orisons; a poem. (L. I. Guiney) Harper, 91:75 

Orkhon inscriptions. (E. H. Parker) Acad. 48: 

54 7 (D2i). 
Orleanism. New R. 13: I9(J1). 
Orleanisme, Non pas, mais royalisme. New R. 13: 

Orleans, Charlotte Elizabeth, Duchess of. Temp. 

Bar, i04:494(Ap). Same art. Liv. Age, 

205 : 5<H(My25). 
Ormsby, John. Acad. 48:410(^6). — Ath. '95, 

Oropa, a mountain sanctuary in Piedmont. (E. C. 

Cook) Char. R. 4: 246(Mr). 
Orthodoxy, The new. (P. Car us) Monist, 6: 91 





Orthographic Union. Critic, 26:426(Jc8). 
Ortolano, L., Altarpicce of. (G. Allen) Eng. Illust. 

Osgood, Jas. R., Letters to. Critic, 26:484(Je29). 
O'Shaugbnessy, Mrs. Moulton's. Poet-Lore, 7: 

Osmotic pressures, Applications of theory of, to 

physiological problems. (E. Starling) Sci. 

Prog. 4: 284(D). 
Ossets, The : a people adrift. Liv. Age, 207: 763 

Ottawa river, On and in the. (W. Thomson) Out- 
ing, 26: 43 1 (S). 
Ouananiche, Home of the. (E. T. D. Chambers) 

Canad. M. 5: 33 (My). 
Oudeypore, the city of the sunrise. (E. L. Weeks) 

Hirper, 90: 435(F). 
Our aromatic uncle. (II. C. Bunner) Scrib. M. 18: 

Our first case; a story. All the Year, 76:255 

Our village; a story. (E. B. Harrison) Temp. Bar, 

IQ 5 : 98(My). Same art. Eel. M. 125:494 

Out-of-date reformer; a story. Cornh. 72:151 

(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 788(828). 
Outward and visible signs. (F. Norris) Overland, 

n. s. 25: 196(F). 
Over the devil's back; a story. Argosy, 60:604 

Over Ifinger Joch; a story. (J. P. Rudd) Outing, 

Overheard in a Paris ball-room; a drama, adapted 

from Gyp. Eng. Illust. 12: no. 5, 23(F). 
"Owd lads;" a story. (M. E. Francis) Blackw. 

158:472(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:268 


Owen, David Dale; with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 

48: 259(D). 
Owen, Sir Richard. Church Q. 4o:345(Jl). 

— and the evolution movement. (H. F. Osborn) 

Nation, 61: 66(Jl25). 

— Life of. (A. W. Benn) Acad. 47: 73(Ja26). — 

(S. A. Hubbard) Dial (Ch.) 18: i7(Mn6). 
Ownership vote, The. (H.T. Wade) Westm. 143: 

Oxen, Ploughing. Chamb. J. 72: 107(F). 
Oxford, England. Blackw. 158:420(8). 
Oxford University. (A. M. Clarke) Cath. World, 


— and Cambridge universities as publishers. Sat. 

R. 79:181^9). 

— B.A. degree. (R. Jones) Our Day, 14: 190 


— Colleges of, and agricultural depression. (L. L. 

Price) J. Statis. Soc.58: 36(Mr). 

— Heraldry of colleges of. (A. Clark) Eng. Hist. 

R. "> : 333(Ap). 

— in the " eights " week. (E. Burnblum) Outing, 

26: 237 (My). 

— in fact and fiction. Blackw. 158: 880(D). 

— in 13th century. Macmil. 73: 99(D). 

— Is it a university? (R. Jones) Educa. R. 9:485 


— Memories of. (W. C. Lake) Good Words, 36: 


— Michaelmas term at. (F. Adye) Good Words, 

36:748(N). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 784(D). 

— Student life at. (F. Grundy) Chaut. 22:312 


Oxford, Wadham College, Alumni of. tj. S. Cotton) 

Acad. 47 : 439( Mv2 5)- 

— Zoology at. (S. J. Hickson) Nature, 52: 549 

Oyster police, With the. (D. B. Fitzgerald) 

Lippinc. 56:699(N). 

Pachanga, The murder at. (M. W. Emerson) 
Lend a Hand, 15:279(0). 

Pacific, Growing greatness of the. (L. A. Thurs- 
ton) No. Am. i6o:446(Ap). 

— Mystery of. (O. Smeaton) Westm. 144: 29 


— Naval control of. (M. Manson) Overland, 

n. s. 25:56(Ja). 
Pacific railroad companies and the people of the 

Trans- Mississippi States. (G. H. Smith) Am. 

Law R. 29: i89(Mr-Ap). 
Pacific Railroad debts. (R. T. Colburn) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:684(Mr). 
Padre's earthly hope; a story. (J. C. Bull) Mun- 

sey, I3 : 5 8 3(S). 
Pagans, Latter-day. Quar. 182: 31 ( Jl) - Same art. 

Liv. Age, 206: 707 (S21). 
Page from a vicar's history. (F. Henniker) Eng. 

Illust. i3:379(Ag). 
Page of philosophy, A. Macmil. 72: 389(8). Same 

art. Eel. M. 125:667^). 
Paheri, Tomb of, Tylor's. Sat. R. 80: 6o2(N9). 
Pain and pleasure defined. (S. E. Mezes) Philos. 

R. 4:22(Ja). 

— Physical. (H. R. Marshall) Psychol. R. 2:594 


— Psychology of. (C. A. Strong) Psychol. R. 2: 


Pain nerves. (H. Nichols) Psychol. R. 2:487(8). 
Paine, Thomas; A minister malgri lui. (M. D. 

Conway) Nation, 60:87^31). 
Pointer, The; a poem. Canad. M. 5:469(8). 
Painting, History of, Van Dyke's. Sat. R. 79: 19 

— Scottish school of. Blackw. i57:335(Mr). 
Paintings and sculptures as histrionic studies. (W. 

Shaw-Sparrow) Art J. 47: 27-85 (Ja-Mr). 

— Early Italian in the Jarves collection at Yale 

College. (W. Rankin) Am. J. Archaeol. 10: 

I37( A P)- 

— of old masters, Recent exhibitions of. (J. P. 

Richter) Art J. 47: 88(Mr). 
Pakua the outlaw. (N. B. Emerson) Overland, 

n. s. 25:638(Je). 
Palaeontology and the biogenetic law. (K. v. Zittel) 
• Nat. Sci. 6: 305 (My). 

— Woods'. Sat. R. 79: 287c Mr2). 
Pabeosyops, Parallelism in the genus. (C. Earle) 

Am. Natural. 29:622(J1). 
Palaeozoic plants, A type of. (A. C. Seward) Sci. 

Prog-3 : 394(Jl)- 
Palestine, The favorite walk in. (J. Wells) Sund. 

M. 24: 75 1 (N). 

— Geography of. (J. S. Riggs) Bib. World, 5: 36 

— Historical geography of, Smith's. Church Q. 

40: 371 (JO- 

Palgrave, Francis T. Golden treasury. (W. M. 
Dixon) Westm. 143: 401 (Ap). 

Palisades of the Hudson, Preserving. (C. S. Sar- 
gent) Garden & F. 8:31^23). 

Pallinsburn, Gull Pond. (P. A. Graham) Longm. 

27 : 75W- 




Palm tree, California fan. Garden & F. 8:472 

Palmer, Sir Charles M., and Jarrow-on-Tyne. (F. 

Dolman) Eng. Illust. 12: no. 5, 62(F). 
Palmer George, and the town of Reading. (F. 

Dolman) Eng. Illust. i3:4i9(Ag). 
Palmer, Roundell, Earl of Sellx>rne. (G. H. 

Knote) Am. Law R. 29: 695 (S-O). 
Palmistry; hands as indicative of character, etc. 

New Sci. R. i:442(Ap). 
Palms; chemadarea glad i folia. Garden & F. 8: 

5 04(Di8). 

— Notes on. (N. J. Rose) Garden & F. 8:466 


Pamirs, Travels through the country of. Dub. R. 

Pampas grass and pomegranate in California. (H. 
W. R. Strong) Overland, n. s. 25:42i(Ap). 

Pamunkey, Mystery of the name. (\V. W. Tooker) 
Am. Antiq. 17:289(5). 

Panaenus, Paintings by, on the throne of the Olym- 
pian Zeus. (E. A. Gardner) J. Hel. Stud. 14: 

Panama Canal, The. Macmil. 72: 321 (S). 

Pannemaker, Stephane; wood engraver. Scrib. M. 

Panoply; a poem. (J. Cook) Our Day, 14: 120 

Pantheism, Modern, and gnosticism. ^G. J. Stokes) 

Mind, 20: 32o(Jl). 

— Plea for. (H. Hensoldt) Arena, 12: 161 (Ap). 
Papacy and Italy. Spec. 75: 388c S28). 

— and the primitive church. Church Q. 39: 273 


— Church unity and. (L. Johnston) Cath. World, 

6i : 433(Jl)- 

— Creighton's History of. Church Q. 39-*357(Ja). 

— Dub. R. n6:438(Ap). 

— Policy of, towards America. Cath. World, 61: 


— Position and aims of. (J. W. Gambier) Fortn. 

64: I9(je). Same art. Chr. Lit. 13: 310(C)). 

— temporal power of, End of. Macmil. 72: 472(C)). 
Papaw fruit. (L. C.Corbet) Garden & F. 8:494 

Paper and ink, Best. (R. T. Swain) Lib. J. 20: 163 

— Soluble. Chamb. J. 72: 22(Ja), 286(My). 
Paper currency, An international. (J. F. Hume) 

Am. M. Civics, 6:48fja). 
Paper mill, A natural. (V. G. Eaton) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 48: 278(D). 
Paper money; conditions for American commercial 

and financial supremacy. (P. Leroy-Beaulieu) 

Forum, 20:385(0). 
Paper-staining, The art and craft of. (L. F. Day) 

Good Words, 36:244(Ap). 
Papias of Hieropolis, The oracles ascribed to 

Matthew by. (A. Wright) Crit. R. 5: n(Ja). 
Papua, Picturesque. (O. M. Spencer) Cosmopol. 

Paradoxes, A bundle of. Chamb. J. 72: 650(0). 
Paramnesia, Prevalence of. (M. B. Simmons) 

Psychol. R. 2:36701). 
Paraschos, Achilles. (E. M. Edmonds) Acad. 47: 

Pardoning power. Lend a Hand, 14: 141(F). 
Parini, Guiseppe. Macmil. 72: 29i(Ag). 
Paris, Americans in. (R. H. Davis) Harper, 91: 

2 7 2(J1). 

Paris, architecture in, Domestic. (A. de Calonne) 
19th Cent. 37: 593(Ap). 

— Cheap living in. (A. F. Sanborn) Lippinc. 55: 


— Exposition, 1900, General scheme. Am. Arch. 

Competitive schemes for general arrangement. 

Am. Arch. 47:62^9). 
Congress and. (T. Stanton) No. Am. 161: 


— How the poor live in. ( T. B. Preston) Chaut. 


— in mourning for Pres. Carnot. (R. H. Davis) 

Harper, 90: 700(Ap). 

— Indoor life in. Liv. Age, 204: 226(Ja26). 

— market of, Great. (A. F. Sanborn) Lippinc. 56: 


— of the revolution. (A. Laugel) Nation, 60: 89 


— Shall our young men study in? Arena, 13: 131 


— siege of, English food gifts after. Blackw. 157: 

545(Ap). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 543 (Jei). 
Same art. Eel. M. 124: 832 (Je). 
Paris salons of '95. (C. Yriarte) Cosmopol. 19: 
i68(Je). — (J. Bernac) Art J. 47: i82(Je). 

— Champ de Mars. Am. Arch. 48: 77(My25). — 

Sat. R. 79:647(Myi8). — (C. Nicholson) 
Acad. 47:38j(My4). 

— Champs Elysees. Am. Arch. 48: H9(Je22). 

— (C. Nicholson) Acad. 47:4o8(Myn). 

— The two. (A. de Calonne) 19th Cent. 37: 1008 

Parish register, An old. (W. J. Ferrar) Sund. M. 

Park, National military. (H. V. Boynton) Cent. 

Park hurst, Charles H. (J. Cook) Our Day, 15: 233 

(N). — With portraits. (E. J. Edwards) 

McClure, 4: I49(ja). 

— and his work. (A. C.Wheeler) Chaut. 20: 573(F). 

— Character sketch of, with portrait. (W. B. 

Murray) Our Day, i4:287(Je). 
Park man, Francis. Autobiography. Harv. Grad. 

M. 3 : 453(Je). 

Park man, George, Murder of. (G. C. Holt) Cos- 
mopol. I9 : 537( s )- 

Parks and park-planting. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 
& F. 8:u(Ja9). 

— Architectural attack on rural. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8:35^4). 

— Care of urban. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 

8:82(F2 7 ). 

— City engineers and public. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8:9i(Mr6). 

Defacement of. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F. 8:23i(Jei2). 

— Defacement of, in Buffalo. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8:7l(F2o). 

— Metropolitan, of Boston. (C. S. Sargent) Gar- 

den & F. 8:i7i(Myt). 

— notable project in New Jersey. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8: i4i(Apio). 

— parkwavsand pleasure-grounds. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8: iQ2(Myt5), 202(My22).— (F. 
L. Olmsted) Engin. M. 9:253(My). 

— Public reservations in the State of N.Y. (C. S. 

Sargent) Garden & S. 8: l5l(Api7). 

— Special attraction in city. (C. S. Sargent) Gar- 

den & F. 8:431(030). 




Parliament, Curious acts of. (A. J. Gordon) Gent. 
M.n. s. 55:i87(Ag). 

— dissolutions of, Anecdotic side of. (M. J. Griffin) 

Forum, 20:91(8). 

— Great actsof. (T. Raleigh) Chaut. 21: 139^ My). 

— Member of; tribulations and advantages of leg- 

islators. Chamb. J. 72: 545 (Ag). 

— Payment of members. (Alex. B. Tulloch) 19th 

Cent. 38:27(J1). 

— The pulse of. (T. A. Spalding) Contemp. 67: 

6 9 5(My). 

— Sexcentenary of. (J. W. Root) Macmil. 71:252 

Parliament of religions. Church Q. 41: 176(0). 

Parliamentary fund. (Lord Wolmer) National, 

Parliamentary government, The outlook for. (H. 

Taylor) No. Am. i6o:479(Ap). 
Parliamentary reporting, Some humors of. Macmil. 

7* : 365(M). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:181 

(Ap2o). Same art. Eel. M. i24:558(Ap). 
Parliaments, Sighele on. (H. Zimmern) Blackw. 

Parody. Quar. 182: 153CJO- 
Parrots I have known. Chamb. J. 72: 796(D). 
Parry, Hubert. King Saul. Sat. R. 79:2i8(Fi6). 
Parted curtains, The; a story. (H. M. Hoke) 

Overland, n s. 25:499(My). 
Parthenon frieze terracottas. (A. H. Smith) J. 

Hel. Stud. 14: 264. 
Parties, Political, in England. (E. Porritt) Chaut. 

in the U.S., Beginnings of. (N. Brooks) 

Scrib. M. 17:480a). 
past, present and future. (W. H. Brown) 

Am. M. Civics, 7: 79(J1). 
Partisanship, Blind, and political corruption. (J. 

S. Evans) Am. M. Civics, 7: 278(8). 
Partly celestial tale, A. (E. L. Kellogg) Over- 
land, n. s. 26:315(8). 
Partridge, The Irish. Macmil. 73: 43 (N). 
Party journalism. Sat. R. 79: 6i2(Myii). 
Party loyalty, Ethics of. (G. W. Green) Forum, 

Party system, English, Breakup of. (E. Porritt) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:4900*)- 
Pascal, Blaise. (W. Pater) Contemp. 67: 168(F). 
Paschal canon attributed to Anatolius of Laodicea. 

(A. Anscombe) Eng. Hist. R. 10:51501). — 

Reply. (C. H.Turner) Eng. Hist. R. 10:699 

Pasquier, Memoirs. (A. Laugel) Nation, 60:340 

Passage in a tramp, A. (C. J. Cutliffe Hyne) 

Chamb. J. 72: I2(ja). 
Passed — with honours. (C. Burke) Argosy, 59: 

Passion play at Horitz and kindred spectacles. R. 

of Rs. n:67i(Je). 

— at Vorder-Thiersee. (A. S. Peck) Cent. 51: 137 

(N), 163(D). 
Past, The, and the present. (E. P. Jackson) No. 

Am. 161:380(8). ' 

Past gifts; a poem. Argosy, 59:495(Ap). 
Past redemption; a story. (J. Maclaren Watson} 

McClure, 5:333(8). 
Pasteur, Louis. (P. C. Mitchell) New R. 13:537 

(N).— (P. Geddes; J. A.Thomson) Contemp. 

68:632'N). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:451 

(N23). — (G. S. Woodhead) Sci. Prog. 4: 229 

(N). — (H. W. Conn) Science, n. s. 2:601 
(N8). — (J. Marcou) Science, n. s. 2: 75i(D6). 

— (H. A. Miers and F. W. Andrewes) Nat. Sci. 
7:3I4(N). — (J. M. Charcot) Cosmo pol. 18: 
271 (Ja). — Nature, 52: 550(03). — With por- 
traits. (P. Frankland) R. of Rs. 1 2: 541 (N). 

— Sat. R. 80:434(05). Same art. Eel. M. 
125: 800(D). — Spec. 75:430(05). — Ath. '95, 

— and his life work. (F. L. Oswald) Chaut. 22: 


— Funeral of. Nature, 52:576(010). 

— scientist. (J. Tyndall) R. of Rs. 12: 547(N). 
Pasteur Institute. (F. Sarcey) Cosmopol. 18:373 

Pasteur-al aid; a story. Belgra. 87: 71 (My). 

Pastime and business. Chamb. J. 72: 801(D). 

Paston letters; new ed. by Gairdner, 1895. Sat. R. 

Patagonia. (J. R. Spears) Scrib. M. 17: 213(F). 
Patents and monopolies. Cornh. 72: 256(8). 
Patents for methods. (W. F. Rogers) Am. Law R. 


— Meaning of the recent U.S. patent decision. (P. 

Benjamin) Engin. M. 9: i89(My). 

— Our debt to inventors. (R. H. Thurston) 

Forum, i9:356(My). 
Pater, Walter. Quar. 182: 31 (Jl) . 

— a portrait. [Contemp.] Liv. Age, 204: 151 (Jai9).. 

Same art. Eel. M. 124: io3(Ja). 

— Miscellaneous studies. (E. E. Hale, jr.) Dial 

(Ch.) 19:279(^6). 
Paternalism, Foolish fear of. (R. L. Bridgman) 
New Eng. M. n. s. 13:244(0). 

— Plutocracy and. (L. F. Ward) Forum, 20: 300 

Pathology, Teaching of, Weichselbaum on. (A. A. 

Kanthack) Nature, 52: 241OI11). 
Patmore, Coventry. Poems of pathos and delight. 

Sat. R. 8o:657(Ni6). 

— Rod, the root, and the flower. Sat. R. 79: 762 

Paton, Sir Joseph Noe*l, Life and work of. (A. T. 

Story) Art J. 47:97 (Ap). 
Patrick, St., Birthplace of. (E. W. B. Nicholson) 

Acad. 47:402(Myii), (A. L. Mayhew) 445 

(My2 5 ), 4 66(Jei), 484(^8), 507(Jei5)- 
Patriotic societies, American. (M.Benjamin) Mun- 

sey, 14:74(0). 
Patriotism. (W. H. Goodale) Am. M. Civics, 6: 


— Fountains of. (T. E. Davis) Am. M. Civics, 7: 

408 (O). 

— Provincial. (J. P. Mahaffy) 19th Cent. 37: 1027 

Patronage bill. (A. G. Edwards, D.D.) National, 

26: 409 (N). 
Patty's lovers ; a story. (M. Mackintosh) Belgra. 

88: 386(D). 
Paul, St., Phraseology of, and Roman law. (G. F. 

Magoun) Green Bag, 7: i32(Mr). — (G. F. 

Magoun) Bib. Sqc. 52:43901). 

— Conversion of, as evidence for Christianity. (A. 

B. Scherer) Luth. Q. 25:33101). 
Paul I., emperor of Russia. (F. Whishaw) Temp. 

Bar, 106: 107(8). 
Paul and Mignonette; the last of the Arcadians. 

(C. F. Howell) Overland, n. s. 25:297(Mr). 
Pauper lunacy and pauperism. (T. W. L. Spence) 

Scot. R. 25: 1 29 (J a). 




Pauperism, Abolition of. Lend a Hand, 14: 83(F). 

i5 : 338(N). 

— Correlation of, with out-relief. (G. V. Yule) 

Econ. J. 5: 603(D). 

— Manufacturing a new. (C. S. Loch) 19th Cent. 

37:o9 7 (Ap). 

— old-age, Report of Commission on. (P. Green) 

Econ. J. 5: 293(Je). 

— Stigma of. (E. Can nan) Econ. R. 5:38o(Jl). 
Pavements, Carriage-way. Dub. R. u6.*397(Ap). 

— sidewalks, roads, and bridges. (W. Howard) 

Engin. M. 8: 10 14 (Mr). 

— Street. Am. Arch. 49: 23(Jl2o). 

Paw Ducket's coon-hunt. (Ed. W. Sandys) Out- 
ing, 26:434(S). 

Paying in person ; a story. Cornh. 71: 6i7(Je). — 
Same art. Eel. M. 125:459(0). 

Payment in full. (E. E. Wood) New Eng. M. n.s. 

Payments, deferred, Standard of. (F. Fetter) Ann. 
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:882(My). 

Payn, James. Backwater of life. Spec. 74:608 

(My 4 ). 
Payne-Smith, Robert, Dean of Canterbury. Ath. 

'95. ,: 443(Ap6). 
Peabody, George, philanthropist. (W. E. Simonds) 
Char. R. 4:242(Mr). 

— Centenary of. Critic, 26: I45(F23). 

Peace, Agitation for, Present position of the. (C. 
E. Maurice) Econ. R. j:252(Ap). 

— Growth of principles of, and the methods of 

propagating them. (B. A. Lock wood) Am. 

M. Civics, 6: 504 (My). 
Peach-growing in Georgia. (L. J. Vance) Garden 

& F. 8:248(Jei9). 
Peakland, A Sunday in. All the Year, 76: 27o(Mr 

Pearl, Story of a. (E. W. Streeter) Good Words, 

Pearl-diving and its perils. (H. P. Witmarsh) 

Cosmopol. i8:564(Mr). 
Pearson's Lane. (C. C. Abbott) Lippinc. 56:251 

Peary Greenland expedition, Second. (E. Astrup) 

Knowl. i8:75(Ap). 
Peasant, The; a sketch. Cornh. 71: 182(F). 

Same art. Eel; M. !24:4i2(Mr). 
Peasant-farmer of Lancashire, The. Macmil. 72: 

Pedagogy, Psychology and. (W. L. Gooding) 

School R. 3:556(N). 

— Sociology and. (A. Tompkins) Am. J. Sociol. 

i : 353(N). 
Peddling; a decayed profession. Macmil. 72:305 

Peel, Arthur Wellesley, and his predecessors. (H. 

D. Traill) Fortn. 63:784(My). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 205:62i(Je8). 
Peers, Representative, of Scotland. (W. C. Mac- 

pherson) Scot. R. 25:344(Ap). 
Peirce, Benj., Services to Amer. astronomy, with 

portrait (T. J.J. See) Pop. Astron. 3:49(0). 
Peking : before and behind the walls. Chamb. J. 


— a threatened city. [Fortn.] Liv. Age, 204: 

Pelargoniums. (W. Watson) Garden & F. 8: 294 


— Cultivation of. (W. N. Craig) Garden & F. 8: 


Peloponnese, Some ancient routes in. (W. Loring) 
J. Hel. Stud. 15:25. 

Pembroke, George R. C. H., earl of, Death of. 
(R. Talbot) Sat. R. 79:687^25). 

Pembroke, Mass., Baptisms in the Second Church 
at, 1 748-1 803. (Mrs. E. M. Avery) N.E. 
Reg. 49: 286(J1), 426(0). 

Penck, Albrecht. Morphology of the earth's sur- 
face. (C. Lapworth) Geog. J. 5: 575(Je). 

Pendulum, The, and geology. Liv. Age, 207: 50 

Pendulums, horizontal, Movements of. (J. Milne) 

Nature, 53: i8o(D26). 
Peninsular war; battles of the Nive. Macmil. 73: 

Penitentiary at Kingston, Canada. (W. J. Macleod) 

Canad. M. 6:3(N). 
Penmanship; writer's cramp; its recognition and 

prevention. (K. West) Writer, 8: 13(F). 
Penn, Granville, as a scholar. (A. J. Edmunds) 

Pennsyl. M. 19: U9(Ap). 
Pennsvlvania, constitution of 1776, Adoption of. 

(P. L. Ford) Pol. Sci. Q. 10:426(8). 

— Eastern, Southern ice limit in. (E. H. Williams) 

Am. J. Sci. 149: i74(Mr). 

— University of. (F. N. Thorpe) Harper, 91: 285 

Penology in Europe and America. (S. J. Barrows) 

Arena, 11: 289(F). 
Pensioners in Essex C o., Mass. (G. A. Gordon) 

N.E. Reg. 4 9: 3 i6(Jl). 
Pensions, Civil, in Great Britain, Evils of. Sat. R. 


— in legislation. (F. W. Blackmar) Chaut. 22: 


— Old age. See Old age. 

Pentecost, Dr. G. F., at home. Sund. M. 24:44 

People we pass; stories. (J. Ralph) Harper, 90: 

421,781,914. 9i:6i7(F-S). 
People's kitchen, How to organize in London. 

(E. Sellers) 19th Cent. 37: 409(F). 
Peoples, Psychology of. (A. Fouillee) Chaut. 21: 

Pepper tree. Garden & F. 8: 502(Di8). 

Pepperell, Sir W., and the capture of Louisburg. 

(V. Reed) New Eng. M. n.s. I2:4i5(je). 
Peptone. (W. D. Halliburton) Sci. Prog. 3:35 

Perchlorates, Quantitative determination of. (D. 

(A. Kreider) Am. J. Sci. 150: 287(0). 
Perchloric acid and its application to the determi- 
nation of potassium. (D. A. Krieder) Am. J. 

Sci. 149:44306). 
Perfall, Baron Karl von. (J. G. Robertson) 

National, 25:247(Ap). 
Periodic law, The. (J. M. Wainwright) New Sci. 

R. 2:101 (Jl). 

— How far shall it be followed in teaching chemis- 

trv? (F. P. Venable) Science, n. s. 2:506 

Periodical, Cost of a French illustrated. Gent. M. 

n.s. 55:2i6(Ag). 
Periodicals, American literary, General catalogue 

of. (C. A. Nelson) Lib. J. 2o:supp. 30(D). 

— Use of. (W. H. Brett) Lib. J. 2o:supp. I2(D>. 
Periodical literature, English. (W. R. Nicoll) 

Bookman, 1: i74(Ap). 
Perpetual motion machine, Redheffer. (H. Mor- 
ton) J. Frankl. Inst. i39:246(Ap). 




Persecution and tolerance, Creighton on. Sat. R. 
79 : J54(Ap2 7 ). 

Persecutions of Christians under the Roman em- 
pire. Church Q. 41: 26(0). 

— salvation via the rack. (Julian Hawthorne) 

Cosroopol. 18: 482(F). 
Perseids of 1895. (W. F. Denning) Nature, 52: 

Perseverance; the beginning and the ending. (J. 

H. Vincent) Chaut. 20: 543(F). 
Persia, Geography of. (F. J. Goldsmid) Geog. J. 

° : i77(Ag). 

— Women in. (W. v. Schierbrand) Lippinc. 55: 

Persian lapidaries, Three. (A. Houtum-Schindier) 

Acad. 48:526(014). 
Persian poets, Three. (J. H. Parsons) Gent. M. 

n. s. 55:419(0). 
Persimmon, The. Garden & F. 8: 262 (JI3). 
Personality; a poem. (Archibald Lamp man) Cos- 

mopol. l8:75l(Ap). 

— human and divine; lllingworth's Bampton Lect- 

ures, 1894. Church Q. 40: !9o(Ap). 
Personifications veiled in literature. (E. H. Oonkin) 

Gent. M. n. s. 54: 3i3(Mr). 
Peru, and the head waters of the Amazon. Dub. 

R. 116: i93(Ja). 

— A socialist state. (R. S. Long) Westm. 144: 605 


Peterborough cathedral, Recent damage to. Sat. 
R- 79 : 439(Ap6). 

Petey Burke and his pupil : a story. (J. Ralph) 
Harper, 91:617(8). 

Petrographical research, Methods of. (A. Harker) 
Sci. Prog. 3: 209 (My). 

Petroleum : An historical sketch. (T. J. A. Free- 
man) Am. Cath. Q. 20:4<>4(Ap). 

— Ontario, and its products. (L. C. Campbell) 

Canad. M. 5:32i(Ag). 

— Rise and fall in. Chamb. J. 72: 678(0). 
Petroleum motors for carriages. Sat. R. 80: 8 


Petroleums, American sulphur, Composition of. 
(C. F. Mabery) J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 401 (Je). 
140: 1 (Jl). 

Petty, Sir William. Ed. R. 182:4501). — (C. H. 
Hull) Nation, 60: 288(Apn). — Liv. Age, 206: 

Phantom trout of Sullivan county. (A. Living- 
stone) Outing, 26: U7(My). 

Pheasant, Macpherson on. Sat. R. 80: 272(Ag3i). 

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart. Autobiography. McClure, 

6: 49(D). 
Philadelphia, Defences of, in 1777. (W. C. Ford) 

Pennsyl. M. 18: 463. 19: 72-359(Ja-0). 

— First charter of city of, 1691. Pennsyl. M. 18: 


— Improvement of the Delaware River and the 

Harbor of. (J. Birkinbine) Engin. M. 9:839 

Philae island. (G. Montbard) Art J. 47:289(0), 

Philip II. of Spain. (A. Harcourt) Temp. Bar, 

104: 251(F). 

— Passing of. (A. Harcourt) Temp. Bar, 105: 


Philistinism, Coming triumph of. (Mrs. E. L. Lin- 
ton) National, 26:4o(S). 

Phillips, Wendell. (R. J. Hinton) Arena, 13:226 


Philo's contemplative life, Conybeare on. (S. M. 
Jackson) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 769(0). 

Philological Congress at Philadelphia, Dec, 1894. 
Critic, 26:22(Jai2).— (L. W. Batten) Bib. 
World, 5: 124(F). 

Philosopher with an eye for beauty. (R. B. Hale) 
Allan. 76: 28(J1). 

Philosophy and the natural sciences. (S. T. Pres- 
ton) Nat. Sci. 7:253(0). 

— Basal concepts in, Ormond on. (A. Alexander) 

Philos. R. 4: 3o6(My). 

— — A rejoinder. (A. T. Ormond) Philos. R. 4: 


— History of, as applied to the church. (C. M. 

O'Leary) Cath. World, 62:36(0). 

— in the U.S. (A. C. Armstrong, jr.) Educa. R. 

10: i(Je). 

— Modern, History of, Falckenberg's. Sat. R. 80: 
• 383(S2i). 

— Pillon's L'annee philosophique. (F. Thilby) 

Philos. R. 4:643(N). 
Phonolitic rocks from Montana, Some. (L. V. 

Pirsson) Am. J. Sci. i5o:394(N). 
Phosphorescence and photographic action at low 

temperatures. Dub. R. li6:404(Ap). 

— Bacteria of. [Knowl.] Liv. Age, £04:703(Mr 

Phosphoric acid determination, Citrate method. (F. 

Bergami) J. Frankl. Inst. 140: i39(Ag). 
Photographing game animals; a new sport in the 

Rocky Mountains. (A. G. Wallihan) Cosrao- 

pol. i9=37i(Ag). 
Photography, Astronomical. (H. C. Russell) Pop. 

Astron. 2: 3io(Mr), 457(Je). 

— for anthropologists. (M. V. Portman) Anthrop. 


— in natural colors. (J. Joly) Nature, 53: 91 

Photometry, Improvements in. Nature, 51:558 

Phototopography. (J. A. Hemer) Science, n. s. 2: 

i5 2 (Ag9)- 
Phrase that most influenced me; a sketch. (J. 

Alexander) Canad. M. 5:511(0). 
Phrases, Historical. Chamb. J. 72: 171 (Mr). 
Physical education; Physical element in education. 

(E. S. Richards) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47:47i(Ag). 
Physical training in childhood. (W. Charming) 

Educa. R. 10:262(0). 

— in the public schools. (M. V. O'Shea) Atlan. 

75: 246(F). 
Physician, The, and the social question. (P. Gibier) 
No. Am. 160: 461 (Ap). 

— and surgeon. (H. Spencer) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 

i6 4 (Je). 
Physicians of the olden days. (M. L. Sinclair) 

Gent. M. n. s. 55- 67(J1). 
Physics. (W. M. Hicks) Nature, 52:472(812). 

— and sociology. (W. H. Mallock) Contemp. 68: 

Physiography as an alternative subject for admission 
to college. (W. M. Davis) School R. 3:632 

— What is? (J. W. Redway) Educa. R. 10:352 

Physiology in 1894. Science, n. s. 2:95(Jl26). 

— of the excitable tissues, Biederman on. (J. B. 

Sanderson) Nature, 51: 553(Apn). 

— Science of, to-day. (A. Mosso) Chaut. 22: 305 





Physiology, Teaching of, in schools. (M. Foster) 

Nature 5i:487(Mr2i). 
Pi Eta Society at Harvard. (E. A. Whitman) Harv. 

Grad. M. 3:486(Je). 
Pianists, A gossip about. (J. C. Had den) Chamb. 

J. 72: 744(N). 
Piano touch, Graphics of. Nature, 52: 597(017). 
Piatt, John James, Poetry of. (E. D. Keeling) 

Acad. 48: 381 (N9). 
Piatt, Sarah. Child- world ballads. (E. D. Keel- 
ing) Acad. 48: 381 (N9). 
Pickerel, Jacking for. (E. W. Chubb) Outing, 26: 

61 (Ap). 
Pictish inscriptions, Notes upon. (E. W. B. 

Nicholson) Acad. 48: i65(Ag3i), i86(S7). 
Pictographs, Primitive, from Crete and the Pelop- 

onnese. (A. J. Evans) J. Hel. Stud. 14:270. 
Pictorial, Tyranny of the. (S. Fairfield) Lippinc. 

55 :86i(Je). 
Picture-exhibitions in lower New York. (A. C. 

Bernheim) Forum, I9:6io(J1). 
Picture on the wall; a story. (K.Tynan) Eng. 

Illust. 14:297(0). 
Picture sales of 1895. Art J. 47:314(0). — (W. 

Roberts) 19th Cent. 38:466^). 
Picture-writing of the American Indian, Mallery's. 

(L. Carr) Nation, 60: 34(Jaio). 
Pictures of the year. (C. Phillips) Fortn. 63: 925 

(Je).— (B. R. Pennell) Fortn. 64:4*0!). 
Piety, a forgotten virtue. Mac mil. 72: 51 (My). 
Pig, The; Wild traits in tame animals. (L. Robin- 
son) No. Am. 161:735(0). 
Pigeon, Wild, of N. America. (S. Pokagon) 

Chaut. 22: 202(N). 
Pigments, fading of, Mitigation of. Dub. R. 117: 444 

Pigott, E. S. Acad. 47: i99(Mr2). 

— and the censorship of the drama. Sat. R. 79: 

Pike, Zebulon, Expedition of. Coues's ed. Nation, 

6i:39i(N28).— (J. J. Halsey) Dial (Ch.) 

Pilgrim on the Gila, A: a story. (O. Wister) 

Harper, 91: 837(N). 
Pilgrim principle and the pilgrim heritage. (W. 

D. Hyde) Forum, 20:480(1)). 
Pilgrim sons. The; a story. (H. B. Fuller) Cos- 

mopol. !9 ; 4i3(Ag). 
Pilgrimages to Mecca and the propagation of dis- 
ease. (A. Proust) Chaut. 2i:574(Ag). 
Pilling, James C. ( W. J. McGee) Science, n. s. 2: 150 

(Ag9). — (R. V. Bain) Ath. '95, 2:226 

Pin-money workers. (S. M. Minturn) Lend a 

Hand, 14: 117(F). 

Pine, Distribution of yellow, in Nebraska. (C. E. 

Bessey) Garden & F. 8: i02(Mri3). 

— White, in the West. (C. A. Keffer) Garden & 

F. 8:i32(A P 3). 
Pine barrens of N.J. Autumn color in the pines. 

(M. Treat) Garden & F. 8:452(Ni3). 

(B. E. Fernow) Garden & F. 8:472^27). 

Christinas in the pines. (M. Treat) Garden 

&F. 8:3(Ja2). 
Heaths among the pines in early winter. 

(M. Treat) Garden & F. 8:492(011). 
in a dry summer. (M. Treat) Garden & F. 

In the. (M. Treat) Garden & F. 8:203 

(My22), 262QI3). 

Pine boughs: a Salmon River outing. (E. W. 

Wooster) Overland, n. s. 25: 173(F). 
Pine forests; future of the long- leaf pine belt. (L. 

J. Vance) Garden & F. 8: 278(Jlio). 
Pinero, Arthur W. Benefit of the doubt. Sat. R. 


— Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith. Sat. R. 79: 346 


— Second Mrs. Tanqueray. Sat. R. 79:249^23). 
Pines; bull pine in the West. (C. A. Keffer) 

Garden & F. 8: i63(Ap24). 

— Pinus ponderosa. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F. 8:392(02). 

— Remarkable group of. (M.C. Robbins) Garden 

& F. 8:332(Ag2i). 

— Scotch, in the West. (C. A. Keffer) Garden & 

F. 8: i42(Apio). 
Ping Yang, Battle of: How the news was told at 

Dragon valley, October, 1894. (E. A. Irving) 

Blackw. 157: i38(Ja). 
Pingree plan. Lend a Hand, 14: 404 ( J e). 
Piper of Crag Ailsa; a story. (A.J. H. Antona) 

Outing, 26:7i(Ap). 
Pipes, Chapter on. (J. Cassidy) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 

Pirates, Illanum, A fight with. (R. Wildman) 

Overland, n. s. 25: 5 14 (My). 
Pisidia and Lycia, Inscriptions from. (G. F. Hill) 

J. Hel. Stud. 15: xi6. 
Pitch lake of Trinidad. (S. F. Peckham) Am. J. 

Sci. 150:3301). 
Pithecanthropus erectus. (A. Keith) Sci. Prog. 3: 

3 4 8(J1).— (W. J. Sollas) Nature, 53:150 

Dubois, from Java. (O. C. Marsh) Am. J. 

Sci. 149: 144(F). 
Pitman, John. (A. M. Earle) New Eng. M. n. s. 

Pitt, Thomas, second Lord Camelford. Argosy, 

°° :2 5(J0' Same art. Liv. Age, 206:503 

Pittsburg, Carnegie library. Lib. J. 20: 382(N). 

— Old Round Church. (O. O. Page) Pennsyl. M. 

Piuro, Fate of. (G. S. Godkin) Argosy, 60: 371 (S). 
Pius IX; love story of a Pope. (K. Roy) Can ad. 

M. 5 : 555(0). 
Plagiarism. (C. Robinson) Writer, 8: i09(Ag). 

— Goethe on. (E. L. Hibberd) Writer, 8: 147 

Plane spaces of n manifold ness, Metrical relations 

of. (E. Lasker) Nature, 52:34o(Ag8). 
Planets: Are they inhabited? (R. Ball) McClure, 

5 : I47O0- 

— Configurations of. (E. E. Markwick) Knowl. 


— Picturing the. (J. E. Keeler) Cent. 50:455 


— What we know about. (G. P. Serviss) Chaut. 

20: 526(F). 

Plant-breeding at the experiment stations. (E. S. 
Goff) Garden & F. 8: 292OI24). 

Plant doctors, The need of competent. (J. W. 
Harshberger) Educa. 16: i4o(N). 

Plant individual, The, in light of evolution. (L. 
H. Bailey) Science, n. s. i:28i(Mri5). 

Plant nomenclature, Ambiguity in. (B. L. Put- 
nam) Educa. i5:55o(My). 

Plant structures, Origin of, Henslow's. Sat. R. 80: 


9 6 


Plants, Bedding-. (S. Parsons, jr.) Scrib. M. 17: 

— Distinction between. (J. C. Arthur) Am. Natu- 

ral. 29: 961 (N). 

— Irritability and movement in. (D. T. Macdou- 

gal) 47:225(Je). 

— Reserve materials of. (J. R. Green) Sci. Prog. 

3:68(Mr) f47 6(Ag). 
Plaster work, Ornamental. (F. W. Pomeroy) Am. 

Arch. 48: i6(Api3). 
Plastering, staining of, Prevention of. (L. de C. 

Berg) Am. Arch. 50: 29(019). 
Plato, Apology, Armenian version of. (F. C.Cony- 

beare) Am. J. Philol. 16:300(0). 

— Lysis, Date of. (A. Wirth) Am. J. Philol. 16: 


— Parmenides; ed. by Waddell. Sat. R. 80:529 


— Republic, Jowett and Campbell's. (P. Shorey) 

Nation, 6i:82(Agi). 

Players club, New York City. (J. C. Harvey) Mun- 
sey, 12: 581 (Mr). 

Players, Strolling. Cornh. 72:8701). 

Playwright's love story. Argosy, 59: 236(F). 

Play-writing; how successfully done. (J. Brooks) 
Cosmopol. I9:2i2(je). 

" Pleasant Sunday Afternoon " movement in Eng- 
land. (R. Souttar) Our Day, 14: 222 (My). 

Pleasure and pain denned. (S. E. Mezes) Pbilos. 
R. 4:22(Ja). 

Pleasure- pain and emotion. (H. R. Marshall) 
Psychol. R. 2:57(Ja). 

— Emotions versus. (H. R. Marshall) Mind, 20: 

Pleiades, Exterior nebulosities of. (A. M. Clerke) 

Knowl. 18: 280(D). 
Plon, Eugene. Acad. 47: 337(Ap2o). 
Plot-making. (E. E. Benton) Writer, 8: 96QI). 
Plumbing trade schools and their influence. (E. 

N. G. Le Bois) Engin. M. 8:646(Ja). 
PI urn blossom Beebe's adventures: a story. (J. 

Ralph) Harper, 91: 943(N). 
Plutocracy and paternalism. (L. F. Ward) Forum, 

Plymouth idea. Lend a Hand, 15:267(0). 
Pneumatic telegraphs in Paris. (S. E. Moras) Am. 

Arch. 47:74(Fi6). 
Poe, E. A., Moral nature of. (W. M. Griswold) 

Nation, 60: 381 (My 1 6). 

— Works. Ed. by Stedman and Wood berry. (D. 

L. Maulsby) Dial (Ch.)i8: i38(Mn). 
Poet, Can a, be democratic? Poet- Lore, 7: 619(D). 

— Function of, as interpreter. Spec. 75: 516(619). 

— in an age of science, The. (C. T. Goodwin) 

New World, 4: 121 (Mr). 
Poetic pride. (H. M. Sanders) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 

203(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 798 

Poet-laureateship, The. Temp. Bar, 106: 498(D). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 787(028). 

— Question of. (H. T. Peck) Bookman, 2: 292(D). 
Poetry and fine art, Aristotle on. (E. E. Hale, jr.) 

Dial (Ch.) i8:298(Myi6). 

— and music. Macmil. 72: 102 (Je). 

— Aristotle*s theory of, Butcher on. (B. L. Gilder- 

sleeve) Nation, 6o:364(My9). 

— a criticism of literature. Dial (Ch.) 18: 133 


— Future of. (A. C. Benson) National, 25:97 


Poetry intimations of a new dawn. (T. Brad field) 
Westm. I43:652(je). 

— Magic verses. Temp. Bar, 104: 229(F). 

— of the prison. (George Wyndham) New R. 12: 

282 (Mr). 

— or science? (W. K. Brooks) Science, n. s. 2: 


— recent, Some aspects of. (W. Wallace) Sat. R. 

26: 114QI). 

— Recent English. (W. M. Payne) Dial (Ch.) 

18: i50(Mn). 
Poet's Christmas Eve; a poem. (C. G. Rogers) 

Canad. M. 6: 101(D). 
Poet's portmanteau; a story. (G. Gissing) Eng. 

Illust. 12: no. 5, 3(F). 
Poets, American, of to-day. (D. H. Wheeler) 

Chaut. 22: 34(0). 

— Older living. Sat. R. 79: 648(Myi8). 

— Some, and their pastimes. Chamb. J. 72: 380 


— Two modern. (H. D. Traill) Fortn. 63: 393(Mr). 

— Liv. Age, 205: i6i(Ap2o). 

— The younger. Liv. Age, 204:470^23). 
Poets' corner, A. (V.Blackburn) New R. 12:514 

Poinsettia. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 8:486 

Point- aux-Pins; a story. (J. Blewitt) Canad. M. 

5: I40(je). 
Point of knucklin' down, A; a story. (E. Higgin- 

son) McClure, 6: 71(D). 
Poison ivy. (D. P. Penhallow) Garden & F. 8:359 

(S4). — (E. G. Lademan) Garden & F. 8: 399 

(O2).— (T. J. Burrill) Garden & F. 8:368 

Poisonous plants. (Byron D. Halsted) Garden & 

F. 8:i72(Myi). 

Poisons and their antidotes. Chamb. J. 72:155 

Poland, Future of. Sat. R. 79: 37(Jai2). 
Polar research; is it remunerative? (E. W. Nye) 

Cosmopol. 19: 105 (My). 
Polar sea, Treasure islands in the. Eel. M. 124: 

Police courts, London. (W. Holloway) Green 

Bag, 7:405(8). 
Policeman, The. (W. Wemley) Eng. Illust. 12: no. 5, 


Political campaigning in Kentucky, Humors of. 

(E. J. McDermott) Cent. 50:826(0). 
Political corruption, Blind partisanship and. (J. S. 

Evans) Am. M. Civics, 7:278(8). 
Political depravity of the fathers. (J. B. McMaster) 

Atlan. 75:626(My). 
Political economy and sociology. (R. Worms) Am. 

J. Sociol. 1: 146(8). 

— in elementary schools. (S. N. Patten) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:461^). 

— in Switzerland. (A. Oncken) Econ. J. 5: 133 


— The new. (A. G. Fradenburgh) Meth. R. 55: 


— Principles of, Marshall's. (F. Y. Edgeworth) 

Econ. J. 5:585(1)). 

— Sentimentalism and. (W. Kirk us) New World, 

Political evils, Remedies for. (H. Herzberg) Am. 

M. Civics, 7:474(N). 
Political leaders of the reconstruction period. (E. 

G. Ross) Forum, 20:218(0). 




Political philosophy, American. (W. A« Dunning) 

Yale R. 4: 147 (Ag). 
Political reform. True basis of. (L. Satterthwait) 

Am. M. Civics, 7: 145 (Ag). 
Political Science Quarterly, A retrospect. Pol. Sci. 

Q. 10: 565(D). 
Political superstitions. Spec. 75 : 263 ( Ag3 1 ) . 
Politician, Character of the. New R. i2:665(Je). 
Politics, American character in. (A. B. Hart) 

Chaut. 22: I42(N). 

— and crime. (A. G. Warner) Am. J. Sociol. z: 


— and culture. (H. Seal) Westm. 144: 650(D). 

— as a career in England. (T. Raleigh) Chaut. 


— as a profession. (D. MacG. Means) Nation, 60: 


— Empiricism in. (T. MacKay) National, 25: 790 


— Ethics and. (H. Macqueary) Am. M. Civics, 

—Social pressure in. (W. B. Chisholm) Am. 

M. Civics, 6: 449 (My). 
— To a friend in. (F. Eastman) Atlan. 76:831 


— Why many young men are not in. (F. E. Clark) 

Pub. Opin. 19: 656(N2i). 
Polk, James K., Administration of. (J. Schouler) 
Atlan. 76: 37 1 (S). 

— Diary of. (J. Schouler) Atlan. 76t235(Ag). 
Pollock diamond robbery. (C. Moffett) McClure, 

*437( A P)- 
Pollock's surrender; a story. (B. Garland) Mun- 

sey»i3 : 355(Jl). 
M Polly Honeycombe." (A. Dobson) National, 

*5 : 623(J1). 
Polo in the West. (J. B. Macmahan) Outing, 26: 

3 8 5 (Ag),47i(S). 
Polyglot, How to become a. (F. C. Higgins) 

Writer, 8:ii2(Ag). 
Pompeii, Paintings at. (H. A. Kennedy) 19th 

Cent. 37=86(Ja). 
Ponsonby, Miss Sarah. Gent. M. n. s. 55: 401(0). 
Pontresina. (G. F. Browne) National, 25:388 

Poole, Reginald Stuart. Ath. '95, i:224(Fi6). — 

(P. Gardner) Acad. 47: I54(Fi6). 
Poor, Mary, Diary of. (E. Mariotti) New Eng. M. 

n. s. i3:3i6(N5). 
Poor, dwellings for, The state and. (F. B. Vroo- 

man) Arena, 12: 41 5 (My). 

— How can a city best care for its? (H. S. Pin- 

gree) Our Day, i4:254(My). 

— Relief of, Indoor v. outdoor. Reply to Mr. 

Hunter. (W. Chance) National, 25:667(J1). 
Poor Clares, Order of, in the United States. (S. B. 

Hedges) Cath. World, 6i:38o(Je). 
Poor law, An experiment in the administration of. 

(Edith Sellers) Good Words, 36: 3o(Ja). 
— of Massachusetts and New York. (J. Cummings) 

Am. Econ. Assoc. io:48i(Jl). 

— Politics and. (T. Mackay) Fortn. 63:408c Mr). 
Poor player; a story (S. A. Curzon) Can ad. M. 

4= 352(F). 
Pope, Alexander. (A. M. Williams) Gent. M. n. s. 

55:361(0). Same art. Eel. M. 125:620 

Pope, Franklin Leonard; Obituary. Engin. M. 10: 

2 95 (N). 
Pope library. Critic, 27: 27 1 (O26) . 

Popes, history of the, Pastor's. Church Q. 41: 88 
(O). — Sat. R. 80: 50(1113). — (T. B. Scan- 
nell) Dub. R. 117:305(6). 

— of the Renaissance, Personal character of. (J. 

J. O'Shea) Cath. World, 6i:368(Je). 
Pope's tasting-glass, The. (M. J. Plarr) Argosy, 

60: 703(D). 
Population; doctrine of Malthus and modern 
, society. (L. R. Harley) Am. M. Civics, 6: 13 


— in England and Wales, Probability of a cessa- 

tion of the growth of. (E. Cannan) Econ. J. 
5: 505(D). 

— law of, New statement of. (S. N. Patten) Pol. 

Sci. Q. 10: 44 (Mr). 

— of U.S., Was the count in 1890 reasonably cor- 

rect? (H. Gannett) Am. Statis. Assoc. 4:99 

— Question of, New lights on. Spec. 75:361 

Populism, as an honest effort for the securing of 
better conditions. (R. H. Williams) Am. M. 
Civics, 7: i95(Ag). 

— Colorado's experiment with. (J. F. Vaile) Forum, 

18: 714(F). 
Porcelain, A famous. Chamb. J. 72: 807(D). 
Port Arthur, Battle of, Truth about. (F. Villiers) 

No. Am, i6o:325(Mr). 

— Massacre of. Spec. 74:41(^12). 

Portland, Maine, and its environs. (R. E. Noble) 
Canad. M. 5: i89(Je). 

— Story of. (J. P. Baxter) New Eng. M. n. s. 13: 

Portland, Oregon, Library Association. (R. R. 

Bowker) Lib. J. 20: 77 (Mr). 
Porto, Luigi da. An immortal story. (Eugene 

Benson) New R. 13s 94CJ0- 
Portrait painters, English. Sat. R. 79:90(^19). 
Portrait, A; a poem. (Edgar Fawcett) Cosmopol. 

Portraits in New Hampshire of public men and 

others. (B. F. Prescott) N.E. Reg. 49:177 

Portugal, Life in. Sat. R. 79:473(Api3). 
Positivism ; The reaction and its lessons. (F. Har- 
rison) Fortn. 64:485(0). 
Postal progress in England, 1895. (J. Henniker 

Heaton) Contemp. 68: i(Jl). 
Postal rates, Proposed reduction in British empire. 

Sat. R. 80:404(828). 
Poster, The, in politics. R. of Rs. 12: 285 (S). 
Posters, American, past and present. (H. C. Bun- 

ner) Scrib. M. 18:429(6). 

— and book-covers, French. (A. Alexandre) Scrib. 

M. i7:6o3(My). 

— and poster-designing in England. (M. H. Spiel- 

mann) Scrib. M. i8:34(Je). 

— Art in. (F. Wedmore) Art J. 47: 43(F). 

— artistic, Moral aspect of. (L. J. Rhead) Book- 

man, 1: 3i2(Je). 
Potocka, Helene Massalski, Countess. (S. C. 

Woolsey) Atlan. 76:458(0). 
Pottery, Artistic. (F. Miller) Art J. 47:311(0). 

— Inscribed, of the Pennsylvania Germans. (E. 

A. Barber) New Eng. M. n. s. i2:34(Mr). 
Poultry farming. Chamb. J. 72: 241 (Ap). 
Poultry-yard, Reminiscences of a. Black w. 158: 

272(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:691(814). 
Pouvillon, Emile, Literary work of. Sat. R. 79: 408 



9 8 


Poverty, Abolition of. (W. Graham) Am. M. 
Civics, 7: 286 (S). 

— Causes of. Char. R. 4: I42(ja). 

— or to wealth, Is it more desirable to be born to? 

(F. R. Coudert and others) Munsey, 14: 151 

Powder making on the Pacific coast. Overland, n. s. 

26: 423(0). 
Powder, Smokeless, for shotguns. (W. L. Colville) 

Overland, n. s. 26:442(0). 
Powder-mills, Life and work in. (C. Moffett) 

McClure, 5:3(Je). 
Power without cost : " Apergy." (C. Morris) New 

Sci. R. 2: 174(0). 
Powers, Daniel W., and the Powers Art gallery. 

(W. A. Sherwood) Canad. M. 5:471(8). 
Powers, Hiram, in Washington. Lippinc. 55:536 

Prado, Museum of the. (R. Cortissoz) Harper, 

90:921 (My). 
Pratt, Samuel Jackson, Gleanings. (Earl of Iddes- 

leigh) Blackw. I57:i2i(ja). 
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. (J. F. Hopkins) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 13:99(8). 
Praxiteles, Art of, in the British museum. (E. 

Sellers) 19th Cent. 37:682(Ap). 
Prayer. (B. Waugh) Sund. M. 24:422(Je). 

— Book of common, in Manx Gaelic ; ed. by 

Moore. Sat. R. 80: n6(Jl27). 

— A defence of. (W. Barry) 19th Cent. 38:348 

(Ag). Same art. Eel. M. 125:433(0). 

— True and false notions of. (N. Pearson) 19th 

Cent. 37-8i3(My). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 

Preacher, The, and his province. (J. Gibbons) No. 

Am. i6o:5i3(My). 

Preaching, Doctrinal. (E. V. Gerhart) Ref. Q. 42: 

261 (Jl). 

— Lectures on, Carpenter's. Sat. R. 8o:245(Ag 


Precedent, A; a story. (A. M. Whitlock) Lippinc. 
55: 267(F). 

Precious stones, gems and jewels. (T. J. A. Free- 
man) Am. Cath. Q. 2o:64i(Jl), 868(0). 

— how to distinguish them. (H. A. Miers) Nature, 

5i:545(A P 4). 

— stones of fire. (E. B.) Argosy, 60: 358(S). 
Premium butter. (A. E. Lawrence) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13:465(0). 
Pre-natal influence. Effect of, on a child. (B. O. 

Flower) Arena, I3:243(J1). 
Presbyterian church in America, General assembly 

of. (W. G. Craig) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 722(0). 

— in Canada, General Assembly of. (W. Caven) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 735(0). 

— in Scotland, Assemblies of. (N. S. Walker) 

Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 717(0). 
President of U.S.; third-term idea. Pub. Opin. 

— Third term question. Sat. R. 80: 23o(Ag24). 
Presidential elections: the third-term tradition. 

(J. B. McMaster) Forum, 20:257(N). 
Presidential election-system, Grave danger in our. 

(J. Schouler) Forum, i8:532(Ja). 
Presidents of republics; with portraits. (H. 

Parker) Munsey, 12: 503(F). 
Press, pulpit, and pew. (J. R. Creighton) Meth. 

R. 55:68(Ja). 
Pressgang, The, and its history. [Chamb. J.] 

Liv. Age, 204: I26(jai2). 

Pressgang in Orkney. Chanb. J. 72: 347 (Je). 

Previous engagement, A: a comedy. (W. D. 
Howells) Harper, 92: 28(D). 

Prevost, Marcel. Notre compagne. Sat. R. 79: 

Price of God's good things, The. (F. Langbridge) 
Good Words, 36:326(Ag). 

Price of a man; a story. (F. Crane) Munsey, 14: 

Price of romance, The. (R. W. Herrick) Scrib. 
M. i8:6o(Jl). 

Prices, declining, Secret of. (T. L. Greene) Na- 
tion, 60: 337 (My2). 

— fall of, Battle of standards and. (E. Atkinson) 

Forum, 19: i43(Ap). 

— falling, Some effects of. (H. W. Farnam) Yale 

R. 4: i83(Ag). 

— Index numbers of. (A. Sauerbeck) Econ. J. 


— Quantity of money and, 1860-1891. (S. M. 

Hardy) J. Pol. Econ. 3: 145 (Mr). 

— Reasons why they are low. (A. Williams) Engin. 

M. 8: 781(F). 
Pride, English. Spec. 74: 746(Jei). 
Pride of Anne Havens. (D. E. Nelson) New Eng. 

M. n. s. I2:629(J1). 
Priestly dues, Harmony of Pentateuch respecting. 

(H. Hayman) Bib. Sac. 52: i8(Ja). 
Prima donna, The. Cornh. 71 : 73 (Ja). 
Prime ministers, English. (S. Walpole) Fortn. 64: 

38o(S). Same art. liv. Age, 207: 237(026). 
Primitive church and the papal claims. Church Q. 

39: 273(Ja). 
Primrose, Two forms of. (A. S. Wilson) Knowl. 

18: io2(My). 
Primrose league, The. (W. T. Marriott) National, 

24: 771(F). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 459(Ap). 
Primroses, Chinese. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 8: 

57 (F26). 
Primulas in England. (W. Watson) Garden & F. 

8: 2Q4(My22). 
Prince Edward Island. (H. C. E. Childers) Good 

Words, 36: 840(S). 
Prince Rupert's emerald ring; a story. Chamb. J. 

Princess and a woman ; a story. (R. McDonald) 

Munsey, 13: 518, 613. 14: 85(Ag-0). 
Princess Aline. (R. H. Davis) Harper, 90: 240- 

Princess Sonia. (J. Magruder) Cent. 50:3-774 

Pringsheim, Nathaniel. (D. H. Scott) Nature, 51: 

Printing in England; the first book printed. (S. 

Urban) Gent. M. n. s. 54:537(My). 
Prior Gilbert's sister; a story. Temp. Bar, 104: 71 

Prison Committee report. (E. F. DuCane) 19th 

Cent. 38: 278(Ag). 
Prison, A convent used as a. Cornh. 72: 481 (N). 
Prison labor. (E. Smith) Lend a Hand, 15:408 


— New constitution of New York in relation to. 

(W. P. Prentice) Lend a Hand, 15:418(0). 
Prison reform in Japan. (W. N. Curtis) Lend a 
Hand, 14: 341 (My). 

— What is? (W. C. Selleck) Am. M. Civics, 6: 136 

Prisoners of silence; a novel. (M. A. Dickens) All 

the Year, 76: i-24i(Ja5~Mri6). 




Prisoners on the move. (£. R. Spearman) Fortn. 

Prisons, Reformation of. (A. G. Warner) Char. 

R. 5:n(N). 
Private chivalry. A; a story. (F. Lynde) Munsey, 

14: 298(D). 
" Private interpretation " (2 Pet. 1:20). (T. W. 

Chambers) Ref. Q. 42: 242 (Ap). 
Private Jams; a story. (R. Penny) Temp. Bar, 

106: 1 86(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 724 

Privateers, New York colonial. (T. A. Janvier) 

Harper, 90: 333(F). 
Privy Council : with portraits. Green Bag, 7: 65 

Probate courts of Massachusetts. (G. White) N. E. 

Reg. 49:690a). 

Problems of the age, Some. (F. W. Farrar) No. 
Am. 161:412(0). 

Problems of the world, The seven intellectual. (A. 
Bierbower) Ref. Q. 42:443(0). 

Proctor, Richard A. Autobiographical notes. 
New Sci. R. 1: 393(Ap). 

Prodigal friend, A; a story. (S. E. Benet) Lip- 
pine. 55: I22(ja). 

Production, About. (E. P. Powell) Am. M. Civics, 

Production up to the power limit. (H. L. Arnold) 

Engin. M. 9:oo8(Ag). 
Professional institutions. (H. Spencer) Contemp. 

67: 721, 898. 68: 1 i4-853(My-D). Same art. 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 34-739. 48: 49, 265 ( My-D). 
Professional secrecy. Spec. 75:364(821). 
Professions vs. trade. Spec. 75: 720(^23). 
Professors, Age for retirement of. Nature, 52: 538 

Professor's letter, The; a story. (M. Hargrave) 

Gent. M. n. s. 552325(0). 
Profit-sharing. (N. P. Gilman) Pub. Opin. 18:472 


— Does it pay? (W. C. Procter) Our Day, 14: 317 

— Two examples of successful. (F. W. Blackmar) 

Forum, i9:57(Mr). 

Progress; are we old fogies? (J. C. Ayres) Cos- 

mopol. 19:685(0). 

— of the century. (E. E. Hale) Lend a Hand, 

Progress club-house, N.Y. Am. Arch. 47:34 

Prohibition. Neal Dow's watchwords for the 20th 

century. (J. Cook) Our Day, 14: I2(ja). 

— Object lesson in. (T. C. Down) 19th Cent. 37: 


Promise, A; a poem. (Maude Lyons) Cosmopol. 
'8: f>29(Mr). 

Proof of the pudding; a story. Temp. Bar, 105: 
55 (My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 787(^29). 

Proof positive. (D. C. Murray) Chamb. J. 72: 716- 

Property, The Fathers on. ( W. F. Cobb) Econ. R. 

— Rights and duties of, in our legal and social sys- 

tems. (J. F. Dillon) Am. Law R. 29: 161 (Mr- 

Prophecy, Old Testament, Essential elements of. 

(W. R. Harper) Bib. World, 5: 321 (My). 
Propitiation, New Testament idea of. (A. G. Voigt) 

Luth. Q. 25:547(0). 
Prosaic idyll, A; a story. Belgra. 88: 390(D). 

Prospectograph. (A. Melani) Am. Arch. 48:57 

Prosperity, Is it in sight? (W. E. Connor and 

others) Am. M. Civics, 7:324(8). 
Prostitution within the marriage bond. (B. O. 

Flower) Arena, i3-59(Je). 
Protection in Canada, Results of. (D. MacG. 

Means) Nation, 61: i44(Ag29). 
Protectionist revival. (J. H. Round) National, 25: 

Proteids, Decomposition products of. (T. G. 
Brodie) Sci. Prog. 4:62(8). 

— Synthesis of. (W. D. Halliburton) Sci. Prog. 

4: 149(0). 
Protestant controversy, Popular. (C. C. Starbuck) 

New World, 4: 696(D). 
Protestant Episcopal Church, Broad and narrow in. 

(S. D. McConnell) New World, 4:2oi(Je). 

— Congress at Minneapolis. (H. B. Hudson) R. 

of Rs. I2:566(N). 

— Journalism in. (G. A. Carstensen) Chaut. 21: 


— Pastoral letter of the bishops. (A. R. Kremer) 

Ref. Q. 42:418(0). Same art. (E. Gold) 
Forum, I9:6i8(jl). 

— Restoration to Catholic fellowship. (L. W. 

Bacon) Chr. Lit. 13:297(0). 
Protestantism, Catholicism, and progress. (F. W. 

Howard) Cath. World, 62: I45(N). 
Protoplastid body and metaplastid cell. (J. E. S. 

Moore) Sci. Prog. 3: 323 (Je). 
Protozoan, Daily life of a. (C. F. Hodge and H. A. 

Aikins) Am. J. Psychol. 6: 524(Ja). 
Proud Miss Fuller. (A. M. Peck) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13: U7(S). 
Provence, Poet's wedding in. (C. A. Janvier) 

Critic, 26: 23i(Mr3o). 
Provincialism and London culture. Spec. 75:237 

Prowl for the picturesque, A. (C. S. Greene) 

Overland, n. s. 26: 205 ( A g). 
Psychic, The, and the spiritual. (M. B. Peeke) 

Arena, i3:43(J e )- 

Psychical communication, A story of. (L. Whit- 
ing) Arena, 13: 263 (Jl). 

Psychical research. Ed. R. 181: 82 (Ja). — (W. R. 
Newbold) Am. Natural. 29:503(My). — (J. 
Cook) Our Day, 15:233^). 

— Comedy of. (C. S. Minot) No. Am. 160:217 


— Drift of. (F. W. H. Myers) Our Day, 14:91 


— What it has accomplished. (F. Podmore) No. 

Am. 160: 331 (Mr). 
Psychical states : in what sense are they extended ? 
(F. H. Bradley) Mind, 20: 225 (Ap). 

— What do we mean by the intensity of ? (F. H. 

Bradley) Mind, 20: i(Ja). 
Psychological apparatus, New. (E. C. Sanford) 

Am. J. Psychol. 6: £75(Ja). 
Psychological studies m Wellesley College. (M. 

W. Calkins) Pedagog. Sem. 3: 319(0). 
Psychology. (E. B. Titchener) Science, n. s. 1: 


— and pedagogy. (W. L. Gooding) School R. 3: 


— Comparative, Morgan on. (W. R. Newbold) 

Am. Natural. 29: 388 (Ap). 

— Desiderata in. (J. H. Hyslop) Philos. R.4: 531 





Psychology. Doctrine of conscious elements. (E. 
B.Talbot) Philos. R. 4: i54(Mr). 

— for normal schools. (M. V. O'Shea) Educa. 

16: 193(D). 

— Individual. (C. Miles) Am. J. Psychol. 6: 534 

— Morgan's Introduction to. (W. R. Newbold) 

Am. Natural. 29:388(Ap). 

— the new, H. von Helmholtz and. (C. Stumpf) 

Psychol. R. 2: i(Ja). 

in under-graduate work. (H. K. Wolfe) 

Psychol. R. 2:382(J1). 

— Present state of. (W. R. Newbold) Am. 

Natural. 29:292(Mr). 
~ Priority of inner experience. (W. Fite) Philos. 
R. 4: i29(Mr). 

— Recent books on. (E. B. Titchener) Dial (Ch.) 


— Relations of experimental. (E. A. Pace) Am. 

Cath. Q. 2o:i3i(Ja). 

— Scripture on. (W. M. Payne) Dial (Ch.) 19: 


— Some curiosities of thinking. (M. A. Starr) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 721 (Ap). 

— vs. metaphysics. (I. Crook) Meth. R. 55:223 


— Vocabulary of. (E. B. Titchener) Am. J. 

Psychol. 7:780). 
Pteridophyte phylogeny. (C. MacMillan) Science, 

n. s. 2: i83(Agi6). 
Public documents, U.S., Printing and distribution 

of. Lib. J. 20: I3(ja). 
Public-house, English. (A. Shad well) National, 


— A model, and its lessons. (A. Shad well) 

National, 25:63201). 

Public opinion, Guidance of. (J. W. Jenks) Am. 
J. Sociol. 1: I58(S). 

Public school education, Scope of. (J. L. Spald- 
ing) Cath. World, 60: 7581 Mr). 

Public school system, the moral problem in. (H. 
B. Ryley) School R. 3: 281 (My). 

Public schools and good citizenship. (C. R. Skin- 
ner) Am. M. Civics, 7:87(31). 

— Boston. Lend a Hand, 14: 126(F). 

— Criminal crowding of. (J. H. Penniman) 

Forum, i9:289(My). 

— in the U.S., Religious instruction in. (J. H. 

Crooker) Westm. 144: 203 ( A g). 

— Religious teaching in. (L. Abbott) Cent. 49: 


— Recent progress in. (W. J. Harris) Harper, 

Public works, Economics of engineering. (H. N. 

Ogden) Science, n. s. 2:539(025). 
Publication, Date of, What is? (H. H. Field) 

Science, n. s. 2: 303 (S6). 
Publishing. The revolution in Grub street. (H.D. 

Traill) Fortn. 64:78(11). Same art. Eel. M. 

Pueblo Indians, Discovery of. (S. D. Peet) Am. 

Antiq. 17:339^). 
Pugilism vs. progress. (C. Greeley) Lend a Hand, 

*5 : 437(D)- 
Pullman car, In the. (E. W. Sanborn) New Eng. 

M. n. s. 12: 467 (JO • 
Pulpit and social reform. (W. Gladden) Chr. Lit. 
14: 164(D). 

— The need of the. (Mary H. Norris) Meth. R. 


Pulpit, The new. (H. R. Haweis) No. Am. 160: 

A word about. (C. E. Smith) No. Am. 160: 

5 o8(Ap). 

— The old, and the new. (C. D. Foss) No. Am. 


— press, and pew. (J. R. Creighton) Meth. R. 

55 :68(Ja). 
Pulpit -notices, Tyranny of. (M. G. Hansen) Ref. 

Q. 42: I22(ja). 
Pulpits. (S. Baring-Gould) Sund. M. 24: 93(F). 

— Old. Am. Arch. 50: 137(021). 

Pump, air-lift, Theory of. (E. G. Harris) J. 
Frankl. Inst. 140:3201). 

— Automatic Mercury vacuum. (M. I. Pupin) 

Am. J. Sci. 149: i9(Ja). 
"Punch," The life of, Spielmann's. Blackw. 158: 

— Prototypes of. Cornh .71: 305 (Mr) . Same art. 

Eel. M. 124: 536 (Ap). 

— Rivals of. (M. H. Spielmann) National, 25: 

654OI). Same art. Liv. Age,2o6:563(Ag3i). 
Punishment as seen by children. (E. Barnes) 
Pedagog. Sem. 3:235(0). 

— Failure of. (Lady Cook) Green Bag, 7: 454(0). 
Punjaub, In the. (J. H. Wick) Sund. M. 24: 687 

Purcell, Henry. (J. S. Shedlock) Acad. 48:443 
(N23). — (C. H. H. Perry) National, 26: 339 
(N). — (F. J. Crowest) Blackw. 158:819(0). 

— and his times. Sat. R. 80: 758(07). 

— our last great musician. (J. F. Runciman) New 

R. *3 : 599(D). 
Pureney, Thomas ; prisoner ordinary. (C. Whibley) 

New R. !2:57o(My). 
Purism and im purism. (F. Morgan) Writer, 8: 177 

Puritanism, Influence on national character. (A. 

M. Earle) 19th Cent. 38.'3i2(Ag). 
Purity, The problem of. (W. s. Lilly) New R. 

12: 78(Ja). 
Pusey, E. B., and Bishop Wilberforce. (R. G. 

Wilberforce) 19th Cent. 38:5701). 

— Liddon's Life of. (J. P. Sheraton) Preab. & 

Ref. R. 6: i6i(Ja). — Church Q. 39 : 33°(J a )- 
Putnam, Herbert. Critic, 26: i87(Mr9). 
Putnam, Mrs. George Haven. Acad. 48:110 

Puvis de Chavannes, Recent work of. (J. Bernac) 

Art J. 47 : 47(F). 
Pygmies, Existence of. (D. Mac Ritchie) Acad. 47: 

— in Europe. (J' Kollmann) Anthrop. J. 25: 117 


— Quatrefages on. (W. H. Flower) Nature, 52: 

Pythagorean fancies. (H. Arthur) Canad. M. 5: 
i8 4 (Jc). 

Quandary of the bishop; a story. (H. B. M. Wat- 
son) New R. 12: 113(F). 

Quantock hills, Witchery of the. (W. Greswell) 
Temp. Bar, i04:523(Ap). 

Quarrying by fire of granite in India. (H. Warth) 
Nature, 51: 272(^17). 

Quarterlies, Future of the. Spec. 75: 551(026). 

Quebec; castle of St. Louis. (J. M. Lemoine) 
Canad. M. 6: 106(D). 

Quebec act and the American Revolution. (V. 
Coffin) Yale R. 4: i7i(Ag). 




Queen Mary's jewels. (Andrew Lang) Good 

Words, 36: 372(Je). 
"Queen's Marie," Mystery of. (A. Lang) 

Blackw. 158:381(8). 
Queen's reporter, The. (M. MacDonagh) Good 

Words, 36:3i5(My). 
Queens, Some unhappy. (G. Holme) Munsey, 14: 

Queensbury, 4th duke of, Memoir of, by Robinson. 

Sat.R. 8o:i5(J16). 
Queensland, Secret of her downfall. (H. W. B. 

MacKay) Westm. 144: i52(Ag). 
Quelern. The Gibraltar of France. (E. H. Bar- 
ker) Temp. Bar, 106: 176(0^. 
Quesnay, Francois. (S. Bauer) Econ. J. 5:660 

— Tableau economique. (S. Bauer) Econ. J. 5: 1 

Question, A. (J. Vernon) Overland, n. 1.25:207 

Question in art, A ; a story. (R. W. Herrick) 

Scrib. M. i7:5i4(Ap). 
Question of responsibility; a story. (I. Clark) 

Lippinc. 55: no(Ja). 
Questions of the day. (S. Low) Harper, 91: 

Quicksands of Pactolus, The. (H. A. Vachell) 

Overland, n. s. 26: 182-641 (Ag-D). 
"Quid mihi et tibi, mulier? " (A. E. Breen) Am. 

Cath. Q. 20: 399 (Ap). 
Quintus Knox. (E. H. L. Watson) Gent. M. n. s. 

55 : 348(0). 
Quiquern; a story. (R. Kipling) McGure, 5:552 

Quong Lee; a story. (F. Lynde) Lippinc. 55: 246 

Quotations, Conversational. (C. Hussey) Chamb. 
J. 72: 591 (S). 

— Familiar, traced homewards. [Macmil.] Eel. 

M. 124:890a). 

— Happy, in Parliament. Liv. Age, 205:3i7(My 


Rabbeno, Ugo, On American commercial policy. 

(F. W. Taussig) Q. J. Econ. 10: 102(0). 
Rabbit of the world, A; moorland idyll. (G. Allen) 

Eng. Illust. 12: no. 4, 94(Ja). 
Rabies, Skunk as a source of. (V. L. Kellogg) Am. 

Natural. 29: 242 (Mr). 
Race mixture and national character. (L. R. Har- 

ley) Pop. Sci. Mo. 4j7:86(My). 
Race- prejudice. (M. Bloomfield) New World, 

Races. See Peoples. 
Rachel and Leah. Macmil. 72:362(8). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 207: 201 (O26). 
Radamar I., King of Madagascar. (A. Zimmern) 

Temp. Bar, 104: 262(F). 
Radcliffe College. (H. L. Reed) New Eng. M. 

n. s. n:609(Ja). 
Rags; a story. (W. A. Dromgoole) Arena, 13:492 

Railroad in Asia, The. (C. Morris) New Sci. R. 

— Industrial services of. (E. R. Johnson) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5: 897 (My). 

— of the future. (T. Voorhees) Engin. M. 8: 789 


— Relation of, to its employees. (W. H. Canniff) 

Engin. M. 8: 977 (Mr). 

Railroad, Relations of employee to. (C. Warman) 

Engin. M. 8:985(Mr). 
Railroad accidents, Causes of. (J. A. Hall) Engin. 

M. 9: 72o(Jl). 
Railroad commission of Great Britain. Sat. R. 

Railroad construction, Cost of modern. (J. F. 

Wallace) Engin. M. 10:472(0). 
Railroad facts and figures. (M. Philips) New Sci. 

R. i:448(Ap). 
Railroad invasion of Asia. (C. Morris) Lippinc. 

5 6:8 3 (J1). 
Railroad invention, Review of. (C. P. Mackie) 

Engin. M. 9: 7I2(J1). 
Railroad machine shop. (H. D. Gordon) Engin. 

M. 9:70501). 
Railroad management, First principles in. (B. 

Reece) Engin. M. 9: 6i7(Jl). 

— Higher education in. (G. B. Leighton) Harv. 

Grad. M. 3:48i(Je). 

— Reforms in. (H. Clews) Engin. M. 9-635(Jl). 
Railroad operation, Economy in. (L. F. LorecJ 

Engin. M. 9: 271 (My). 
Railroad rates, Decline in. (H. T. Newcomb) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47: i86(Je). 
Railroad securities, Advance in. (T. L. Greene) 

Engin. M. 9:67301). 
Railroad signal, A; a story. (J. Mackenzie) Gent. 

M. n. s. w i(Je). 
Railroad stations, Architecture of. (B. L. Gilbert) 

Engin. M. 9:64901). 
Railroading over an earthquake. (C. Warman) 

McClure, 5:415(0). 
Railroads and municipalities. (D. A. Jones) Engin. 

M. 8: 813(F). 

— Economy in operating. (L. F. Lorec) Engin. 


— Employees' relief departments of. (E. R. John- 

son) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 424(H). 

— English; birth and growth of the broad gauge. 
Gent. M. n. s. 55-'489(N). 

One-class question. Spec. 75: 923(028). 

~"he general « ------- 


— The general situation 

hpec. 71 
. (0. D." 

Ashley) Forum, 

— Government control of, Steps toward. (C. D. 

Wright) Forum, 18: 704(F). 

— Great systems of U.S. (J. B. Walker) Cos- 

mopol. 19: i7(My). 

— Legislative regulation of. (A. Fink) Engin. M. 


— Light. (W. M. Acworth) Econ. J. 5: 86(Mr). 
for farming districts. Sat. R. 80: 793(014). 

— Mountain. (J. H. Means and J. C. Branner) 

Chaut. 2i:426(Jl). 

of the mining regions. (J. R. Maxwell) 

Engin. M. 10: 61 (O). 

— A national transportation department. (H. J: 

Fletcher) Atlan. 76: 119OI). 

— Nationalization of, by inches; the British 

railway system. (E. E. Williams) New R. 
I 3 :8l(Jl). 

— problem of, Partial solution. (C. J. Buell) 

Arena, 12: 321 (My). 

See Street railways. 
Raimondo, Antonio, the savant of Peru. (C. De 

Kalb) Nation, 6i:42(Jli8), 62OI25). 
Rain in August. Nature, 52: 519(826). 
Rainfalls. (W. W. Wagstaffe) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 


— Great. (A. Maclvor) Gent. M. n s. 54=630Cje). 




Rain-gambling in Calcutta. Chamb. J. 72: 350 

Rain-makers, Natural. (A. McAdie) Pop. Sci. Mo. 


Ralph Renton, bachelor; a story. Temp. Bar, 106: 

Ramabai Association; annual report. Lend a 

Hand, i4:274(Ap), (J. W. Andrews) 329 

Ramsay, Andrew Crombie, Geikie's life of. (F. W. 

Rudler) Acad. 47:467001). — Sat. R. 79:485 

Ranchman, English, Why he is a failure. Longm. 

26: 59(My). 
Ranyard, Arthur Cowper, and his work. (W. H. 

Wesley) Knowl. 18: 25(F). 
Raphael, Early work of. (Julia Cartwright-Ady) 

Portfo. 13, no. i(Ja). 

— in Rome. (Julia Cartwright-Ady) Portfo. no. 

Rapid transit, Some speculations regarding. (J. 

B. Walker) Cosmopol. 20: 26 (N). 
Rates, Incidence of. (H. L. Davies) Westm. 144: 

Rationality, Persistence of. (R. M. Wenley) Scot. 

R. 25:226(Ap). 
Rat-lore, Recent. Spec. 75 : 637 (N9) . 
Rat-trap, A night in a. Chamb. J. 72: 62 (Ja). 
RavenaJ, Daniel, of South Carolina. N.E. Reg. 49: 

Rawlinson, Henry C. Ath. '95, i:3i3(Mr9). — 

(J. S. Cotton) Acad. 47: 2i9(Mr9). — Critic, 

26: i89(Mr9). — Nature, 5* : 536(Ap4). — 

With portrait. (F. J. Goldsmid) Geog. J. 5: 


Ray from a jack-lantern, A ; a story. (L. M. Smith) 
Outing, 26:287(J1). 

Reaction, Type theory of the simple. (E. B. Tit- 
chenor) Mind, 68:506(0). 

— Types of. (J. M. Baldwin) Psychol. R. 2: 259 

Reaction time with reference to race. (R. M. 

Bache) Psychol. R. 2:475(8). 
Reactions, Simple. (E. B. Titchener) Mind, 20: 

Read, Mary ; West Indian amazon. All the Year, 

76: 59(J*I9). 
Readers vs. writers. Sat. R. 79*.4io(Mr3o). 
Reading. Meth. R. 55:794(8). 

— and education. Dial (Ch.) 18: ioi(Fi6). 

— for boys. (E. M. Coe) Lib. J. 20: n8(Ap). 

— for children, Guiding of, by teachers. (M. E. 

Merington) Lib. J. 20: H9(Ap). 

— for the young in public libraries. (L. E. Stearns) 

Lib. J. I9:supp. 81 (D '94). 

— in public. (T. O'Hagan) Canad. M. 4: 248(Ja). 

— Summer. Dial (Ch.) 19: 7(Jli). 

Real and the ideal. (J. Burroughs) Dial (Ch.) 19: 

Real presence, Lutheranism and. (J. W. Santee) 

Ref. Q. 42: 195 (Ap). 
Realism, Allotropy of. (G. M. Hyde) Dial (Ch.) 


— Truer and higher. Pub. Opin. 18: 705(Je2o). 
Realists, Great, and empty story-tellers. (H. H. 

Boyesen) Forum, 18: 724(F). 
Reality and causation. (W. W. Carlile) Mind, 
20:82, 2i3(Ja, Ap). 

— Well-springs of. (E. D. Fawcett) Monist, 5: 


Reason, Function of, in Christianity. (W. B. 

Greene, jr.) Presb. & Ref. R. 6:48i(Jl). 
Rebeur-Paschwitz, E. von. (C. Davison) Nature, 

Recall of Flathers. (C. D. Rhodes) Lippinc. 56: 

Recollection, accuracy of, Measurements of. (J. 

McK. Cattell) Science, n. s. 2: 761 (D6). 
Recollections of Captain Wilkie, The. (A. Conan 

Doyle) Chamb. J. 72: 40-57 (Ja). Same art. 

McClure, 4: 401 (Ap). 
Recollections of our old country home. (Canon 

Scott) Good Words, 36: i57(Mr). 
Records, Historical method of. (J. F. Hewitt) 

Westm. 143:50a). 
Recreation, Physiology of. (C. Roberts) Contemp. 

68: io 3 (Jl). 
Rector's hat, The. (Noah Brooks) Scrib. M. 18: 


Red-bud tree. Garden & F. 8: i84(My8). 
Red-cross knight, A; a poem. (A. L. Salmon) 

Gent. M. n. s. 55: 2i3(Ag). 
Red Cross society in Chino- Japanese war. (A. B. 

de Guerville) Munsey, 14:47(0). 
Red parasol; a story. (D. Blomfield) Outing, 26: 

Red patrol, The; a story. (G. Parker) Eng. Illust. 

12: no. 4, 330 a )- 
Red Sea scenery, Buxton letters on. Sat. R. 80: 

599 (N9). 
Redwoods, Among the. (R. Wildman) Overland, 

n. s. 26:494(N). 
Reed, Ethel, Chat with. Bookman, 2: 277(D). 
Reed, Thomas Brackett, and the 51st congress. (T. 

Roosevelt) Forum, 20:410(6). 
Reeve, Henry. Ath. '95, 2: 569(026). — (J. S. 

Cotton) Acad. 48:338(026). 
Referendum and initiative in Switzerland. (J* M. 

Gregory) Pub. Opin. i8:44o(Ap25). 

— — Relation of, to labor. (A. L. Lowell) Int. J. 

Ethics, 6:51(0). 

— and other forms of direct democracy in Swit- 

zerland. (E. V. Raynolds) Yale R. 4:289 

— and the Senate. (W. D. McCrackan) Lippinc 

55 : 855(J C )- 

— in Switzerland. (N. Droz) Contemp. 67: 328 

(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:3(Ap6). 

Same art. Eel. M. i24:625(My). — (E. V. 

Raynolds) Am. J. Soc. Sci. 33: 2I3(N). 
Reflections of a Bath mirror. (C. J. Langs ton) 

Argosy, 60: 748(D). 
Reflectors, Telescope. (D. W. Edgecomb) Pop. 

Astron. 2: 366(Ap). 
Reform and reforms. (D. Mowry) Am. M. Civics, 


— Political mission of. (L. P. Gratacap) Am. M. 

Civics, 7: 303, 368(8, 0). 
Reformation, The, and some of its leading spirits. 

(B. O. Flower) Arena, n:266(Ja). 
Reformed Church and her creed. (W. Rupp) Ref. 

Q. 42:50a). 

— in America, General synod of. (T. W. Cham- 

bers) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: 73i(0). 
Pittsburg synod, 25th anniversary of. (A. E. 

Truxal) Ref. Q. 42: 203 (Ap). 
Progress of a century in, 1793-1893. (J. H. 

Dubbs) Ref. Q. 42: 28(Jaj. 
Progress of theology in. (T. G. Apple) Ref. 

Q 42:1900- 




Refraction, double, MacCullagh's theory of. (A. 

B. Basset) Nature, 52: 595(017). 
Regnault, Henri. (W. G. Page) New Eng. M.n. s. 

11: 704(F). 
Regret. (K. Chopin) Cent. 50: 147 (My). 
Rejane, Madame. (J. H. M'Carthy) Cent. 49:839 


— and Sareey. Critic, 26: 205 (Mr 16). 

— as Madame Sans-G£ne. Critic, 26: i6o-i89(Mr 


Relapses of Pap, The. (L. B. Bridgman) Over- 
land, n. s. 25: 77 (Ja). 

Relationship, Classificatory system of Australia. (L. 
Fison) Anthrop. J. 24: 36o(My). 

Relief by work, Experiment in. (C Gardener) 
Char. R. 4: 225 (Mr). 

Religion and popular literature. (Rev. T. Hannan) 
[Westm.J Eel. M. 124: 181(F). — (J. S. 
Stahr) Ref. Q. 42:27201). 

— and the state. (J. Clifford) Contemp. 67:433 

(Mr). — Reply. (W. H. Fremantle) Con- 
temp. 67: 7i4(My). 

— and wealth. (W. Gladden) Bib. Sac. 52: 153 


— Definitions of, and study of non-Christian relig- 

ions. Bib. World, 6: 32 1 (N) . 

— Evolution of. (B. Bosanquet) Int. J. Ethics, 5: 

Caird on. (W. B. Greene, jr.) Presb. & Ref. 

R. 6: I25(ja). 

— of savages, Lubbock on. (J. Carmichael) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 48:220(0). 

— Philosophy and development of, Pfleiderer on. 

(S. M.Jackson) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: I34(ja). 

Principal Fairbairn on. Bib. World, 6:213 


— Romanes' Thoughts on. (A. F. Hewtt) Cath. 

World, 62:2(0).— (P. Carus) Monist, 5:385 
Religions, Alleged sympathy of. (J. H. Allen) 
New World, 4: 3io(Je). 

— Parliament of. (C. C. Bonney) Monist, 5:321 

and the Barrows lectureship. (G. S. Good- 
speed) Bib. World, 5: 129(F). 

— — Extension of. Monist, 5: 345 (Ap). 

Results and mission of. (G.T. Candlin)Bib. 

Religious, Why be? (M. Dod») Chr. Lit. 14:146 

Religious belief, bases of, Upton's Hibbert lecture 

on. Church Q. 39: 322 (J a). 

— Fancies of a believer. Black w. 157: 237(F). 
Religious journalism and journalists. (G. P. Mor- 
ris) R. of Rs. 12:413(0). 

— in Catholic church. (J. J. Dunn) Chaut. 20: 712 


— in Congregational and Presbyterian churches. 

(A. P. Foster) Chaut. 20: 585(F). 

— in Prot. Epis. church. (G. A. Carstensen) Chaut. 


Religious sentiment, The, and the origin of man. 
(A. Foga/zaro) Contemp. 68:65(J1). Same 
art. Chr. Lit. 13: i98(Ag). 

Religious teaching in the public schools. (L. Ab- 
bott) Cent. 49:943c Ap). 

Rembrandt. (J. C. Robinson) 19th Cent. 37:462 

Remedies, Country. (S. Baring-Gould) Sund. M. 
24: 240(Ap). 

Remedies, Some popular. Chamb. J. 72:42(Ja). 
Renan, Ernest, Berthelot and. (A. D. Van Dam) 
Contemp. 68: 862(D). 

— Correspondence with his sister. (A. Laugel) 

Nation, 61: 185(812). 
Renan, Henriette, by her brother. Sat. R. 80: 86 

Reno gang, Destruction of. (C. Moffett) McClure, 

4:549c My). 
Rent, marginal, Concept of. (J. H. Hollander) Q. 

J. Econ. 9: I75(ja). 
Reporting, Parliamentary, Some humours of. 

Macmil. 71: 365 (Mr). 
Representation in New England legislatures. (G. 

H. Haynes) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6:254 


— Modern theory of. (L. R. Harley) Am. M. 

Civics, 6:337 (Ap). 

— Proportional. (W. D. Foulke) Am. M. Civics, 

7:400(0). — (W. D. Foulke) Pub. Opin. 

for representatives in Congress. (J. M. 

Ashley) Arena, 14:221(0). 
Social basis of. (J. W. Jenks) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 6:38i(N). 
Representative in Congress, Position of, with re- 
spect to the people. (C. H. Lincoln) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 1 17CJI)- 
Reptilia of the Baptanodon beds. (O. C. Marsh) 

Am. J. Sci. 150: 405 (N). 
Reptilian remains, from the triassic of northern 

California. (J. C. Merriam) Am. J. Sci. 

Republican party, Outlook for, 1895. (C. T. Sax- 
ton) No. Am. i6i:536(N). 

Research in education. (H. E. Armstrong) Nat- 
ure, 5i:463(Mri4). 

Respectable, Meanings of the word. (F. Hall) 
Nation, 61:9(^4). 

Responsibility, Free-will and. (D. G. Ritchie) Int. 
J. Ethics, 5:409^!). 

— Ritchie on. (J. H. Hyslop) 6: ioi(O). 
Resurrection, Dr. Heber Newton on. (G. M. 

Searle) Cath. World, 61 ^(Je). 
Reticence in literature. Spec. 75 : 45(Jli3). 
Retina, Shadows of blood-vessels upon. (C. L. 

Franklin) Psychol. R. 2:392(3!). 
Revelation, Divine. (J. F. Chaffee) Meth. R. 55: 

99 (Ja). 
Revenues, Classification of public. (E. R. A. Se- 

ligman) Q. J. Econ. 9: 279(Ap). 
Revivalists. See Evangelists. 
Reynolds, Sir Joshua. (J. C. Robinson) 19th Cent. 


— Lady Betty Delene and her children. Sat. R. 

79 : 39(Jai2). 
Rhetoric for science. (S. W. Balch) Educa. 16: 

— Teacher's outfit in. (J. F. Genung) School R. 

3 : 405(S). 

Rhoads, Samuel, Mayor of Philadelphia, 1774. (H. 
D. Biddle) Pennsyl. M. i9:64(Ap). 

Rhode Island and Maryland; which established re- 
ligious liberty first? (R. H. Clarke) Am. 
Cath. Q. 20:289(Ap). 

Rhodes, Cecil, and South Africa. (H. A. Bryden) 
Sat. R. 80:435(05). 

— as a monopolist. Sat. R. 80:400(828). 

— Influence in South Africa. Sat. R. 80: 536 




^ . -. -, v^-.% S»t. R. 79:226 

-^ • * -» a« »■ and. (C. S. Sar- 

• .\ .1. ctannewell) Garden 

/ .. * ."/ .\uici & F. 8:252(Je26). 
* v .^ . ^ .t..i x '■* %• ii4v.My29). 
v v ^ v»t; ». c»»«i „»t Ynys Galon. Sat. R. 

v . . N '-». .xv^. .-»\ v fc:.* Noble) Poet-Lore, 7: 

vN * h . ;.a h ; » cmtsut. ^L. T. Meade and R. K. 

.v.^x-s >. tjiuc L ;* :2 7&-3 2 7(My). 
Vv ,,„,.; itvK-u V M. Moule) All the Year, 76: 

vx v v- , v ^rwr.cut. (H. E. Miller) New Eng. 

Kmm,i, Vat\Luk. R.ofRs. n:294(Mr). 
v^ »«; .w tut*. ^A. J. Kenealy) Outing, 26:44 

K- «tx VI .uv, y,A. R. Buckland) Sund. M. 24:674 



K ^vwus *\mun, A; a story. (M. Watson) Eng. 

t iuxi. ij:*„?i(S). 
K m.^ v'tuuk* Valentine. (A. S. Packard) Science, 

u. sl i: 74^1*0- — N» ture » 5 2:6oo ( 0, 7)- 
K>U^ Uro*» \Vhitcomb. (R. R. Wilson) Munsey, 

1 *i ;SovJl). 
KmtfC l^»»y» ftlM * marriage. Chamb. J. 72:527 

K^ Viilf fall of religion at Duxbury Swamp. (W. 

Atkinson) Chamb. J. 72 : 553(Ag). 
R^k. M\ economic factor. (J. Haynes) Q. J. Econ. 

0:401)^ Jl). 
Kitvhir. Anne Thackeray, Visit to, with portrait. 

(Mm. B. Harrison) Bookman, 1: i64(Ap). 

— - Unwritten memoirs. (E.G. Johnson) Dial (Ch.) 

Kitwhlinnism. (C. Jensen) Luth. Q. 25: 556(0). 
Rival, The j a poem. (G. Hall) Harper, 90:780 

Rivalries of Long and Short Codiac. (G. W. 

Edwards) Cent. 50: 569(Ag), 869(C)). 
River and harbor improvement in United States, 

Rise and progress of. (I. Y. Schermerhom) 

J. Krankl. Inst. 139:252^). 
River between, A; a story. (F. Guertin) Outing, 

River improvement works. (C. D. Marx) Chaut. 

River syndicate, The. (C. E. Carryl) Scnb. M. 

18: 762(D). 
Rivers, Temperatures of European. (H. N. Dick- 
son) Geog. J. 6:264 (S). 
Riviera, Notes from. (Mrs. H. Chetwynd) Belgra. 

Roads. (M. M. Pope) Lippinc. 56: 570(0). 

— better, Need of. (M. Dodge) No. Am. 161: 


— common, Improvement of. (J. G. Speed) Lip- 

pinc. 55:836(Je). 

— French. (T. Stanton) Lippinc. 56: 538(0). 

— Good. (Gen. R. Stone) Overland, n. s. 25:234 


— pavements, sidewalks and bridges. (W. Howard) 

Kngin. M. 8«ioi4(Mr). 

— State, in Massachusetts. (A. A. Pope) Lend a 

Hand, i4:42o(Je). 

Roanoke, Lost colony of. (E. Y. Wilson) Canad. 
M. 4: 5co(Ap). 

— Raleigh's colony at. (J. P. Baxter) New Eng. 

M. n. s. n:565(Ja). 
Robben island, Lepers on. (F. MacNab) Temp. 

Bar, io6:6o(S). 
Robert Atterbury; a story. (T. H. Brainerd) 

Munsey, 14: i8~329(0-D). 
Roberts, John, of Merion. Pennsyl. M. 19:262 

(ji). , % 

Robinson, Alfred. Acad. 47: i92(Mr2). 
Robinson, Jonah Leroy, a poet of the northwest. 

(J. Realf, jr.) Arena, i2:3o8(My). 
Rochefort, Henri, and art. Sat. R. 79:722^1). 
Rock cutter and trimmer, Improved. (E. Kidwell) 

Am. J. Sci. i49:4i7(My). 
Rock fissure, A. (G. K. Gilbert) Science, n. s. 2: 

Rock Island express robbery, The. (C. Moffett) 

McClure, 4: 245(F). 
Rocky Mts., Elevation along, in British America, 

since cretaceous period. (G. M. Dawson) 

Am. J. Sci. 149: 463 (Je). 

— Hunting in. (R. S. Hill) Outing, 26:452(8). 

— Photographing game in. (A. G. Wallihan) 

Cosmopol. 19: 371 (Ag). 
Rodney, George Brydges. Temp. Bar, 106:318 

Rogers, Robert Cameron, with portrait. Bookman, 

« : 3°7(Je). 
Roi est mort, Le; a poem. (A. Cochrane) Temp. 

Bar, io5:463(Ag). 
Roland, Madame M. J. P. (M. Dale) Belgra. 86: 

30j(Mr). — Liv. Age, 205: u8(Api3). 
Roll-call of the reef, The; a story. (A. F. Q. 

Couch) McClure, 5: 163OI). 
Roman Catholic Church and the coming social 

struggle. (C. Robinson) Am. M. Civics, 6: 


— and the salvability of heretics. (C. C. Starbuck) 

Meth. R. 55:720(8). 

— and social struggle. (C. Robinson) Am. M. 

Civics, 6: 144(F). 

— Assurance of salvation and certainty of belief 

in. (L. W. Bacon) Chr. Lit. 12: 193 (F), 257 

— Attitude towards the Anglicans. (A. Jessopp) 

19th Cent. 37:96i(Je). 

— The celestial empire of the West. (A. Jessopp) 

Chr. Lit. 13: I47(J1). 

— Discussion over the authority of, by a Catholic 

and an Anglican bishop. (A. F. Marshall) 
Am. Cath. Q. 20:557^!). 

— Dispensing power in. Dub. R. 116: I49(ja). 

— in Bordeaux, 1 350-1450. (E. Allain) Dub. R. 

"7 : 373(0). 

— in Corea. (E. M. Clerke) Dub. R. 116:290 


— in England. Restoration of the hierarchy. (J. 

B. Milburn) Dub. R. 117:347(0). 

Promised support from Irish revenue. (An 

Englishman) National, 25:453^). 

— in Russian Poland ; difficulties of the episcopate. 

(M. E. Herbert) Dub. R. 117:265(0). 

— in the United States, O'Gorman's. (J. W. Chad- 

wick) Nation, 61: 209(S 19). 

— Journalism in. (J. J. Dunn) Chaut. 20: 712 


— Liberalism and. (B. Herford) Chr. Lit. 14:49 



I0 5 


Roman Catholic Church, Missions of, in Japan. (L. 
C. Casartelli) Dub. R. u6:257(Ap). 

— the parent of republics. (J. T. Scharf) Cath. 

World, 6i:29o(Je). 

— Rigidity of. (W. Ward) 19th Cent. 38: 786(N). 

Same art. Chr. Lit. 14: 180(D). 

— Spiritual treasures of. (W. Barry) Am. Cath.Q. 

20: i76(Ja). 
Roman Catholic protectories and reformatories. (R. 

H. Clarke) Am. Cath. Q. 2o:6o7(Jl). 
Roman Catholicism among Protestants, Growth of. 

(J. W. Ball) Luth. Q. 25:409(J1). 

— and liberalism. (B. Herford) Chr. Lit. 14:157 


— France and. (G. Bonet-Maurv) New World, 4: 

5 i6(S). 

— in England, Asserted growth of. (F. W. Farrar) 

Fortn. 64:557(0). 

— in Scandinavia. (F. Janssens) Cath. World, 60: 


— in the United States; Encyclical " Longinqua " 

(Leo XIII.) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 347c Ap).— 
Translation. Am. Cath. Q. 2o:357(Ap). — 
Commentory. (J. Schroeder) Am. Cath. Q. 

— Menace of. (W. J. H. Traynor) No. Am. 161: 


— Protestantism, and progress. (F. W. Howard) 

Cath. World, 62: I45(N). 

— Pure vs. diluted. (A. F. Hewit) Am. Cath. Q. 

Roman Catholics, Our attitude towards. (H. K. 

Carroll) Meth. R. 55:231^). 
Roman law and contemporary revelation. (G. F. 

Magoun) Green Bag, 7: i32(Mr). 
Roman literature, ancient, Environment of. (W. 

C. Lawton) Poet- Lore, 7: H3(Mr). 
Roman women; a poem. (T. E. Brown) New R. 

"3-* '37(Ag). 
Romance; a poem. (O. C. Stevens) Harper, 90: 

Romance in late fall. (M. Richardson) Lippinc. 

Romance of Clovelly, A; a story. (K. D. Wiggin) 

Cosmopol. I9:277(J1). 
Romance of Dull town; a story. (J. W. Temple) 

McClure, 4: 236(F). 
Romance of Gray's inn, A ; a story. (A. Fleming) 

Gent. M. n. s. 54:2i7(Mr). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 205: 401 (My 18). 
Romance of an ox-team. (C. G. D. Roberts) 

Lippinc. 56:239(Ag). 
Romance of Spain. (C. W. Wood) Argosy, 59: 

698. 60: 65-445 (Je-O). 
Romance of two jubilees; a story. (G. F. Sams) 

Eng. Illust. 14: H9(N). 
Romano-British land surface. Flint flakes re- 
placed. (W. G. Smith) Nature, 52: 222 


Roman's villeggiatura, The. (E. M . Cesaresco) Con- 
temp. 68:509(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 
4 i7(Ni6). 

Rome, American school at. (H. C. Butler) Critic, 
26: 422 (Je 22). 

— ancient, Grandeur of. (R. Seton) Am. Cath. Q. 


— and its churches. (O. Shipley) Cath. World, 


— and its recent ruins. (T. Hughes) Am. Cath. 

Q. 20:698(0). 

Rome in the middle ages, Gregorovius on. Sat. R. 


— Religious organization in. (O. Shipley) Cath. 

World, 62: 50(0). 

— revisited. (C. R. W. Biggar) Canad. M. 4: 572 

(Ap). 5:i22(Je) f 20i(Jl). 

— The road to. Macmil. 72: 26o(Ag), 366(S). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 803(828 ). 207:228 

— a Roman reverie. (A. Austin) Fortn. 64: 593 

(O). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:490^23). 

— Spring in. (L. Gittings) Outing, 26:4i(Ap). 
Romeo and Juliet; an immortal story. (Eugene 

Benson) New R. 13: 94(J1). 
Ronzano, Italy. (B. O'Reilly) Harper, 91:722 

Rookery, Annals of a. Liv. Age, 207:637(07). 
Rooks, Dispersal of acorns by. (C. Keid) Nature, 

5 3 :6(N 7 ). 
Rooms 23 and 24; a story. (H. W. Lucy) Eng. 

Illust. 14: 19(6). 
Roosevelt, Theodore: a character sketch. (J. 

Ralph) R. of Rs. 12: i59(Ag). 

— The wilderness hunter. Atlan. 75: 826(Je). 
Root, George Frederick. Ath. '95, 2: 234(Agi7). 
Roots, Penetration of, into living tissues. (R. 

Beer) Nature, 52:630(024). 
Rosamond's romance: a story. (G. A. Hibbard) 

Harper, 91: 2I9(J1). 
Rosamund, Fair. ( W. W. Hunt) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

Rose Aylmer's grave; a poem. Temp. Bar, 105: 

Rose garden in Jackson park, Chicago. (F. C. 

Seavey) Garden & F. 8: 328(Agi4). 
Rosebery, Lord. (J. M'Carthy) Forum, 19:224 


— Administration of, Record of. R. of Rs. 12: 191 


— and the liberal party. (W. L. Stobart) Fortn. 


— Failure of. Spec. 74: 888(Je29). 

— Plan of. Liv. Age, 204:47^5). 

— Scottish home of; Dalmeny House and park. 

(A. Lamont) Eng. Illust. 13:236^). 
Roses and ancient rose-growers. Quar. 182:110 


— Cherokee rose. Garden & F. 8: H4(Mr2o). 

— Hybrid perpetual. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 

8: 5 i6(D2 5 ). 

— Seasonable notes on. (W. H. Taplin) Garden 

&F. 8:476^27). 
Rosita. (E. Mackubin) Atlan. 75:769^). 
Ross, Alexander; Pedant schoolmaster of the age 

of Cromwell. (F. Watson) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 

Rosse, Earl of. (R. Ball) Good Words, 36: 541 

Rossetti, Christina. (Alice Meynell) New R. 12: 
201(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 569(Mr2). 
— (A. C. Benson) National, 24: 753(F). Same 
art. Liv. Age, 204: 62o(Mr9). Same art. Eel. 
M. i24:49o(Ap). — (D. Sutherland) Lit. W. 
(Bost.) 26:40^9). — (W. Sharp) Atlan. 75: 
73 6 (Je)« — Sat. R. 79:5(Ja5).— (T. Watts) 
Ath. '95, i:i6(Ja5). — Pub. Opin. 18:43 
(Jaio). — Dial (Ch.) 18: 37(Jai6). — Critic, 
26: i6(Ja5). — Acad. 47: I2(ja5). 

— New Year's Eve. (A. C. Swinburne) 19th Cent, 

37 : 367(F). 

K« ^>ETTI 

1 06 


x v^«". K r«>:'nA % Poetry of. Critic, 26:2i(Ja5). 
x. ■!.:! sccuccs of. yK. T. Hinkson) Bookman, 
1 ,»> > \ — . v l\ Watts) 19th Cent. 37: 355(F). 

— - I'ivx.- ^ „»: : a poem. ^K. L. Bates) Dial (Ch.) 

1^ i;> v MrO. 
V y..'\ v-r. v Mice Law) Westm. 143:444 (Ap). 
K.vv^wu P. G., At the grave of. (J. A. Noble) 

lv.VA.uian, i: !70(Ap). 
KhimiN ictcers of. Sat. R. 80:838(021). 

— k-mn ; a poem. (W. G. Kingsland) Poet- Lore, 

7: i v U\ 
Roam, Giovanni Battista de. (T. J. Shahan) Am. 

*. ath. s?. jo: i(Ja). 
Kx"»i, l.uigi. MunVey, 12: 474(F). 
Kovam, Gioachino Antonio, composer and gourmet. 

Athn 75.280(F). 
Rostand. Edmund. (Princesse Lointaine) Sat. R. 


RoMook, Germany. (E. P. Oberholtzer) Am. Arch. 

4S: is(Apii). 
Rotation, Sensations of. (H. C. Warren) Psychol. 

Roth, Rudolf von. (A. A. MacDonell) Acad. 48: 

S5(Jl2o). — Ath. '95, 2: 130GI27). 
Roumanian nationality. (A. J. Patterson) Acad. 

4* I77( s 7)- 
Round towers of Ireland, St. Fechlin, the builder 

of. (K. Lawless) 19th Cent. 37:42i(Mr). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: i04(Api3). 
Roundabout to Boston. (W. D. Howells) Harper, 

Roxbury Latin School. (J. De Normandie) Nfew 

Kng. M. n. s. I2:388(je). 
Royal Academy. (J. E. Hodgson and F. A. Eaton) 

Art J. 47: i43(My). — (S. Haras) Am. Arch. 

48: I22(Je22). 

— Exhibition of 1895. (C. Phillips) Acad. 47: 407- 

5 4 8(MyJe). — (R. J. Slade) Art J. 47:161 
(Jc). —Sat. R. 79:6i7(Myii). — Ath. '95, 1: 
54-288(Ja-Mr). — (S. Beale) Am. Arch. 47: 

— in 19th century. (J. E. Hodgson and F. A. 

Eaton) Art J. 47: 243(Ag). 

— Old masters at. (C. Phillips) Acad. 47:40(^1 

12), 86(Ja26), I09(F2).— (E. R. Pennell) 
Nation, 6o:88(Ja3i). 

— Treatment of living- artists by. Art J. 47:158 

Koyal authors, Modern. (E. Davis) Canad. M. 

4: 350(F). 
Royal commissions as they are and as they should 

be. Spec. 74:457(Ap6). 
Royal families. Insanity in. (A. Bodington) Am. 

Natural. 29: 118(F). 
Royal Geographical Society, Address to. (C. R. 

Mark ham) Geog. J. 6: i(Jl). 
Royal jiltings, Certain. (E. F. Corby) Argosy, 60: 

Royal society conversazione. Nature, 52: 37(My9). 
Royalty, Summer homes of. (H. W. Fischer) Mun- 

scy, I3:4o6(J1). 
Rubber-plants, Propagating. (W. Scott) Garden 

& F. 8:7(Ja2). 
Rubens, Peter Paul. (T. Cole) Cent. 50:483^). 
Rubenstein, Anton. (H. R. Haweis) Fortn. 63: 27 

(Ja). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 229(F). — R. 

of Rs. 11: 177(F).— [Contemp.] Liv. Age, 


— "Christus" at Bremen. (J. S. Shedlock) Acad. 


Rubenstein, Anton. A last look. Atlan. 76: 287 


— the man and the musician. (A. McArthur) Ont 

Rugby and Oxford. (W. C. Lake) Good Words, 

Ruined faith-doctor, A. (C. R. Van Blarcom) Scrib. 

M. i8:234(Ag). 
Rumsey, James, steamboat inventor. (J. Weir) 

Engin. M. 9--878(Ag). 
Runga's revenge. (Mrs. Frank Penny) Chamb. J. 

Running. International athletic match, 1895. (W. 

E. Curtis) Outing, 27: I57(N). 
Rural festivals, American. (C. C. Harrison) Cent. 

5° : 323(J0. 
Rush, Dr. Benjamin, and Gen. Washington. (P. L. 

Ford) Atlan. 75:633(My). 

Ruskin, John. (Henriette Corkran) Temp. Bar, 

i05.-5i5(Ag). — (F. Harrison) 19th Cent. 38: 


— As a master of prose. (Frederic Harrison) 

19th Cent. 38:561(0). 

— First published writings of. (W. R. Nicoll) 

Bookman, i:32i(Je). 

— letters to Ernest Chesneau. (W. G. Kings- 

land) Poet-Lore, 7:123^), 255(My), 349 


— a study in love and religion. (J. Telford) Meth. 

R - 55 :2 5(J a )- 
Russell, John, lord, Reid's. Sat. R. 80: 17CP6). 

Russia and England. (A. J. French) Fortn. 63: 

88 3(Je)-—(A. Vambery) No. Am. 160:561 

(My). — (M. MacColl) Contemp. 67: iQ 4 )- 

— beggars in, The ways of. (Edith Sellers) Good 

Words, 36: i95(Mr). 

— Censorship of the press in. (R. G. Burton) 

Westm. 144: 135 (Ag). 

— a change of czars. Blackw. 157: 306(F). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 204: 579(Mr9). 

— Church of, state. (B. J. Clinch) Am. Cath. Q. 


— English influence in. (P. Bororykine) Contemp. 


— Foreign relations of. (S. M. Miller) Cath. 

World, 60: 535 (Ja). 

— Georgian treaties with. (V. E. Cherkezov) 19th 

Cent. 37:832(My). 

— in Asia, as a civilizing force. (J. M. Hubbard) 

Atlan. 75: 197(F). 

— Misinformation about. (I. F. Hapgood) Nation, 


— Mongolia, and China. (E. Reclus) Contemp. 

67:6i7(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:555 


— Navy, volunteer fleet. (J. D. Ross) Chamb. J. 


— The new reign in. (V. Yarros) Chaut. 20: 698 

(Mr). — (F. Volkhovzky) Canad. M. 4:357 


— nihilism in, Revival of. Sat. R. 80: 338(814). 

— On a moor in. (F. Whishaw) Longm. 26: 406 


— or England? (D. Mills) Canad. M. 4: 5i8(Ap). 

— Persecutions of Christians in. (L. Tolstoi) 

Contemp. 68:644(N). 

— Present condition. (P. Kropotkin) 19th Cent. 

38:519(8). Same art. Eel. M. 125:518(0). 
Same art. Liv. Age, 207:215(026). 

— Rambles in, Hapgood's. Sat R. 79:868^29). 




Russia, Six weeks in. (M. E. Herbert) Dub. R. 

— South, Peasant-life of. Blackw. 158: 805(D). 
Russian fictional literature. (R. G. Burton) Westm. 

Rutimeyer, Ludwig. Nature, 53: 158(019). 
Ryder, Dick. Of the man from Cornwall. (H. B. 

M. Watson) New R. 12: 345 (Ap). 
Ryder, John Adam. Nat. Sci. 6:349(My). — (H. 

Allen) Science, n. s. 2: 334(Si3). 
Rye and Winchelsea, England. Art J. 47: 257(8). 

Sabbath as a civil institution. (B. W. Williams) 

Am. M. Civics, 6:432(Ap). 
Sabbath observance bill, Lines on. (Marquis 

Wellesley) 19th Cent. 37: 1059 (Je). 
Sabbaths and weeks, Origin of. (A. B. Ellis) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 329(Ja). 
Sabin, Joseph, with portrait. (W. L. Andrews) 

Bookman, 1: 381 (Jl). 
Sabre, Revolver or? (W. P. Hall) No. Am. 161: 

Sacerdotalism, Canon Knox Little on. (F. Peek) 

Contemp. 68: 826(D). 
Sachs, Hans, poet of the Reformation. (N. W. 

Clark) Meth. R. 55:698(8). 

— celebration in Germany. (K. Blind) [National] 

Same art. Eel. M. 124:630a). 
Sacraments and the Word, Objective efficacy of. 

(J. A. Earnest) Luth. Q. 25: 289OI). 
Sadler, .Walter Dendy. (F. G. Stephens) Art J. 

47 : 193(J0- 

— The gamesters; a painting. Art J. 47: 253(Ag). 

Sadthu the dacoit; a story. (F. Dixon) Eng. Illust. 

>3 : 473(S). 
Safely deposited; a story. Chamb. J. 72:4i2(Je). 
Saga of King Olaf Tryggwason, Stephton's. (W. 

H. Carpenter) Nation, 60: 28y(Apii). 
Sage, Russell. (H. Parker) Munsey, i2:634(Mr). 
Saguenay region. (E. J. Hill) Garden & F. 8: 182 

(My8), i93(Myi5), 2i3(My29). 
Sahara, the, Geology of. (P. Lake) Sci. Prog. 3: 

Sailing. (A. J. Kenealy) Outing, 26: 229(Je). 

— Fitting out for a cruise. (A. J. Kenealy) Outing, 

26: 1 33 (My). 
St. Alban, Legend of. (W. Proudfoot) Canad. M. 

6: 17(N). 
St. Andrew's University and the Duke of Chandos. 

(J. M. Anderson) Scot. R. 25:41^). 
'• St. Anthony's bread." (C. Robinson) No. Am. 

Saint Bede went a-haymaking ; a story. (C. Cot- 

terell) Argosy, 6o:245(Ag). 
St. Bernard, Pious monks of. (L. Hind) Eng. 

Illust. 14: 334(D). 
St. Botolph without Aid gate, parish of, Troubles in, 

under the Protectorate. (J. A. Dodd) Eng. 

Hist. R. io:4i(Ja). 
Saint Cashir, a gentleman adventurer of the old re- 
gime. (J. G. Bourinot) Canad. M. 6: 152(D). 
St. Georges, Arreton. (A. B. Bibb) Am. Arch. 48: 

. 35( A P 2 ?)- 
Saint-Germains, James II. at. (Herbert Vivian) 

New R. I3:525(N). 
St. James's parish, Perkiomen, Montgomery County, 

Pennsylvania. (A. J. Barrow) Pennsyl. M. 

Saint Kevin and the goose. Macmil. 72: i88(Jl). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 397(Agi7). 

St. Lawrence, Glacial Lake, of Professor Warren 
Upham. (R. Chalmers) Am. J. Sci. 149: 273 

St. Lawrence River basin, Late glacial subsidence 
and reelevation of. (W. Upham) Am. J. Sci. 
149: 1 (Ja). 

St. Louis Association of Painters and Sculptors, 
Exhibit of. Am. Arch. 48: 108 (Je 15). 

St. Luke's house, London. (Mrs. J. Stuart) Sund. 
M. 24:677(0). 

St. Mary's, Carisbrook. (A. B. Bibb) Am. Arch. 
48:35(A P 27). 

St. Paul and its new State House. Am. Arch, co: 

St. Paul's Cathedra], Decoration of. (W. B. Rich- 
mond) Am. Arch. 49: 25(Jl2o) . 

St. Paul's churchyard, Round. All the Year, 76: 17 


St. Peter's Collegiate School, Adelaide, 80. Aus- 
tralia. (A. Inkersley) Educa. 15:2630a). 

St. Skea, a story. (K. Bradshaw) Canad. M. 5: 

St. Sophia and Byzantine building. Ed. R. 181:460 

St. Swithin's monastery, The last years of. Mac- 
mil. 72: 284(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 

Sainte-Beuve, Charles A., as critic. Sat. R. 79: 754 

Saints, Love of the. (V. Paget) Contemp. 67: 499 

Saintsbury, George, as a critic. (E. K. Chambers) 
Acad. 47 : 459(J1)- — Sat. R. 79: 257^23). 

Saintsbury, William Noel. Ath. '95, i:345(Mri6). 

Sala, George Augusta. Critic, 27:409(1)14). — 
Ath. '95, 2:834(014). 

— Autobiography of. Sat. R. 79: 223 (Fi 6). — (E. 

G. Johnson) Dial (Ch.) 18: io6(Fi6). 

— London pen and gown in the sixties and since. 

(T. H. S. Escott) Fortn. 63: 238(F). 
Sales, Humors of. All the Year, 76: 176^23). 
Salisbury cabinet, The third. (W. T. Stead) R. of 

Rs. i2:i77(Ag). 
Salisbury cathedral. (G. D. Boyle) Sund. M. 24: 

246, 344(Ap, My). 
Salisbury, Lord, from a French point of view. (A 

Filon) Fortn. 64: 803(D). 
Salisbury palace. (E. Venables) Sund. M. 24: 119 

(F), i88(Mr). 
Sally. (L. T. Meade) Chamb. J. 72:652(0). 
Salmon, The, and its kin. Cornh. 72: 614(D). 
Salmon fisheries of Norway, The. Blackw. 157: 393 

Salmon fishing. Outing, 26: 269 (Jl). 

— on Snake river. (F. C. Read) Outing, 27: 222 

Saloon, The, and the Sabbath. (F. C. Igleharl) 

No. Am. 161:467(0). 
Salt. Why salt ? (H.B. Tuttle) Cosmopol. 20:94 

Salta and Jujuy-Jabez land. Chamb. J. 72:671 

Salvation Army. Lend a Hand, 14: 163(F). 

— Annual expenses. Lend a Hand, 14: 2o8(Mr). 

— among the slums. (Maud B. Booth) Scrib. 

M. 17: I02(ja). 

— General Booth and the. (J. Cook) Our Day, 15: 


— General Booth's visit to U.S. Lend a Hand, 

14: i63(Mr). 


1 08 


Salvation Army, Inner history of the origin of. 
(W. Booth) Our Day, 14: 207(Ap). 

— Shelter in London. (H. Vivian) Sat. R. 80: 

862 (D 28). 
Sam Pendarn's lady daughter; a story. All the 

Year, 76: 302 (Mr 30). 
Samarkand, From Baku to. (Frank Vincent) 

Cosmopol. 18: 394(F). 

— and Bokhara. (Frank Vincent) Cosmopol. 19: 3 

Samoa, disaster at, Story of the. (J. L. Woodruff) 
Cosmopol. 20: 5 (N). 

— Fraser's. Sat R. 79: 382^23). 

— A visit to, and the home of R. L. Stevenson. 

Westm. i43 : 55i(My). Same art. Eel. M. 
Somoyads of the Great Tundra, Notes on. (A. 
Montefiore) Anthrop. J. 24:388(My). 

— Sojourn among, Jackson's. Sat. R. 80: i6(J16). 
Sampson, Deborah. (K. G. Wells) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 13: 156(0). 
San Francisco, Chinatown, Night scenes in. (W. 
H. Gleadell) Gent. M. n. s. 54:576(Je). Same 
art. Eel. M. 125:378(8). 

— Civic awakening in. (A. Knapp) Arena, 12: 

241 (Ap). 

— Emporium building. Overland, n. s. 26: 461 


— Why the city of St. Francis? (A. Wey) Over- 

land, n. s. 26: 597(D). 
San Juan region, Railroads and mining in. (T. A. 

Rickard) Engin. M. 9 : 68?(J1). 
San Marino, Smallest republic in the world. (J. L. 

Hurst) Chaut. 21: 73 (Ap). 

— Visit to. (W. Miller) Westm. 144: 284(8). 
San Salvador, refugees, Care of. (J. B. Moore) 

Am. Law R. 29: i(Ja, F). 
San Sisto Madonna, The; a poem. (E. P. Gould) 

Educa. 16: 1 1 i(O). 
Sanchi Tope. (J. B. Braddon) Am. Arch. 49: 92 

Sancta Sophia, Constantinople. (R. W. Schultz) 

Scot. R. 26: I38(J1). Same art. Li v. Age, 

207:1(05).— (R. Davey) Art J. 47 : 33"75 


— Lethaby and Swainson's. Sat. R. 79:47^12). 
Sanctuary; a poem. (L. I. Guiney) Harper, 90: 

Sandals, Aboriginal, of North America. (O. T. 

Mason) Science, n. s. 2: i34(Ag2). 
Sanday, William. (W. H. Day) Bib. World, 6:330 

Sandeman, Sir Robert, Life and work in India, 

Thornton's. Sat. R. 79:822(Je22). 
Sandford, Francis Richard. Black w. 157:468 

Sands, Musical. (A. Maclvor) Temp. Bar, 106: 79 

Sandwich man. (F. A. McKenzie) Eng. Illust. 13: 

Sanitary engineering. (W. P. Gerhard) J. Frankl. 

Inst. 139: 45700- l 4 o: 5 6 > 9o(J!» Ag). 
Sanitary oversight of dwellings. (M. I. Moore) 

Char. R. 4:434^). 
Sanitary science, World's debt to. (J. S. Billings) 

Chaut. 21: i8(Ap). 
Sanitation. (G. W. Steeves) Westm. 143:667 


— past and ideal. (Sir B. W. Richardson) Longm. 


Sanitation : penalties of ignorance. (Lady Priestley) 
19th Cent. 38:579(Ap). Same art. Eel. M. 
124: 726 (Je). 

Santa Barbara, Battle of flowers at. (R. Wild- 
man) Overland, n. s. 26:5o(Jl). — (S. A. 
Higgins) Chaut. 21:531 (Ag) . 

Santiago, ancient capital of Cuba. (J. T. Hyatt) 
Cosmopol. 19:493(8). 

Saporta, Gaston, Marquis de. Nat. Sci. 6: 278 (Ap). 
— (A. C. Seward) Nature, 52:57(Myi6). — 
(L. F. Ward) Science, n. s. 2: 141 (Ag9). 

Sarawak. (J. Lawson) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 244 

Sardinia, Problem of. (J. S. Fiske) Nation, 60: 
161 (F28). 

Sardou, Victorien. (A. Galdemar) McClure, 5: 71 


— Fedora. Sat. R. 79:725^1). 

Satellites, Evolution of. (A. M. Clerke) Knowl. 

18: 205 (S). 
Satsuma Hokusafs long distance ride; a story. 

(H. V. Barnett) Eng. Illust. 13: i35(My). 
Saturn, Spectroscopic observations of, at Allegheny 

observatory. (J. E. Keeler) Pop. Astron. 2: 

.443 (Je). 

— rings of, Meteoric constitution of, spectroscopic 

proof of. (J. E. Keeler) Nature, 52: 164 

Saunders, John. Acad. 47: 297(Ap6). — Ath. '95, 


Savings, Small, and how to collect them. (E. Tap- 
ley) Char. R. 5: 99(D). 

Savonarola ; a 15th century revival. (J. H. Hobart) 
Harper, 91: 5j5(S). 

Sawney's deer-lick. (C. D. Lanier) Scrib. M. 

i7' : 93(Ja). 
Sayce, A. H., vs. the archaeologists. (A. A. Bevan) 

Contemp. 68: 805(D). 
Scab, The. (A. French) Scrib. M. 18: 223(Ag). 
Scaffold, Travelling. Am. Arch. 47:92(Mr2). 
Scale insects liable to be introduced into U. S. (T. 

D. A. Cockerell) Garden & F. 8:513(025). 
Scandal, The love of. (O. S. Jones) No. Am. 

160: i24(Ja). 
Scandinavian myths, Old. All the Year, 76: l3o(F9). 
Scenery, Defacement of. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

&F. 8:8i(F27). 
Scenes in the Voshti Hills; stories. (G. Parker) 

Eng. Illust. 12: no. 6, 19; 13:23, 179,276 

Schamyl, A forgotten hero. Macmil. 72:2I3(JI). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 373(Agio). 
Scharf, Sir George. Acad. 47: 363(Ap27). — Ath. 

'95. i : 543(Ap27). 
Scheffel, Victor. (T. W. Rolleston) Contemp. 

Scherer, Jacob. (J. A. Brown) Luth. Q. 25: 371 

Schiller. Maid of Orleans; points of contact with 

Shakspeare. (J. N. Willian) Poet-Lore, 7: 169 

Schlatter, Francis. Chr. Lit. 14: 196(D). 
Schmidel, Hulderico. (R. B. C. Grahame) 19th 

Cent. 38: 805 (N). Same art. Liv. Age, 

Schneebergite, So-called. (A. S. Eakle and W. 

Muthman) Am. J. Sci. 150: 244(8). 
School, English village. Macmil. 7i:455(Ap). 

— hour in, Fatigue of. (M. E. Holmes) Pedagog. 

Sem. 3:213(0). 




School, 16th century. (P. S. Allen) Eng. Hist. R. 
10: 738(0). 

— voluntary, The archbishops and. Spec. 74: 813 


School children, growth of, at St. Louis, W. T. Por- 
ter on. (F. Boas) Science, n. s. 1: 225 (Mn). 

School discipline. (A. Lewis) School R. 3: 495(6). 

School ethics. (H. C. B. Co well) Pop. Sci. Mo. 

School-grounds. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 
8: 491 (Du). 

School patriotism. (£. Peabody) School R. 3: 498 

School superintendents, Powers and duties of. 
(W. A. Mowry) Educa. R. 9: 38(Ja). 

— Tenure of office of, Permanent. (W. A. Mowry) 

Educa. 15:2740a). 
School systems of cities, Organization of. (A. S. 

Draper and others) Educa. R. 9: 304(Mr). 
School ventilation as an investment. (G. H. 

Knight) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:3930). 
Schools and school-house architecture. (E. C. 

Gardner) En gin. M. 10:478(0). 

— Board and voluntary. (Bp. of Salford) National, 

26: 448(D). 

Scientific method in. (H. E. Armstrong) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:6i4( h Mr). 

— Crowded, as promoters of disease. (H. D. 

Chapin) Forum, i9:296(My). 

— Elementary, and the kindergarten. (C. C. Van 

Liew) Educa. R. 9: 172(F). 

— healthy, Struggle for. (J. J. Davies) Westm. 

H3 : 47(J*)- 

— London, Religious issue in. (J. G. Fitch) Educa. 

R. 9: 159(F). 

— Public. See Public schools. 

— Religion in elementary. (G. A. Spottiswoode) 

19th Cent. 38: I35(J1). 

— rural, Problem of. (H. Sabin) Educa. R. 

10: I72(S). 

— Unsanitary, and public indifference. (D. H. 

Stewart) Forum, 20: io3(S). 

— Voluntary, in England. (J. M. Wilson) Con- 

temp. 67: 288(F). 
Schoolgirl, The; character note. Eel. M. 124:277 

Schoolgirl's romance. (N. Stuart) Eng. Illust. 

13: i63(My). 

Schopenhauer, Arthur. (M. Todhunter) Westm. 

H3 : 364(Ap). 
Schroeder-Le Chatelier law of solubility applied to 

solutions of salts. (C. E. Linebarger) Am. J. 

Sci. I49:48(ja). 
Science, Amateur in. (Grant Allen) New Sci. R. 


— and faith. (P. Topinard) Monist, 6: 28(0). 
Relations of. (G. Macloskie) Presb. & Ref. 

R. 6:98(Ja). 

— A century of. Quar. 180: 381 (Ap). Same art. 

Li v. Age, 205: 771 (Je 29). 

— Denominational. (St. G. Mivart) Fortn. 64: 423 


— Dogmatism of. (Mrs. B. Moore) New Sci. R. 

* 7500- 

— Educational and industrial value of. (H. S. 

Carhart) Science, n. s. i:393(Api2). 

— in fetters. (St. G. Mivart) Dub. R. 116:158 

rja). 117: i(Jl). 

— Notes on the progress of. (A. Heilprin) New 

Sci. R. i:370(Ja). 

Science or poetry? (W. K. Brooks) Science, n. s. 

— Progress of, Marmery's. Sat R. 79: j$86(My4). 

— Recent. (Prince Kropotkin) 19th Cent. 38:82 

(Ag). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 166(F), 125: 
228(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 130^19). 

— Relation of, to industry. (N. S. Shaler) Chaut. 

22: 24(0). 

— study of, Ethical tendencies of. (J. A. Short) 

Educa. 16: 161 (N). 

— Warfare of, New chapters in. f A. D. White) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 145OO, 289Q1), J77(S). 
Sciences, Natural philosophy and. (S. T. Preston) 
Nat. Sci. 7:253(0). 

— Relation of abstract to concrete. (S. N. Patten) 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5: 942 (My). 
Scienter, The. (W. A. McClean) Green Bag, 7: 76 

Scientific education, Public schools and. (F. W. 

Caulfeild) New R. 13: i99(Ag). 

Scientific literature, Card catalogue of. (H. P. 

Bowditch) Science, n. s. 1: i82(Fi5). — (F. B. 

Weeks) Science, n. s. 2: 75OI19). 

— Cataloging of. Lib. J. 20: 01 (Mr). 
Co-operative. Lib. J. 20: 3o8(S). 

— The ideal index to. (G. B. Goode) Science, n. s. 


— International bibliography of. (C. W. Andrews) 

Lib. J. 20:supp. 25(D). 

— Subject-index to. (J. C. Rowell) Lib. J. 20 : 

supp. 27(D). — Nature, 52: 270(Jli8). — Sci- 
ence, n. s. 2: i54(Ag9). 
Scientific progress of the 19th century. (P. Carus) 

Chaut. 21: 278(Je). 
Scientific research, Motive for. (H. H. dark) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 47: 501 (Ag). 
Scientific situation, The London '* Times " on. 

(W. B. Benham) Nature, 53: 73(N28). 
Scientist, Use of the word. (F. Hall) Acad. 47: 

Scientists and social purity. (W. J. Corbet) 

Westm. I44:574(N). 
Scipio's dream; a study. (A. Harvey) Canad. M. 

5 : 3 i8(Ag). 
Scorpions and their antiquity. (R. Lydekker) 

Knowl. 18: iso(jl). 

— Sting of. (C. A. Mitchell) Knowl. 18: 2o(Ja). 

— Whip-, and their ways. (R. I. Pocock) Knowl. 

18: 272(D). 
Scotch Highlanders and American Indians. (M. 

E. Strieby) Lend a Hand, I5:376(N). 
Scotch moor, A day on a. (H. F. Witherby) 

Knowl. 18: i85(Ag). 
Scotch people, Religiosity of. (J. Leatham) Westm. 

144: 88fjl). 
Scotland, Church of; General assembly. (Prof. 

Story) Good Words, 36: 397(Je). 

— Journey to, in 1435. G* J* Jusserand) 19th 

Cent. 37: I036(je). Same art. Liv. Age, 

— Land of the " Raiders." (C. Blatherwick) 

Good Words, 36: Xmas no. 23. 

— New. (Francis Watt) New R. 13:640(0). 

— Old drove-roads of. Macmil. 72:449(0). 

— Rural, in the first half of 18th century. (H. G. 

Graham) Scot. R. 25: I04(ja). Same art. 
Liv. Age, 204: 725(Mr23). 

— Wild flora of. (J. H. Crawford) Gent. M. n. s. 

54 : 397(Ap). 




Scott, Frederick George. (J. E. Wetherell) Canad. 

M. 4:2870a). 
Scott, Sir W., and Mrs. Veal's ghost. (W. Scott) 

19th Cent. 37: 271(F). 

— A house-party at Abbotsford. (N. L. Smith) 

Cosmopol. 19:513(8). 

— Monastery. (R. G. Moulton) Chaut. 20:424 


— Waverley novels. Quar. 180: 431 (Ap). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 205: 5 1 5 ( Je 1 ) . 

after sixty years. (D. F. Hannigan) Westm. 


— Woodstock. (R. G. Moulton) Cbaut. 20: 673 


Scottish elections of 1895. Scot. R. 26:359(0). 

Scottish literature, Some curiosities of. (W. W. 
Smith) Chaut. 21: i9o(My). 

Scottish national humor. (S. R. Crockett) Con- 
temp. 67: 5 1 $ ( Ap) . Same art. Liv. Age, 205 : 

259 (My4). 
Scottish poetry before Burns. (J. C. Hadden) 

Scot. R. 25:203(Ap). 
Scrap-book of Canon Alberic; a story. (M. R. 

James) National, 25: i32(Mr). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 205: i4i(Ap20). 
Scripture, Doctrine of. (T. M. Lindsay) Chr. Lit. 

See Bible. 
Sculpture, Greek, Furtwangler's Masterpieces of. 

(R. Sturgis) Nation, 60: i48(F2i), i68(F28). 

— (J. C. Van Dyke) Dial (Ch.) 19:70^1). 

— Sat. R. 79: 8i2(Je22). 

— — Lost masterpieces of. Quar. 180: 61 (Ja). 

— in Belgium, Renaissance of. (O. G. Destree) 

Portf. no. 23 (N). 

Scylla or Chary bdis? (Rhoda Broughton) Temp. 
Bar, 105: 145 (Je), 291 (Jl), 433(Ag). 106: 1- 

Sea, The; chemical changes between water and de- 
posits. Nature, 51:3040^124). 

— Why it is salt. (G. W. Littlehales) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 48: 273(D). 
Seacoast-planting. (L. W. Ross) Garden & F. 8: 

Sea-dogs of England. (C. G. Lang) Good Words, 

36: 808(D). 
Sea-gull, The; a poem. All the Year, 76: 62(Jai9). 
Sea kings, Elizabethan. (J. Fiske) Atlan. 76: 91 


Sea-shore resorts, Bathing at continental. (J. H. 

Adams) Cosmopol. 19: 131 (Je). 
Sea song; a poem. (G. A. Burdett) Outing, 26: 

Seaford, England. (G. C. Haite) Art J. 47:331 

Seal and other hunting in the North Pacific. (M. 

Rees Davies) Macmil. 71:2140a). 
Seamen, English, in the 16th century. (J. A. 

Froude) Longm. 25: 248-5 80 (Ja-Ap). 
Froude on. (W. H. Carruth) Dial (Ch.) 18: 


— Supply of. Chamb. J. 72: 275 (My). 

Search for an ancestor. (S. A. Pryor) Cent. 49: 

8 55 (Ap). 
Seats of the mighty. (G. Parker) Atlan. 75: 289- 

796. 76: i-72i(Mr-D). 
Seaweeds, olive-brown, Reproductive organs of. 

(G. Murray) Sci. Prog. 3: 242 (My). 
Sebastopol, In the trenches before. (W. Simpson) 

Eng. Illust. 141229(D). 

Second Lieutenant Mackenzie; a story. (J. Uoyd) 
Mousey, i3 : 493(Ag). 

Second Missouri compromise; a story. (O. Wis- 
ter) Harper, 90: 534(Mr). 

Secondary education in England. Report of com- 
mission on. (T. J. Macnamara) Fortn. 64: 
893(D). — (H. E. Armstrong) Nature, 53: 79 

— in U. S. ; programs of Committee of Ten. (M. 

A. Willcox) Educa. 15:2570a). 

— National uniformity in. (W. H. Butts) School 

R. 3: 65(F). 

— Tendency to multiply courses in. (P. H. Hanus) 

School R. 3: i93(Ap). 

— Values in. (W. B. Jacobs) Educa. R. 9: 135(F). 
Secondary schools and the co-ordination of studies. 

(L. E. Rector) Educa. 15:2830a). 

— German, Methods in. (E. P. Drew) Educa. 15: 


— Home readings for. (G. P. Du Bois) School R. 

Secret of the dead. (E. Yolland) Belgra. 87: 389 

Secret of a weed's plain heart. (H, Macmillan) 

Good Words, 36: 302 (My). 
Secularism, The new. (W. Walsh) Contemp. 67: 

H7(Ja). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 211(F). 
Secularists, Civil rights of. (E. G. Taylor) Westm. 

143: 117(F). 
Sedan, After the battle of. (A. Forbes) McClure, 

5 :8o(Je). 
Sedan-chairs. Chamb. J. 72: 91(F). 
Sediments, ancient, Progress in the study of. 0* 

E. Marr) Sci. Prog. 4: i(S). 

Study of. (J. E. Marr) Sci. Prog. 4: 313(D). 

Seebohm, Henry. Nature, 53:105(05). — Ath. 

'95» 2:794(07). — Spec. 75:817(07). 
Seeds, Latent vitality of. (I. Giglioli) Nature, 52: 


— unripe, Deviation in development due to. (J* 

C. Arthur) Am. Natural. 29:806, 904(8, O). 

— Vitality of. (W. B. Hemsley) Nature, 52:5 

Seeley, John Robert. Acad. 47=57(Jai9). — (J. 

Jacobs) Ath. '95, 1: 86(Jai9). — Quar. 182: 281 

(O).— (J. R. Tanner) Eng. Hist. R. 10:507 

(Jl). — Sat. R. 79: 89(Jai9). 
Seelye, Julius H. Critic, 26: 371 (My 18). 
Segantini, Giovanni, Works of. (J. Carotti) Art 

J. 47: 69(Mr). 
Seigneur's shooting-party; a story. (M. G. Cun- 

dill) Outing, 26:413(8). 
Sein, He de. (E. H. Barker) Temp. Bar, 105:378 

Selborne, Lord. Spec. 74: 639(Myii). 

Selection, sexual, Darwinian hypothesis of. (G. N. 
Douglass) Nat. Sci. 7:398(0). 

Selenic acid, Determination of, by potassium per- 
manganate. (F. A. Gooch; C. F. demons) 
Am. J. Sci. 150:5101). 

— Reduction of, by hydrochloric acid. (F. A. 

Gooch and P. S. Evans, jr.) Am. J. Sci. 150: 

by hydriodic acid. (F. A. Gooch and W. G. 

Reynolds) Am. J. Sci. 150: 254(8). 
by potassium bromide in acid solution. (F. 

A. Gooch and W. S. Scoville) Am. J. Sci. 

150: 402 (N). 
Self-assertion and self-denial. (J. S. Mackenzie) 

Int. J. Ethics, 5: 273(Ap). 




Self-consciousness, social consciousness and nature. 
(J. Royce) Philos. R. 4: 465(8), 577(N). 

— Some observations on the anomalies of. (J. 

Royce) Psychol. R. 2:433, 574(8, N). 
Self-control, Social law of. (F. II. Wines) Char. 

R. 5: 57(D). 
Self-denial and self-assertion. (J. S. MacKenzie) 

Int. J. Ethics, 5: 273(Ap). 
Self-government, A return to the basic principles 

of. (L. Elseffer) Am. M. Civics, 7:488^). 
Selkirks, Stalking the haplocerus in the. (W. A. 

Baillie-Grohman) Eng. Illust. 13: i27(My). 
Semitic literature, Drama in. (D. B. Macdonald) 

Bib. World, 5: i6(Ja). 
Senate; Is it unfairly constituted? (S. E. Moffett) 

Pol. Sci. Q. io:448(Je). 

— Ought it to be reformed? (M. D. Conway) 

Monist, 5:223(Ja). 

— Senator's daughters; a novel. (A. C. Wheeler) 

Chaut. 21: 538, 665. 22:45, 175, 326(Ag-D). 
Sense-impressions, simple, Affective tone of. (B. 

R. Major) Am. J. Psychol. 7:57(0). 
Senses, the, " Mutual Aid Society " of. (S. M. 

Miller) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 640 (Mr). 

— physical, Education of. (J. S. Black) Educa. 

16: 68(0). 
Sensible woman, A; a story. (Mrs. A. Dean) 

Eng. Illust. i3:67(Ap). 
Sensitiveness, Transfer of, from men to inert sub- 
stances. (H. Gaullieur) Arena, 15:33(0). 
Sensory stimulation by attention. (J. G. Hibben) 

Psychol. R. 2:369(J1). 
Sentences, Indeterminate. (G. M. Buck) Am. M. 

Civics, 6:624(Je). 
Sentiment, Value of. (Henry Lee) Am. Arch. 

47: i05(Mro). 
Septuagint, Origin and history of. (C. van den 

Biesen) Dub. R. 117:41 (Jl). 
Serapeum at Alexandria, Discovery of. Acad. 48: 

Sermon on the Mount. (W. B. Carpenter) Sund. 

M. 24:i8-8io(Ja-D). 
Serpent, The, and the stage. (Dr. A. Stradling) 

Chamb. J. 72: 237(Ap). 
Serpents. Adders swallowing their young. Sat. 

R. 79:279(Mr2). 

— Feeding of. (A. Stradling) Knowl. 18: i(Ja). 
Serum-therapy, First steps in. Nature, 53: I38(D 

Servants. (M. C. Hungerford) Lippinc. 56: 566(0). 

— Our young. Longm. 25: 631 (Ap'). 

— Tyrannies of private life. (E. L. Linton) 

National, 26:170(0). Same art. Eel. M. 

Service-books of Aquitaine, Mediaeval. (R. 

Twigge) Dub. R. 117:57(51). 
Setting the clock back. (C. J. Langston) Argosy, 

Seva, Etymology of the term. (C. Levias) Am. J. 

Philol. i6:28(Ap). 
Sevenoaks, Remarkable barrow at. (W. J. L. 

Abbott) Anthrop. J. 25: i3o(N). 
'Seven-up* Blaine's conversion. Chamb. J. 72: 

Several, Peculiar uses of the word. (F. Hall) 

Nation, 61: 363 (N21). 
Seville, Corpus Christi in. (C. E. White) Lippinc. 

55 : 273(F). 
Sewage, purification of, Future methods of. (W. 
L. Hedenberg) Engin. M. 10: 76(0). 

Sewall, David, Library of. (F. Sewall) New Eng 

M. n. s. 13:406(6). 
Sewer rat in London. (W. Wemley) Eng. Illust. 

Sewers and sewage disposal. (R. Hering) Engin. 

M. 8: i0O7(Mr). 
Sewing-machine, Story of the. Chamb. J. 72: 597 

Sex, Each, its own moralist. (Emma Brooke) New 

R. 13: 628(D). 

— in mathematics. (D. E. Smith) Educa. R. 10: 


— R61e of. (J. B. Haycraft) Nat. Sci. 7: 193, 245, 

Sexes, Relation of the. (A. Gilbertson) Weslm. 

A study in. (A. E. Crawley) Anthrop. J. 

24: 4 3o(My). 
Sexual problem; a rejoinder. (B. Ancrum) Westm. 

"43 : 171(F). 
Sexual purity. (J. Bellangee) Arena, 11: 370(F). 

Sexual selection, On the Darwinian hypothesis of. 

(G. N. Douglass) Nat Sci. 7:326^). 
Sexuality, Fiction of. (J. A. Noble) Contemp. 67: 

490(Ap). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 745 (Je). 
Shad, The; its annual pilgrimage. (A. H. Gour- 

aud) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 8i8(Ap). 
Shad-float, On a. (D. B. Fitzgerald) Lippinc. 55 : 

Shadow on the red house. (F. H. Cogswell) New 

Eng. M. n. s. 13:452(0). 
Shaker romance, A; a story. (C. S. Haight) 

Munsey, i2:625(Mr). 
Shakespeare. All's well that ends well; performed 

by Irving dramatic club. Sat. R. 79: i5o(F2). 

— Ancestry of. (J. P. Yeatman; H. P. Stokes) 

Acad. 48: 365(N2), 388^9). 

— and his contemporaries. (H. P. Stokes) Ath. 

*95» 2:69o(Ni6). 

— and a municipal theatre. (A. Dillon) Westm. 


— and Puritanism. (J. W. Hales) Contemp. 67: 


— Antony and Cleopatra. Moral proportion and 

fatalism in. (E. A. Moore) Poet-Lore, 7:613 

— English of, among Southern negroes. (W. C. 

Elam) Lippinc. 55^824(Je). 

— Furness's edition. Atlan. 76: 27o(Ag). 

— Genealogy of. (J. P. Yeatman; H. P. Stokes) 

Acad. 48: 272(05), 298(012), 342(026). 

— Hamlet from an actor's prompt-book. (H. 

Beerbohm Tree; Fortn. 64: 863(D). 

Moral proportion and fatalism in. (E. A. 

Moore) Poet-Lore, 7:i9i(Ap). 

— Italian Influence on. (C. F. Walters) Gent. M. 

n -s. 55 : 57 I (D). 

— Macbeth. (J. F. Kirk) Atlan. 75: 507(Ap). 

— Midsummer night's dream, ed. by Daly. Sat. R. 

8o : 43(Jli3)- (E. E. Hale, jr.) Dial (Ch.) 19: 

Furness's ed. (G. L. Kittredge) Nation, 61: 

84(Agi).— Sat. R. 79: 794(Jei5). 
illust. by Abbey. (A. Lang) Harper, 91: 328 


— Piscine lore of. (C. Cordley) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 


— portrait of, Supposed new. Acad. 48: 552(D2i). 

— Romeo and Juliet, at the Lyceum theatre, 1895. 

Sat. R, 80:409(828), 



>**\ *>-* > 


si- w-r^. r 75- 

 -.t* .W. Truitt) 

... r l-^xCh.) 1 8: 

v. % i^.i: 287(D). 
.1 ^.i-t^v, I 4 :I29(N). 

^. ^ . -> ••■'• Kcon. R. 5 : I2 7 

•- .n .* v A - $. Woodward) 

^ . •'.. • t.: *?. (Geo. S. Mcre- 

► < r^. 4% v Mv). 
. i .*,'* v^vvi" Words, 36:45 (Ja). 
, ." v..:^ <W- B - Murray) Our 

\ ,7 M. F. King) N.E. Reg. 49: 

■Nr Vaax. tT- D - Pi « ott ) Blackw - 

* " V ^ L\ With portrait. (J. Dc Witt) 

w. *"<*•* K.o:295CAp). 

v 4V : -he goat; wild traits in tame ani- 

^ * v S Robinson) No. Am. i6i: 4 3(J0- 

Va—u» and Aristophanes on. (A. N. 
" % '\\ V x Am. |. Philol. i6:46(Ap). 
. . v^Und. * Sat. R. 8o:57i(N2). 
w JTiVu* Kysshe. (C. A. Price) Belgra. 88: 

j s '.WUwney, Graves of. (J. L. Hurst) Critic, 

. : ^Vn<* on Browning. (F. Converse) Poet- 
U*e. 7: iScJa). 
VsnI. and molluscs. Ed. R. 183:351(0). 
xv:;o». William Henry. Writer, 8: "7(Ag). . 
vVjMrd. Charles Upham, Sketch of. Pop. Sci. 

NVrhenU Richard Heme. Ath. '95, 2: I3i(jl27). 
— Acad. 48:90c Ag3). 

Shepherd's care on Salisbury Plain, The. (G. Ful- 
ler) Good Words, 36: 74UN). 

Sheppard, Jack. (C. Whibley) New R. 12: M8(Mr). 

Sherburne, Kng., Rambhngs in. (S. Beale) Am. 
Arch. 47: I 34(Mr3o). 

Sheridans, The. Liv Age, 205:420(^18). 

Sherman, John, Open letter to. (G. W. Pepperell) 

Arena, n:345( I 0- ,_ _ . , . _ f 
— Story of his own career. (E. B. Andrews) R. of 

' Rs. 12:678(1)). 
Sherwood, Mary Martha. Temp. Bar, 104:391 

(Mr). io5:228(Je). 
Shetland Islands, Folk-lore of. (J. J. H. Burgess) 

Scot. R. 25:91 (Ja). 
Shikaris, Two great. Blackw. I37 : 94900- Same 

art. Liv. Age, 206: 150OI20). 
Ship of state, Longfellow's. (W. Everett) Atlan. 

7 6:i«(Jl). 
Ship-building in Quebec. (H. Fry) Canad. M. 5: 1 

Shipping and ship-building in California, Evolution 
of. (I. M. Scott and others) Overland, n. s. 
*S'-SWf 122(F), 285(Mr). 

Shipping laws, stringent, Our need of. (F. Rother- 

ham) No. Am. 161:505(0). 
Ships, free, Shall we have? (E. Kemble) No. Am. 


— Novel. Chamb. J. 72:4.5901). 
igging an 

— rigging and sails 

J- 7*45 
. (A. J. 

Kenealy) Outing, 26: 

Ships' lights, Visibility of. Nature, 52:232(114). 
Shipwreck, My first. (R. C. Dowie) Chamb. J. 72: 

3 66(Je). 
Shoe-blacks, Among the. (C. Middleton) Sund. M. 

24: 815(D). 

— of Parnassus. (H. Lascaris) Chamb. J. 72:772 

Shoemaker of Fougeres : a story. (K. Macquoid) 

Harper, 92: 150(D). 
Shoes, The ; a story. Belgra. 86: 190(F). 
Shooting, Guns and. (E. W. Sandys) Outing, 27: 


— Texas, Reminiscence of. (M. H. D.) Outing 

25 : 457(MO- 
Shopping, Ethics of. (M. Lady Jeune) Fortn. 63: 

121 (Ja). 
Short-story writing, Art of. (W. H. Hills) Writer, 

Show-child ; a protest. (I. A. Taylor) Longm. 27: 

Shrike; "Beautiful and brave was he." (O. T. 

Miller) Atlan. 76: 59(J1). 
Shrine, The making of a. (Lily Wolffeohn) 19th 

Cent. 37 : 3 ! 3(F). Liv. Age, 204: 686 (Mr 16). 

Same art. Eel. M. 124: 482 (Ap). 
Shuffle-Shoon and Amber Locks; a poem. (E. 

Field) Pub. Opin. i8:682(Jei3). 
Shuttleworth, Prof. Henry. (J. Milne) Sund. M. 

Siam, Crown Prince of, in his English home. (D. 

Trelawney) Eng. lllust. 13:515(8). 

— Southwestern provinces of. (H. W. Smyth) 

Geog. J. 6:40i(N), 522(D). 
Siberia, Across. (A. C. Coolidge) Nation, 61: 165 
(S 5 ), 20 3 (Si 9 ), 238(03). 

— Arctic, Baron Toll's expedition to. Geog. J. 5: 


— Railway across. Dub. R. Ii6:i93(ja). — (P. 

Kropotkin) Geog. J. 5: 146(F). 
Corea and the. Fortn. 64: 879(D). 

— Sojourn among the Samoyads, Jackson's. Sat. 

R. 80: i6(J16). 

— southern, Future of. Spec. 75: 515(019). 
Sibley, Joseph C, as presidential candidate. With 

portrait. (H. M. Irwin) Am. M. Civics, 6:616 

Sicily, Rambles in. (H. Mann) Good Words, 36: 

i 73 (Mr). 
Sidewalks, roads, pavements, and bridges. (W. 

Howard) Engin. M. 8: ioi4(Mr). 
Sidney, Sir Philip. (T. E. Brown) New R. 12:415 

Siemens, Werner von. Scientific and technical 

papers. (W. Watson) Nature, 52: 73 (My 23). 

— Sat. R. 80:512(019). 
Sierra Madre, Indian story of. (Dan De Quille) 

Cosmopol. 19: i8o(Je). 

— Western, of Mexico. (O. H. Howarth) Geog. 

J. 6:422(N). 
Sierra Mts., A tramp in. (II. P. Dyer) Outing, 

Signaling, Army. (H. A, Giddings) Outing, 26: 





Signorini, Telcmaco. (H. Zimmern) Art J. 47: ! Singular life, A. (E. S. Phelps) Atlan. 75: 1-72 1. 

265 (S). 
Signs of the times. (E. Atkinson) Engirt. M. 9: 

Si 1 Chester, Discovery of Roman remains at. Acad. 

47 : 549(Je29). 

7° : 77-433(J*-0). 
Sir George Tressady. (Mrs. H. Ward) Cent. 51: 

Sir William's wife; a story. (W. E. Norris) Eng. 
1 1 lust. 14: 189(D). 

Silk industry in England. (K. Parkes) National, , Siraf, Ancient trading centre on the Persian gulf. 

26: 212(0). (A. VV. Stiffe) Geog. J. 6: i66(Ag). 

Silver, Discovery of. (E. I^ord) New Eng. M. n. s. Sirani, Elisabetta. (A. Isaacson) Belgra. 86:202 

!2:697(Ag). (F). 

— Free coinage of. (J. W. Jenks and others) Am.  Sirius in ancient times. (T. J. J. See) Pop. Astron. 

J. Soc. Sci. 33:49(N). 
Argument for. (W. II. Harvey) Forum, 19: 

401 (Je). 
Grotesque fallacies of. (J. D. Warner) 

Forum, i9:4io(Je). 

Battle for. Pub. Opin. 18: 432(Ap25). 

Controversy on. Pub. Opin. i8:496(My9). 

How it would affect us. (E. O. Leech) No. j Size-contrast, Effect of, upon judgments of position 

Am. 161: 34(J1). I in retinal field. (J. M. Baldwin) Psychol. R. 
Why does the South want? (J. T. Morgan) ! 2: 244(My). 

Arena, 14:369^). j Skating. (E. W. Sandys) Outing, 27: 200(D). 

— Future of. (R. P. Bland) No. Am. 160:345; — in Flanders. (C. J. K. Fenton) Argosy, 59: 278 

(Mr). I (Mr). 

— German, commission on, (J. Landesberger) ,' — King skate : a poem. (C. Turner) Outing, 25: 

2- I93(ja)- 
Sisters, The; a story. (H. D. Loury) Eng. Illust. 

12: no. 4, 23(Ja). 
Six jolly serving-men. (J. A. Owen) Argosy, 60: 

631 (N). 
Six merrie wives of the west. (J. A. Owen) Argosy, 

60: i50(Ag). 

Econ. J. 5: 95 (Mr). 

— Malignant effects of the free-silver delusion. (E. 

Atkinson) Engin. M. 9:405(Je). 

— production at Broken Hill, New South Wales. 

Dub. R. 117:456(0). 
Silver coinage historically considered. (H. D. Mc- 

Leod) Engin. M. S:579(Ja). 
Silver conference, Democratic, at Washington. 

Pub. Opin. i9:233(Ag22). 
Silver craze in the U.S. (J. F. Johnson) Econ. J. 

5: 650(D). 

— subsiding. (H. White) Nation, 61:40(7118). 

— 1. Germany's attitude as to a bi-metallic union. 

(Count von Mirbach) II. The silver standard in 
Mexico. (M. Romero) No. Am. i6o:699(Je). 

— in ancient times. No. Am. 160: 759(Je). 

— Present aspect of the. (C. S. Fairchild) Forum, 

20: 129(0). 

— What is the? (L. Irwell) Westm. 143: 639(Je). 
Silverites and Jingoes. (E. Atkinson) No. Am. 

Sime, James. Ath. '95, 1: 379(Mr23). 
Sime, William. Acad. 47: 57(Jai9). 
Simplon hospice, the, Winter at. Cornh. 71: 29(Ja). 
Sin, Origin of. (W. E. Fischer) Luth. Q. 25:70 


— Philosophical. (H. C. Lea) Int. J. Ethics, 5: 

32 4 (Ap). 
Sinai, Stony. (E. N. Buxton) 19th Cent. 37: 138 

(Ja). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 32o(Mr). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 204: 349 (F9). 
Sin-eater in Wales, The. (E. S. Hartland) Acad. 

48:387-545 (N-D). 
Sinecures. Spec. 75:480(012). 

267 (Ja). 

— Speed, Anatomy of. (R. T. McKenzie) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 48: 180(D). 
Skees, Crossing an alpine pass on. (A. C. Doyle) 

McClure, 4: 348(Mr). 
Skeletons, Primigenial. (H. P. F. Marriott) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 48: I4(N). 
Skelton, John. Table talk of Shirley. (G. New- 

comen) Acad. 48: 356(N2). — Sat. R. 80:527 

Skepticism, agnosticism, free thought (S. Dewey) 

Westm. 143: 178(F). 

— Wanted, a new. (S. Dewey) Westm. 143: 31 (Ja). 
Ski. Set Skees. 

Skin, Sensibility of. (W. B. Pillsbury) Am. J. 
Psychol. 7:42(0). 

— Sensations in, Experiments on. (H. Griffing) 

Psychol. R. 2: 1 25 (Mr). 

Skopas, Art of, in the British museum. (E. Sellers) 
19th Cent. 37:682(Ap). 

Skunk, The, as a source of rabies. (W. Wade) 
Am. Natural. 29: 242 (Mr). 

Sky sign, A; a drama. (Mrs. A. Dean) Eng. 
Illust. 14:311(0). 

Slate. Temperature variation of the thermal con- 
ductivity of. (B.O.Peirce and R. W. Willson) 
Am. J. Sci. 150: 435(D). 

Slave traders of New York. (T. A. Janvier) Har- 
per, 9o:293(Ja). 

Slavery. Letters of Col. William Byrd on slavery 
and indented servants, 1736, 1739. Am. Hist. 
R. 1 : 88(0). 

— when it went out of politics. (N. Brooks) 
Scrib. M. i7:338(Mr). 

Singapore; an Indian station. (E. O. Walker) — White, in the colony of Virginia. (J. C. Ballagh) 

Gent. M. n. s. 55=335(0).— (R. Wildman) 

Overland, n. s. 25:45^). 
Singer awaiting an answer; a poem. (M. Mering- 

ton) Harper, 90: 582 (Mr). 
Singers of the century, The. (H. W. Wack) 

Overland, n. s. 25:339(Ap). 
Singing of the bees and the white omen; a story. 

(G. Parker) Eng. Illust. 12: no. 7, 23(Ap). 
Singing-games of children. (G. W, Wood) Sund. 

M. 24:56^). 

J. H. Univ. Stud. 13: 269(Je). 
Sleep, Some aspects of. Chamb. J. 72: i67(Mr). 
Sligachan and the Coolins. Cornh. 7i.'375(Ap). 
Sloane, William M. Critic, 26: 294(Ap2o). 
Slocombe, Fred. The mill-stream: an etching. 

Art J. 47: 285 (S). 
Sloyd system. (C. T. Work) Lend a Hand, 14: 356 

Slums, Only cure for. (E. R. L. Gould) Forum, 19: 

495 (J e )- 


II 4 


Slums, Redemption of. (H. G. Mitchell) Meth. 
R. 55:262(Mr). 

— Uninhabitable houses in city. (W. Stevenson) 

Engin. M. 9:832(Ag). 
Small-pox, Investigations concerning the etiology of. 

(J. C. Bay) Am. Natural. 29:699(Ag). 
Smith, Adam, and his friends. Ed. R. 182:221 

(Jl). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:771(828). 

— Life of, Rae's. Sat. R. 80: 316(87). 

Smith, Capt John, in Virginia. (J. Fiske) Atlan. 

Smith, Dr. John, at home. (A. W. Stewart) Sund. 

M. 24:661(0). 
Smith, John Chaloner. Ath. '95, 1: 384^^23). 
Smith, Robert Payne. Acad. 47: 296 (Ap6). 
Smith, Samuel F. (C. E. L. Wingate) Critic, 27: 

Smith, Samuel W.; an Oregonian poet hermit. 

(W. F. D. Jones) Overland, n. s. 25: 375 (Ap). 
Smith, Sydney, and social reform. (A. W. W. 

Dale) Sund. M. 24:252(Ap). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 205:3i4(My4). 
Smith, W. H., and Sons, Bookstalls and library of. 

(Wm. C. Preston) Good Words, 36:474(J1). 
Smith College, Festivals in. (H. C. Seelye) Cent. 

Smoking. Chamb. J. 72: i43(Mr). 
Snake-bite, Death from, in India. Chamb. J. 72: 


— Cure for. (J. G. McPherson) Know). 18: 164 


— Rational. Nature, 52:620(024). 
Snake-eating snakes. (H. Stewart) Good Words, 

36: i9o(Mr). 
Snakes, Poison of; Antivenine. (J. G. McPherson) 
Knowl. 18: i75(Ag). 

— Some new N. American. (E. D. Cope) Am. 

Natural. 29:6760!). 
Snake-training. (A. Stradling) • Chamb. J. 72: 

203 (Mr). 
Snow genealogy. (Mrs. C. L. Alden) N.E. Reg. 

49 : 7 I (J a )» 202(Ap),45i(0). 
Snow-drops, Cultivation of. (J. N. Gerard) 

Garden & F. 8: i37(Ap3). 
So runs the world ; a story. (F.Chaffee) Munsey, 

Soane, Sir John. (J. E. Hodgson and F. A. Eaton) 

Art J. 47:i43(My). 
Sobieski, Princess Clementina. (E. Lecky) 

Longm. 25:5i5(Mr). 
Social and economic legislation of the States in 

1894. (W. B. Shaw) Q. J. Econ. 9: 195 

Social discontent — I. Its causes. ( H. Holt) Forum, 

18: 664(F). II. Some remedies. (H. Holt) 

Forum, 19: 68 (Mr). 
More remedies. (H. Holt) Forum, 19: 169 

Social evolution. (E. M. Hardinge) Our Day, 


— Kidd's. (T. Roosevelt) No. Am. i6i:94(J 1 )- — 

(H. C. Minton) Presb. & Ref. R. 6: I36(ja). 
— (W. D. Le Sueur) Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 38 
(My). — (J- A. Hobson) Am. J. Sociol. 1: 299 
(N). — (J. G. Taylor) Educa. i5:457(Ap), 
529(My). — (B. Kidd) 19th Cent. 37: 226(F). 

and his parley with religion. Canad. M. 6: 


Social highwayman. (E. P. Train) Lippinc. 56: 3 


Social organism, The, Some material forces of. 

(J. W. Langley) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 502(F). 
Social problems, Ethical solution of. (P. Ford) 

Westm. 144:298(8). Same art. Eel. M. 

125: 731(D). 
Social purity, Scientists and. (W. J. Corbet) 

Westm. I44:574(N). 
Social reform and the pulpit. (W. Gladden) Chr. 

Lit. 14: 164(D). 

— The Church and. (W. Gladden) Chr. Lit. 14: 

68 (N). 

— Conservative programme. (J. E. Gorst) 19th 

Cent. 38:3 (Jl). Same art. Eel. M. 125:337 

Social regeneration. (G. D. Herron) Char. R. 

Social vs. societary. (A. W. Small) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:948(My). 
Socialism. (A. W. Benn) Acad. 47: 161 (F23). 

— and the ' Christian social union.' Church Q. 


— and a municipal commonwealth. (L. C. Barnes) 

Am. M. Civics, 6: 260 (Mr). 

— and selfishness. (R. L. Simpson) Canad. M. 

5- *85(J1). 

— and society. (F. B. Sanborn) Am. J. Soc. Sci. 

33: 2o(N). 

— Are we becoming Socialists? (H. Weinstock) 

Our Day, i5:89(Ag). 

— Belgian. (H. G. Keene) Fortn. 63: 250(F). 

— Catholic, Nitti's. Sat. R. 80:352(814). — (F. 

C. Montague) Econ. J. 5:567(0). — Cath. 
World, 62:85(0). 

— Christian. (Duke of Argyll) [19th Cent.] Eel. 

M. 124: i6(Ja). — (P. Monroe) Am. J. Sociol. 

The new. (H. Rashdall) Econ. R. 5:82 

rja). -(T. C. Fry) Econ. 5 : 95CJa). — (J. 
Carter) Econ. R. 5: I04(ja). . 

— Collapse of. (W. Lloyd) Westm. 143: 597 

(Je). Same art. Eel. M. 125: i58(Ag). 

— Demand and supply under. (W. H. Mallock) 

Forum, 20: 193(6). 

— Development of. (W. H. Mallock) Sat. R. 


— Economic lessons of. (H. Sidgwick) Econ. J. 


— Experiments by colonisation. (E. Salmon) 

Fortn. 63: 260(F). 

— Flint's. (T. B. Veblen) J. Pol. Econ. 3: 247 

(Mr). — Sat. R. 79: i3o(Ja26). — (S. D. F. 
Salmond) Crit. R. 5: i9o(Ap). — (D. MacG. 
Means) Nation, 6o:365(My9). 

— German, Program of. (W. Liebknecht) Forum, 

18: 652(F). 

— Is it advancing in England? (W. G. Blaikie) 

No. Am. 161:493(0). 

— Nicholson's Historical progress and ideal. (S. 

Ball) Econ. R. 5--242(Ap). 

— Norton on. Sat. R. 79: 352(Mri6). 

— Novels of. (M Kaufmann) Lippinc. 55: 138 


— of Moses. (T. S. Potwin) Yale R. 3: 425(F). 

— Real quintessence of. (W. H. Mallock) Forum, 

19: i29(Ap). 

— State, and child distress. (J. R. Diggle) National, 


Should capitalists advocate? (W. R. Cole) 

Westm. 143: 282 (Mr). 

— Woman and. (K. Knodel) Fortn. 63: 267(F). 




Socialist propaganda, The. (Miss H. Dendy) 

National, 26: io8(S). 
Societary vs. social. (A. W. Small) Ann. Am. Acad. 

Pol. Sci. s:948(My). 
Society, Fragments of, not to be neglected. (W. 

E. C. Wright) Char. R. 4: U3(Ja). 

— Inertness of. (M. H. Richards) Luth. Q. 25: 50 


— Methods of studying. (A. W. Small) Chaut. 


— Modern, Evolution of. (R. D. Melville) Westm. 

i43:237(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. 124:577 

— a poem. (\V. D. Howells) Harper, 90: 630 


— Small's Study of. (G. McDermot) Cath. World, 

Sociology and cosmology. (L. F. Ward) Am. J. 
Sociol. 1: 132(8). 

— and criminology. (C. Bell) Pub. Opin. 19:587 


— and pedagogy. (A. Tompkins) Am. J. Sociol. 

« : 353(N). 

— and political economy. (R. Worms) Am. J. 

Sociol. i:i46(S). — (A. W. Small) J. Pol. 
Econ. 3: i69(Mr). 

— and theology. (C. R. Henderson) Am. J. 

Sociol. i:38i(N). 

— Christian. (H. S. McCowan) Our Day, 15:62 

(Ag). — (S. Mathews) Am. J. Sociol. 1:69- 

— in Italy. (G. Fiamingo) Am. J. Sociol. 1:335 


— in our larger universities. (I. W. Howerth) 

Char. R. 4: 198(F). 

— New, Church and. (G. McDermot) Cath. 

World, 62: 290(D). 

— Physics and. (W. H. Mallock) 68: 883(D). 

— Place of, among the sciences. (L. F. Ward) 

Am. J. Sociol. 1: i6(Jl). 

— Problem of. (G. Gimmel) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. 

Sci. 6:4I2(N). 

— rests indirectly upon biology. (L. F. Ward) 

Am. J. Sociol. 1: 3i3(N). 

— Static and dynamic. (A. W. Small) Am. J. 

Sociol. 1: I95(S). — (L. F. Ward) Pol. Sci. Q. 

— A study in. (E. D. McCreary) Meth. R. 55: 


— Summer class in practical, Cincinnati, 1894. 

(P. Tyner) Lend a Hand, I4:424(je). 

— Terminology and. (H. H. Powers) Ann. Am. 

Acad. Pol. Sci. 5: 705 ^Mr). 

— What is? (Z. S. Holbrook) Bib. Sac. 52:458 

Socrates as a cross-examiner. (O. F. Hershey) 

Green Bag, 7: i38(Mr). 
Soda deposits of United States. (T. M. Chatard) 

J. Frankl. Inst. 139: 271, 341 (Ap, My). 
Sodalite from three new localities. (L. M. Luquer 

and G. J. Volckening) Am. J. Sci. 149:4650c). 
Soil; stones as a source of fertility. (T. H. Hos- 

kins) Garden & F 8: 288OI17). 
Solar system, Size of. (J. E. Gore) Knowl. 18: 

231(0). — (W. Harkness) Science, n. s. 1: 29 

Soldier, British, Life of a. (Seyley) Chaut. 20:515 

Soldier caste, The. (W. Everett) Nation, 60:251 

(Ap 4 ), 323(Ap25). 

Soldier of the 16th century, The. Macmil. 72: 171 


Soldier's faith, The. (O. W. Holmes, jr.) Harv. 

Grad. M. 4: 179(D). 
Solesmes, Restoration of the Benedictine monastery 

of. (R. F. O'Connor) Am. Caih. Q. 20: 592 

Solomon, Edward. Acad. 47: 87 (J* 2 ^. 

Solutions, Nature of. (E. P. Li wis) New Sci. R. 

Solway, Natural history of the. (G. S. Brady) 

Nature, 51:3220331). 
Somaliland, British. Dub. R. 117: i68(Jl). 
" Some mischief still." (A. C. Deane) Longm. 

Somerset House, Literary research room at. 

Chamb. J. 72:587^). 
Somersetshire. Ed. R. 181: 346(Ap). 
Sometimes; a poem. (G. P. Stuart) Argosy, 59: 

Sonderbund, War of the. (W. B. Duffield) Eng. 

Hist. R. 10:675(0). 
Song before sailing; a poem. (Bliss Carman) 

Cosmopol. i8:33o(Ja). 
Song of the autumn sea; a poem. (E. M. Rich- 
mond) Outing, 27: I56(N). 
Song of the Balboa sea, The. (Joaquin Miller) 

Overland, n. s. 25: 25 (Ja). 
Song of the banjo; a poem. (R. Kipling) New 

R. I2:602(je). 
Song of the golden city; a poem. (C. Burke) 

Argosy, 59: 41 5 (Ap). 
Song of Psyche; a poem. (M. A. Curtois) Gent. 

M. n.s. 55 : 535( N )- 
Songs of England, Baring-Gould's. Sat. R. 80: 

— popular, Makers of our. (E. Jarrold) Munsey, 


— — Migration of. (H. T. Peck) Bookman, 2: 97 


— Some half- forgotten New England. (M. Bar- 

rows) New Eng. M. n. s. I2:472(je). 
Sonnenschein's Reader's guide to contemporary 

literature. (W. E.Foster) Nation, 61: 331 (N7). 
Sonnets. (T. H. Rand) Canad. M. 6:33(N). 
Sonny's schoolin'; a monologue. (R. M. Stuart) 

Cent. 50:931(0). 
Sons of the American Revolution; California 

Society. (F. E. Myers) Overland, n. s. 26: 


Soofeeism, Islam and. (Mohammed Barakatullah) 

Westm. 1441674(D). 
Sorel, Albert, Reception at the French Academy. 

(C. Nicholson) Acad. 47: I48(Fi6). 
Soul, The; a poem. (J. W. Powell) Monist, 5: 


— Supposed uselessness of. (F. H. Bradley) 

Mind, 20: i76(Ap). 
Soul at fault; a story. (J. C. Bell) Canad. M. 5: 

Sound, Mvstery of. (W. M. Clemens) Lippinc. 

5 6:283(Ag). 
Sound of a voice; a story. (B. Vye) Belgra. 87: 


South, The, and the black man. (W. P. Garrison) 
Nation, 6o:86(Ja3i). 

— Cotton mills in. (E. Porritt) New Eng. M. n. s. 


— Education in. (J. A. Dreher) Am. J. Sue. Sci. 

33=i8 S (N). 




South, Industrial development of. (W. C. Oates) 
No. Am. 161: 566(N). 

— Industrial future of. (F. G. Mather) No" Am. 

161: 121 (Jl). 

— Industrial region of Northern Alabama, Tennessee 

and Georgia. (J.Ralph) Harper, 90: 607 (Mr). 

— Land holding in. Lend a Hand, 14: 323(My). 

— Literary workers of. (A. Leach) Munsey, 13: 57 


— new, New woman of. (J. K. Henry) Arena, 

11: 353(F)- 

— Southerner's plea for peace. (T. J. Middieton) 

Arena, i2:205(Ap). 

South Africa Co., British. Dub. R. u6:4i2(Ap). 

South America, Nature's triumph in. (J. Rodway) 
Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 456(F). 

South Carolina, Charleston and. (J. Ralph) Har- 
per, 90: 204 (Ja). 

— Government of the Colony of. (E. L. Whit- 

ney) J. H. Univ. Stud. 13: i(Ja). 

— state dispensary. (R. I. Hemphill) Arena, 12: 

Problem of. (E. P. Clark) Nation, 61:199 

South Kensington, Natural history at. Spec. 75: 

South Kerry and its hotels, A viceroy's visit to. 

(M. O'C. Morris) Spec. 74: 85o(Je22). 
Southey, Robert. (Geo. Saintsbury) Macmil. 71: 

346(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. I24:779(je). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205 : 67 ( Ap 13). 

— Letters. Sat. R. 79=486(Api3). 
Sovereign, state, government: a triad of political 

conceptions. (C. M. Piatt) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 

292 (J e). 
Sowers, The; a story. (H. S. Merriman) Cornh. 

71: 1-561. 72: 53-641 (Ja-D). 
Space, Curvature of. (J. Dolman, jr.) New Sci. R. 

2: 3 I(J1). 

— Interstitial. (T. D. Paret) J. Frankl. Inst. 140: 


— Tactual estimation of. (G. S. Parrish) Am. J. 

Psychol. 6:5i4(Ja). 

— Visual perception of. (E. C. Sanford) Am. J. 

Psychol. 6:593(Ja). 
Space-threshold, Perception of two points not the. 

(G. Tawney) Psychol. R. 2: 585(N). 
Spain, Colonies of. Spec. 74:453(Ap6). 

— History of, Burke's. Ed. R. 182: 271(0). 

— in the 15th century. (B. O. Flower) Arena, 13: 

I 9 2(J1). 

— Romance of. (C. W. Wood; Argosy, 59: 78-698. 

60: 65-706 (Ja-D). 

— summer resorts in, Lesser. (W. H. Bishop) 

Nation, 61: 254(010). 

— Village communities in. Quar. 182: 483(0). 
Spanish Armada. Quar. 1S2: 1 (JI). — Ed. R. 181: 


— Defeat of. (W. F. Tilton) Atlan. 76: 773(D). 

— State papers relating to, ed. by Laughton. Sat. 

R- 79 : 387(Mr23). 
Spanish -American families, Our. (H. E. Bandini) 

Overland, n. s. 26:9(J1). 
.Spanish- American literature; Antologia de poetas 

Hispano-Americanos. (A. R. Marsh) Nation, 

6o:i6(Ja3), 33(J a *o)- 
Spanish historiography. (J. G. Pur6n) Critic, 27: 

i8 7 (S2i), 3 2 9 (Ni6). 
Spanish language, Ramsey's text-book of modern. 

(A. R. Marsh) Nation, 60: 75(Ja24). 

Spanning spaces. Am. Arch. 49: ioo(S7). 
Sparrow, European house, in America. (H. C. 

Oberholser) Garden & F. 8: H2(Mr2o). 
Speakers of the House of Commons : Mr. Peel and 

his predecessors. (H. D. Traill) Fortn. 63: 

7 84(My). 
Speaking, Extemporaneous, Preparation for. (J. 

Robinson) Writer, 8: 142(0). 
Spectra of the elements, Line. (C. Runge) Nature, 

52: 106 (My 30). 
Spectral publisher, The. (J. Albee) Dial (Ch.) 18: 

Spectroscope, Grating, for small telescope. (D. E. 

Hadden) Pop. Astron. 3:84(0). 

— in astronomy. (T. Reed; Pop. Astron. 2:266 

(F), 3 oi(Mr), 4 02(My). 3: i 4 i(N). 

— in recent chemistry. (R. A. Gregory) Fortn. 

64-'298(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:672 

Spectrum analysis. (J. J. Stewart) Knowl. 18: 149 

(Jl), 2 49 (N), 282(D). 
Speech, Expressiveness of. (A. R. Wallace) Fortn. 

64:528(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 207:369 

(N9). Same art. Eel. M. 125:649^). 
Speech to the brutes, Man's. (A. H. Peters) Chaut. 

Speech-reading, Subtle art of. (Mrs. A. G. Bell) 

Atlan. 75: 164(F). 
Spencer, Herbert. R. of Rs. 12:699(0). 

— Guiding principles. (G. H. Hudson) Educa. 

I6: 7 8(0), I44(N). 

— vs. Balfour. (St. Geo. Mivart) 19th Cent. 38: 

Spender, Mrs. Lilian (Headland). Acad. 47:401 

Spey river. (A. Forbes) 19th Cent. 38:68(J1). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 553(Ag3i). 
Spiders. A hunter of the grass-tops. Atlan. 76: 


— Musical boxes in. (R. I. Pocock) Nat. Sci. 

 — Suggestions on origin and evolution of web- 
spinning in. (R. I. Pocock) Nature, 51:417 


" Spinster," Use of the word. Nation, 60: 1 1 

. 0*3)- 
Spiritual, the, The psychic and. (M. B. Peeke) 

Arena, I3:43(je). 
Spitzbergen, Visit of training squadron to, 1895. 

Geog. J. 6: 547(D). 
Spoerer, Friedrich W. G. Nature, 52:4i7(Ag29). 
Spoils system and the Indian service. (F. E. 

Leupp) Pub. Opin. i8:57o(My23). 

— Congress and. (C. Schurz) Good Govt. 14: 


— Do the victors own the spoils? (E. B. Reeves) 

Am. M. Civics, 6: 267(Mr). 
Sponges, Recent and fossil. (J. F. James) Am. 

Natural. 29: 536(Je). 
Sport and natural history, ed. by Crawfurd. Sat. 

R- 79 : 353(Mn6). 

— International, In the field of. (H. W. 

Lanier) R. ofRs. I2:575(N). 

— Romance of. (C. Cordley) Gent. M. n. s. 55: 

475 (N). 
Sporting ancestors, Our. Quar. i8o:88(Ja). 
Sports, Outdoor, in and around New York. (J. 

H. Mandigo) Chaut. 21: 7o6(S). 
Spots and stripes in mammals. (R. Lydekker) 

Knowl. i8:3(Ja). 




Spring, Coming of; a poem. (A. Austin) Blackw. 
I 57 : 5 I 7( A P)- Same art. Eel. M. 124:776 


— in Rome. (L. Gittings) Outing, 26:4i(Ap). 
Spring song. (E. Nesbit) Argosy, 59:67i(Je). 
Springfield, Missouri, Succession of fossil faunas 

at (S. Weller) Am. J. Sci. 149: i8s(Mr). 
Spurgeon, Charles Haddon. (E. A. Gowing) 

Belgra. 86: 244 (Mr). 
Squire, Passing of the. (E. Porritt) New Eng. M. 

n. s. ii:597(J*)- 
Squirrel, flying, The smallest. (R. Lydekker) 

Knowl. 18: 27(F). 
Stability, specific, Variation and. (W. T. Thisel- 

ton-Dyer) Nature, 5i:459(Mri4). 
Stage in relation to paintings and sculptures. (W. 

Shaw -Sparrow) Art J. 47: 27-85 (Ja-Mr). 

— Scottish, in the last century. Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

Stage-struck. Macmil. 73: 122(D). 
Stamboloff, Stefan Nikoloff. (S. K. Vatralsky) 

Forum, 20:317^). — (J. G. C. Minchin) 

Acad. 48: 197(814). — (Henry Cust) New R. 

! 3 : 343(S). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 563(0). 

— Adverse view of. Sat. R. 80: 415(828). 

— Assassination of. Sat. R. 80: 69(Jl2o). 

— Beaman's Life of. (C. H. Cooper) Dial (Ch.) 

19:212(016).— Sat. R. 8o:38i(S2i). 

— Fall of. (E. Dicey) Fortn. 64: 391 (S). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 207:91(012). Same art. Eel. 
M. 125:747(0). 

— Two views of. (Lapcho and Mahaffy) Sat. R. 

80: 1010127). 
Stamford bridge, Battle of. (D. Lever) Gent. M. 

n. s. 55:8o(Jl). # 

Stamp mill, Evolution of the. (A. B. Paul) Over- 
land, n. s. 25: 522(My). 
Stampede on the Turkey track range. (W. C. 

Barnes) Cosmopol. i9:437(Ag). 
Stamps enclosed for reply; a story. (H. Fielding) 

Eng. Illust. 14:73(0). 
Stanhope, Lady Hester Lucy. Temp. Bar, 106: 368 

Stanley, A. P., Prothero's Life of. Nation, 61:226 

Stanley, Henry M. Early travels. Sat. R. 80: 446 


Stapelia gigantea. (W.Watson) Garden & F. 8: 

Star, binary, Another spectroscopic. ( A. M. Clerk e) 
Knowl. 18: no(My). 

Determin. of orbit of companion of. (J. H. 

Boyd) Pop. Astron. 3: 19(8). 

Star Chamber, Court of. (J. D. Lindsay) Green 
Bag, 7 :28(Ja). 

Star showers of November. (W. F. Denning) Nat- 
ure, 53: 7(N 7 ). 

Starlight, Electrical measurement of. (G. M. Min- 
chin) Nature, 52: 246(Jln). 

" — Electromotive force of. Dub. R. 117:447(0). 

Stars and molecules. (E. Ledger) 19th Cent. 38: 
295 (Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:731 

— Fixed. (W. H. S. Monck) Pop. Astron. 3:62 

— names of, from the Arabic, Pronunciation of. (R. 

H. West) Pop. Astron. 2: 209(Ja). 

— New. (A. Brester, jr.) Knowl. 18: 278(D). 

— Variable, Long-period. (J. A. Parkhurst) Pop. 

Astron. 2:2i5(Ja), 3i6(Mr). 

Stars, Variable, of short period. (P. S. Yen dell) 

• Pop. Astron. 2: 202 (Ja), 269(F), 362 (ApV 
Red. (A. Brester, jr.) Knowl. 18: 25i(N). 

— What they are made of. (G. P. Serviss) Chaut. 

State, The, and dwellings for the poor. (F. B. 
Vrooman) Arena, i2:4l5(Myi). 

— sovereign, government; a triad of political con- 

ceptions. (C. M. Piatt) Pol. Sci. Q. 10:292 

State legislation, Uniform. (F. J. Stimson) Ann. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5: 829 (My). 

State regulation of prices and rates. (W. H. Dun- 
bar) Q. J. Econ. 9: 305 (Ap). 

State rights and federal encroachments. (J. S. 
Fisher) Am. M. Civics, 6:533(My). 

States, public money of, Custody of. (E. R. Buck- 
ley) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6: 397 (N). 

Statesmen, English, as humorists. Spec. 74:603 
(My 4 ). 

Statistical science, New step in. (F. Gal ton) 
Nature, 51:319 ( Ja3 1 ) . 

Statistics, Study of. (R. Mayo-Smith) Pol. Sci. Q. 
io: 4 75(S). 

Stavenhagen, Bernhard. (H. T. Finck) Cent. 49: 


Staying power of Sir Rohan, The. (F. R. Stock- 
ton) Scrib. M. 18: 745(D). 

Stealing a march on the colonel; a story. (R. C. 
Drummond) Argosy, 59: 222(F). 

Steam and electricity; a study in sociology. (A. 
A. Johnson) Am. M. Civics, 7: 343(0). 

— Manufacture of. Engin. M. 10:500(0). 

— Preventable wastes of heat in generation and use 

of. (W. Kent) J. Frankl. Inst. 140:406(0). 

— Power, light, and heat in city blocks. (J. E. 

Talbot) Engin. M. 9:457(Je). 
Steamboat, Where it was born. (Maggie Syming- 
ton) New Sci. R. i:409(Ap). 
Steamboats of the Hudson River. (S. W. Stanton) 

Engin. M. 8: 849(F). 
Steamers of Long Island Sound. (W. A. Fairburn) 

Engin. M. 9: 232 (My). 
Steamships; great Atlantic liners. (G. Holme) 

Munsey, i3:u8(My). — (S. W. Stanton) 

Engin. M. 10:447(0). 
Building of. (R. Mclntyre) Good Words, 36: 


— An ocean flyer. McClure, 4: 295 (Mr). 

— Transatlantic, 1819-55. ( s * w - Stanton) Engin. 

M. 9: 1051(8). 

1856-80. (S. W. Stanton) Engin. M. 10: 

245 (N). 

Stedman, Edmund Clarence, and some of his con- 
temporaries. (Mary J. Reid) Overland, n. s. 

Steel, Conquest of, over cast iron. (H. L. Arnold) 
Engin. M. 8: 1055 (Mr). 

— making, Revolution in. (W. Metcalf) Engin. 

M. 9: 1072(8). 
Steele, Thomas Sedgwick; with brush and rod. 

(C. S. Johnson) Munsey, i2:577(Mr). 
Stemmatoiulus as an ordinal type. (O. F. Cook) 

Am. Natural. 29: 1 1 1 1 (D). 
Stephen, King, and Earl of Chester. (J. H. Round) 

Eng. Hist. R. io:87(Ja). 
Stephen, Sir James Fitzjames. Ed. R. 182:418 

(O). — (J. Wedgwood) Contemp. 68:520 

(O). — (F. Pollock) National, 25:817^). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 207:45(05). 




Stephen, Sii James Fitzjames, attitude towards Ro- 
man Catholicism. (B. Holland) National, 26: 

2 9 (S). 

— Stephen's Life of. (J.B.Thayer) Nation, 61: 

259(010). — Ath. '95, 1: 829(Je29). — Sat. 
R. 79:865(Je29). — (A. W. Benn) Acad. 48: 


— an unteachable teacher. Spec. 74: 8i5(Jei5). 

Stephen, Leslie. (W. E. Gladstone) 19th Cent. 


Stephens, George. Acad. 48: i3o(Agi7). — (R. 
N. Bain) Ath. '95, 2:224(Agi7). 

Stephens, James Brunton. (O. Smeaton) Westm. 

Stereo-chemistry, Review of. (S. W. Young) J. 
Frankl. Inst. I39:56(ja). 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. (H. Charlesworth) 
Canad. M. 5:27(My). — (C. D. Lanier) R. of 
Rs. 11: 181(F). — (C. T. Copeland) Atlan. 
75 : 537(Ap). — Dial (Ch.) i8: 3 (Jai). — 
With portraits. (W. Churchill and others) 
McClure, 4: 278(F). — (A. H. Japp) Argosy, 
591226(F). — (Marcel Schwob) New R. 12: 
153(F). — Ed. R. 182: io6(Jl). — Quar. 180: 
324(Ap). — [Fortn.] Liv. Age, 204:67(Jai2). 
Same art. Eel. M. 124: 154(F). 

— and his writing. (M. G. Van Rensselaer) 

Cent. 51: I23(N). 

— Autograph letter. Cosmopol. I9:259(J1). 

— Early home of. (J. A. Ross) Good Words, 36: 

181 (Mr). 

— Fables by. Spec. 75: 299(87). 

— Home of. Westm. 143: 551 (My). Same art. 

Eel. M. I25:6i(jl). 

— Home life at Vailima. (L. Osbourne) Scrib. 

M. 18:458(0). 

— In memoriam. (William Archer) New R. 12: 


— in Samoa, Short visit with. Sat. R. 79: 38(Jai2). 

— Last address and will of. McClure, 5: 173 (Jl). 

— Library of, at Vailima, Samoa. (A. W. Ma- 

haffy) Spec. 75:762^30). 

— Literary work of, in college. (C. M. Robinson) 

Bookman, i : 3i6(Je). 

— Personal memories of. (E. Gosse) Cent. 50: 


— Portraits of. (J. B. Paul) Ath. '95, 2: 328(87). 

— Recollections of. (A. Lang) No. Am. 160: 185 


— Some recollections of. (H. C. Baildon) Temp. 

Bar, i04:325(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 

— Tributes to. Critic, 26: 16-50^5-19). 

— Vailima letters. Sat. R. 80: 689 (N 23). —Mc- 

Clure, 5:522(N). 
Steve nsoniana. Critic, 26: 160 (Mr2). 27: 331 (N 

Stewart, Mrs. E. D. Mother Stewart, a character 

sketch, with portrait. (C. M. Nichols) Our 

Day, 15: 295(D). 
Stock Companies, Report of Departmental com- 
mittee. (H. Withers) National, 26: I29(S). 
Stock speculation ; the gold mining madness in the 

city. (S. F. Van Oss) 19th Cent. 38:537(0). 
Stockholm, Winter in. Belgra. 86: 72(Ja). 
Stockton, Cal., the coming Chicago of the west 

coast. (W. C. Ramsey") Overland, n. s. 26: 

297 (S). 
Stoddard, Charles Warren. (C. H. Miller) Over- 
land, n. s. 26: 376(0). 

Stoddard, Richard Henry, Seventieth birthday of. 

Critic, 27: ii, 62QI6, 27). 
Stoddart, James Henry. (M. White, jr.) Munsey, 

i3 : '73(My). 
Stokes murder in Africa, The. (Lionel Decle) 

New R. 13: 585(D). 
Stomach dwellers. (S. Baring-Gould) Good 

Words, 36: X mas no. 40. 
Stomata, Respiratory function of. (F. F. Black- 
man) Sci. Prog. 4: 13(8). 
Stone, Gov. William, of Maryland, Ancestry of. 

(E. Stone) N.E. Reg. 49: 314OI). 
Stone, Working in, Evolution of art of. (J. D. 

McGuire) Am. Natural. 29:26(Ja). 
Stone implements of the Australian type from 

Tasmania. (E. B. Tylor) Anthrop. J. 24:335 

Stories, children's, Failure in. (R. E. Gregg) 

Writer, 8:8i(Je). 
Storm, Theodor. (J. G. Robertson) Gent. M. 

n. s. 55: 619(D). 
Storm statistics at Bidston. (W. E. Plummer) 

Nature, 51: 272 (Ja 17). 
Storms. See Tempests. 

Story, William Wetmore. Critic, 27: 234(012). 
Story for boys, How to write. (W. O. Stoddard 

and others) Writer, 8: 127, I43(S, O). 
Story in embroidery, A. (H. M. Gilchrist) Chamb. 

J. 72: 826(D). 
Story of Bessie Costrell. (H. Ward) Cornh. 71: 

449, 562. 72: ioo(My-Jl). Same art. Scrib. 

M. 17:548, 680. i8:25(My-Jl). 
Story of fidelity. (E. Lam bee) Chaut. 21:178 

Story of Lee Ping and 'The stork that lives a 

thousand years.' * (Guy Boothby) Chamb. J. 

Story of a portrait in Bruges; a story. (Georges 

Rodenbach) Cosmopol. i8:62o(Mr). 
Story of an ugly girl. (E. F. Andrews) Chaut. 

Story-telling, Gift of. (B.Matthews) Harper, 91: 

Stowaways. Chamb. J. 72:489(Ag). 
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, at Cincinnati. (G. S. 

McDowell) New Eng. M. n. s. i2:65(Mr). 
Strains in compound framed structures. (F. 

Schumann) Am. Arch. 47: I7(jai2), 30(Jai9). 
Strange adventure of Parson Trussbit. (R. Par- 

depp) Longm. 25: 597 (Ap). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 205:500^25). 
Strange but true. (Donald Macleod) Good Words, 

Strange people, A. Argosy, 59: 249(F). 
Strange results of a strange wager. All the Year, 

Strauss, Johann. (R. Aronson) Munsey, 14: 12 

Strawberry culture. Chamb. J. 72:2i6(Ap). — 

(E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 8:257^29). 
Street railways, Electric, of Budapest: an object 

lesson for American cities. R. of Rs. 1 1 : 287 


— Great city. (R. I. Sloan) Chaut. 20: 429 (Ja). 

— traction on, Past and future of. (F. J. Patten) 

New Sci. R. 2: 193(0). 
Strength of timber; Is young weaker than old? 

(B. E. Fernow) Garden & F. 8:467^20). 
Strictly vegetarian, a story. (K. Strange) Canad. 

M. 4: 344(F). 




Strike, at Belfast, 1895. Sat - R - 8o: 681 (N23). 

— Boot-makers*, 1895. (W. B. Hoffman) Econ. 

J. 5:264(Je). 

— Brooklyn, Jan., 1895. Meth. R. 55: 283(Mr). 
Lesson of. (G. E. Richter) Arena, 13: 98(Je). 

— Chicago, 1894; Federal commission's report. 

(D. F. Schloss) Econ. J. 5:83(Mr). 
Humiliating report. (H. P. Robinson) Fo- 
rum, 18:5230). 

— Shearers', in Western Queensland, 1894. (G. 

M. L. Lester) Econ. R. 5: 392(J1). 
Strike at Colchester, The ; a story. (T. B. Exeter) 

Lippinc. 56:679^). 
Strike at Mr. Mobley's, The. CM. Crim) Cent. 50: 


Strike in Pinon Gulch. (F. Lynde) Lippinc. 56: 

Strikes and how to prevent them. Pub. Opin. 18: 


— and injunctions. (W. H. Upson) Bib. Sac. 52: 


— Causes and losses of. (F. D. Huntington) Our 

Day, 14: i30(Mr). 

— How to prevent. (S. Bates) No. Am. 160:371 


— Pullman Strike Commission. (G. McDermot) 

Cath. World, 60: 627(F). 

— railroad, congressional remedy for. (E. L. 

Godkin) Nation, 60: i2o(F7). 

— Railroad strikers' case in California. (M. B. 

Woodworth) Am. Law R. 29: 5I2(J1-Ag). 
Strindberg, August, Plays and novels of. Belgra. 

86: 137(F). 
Stringer, Arthur J. Poems. (H. W. Brown) Canad. 

Strong, William L. (T. C. Quinn) Munsey, 12: 

361 (Ja). 
Stuart, Gilbert. (F. H. Sweet) Cath. World, 62: 

u 4 (0). 
Stuart, H. Windsor Villiers. Ath. '95, 2: 535(019). 
Studies, Correlation of. (H. T. Lukens) Educa. 

R. io:364(N). 
in elementary education. (W. T. Harris 

and others) Educa. R. 9:230c Mr). 

Rational. (J. M. Rice) Forum, I9:4i9(je). 

Study and instruction, Methods of. (H. C. Kirk) 

Educa. 16: 230(D). 
Study in love; a story. (L. D. Mitchell) Outing, 

Study number three; a story. (H. L. Bradley) 

Harper, 90: 752(Ap). 
Stupid, the, Sorrows of. Spec. 74: 897(^29). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 206: 445 (Ag 17). 
Submergence of western Europe, prior to neolithic 

period. (A. Crane) Science, n. s. 2:2(Jl5). 
Subscription books. Chamb. J. 72: i93(Mr). 
Subterranean mystery, A. (H. P. Bowden) Bel- 
gra. 87: 31 (My).' 
Suburban romance. (L. Street) Argosy, 59: 124 

Subways. (F. Foxcroft) New Eng. M. n. s. 13: 193 

Success, Bitterness of. Sat. R. 79=474(Api3). 
Sudermann, Hermann. Lit. W. (Bost.) 26:120 

Suffering, To peace through. (Canon Scott) Sund. 

M. 24=533(Ag). 
Suffolk, East, A study of. (G. M. McCrie) Gent. 
M. n. s. 55* io(Jl). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 


Suffolk, Geology of. (W. Whitaker) Nature, 52: 


Suffrage, History of, in the legislation of the U. S. 
(F. W. Blackmar) Chaut. 22: 28(0). 

Sugar bounty case. (H. C. Beach) Am. Law R. 

Sugar cane. (C. A. Barber) Knowl. 18: 145 (Jl). 

Suggestibility, Automatism, and kindred phenom- 
ena. (W. R. Newbold) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 

Suicide, sin of. (C. Cort) Ref. Q. 42: 73(Ja). 

— Sympathy in. Spec. 74: 847(Je22). 
Sullivan, Sir Arthur. Golden legend. Sat. R. 79: 

Sulphur in roasted sulphide ores, Method for 
determining. (H. F. Keller; P. Maas) J. 
Frankl. Inst. i39:286(Ap). 

— Native, in Michigan. (W. H. Sherzer) Am. J. 

Sci. 150:246^). 
Sultan, The, and his harem. (R. Davey) Fortn. 
64 : 79o(N). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 553 


— Fate of the. (E. L. Godkin) Nation, 61:341 


— A negro. Spec. 74'744(Jci). 

Sumac, Poison. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & F. 8: 

Summer at Ashfurlong; a story. (R. M. Kettle) 

Argosy, 6o:36(Jl). 
Summer evening at the village post-office, a story. 

Canad. M. 4: 557 (Ap). 
Summer school, The. Dial (Ch.) i8:3i2(Jei). 
Sun, The. (D. P. Todd) Science, n. s. 2: 29OI12) 

— Contraction of, Helmholtz's theory of. Pop. 

Astron. 3: 2i(S). 

— Ephemeris of. (J. Morrison) Pop. Astron. 


— Heat of. (R. Ball) McClure, 6: 75(D). 

— magnetic problem of, Status of. (F. H. Bige- 

low) Science, n. s. 2:509(018). 

— New solar records. (E. W. Maunder) Knowl. 

18: io(Ja). 

— Notes on a photograph of. (E. W. Maunder) 

Knowl. 18: 107 (My). 

— Place of, in nature. (J. N. Lockyer) Nature, 

5 I: 374-590- 5 2: I2-44°(F-S). 

— spots on, spectra of, Observations of. (J. N. 

Lockyer) Nature, 5i:448(Mr7). 

— Stellar magnitude of. (J. E. Gore) Knowl. 18: 


Sun-dials, Primitive, in upper Egypt. (E. A. 
Floyer) Ath. '95, 2:458(05). 

Sun- myth, A; a poem. (W. E. Windus) Gent. M. 
n. s. 54 : 534(My). 

Sunpillar, The. (S. Barber) Knowl. 18: I32(je). 

Sun-worship, Survivals of. (F. D. Bergen) Pop. 
Sci. Mo. 47: 249 (Je). 

Sunday, Observance of. (W. E. Gladstone) Mc- 
Clure, 4:370(Mr). 

Huxley on. (Jane A. H. Simpson) Westm. 

144:266(8). • 

— question of, Study of. (P. F. McSweeney) 

Cath. World, 62:25o(N). 
Sunday afternoon, A; a story. (J. 1L Shorthouse) 

Eng. Illust. I3:257(je). 
Sunday closing of saloons in New York. Pub. 

Opin. 19:38. '34. 167OI11, Agi, Ag8).— (F. 

C. Iglehart) No. Am. 161:467(0). 
Sundav newspapers; ought they to be abolished? 

(C. M. Nichols) Our Day, 14:430). 


1 20 


Sunshine and life. (G. C. Frankland) Longm. 26: 

532(S). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 555(0). 
Supernatural, The. (I. Zangwill) Critic, 26:41 


— and the higher criticism. (A. W. Benn) New 

World, 4:429(8). 

— and natural. (B. P. Bowne) Meth. R. 55:9 


— Philosophical basis of. (J. Bascom) New World, 

4 : 279(Je). 
Superstition, Contemporary, Mallock*s. Sat. R. 79: 
835(Je22). — Ath. '95, 1:665^25). 

— Recent recrudescence of. (E. P. Evans) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 48:73^. 

— Survival of. (E. F. Seat) Lippinc. 56:428 

Superstitions of Cornwall. Macmil. 73: 36(N). 

— Elworthy on. Sat. R. 79: 482 (Ap 1 3). 

— Other peopled. (L. M. J. Garnett) Ath. '95, 1: 


Suppose; a poem. (M. A. M. Marks) Argosy, 60: 

Supreme Court; Chief Justice of the United States, 
or of the Supreme Court? (W. A. Richard- 
son) N.E. Reg. 49: 275 (Jl). 

— should it be reorganized? (J. M.Ashley) Arena, 

14: 221 (O). 

— Vacancy in. (E. P. Clark) Nation, 61:129 


Surnames, English. Quar. 180: 2C»7(Ja). 

and hereditary genius. (E. O. Addy) Gent. 

M. n. s. 54:86(Ja). 
Surrey; its geological structure. (J. L. Lobley) 

Knowl. i8:6(Ja). 
Surveying and mapping a city. (C. H. Rice) Engin. 

M. 9:io66(S). 
Susquehanna express robbery. (C. Moffett) Mc- 

Clure, 5:366(8). 
Sussex, Geological structure of. (J. L. Lobley) 

Knowl. i8.'90(Ap). 
Sutherland book, Fraser's. Black w. 157: 702 (My). 

— Ed. R. i8i:4Q4(Ap). 
Swearing, Art of. (E. Valdes) Belgra. 88:366 

Sweating system in Philadelphia. (F. M. Good- 
child) Arena, n:26i(Ja). 
Sweden and Norway, Political crisis in. (M. S. 

Constable) Fortn. 63: 811 (My). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 205: 634(Je8). 
Political quarrels of. Sat. R. 79:50i(Ap 


— Case for, against Norway. New R. 12: 402 (Ap). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: 279 (My4). 

— Royal family of. (H. W. Fischer) Munsey, 14: 

202 (N). 
Swimmers, The. Macmil. 73: 3o(N). 
Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Studies in prose andi 

poetry. (C. Coupe) Dub. R. n6:338(Ap). 
Swindles, London. Argosy, 59:496(Ap). 
Swinfen vs, Swinfen, Case of. Green Bag, 7: 581 

Swipes; a tale. (L. H. Foote) Overland, n. s. 25: 

227 (Mr). 
Swiss idyls. (W. D. McCrackan) New Eng. M. 

n. s. i2:7i3(Ag). 
Swiss infantry, The. Macmil. 73: 106(D). 
Switzerland: In 'Chalet' land. Cornh. 72:143 

(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age. 206:633(87). 

— Mountaineering in, Marsh's. Sat. R. 80:511 

(oi 9 ). 

Switzerland, Political experiments in. (L. Wuarin) 
Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 6:36i(N). 

Sword, A highly ornate, from North Australia. (R. 
Etheridge, jr.) Anthrop. J. 24;427(My). 

Sword-lore of Japan. (L. H. Weeks) Lippinc. 56: 


Sword-play in Japan. (K. Hirai) Outing, 25:466 

Sybel, Heinrich von. Acad. 48: no(Agio). — 

Ath. '95, 2:i93(Agio). — (Munroe Smith) 

Bookman, 2: 205 (N). 
Symbiosis of stock and graft. (E. F. Smith) Am. 

Natural. 29: 615 (JI). 
Symbolists, French. Bookman, i:89(Mr), 161 

Symbols. (H. Zimmern) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:539(1*). 

— Migration of. (H. W. Haynes) Nation, 60: 

Symon, Arthur. London nights. Sat. R. 80: 176 

Symonds, John Addington. Quar. 182:31(71). — 

(E.G. Johnson) Dial (Ch.) 18: 205(Api). — 

(F. P. Nash) Nation, 6o:28i(Apn).— (W. 

Sharp) Acad. 47:95^2). 

— Life of. (H. F. Brown) 19th Cent. 37: 342(F). 
Sympathy, Antipathy and. (S. Bryant) Mind, 20: 

36s (jo- 

Symphony illustrated by Beethoven's Fifth in C 

minor. (P. H. Goepp) Atlan. 75:39(Ja). 
Synaesthesia. (M. W. Calkins) Am. J. Psychol. 

Synesius, a pupil of Hypatia. (H. W. Preston and 

L. Dodge) Atlan. 75:37i(Mr). 
Syria and Asia Minor, Early history of. (J. E. 

Gilmore) Eng. Hist. R. 10: i(Ja). 

— Sue months in, Parry's. Sat. R. 79: 70o(My25). 
Syriac gospels and text tamperings. ( W. F. Steele) 

Meth. R. 55:398(My). 

— The new. (A. J. Maas) Am. Cath. Q. 20: 543 

(Jl).— (F. A. Gast) Ref. Q. 42:141 (Ap). — 
(F. W. Farrar) Chr. Lit. 12: 224(F). — (A. S. 
Lewis) Acad. 47:3i5(Api3). 
Szarvas, Gabriel. Acad. 48: 339(026). 

Tablecloth designed by Crane. (L. F. Day) Art 

J. 47 :286(S). 
Table manners, Evolution of. (L. J. Vance) Lip- 
pinc. 55: 531 (Ap). 
Tabley, Lord de. See De Tabley. 
Tacoma, Wash., City Library. (R. R. Bowker) 

Lib. J. 20: 78(Mr). 
Tact of Miss Aspinwall-Jones. (W. E. Baldwin) 

Outing, 25:349^). 
Tartlet* A journey to. (W. B. Harris) Geog. J. 5: 

Taking sides on questions of the day, Difficulty of. 

(W. L. Sheldon) Int. J. Ethics, 6: 77(0). 
Tale of Accra, A. Chamb. J. 72: 254(Ap). 
Tale of the Fens, A. (N. W. Williams) Belgra. 

88: 431(D). 
Tale of the sea. (G. J. Romanes) Longm. 26:51 

Tale of ter-rew love triumphant; an extravaganza. 

(K. Strange) Canad. M. 5: 525(0). 
Tales of the Thames. (M. Pemberton) Eng. Illust. 

I3 : 396, 489 (Ag, S). 
Talleyrand, Prince, Lady Blennerhassett's. (F. 

Clarke) Fortn. 63: 6o(Ja). 
Tame surrender, A; a story. (C. King) Lippinc. 

55: 291 (Mr). 




Tammany. (E. J. Edwards) McClure, 4:445, 
569(Ap, My). 

— under John Kelly. (E. J. Edwards) McClure, 

Taney, Roger B. ; with portrait. (E. S. Taney) 

Green Bag, 7:361^). 

Tangier. (J. Reid) Good Words, 36:535(Ag). 

Tanning properties of three North American trees. 
(H. Trimble) Garden & F. 8: 293OI24). 

Tarantula-killer, The. Chamb. J. 72: i5(Ja). 
Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 5 1 1 ( F23) . 

Target-shooting, Inanimate. (M. C. Allen) Over- 
land, n. s. 26:438(0). 

Tariff; Economists and the public. (S. M. Mac- 
vane) Q. J. Econ. 9: I32(ja). 

— McKinley and Wilson. Pub. Opin. 19: 326 


— of 1828, Minimum principle in, and its recent 

revival. (S. B. Harding) Ann. Am. Acad. 
Pol. Sci. 6: ioo(JI). 

— What would I do with it if I were Czar? (A. 

Carnegie) Forum, 19: i8(Mr). 
Tarpon, Adventure with a. (F. J. Wells) Outing, 

*S' 389(F). 

Tarpon-fishing in Texas. (E. A. Bailey) Blackw. 
158: 281 (Ag). 

Tartars, Parker's Thousand years of the. (E. Sim- 
cox) Acad. 48: 239 (S28). 

Tasso, Torquato. Quar. 182: 508(0). 

— his centenary and his legend. (M. V. Cherbu- 

liez) Chaut. 22: 171 (N). 
Taste, Good. (A. Birrell) Scrib. M. 17: H5(Ja). 
Tatian, Diatessaron. (W. R. Cassels) 19th Cent. 

3 7 :665(Ap). 
Reply. (J. Rendel Harris) Contemp. 68:271 

Tauchnitz, Baron C. B., with portrait. Bookman, 
2: 156(0). — (J. Stanton) Critic, 27: 281 (N2). 

— Acad. 48: i3o(Agi7). 

— Recollections of. Critic, 27:281^2). 

Tax on ground rents; who would pay it? (R. 
Baimforth) Westm. 143: 297 (Mr). 

— Single. (1. Feinberg) Am. M. Civics, 6: i(Ja). 

— (R. W. Joslyn) Am. M. Civics, 6: 3io(Mr). 

— (S. M. Gay and F. E. Russell) Arena, 13: 
284, 4ii(Jl, Ag). I4:i-40I(S-N). 

the middle ground of social philosophies. 

(G. S. Robbins) Arena, i3:472(Ag). 
a reply to A. Kitson. (G. Bernard) Am. M. 

Civics, 7:425(0). 
Taxation and the farmers. (J. Middleton) Am. 

M. Civics, 6: 523(My). 

— Direct, Madison on. ( W. C. Ford) Nation, 60: 


— Graduated. (J. G. Godard) Econ. R. 5:39 

in the Canton de Vaud. (W. B. Dumeld) 

Westm. 144:401(0). 

— in Chicago and Philadelphia. (J. R. Commons) 

J. Pol. Econ. 3:434(8). 

— in England, inequality of local rates. (E. Can- 

nan) Econ. J. 5: 22(Mr). 

A new departure in. (Sir L. Playfair) No. 

Am. i6o:285(Mr). 

— in the United States. (E.Atkinson) Engin. M. 

10: I94(N). 

— local and central, Relation between. (W. H. 

Smith) Econ. J. 5: i75(Je). 

— — in Scotland. (B. Taylor) Scot. R. 25: 360 


Taxation of land values. (A. Withy) Westm. 143: 

— Principles of. (D. A. Wells) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 

i(N), 145(D). 

— Recent reforms in. (E. R. A. Seligman) Yale 

R. 3 : 35 2 ( F )- 4 : 40(My). 

Taylor, Charles H. (F. A. Munsey) Munsey, 14: 

Taylor, Hobart C. Chatfield-. (M. Abbott) Writer, 
8: 150(0). 

Taylor, William M. Chr. Lit. 12: 289(Mr). 

Taylor, Gen. Zachary. (R. D. St. John) Chaut. 

Tchebicheff, P. L. Nature, 52: 345(Ag8). 

Tea ceremony of Japan. (J. K. Matumoto) Lip- 
pine. 56: II5(J1). 

Teacher, The, as an individual. Dial (Ch.) 19: 

— Dignity of. (G. M. Hyde) Critic, 27: 1 1 1 (Ag24). 

— Substitution of, for text-book. (J. M. Rice) 

Forum, i9:68i(Ag). 
Teachers, Address to. (C. L. Morgan) Monist, 5: 

— Higher pay and a better training for. (J. G. 

Speed) Forum, 20:247(0). 

— Salaries of. (J. P. Garber) Educa. 15: 583(Je). 

— Training of. (H. S. Tarbell and others) Educa. 

R. 9:209(Mr). 

— Water travel for. Educa. i5."554(My). 
Teaching. (H. Spencer) Pop. Sci. Mo. 48: 265(D). 

— Gregory's Seven laws of. (J. M. Richardson) 

Educa. i5:4i3(Mr). 

— Laboratory, of large classes. (A. Hyatt) Science, 

n. s. 1: I97(F22). 
in botany. (W. F. Ganong) Science, n. s. 

in zoology. (H. C. Bumpus) Science, n. s. 


— Personal factor in. (F. A. Comstock) Educa. 

i5 : 527(My). 

— university, Original research and creative author- 

ship the essence of. (G. B. Halsted) Science, 

n. s. i:203(F22). 
Teay valley, West Virginia. (W. M. Davis) Science, 

n. s. 2:4o(Jll2). 
Technical education, Advance of. (R. A. Gregory) 

Nature, 51:379^14). 
Technique in art. Spec. 74: 7i9(My25). 
Teeth of ten Sioux Indians. (W. Smith) Anthrop. 

J. 24:446(My). 
Teetotalism in London, Origin of. (H. A. Glass) 

Sund. M. 24:492(J1). 
Telegraph and telephone, Legal aspects of; Es- 
sential parts of an efficient postal service. (W. 

Clark) Am. Law R. 29:675(8-0). 

— electric, Future of. J. Frankl. Inst. 140: 472(D). 
Possibilities of mechanical transmission. (P. 

B. Delany) Engin. M. 10:39(0). 

— Government control of. (R. T. Ely and W. 

Clark) Arena, 15:49(0). 

Semi-jubilee of, in England. Gent. M. n. s. 


— in England. (W. Clark) Arena, i3:372(Ag). 

— The State and the. Chamb. J. 72: 161 (Mr). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205: i87(Ap2o). 

Telegraph company, Liability of, for mental suffer- 
ing. (W. C. Rogers) Am. Law R. 29: 209 

Telegraph systems of the world. (H. Muir) Mc- 
Clure, 5:99(J1). 




Telepathy, Experimental. (T. E. Allen) Arena, 

— Theory of. (T. E. Allen) Arena, i2:ii6(Mr). 
Telescope, field of view of, Diameter of. (T. H. 

Blakesley) Knowl. 18: 154OI). 

— How it aids ordinary vision. (W. W. Payne) 

Pop. Astron. 3:81(0). 

— Pleasures of. (^G. P. Serviss) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 

28 9 (Ja), 466(F), 738(Ap). 4 7 : 5<>8(Ag). 
Telescopes, Giant. (J. E. Gore) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

— Great, of the future. (E. E. Barnard) Pop. 

Astron. 2: 245(F). 

— Large and small, as showing planetary detail. 

(W. F. Denning) Nature, 52:232014). 

— Reflecting and refracting. Dub. R. 117:158 


Temperance, Physical foundations of. (Sir B. W. 
Richardson) Longm. 27: 141(D). 

— Scientific, Instruction of, in public schools. (F. 

E. Willard) Arena, 12: io(Mr). 
Tempests, Laws of. (A. Angot) Chaut. 20: 707 

Tempted by the devil; a story. (A. C. Doyle) 

Cosmopol. 19:561(8). 
Tenacity versus strength. (H. B. M. Buchanan) 

Argosy, 60:487(0). 
Tenancy in the U. S. (G. K. Holmes) Q. J. Econ. 

Tenant of the Shag Rock. (W. E. Norris) Longm. 

Tendency, What is a? (A. W. Bennett) Sci. Prog. 

3: i43(Ap). 

Tender mercies of the good, The. (C. R. Cole- 
ridge) Sund. M. 24: i-793(Ja-D). 

Tenement house question. (M. Bradshaw) Lend a 
Hand, 15:261(0). 

— the real problem of civilization. (J. A. Riis) 

Forum, 19: 83 (Mr). 
Tenement houses, Berlin. (C. de Kay) Am. Arch. 

49 : 49(Ag3) 
Tenement street, Anatomy of a. (A. F. Sanborn) 

Forum, 18:5540). 
Tenements, Working-class, in London. (E. Porritt) 

No. Am. 160: i20(Ja). 
Teniers, David, the younger. (T. Cole) Cent. 50: 

Tennessee, Industrial conditions of. (T. Ralph) 

Harper, 90: 607 (Mr). 
Tennis court oath, The. (J. H. Robinson) Pol. 

Sci. Q. 10:460(8). 
Tennyson, Alfred, and O. W. Holmes; a parallel, 

with portraits. Cath. World, 60: 52i(Ja). 

— at Aldsworth. (F. G. Kitton) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 

53(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 204:434^16). 

— Stopford Brooke on. Ed. R. i8i:485(Ap). 

— In memoriam. (W. J. Rolfe) Poet-Lore, 7: 428 


— King Arthur at the Lyceum Theatre. (H. J. 

Jennings) Gent. M. n. s. 54: 202(F). 

— the man and the poet. (D. Dorchester, jr.) 

Meth. R. 55:4C9(My). 

— monument to, Proposed. Critic, 26:303-471. 

27 : 3i-447(Ap-D). 

— Songs by. (L. J. Block) Poet-Lore, 7: i27(Mr). 
Terburg, Gerard. (T. Cole) Cent. 50: 377(J1). 
Terrapin, Diamond-back. (D. B. Fitzgerald) Lip- 
pine. 55: 241(F). 

Terror, the, End of. (R. Wilson) Atlan. 76:762 

Tesla, Nikola, and the electrical outlook. R. of Rs. 

— laboratory of, Burning of. (T. C. Martin) Engin. 

M. 9: ioi(Ap). 
Tesla oscillator, The. (F. J. Patten) New Sci. R. 

— and other inventions. (T. C. Martin) Cent. 49: 

9 i6(Ap). 

Texas, Botanical notes from. (E. W. Plank) Gar- 
den & F. 8: 72(F20), i93(Myi5). 

Text-book, Substitution of teaciier for. (J. M. Rice) 
Forum, !9:68i(Ag). 

Thackeray, William M., Legal career of. Green 

Bag, 7:37 2 ( A g)- 

— Little girl's recollections of. (H. Corkran) Eel. 

M. 124: 345 (Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 

3 II(F2). 

Thackerayana. (C. C. Harrison) Critic, 26:447 

(Jei5). 27:8o(Ag3). 
Thackeray's London. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 206: 

Thames Bridge. Am. Arch. 48: 1 io(Jei5) . 
Thanksgiving at the farm; a story. Cornh. 72: 172 

Thanksgiving breakfast, A; a story. (H. P. Spof- 

ford) Harper, 91:923^). 
Thanksgiving- time fancies. Scrib. M. i8:557(N). 
Thaxter, Celia. (A. Fields) Atlan. 75: 254(F). 
Theatre, The, by daylight. (H. S. Wilson) Gent. 

M. n. s. 54: 445 (My). Same art. Eel. M. 


— in London. (G. S. Street) New R. 12:547 


— A standard. (T. R. Sullivan) Atlan. 75: 686 

Theatre libre of Paris. Sat. R. 79: 2i3(Fl6). 
Theatres. (E. A. E. Woodrow) Am. Arch. 50: 7 

(0 5 ), 5 I(N2). 

— the actor, the manager and the public. (J. 

Malone) Forum, 20:235(0). 

— Architecture of. (E. A. E. Woodrow) Am. 

Arch. 47:15-132. 48:36, 55. 49:35-118 

— Early London, Ordish on. (G. M. Hyde) 

Dial (Ch.) 18: 47(Jai6). — (E. K. Chambers) 
Acad. 48: i39(Ag24). 

— New York, Week in. (J. G. Speed) Forum, 19: 

Theatrical season in New York. (J. S. Metcalfe) 

Cosmopol. i8:279(Ja). 
Theatrical world of 1894, Archer's. Sat. R. 79: 

Their cousin Lethy. (R. M. Johnston) Cent. 49: 

Their journey's end. Cornh. 72: 288(S). 
Theocritus. (J. Kendall) Poet-Lore, 7: 307(Je-Jl). 
Theological seminaries, Improvement of. (C. F. 

Thwing; B. B. Warfield) Chr. Lit. 13: 135OI). 
Theological teaching, Freedom of. (J. H. Ecob) 

New World, 4:495 (S). 
Theology, Biblical : its history and its mission. (G. 

H. Gilbert) Bib. World, 6:358(N). 

— Dogmatic, Tanquerey's. (A. F. Hewit) Cath. 

World, 60: 61 i(F). 

— in the University and the Seminary. (A. M. 

Fairbairn) Chr. Lit. 14: 169(D). 

— Persistence of dogmatic. (G. G. Greenwood) 

Westm. I44:528(N). 

— Progress in. (R. G. Hobbs) Meth. R. 55:913 





Theology, Sociology and. (C. R. Henderson) Am. 
J. Sociol. i:38i(N). 

— Studies in, Denny's. Ch arch Q. 40:47901). — 

(J. Laid law) Crit. R. 5: i5o(Ap). 

— Systematic, Miley's. (J. L. Girardeaux) Presb. 

& Ref. R. 6:i72(Ja). 
Theory and practice. (H. Sid g wick) Mind, 20: 

Theosophy and protestantism. (F. B. Doherty) 
Cath. World, 61: i82(My). 

— Modern, in its relation to Hinduism and Budd- 

hism. (M.-M. Snell) Bib. World, 5:200 
• (Mr), 2 5 8(Ap). 

— Scientific. (J. R. Buchanan) Arena, 15:59 

There was a little city ; a story. (G. Parker) New 

R. 12:5890c). 
Thermodynamics, Graphical. (R. de Saussure) 

Am. J. Sci. 149: 21 (Ja). 
Thermophone, The. (G. C. Whipple) Science, 

n. s. 2: 639 (N 1 5). 
These streams of life; a poem. (J. H. Bryant) 

Cosmopol. 19:660(0). 
Thiebault, Paul, General. Ed. R. i8i:429(Ap). 

— Memoirs, vol. 5. (A. Laugel) Nation, 61:425 


Thiers, L. A., redivivus. (H. von Hoist) Nation, 
6o:io8(F7), 127^14). 

Thing, Origin of a, and its nature. (J. M. Bald- 
win) Psychol. R. 2: 55 1 (N). 

Things together, Knowing of. (W. James) Psy- 
chol. R. 2: 105 (Mr). 

Thinking all over. (Paul Tyner) New Sci. R. 

— Some curiosities of. (M. A. Starr) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 46:72i(Ap). 
Third time of asking. (M. £. Francis) Longm. 
26:389(Ag). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:657 

Thirlwall, Bishop, and the Irish Church Bill of 

1869. (W. Alexander) National, 25: 81 (Mr). 
Thirteenth guest, The; a story. (A. H. Drury) 

Argosy, 60:609, 68o(N, D). 
Thomas, Edith, blind-mute, Anagnos on. Lend a 

Hand, i4:372(My). 
Thomas, Capt. John, of Braintree. (J. W. Porter) 

N.E. Reg. 49: i72(Ap). 
Thomas of Parkworth's. (C. H. Chase) New 

Eng. M. n. s. u:628(Ja). 
Thompson, Basil, as prime minister of the Friendly 

islands. Sat. R. 79: ioi(Jai9). 
Thompson, Mrs. Bowen. (A. R. Buckland) Sund. 

M. 24:46201). 
Thompson, Francis. Church Q. 39^4570 a )' 

— Sister-songs. Sat. R. 80: i6(J16). 
Thompson, Sir John. (O. A. Howland) Canad. 

M. 5:420(8). — With portrait. (J- A - J- Mc- 
Kenna) Cath. World, 6o:8i6(Mr). 

— a poem. (A. M. Belding) Canad. M. 4: 536 

Thomson, James, Poetry of. Sat. R. 79:215 


Thomson, Joseph. Acad. 48: no(Agio). — Ath. 
*95, 2: 195 (Agio). — (J. W. Gregory) Nature, 
52:440(55). — With portrait. (E. G. Raven- 
stein) Geog. J. 6:289(8). 

Thoreau, H. D. (C. C. Abbott) Lippinc. 55:852 


— Poems of nature. (F. B. Sanborn) Scrib. M. 


Thorns of plants. (H. Coupin) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 


Thornton, James Howard. Memories of seven 

campaigns. Sat. R. 80: 661 (N 16). 
Thorold, Anthony W., bishop of Winchester. (A. 

C. E. Thorold) Sund. M. 24:620(8). 
Thought, Transitional eras in. (A. C. Armstrong, 

jr.) New World, 4:484(8). 
Three chapters; a story. (G. B.Stanton) Cosmo- 
pol. i8:739(Ap). 
Three fates. (V. Woods) Lippinc. 56: 818(D). 
Three men and two bears; a story. (C. Warman) 

McClure, 4: I93(ja). 
Three shots at a sunbeam; a poem. (G. M. 

Whicher) Educa. 16: i69(N). 
Three-stranded yarn, A; a story. (W. C. Russell) 

Cosmopol. 18:356. I9:57~547(ja-S). 
Thrift; a story. (L. Dougall) Atlan. 76: 2i7(Ag). 
Through the windows; two glimpses of a man's 

life. (F. E. Lester) Atlan. 75: 785 (Je). 
Thuenen, H. J. von. On theory of natural wages. 

(H. L. Moore) Q. J. Econ. 9:29i(Ap),388(Jl). 
Thumb — the sign of contempt. All the Year, 76: 42 

Thunder storm, The; a poem. (H. M. Chadwick) 

Educa. i6:49(S). 
Thunderbolt of the Assyrians, The. (E. Bonavia) 

Acad. 47:405(Myu). 
Tibet, Attack on. (D. G. Whitley) Gent. M. n. s. 

54:6i8(Je). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:218 


— New British markets in. (C. E. D. Black) 19th 

Cent. 38:247(Ag). 
Tibetan books. (A. Croft) Acad. 48: 75OI27). 
Tick pest in the tropics. (C. A. Barber) Nature, 

52: i97(J e2 7). 
Tides, Power from the. (G. E. Walsh) No. Am. 

Tidiness. Liv. Age, 204: 61 (Ja5). 
Tietjen, Friedrich. Nature, 52:32o(Agi). 
Tiger-hunt. (J. H. Porter) Outing, 26:3(Ap). 

— in Nepaul. (E. N. Braddon) Sat. R. 80:373- 

Tilden, Lieutenant John Bell, Extracts from journal 

of, 1 781-2. (J. B. T. Phelps) Pennsyl. M. 

19: 5i-2o8(Ap-Jl). 
Tilden, Samuel J., as a lawyer: with portrait. (A. 

O. Hall) Green Bag, 7: 49(F). 

— Bigelow's Life of. (E. G. Johnson) Dial (Ch.) 

i8:29i(Myi6). — (J. D. Cox) Nation, 60:385 
(Myi6). — (E. M. Shepard) Am. Hist. R. 1: 

Tiles, Artistic. (L. F. Day) Art J. 47: 343(N). 

Tim Slather's ride. (G. P. Hurst) Overland, n. s. 

25 : 37(». 
Timber, tests of, Government. Am. Arch. 50: 101 

(n 3 o). 

— culture of, Notes on. (F. A. Waugh) Garden 

& F. 8:502(Di8). 
Time and the succession of events. (J. L. Mcln- 
tyre) Mind, 20:33401). 

— Infinite divisibility of. (J.Shaw) Good Words, 

3 6:235(Ap). 

Time machine, The; a story (H. G. Wells) New 
R. i2:98-577(Ja-My). 

Time-process, Metaphysics of the. (F. C. S. Schil- 
ler) Mind, 2o:36(Ja). 

Times, The. See London Times. 

Tinaja Bonita, La; a story. (O. Wister) Harper, 




Tundale, Vision of. (W. A. Craigie) Scot. R. 26: 

Tungsten, Atomic weight of. (E. F. Smith and E. 

D. Desi) J. Frankl. Inst. i39:290(Ap). 
Tunicata, Budding among the. (W. Garstang) Sci. 

Prog. 3:43, 25o(Mr, My). 
Tunis, French occupation of. (J. St. Loe Strachey) 

National, 25: 21 (Mr). 
Tunisia, Through northern. (Wm. Sharp) Good 

Words, 36: i6(Ja). 
Tunnels, Great. (R. Jamison) Chaut. 21: 32(Ap). 
Turgenev, Ivan. On the eve. Tr. by C. Garnett. 

Sat. R. 79:675(My25). 
Turgot, A. R. J. Life and writings (D. L. 

Shorey) Dial (Ch.) 19: 138(816). — Sat. R. 

80:413(828).— (W. B. Duffield) Acad. 47: 

45 8(Jei). 
Turgueneff, W. D., Howells on. Critic, 26: 295 

Turkestan, Afghan, Excursion to. Dub. R. 1 16: 189 

Turkey, American treaty rights in. Our Day, 14: 


— English policy toward. Sat. R. 80:466(012). 

— or Russia. (M. MacColl) Fortn. 64:943(0). 

— Present condition of Mohammedan women in. 

(R. Darcy) Fortn. 64: 53CTI). 

— Real rulers of. (H. A. Salmone; 19th Cent. 

37 : 7i9(My). 

— Question of, Turkish note on. National, 26: 569 

Turkeys, wild, Gunning for. ( W. C. Elam) Lippinc. 

56: 811(D). 
Two tries for. (E. W. Sandys) Outing, 25: 


Virginia. (A. Mulville) Outing, 25: 391(F). 

Turkistan, Trip to. (H. Bower) Geog. J. 5: 240(Mr). 
Turner, J. M. W. Harbours of England, Rusk in 

on. Sat. R. 80: i8o(Agio). 
Turpin's ride to York. Eel. M. i24:696(My). 
Tuscan farmhouse, A. (I. M. Anderton) Good 

Words, 36: 702(0). 
Tuscan shrine, A. (Edith Wharton) Scrib. M. 

I7 : 23(ja). 
Tusitala in Vailima; a poem. (E. Gosse) McClure, 


Tuskegee negro conference; 4th annual session. 
(R. C. Bedford) Lend a Hand, i4:247(Ap). 

Tussock moth. (Dr. E. B. Southwick) Garden & 
F. 8:3080131).— (V. H. Lowe) Garden c* 
F. 8: 3 i4(Ag7). 

Tweed ring, Rise and overthrow of. (E. J. Ed- 
wards) McClure, 5: I32(J1). 

Tweedside; The men of the hills. Macmil. 72: 
2 9 8(Ag). 

— A night on the heather in the glens. Macmil. 

7 2: 35 6(S). 
Twentieth century. (H. B. Brown) Forum, 19: 
64i(Ag). — (T. H. Pearne) Meth. R. 55:608 

Twenty-first of October; a story. (Kenneth 

Grahame) New R. 13:359(0). 

Twice told; a story. (G. F. White) Eng. Illust. 

I3 : 3<>9(J1). 
Two beasts; a story. (G. S. Duff) Arena, 13: 135 

Two brothers; a Russian story. (J. Prelooker) 

Sund. M. 24:37(Ja). 
Two by four; a story. (R. S. Jones) Munsey, 12: 


Two days; a poem. New R. 13: 536(N). 

Two idlers in camp. (H. Church) Outing, 26: 392 

Two market days at Cummerthwaite. (Sarah S. 

Homer) Chamb. J. 72:760^). 
Two-Ocean Pass. (B. W. Evermann) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 47: I75(je). 
Two shadowy rivals. (R. M. Johnston) Cent. 50: 

Two sides to a saint; a story. (L. W. Bacon) 

Chr. Lit. 12: I29(ja). 
Tyndall, John, Scientific work of. (Lord Ray- 

leigh) Pop. Sci. Mo. 46:658(Mr). 
Typewriter, a coming necessity in schools. (F. 

H. Kasson) Educa. I5:6i5(je). 
Typewriter, Being a. (L. C. Bull) Atlan. 76: 822(D). 
Typhoid fever and rainfall. (W. P. Mason) J. 

Frankl. Inst. 140:212(8). 

— Oysters and. Nature, 5i:39»(F2i), (G. C. 

Frankland) 415^28). 
Tyrant's apology, The; a story. (G. Gissing) 

Eng. Illust. 13:297^1). 
Tyrol, Among the snow mountains of. (A. E. W. 

Mason) Temp. Bar, 104: 4x1 (Mr). Same 

art. Eel. M. i24:6u(My). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 205:ii3(Api3). 

Uganda, Best route to. (G. F. S. Elliot) Contemp. 
68: l 5 (Jl). 

— Chronicles of, Ashe's. Sat. R. 79:97(Jai9). 

— Land of the Nile springs, Colvile's. Sat. R. 80: 

Uganda railway, Proposed. (H. M. Stanley) 

Sat. R. 79:7i9(Jei). 
Umbeyla campaign, Reminiscences of the. (W. 

F. Mitchell) Chamb. J. 72: 812(D). 
Unanswered prayers; a poem. (E. W. Wilcox) 

Cosmopol. I9:2i7(je). 
Unauthorised intervention, An; a story. (D. L. 

Johnstone) Chamb. J. 72:337-406^). 
Unc' Israel's Eli; a story. (F. Lynde) Munsey, 

12: 540(F). 
Unclaimed, The great. Blackw. 157: 591 (Ap). 

Same art. Liv. Age, 205:438(Myi8). 
Unconditional surrender, An; a drama. (D. 

Leighton) Eng. Illust. 13:267^0). 
Uncrowned king, an; a romance of high politics. 

Blackw. 158:769(0). 
Undecyphered significance; a poem. (G. Wynd- 

ham) New R. 13:484^). 
Under the shadows of the church; a story. (Mrs. 

F. W. W. Topsham) Sund. M. 24:458, 554 

Under a spell. (M. F. S. Penn) Argosy, 59: 161(F). 
Under a village spire. (W. J. Ferrar) Sund. M. 

24: 835(D). 
Underclothing question, The great; a rejoinder. 

(S. W. Beck) New R. 12: 222(F). 
Underflow as related to irrigation. (H. V. Hinck- 
ley) Engin. M. 10:84(0). 
Undergraduates, Religion of. (A. C. Deane) 

19th Cent. 38:673(0).— (H. Legge) 19th 

Cent. 38:856(N).— (A. C. Deane) 19th 

Cent. 38:987(0). 
" Underground railroad " and one of its operators. 

(J. E. Champion) Canad. M. 5*.9(My). 
Underground railways of London. Am. Arch. 50: 

Understudy, The; a story. (R. Barr) McClure, 6: 





Underwood, Francis Henry. (J. T. Trowbridge) 

Atlan. 75: io8(Ja). 
Undying lire; a story. (Mrs. St. L. Strachey) 

Belgra. 86: 153(F). 
Unemployed and relief measures in the U. S., 

Notes on the history of. (C. C. Closson) J. 

Pol. Econ. 3:461(8). 

— Emergency work for; in Providence. (E. W. 

Blake) Lend a Hand, 14: I3(ja). 

— Massachusetts investigation of. (C. C. Closson) 

J. Pol. Econ. 3:488, 492(S).— (J. G. Brooks) 
Econ. J. 5:477(S). 
Unemployment. (G. W. Lee) Lend a Hand, 14: 

— Economic cause of. (J. A. Hobson) Contemp. 

67:744c My). 

— Meaning and measure of. (J. A. Hobson) Con- 

temp. 67:4i5(Mr). 
Unforgotten; a poem. (H. M. Burnside) Argosy, 

59- 345 (*")• 
Union, How to organize, for practical progress in 

the villages and country districts. (T. E. 

Will) Arena, i2:59(Mr). 
Union Pacific reorganization. (H. White) Nation, 

Unionist party; alliance or fusion? (E. Dicey) 

19th Cent. 37:9Q4(Je). 
Unitarianism and Judaism. (M. H. Harris) No. 

Am. i6o:632(My). 

— and philanthropy. (F. G. Peabody) Char. R. 

United States. American situation. (J. C. Hop- 
kins) Econ. R. 5:62(Ja). 

— and the Pan-Britannic movement. (J. A. 

Cooper) 19th Cent. 38:426^). 

— Army; New weapons of. (V. L. Mason) Cent. 

49: 570(F). 

— claims against, Notable and curious. (K. Field) 

Green Bag, 7: I2(ja). 

— Congress. Legislation and events, 1 774-1 895, 

Moore's. Sat. R. 80:479(012). 

— Constitution. (J. W. Burgess) Chaut. 22:11, 

139, 267(0, N, D). 

Origin of the supreme judicial power. (R. 

L. Fowler) Am. Law R. 29: 7ii(S-0). 

— courts, Federal jurisdiction in care of corpora- 

tions. (S. D. Thompson) Am. Law R. 29: 864 

— Credit of the government, Wall street and. R. 

of Rs. 12: 31QI). 

— Dept. of Agriculture, Year-book of. (C. S. Sar- 

gent) Garden & F. 8:421(023). 

— Diplomacy, democratic, Two years of. (C. K. 

Davis) No. Am. 160: 27o(Mr). 

— Finances. The coming system of national 

credit. (A. C. Houston) Am. M. Civics, 6: 172 

Government and the bond syndicate. (B. 

Ives) Yale R. 4: io(My). 

in 1895. P ub - Gpin. 18: 141 (F14). 

muddle of. (J. S. Morton; W. M. Springer; 

H. W. Cannon) No. Am. 160: 129(F). 
Our reviving business. (J. H. Eckels) No. 

Am. 161:340^). 
Should the government retire from banking? 

(W. C. Cornwell) Forum, 18: 641(F). 
The Treasury reserve and the bond syndicate. 

(A. D. Noyes) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 573(D). 
The turning of the tide. (W. C. Ford) No. 

Am. 161: i87(Ag). 

United States, Financial predicament of. (H. B. 
Russell) Am. M. Civics, 7:415(0). 

— Financial year and the outlook. Forum, r8: 636 


— Pish Commission. (C. B. Hudson) Cosmopol. 

18: 460(F). 

— Foreign policy, Our blundering. (H.C. Lodge) 

Forum, i9:8(Mr). 

— Geological Survey. (C. D. Walcott) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 46: 479(F). — (M. Baker; Geog. J. 6: 
252(8). — Science, n. s. 2: 58QI19). 

— German appraisal of. Atlan. 75: I24(ja). 

— Government, Contributions of, to social science. 

(C.D.Wright) Am. J. Sociol. i:24i(N). 

— History, Andrews's. (A. C. McLaughlin) Dial 

(Ch.) 18: iii(Fi6). — Nation, 60:77(^24). 
Civil war. (A. Alison) Blackw. 157:740 

Riddle's recollections of. (G. W. Julian) 

Dial (Ch.) 19: i2(Jli). 
Ropes on. (C. H. Cooper) Dial (Ch.) 

Leading families in. (H. King) Chaut. 21: 


McM aster's. (A. B.Hart) Forum, 19:375 

(My).— (F. W. Shepardson) Dial (Ch.) 18: 

of last quarter-century. (E. B. Andrews) 

Scrib. M. 17:269-720. 18: 7i~593(Mr-D). 
reconstruction period, Political leaders of the. 

(E. G. Ross) Forum, 20:218(0). 
Rhodes's. (J. D. Cox) Nation, 61:117 

(Agi5). — (G. W. Julian) Dial (Ch.) 19:66 


— Ideal of the American commonwealth. (J. W. 

Burgess) Pol. Sci. Q. 10:404(8). 

— Independence and Union. (L. R. Harley) Am. 

M. Civics, 7: i87(Ag). 

— Judiciary, Criticism of. (W. H. Taft) Am. Law 

R. 29:64i(S-0). 

Danger of the. (H. Wollman) No. Am. 


— Navy; American naval power in the future. 

(A. T. Mahan) Harper, 91: 767(0). 
American sailor-soldiers. (E. B. Mero) 

Outing, 26:309(J1). 
History of, Maclay's. Sat. R. 79:54^12). 

— (C. H. Stockton) Nation, 60: 35(Jaio). 

— pensioners, Essex Co., Mass. (G. A. Gordon) 

N.E. Reg. 49:31601). 

— Political upheavals in, Historic. (T. B. Reed) 

No. Am. 160: I09(ja). 

— Politics in 1895; tne election; Benefits and dan- 

gers of. (J. Wanamaker and others) Am. 

M. Civics, 6:8i(Ja). 
Is an extra session needed? (C. Tracey; 

B. Storer; J. Patterson; R. G. Cousins) No. 

Am. 160: 257(Mr). 
A last tribute. (T. B. Reed) No. Am. 

1 60: 385 (Ap). 
in 1896. Democratic view. (W. E. Russell) 

Cent. 5i:73(N). 
Republican view. (T. Roosevelt) Cent. 

5 l:68(N). 
The new. (R.J. Hinton) Arena, 11:216 

Our situation viewed from without. (G. 

Smith) No. Am. i6o:547(My). 

— Power and wealth of. (M. G. Mulhall) No. 

Am. 160: 641 (Je). 




United States. Printing-office; Government as a 
great publisher. (A. R. Spofford) Forum, 

— progress of, Trend of. (R. H. Thurston) No. 

Am. 161: 297 (S). 

— Public documents, Catalogue of, Ames's. (W. 

P. Garrison) Nation, 60: 103^7). 

— Recent books on. (E. Reclus) Geog. J. 6:448 


— Republic, The ; endurance by means of revolu- 

tion. (W. Macomber) Am. M. Civics, 6: 190 

is it a failure? (H. P. Judson) Am. J. Sociol. 


— Society in. (A. W. Small) Chaut. 22: 15(0). 

— Territory of; Acquisition of. (N. A. Miles) 

No. Am. 161: 561 (N). 
Universalism, The Bible and. (W. W. Gleason) 

Chr. Lit. 13: 102 (Je). 
Universalist thought, Progressive changes in. (M. 

D. Shutter) Arena, 14: 144 (S). 
Universe, Construction of. (J. E. Gore) Knowl. 


— Dimensions of. (G. P. Serviss) Chaut. 21: 143 


— The unseen. (R. S. Ball) Monist, 5: 553(J1). 
Universities, American, Some thoughts on. (A. M. 

Fairbairn) Our Day, 15: 187(G). 

— English and the Reformation. f L. C. Casartelli) 

Dub. R. 117:416(0). 

— European, Women in. (A. Zimmern) Forum, 


— German; crisis in. (James E. Russell) Educa. R. 


Paulsen on. (B. A. Hinsdale) Dial (Ch.) 

18: 294(Myi6). — Sat. R. 80: 27i(Ag3i). 

— in Canada, Parliamentary representation of. (T. 

Hodgins) Canad. M. 5: H5(Je). 

— Origin of, Compayre on. Sat. R. 79: 259 (F23). 

— State. (R. T. Ely) Cosmopol. 19: 648(G). 
University, The American. (E. G. Hirsch) Am. 

J. Sociol. 1: II3(S). 

— of London, Future of. Sat. R. 79: I49(F2). 
University Extension, and public libraries. (T. L. 

Montgomery) Lib. J. I9:supp. 64(D '94). 

— in the U. S. (A. M. Earle) 19th Cent. 38: 308 

University settlements. (S. A. Barnett) 19th Cent. 
38: 1015(D). 

— Women's. (M. Talbot) Econ. R. 5: 489(0). 
Unpaid governess, An; a story. Temp. Bar, 106: 

n6(S). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 146(019). 
Unprincipled woman, An; a story. All the Year, 

Unspoken water. (M. Hunt) Longm. 26: 633 

Unto the third and fourth generation; a story. 

(H. Caine) Munsey, 13: 241-455 (Je-Ag). 
Up Horse Mountain. (D. R. Goodale) New Eng. 

M. n. s. 13:220(0). 
Up the Yangtsze; a story. (L. Boehm) Belgra. 

86:272(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:171 

Upsala. (C. Edwardes) Chamb. J. 72:4730!). 
Ural mountains, Southern : results of recent jour- 
neys. Geog. J. 6: 181 (Ag). 
Uriel Acosta; a play. (K. Gutzkow) Poet- Lore, 

7 : 6-333(Ja-Jl). . 

Uruguay, Christmas deer-hunt in. (G. A. Stock- 
well) Canad. M. 6: 114(D). 

Use of friends; a novel. (C. C. Jenkins) Belgra. 
87: i 5 6(Je). 

Usury, extortionate, Evils growing out of. (A. B. 
Mason) 4.*446(Je). 

Utah, Brigham Young and modern. (J. A. Cock- 
ed 11) Cosmopol. 19:501(8). 

Vacant house, A; a story. (G. G. Kitton) Argosy, 

6o:6 35 (N). 
Vacaresco incident in Roumania. (H. W. Fischer) 

Munsey, 14:32(0). 
Vaccination an error. (A. Milnes) Arena, 14: 244, 

392(0, N). 
Vagabond's Christmas in Tahiti, A. (J. C. Werner) 

Overland, n. s. 26:590(0). 
Vagabonds, married, Proper treatment of. (M. E. 

Richmond) Char. R. 4:40i(Je). 
Vailima letters. (R. L. Stevenson) McClure, 5:522 

Valkyrie III. (E. L. Snell) McClure, 5:381(8). 
Valle di Pompei, Rosary of. (Lily Wolffsohn) 

19th Cent. 37: 313(F). 
Valley path; a story. (W. A. Dromgoole) Arena, 

*5 :I 39(D). 
Value, economic, What is? (A. Kitson) Am. M. 

Civics, 6.*348(Ap). 

— Evolution of the idea of. (W. G. L. Taylor) J. 

Pol. Econ. 3:414(8). 

— Hedonistic interpretation of subjective. (H. W. 

Stuart) J. Pol. Econ. 4:64(0). 

— Natural, Wieser on. (W. K. Firminger) Econ. 

R« 5 : 4 2 3(J0- — (D.I. Green) Ann. Am. Acad. 
Pol. Sci. 6:5i2(Ja). 

— Notes on the theory of. (J. S. Mackenzie) Mind, 


— A standard of. (E. B. Dietrick) Am. M. Civics, 

7 : *43(S). 

— Theories of, and standard of deferred payments. 

(F. Fetter) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:882 

Values, Standard of. (J. Bascom) Q. J. Econ. 10: 

Van Buren, John; with portrait. (A. O. Hall) 
Green Bag, 7:209(My). 

Vanderbilt, Geo. W. Forest in N. C. (C. S. Sar- 
gent) Garden & F. 8:481(04). 

Vanini, Giulio Cesare, in England. (R. C. Christie) 
Eng. Hist. R. io:238(Ap). 

Vanitas vanitatis; a story. (E. Penrose) Argosy, 

Vanuxem, I,ardner, with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 
833(A P ). 

Vaporization, Relations between temperature, pres- 
sure, and latent heat of. (C. E. Linebarger v ; 
Am. J. Sci. i49:38o(My). 

Variation and specific stability. (W. T. Thisel ton- 
Dyer) Nature, 51: 459(Mri4). 

— Animal, Bateson on. Ed. R. 182: 78 (Jl). 

— in animals and plants. (W. F. R. Weldon) Nat- 

ure, 5i:449(Mr7). 

— in animal life, Discoveries in. Sat. R. 79:312 

(Mr 9 ). 

— Inherent error in views of Galton and Wcis- 

mann on. (W. K. Brooks) Science, n. s. 1: 121 

— Influence of islands on. Sat. R. 80: 204(Agi7). 

— Organic. (C. Morris) Am. Natural. 29:888 


— A study of leuciscus balteatus (Richardson). 

(C. H. Eigenmann) Am. Natural. 29: io(Ja). 




Variations, Individual. (G. Henslow) Nat. Sci. 6: 

38$ (JO- 
Vases, fragments of, from the Acropolis of Athens. 

(G. C. Richards) J. Hel. Stud. 14: 381. 

Vassar College, Festivals in. (E. E. Boyd) Cent. 

Vassar college : a generation of college women. (F. 

M. Abbott) Forum, 20:377^). 
Vatican, library of, Recent work in the. (E. Soutif) 

Am. Cath. Q. 20: 750(0). 

— Observatory of. (J. A. Zahn) Cosmopol. 18: 599 

Vaughan, Henry, Grave of. (L. I. Guiney) Critic, 

27:446(028). — (L. I. Guiney) Ath. '95, 2: 

Vedder, Elihu, Recent work of. (W. C. Brownell; 

Scrib. M. 17: 157(F). 
Vegetable physiology, Development of. (J. C. 

Arthur) Science, n. s. 2:360^20). 
Vegetables for private gardens. Garden & F. 8: 

Vegetarianism. (T. P. Smith) Fortn. 64: 753 (N). 
Venetian art at the New Gallery. (C. Phillips) 

Fortn. 63:423c Mr). — Am. Arch. 47: 73(Fi6), 

i22(Mr23). — (E. R. Pennell) Nation, 60:69 


Venezuela and Great Britain. Pub. Opin. 19: 584 
(N7). — (W. L. Scruggs) R. of Rs. 12:695 
(D). — (H. S. Somerset) 19th Cent. 38: 758 
(N). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 545 (N30). — 
Pub. Opin. 19:838(026). — (R. Ogden) 
Nation, 61:286(024). 

and the Monroe doctrine. (H. C. I^odge) 

No. Am. 1 60: 65 1 (Je). 

Pres. Cleveland on. (E. L. Godkin) Na- 
tion, 61:420(012). — Pub. Opin. 19:766 

— — The correspondence concerning. (E. L. 

Godkin) Nation, 61:458(026). 
The law in the case. (V. Denslow) Nation, 

Our duty in the crisis. (J. Wheeler; C. H. 

Grosvenor) No. Am. i6i:628(N). 

— Eastern boundary of. (J. S. Cotton) Acad. 48: 

567(028). — (H. C. Lea) Nation, 61:345 

Vengeance of Pendleton, The. (A. McEwen) 

Overland, n. s. 26: 283 (S). 
Venice, Academy, Rearrangement of the. (A. 
French) Nation, 6i:6i(Jl25). 

— Arts and industries of. (P. Molmenti) Chaut. 


— in Easter, Impressions and sensations. (A. 

Symons) Harper, 90: 738(Ap). 

— a poem. (E. Fellner) Outing, 25: 443 (Mr). 

— The Venetian day. (R. S. Peabody) At Ian. 76: 

Ventilation and heating of tall buildings. (L. Allen) 
Engin. M. 9:476(Je). 

— Making the house healthful. Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 


— Practical suggestions respecting. (J. H. Kel- 

logg) Am. Arch. 47: i36(Mr3©). 
Verdi, G. (F. J. Crowest) Black w. 158:566(0). 

Same art. Eel. M. 125:786(0). 
Verlaine, Paul, with portraits. Bookman, 1:89 


— Confessions. Sat. R. 79: 73 1 ( Je 1 ) . 

Verney family during the Commonwealth. Sat. R. 
79: 866(Je22). 

Verney family, Home life of. (L. B. Lang) Longm. 
26: I43(je). Same art. Liv. Age, 206:43 


Verse, A practical use of. (R. Stevens) No. Am. 

— Practical uses of. (R. F. Horton) Sund. M. 24: 

Verses, Magic. Liv. Age, 204: 549(Mr2). 
Vertebrate paleontology in the American Museum. 

(H. F. Osborn) Science, n. s. 2: i78(Agi6). 
Vertebrates, Lowest of, and origin. (T. Gill) 

Science, n. s. i:645(Jei4). 
Vespucci, Amerigo, Mark ham's letters of. Critic, 

Vessels, Cellulose protection for. (B. P. Wiltberger) 

J. Frankl. Inst. 140:5301). 
Vesuvius, Eruption of, July 3, 1895. (**• J» J°hn- 

ston-Lavis) Nature, 52:343(Ag8). 
Viaud, Julien. (M. Adam) McClure, 4: 476(Ap). 

— and the sea. Scot. R. 26: 343(0). 

Vibert, Jehan Georges; an autobiographical sketch. 

Cent. 5i:78(N). 
Vibratory circuit. Operation of the. (J. E. W. 

Keely) New Sci. R. i:457(Ap). 
Vicar-general, Office of. (G. Peries) Am. Cath. Q. 

Vicar of Wrocksley, The. (J. Stafford) Chamb. J. 

Victim of circumstances, A; a story. (K. F. Hills) 

Belgra. 88:303^). 
Victor Emmanuel II. Argosy, 60: 242 (Ag). 
Victoria, Queen, and her children. (S. P. Cadman) 

Chaut. 2o:643(Mr). 21: i(Ap). 
Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland. Am. Arch. 47: 

Victorian anthology, St ed man's. Dial (Ch.) 19: 

2 37 (Nl). 

Victory through self-surrender. (J. Cook) Our 

Day, 14:311^). 
Vienna, Visit to, in 1856. Belgra. 87:363(Ag). 
Vignettes from Nature. (R. Jefferies) Longm. 26: 

Village communities in Spain. Quar. 182:483 


Village craft; a story. (Mary Hartier) Gent. M. 

n. s. 55 = 433(N). Same art. Liv. Age, 207: 

Village improvement societies, Work of. (B. G. 
Northrop) Forum, 19: 95 (Mr). 

— Work of women in. (C. S. Sargent) Garden & 

F. 8:i2l(Mr27). 

Village, Mediaeval, Study of typical. (W. W. 
Fowler) Q. J. Econ. 9: 151 (Ja). 

Village Stradivarius, A. (K. O. Wiggin) Atlan. 
75: 61 (Ja), 205(F). 

Vincent, John Heyl, with portraits. (I. M. Tar- 
bell) McClure, 5:240(Ag). 

Vinci, Leonardo da, Genius of. (J. J. O'Shea) 
Cath. World, 61: 235 (My). 

— The romance of. (A. de Calonne) 19th Cent. 

Vineyards, French. (M. Betham- Ed wards) Sund. 

M. 24:592(8). 
Vintage time, In. Cornh. 7i:633(Je). Same art. 

Liv. Age, 206: 226QI27). Same art. Eel. M. 

Violets, Cultivation of. (T. D. Hatfield) Garden 

&F. 8:66(Fi3). 

— Notes on. (E. O. Orpet) Garden & F. 8: 87 

(F27), K>7(Mri3), 506(018). 



Uxiit^* 1 

States. Printing- offi v e : 
— ^.t publisher. (A. 

-^<?ress of, 1 rend oi 
*" ** j£im- l6i:2 97 (S). 
_ X»"Utolic documents. 

— -»_ Garrison) N; * 
X^^cent books i. 


r is it a 

__ Societ\ 





. ort between. 

; Na j. u :I2 9 

j.- v. Wilson) 

. > . >t xi\ Atlan. 76: 748 

^ colony of- (JC- 
• s , ^atlies. 13: 263(Je-Jl). 

• u*>. ( R - E ' BaynCT) 568 
. \V. Smith) Int. J. Ethics, 

f Six*. 74- 784(Je8). 


-•• * v Li of. in the fovea. (C.L.Franklin) 

\ •" , k » j:M7(Mr). 
•■^ S i K Uubk.n6:i83(Ja). 

v,s* t>l ' into f in the philosophies; a story. 
X^'^M Dawson) Arena, 15:136(0). 

v friendly, On personal service and. ( L. D. 
^'vXkl) Char. R.4 : 229(Mr). 

•J books. (Mrs. E. T. Cook) Good Words, 
>^ ;3J 4(My). 
.. ..I sensations, Subjective. (W. R. Gowers) 

^Nature, 5 2:2 3 4(Jl4). 

vitMl question, A. (G. A. Hibbard) Cent. 49: 763 

^ (MO- 

Vital statistics, Recent contributions to literature 

of. (G. N. Calkins) Am. Statis. Assoc. 4: 

Vitality, Suspended, in plants and animals. Chamb. 

J. 72:38(Ja). 
Vivisection. (J. E. McLean) New Sci. R. 2: 22o(0). 
Vladivostack, Visit to. Dub. R. 117: 162QI). 
Vocabulary, Ethics of a. (F. B. Sawvel) Educa. 

i5 ; 489(Ap). 

— Psychological. (E. B. Titchener) Am. J. 

Psychol. 7:78(0). 
Vocal culture in its relation to literary culture. 

(H. Corson) Atlan. 75:8io(Je). 
Vogt, Karl. Nature, 52: io8(My3o). 

— Huxley and. (E. Haeckel) Fortn. 64:464(8). 
Voice, American conversational, Why it is bad. 

(F. Osgood) Forum, I9:50i(je). 
Voice m a million, A. (C. Black) Eng. Illust. 14: 
i6 5 (N). V J 

Vokins, William. Acad. 4 8:37o(N2). 

Volcano, Sicilian, Birth of. (A. S.Packard) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 46: 5 7 7 (Mr). 
Voltaire, Francois Tronchin and. (A. Laugel) 

Vort. on \ 6l: 3o8(03i). 

VOIT *x motion; action of force is spiro-vortex. 
fc\\*' ** loomfiel d Moore) New Sci. R. 2:217 

x vnes in the; a story. (G. Parker) 
\ %{ . 12: no. 6, i9(Mr). 
* : hc dark. (R. E. Robinson) Adan. 

Jm Spain; a poem. (W. Brunton) Outing, 

• ,| j ( fe, Sir Thomas. Acad. 48: 1 io(Agio). 
W'adhsjn College, Alumni of. (J. S. Cotton) Acad. 

47 : 439(My25). 
Wage-standard, Evolution of a. (R. L. Bridgman) 

Am. M. Civics, 7:633(0). 
Wages, average, Changes in the United Kingdom, 

1860-91. (A. L. Bowley; J. Statis. Soc. 58: 


— and cost of living in the garment trades. (I. 

Eaton) Am. Statis. Assoc. 4: 135 (Je). 

— in foreign countries. Am. J. Soc. Sci. 33: 127 


— in the U.S. and in Great Britain, 1 860-1891. 

(A. L. Bowley) Econ. J. 5: 369(8). 

— Living wage, Plea for a. (R. Halstead) Econ. 

R. 5:35001). 

— Municipal progress and the living wage. (D. 

M. Means) Forum, 20: n(S). 

— Theory of; Savans to the rear! (W. J. Arm- 

strong) Arena, i2:97(Mr). 

— Von Thunen's theory of natural. (H. L. Moore) 

Q. J. Econ. 9:29i(Ap), 388(J1). 
Wagner, Richard. (Mrs. E. W. Hubbard) Chaut. 


— and Weber, K. M. F. E. Sat. R. 80:106 


— at Munich. (V. Blackburn) New R. 13:545 


— The case of. (F. Nietzsche) Fortn. 64: 367(8). 

— Flying Dutchman. Sat. R. 80: 574^2). 

— Influence of. Sat. R. 79: 25 1 (F23) . 

— Prose works; tr. bv Ellis. Sat. R. 80:437 


— Siegfried, in England. Sat. R. 79: 827(Je22). 

Waifs of Fighting Rocks; a story. (C. Mcllvaine) 

Lippinc. 55:30 a ). 
Wales, The church in. (A. G. Asaph) 19th Cent. 

38: m(Jl). — Blackw. 157: 141 (Ja). 
Debate on. (R. Wallace) Sat. R. 79:438 

Disestablishment of. (R. Ogden) Nation, 


— Church history of, Hughes's. (J. H. Matthews) 

Dub. R. n6:363(Ap). 

— Seebohm's Tribal system in. (C. M. Andrews) 

Am. Hist. R. 1: I20(0). — Sat. R. 80:318(8 

Walford, Thomas. (B. F. DeCosta) New Eng. M. 

n. s. 12: 305 (My). 
Walking skirt, A; a poem. (George Wyndham) 

New R. I2:77(ja). 
Walking-sticks [Insects]. (L. N. Badenoch) Good 

Words, 36: 27o(Ap). 
Walpole, Horace, Letters of. (V. D. Rossman) 

Cath. World, 60: 8o6(Mr). 
Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. (M. Reizenstein) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 545(JO« 
Walworth, Reuben Hyde; with portrait. (I. 

Browne) Green Bag, 7:256(Je). 
Wandering Jew, In the track of. Cornh. 71:164 

(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 204: 739(Mr23). 
Wanted — a situation. (H. Allen) Cent. 49:349 


__ 1 


1 3 1 


War amongst various human races. (C. Letour- 
neau) Westm. 144: 504 (N). 

— The distress of nations. (J. M. Beck) Am. 

M. Civics, 7: i(Jl). 

— Financial incidents of. (A. C. Gait) Canad. M. 

5 : 453(S). 

— Future of. (F. Lee) Cent. 5o:422(Jl). 

— in legislation. (H. £. Bourne) Chaut. 22:151 


— International agreements and the sufferers in. 

(J. King) Westm. l43:492(My). 

— Modern blockade, Mahan on. (H. O. Arnold- 

Forster) Sat. R. 80: 755(07). 

— of 181 2, a neglected chapter. (A. F. Hunter) 

Canad. M. 4: 302(F). 

— Should it be abolished? (E. P. Powell) Arena, 


— The solution of. (H. P. Mendes) No. Am. 

War-correspondent, Modern. (V. GribaySdoff) 

Munsey, 13:34^). 
War debt, a story. (S. O. Jewett) Harper, 90: 

227 (Ja). 
Ward, Charles E. D. Leader of men ; a comedy. 

Sat. R. 79:2i6(Fi6). 
Ward, Mrs. Humphry, at home. Critic, 27: 188 


— Story of Bessie CostreU. Sat. R. 80: 436(05). 
Wark, Old castle of. (C. H. Dick) Gent. M. n. s. 

54: 156(F). 
Warren, John Byrne Leicester. See De Tabley, 

Washington, Geo., after the Revolution. (W. S. 

Baker) Pennsyl. M. 18: 389. 19: 22-307 (Ja-O). 

— Dr. Rush and. (P. L. Ford) Atlan. 75:633 


— Farewell address. (W. W. Phelps) Am. M. 

Civics, 7:466(N). 

— Last letters of. Ath. '95, 1: 504(Ap2o). 

— Love affairs of. (W. E. Curtis) Chaut. 20: 599 


— Purchase of Braddock's field by. (M. D. Con- 

way) Nation, 60: i22(Fi4), i45(F2i). 

— Savage's portrait of. (J. Winsor) Harv. Grad. 

M. 3 : 5 o2 e )- 
Washington memorial arch. Critic, 26: 329 (My4). 

Washington, D.C. (J. Ralph) Harper, 90:657 


— City government of. (M. N. Lee) Chaut. 22: 

39, 164(0, N). 

— Parks of. Am. Arch. 47: 72(Fi6). 

Waste, city's, Disposal of. (G. E. Waring) No. 

Am. 161: 49QI). 
Watch, Mechanism of. (H. E. Duncan) J. Frankl. 

Inst. 139181(F). 
Water, Analyses of, Interpretation of. (J. C. Thresh) 

Am. Arch. 47: 65 (F9). 

— Data relating to. Am. Arch. 47: i26(Mr23). 

— Pure, as a hygienic factor in prisons. (D. N. 

Rankin) Lend a Hand, 15: 327(N). 

— Purification of. (R. Hering) J. Frankl. Inst. 

139 : 135» 2I 5( F » M 0- 

— Transporting power of. (W. H. Wheeler) 

Longm. 26:422(Ag). 
Water colors, Royal W. C. Society's exhibition, 

1 894"5- ( w - Sharp) Art J. 47: 60(F). 
Water- horse, A; a story. (M. Crommelin) Argosy, 

59 : 215(F). 
Water lilies. Hardy. (J. N. Gerard) Garden & F. 

8: 26 7 (J1 3 ). 

Water lilies. A winter water-garden. Garden & 
F. 8:i8(Ja9. 

Water-lily, Blue, from Mexico. (J. W. Rose) Gar- 
den & F. 8: 205 (My22). 

Water powers of the Western States. (A. G. Allan) 
Engin. M. 9: i7(Ap). 

Water supplies for cities. (R. Hering) Engin. M. 

9-45°(J e )- 

— public, Investigation of. (F. Davis) Engin. M. 

10: 439(D). 
Water wheel, Pelton. J. Frankl. Inst. 140: 161 

Waterford, Louisa Stuart de Rothsay, Marchioness, 

Art of. (H. W. Brewer) Argosy, 59:534 

Waterloo banquet, At the. Cornh. 72:48(71). 
Waterloo, battle of, Cavalry in, Wood on. Sat. R. 

Waterloo campaign, Disputed passages of. (W. 

O'Connor- Morris) Eng. Hist. R. io.'55(Ja). 
Waterways, Deep-, Problem of. (E. V. Smalley) 

Forum, 19: 746 (Ag). 
Watson, John. [Ian Maclaren] (W. R. Nicoll) 

Bookman, 2: 311(D). — With portrait. (J. 

A.Noble) Bookman, i:93(Mr). 

— Afterwards. (E. S. Phelps) McClure, 5:329 


— Revival of sentiment, " Days of Auld Lang 

Syne." Our Day, 15:317(0). 
Watson, William. ( H. D. Traill) Fortn. 63: 393 
(Mr). Same art. Eel. M. i24:6i6(My). — 
(C. J. Goodwin) New World, 4: 121 (Mr). 

— as a poet, with portraits. Bookman, 2: 182 

(N).— Sat. R. 80: 7i(Jl2o). 

— Father of the forest and other poems. Sat. R. 

8o:6i5(N9). — (G. Cotterell) Acad. 48:479 


— Poems of. Church Q. 39:457(Ja). — (E. Pur- 

cell) Acad. 47:28c Ja 1 2). 

— Serious verse of. (L. Magnus) Black w. 158: 1 21 

(Jl). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 347(8). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 206: 425 ( Ag 17). 
Watt, James, and ocean navigation. (F. Elgar) 

Nature, 51: 475(Mri4). 
Watteau, Antoine. (C. Phillips) Portf. no. 18 

Way it always ends; a duologue. (W. Thorold) 

Canad. M. 6.'34(N). 
Way to my heart ; a poem. (D. H. Cornish) Argosy, 

59: 221(F). 
Wayland, Francis. Lend a Hand, 14: i73(Mr), 
Wayne, Anthony, Campaign against N. W. Indians. 

(J. Brooke) Pennsyl. M. 19:387(0). 

— Letters relating to death of. (I. Craig) Pennsyl. 

M. 19: H2(Ap). 
We, of the Stylus; a story. (T. G. Taaffe) Cos- 

mopol. i8:55o(Mr). 
Wealer, The ; a story of the times. (A. Knapp) 

Arena, i2:323(My). 
Wealth, Duty of. (A. Carnegie) Char. R. 5: 33 


— English, Christianity and. (D. H. Wheeler) 

Chaut. 2o:65o(Mr). 

— in existence, Computation of value of. (G. K. 

Holmes) Am. Statis. Assoc. 4:75(Mr). 

— or poverty, Is it more desirable to be born to? 

(F. R. Coudert and others) Munsey, 14:151 

— Social and ethical view of. (G. M. Steele) Meth. 

R-55 : 75'(S)- 




Wealth, Use of. Sat. K. 79: 75o(Je8, . | 

Weapons, Military operations as affected by the 
new. (F. Lee) Cent. 50:422(^1). 

— New, of the U.S. army. (V. L. Mason) Cent 

49: 570(F). » 

Weather and mental action. Pop. Sci. Mo. 47: 568 


— and weather wisdom. (E. O. Kirk) Atlan. 76: 

481 (O). 

— Influence of, on diseases. (O. Gotthilf) Chaut. , 


Weather Bureau in relation to science and indus- 
tries of the country. (E. L. Moore) Science, 
n. s. 2:576(Ni). Same art. Nature, 53:187, 

Weather fallacies. (R. Inwards) Nature, 52: 377 

Weather forecasts, Commercial value of. (E. 8. 

Dunn) Engin. M. 9: i(Ap). 

— Value of, to agriculture and inland commerce. 

(M. W. Harrington) R. of Rs. 12:303(8). 
Weather preferences of authors. (Pauline W.  

Roose) Temp. Bar, 105: i86(Je). | 

Weather prevision. Ed. R. i8i:5i4(Ap). 
Weather studies at Blue Hill. (R. L. Bridgman) 

New Eng. M. n. s. !2:4o(Mr). 
Web-spinning in spiders, Suggestions on the origin 

and evolution of. (R. I. Pocock) Nature, 51: 

4 i 7 (F28). 
Weber, Carl M. von, and Wagner, Richard. Sat. 

R. 80: io6(Jl27). 
Webster, D., and the war spirit. (R. Ogden) 

Nation, 60: 141 (F21). 

— Reply to Hayne. (C. J. Little) Chaut. 22: 290 

Webster, T. W. Murder of Geo. Park man. (G.C. 

Holt) Cosmopol. 19:5370$). 
Wedgwood, Josiah, and his latest biographer. 

Chamb. J. 72: 65(F). 
Wedmore, Frederick. English episodes. Sat. R. 

79: l62(F2). 
Weeks and Sabbaths, Origin of. (A. B. Ellis) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 329(Ja). 
Weil, Gottlieb. Acad. 47: 237(Mn6). 
Weimar, Two days in. (E. Sigrid) Canad. M. 5: 

2 5 o(Jl). 
Weird warning, A; a story. (R. J. McNeill) Ar- 
gosy, 60:507(0). 
Weitling, William, a neglected socialist. (F. C. 

Clark) Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 5:7i8(Mr). 
Welldon, J. E. C. Gerald Eversley's friendship. 

Sat. R. 8o:82(Jl2o). 
Wellesley College, Festivals in. (K. L. Bates) 

Cent. 49:44i(Ja). 
Wells, H. G. Time machine. Sat. R. 8o:86(Jl 

Wells College, Festivals in. (A. A. Wood) Cent. 

Wells palace. (Canon Church) Good Words, 36: 

Wendish meres, Among the. (B. Marshall) Sund. 

M. 24:699(0). 

Wesley ghost, The. (A. Lang) Contemp. 68: 288 

West, the, Are the people of, fanatics? (J. K. 
Miller) Arena, I3:92(je). 

— Roosevelt's Winning of the. (F. J. Turner) 

Nation, 60: 240(Mr28). 
West Point; can it be made more useful? (J. 
Gibbon) No. Am. i6o:668(Je). 

West-Saxons, Northern settlements of. (J. Beddoe) 

Anthrop. J. 25: i6(Ag). 
Westbrook, CoL Thomas, and others, Letters of. 

(W. B. Trask) N.E. Reg. 49: i83(Ap). 
Wester! v, R.I. Religious studv of a Baptist town. 

(W.B. Hale) Forum, 18.694(F). 
Western posts and the British debts. (A. C. 

. McLaughlin) Vale R. 4: 58(My). 
Western state-making in the Revolutionary era. 

(F. J. Turner) Am. Hist. R. 1: 70(0). 
Westminster, Besant's. Sat. R. 80: 583^2). 
Westmoreland, Mountaineering in. (J. F. Fraser) 

Eng. Illust. 13: ic>7(My). 
Weyman, Stanley. From the memoirs of a minis* 

ter of France. Sat. R. 80:501(019). 
Whales and whaling. Sat. R. 80: 865(028). 
Wharton, Henry Thornton. (J. S. Cotton) Acad. 

48: i85(S7). 
What awoke Hans Zeibenstroother. (C. B.Todd) 

New Eng. M. n. s. 13:92^). 
What the Madre would not have; a story. (R. C. 

V. Meyers) Harper, 91: i8(J c )- 
What she could; a story. (J. M. Watson) McClure, 

Wheat, Prices and supply of. (R. F. Crawford) J. 

Statis. Soc. 58: 75 (Mr). 

— Production and consumption of, in England. 

(R. H. Wallace) Chamb. J. 72:4190!). 
Wheatley, Leonard Abercrombie. Acad. 47:544 

(Je2 9 ). — Ath. '95, i:838(Je29). 
Wheel of love, The. (A. Hope) Scrib. M. 18: 149 

(Ag), 374(S). 
Wheel of time; a story. (F. Guertin) Outing, 26: 

347 (Ag). 
Wheels within wheels; a story. All the Year, 76: 

181 (F23). 
When the kitchen is dark. (H. Stewart) Good 

Words, 36: 93(F). 
When leaves were green; a novel. (S. Hodges) 

Argosy, 59: 1-5 13. 60: i-64i(Ja-D). 
When Memory is no more; a poem. (W. Toynbee) 

Gent. M. n. s. 54: I02(ja). 
Where the clues met. (H. S. Edwards) Lippinc. 

56: 802(D). 
Where ignorance is bliss; a story. (R. Barr) 

McClure, 4:455 (Ap). 
Where Thame windeth; a poem. (K. Strange) 

Canad. M. 4: 245 (Ja). 
Whigs, Passing of the. (N. Brooks) Scrib. M. 17: 

Whist. Blackw. 157:64^). 

— in America. (F.W.Crane) Cosmopol. 19: I96(je). 
Whitaker, Joseph. Ath. '95, 1 : 643(Myi8) . 
Whitaker, J. Vernon. Ath. '95, 1: 87^19). 
White blot, A; the story of a picture. (H. Van 

Dyke) Scrib. M. 18:693(0). 
White foxglove; a poem. (T. E. Brown) New R. 

I3 : 454(0). 
White Mountains; Alone on Osceola. (W. M. 

Cole) New Eng. M. n. s. 12: 758(Ag). 

— Cycling in. (P. C. Stuart) Outing, 26: 372(Ag). 
White owl's cry, The; a poem. (W. Packard) Out- 
ing, 27: 2I9(S). 

White pawn, The; a story. (E. Hughes) Eng. 

Illust. i3:.227(Je). 
White redoubt; a story. (E. Nesbit) Argosy, 60: 

Whitefield, In the middle town of. (H. M. North) 
New Eng. M. n. s. 12:286-719. i3:95( Mv - 





Whitehall. (W. J. Loftie) Portfo. no. i6(Ap). 
Whitman, Walt. (R. H. Titherington) Munsey, 
14: I3«(N). 

— and R. W. Emerson, Friendship of. (W. S. 

Kennedy) Poet- Lore, 7: 71(F). 

— Greek traits in. (E. C. Monckl Poet- Lore, 

7 : 327(Je-J0- 

— in relation to Christianity. (E. C. Monck) Poet- 

Lore, 7: 607(D). 
Whitmore's brook. (A. F. Rice) Outing, 26:128 

Whitney, William D wight. (C. R. Lanman) 

Atlan. 75: 398 (Mr). 
Whitsunday fight; a story. (H. Drachmann) 

Poet-Lore, 7:405(Ag-S). 
Whittier, John Greenleaf. Pub. Opin. 18: 1 14(^31). 

— as I knew him. (M. B. Claflin) Arena, 15:26 


— Portraits of. McClure, 5: 5I3(N). 

— Religious beliefs of. (C. M. Cobern) Meth. R. 


— Reminiscences of. Bookman, 1: 23o(My), 309 

Whortleberry gathering in west England. Sat. R. 

&> : '39(Ag3). 
Why should we care? a poem. (T. V. Cheney) 

Harper, 91:95 (Je). 
Wife manufactured to order; a story. (A. W. 

Fuller) Arena, 13:305^1). 
Wild, Edward Augustus, Sketch of. (Bradford 

Kingman) N.E. Reg. 49:405(0). 
Wild beasts as they live. (C. J. Melliss) Scrib. M. 

18: 705(D). 
Wild drive in Ireland, A. Liv. Age, 204: 79(Jai2). 
Wilde, Oscar, The disgrace of. Pub. Opin. 18: 374 


— Ideal husband. Sat. R. 79:44^12). 

— Importance of being in earnest. Sat. R. 79: 

Wildebeest hunt in Africa. Sat. R. 80: 865(028). 
Wilkins, Mary E., as prize winner. Critic, 26: 484 

Will, The, and its training. (M. B. Peeke) Arena, 

— Attention and. (A. F. Shand) Mind, 68: 450(0) . 
Will, A curious. Green Bag, 7: H9(Mr). 
Willard, Archibald M. (J. F. Ryder) New Eng. 

M. n. s. 13:483(0). 
William the Conqueror, Are we all descendants of? 
(G. Clarke) No. Am. 160: U7(Ja). 

— Home of. Art J. 47: supp. 17CJI). 

William, Duke of Normandy; his flight from 

Valognes. Macmil. 7i:439(Ap). 
William the Marshal, History of. (P. Toynbee) 

Acad. 47: 289(Ap6). 
William II. and constitutional liberty. (P. Bigelow) 

Cosmopol. 20: I7(N). 

— as a sportsman, (H. W. Fischer) Munsey, 13: 
. 6 3 7(S). 

William the Silent and his times. (A. A. Pfanstiehl) 
Ref.Q. 42 :i02(Ja), 3 65(J1). 

— Putnam's. (R. S. Long) Acad. 48: 287(012). 
Williams, Ephraim, Some old letters of. Scrib. M. 

17: 247(F). 
Williams, Rev. Samuel. (M. A. Green) New Eng. 

M. n. s. I2:495(je). 
Williamson, W. C. (L. F. Ward) Science, n. s. 2: 

*45(Ag9). — Pop. Sci. Mo. 47 : 576(Ag).— 

Nat. Sci. 7:i4i(Ag). — (H. Solms-LaubaclO 

Nature, 52:441(85). 

WiUow, Diamond, in So. Dakota. (T. H. Williams) 

Garden & F. 8:493(011). 
Willows, Notes on some arborescent, of No. Am. 

(M. S. Bebb) Garden & F. 8: 363-482(8-0). 
Wills, C. J. Behind an eastern veil. Sat. R. 79: 

Wills. Temp. Bar, 105:410^1). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 206:365^10). 
Wilson, Charles H.; the man and the town. (F. 

Dolman) Eng. Illust. 13: 35i(Jl)- 

— and inheritance, Laws regarding. (Lady Cook) 

Westm. 143: 187(F). 
Wiltshire evening; a poem. (W. S. Senior) New 

. R. i2:576(My). 
Winchelsea and Rye, England. Art J. 47: 257(8). 
Wind as a motive power in the United States. (F. 

Waldo) R. of Rs. 12:299(8). 

— Relations of the diurnal rise and fall of the wind 

in the United States. (F. Waldo ) Am. J. Sci. 

— velocities of, in the United States, Daily march 

of. (F. Waldo) Am. J. Sci. 149: 431 (Je). 
Windmills and meteorology. (P. J. de Ridder) 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 46: 522(F). 
Winds, Hot, of the prairies. (C. S. Sargent) 

Garden & F. 8:33i(Ag2i). 
Windscheid, Bernhard Josef Hubert, German 

jurist. (M. Smith) Pol. Sci. Q. 10: 664(D). 
Wine cellars of Warsaw. Sat. R. 80: 341(814). 
Winifred Power's candlestick. (L. Hardy) Sund. 

M. 24:614(8). 
Winning a Christmas bride. (A. C. Vance) Out- 
ing, 25:2690a). 
Winslow, Anna Green. Diary, ed. by A. M. Earle. 

Sat.R. 79:i5(Ja5). 
Winter; a poem. Argosy, 59: 160(F). 

— in the west of England. Sat. R. 79:278-311 


— A walk in. (C. C. Abbott) Lippinc. 55: 255(F). 
Winter shore, The. Chamb. J. 72: 641 (O). 
Winters, Old-fashioned. (A. W. Jarvis) Good 

Words, 36: Xmas no. 6. 
Winthrop, Robert C. (W. Everett) Harv. Grad. 
M. 3: 293(Mr). 

— Reminiscences of. Atlan. 75: n6(Ja). 
Wires, electrical, Formulae for. (E. R. Keller) 

J. Frankl. Inst. 140:455(0). 
Wisconsin, State Historical Society of. Lib. J. 20: 

Wisdom. (W. B. Yeats) New R. 13: 285(8). 
Wish fulfilled, A. (L. Hearn) Atlan. 75: 9o(Ja). 
Wister, Owen, with portrait. (N. H. Banks) 

Bookman, 2:275(0). 
Witch Kate; a yarn. (R. G. Denig) Outing, 25: 

Witch of Dulditch; a story. (Mary E. Mann) 

Temp. Bar, i04:543(Ap). 
Witchburning at Clonmel. (E. F. Benson) 19th 

Cent. 37: io53(Je). 
Witchcraft, Belief in, in Russia. (F. Whishaw) 

Longm. 27:42(1^). 
Witchcraft; a story. (L. Oougall) Atlan. 76: 

"With compliments and thanks; " a story. (A. 

C. Deane) Temp. Bar, I04:i23(ja). Same 

art. Liv. Age, 204: I46(jai9). 
With madness in his method; a story. (F. I. 

Guertin) Eng. Illust. i3:437(Ag). 
Witty encounters in the courts. Green Bag, 7: 





Wives, Representative. Sat. R. 80:540(026). 

— A study in : French. (M. O'Rell). English. (G. 

Allen). German. (K. Blind). Scandinavian. 
(H. H. Boyesen) No. Am. 161:427(0). 
Woburn experimental fruil farm. Nature, 52: 508 

Wolf, Henry. Scrib. M. i7:2o(Ja). 
Wolf, Joseph, Life of, Palmers. Sat. R. 80: 8o6(D 

Wolfram von Eschenbach, French words in. (L. 

Wiener) Am. J. Philol. 16:326(0). 
Wolf's life, The; a story. (J. H. Millar) New R. 

i3 : *i5(Ag). 
Wolfs Point episode; a story. (E. Traughber) 

Munsey, 12:472(1^). 
Wolseley, Lord, the new commander in chief. (G. 

T. Denison) Can ad. M. 5:495(0). 

— Reminiscences of. Sat. R. 8o:6u(N9). 
Woman and primitive culture, Mason's. Sat. R. 


— and socialism. (K. Knodel) Fortn. 63: 267(F). 

— as an inventor and manufacturer. Pop. Sci. Mo. 


— a decade of fads. (R. Gourlay) Canad. M. 6: 67 


— 14th-century ideals of. (E. B. Stone) Lippinc. 

56: ioo(Jl). 

— in India, Billington's. Sat. R. 79:262^23). 

— in marriage. Argosy, 59 : 405 ( Ap) . 

— The malcontent. (T. P. White) Scot. R. 25: 270 


— The modern, and marriage. (E. Bisland) No. 

Am. 160: 753 (Je). 

— A national waste. (Ellen S. H. Ritchie) Westm. 

I44:545( N )- 

— New. Sat. R. 79: 646, 687(Myi8-25). 

— Position of, in pagan times. (H. H. Boyesen) 

Forum, 2o:3ii(N). 

— Psychology of. (G. T. W. Patrick) Pop. Sci. 

Mo. 47:209(Je). 
Woman question, Danger of the. (A. G. P. Sykes) 
Westm. l43:396(Ap). 

— Lacour on. Sat. R. 80: 205(Agi7). 

— retrogressive pathways. (M. J. Eastman) Am. 

M. Civics, 7: 31 (Jl) . 

— Sisterhood of, lacking. Sat. R. 79: 785^15). 
Womanhood, Christian. (F. W. Farrar) Chr. Lit. 

I4: 7 4(N). 

— New. (H. H. Boyesen) Lippinc. 56: I26(J1). 
Woman's Education Association of Boston. (A. 

E Chandler) Lib. J. 20:305(8). 
Woman's luncheon, A. Atlan. 76: i94(Ag). 
Woman's National Council. Pub. Opin. 18: 243 

Woman's share in primitive culture, Mason on. (M. 

L. Miller) Dial (Ch.) i8:323(Jei). 
Women, Almshouse; a study. (Mary R. Smith) 

Am. Statis. Assoc. 4: 289(S). 

— among the early Germans. (L. P. Bates) Chaut. 

20:724. 21:90, 219, 343(Mr-Je). 

— and men, Mutual relations of. (A. Clerk) New 

R. 13=375(0). 

— as editors. (M. E.Sangster) Forum, 20: 445(D). 

— Bookbinding as an occupation for. (E. H. 

Nordhoff) Lend a Hand, 15:429(0). 

— Brotherless. Spec. 74: 644 ( Sly 1 1 ) . 

— Canadian. (S. Blackburn) Canad. M. 5: 574 


— Citizenship for, Full. (P. L. Edwards) Green 

Bag, 7:2i7(My). 

Women, College, After careers of. (A.M. Gordon) 
19th Cent. 37: 955 (Je). Same art. Eel. M. 125: 
559(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 206: no(Jli3). 

in literature. (F. A. Doughty) Critic, 27: 

210(05). — ( M - M. Miller; A. Estrem) Critic, 

What becomes of. (C. F. Thwing) No. Am. 


— Courage in. (H. Quilter) Fortn. 63:979(Je). 

— Criminal, Lombroso on. Sat. R. 79:6o3(Myii). 

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at the German universities. Ath. '95, 1:643 

At the parting of the ways. Atlan. 76:691 

Recent tendencies in. (M. R. Smith) Pop. 

Sci. Mo. 48:27(N). 
University, in Europe. (A. Zimmern) Forum, 

19: i8 7 (Ap). 
University degrees for women. Fortn. 63: 

895 (Je). 

— Extravagance of, in New York. Spec. 75:852 


— Factory legislation for. (E. March-Phillipps) 

Fortn. 63: 733(My). 

— fruit farmers in California. (A. V. Wakeman) 

Chaut. 20: 596(F). 

— in business, How many are going? Chaut. 21: 

337 (Je). 

— in the elections of England. Spec. 75: 109 (Jl 

27). — (M. Jeune) No. Am. 161:451(0). 

— in 14th century, Advice to. (E. B. Stone) Lip- 

pinc. 56: ioo(Jl). 

— in French prisons. (E. R. Spearman) 19th 

Cent. 37 : 79»(My). 

— in the mission field. (A. R. Buckland) Sund. 

M. 24: !94(Mr). 

— literary, Womanliness of. (J. W. Abernethy) 

Lippinc. 55:570(Ap). 

— men and home. Spec. 75: 78QI20). 

— Men's missionary work among. (B. Morgan) 

Harper, 9o:88o(My). 

— Mohammedan, in Turkey, Present condition. 

(R. Davey) Fortn. 64:5301). Same art. Eel. 
M. 125:305(8). 

their social status and legal rights. (L. M. J. 

Garnett) 19th Cent. 37:57(Ja). Same art. 
Eel. M. 124: 220(F). 

— Nagging. (C. Edson) No. Am. i6o:29(Ja). — 

Reply. (C. Edson) No. Am. 160: 440 (Ap). — 
Reply to Dr. Edson. (I. Somerset; H. P. Spof- 
ford; M. Harland) No. Am. 160:311 (Mr). 

— Last word on. No. Am. i6o:634(My). 

— National council of. (Countess of Aberdeen) 

Arena, 11: 338(F). 

— Natural debarments of, from political service. 

(F. P. Matheson) Am. M. Civics, 7: 591(D). 

— Oxford degrees for. (T. Case) Fortn. 64: 89 

(Jl). . 

— Part of, in political sins. (E. W. Winston) Am. 

M. Civics, 6: 573(Je). — Reply. (E. R. Mere- 
dith) Am. M. Civics, 7: 172. 

— Persian. (W. v. Schierbrand) Lippinc. 55:550 


— Sexual taboo. (A. E. Crawley) Anthrop. J. 24: 


— Suffrage for. (C. H. Matters) Westm. 143: 534 

(My). — (H. H. Gardener) Arena, 15:67(6). 

— (M. E. Brooks) Am. M. Civics, 6: 158(F). 




Women Suffrage, Attitude of Southern women on. 

(A. R. W'atson) Arena, 11: 363(F). 
Effect of, on posterity. (J. Weir, jr.) Am. 

Natural. 29:815(8). 
in Canada. (E. M. Luke) Canad. M. 5: 328 


— — South Australia's victory for. (C. H. Spence) 

Canad. M. 5: 276OI). 
Why New Zealand women get the franchise. 

(E. Reeves) Westm. i43=35(Ja). 
Why they do not want it. (W. C. Doane) 

No. Am. 161: 257 (S). 

— Work of. (C. G. Robertson) Econ. R. 5: 167 

W. C. T. U., Fallacy of. (C. E. Cawthorne) Am. M . 

Civics, 6: 298(Mr). 
Women's colleges, American, Festivals in. Cent. 49: 

4 29(Ja). 
Women's rights question in Rome. B.C. 195. (A. 

Harvey) Canad. M. 4:395(Mr). 
Women's settlements in Kethnal Green. (Mrs. 

Mace) Good Words, 36:6i3(Ag). 
Women-workers. Spec. 74*713(^25). Same 

art. Eel. M. 125: I32(J1). 
Wood, Mrs. Henry, Memorials of. (J. M'Cor- 

mick) Argosy, 59:22 (Ja). 
Wood-carving and iron work, Peyre's collection. 

(L. F. Day) Art J. 47: 279(S). 
Woodcuts, Mitchell collection of. (C. Dodgson) 

Acad. 47: 282(Mr3o). 
Wood-engravers. Scrib. M. 17:20-689. 18:167- 

7 i8(Ja-D). 
Wood-engraving in England and America, Present 

condition of. (M. H. Speelmann) National, 

25: 48 (Mr). Same art. Eel. M. 124: 549c Ap). 
True condition of. (J. Pennell) National, 

*5 : 343(My). 

— Japanese. (W. Anderson) Portfo. no. 17 (My). 
Woodman, The; a poem. (R. L. Stevenson) New 

R. 12: I7(ja). 

Woodpecker, Ivory-billed. (Inez De Campo) Over- 
land, n. s. 26:2ii(Ag). 

Wood-pigeons, London. Spec. 74: 748(Jei). 

Wood-pulp floor mosaics. (Louis Stern) Am. 
Arch. 47: io6(Mr9). 

Wood-stave pipe for conveying water. (A. Lakes) 
Engin. M. 9=462(Je). 

Woollens and worsted of Yorkshire. (R. C. Gill) 
Art J. 47:22 (Ja). 

Woolman, John, and Stephen Girard. (G. M. 
Hammell) Meth. R. 55:741(8). 

Worcester cathedral, book of ecclesiastical collec- 
tions made about 1000 A. D. (M. Bateson) 
Eng. Hist. R. 10: 712(0). 

Words and tones; poem. Argosy, 59: 542 (My). 

— Study of. (W. F. Parsons) Educa. 15:536 

Wordsworth, W., and Carlyle — a literary parallel. 
Temp. Bar, 106:261(0). Same art. Liv. 
Age, 207:356^9). 

— his home and works. (P. Oleron) Cath. World, 

Wordsworth country on two shillings a day. (A. 

F. Sanborn) Atlan. 76:514(0). 
Worishofen, Visit to. (A. Quarry) Argosy, 59: 745 

Working-class homes, Improvement of. (H. M. 

Bompas) Fortn. 64: 738(N). 

Working classes, English, Mental deterioration in. 

(G. R. Stetson) Pub. Opin. i8:666(Jei3). 

Working classes, Housing of, in London. (E. Por- 

ritt) Pol. Sci. Q. io:22(Mr). 
Working girls' clubs. (H.Campbell) Pub. Opin. 

i8:6oo(My30). — (G. H. Dodge) Pub. Opin. 

18: 762OI4). — (M. W. Coleman) Char. R. 

4 : 3°7(Ap). 
Working lads' club, A. (P. Emerson) Sund. M. 

24: 111(F). 
Working-man and immigration. (J. W. Knight) 

Char. R. 4:363(My). 
Workhouse administration. (L. R. Phelps) Econ. 

R. 5:26i(Ap). 
Workmanship, Deterioration of modern. Am. 

Arch. 48: 88. 
Workmen's club in the East End. (F. Eardley) 

Good Words, 36: 227 (Ap). 
Workshop, three months in, P. Gohre on. (C. R. 

Henderson) Char. R.4:256(Mr). 
World, the, Mechanical conception of. (W. Har- 
rison) Meth. R. 55: 932 (N). 
Worldliness, What is? Meth. R. 55: I2i(ja). 
Worship, Christian; its spirit and its forms. (J. C. 

Koller) Luth. Q. 25:427(0). 

— in spirit and in truth. (G. Rietschel) Luth. Q. 

25: 105 (Ja). 
Worth, the Paris dressmaker. Black w. 157: 790 

Writers and speakers. (H. N. Crellin) Gent. M. 

n. s. 55: 484 (N). 

— Mistakes of. (G. T. Bicknell) Writer, 8:61 


— Mistakes of tried. (L. B. Edwards) Writer, 8: 

6 4 (My). 
Wrong road, The ; a story. (Sarah Grand) Eng. 

Illust. 14: 221(D). 
Wrought-iron work in Charleston, S.C. Am. Arch. 

47: i04(Mr9). 
Wu-t'ai Shan, the great buddhist sanctuary of North 

China. (W. W. Rockhill) Atlan. 75: 758(Je). 
Wyzewa, Teodor de, as a critic. Sat. R. 79: 796 


Xenophon's harriers, A day with. Macmil. 71: 182 
(Ja). Same art. Eel. M. i24*.376(Mr). 

Yacht, The, as a naval auxiliary. (W. McAdoo) 

No. Am. 161: i7o(Ag). 
Yacht modeling, 'Miniature. (F. Bassford) Outing, 

25:400, 503(F, Mr). 
Yacht race, How to report. (W. E. Robinson) 

Writer, 8: I29(S). 
Yacht races for the America's cup, 1895. Pub. 

Opin. 19:358(819). — (D. Rolleston) Eng. 

Illust. 14: I77(N). — (W. J. Henderson) 

McClure, 5:373(8). 

— Cup champions and their crews. (R. B. Burch- 

ard) Outing, 26:481(8). 

— Cup champions of 1895. (R* B. Burch ard) 

Outing, 26:377(Ag). 

— International racing and national supremacy on 

the sea. (W. P. Stephens) Engin. M. 10: 1 
Yachting. Lake Yacht Racing Association. (P. 
S. Peer) Outing, 26:31501). 

— Seawanhaka yacht club race. (R. B. Burchard) 

Outing, 26: 488(S). 

— Through an autumn gale. Outing, 27: I24(N). 
Yahgan Indians, How Christians destroyed a tribe 

of. (J. R. Spears) Chaut. 21: 58(Ap). 




Yalu, Battle of the. (P. N. McGiffin) Cent. 50: 

Lessons from the. (A. T. Mahan) Cent. 50: 

Yam custom, The. Macmil. 73: 115(D). 
Yankee twang. Spec. 75: 269(Ag3i). 
"Yat;" a Digger Indian story. (E. I. Hoffman) 

Overland, n. s. 26: 489 (N) . 
Year ago, A; a poem. (H. M. Burnside) Argosy, 

59:68 5 (Je). 
Yeast, Taka Koji, a new substitute for. Chamb. 

J- 72:454(J1). 
" Yellow-book " style. Sat. R. 79: 73o(Jei ). 

Yellow dog, A; a story. (B. Harte) McClure, 5: 

235 (Ag). 
York, A ride to. Cornh. 71: 246(Mr). 
York County, Old, Me., Records of. (G. A. Gordon) 

N.E. Reg. 49: 46(Ja) . 
Yorkshire, Haunts of J. R. Lowell in. (E. Skeld- 

ing) Atlan. 76: i8i(Ag). 
Yosemite, The. (R. W. W.Cryan) Weslm. 143: 78 


— a poem. (J. L. Spalding) Cosmopol. 18:727 

Young, Brigham, and modern Utah. (J. A. Cock- 

erill) Cosmopol. 19: 501 (S). 
Young Barneby; a story. (A. H. Marshall) Eng. 

Illust. 13:521(8.) 
Young Dr. Jarvis; a story. Munsey, 13: i47(My). 
Young love; a story. (L. Dougall) Temp. Bar, 

105: 1 (My). Same art. Liv. Age, 205:534 

Young men and the church. (F. C. Iglehart) 

Meth. R. 55:386(My).— (E. W. Bok) Cos- 
mopol. i8:3i7(Ja). 

Young person, The modern. Belgra. 86: 61 ( Ja)*. 

Youth: a poem. (F. N. Thorpe) Harper, 90:711 

Youthful reminiscence, A. (H. H. Boyesen) Lip- 
pine. 55:4i7(Mr). 

Ysaye, Eugene. (H. E. Kxehbiel) Cent. 49:670 

Yuba Dam trout; a sketch. (A. M. R. Gordon) 
Canad. M. 5: I45(je). 

Yucatan, Notes on. (II. C. Mercer) Am. Natural. 

Yuccas, Tree, in the U. S. (C. S. Sargent) Garden 

&F. 8:3010131). 

Zangwill, I. The master. Sat. R. 79: 656 (My 

Zebehr Pasha. (Sir W. T. Marriott) Fortn. 64: 101 


Zi-ka-wei observatory, near Shanghai, China. (S. 

Chevalier) Science, n. s. 2: 17OI5). 
Zizka, John, and the reformation in Bohemia, 141 5— 

24. Macmil. 72:346(8). Same art. Liv. 

Age, 207:297(^12). 
Zola, E. Rome. (A. Hornblow) Bookman, 2: 120 


— Towards the appreciation of. (E. C. Townshend) 

Westm. 143: 57 (Ja). 
Zolaism, Downfall of. (W. Lecky) Cath. World, 

6' : 357(Je). 
Zoo, Life at the, Cornish's. Nature, 51:2760* 

Zoological explorations in the far North. (C. C. 
Nutting) Am. Natural. 29:450a). 

Zoological Record, the, Bibliographical reform and. 
(H. H. Field) Nat. Sci. 6:333(My). 

Zoologists, International Congress of. (S. J. Hick- 
son) Nat. Sci. 7^333(N). 

Zoology, Bibliography of. (H. H. Field) Lib. J. 
2o:supp. 29(D). 

— New international bibliographical bureau for. 

(H. H. Field) Science, n. s. 2: 234(Ag23). 
Zoophily, Ethics of. (F. P. Cobbe) Contemp. 68: 


— Jesuit: a reply. (G. Tyrrell) Contemp. 68: 708 

Zupitza, Julius. (K. Bruel) Ath. '95, 2: ioi(J12o). 
Zurich, Church in. (J. I. Good) Presb. & Ref. R. 

6:593(0). — (A. S. Napier) Acad. 48:5101 

Zoroaster, The God of. (L. H. Mills) New World, 

4 : 47(Mr). 
Zuyder Zee, Proposed reclamation of. Dub. R. 

116: 191 (Ja)' — Am. Arch. 47: i02(Mr9). 


OF 1895. 



In the 


The name of " Cody, A. S." is erroneously connected with the book 
entitled "Art of Writing Fiction," both in this list, and in several references 
in the pages following. He had nothing to do with this book, but was the 
author of a work called " How to Write Fiction," published anonymously 
in London in 1895 ; hence the confusion, which is much regretted. 

W. I. F. 

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Aidhal the Unlucky. Brooks, E.S. Gr. men's 


Earle. Colon, dames, 206. 
Anaximander. Osborn. From Greeks, 33. 
Andersen, H. C. Boyesen. Scand. lit. 155. 
Anderson, Mary, as Juliet. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3: 252. 

sons, 180. , — as Rosalind. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 289. 

Afghan life in Afghan songs. Darmesteter. Sel. Andover House in Boston. (W.J.Tucker) 

ess. 105. 

Woods, R.A. Poor, 177. 

Africa, exploration of, Ethics of. Cust. Ling. & | Andrew, John A. Long J. D. After-dinner, 190. 

orient, ess. 273. - Andrewes, Lancelot. Morley.H. Eng. writ. 

— Jew's quest in. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 249. 11: 144. 

African philology, 'On the progress of, to 1893. Andros, Sir Edmund. Ferguson, II . Ess. Am. 

Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 28. I hist. m. 

After-dinner speech, The. Martin, E.S. Cousin Angelico, Fra. Stearns,F.P. Midsum. Ital. art, 

Anthony, 203. i 27. 

Age, Certain assets of. Martin,E.S. Cousin An- Anglo-Indian words and phrases. Macmillan, 

thony, 193. I M. Globe-trotter, India, 77. 

Agincourt. George,H.B. Battles, 80. , Animal intelligence. Whit taker, T. Ess. & not. 

Agnosticism, Cowardly. Mallock. Stud, con- 1 191. 

temp, superst. 48. ! Animals, Domestication of. Shaler. Domes. 

Agricultural laborer, The. (F. Verinder) animals, 218. 

Galton,F.W. Workers, 153. — Rights of. Shaler. Domes, animals, 204. 

Aignes-Mortes. Lamed, W.C. Churches & C. Anselm. Fowler,M. Some arbps. Cant. 34. 

Airy, G. B. Ball,R. Great astron. 289. 

Antinomies, Philosophical. Whittaker,T. Ess. 
& not. 228. 

Alamo, Battle of the. Lodge & Roosevelt. Antonelli, Giacomo, Cardinal. Elliott,F. Rom. 

Hero-tales, 171. gossip, 82. 

Albert, Prince Consort, University days of. Apostolic fathers. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicaea, 99. 

Wolff. Odd bits, 219. j Apperception, Lange on. DeGarmo. Herbart, 

Alcott, Louisa M. Stearns, F.P. Sk. Concord. 166. 

69. I Appledore island and the Laightons. Stearns, 

Alexander the Eagle. Brooks, E.S. Gr. men's t F.P. Sk. Concord, 223. 

sons, 17. Apportionment under U.S. Constitution. 

Alexandria, School of. Moxom. Jerus. to 1 Foster, R. Comment, on Const. 1:369, 424, 

Nicaea, 333. 430. 

Alfleri, Vittorio, Count, a tragic poet. Elliot, April fool's day. Hutton,L. Other times, 119. 

F. Rom. gossip, 242. Arabic science and philosophy. Osborn. 

Alford, Henry, with portrait. Hare,A.J.C. Biog. 1 From Greeks, 75. 

sk. 95. Arblay, Frances d'. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 

Allegheny, Pa., Municipal condition of. (W. ' 3: 164. — Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 2:203. 

M.Kennedy) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 336. {Architecture. (M.Schuyler) Butterfield 

Alphabet, Indian, As<5ka-inscriptions and the 1 Lee. Un. Coll. 1:171. 

origin of. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 53. Ardres, Lords of. RoundJ.H. Feudal Eng. 

Alps ; Alpenrosen and goat's milk. VanDyke, 462. 

H. Little rivers, 141. Aristophanes. Howe J. W. Is polite soc. pol. 

Amalfi, Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 158. 133. 

Amboise, Chateau of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 
& C. 181. 

Aristotle. Osborn. From Greeks, 43. 

— on birds. Fowler, W.W. Sum. stud. 163. 





Arnold, Matthew. Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 
138. — Walker,H. Gr. Vic. poets, 122. 

— Lecture by. Stearns,F.P. Sk. Concord, 117. 

— poet of doubt. Scudder,V.D. Life of spirit. 

Art and labor. (E.G.Starr) Hull-House maps, 

— Dutch. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 1. 

— Flemish. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 153. 
Art training in American colleges. Anderson, 

M.B. Papers, 1:87. 
Asceticism, Ideal of. (C.G.Hall) Moulton, 

R.G. Four years novel, 75. 
Atharva-Veda. Hopkins. Relig. of India, 

Athena. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 2: 121. 
Athletic prizemen, Age of; a chapter of Greek 

art. Pater. Greek stud. 283. 
Athletics, Status of, in American colleges. Hart, 

A. 8. Stud. Am. educ. 122. 
Atmosphere and life. (R.G.Eccles) Brooklyn 

Eth. Assoc. Life, 65. 
Auckland, England, Chapel of St. Peter and 

Manor-House of. Lightfoot. Hist. ess. 

Audubon, J. J. Wright, H.C. Chil. sto. in 

Am. lit. 4. 
Augustine, St. Fowler,M. Some arbps. Cant. 

7. — Osborn. From Greeks, 71. 
Austen, Jane. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

265. — Repplier. Ess. in min. 164. 
Austral islands. Alexander, J.M. Isl. Pac. 105. 
Australia, Western and South. Jenks,E. 

Hist. Aust. col. 113. 
Authority in sphere of conduct and intellect. 

Nettleship. Lee. & ess. 21 8. 
Autobiography, Charm of. NobleJ.A. Im- 
pressions, 36. 
Azay-le-rideau, Chateau of. Lamed, W.C. 

Churches & C. 131. 

Babrius. Newbigging, Fables, 65. 
Backworth Classical Novel-reading Union. (J. 
U.Barrow) Moulton, R.G. Four years novel, 

Bacon, Francis. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 1. — 
Osborn. From Greeks, 90. 

— A gammon of Bacon. Hutton,L. Other times. 


Bacon, Roger, the first English freethinker. Max- 
well, H. Post-mer. 202. 

Bacteriology. (G.W.Fuller and others) Am. 
Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 58, 381. 

Balfour, Arthur James. Sm alley. Stud. 17. 

Ballads, Ancient Portuguese. Williams,A.M. 
Stud, folk, 242. 

— popular, English and Scottish. Williams,A.M. 

Stud, folk, 71. 
Ballot, The. Foster,R. Comment, on Const. 1: 

Bancroft, George. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 

1:152. — Wright,H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit. 


Bangkok and its people. Norman,H. Far East, 

Banking and currency. (H.W.Cannon) Butter- 
field Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 351. 

Bannockburn. George,H.B. Battles, 40. 

Baptist Church, Laity of. Anderson,M.B. 
Papers, 1:237. 

Barham, R. H. Saintsbury, G. Ess. Eng. lit. 

2: 270. 
Barlow, Joel, Literary shrines of. Tyler, Nf .C. 

Three men, 131. 
Barnabas. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicaea, 121. 
Barrett, Lawrence, as Gringoire. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3:47. 

— as Lanciotto. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 186. 
Barrett, Wilson, as Claudian. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3: 270. 

Bartlett, Wm. H. C. Am. Acad. A. & S. Proc. 
30: 570. 

Battersea. (P. M. Thornton) Clinch,G. Bygone 
Surrey, 170. 

Bayard, Thos. F., with portrait. Butterfield Lee. 
Un. Coll. 1: 145. 

Baynes, Thomas bpencer. SkeltonJ. Table- 
talk, 38. 

Bazsini, Antonio. Streatfeild. Masters Ital. mus. 

, 2 57- 
Beam, Churches of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 

& C. 102. 
Beaumont and Fletcher. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 

1 1 : 243. — Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 53. 
Beauregard, General P. G. T. (J.C.Ropes) 

Dwight,T.F. Fed. & confed. comm. I. 
Beauvals, Cathedral of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 

& C. 18. 
Becket, Thos. a. Fowler,M. Some arbps. Cant. 

Beckford, William. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 

3: 285. 
Beecher, H.W.; Til ton case. Godkin. Reflec- 
tions, 192. 
Belvedere, Mary Molesworth, Countess of. 

Gerard. Irish beauties, 1. 
Bennington, Battle of. Lodge & Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 57. 
Bentley, Richard. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 

3 : 9- 
Berkeley, George, Bishop. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. 

lands, 3: 3. — Tyler, M.C. Three men, 3. 
Berkshire and N. Hawthorne. Wolfe. Lit. shr. 

Am. auth. 155. 
Bible, Authorized version of. Morley,H. Eng. 

writ. 11:85. 

— on the stage. Jones,H.A. Renascence, 119. 

— Study of, Papal bull on, by Leo XIII. Cust. 

Ling. & orient, ess. 530. 

— Translating of, Some features of. Cust. Ling. 

& orient, ess. 527. 

into languages of India, Malay Archipelago, 

etc., history of. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 

— Old Testament, Are there totem-clans in the? 

JacobsJ. Stud. bibl. arch. 64. 
Revised. JacobsJ. Stud. bibl. arch. 129. 

— Genesis, Junior-right in. JacobsJ. Stud. bibl. 

arch. 46. 

— Proverbs xxx, Indian origin of. JacobsJ. Stud. 

bibl. arch. 323. 

— New Test., revised, Criticism of English. 

Tucker.G.M. Our com. speech, 78. 
Biblical archaeology, Recent research in. Jacobs, 

J. Stud. bibl. arch. 1. 
Biographies, Some great. Saintsbury,G. Ess. 

Eng. lit. 2: 383. 
Birmingham. Dolman.F. Munic. at work, 1. 

— its civic life and expansion. Shaw, A. Munic. 

govt. Gr. Brit/168. 




Staler, Dom. animals, 
Fowler, W.W. Sum. 

Bird* Domesticated. 

— of the Engstlen Alp. 

stud. 18. 

— of Wales. Fowler, W.W. Sum. stud. 46. 

— Songs of. P'owler,W.W. Sum. stud. 124. 
Bismarck, Prince, A visit to. Smalley. Stud. 


— at frriedrichsruh. Whitman,S. Teuton stud. 


Malortie. Here, there, 240. 
Biamarcka, Birthplace of the. Smalley. Stud. 

Bjorneen, B. Boyesen. Scand. lit. 3. 

Blaokwell's Island hospitals. (L. Darche) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95, 267. 
Blake, William. Benson, A.C. Ess. 147. — 

Cheney J.V. That dome. 169. 
Blanc, Madame Theresa. Blanc,T. Worn. U. S. 

Bleohingley. (G.Clinch) Oinch,G. Bygone 

Surrey, 217. 
Blockading service. (H.L.Wait) Mil. ess. 

M.O. L.L. U. S. Ills. 211. 
Blois, Chateau of. Lamed, W.C. Churches & C. 

Boat races. Hutton,L. Other times, 42. 
Boito, Arrigo. Streatfeild. Masters Ital. mus. 

Bol, Ferdinand. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 45. 

Bonaparte, Pauline, Princess Borgbese. Elliot, 

F. Rom. gossip, 210. 
Bonapartea, The Roman. EUiot,F. Rom. 

gossip, 172. 
Bookbinding, Art of. (F.Rogers) Galton,F. 

W. Workers, 127. 
Booka, Our friends. Repplier. Ess. in min. 11. 
Boone, Daniel. Lodge & Roosevelt. Hero-tales, 

Booth, Catharine. Bolton. Fam. lead. worn. 159. 

Booth, Edwin, Character of. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3: 283. . 
Bores. Maxwell, H. Post-mer. 115. 
Borgbese, Gwendolin, Princess. Elliot,F. Rom. 

gossip, 314. 
Borgheee, Marc Antonio, Prince. Eliot,F. 

Rom. gossip, 306. 
Boaco, General. Malortie. Here, there, 33. 
Boston, Mass. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 91. — 

Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 1:1. 

— Charities of. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 132. 

— Life in. Clark,T.M. Reminis. 66. 

— Literary. Wolfe. Lit. shr. Am. auth. 83. 

— Women in. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 98. 
Boswell, James. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

Bourges, Cathedral of. Larned,W.C. Churches 

&C. 201. 
Bonrget, Paul. HallardJ.H. Gallica, no. 
Bourne, Vincent. Benson, A.C. Ess. 96. 
Bowen, Charles. Smalley. Stud. 238. 
Boys' clubs in New York. (E.J.Wendell) 

Woods,R.A. Poor, 151. 
Bradford. Dolman,F. Munic. at work, 85. 
Bradley, James. Ball,R. Great astron. 187. 
Bradshaw, Henry. Benson, A.C. Ess. 252. 
Brahe, Tycho. Ball,R. Great astron. 44. 
Brahmanlam. Hopkins. Relig. of India, 176. 

— does not antedate ihe Mosaic writings. C ha- 

tard. Occ. ess. 354. 

Brains and muscles. (W.A.Hammond) Butter- 
field Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 265. 

Brandos, G. Boyesen. Scand. lit. 199. 

Bricklayers. (H.R.Taylor) Galton,F.W. 

Workers, 175. 

Bridges, Robert, Poetry of. Dowden. New 
stud., 61. 

Bridgman, Elijah C. Creegan. Gr. mission, 

Brinkley, John. Ball.R. Great astron. 233. 

Bronte, Charlotte. Harrison,F. Stud, early 

Vict. 145. — Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 157. 
Brooklyn, N.Y , Reservoir of. (A.N.Bell) Am. 

Pub. Health. Assoc. 41. 
Brooks, Phillips. Clark,T.M. Reminis. 206. 
Brotherhood, Doctrine of. Gladden. Ruling 

ideas, 31. 
Bronaaa. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 2: 246. 
Brown, Capt. John, a plea for. Thoreau. Sclec. 

Brown-Sequard, Charles E. Am. Acad. A. & 

S. Proc. 30: 589. 
Browne, William. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Benson,A.C. Ess. 

Browning, Robert. Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 

98. — Walker,H. Gr. Vic. poets, 35, 91, 150. * 

— as a humorist. Scudder,V.D. Life of spirit. 

Bruno, Giordano. Osborn. From Greeks, 78. — 

Whittaker,T. Ess. & not. 61 : 249. 
Bryant, William Cullen. Cheney J.V. That dome, 

127. — WrightjH.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit: 69. 
Buddhism. Grant.G.M. Relig. 125. — Hopkins 

Relig. of India, 298. 

— in Japan. Grifns. Relig. Japan, 257. 

— Mixed; or Riyobou. Griffis. Relig. Japan, 


— of northern Asia. Grifns. Relig. Japan, 153. 
Buffalo, Municipal condition of. (F.M.Loomis) 

Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 344. 
Button, G. L. L. Osborn. From Greeks, 130. 
Burns, Robert. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

Burroughs, John, Ramble with. Ellwanger. 

Idyllists, 221. 
Burton, Sir Richard. Cust. Ling. & orient. 

ess. 80. 
Butler, William. Creegan. Gr. mission, 219. 
Bynner, Edwin Lassetter. (B.Wendall) Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d s. 9: 173. 
Byron, G. G. N., Lord. Min to. Georg. era, 253. 

— Haunts of. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. Brit. au. 62. 

Cabots, Voyages of, in 1497 and 1498. (S.E. 

Dawson) Roy. Soc. Canada, 12: sec. 2, p. 51. 
Cadiz, Attack on, 1596. Froude. Eng. sea- 
men, 153. 
Caen, Churches of. Larned,W.C. Churches & 

C. 30. 
Cambridge, Mass., 250th anniversary. Long, 

J.D. After-dinner, 58. 
Camels. Shaler. Dom. animals, 118. 
Campbell, Thomas. Minto. Georg. era, 217. — 

Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 2: 171. 
Canal excavations, Modern methods of. (I. 

Randolph) Deep waterways conven. 1: 186. 
Canal locks, Pneumatic and hydraulic. (C.N. 

Dutton) Deep waterways conven. 1 : 222. 




Canals, Canadian, Memoranda of. (G.John- 
son) Deep waterways conven. 1:164. 

— Internat. coQperation in construction of. (T. 

A.Flower) Deep waterways conven. 1:293. 

Cannon, Henry W., with portrait. Butterfield 
Lee. Un. Coll. 1:345. 

Canova, Antonio. Elliot,F. Rom. gossip, 239. 

Cantecrolx, Beatrix de Cusance, Princesse de, 
Portrait of. Wolff. Odd bits, 120. 

Canterbury Cathedral. (A.P.Stanley) Farrar, 
F.W. Westm. 89. 

Cape Cod, A beach on. Thoreau. Selec. 136. 

Carcassonne. Larned,W.C. Churches & C. 61. 

Careri, Gemelli, in India. Macmillan,M. Globe- 
trotter India, 1. 

Carey, William. Creegan. Gr. mission, 45. — 
Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 553. 

Carlota, Empress, Ride of, to Calvary. Malor- 
tie. Here, there, 86. 

Carlyle, Thomas. Chancellor,E.B. Lit. types. 
68. — Harrison,F. Stud, early Vict. 43. — Hub- 
bard.E. Lit. jour. 29. — Lilly. Four humorists, 
117. — Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 41 . 

— Political influence of. God kin. Reflections, 

Carnegie, Andrew, with portrait. Butterfield 

Lee. Un. Coll. 1:315. 
Carnot, M. F. Sadi-. Smalley. Stud. 258. 
Cartier's course. (M.F.Howley) Roy. Soc. 

Canada, 12: sec. 2 p. 151. 
Cask-making. (W.Crooks) Galton,F.W. 

Workers, 115. 
Catharine II. Bolton. Fam. lead. worn. 55. 
Cattle. Shaler. Dom. animals, 103. 
Caucasus, Languages of the. Cust. Ling. & 

orient, ess. 3. 
Causality, Problem of. Whittaker,T. Ess. & 

not. 320. 
Census of U. S. Foster,R. Comment, on 

Const. 410. 
Cervantes, M. de. Howells. My lit. passions. 

Chalmers, Thomas. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 

Chambord, Chateau of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 

&C. 185. 
Chancellorsvllle, Battle of. (H.W.Jackson) 

Mil. ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 49. 
Chapman, George. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 

Character, Evidence about. Godkin. Reflec- 
tions, 249. 

— in fiction. (M.Gray) Cody,A.S. Fiction, 60. 

— in its bearing on social causation. (B.Bosan- 

quet) Bosanquet. Asp. soc. 9: 103. 

— Tests of. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 1: 159. 
Charity, Empire of. (R.T.Paine) Conf. char. 

& correc. '95, 1. 

— Families; Continued care of. (F.A.Smith) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95, 87. 

— Organized, and pauperism. Anderson, M.B. 

Papers, 2: 220. 

— Public. Boards of control. (C.Snyder) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95, 37. 
Ideal. (F.H. Wines) Conf. char. & correc. 

'95> 2 8. 

— true, Meaning and methods of. (H.Dendy) 

Bosanquet. Asp. soc. 9: 167. 
Charity organization movement. (J.R.Brackctt) 
Conf. char. & correc. '95, 80. 

Cbartres, Cathedral of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 

& C. 22. 
Chase, Samuel, Impeachment of. Foster, R. 

Comment, on Const. 1 : 533. 
Chattanooga, Municipal condition of. (G.W. 

Ochs) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 397. 
Chatterton, Thomas. Mitchell, D.G. Englands, 

3: 202. 
Cbaumont, Chateau of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 

&C. 176. 
Chautauqua. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 220. 
Chelsea. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. Brit. au. 27. 
Chenonceaux, Chateau of. Larned, W.C. 

Churches & C. 130. 
Chester Cathedral. (J.S.Howson) Farrar,F.W. 

Westmin. 209. 
Chesterfield, Lord, Letters to his son. Ste. 

Beuve. Sel. ess. 51. 
Chicago, Bohemians in. (J.H.Zeman) Hull- 
House maps, 115. 

— Civic Federation of. (A.W.Small) Nat. Conf. 

City Govt. 2-3: 474. 

— Foreign population of. Blanc,T. Worn, in 

U.S. 62. 

— Italian colony in. (A.Mastro-Valerio) Hull- 

House maps, 131. 

— Jewish quarter in. (CZeublin) Hull-House 

maps, 91. 

— Poor of. (J.Kirkland) Woods,R.A. Poor, 195. 

— Women in. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 19. 
Chlcheley. Fowler, M. Some arbps. Cant. 62. 
Child in the house. Pater. Miscel. stud. 147. 
Children, Desertion of, by parents. (E.P.Savage) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95, 213. 

— in fiction. Repplier, Ess. in min. 144. 

— Influence of, in homes, after institutional life. 

(F.H.Nibecker) Conf. char. & correc. '95, 216. 

— neglected and delinquent, school for, Problems 

of. (W.A. Wheeler) Conf. char. & correc. 

'95» 2°4. 

— Protection of. (M.M'Callum) Bosanquet. 

Asp. soc. 9: 46. 

— saving agencies for, State supervision of. (H. 

Folks) Conf. char. & correc. '95, 209. 

Problems of, in New York City. (C.L. 

Brace) Conf. char. & correc. '95, 212. 

— Wage-earning. (F.Kelley and A.P.Stevens) 

Hull-House maps, 49. 

— young, Nourishment of. (A.Simard and 

others) Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 367. 

Chllds, George William. Thayer, W.M. Turn- 
ing points, 36. 

China. Tuckerman,C.R. Recollec. 1:202. 

— among the great powers. Norman, H. Far 

East, 260. 

— Future of. Norman,H. Far East, 297. 

— Great Wall of. Norman, H. Far East, 211. 
Chinese, The. Norman,H. Far East, 276. 
Chinese ethical system in Japan. Griffis. Relig. 

Japan, 99. 

Chinon, Castle of. Larned,W.C. Churches & C. 

Chores. Martin, E.S. Cousin Anthony, 41. 

Christian Endeavor Societies and better citizen- 
ship. ( J.W.Baer) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 

Christian life in 2d & 3d centuries. Lightfoot. 

Hist. ess. 1. 

Christian literature, Societies for producing and 

circulating. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 521. 




Christian truth, Growth in. Gladden. Ruling 

ideas, I. 
Christianity. Grant, G.M. Relig. 183. 

— Amateur. Mallock. Stud, contemp. sup. 94. 

— and the common law. Anderson, M.B. Papers, 


— and our country. Anderson, M.B. Papers, 1: 


— Rise and spread of. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicxa, 1 3. 
Christine, princess of Russia. Earle. Colon. 

dames, 160. 
Christmas in olden times. Hutton,L. Other 

times, 163. 
Church, Early, Organization of. Moxom. Jerus. 

to Nicaea, 52. 
Churchill, Randolph. Smalley. Stud. 362. 
Cincinnati, Municipal condition of. (C.B. 

Wilby) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 313. 
Cities, American, Model charter for. (E.J. 

James) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 154. 

— British, Municipal system of. Shaw, A. Munic. 

govt. Gr. Bnt. 38. 

Public works of. Shaw, A. Munic. govt. 

Gr. Brit. 194. 

— Elections in, Logical system of. (C.C.P. 

Clark) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 524. 

— English municipal code. Shaw, A. Munic. 

govt. Gr. Brit. 325. 

— Good government of, from a physician's and sani- 

tarian's standpoint. (J.S.Billings) Nat. Conf. 
City Govt. 2-3: 492. 

— Government of, National parties and. (C.Rich- 

ardson) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 464. 

Progress in reform of, 1894-5. (C.R. 

Woodruff) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 304. 

Reform of, and proportional representation. 

(J.W.Jenks) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 129. 

Results of voluntary and temporary move- 
ments. (W.G.Low) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 
2-3: 136. 

Some essentials in the way of granting fran- 
chises. (E.M.Bemis) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 
2-3: 125. 

— Improvement of. Tolman,W.H. Munic. re- 

form, 137. 

— modern, Growth and problems of. Shaw, A. 

Munic. govt. Gr. Brit. 1. 

— Ohio, Uniform organization for. (E.J.Bland- 

lin) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3:454. 

— Reform movements in. Tolman,W.H. Munic. 

reform, 47. 
Citizen, duty of, Politics and. (T.F.Bayard) 

Butter fie Id Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 147. 
Citizenship, Duties of. (B.Bosanquet) Bosan- 

quet. Asp. Soc. 9: 1. 
Civic religion. (W.Gladden) Nat. Conf. City 

Govt. 2-3: 508. 
Civil war, Issues of. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 

Civilization and culture. Martin,E.S. Cousin 

Anthony, 119. 

— Influences of, uncivilizing. AlexanderJ.M. 

Isl. Pac. 30. 
Clapham. (P.M.Thornton) Clinch,G. Bygone 

Surrey, 170. 
Clark, George Rogers. Lodge&Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 29. 
Classic What is a? Ste. Beuve. Sel. ess. 1. 
Classical education in past and present. Net- 

tleship. Lee. & ess. 208. 

Classical research and classical education in Eng- 
land, Present relation between. Nettleship. 
Lee. & ess. 172. 

Clayton, Oscar. Malortie. Here, there, 270. 

Clement of Rome. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicaea. 

Clergymen, English. Tuckerman,C.K. Recol- 
lec. 2: 34. 

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Blandlin) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 112. 

Cloakmakers, Receipts and expenditures of. 
(I.Eaton) Hull -House maps, 79. 

Clothes. • Maxwell, H. Post-mer. 1. 

Clough, A. H.; poet of doubt. Scudder,V.D. 
Life of spirit, 265. 

Clous, John W., Lieut.-Col. U.S.A., with portrait. 
Butterfield Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 73. 

Club and Institute Union, Clubs of. (T. S. Pep- 
pin) KnappJ.M. Univ. 197. 

Coan, Titus. Creegan. Gr. mission. 19. 

Cobbett, William. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 

Coffee. Hutton,L. Other times, 85. 

Coghlans of Ardo, Romance of. Gerard. Irish 
beauties, 230. 

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. Bell,C.D. Some 

Eng. poets, 205. — Chancellor,E.B. Lit. types, 
172. — Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 3:309. 

— and Southey. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 2: 

— as a poet. Dowden. New stud. 313. 
College education. Chatard. Occ. ess. 143. 
College settlements in Boston. Blanc,T. Worn. 

in U.S. 144. 
Collins, Wilkie. Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 

Collins, William. Mitchell.D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

Color in composition. (S. Baring- Gould) Cody, 

A.S. Fiction, 35. 
Colored brigade at battle of Nashville. (H.V. 

Freeman) Mil. ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 399. 
Columbia University. (B.Matthews) Norton, 

C.E. Four Am. univ. 157. 
Columbus, O., Municipal condition of. (D.E. 

Williams) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3:323. 
Comedy, The, of wonder. Winter. Shad, stage, 


Comfort, Standard of. Smart, W. Stud. econ. 3. 

Comic-paper question. Godkin. Reflections, 

Commencement admonition. Godkin. Reflec- 
tions, 235. 

Commodua, the gladiator. Brooks, E.S. Gr. 

men's sons, 57. 

Concord, Mass., Pilgrimage to. Wolfe. Lit. 
shr. Am. auth. 17. 

— thirty years ago. Stearns.F.P. Sk. Concord, 1. 
Concord River. Thoreau. Selec. 1. 
Conduct, The church and. Godkin. Reflec- 
tions, 146. 

Confederate States, Constitutional history of. 

Foster, R. Comment on Const. 1: 186. 
Confucianism. Grant,G.M. Relig. 52. 

— in Japan in its philosophical form. Griffis. 

Relig. Japan, 131. 
Congress, members of, Qualifications for. Fos- 
ter, R. Comment on Const. 1:355. 

— Origin, Composition, and powers of. Foster, 

R. Comment on Const. 1:306. 




Constantiufl, the Emperor. Brooks, E.S. Gr. 

men's sons, 77. 
Consumption (in Economics), Socializing of. 

Smart, W. Stud. Econ. 249. 
Conversation. Jeune. Lesser ques. 75. 
Cook county (111.) charities. (J.C.Lathrop) 

Hull- House maps, 143. 
Cooke, Josiah Parsons. Am. Acad. A. & S. 

Proc. 30:513. 
Cooper, J. F. Wright,H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. 

lit. 51. 
Cooperation, Internal, comity and, in canals. 

(O-A.Howland) Deep waterways conven. 

Copernicus. Ball,R. Great astron. 30. 
Cordon, Grand, How to unhook a. Malortie. 

Here, there, 261. 
Corea, On horseback across. Norman, H. Far 

East, 323. 

— Question of. Norman.H. Far East, 356. 
Corinth, Miss., Battle of. (A.L.Chetlain) Mil. 

ess. M.O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 373. 
Corneille. HallardJ.H. Gallica, 18. 
Cornell, Alonzo B., with portrait. Butterfield 

Lee. Un. Coll. 1 : 283. 
Corn- milling, ancient and modern. (W.Sal- 
mon) Galton,F.W. Workers, 81. 
Correggio. Stearns, F.P. Midsum. Ital. art. 273. 
Court circles. Godkin. Reflections, 267. 
Coventry, Maria, Countess of. Gerard. Irish 

beauties, 30, 57. 
Covering, Protective. (L.Cheney-Ward) 

Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 247. 
Cowper, William. Bell, CD. Some Eng. poets, 

81. — CheneyJ.V. That dome, 188. — Minto 

Georg. era, 129. — Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 

3:239. — Ste. Beuve. Sel. ess. 74. 
Crabbe, George. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

Cranmer. Fowler,M. Some arbps. Cant. 89. 
Craven, Lady Elizabeth. Willing. Dames, 99. 
Crecy. George,H.B. Battles, 54. 
Crewe, Lady Frances Anne. Willing. Dames, 

Crimean war. George, H.B. Battles, 264. 

— Songs of. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 2: 

Criminality, hereditary, Statistical study of. (E. 

R.L.Gould) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 134. 
Crinoline, The. Jeune. Lesser ques. 143. 
Criticism, Literary, in France. Dowden. New 

stud. 388. 
in Latin antiquity. Nettleship. Lee. & Ess. 

Cromwell, Oliver. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 

Cromwell, Richard, the lazy. Brooks, E.S. Gr. 

men's sons, 273. 
Crowther, Samuel A. Creegan. Gr. mission, 

Croydon, Mediaeval. (S.W.Kershaw) Clinch, G. 
Bygone Surrey, 139. 

Culture and civilization. Martin, E.S. Cousin 
Anthony, 119. 

Cumberland, Anne, Duchess of. Gerard. 
Irish beauties, 210. — Willing. Dames, 57. 

Currency and banking. (H.W.Cannon) But- 
terfield Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 351. 

Currency legislation. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 
2: 270. 

Curtis, George William. Smalley. Stud. 386. 
Curwen, , an Anglo-Indian man of letters. 

Macmillan,M. Globe-trotter India, 51. 
Cuehing, W. B., and the " Albemarle." Lodge 

& Roosevelt. Hero-tales, 291. 
Custom-house, Comedy of. Repplier. Ess. in 

min. 104. 
Cuyp, Aelbert. Van Dyke, J.C. Dutch mast. 


Daniel, Samuel. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 322. 
Danish literature, Contemporary. Boyesen. 

Scand. lit. 181. 
Dante. Howells. My lit. passions, 198. 

— and Beatrice. HoweJ.W. Is polite soc. pol. 

Darwin, Charles. Osborn. From Greeks, 209. 

— Mistake as to transformation of species. 

Chatard. Occ. ess. 194. 

— or Tennyson ? Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 

Darwin, Erasmus. Osborn. From Greeks, 139. 
Daughters, Revolt of the. Jeune. Lesser ques. 

Daughters of Liberty. Earle. Colon, dames, 

De la Pole, Richard. Wolff. Odd bits, 58. 
De Quincey, Thomas. Chancellor,E.B. Lit. 

types, 1. 
Dead, the, Transportation of. (J.D.Griffith) 

Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 124. 
Death and life, Nature of. Whittake*,T. Ess. & 

not. 267. 
Debtor class. Godkin. Reflections, 227. 
Decadents and aesthetes. Nordau. Degen. 

Dekker, Thomas. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 

Delos. Tuckerman,C.K. Re coll ec. 2: 181. 
Demeter and Persephone. Pater. Greek stud. 

Democritus. Osborn. From Greeks, 41. 

Denver, Municipal condition of. (P.Rogers) . 
Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 424. 

Detroit, Municipal condition of. (D.D.Mac- 
Laurin) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 382. 

Devonshire, Seventh duke of. Smalley. Stud. 

Dickens, Charles. Chancellor,E.B. Lit. types, 
140. — Harrison,F. Stud, early Vict. 128. — 
Howells. My lit. passions, 88. — Hubbard, 
E. Lit. jour. 259. — Lilly. Four humorists, 
3. — Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 117. — Thayer, 
W.M. Turning points, 82. 

— Home of. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. Brit. au. 49. 

— Why a more famous novelist than C. Reade? 

(E.Cumpston) Moulton,R.G. Four years novel, 

Dictionaries, Modern. Tucker, G.M. Our com. 

speech, 112. 

— Old English. Tucker,G.M. Our com. speech, 

Didache, The. See Teaching of the Twelve. 

Diderot, Denis. Osborn. From Greeks, 115. 

Diego, the Admiral. Brooks,E.S. Gr. men's 

sons, 221. 
Dinners and diners. Jeune. Lesser ques. 61. 
Dionysius, A study of. Pater. Greek stud. 1. 
Diphtheria epidemics. (C.A.Hodgetts and 

others) Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 90. 




Diplomacy, American. (K.W.Seward) Butter- 
field Lee. Un. Coll. 1:117. 

Disraeli, Benjamin. Harrison,F. Stud, early 
Vict. 88. 

Disraeli, I. SkeltonJ. Table-talk, 241. 

Dodsley, Robert. Newbigging. Fables, 108. 

Dog, The. Shaler. Dom. animals, 11. 

Domesday book. RoundJ.H. Feudal Eng. 3. 

Domestic servants. Jeune. Lesser ques. 262. 

— in colonial times. Earle. Colon, dames, 258. 

— Morals and manners of. Godkin. Reflections, 

Donne, John. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 150. 

— the poet-preacher. Light foot. Hist. ess. 221. 

— Poetry of. Dowden. New stud. 90. 
Doubt and faith. Walker,!!. Gr. Vic. poets, 292. 
Dow, Gerard. Van Dyke J.C. Dutch mast. 73. 
Drake, Sir Francis, and expedition to West Indies, 

1585. Froude. Eng. seamen, 130. 

— voyages around world. Froude. Eng. sea- 

men, 75. 

Drama, English, Future of. Jones,H.A. Renas- 
cence, 124. 

of Victorian period. Walker,!!. Gr. Vic. 

poets, 171. 

— German. Whitman, S. Teuton stud. 81. 

— Literary: a reply to H. D. Traill. Jones, H. A. 

Renascence, 102. 

— modern, Dr. Pearson on. Jones,H.A. Renas- 

cence, 132. 

is it an art or an amusement? Jones, H. A. 

Renascence, 256. 

— Relation of, to education. Jones,H.A. Renas- 

cence, 287. 

— the science of. Jones,H.A. Renascence, 93. 
Dramatic outlook. Jones,H.A. Renascence, 

Drayton, Michael. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 

Dress, Extravagance in. Jeune. Lesser Ques. 

Dressmakers and tailoresses. (F. Hicks) Gal- 

ton,F.W. Workers, 13. 
DuMaurier, Society pictures by. NobleJ.A. 

Impressions, 116. 
Dualism in nature and morals. Gladden, W. 

Ruling ideas, 245. 
Dumas, Alexandre. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. 

lit. 2: 328. 
Dupanloup, Monseigneur. Malortie. Here, 

there, 72. 
Durham Cathedral. (E.S.Talbot) Farrar, F.W. 

Westmin. 143. 
Dwellings, Improved. (E. R.L.Gould) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95: 511. 

— Sanitary oversight of. (M.I.Moore) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95: 508. 
Dwight, Timothy, (d. 181 7) . Tyler,M.C. Three 

men, 71. 
Dyer, Mary. Earle. Colon, dames, 119. 

Carles, John. Benson, A. C. Ess. 19. 

East, the Far, The future of. Norman, H. Far 

East, 589. 
Baton, Mrs. Nathaniel. Earle. Colon, dames. 

Economic policy. Science and sentiment in. 

(A.T.Hadley) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 117. 
Edgeworth, Maria. Mitcholl,D.G. Eng. lands, 

3:277. — Repplier. Ess. in min. 161, 

Education, liberal, Ends and means of. Ander- 
son, M.B. Papers, 1 : 3. 

— National, in France, 1 8th century. Turgot. 

Life & wr. 265. 

— of the young. Turgot. Life & wr. 193. 

— Relation of the drama to. Jones,H.A. Renas- 

cence, 287. 
Edward the Atheling. Brooks, E.S. Gr. men's 

sons, 141. 
Edward the Confessor, Normans under. Round, 

J.H. Feudal Eng. 317. 
Ego- mania, Psychology of. Nordau. Degen. 

Electricity; Is it energy or matter? (A.Man) 

Butterfield Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 197. 
Elephants. Shaler. Dom. animals, 127. 
Eliot, George. Harrison,F. Stud, early Vict. 

205. — Hubbard, E. Lit. jour. 1. — Lilly. Four 

humorists, 75. — Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 162. 
Ellis, George E. (J.Winsor and others) Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d ser. 9: 254. 
Ellsworth, E. E., Death of. (E.B.Knox) Mil. 

ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 9. 
Ely and her spoilers. RoundJ.H. Feudal Eng. 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. CheneyJ.V. That 

dome, 43. — Stearns,F.P. Sk. Concord, 89. — 

Wright, H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit. 149. 

— Home of. Wolfe. Lit. shr. Am. auth. 45. 
Eminent domain, Tenure of land and. Chatard. 

Occ. ess. 232. 

Empedooles. Os|>om. From Greeks, 37. 
Endowments. Turgot. Life & wr. 219. 

Engineering. (J.Swift) Galton,F.W. Workers, 

England, Alleged invasion of, 1147. Round, 

J.H. Feudal Eng. 491. 

— in 1 3th century. Lightfoot. Hist. ess. 93. 
English, British and American. Tucker, G.M. 

Our com. speech, 151. 

English literature, Teaching of. Dowden. New 
stud. 419. 

English race, Origin and political life of. An- 
derson, M.B. Papers, 2:3. 

Erie canal, Enlargement of. (T.P.Roberts) 

Deep waterways conven. 1: 241. 

Ernestus Augustus, King of Hanover & Duke of 
Wellington. Malortie. Here, there, 1. ' 

Ethical forces, Development of. (T.T.Munger) 
Conf. char. & correc. '95: 16. 

Ethics. Balfour, A.J. Founda. belief, II. 

— Cosmic evolution and. (L.G.Janes) Brook- 

lyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 3. 
Eugenie and Napoleon III. Tuckerman,C.K. 

Recollec. 2: 105. 
Bugenius IV., Pope. Oliphant. Makers mod. 

Rome, 523. 
Euripides, Bacchanals of. Pater. Greek stud. 


— Iphigenia in Tauris, as performed at Cambridge 

Eng., 1894. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 

Europe, Living in, and going to it. Godkin. 
Reflections, 275. 

Evidence, Circumstantial. Godkin. Reflections, 

Evolution and its religious bearings. Ander- 
son, M.B. Papers, 1: 208. 

— Bibliography of. Osborn. From Greeks, 251. 

— Cosmic, as related to ethics. (L.G.Janes) 

Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 3. 




Evolution, Development of theory of. Osbont. 
From Greeks, 1. 

— Philosophical basis of. Whittaker,T. Ess. & 

not. 336. 
Evolutionists of 18th century. Osborn. From 

Greeks, 106. 
Exeter, William the Conqueror at. Round J. H. 

Feudal Eng. 431. 

Fable, Definition of. Newbigging. Fables, 1. 
Fables, Characteristics of. Newbigging. Fables, 


— Moral and application of. Newbigging. 

Fables, 13. 
Fabre d'Eglantine, P. F. N., Amours de voyage 

of. Dowden. New stud. 121. 
Fabulists as censors. Newbigging. Fables, 19. 
Factory, A German. Whitman,S. Teuton 

stud. 131. 
Faith and doubt. Walker,H. Gr. Vic. poets, 292. 

— Human certitude and divine faith. Chatard. 

Occ. ess. 309. 
Falkirk. George, H.B. Battles, 40. 
Familiar, Charm of the. Repplier, Ess. in min. 

Farragut, D. G., at Mobile Bay. Lodge & 

Roosevelt. Hero-tales, 301. 
Farren, Eliza, Countess of Derby. Gerard. Irish 

beauties, 247. 
Fatherhood, Doctrine of. Gladden. Ruling 

ideas, 17. 
Faust, play of, by W. G. WiUs. Winter. Shad. 

s ^ge, 3: 162. 
Fawkes, Guy ; the 5th of November. Hutton, 

L. Other times, 148. 
Feeble-minded, The. (G.H.Knight) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95: 150. 

— Training of an idiotic hand. (S.J. Fort) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95: 155. 
Ferguson, Sir Samuel, and Celtic poetry. Will- 

iams,A.M. Stud, folk, 131. 
Ferrier, Susan E. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 

2: 134. 
Feudalism in England, Passing of. Warner, B. 

E. Eng. hist. 93. 
Fiction, Craving for. Maxwell,H. Post-mer. 175. 

— for children. (Mrs. Molesworth) Cody,A.S. 

Fiction, 84. 

— Study of. (R.G.Moulton) Moulton,R.G. Four 

years novel, I. 

— Writing of, from editor's standpoint. (L.T. 

Meade) Cody.A.S. Fiction, 124. 
Field, Cyrus West. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 

Fielding, Harry. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 

3 : 67- 
Fields, Mrs. J. T. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 122. 

Fiji islands. AlexanderJ.M. Isl. Pac. 390. 

Filtration, Sand, of water. (G.W.Fuller) Am. 

Pub. Health Assoc. 64. ' 

Fin-de-siecle. Nordau. Degen. 1. 

Fine, The first known. Round.J.H. Feudal Eng. 

Fireside industries in colonial times. Earle. 

Colon, dames, 276. 

Fitzherbert, Mrs. Maria Anne. Willing. 

Dames, 113. 

Flag-bearer, The. Lodged Roosevelt. Hero- 

tales, 197. 

Flamsteed, John. Ball,R. Great astron. 147. 

Fletcher, Giles. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11:311. 

Fletcher, John, and Beaumont. Morley,H. Eng. 

writ. 1 1 : 243. — Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 

Flinck, Govert. Van DykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 53. 

Flodden. George, H.B. Battles, 118. 

Folk-songs, Hungarian. Williams, A.M. Stud. 

folk, 282. 

— of the Civil war. Williams,A.M. Stud, folk, 36. 

— of lower Brittany. Williams, A.M. Stud, folk, 


— of Poitou. WilliamSjA.M. Stud, folk, 220. 

— of Roumania. Williams, A.M. Stud, folk, 309. 
Food as related to life and survival. (W.O.At- 

water) Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 1 15. 
Foot-ball. Hutton, L. Other times, 1. 
Forefather's Day. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 

Forest phenomena. Thoreau. Selec. 118. 
Forests, German. Whitman, S. Teuton stud. 

Fort Fisher expedition. (EJ.Harkness) Mill. 

ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 145. 
Fourth of July. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 196. 
Fox, Charles James. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 

Franklin, Benjamin. Thayer, W. M . Turn, points. 

Franklin, Sir John. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 

Frederick Charles, Prince of Prussia, and White 

Horse of Hanover. Malortie. Here, there, 

Free-will. Whittaker.T. Ess. & not. 274. 
French colonial administration. Norraan,H. 

Far East, 103. 
French language. Some reasons for learning. 

HallardJ.H. Gallica, 3. 
French Revolution and science. Mallock. Stud. 

contemp. sup. 201. 
Fresh-air fund. (W.Parsons) Woods, R.A. Poor, 

Frick, Otto. DeGarmo. Herbart, 187. 

Friendship. Thoreau. Selec. 29. 

— Conduct of. Maxwell,H. Post-mer. 146. 
Froude, James Anthony. Smalley. Stud. 287. — 

SkeltonJ. Table-talk, 119: 167. 

— as a lecturer. Godkin. Reflections, 40. 

Fry, Elizabeth. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 161. 
Fuller, Henry. By-way in fiction. Repplier. 

Ess. in min. 87. 
Future life, Primitive ideas about. Clodd. Story 

prim, man, 103. 

Gabrias. See Babrius. 

Galileo. Ball,R. Great astron. 67. 

Gallicanism, True origin of. Chatard. Occ. 

ess. 9. 
Games. Maxwell,H. Post-mer. 27. 
Garbage, domestic, Disposal of. (N.E.Wordin 

and others) Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 178. 
Gardens. Maxwell, H. Post-mer. 270. 
Garfield, James A. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 

152. — Thayer, W\M. Turn, points, 126. 
Garibaldi, Giuseppe. Elliot,F. Rom. gossip, 

Gastronomy, Humors of. Repplier. Ess. in 

min. 129. 
Gay, John. Newbigging. Fables, 103. 
Gayler, Charles. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 229. 




Geld-roll, Northamptonshire. RoundJ.H. Feu- 
dal Eng. 147. 

Genoa. Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 33. 

George HI. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 181. 

Germany of the past and of to-day. Whitman, 
S. Teuton stud. 1. 

Gettysburg, The charge at. Lodge&Roose 
velt. Hero-tales, 225. 

— First gun at. (J.L.Beveritlge) Mill. ess. M. 

O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 79. 
Gibbon, Edward. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

122. — Ste. Beuve. Sel. ess. 139. 
Gibraltar. Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 23. 
Glacial deposits and canal routes. (G.F. 

Wright) Deep waterways conven. 1: 196. 
Gladstone, W. E. Hubbard, E. Lit. jour. 87. 
Glasgow. Dolman, F. Munic. at work, 64. 

— A study of. Shaw,A. Munic. govt. Gr. Brit. 69. 
Gloucester, Maria, Duchess of. Willing. 

Dames, 43. 
Gnosticism. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicaea, 283. 
Goats. Shaler. Dom. animals, 115. 
God, Supreme, in Indo-European mythology. 

Darroesteter. Sel. ess. 277. 
Goethe. Dowden. New stud. 142. — Wells,B. 

W. Mod. Ger. lit. 1 1 1. — Osborn. From Greeks, 

Gold, Discovery of, in Australia. Jenks,E. Hist. 

A ust. col. 205. 
Goldsmith, Oliver. Bell,C.D. Some Eng. poets, 

39. — Howells. My lit. passions, 10. — Hub- 

bard,E. Lit. jour. 299. — Mitchell, D.G. Eng. 

lands, 3: 130. 
Goll Hutton.L. Other times, 32. 
Good and evil, Knowledge of. Martin, E.S. 

Cousin Anthony, 103. 
Good Friday. Button, L. Other times, 128. 
Good Government Clubs and Municipal Leagues. 

(H.Welsh) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 146. 
Goodell, William. Creegan. Gr. mission. 31. 
Gordon, C. G., General. Malortie. Here, there, 

Gordon, Jane, Duchess of. Willing. Dames, 87. 
Gosse, Edmund, Poetry of. Benson, A.C. Ess. 

Gournay, Vincent de. Turgot. Life & wr. 229. 
Government, Ix>cal, in France. Turgot. Life 

& wr. 265. 
Governor of a State of the U.S., Office of. (A. 

H.Rice) Butterfield Lee. Un. Coll. 1:45. 
Grain trade and waterways. (L.R.Hun I) Deep 

waterways conven. 1: 155. 
Grant, U. S. (T. A. Dodge) Dwight,T.F. Fed. 

& confed. com in. 21. — LongJ.D. After-dmner, 

104. — Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 1: 136. 

— and Vicksburg campaign. Lodge&Roose- 

velt. Hero-tales, 237. 
Granville, Lord. Smalley. Stud. 8. 
Grata, Rebecca. Wharton, A. H. Colon, days, 

Gray, Thomas. Bell.C.D. Some Eng. poets, 

1. — Benson, A.C. Ess. 119. — Mitchell, D.G. 

Eng. lands, 3: 79. 
Great Britain; Reform acts & municipal code. 

Shaw, A. Munic. govt. Gr. Brit. 20. 
Greece revisited. HoweJ.W. Is polite soc. 

pol.? 77. 
Greeley, Horace. Godkin. Reflections, 48. 
Greene, Francis V., with portrait. Butterfield 

Lee. Un. Coll. 1:371. 

Gregory I., the Great, Pope. Oliphant. Makers 

Mod. Rome, 19. 
Gregory VII. (Hildebrand) Oliphant. Makers 

Mod. Rome, 181, 230. 
Griffith, John. Creegan. Gr. Mission. 75. 
Grote, G. History of Greece. Ste. Beuve. Sel. 

ess. 183. 
Guelphs, early ancestors of our Queen. Wolff. 

Odd bits, 91. 

— Page from history of. Malortie. Here, there, 

Guildford. (F. Lash am) Clinch,G. Bygone 

Surrey, 204. 
Gunning, Gen. John, and Gunilda, his daughter. 

Gerard. Irish beauties, 100. 

Habeas Corpus, writ of, Suspension of. (J*W. 

Clous) Butterfield Lee. Un. Col. 1:75. 
Habit. (J.W.Chadwick) Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. 

Life, 307. 
Hales, John. Benson, A.C. Ess. 1. 
Halley, Edmund. Ball,R. Great astron. 162. 
Hals, Franz. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch, mast. 17. 
Hamilton, Elizabeth, Duchess of. Gerard. 

Irish beauties, 30, 80. 
Hamilton, Sir Win., Lectures. Anderson, M.B. 

Papers, 2: 74. 
Hamilton, W. R. Ball,R. Great astron. 303. 
Hammond, William A., with portrait. Butter- 
field Lee. Un. Coll. 1 : 263. 
Hampstead. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. Brit. au. 13. 
Hampton Roads, Battle at. Lodge& Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 183. 
Hancock, Gen. W. S. (KA.Walker) Dwight, 

T.F. Fed. & confed. comm. 47. 
Hannington, James. Creegan. Gr. mission. 

Harcourt, William. Smalley. Stud. 213. 

Hardy, Thomas, Landscape of. Ellwanger. 

Idyllists, 85. 
Harem, The. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 2: 

Harper's Ferry, Sept. 14, 1862. (W.M.Luff) 

Mil. ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 33. 
Hart, Sir Robert, and his work. Norman, H. 

Far East, 231. 
Harvard University. (C.E.Norton) Norton, 

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HE NR y 



•Henry V. Warner,B.E. Eng. hist. 134. 
Henry VI. Warner,B.E. Eng. hist. 169. 
Henry VIII. Warner,B.E. Eng. hist. 244. 
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educ. 75. 

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B. Stud. Am. educ. 91. 

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sto. in Am. lit. 234. 
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Hongkong and Shanghai. Norman, H. Far 

East, 3. 
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2: 109. 
Hook, Theodore. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 

Horse, The. Shaler. Dom. animals, 57. 
Hortense, Queen of Holland. Elliot, F. Rom. 

gossip, 199. 
Hospital, A floating, at New York. (M.S.Robin- 
son) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 269. 
Hospitalities. (C.Barnett) KnappJ.M. Univ. 


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ment, on Const. 1: 316, 355, 369, 447, 451. 

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102. — Bolton. Fam. lead. worn. 272. 
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— Posthumous works of. Swinburne. Stud, prose 

& p. i6t. 
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— a factor in labor movement. (J.Addams) Hull- 

House maps, 183. 
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Hygiene, Teaching of, in schools. (C.O.Probst 

and others) Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 251. 
Hypocrite of fiction. Noble, J. A. Impressions, 


Ibrahim, the baby. Brooks, E. S. Gr. men's 

sons, 98. 
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Ibsenism. Nordau. Degen. 338. 
Idealism. Balfour,A.J. Founda. belief, 137. 

— in England in igth cent. Whittaker.T. Ess. 

& not. 287. 
Ideas, Ruling. Gladden, W. Ruling ideas, 271. 
Ignatius of Antioch. Moxom. Jerus. to Niaea, 

Imitation, Laws of. Whittaker,T. Ess. & not. 

Immigration. (C.S.Hoyt) Conf. char. & correc. 

'95 :2 45- 

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ment, on Const. 1 : 566, 606. 

Impeachment trials in States. Foster, R. Com- 
ment, on Const. 1 : 633. 

Impeachments before U.S. Senate. Foster,R. 
Comment, on Const. 1 : 508, 529. 

— Origin of. Foster,R. Comment, on Const. 1: 


Impressions, Justification of. Noble, J. A. Im- 
pressions, I. 

Improvement, Permanent, of neighborhood*. 
(CDeGraffenried) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 

India and the West. Hopkins. Relig. of India, 

— Census of British, 1 891. Cust. Ling. & orient. 

ess. 163. 

— Christianity in, Condition of, end of 19th century. 

Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 176. 

— Heredity and regeneration of. Macmillan,Nf . 

Globe-trotter India, 115. 

— Marriage-customs in. Cust. Ling. & orient. 

ess. 132. 

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ess. 96. 

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trotter India, 171. 

Indian proverbs. Macmillan,M. Globe-trotter 
India, 141. 

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Swift) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 374. 

Individual, The, and society. Gladden. Ruling 
ideas, 63. 

Individualism and state-action. Whittaker,T. 
Ess. & not. in. 

Indo-China, French. Norman, H. Far East, 

Industrial evolution. Mallock. Stud, contemp. 

sup. 286: 295. 
Industrial residuum, The. (H.Dendy) Bosan- 

quet. Asp. soc. 9: 82. 
Industry and politics. Whittaker.T. Ess. & not. 


— Place of, in the social organism. Smart, W. 

Stud. econ. 311. 




Inebriety, Influence of, on public health. (T. 

D.Crothers and others) Am. Pub. Health 

Assoc. 20: 348. 
Innocent m. Oliphant. Makers Mod. Rome, 

307- . 
Innuits of our Arctic coast. ( JohnSchultz) Roy. 

Soc. Canada, 12: Sec. 2, p. 113. 
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char. & correc. '95 :i86. 
Insects, Useful. Shaler. Dom. animals, 190. 
International comity and cooperation. (O.A. 

Howland) Deep waterways conven. 1:45. 
Iriaxte. See Yriarte. 
Iron making and waterways. (A.J.Moxham) 

Deep waterways conven. 1: 77. 
Irving, Sir Henry, and Ellen Terry. Winter, 

Shad, stage, 3: 148. 

— as Hamlet. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 101. 

— as Mathias. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 55. 

— as Shylock. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 242. 

— as Wolsey. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 199. 
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28. — Wright, H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit. 28. 
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art, 1. 

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points, 61. 

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velt. Hero-tales, 211. 

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James Francis Edward, the Pretender, at Bar-le- 
Duc. WolfT. Odd bits, 1. 

James, Thomas L., with portrait. Butterfield 
Lee. Un. Coll. 1:401. 

Japan; Asia for the Asiatics. Norman, H. Far 
East, 394. 

— of to-day. Norman, H. Far East, 375. 
Jefferies, Richard, Afield with. Ellwanger. 

Idylhsts, 123. 

Jersey City, Municipal condition of. (l.N. 
Quimby) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 353. 

Jewish question. Lazarus, J. Spir. Jud. 7. 

Jewish society in time of Mendelssohn. Kar- 
peles. Jew. lit. 293. 

Jews ; Anti-semitic movement in Germany. W hit- 
man, S. Teuton stud. 96. 

— History of. Darmesteter. Sel. ess. 241. 

— in the history of civilization. Karpeles. Jew. 

lit. 71. 
John, King. Warner,8.E. Eng. hist. 18. 
Johns Hopkins University. Godkin. Reflections, 

Johnson, Andrew. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 

1: 128. 

— Impeachment of. Foster, R. Comment, on 

Const. 1: 546. 
Johnson, Samuel. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 

Jones, Edward Burne-. Smalley. Stud. 180. 

Jonson, Ben. Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11:218. 

Jowett, 8., master of Balliol. Smalley. Stud. 


— Recollections of. Swinburne. Stud, prose & 

p. 26. 
Judaism. Grant,G.M. Relig. 158. 

— Claim of. x Lazarus J. Spir. Jud. 101. 

— Old and new. Lazarus, J. Spir. Jud. 70. 

Judaism, Outlook of. Lazarus, J. Spir. Jud. 28. 
— Task of. Lazarus, J. Spir. Jud. 133. 
Judson, Adoniram. Creegan. Gr. mission. 235. 
Julius II., Pope. Oliphant. Makers mod. Rome, 

Junior-right in Genesis. JacobsJ. Stud. bibl. 

arch. 46. 
Justice, Theory of. Whittaker,T. Ess. & not. 

Juvenal, Life and poems of. Nettleship. Lee. 

& ess. 117. 
Juvenile delinquents, Obligation of State to. 

(W.G.Fairbanks) Conf. char. & correc. '95 : 


Elisha Kent. Thayer, W.M. Turn. 

points, 93. 
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', Annie. Noble, J.A. Impressions, 91. 
1, John. Minto. Georg. era, 302. 
— Poetry of. HallardJ.H. Gallica, 119. 
Keble, John, Poetry of. Benson,A.C. Ess. 180. 
Kendal, Madge Robertson. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3: 264. 
Kentucky, Founding of. Lodge& Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 17. 
Kentucky and Virginia resolutions. Foster, R. 

Comment, on Const. 1: 119, 282. 
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King's Mountain, Battle of. Lodge& Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 69. 
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Vict. 163. 
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Knight, Sarah. Earle. Colon, dames, 135. 
Knight service in England. Round, J. H. Feudal 

Eng. 225. 
Knox college, Galesburg, Illinois. Blanc,T. 

Worn, in U.S. 191. 
Kojiki, The, and its teachings. Griffis. Relig. 

Japan, 59. 
Krilot Ivan Andreivitch. Newbigging. Fables, 


Newbigging. Fables, 96. 
(E.G.Starr) Hull-House maps, 

La Fontaine. 
Labor and art. 

— as a factor in evolution. (D.A.Gorton) 

Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 219. 
Labor representation, Need of. (B.Tillett) 

Galton.F.W. Workers, 212. 
Laightons, the, Appledore Island and. Stearns, 

F.P. Sk. Concord, 223. 
Lake dwellers, Origin of. Clodd. Story prim. 

man, 143. 
Lakes, Great, Commerce of, and waterways. 

(J.Fisher) Deep waterways conven. 1 : 89. 
Pittsburg's relation to. (J.E.Shaw) 

Deep waterways conven. 1 : 260. 
Regulating levels of. (T.T.Johnston) Deep 

waterways conven.  1 : 1 35. — (G.Y.Wisner) 

Deep waterways conven. 1: 125. 
Lamarck, J. B. de. Osborn. From Greeks, 156. 
Lamb, Charles. Chancellor,E.B. Lit. types, 29. 

— Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 319. 


*5 2 


Lambeth -Palace. (J.Cave-Browne) Clinch,G. 

Bygone Surrey, 10. 
Lamprocles, the street boy. Brooks, E.S. Gr. 

men's sons, I . 
Lancaster and York, Houses of, Genealogy of. 

Warner,B.E. Eng. hist. 307. 
Lancastrian usurpation. Warner,B.E. Eng. 

hist. 57, 307. 
Land, Tenure of, and eminent domain. Chatard. 

Occ. ess. 232. 
Landor, Walter Savage. Chancellor,E.B. Lit. 

types, 114. — Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 2: 

Lanesborough, Elizabeth La Tauche, Countess of. 

Gerard. Irish beauties, 192. 
Lange, Karl. DeGarmo. Herbart, 166. 
Langeais, Chateau of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 

&C. 123. 
Language as a means of classifying man. An- 
derson f M.B. Papers, 236. 
Laplace, P. S. de. Ball,R. Great astron. 219. 
Latin grammar, Study of, among Romans of 1st 

century. Nettleship. Lee. & ess. 145. 
Latin prose, classical, Historical development of. 

Nettleship. Lee. & ess. 93. 
Land, Wm. Fowler.M. Some arbps. Cant. 113. 

— Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11: 190. 

Law, Common, and Christianity. Anderson, M. 

B. Papers, 2: 171. 
Law Enforcement Societies. (G.F.Elliott) Nat. 

Conf. City Govt. 2-3:482. 
Laws, Higher. Thoreau. Selec. 64. 
Lassaretti, David, the prophet of Monte Labbro. 

Elliot, F. Rom. gossip. 339. 
Lee, Samuel. Cust. Ling. & Orient, ess. 562. 
Leeds. Dolman, F. Munic. at work, 105. 
Leicester, Alleged destruction of. Round, J. H. 

Feudal Eng. 456. 
Leicestershire survey (1124-29). RoundJ. 

H. Feudal Eng. 196. 
Lennox, Lady Sarah. Willing. Dames, 29. 
Lenox, Mass., Literary associations of. Wolfe. 

Lit. shr. Am. auth. 176. 
Leo X., Pope. Oliphant. Makers Mod. Rome, 

Leo XIII. Elliot,F. Rom. gossip, 76. 

— Bull on the study of the Bible. Cust. Ling. 

& Orient, ess. 530. 

— The encyclical " Immortal e Dei," 1885. Cha- 

tard. Occ. ess. 223. 
Leonardo da Vinci. See Vinci. 
Leoncavallo, Ruggiero. Streatfeild. Masters 

Ital. mus. 215. 
Leasing, G. E. Wells,B.W. Mod. Ger. lit. 73. 

— Newbigging. Fables, 115. 

Le Verrier, U. J. J. Ball,R. Great astron. 355. 
Li Hong Chang. Norman, H. Far East, 244. 
Lie, Jonas. Boyesen. Scand. lit. 121. 
Life and atmosphere. (R.G.Eccles) Brooklyn 
Eth. Assoc. Life, 65. 

— and death, Nature of. Whittaker,T. Ess. & 

not. 267. 

— and thought. Whittaker.T. Ess. & not. 303. 

— modern, Demands of. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 

1: 166. 

— Right conduct of. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 

— without principle. Thoreau. Selec. 301. 
Lilbarne, John, and agreement of the people. 

Foster, R. Comment, on Const. 1:46. 

Lincoln, A. Lodge & Roosevelt. Hero-tales, 
323. — Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 148. — 
Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 1:101. 

Lincoln Cathedral. (E.Venables) Farrar,F.W. 
Westmin. 163. 

Lindsey survey (11 15-18). Round J. H. Feudal 
Eng. 181. 

Literary men, English. Tuckerman,C.K. Rec- 
ollec. 2: 1. 

Literary tradition. Ste. Beuve. Sel. ess. 21. 

Literature and natural science. Nettleship. 
Lee. & ess. 235. 

— Moral influence of. Nettleship. Lee. &ess. 191. 
Liverpool. Dolman,F. Munic. at work, 42. 
Livingstone, David. Creegan. Great mission. 

385. — Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 106. 
Loanda to Zanzibar. Malortie. Here, there, 

Loches, Castle of. Lamed, W.C. Churches & C. 

Locomotion and survival. (M.L. Hoi brook) 

Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 189. 
Logan, Robert W. Creegan. Gr. mission. 199. 
London, Children of working. (H.Dendy) Bo- 

sanquet. Asp. soc. ques. 28. 

— East, Marriage in. (H.Dendy) Bosanquet. 

Asp. soc. ques. 75. 

— Government of. Shaw, A. Munic. gov. Gr. 

Brit. 222. 

— Old theatres of. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 116. 

— Progressive party platform. Shaw,A. Munic. 

govt. Gr. Brit. 349. 

— Riverside parish in. (SirW.Besant) Woods, 

R. A. Poor, 240. 

— Social awakening in. (R A. Woods) Woods, 

R.A. Poor, 1. 

— Society in. Jeune. Lesser, ques. 38. 

— Trees of. Maxwell,H. Post-mer. 254. 

— Unification of. Shaw, A. Munic. govt. Gr. 

Brit. 354. 
Long-bow, The. George,H.B. Battles, 51. 
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Cheney J.V. 

That dome, 116. — Wright,H.C. Chil. sto. in 

Am. lit. 156. 

— Evangeline. Wharton, A. H. Colon, days, 

Longley. Fowler,M. Some arbps. Cant. 170. 
Louis I., le Debonnaire. Brooks, E. S. Gr. 

men's sons, 123. 
Louisville, Ky., Charity Organization Society. 

(W.T.Rolph) Conf. char. & correc. '95:93. 

— Municipal condition of. (F.N.Hartwell) Nat. 

Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 391. 
Lourdes, Shrines of, and Zaragossa. Cust. Ling. 

& orient, ess. 5 68. 
Lowell, Charles Russell. Lodge & Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 261. 
Lowell, Edward J. (A.L.Lowell) Mass. Hist. 

Soc. Proc. 2d ser. 9: 541. — Am. Acad. A. & S. 

Proc. 30: 562. 
Lowell, James Russell. CheneyJ.V. That 

dome, 61. — Wright,H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit. 

Loyalists, The, Ferguson, H. Ess. Am. hist. 

Lucretius. Osborn. From Greeks, 60. 
Luther, Martin, Hans, son of. Brooks,E.S. Gr. 

men's sons, 244. 
Luz, Templar church of St. Jean de. Lamed, 

W.C. Churches & C. 90. 




Macao. Norman,H. Far East, 183. 
Macaulay, T. B. Harrison, F. Stud, early Vijt. 

64. — Ho wells. My lit. passions, 114. — 

Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 79. 
McClellan, G. B., Gen. tJ.GRopes) Dwight, 

F.F. Fed. & con fed. comm. 97. 

— Comments on Peninsula Campaign of. (C. 

A.Whittier) Dwight, T.F. Camp. Va. 277. 

— Plans for the Peninsula Campaign. (J.C. 

Ropes) Dwight,T.F. Camp. Va. 59. 
Macdonald, Flora. Wharton,A.H. Colon. 

days, 226. 
Mackay, Alex. M. Creegan. Gr. mission. 273. 
Mackenzie, John K. Creegan. Gr. mission. 

Mackenzie, Kenneth. A Highland seer and 

Scotch superstitions. Jeune. Lesser ques. 13. 
Macpherson, James. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 

Madison, Polly. Bolton. Fam. lead. worn. 123. 
Madwig, J. N. Nettleship. Lee. & ess. 1. 
Maes, Nicolaes. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 59. 
Magjnn, William. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. 

lit. 2: 270. 
Magnard, Francis. Smalley. Stud. 355. 
Manabharata, Morality of the. Macmillan,M. 

Globe-trotter, India, 193. 
Maillot, Benoit. Osborn. From Greeks, 109. 
Maimon, Solomon, Autobiography of. Hallard, 

J.H. Gallica, 143. 
Maixnonides, Moses. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 145. 
Maintenon, Mme. de. Bolton. Fam. lead. 

worn. 1. 
Malay States, The protected. Norman, H. Far 

East, 52. 

— Political position of. Norman, H. Far East, 


— unknown, Jungle journey in. Norman, H. 

Far East, 534. 
Malvern Hill, Battle of. (F.W.Palfrey) 

Dwight,T.K. Camp. Va. 253. 
Man, Albon, with portrait. Butterfield Lee. Un. 

Coll. 1: 195. 
Man, Primitive. Clodd. Story prim, man, 9. 
Manchester, England. Dolman, F. Munic. at 

work, 23. 

— Municipal activities of. Shaw, A. Munic. 

govt. Gr. Brit. 145. 
Manclnelli, Luigi. Streatfeild. Masters Ital. 

mus. 262. 
Manichodism. Moxom. Jems, to Nioca, 319. 
Manila. Norman, H. Far East, 169. 
Manners, 18th century. Earle. Colon, dames. 

Mansfield, Richard, as Shy lock. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3:138. 

— Dandies of. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 212. 
Maori wars in New Zealand. Jenks,E. Hist. 

Aust. col. 271. 
Marcus, the Consul. Brooks, E.S. Gr. men's 

sons, 38. 
Marlborough, Duke of. George, H.B. Battles, 

Marlborough, Sarah, Duchess of. Willing. 

Dames, 3. 
Marquesas islands. AlexanderJ.M. I si. Pac. 

Marriage. Martin,E.S. Cousin Anthony, 53. 

— and free thought. Mallock. Stud, contemp. 

sup. 139. 

Marsh warbler in Oxfordshire and Switzerland. 

Fowler, W.N. Sum. stud. 69. 
Marshfleld, D., Webster and. Wolfe. Lit. shr. 

Am. auth. 141. 
Martial law. ( J.W.Clous) Butterfield Lee. Un. 

Coll. 1 : 75. 
Martin V., rope. Oliphant. Makers Mod. Rome, 

Martyn, Henry. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 547. 

Marvell, Andrew. Benson,A.C. Ess. 68. 

Mascagnl, Pietro. Streatfeild. Masters Ital. mus. 

Massachusetts, Natural history of. Thoreau. 
Selec. 168. 

Matabeleland, Invasion of, by the English un- 
justifiable. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 330. 

Materialism. Romanes. Mind & motion, 55, 

Mayday. Hutton,L. Other times, 139. 

Mayfield House. (M.Corbett) Knapp, J.M. 
Univ. 107. 

Mazsola-Bedoli, Garolamo. Ricci. Correggio, 

Meer, Jan ver, of Delft. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch 

mast. 115. 
Melanesia. AlexanderJ.M. Isl. Pac. 408. 
Memorial Day. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 72. 
Meredith, George, in his poems. Dowden. New 

stud. 33. 
Merimee, P. Pater. Miscel. stud. 1. 
Mertoo, Bygone. (E.A.Kempson) Clinch, G. 

Bygone Surrey, 239. 
Metals, The age of. Clodd. Story prim, man, 

Metsu, Gabriel. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 


Metternich, Princess, Madman of. Malortie. 
Here, there, 284. 

Michel Angelo, Works of. Stearns,F.P. Mid- 
sum. Ital. art, 71. * 

Michie, Peter Smith, with portrait. Butterfield 
Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 11. 

Micronesia. AlexanderJ.M. Isl. Pac. 306. 

Middleton, Clara, Meredith's portrayal of char- 
acter of. (J.Fairney') Moulton,R.G. Four 
years novel, 59. 

Migration, Interstate. (H.H.Hart) Conf. char. 
& correc. '95:248. 

Military law. (J.W.Clous) Butterfield Lee. Un. 
Coll. 1: 75. 

Mill, John Stuart. Godkin. Reflections, 67. 

Miller, Hugh. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 117. 

Millikin, Minor. (A.C.McClurg) Mil. ess. M. 
O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 355. 

Milwaukee, City government of. (F.C.Wink- 
ler) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 119. 

Mind, human, Advances of. Turgot. Life & wr. 

Mind-stuff, historically treated. Whittaker,T. 

Ess. & not. 43. • 

Mineral resources and waterways. (C.R.Van 

Hise) Deep waterways conven. 1:71. 
Minneapolis, City Government of. (D.F. 

Simpson) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3:93. 
Miracle, Can there be such a thing as a? Cha- 

tard. Occ. ess. 269. 
Missionaries, Necessity of entire devotion to 

their work. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 493. 
Missionary literature. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 

4- 5°5- 




Missions, ancient and modern, Comparative 
progress in. Lightfoot. Hist. ess. 71. 

— Difficulties of. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 592. 

— foreign, Work of. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 

1: 189. 

— in Africa and the Anglican Church. Cust. 

Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 386. 

— in the Pacific, Origin of. AlexanderJ.M. Isl. 
. Pac. 55. 

Missouri campaign, 1861-2. (J.B.Leake) Mil. 

ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 269. 
Mistress of the Robes, How to become a. Ma- 

lortie. Here, there, 244. 
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Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 556. 
Mohammed, Ibrahim, son of. Brooks, E.S. 

Gr. men's sons, 98. 
Mohammedanism. Grant,G.M. Relig. 13. . 
Moltke, Count. Whitman, S. Teuton stud. 159. 
Money, a commodity. Smart, W. Stud. econ. 141. 
Monism. Romanes. Mind & motion, 79, 129. 
Monroe, Dorothea. Gerard. Irish beauties, 141. 
Mont St. Michel. Larned,W.C. Churches & C. 47. 
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley. Mitchell,D.G. 

Eng. lands, 3: 21. 
Montanism. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicaea, 327. 
Montgomery, Anne, Barbara, and Elizabeth. 

Gerard. Irish beauties, 162. 
Montreal, Drainage of. (A.Brittain) Am. Pub. 

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Moral ideals. Anderson, M.B. Papers, 1: 173. 
More, Hannah. Mitchell, D.'G. Eng. lands, 3: 171. 
More, Henry. Benson, A.C. Ess. 35. 
Morris, Gouverneur. Lodge&Roosevelt. Hero- 
tales, 91. 
Morris, William. Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 178. 

— Scudder,V.D. Life of spirit, 274. 
Morrison, Robert. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 550. 
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese. Thayer,W.M. 

Turn, points, 194. 
Motley, J. L. Wright, H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit. 1 74. 
Mullins, Priscilla. (H.P.Spofford) Spofford,H. 

P. Three heroines, 15. 
Municipal Leagues and Good Government clubs. 

(H.Welsh) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 146. 
Muscles and brains. (W.A.Hammond) But- 

terfield Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 265. 
Musset, Alfred de, Poetry of. HallardJ.H. 

Gallica, 95. 
Myopia. (A.A.Foucher and others) Am. Pub. 

Health Assoc. 20: 290. 
Mysticism, Parodies of. Nordau. Degen. 214. 

— Psychology of. Nordau, Degen. 45. 

Nairne* Lady, and her songs. Williams, A.M. 

Stud, folk, 102. 
Naples. Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 91. 

— Poor in. (J. W.V.Mario) Woods, R. A. Poor, 300. 
Napoleon II., the Forlorn. Brooks,E.S. Gr. 

men's sons, 286. 
Napoleon III. and Euge'nie. 

Recollec. 2: 105. 
National types, Survival of. 

tions, 316. 
Nations, Comparative morality of. 

Reflections, 19. 

Godkin. Reflec- 

Natural selection, Socialism and. (B.Bosan- 
quet) Bosanquet. Asp. soc. 9: 289. 

Naturalism and aesthetic. Balfour, A.J. Founda. 
belief, 33. 

— and ethics. Balfour, A.J. Founda. belief, 1 1. 

— and reason. Balfour,A.J. Founda. belief, 67. 

— Ethics of. Whittaker, T. Ess. & not. 211. 

— Philosophic basis of. Balfour, A. J. Founda. 

belief, 89. 
Nature, The halfness of. HoweJ.W. Is polite 
soc. pol. 161. 

— Primeval. Thoreau. Selec. 89. 
Neeslma, Joseph H. Creegan. Gr. mission. 

Negro, The, as a soldier. (W.E.Furncss) 

Mil. ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 457. 
Negroes, Insane. (J.W.Babcock) Conf. char. 

& correc. '95: 164. 
Nethinim, The. JacobsJ. Stud. bibl. arch. 

New Eng. Hist., Earliest printed sources of. (J. 

Winsor) Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d ser. 9: 181. 
New Orleans, Battle of. Lodge&Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 137. 

— Municipal condition of. (W.B.Spencer) Nat. 

Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 407. 
New South Wales. Jenks,E. Hist. Aust. col. 

New York. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 1:51. 
New York city, Civic renaissance. Tolman,W. 

H. Munic. reform, 27. 

— Facts for the time. (C.H.Parkhurst) Tolman, 

W.H. Munic. reform, 17. 

— ' Short-hairs ' and ' swallow-tails ' of. Godkin. 

Reflections, 206. 

— tenement-house evil. (E.Flagg) Woods, R. 

A. Poor, 370. 

— tenement-houses, Life in. (W. T. Elsing) 

Woods,R.A. Poor, 42. 

— Vigilance League. Tolman, W. H. Munic. 

reform, 183. 
N.Y. State, waterways, effect upon commerce. 

(T.C.Clarke) Deep waterways conven. 1:273. 
New Zealand. AlexanderJ.M. Isl. Pac. 353. — 

Jenks, E. Hist. Aust. col. 166. 
Newman, John Henry. Smalley. Stud. 1. 
Newton, Isaac. Ball,R. Great astron. 116. — 

Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 272. 
Nicaea, Council of. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicaea, 

Nicolas V., Pope. Oliphant. Makers Mod. 

Rome, 530. 
Nietzsche, Friedrich. Nordau. Degen. 415. 
Nimes, Roman monuments at. Lamed, W.C. 

Churches & C. 190. 
Nonsuch Palace. (S.W.Kershaw) Clinch ,G. 

Bygone Surrey, 186. 
Norfolk islands. AlexanderJ.M. Isl. Pac. 435. 
Northamptonshire survey. RoundJ.H. Feudal 

Eng. 215. 
Northcote, James. Newbigging. Fables, 112. 
Notes in books, Oppression of. Repplier. Ess. in 

min. 45. 
Novel, Ethical. (R. K. Douglas) Cody, A. S. 

Fiction, 109. 

— Historical. (A.J.Church) Cody,A.S. Fiction, 

98. — (Saintsbury,G.) Ess. Eng. lit. 2:303. 

— of incident. Repplier. Ess. in min. 207. 

— of manners. (L.B.Walford) Cody,A.S. Fic- 

tion, 22. 




Novels, Conversation in. Repplier. Ess. in min. 

Nullification, Doctrine and history of. Poster, 

R. Comment, on Const, i: 123, 145, 293. 
Norse, The trained. (S.F.Palmer) Conf. char. 

& correc. '95:259. 
Nursery tales, Problem of. Repplier. Ess. in 

min. 195. 
Nurses in settlement work. (L.D.Wald) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95: 264. 

— trained, Moral influence of, in hospitals. ( L. 

Richards) Conf. char. & correc: '95: 256. 
Plea for, in Almshouse hospitals. (G.H.M. 

Rowe) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 276. 
Nursing, District, in London. (D.GKimber) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95: 273. 

Odium philologicum. Godkin. Reflections, 96. 
Omaha, Municipal condition of. (G.J. Powell) 

Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3:418. 
Opium, Question of, Indo-Chinese, in 1893. Cust. 

Ling. & Orient, ess. 4: 143. 
Optimism, Scientific bases of. Mai lock. Stud. 

contemp. sup. 1. 
Organs, Political. Godkin. Reflections, 242. 
Orleans, Siege of. George, H.B. Battles, 80. 
Ornament. M ax well, H. Post-mer. 86. 
Orthoxody, Rationalistic. Balfour, A.J. Founda. 

belief, 182. 
Ostade, Adrian van. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch 

mast. 93. 
Oxford house. (W.A.Bailward) KnappJ.M. 

Univ. 149. 

Pacific, Future of the. Alexander, J.M. Isl. 

Pac. 461. 
Panics. Godkin. Reflections, 79. 
Papacy, Temporal power and the. 

Occ. ess. 255. 
Paper-money. Turgot. Life & wr. 204. 
Papias. M oxom. Jerus. to Nicsea, 139. 
Paray-le-Monial. Hare,A.J.C. Biog. sk. 183. 
Paris. HoweJ.W. Is polite soc. pol. 37. — 

Tuckerman,CK. Recollec. 2: 69. 
Parisiana. Malortie. Here, there, 278. 
Barker. Fowler, M. Some arbps. Cant. 101. 
Parkman, Francis. Lodge& Roosevelt. Hero- 
tales, 161. — Wright, H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. 

lit. 219. 
Parnell, Charles Stewart. Smalley. Stud. 38. 
Parnassians and diabolists. Nordau. Degen. 

Parties in the State. (England, 16th century.; 

Froude. Eng. seamen, 104. 
Pascal, B. Pater. Miscel. stud. 48. 
Paton, John G. Creegan. Gr. mission. 253. 
Patterson, Robert. Shenandoah Campaign. (T. 

L.Livermore) Dwight,T.F. Camp. Va. 3. 
Patteson, John C. Creegan. Gr. mission. 3. 
Pan, Chateau of. Larned,W.C. Churches & C. 

Paul II., Pope. Oliphant. Makers Mod. Rome, 


Pauperism and old age pensions. (C.S.Loch) 
Bosanquet. Asp. soc. ques. 126. 

— and organized charity. Anderson,M.B. 
Papers, 2: 220. 

— Prevention of. (O.Craig) Woods,R.A. Poor, 



Paupers, foreign, Relief from. Anderson.M.B. 

Papers, 2: 241. 
Pea Ridge, Battle of. (E.A.Blodgett) Mil. ess. 

M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 289. 
Peabody, Geo. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 24. 
Peace. Godkin. Reflections, 1. 
Pearl islands. Alexander J.M. Isl. Pac. 116. 
Peking and its inhabitants. Norman, H. Far 

Fast, 195. 
Peninsula Campaign, 1862, Gen. McClellan's plans 

for. ( J. C. Ropes) D wight, T.F. Camp. Va. 


— Comments on. (C.A.Whittier) Dwight,T.F. 

Camp. Va. 277. 

— Period between fall of Yorktown and Seven 

days' battles. (F.W.Palfrey) Dwight,T.F. 

Camp. Va. 153. 
Peninsular War. George, H.B. Battles, 197. 
Pensioners, Old. (H.Dendy) Bosanquet. Asp. 

soc. ques. 118. 
Pensions, Old-age, and pauperism. (S.S.Loch) 

Bosanquet. Asp. soc. ques. 126. 
Persecutions. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicsea, 163. 

Persephone and Demeter. Pater. Greek stud. 

Peter the Helper. Brooks,E.S. Gr. men's sons, 

Peter, St., Roman pontificate of. Chatard. Occ. 

ess. 116. 
Peterborough, Knights of. RoundJ.H. Feu- 
dal Eng. 157. 
Petition, Right of, J. Q. Adams and. Lodge & 

Roosevelt. Hero-tales, 149. 
Pets, Old-world. Repplier. Ess. in min. 182. 
Phaedrus. Newbigging. Fables, 63. 
Pharisaism. Gladden, W. Ruling ideas, 217. 
Phelps, William Walter. Smalley. Stud. 251. 
"Philadelphia," Burning of the. Lodge & 

Roosevelt. Hero- tales, 101. 
Phillips, Wendell. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 6. 

— Stearns,F.P. Sk. Concord, 180. 
Philosophy and rationalism. Balfour, A. J. 

Founda. belief, 163. 

— Arabian. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 2: 127. 

— Greek. Osborn. From Greeks, 29. 

— Provisional. Balfour, A.J. Founda. belief, 241. 
Physicists. Osborn. From Greeks, 36. 
Picardy, Apollo in. Pater. Miscel. stud. 121. 
Pigs. Shaler. Dom. animals, 139. 

Pike, Austin F. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 27. 

Pisa. Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 45. 

Pitcairn islands. Alexander,]. M. Isl. Pac. 435. 

Pitt, William. Mitchell, D. G. Eng. lands, 

3: 192. 

Pittsburg, Municipal condition of. (W.M.Ken- 
nedy) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 336. 

Pius II., Pope. Oliphant. Mak. Mod. Rome, 553. 

Pius IX. Elliot. Rom. gossip, 1. 

Plagiarists, The " Young German." Nordau. 
Degen. 506. 

Playmaking. Jones,H.A. Renascence, 226. 

Plays, First-night judgment of. Jones,H.A. 
Renascence, 56. 

— Representative American. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3: 320. 

Playwright's grumble, A. Jones, H. A. Renas- 
cence, 146. 

Plot, Need of. (L.Parr) Cody,A.S. Fiction, 16. 

Plumbing. (J.N.Hughes and others) Am. Pub. 
Health Assoc. 331. 


T 5 6 


Poe, E. A. Wright, H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit. 

Poetesses, Early American. Wharton, A.H. 

Colon, days, 99. 

Poetry, Influence of science on. Walker,H. 

Gr. Vic. poets. 231. 

— Jewish, Humor and love in. Karpeles. Jew. 

lit. 191. 

— Musical and picturesque elements in. Whit- 

taker,T. Ess. & not. 95. 

— of nature. Walker, li. Gr. Vic. poets, 201. 

— Relation to life. CheneyJ.V. That dome, 11. 
Poets, Victorian, Social, political and religious 

aspects of. Walker,H. Gr. Vic. poets, 258. 
Poitiers. George, H.B. Battles, 54. 

— Churches of. Lamed, W.C. Churches & C. 97. 
Polaod, Jewish king in. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 272. 
Political economy and its ethical relations. 

Anderson.M.B. Papers, 2: 258. 
Political satire, Twenty years of. Saintsbury,G. 

Ess. Eng. lit. 2:237. 
Politics and the duty of the citizen. (T.F.Bay- 

ard) Butterfield Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 147. 

— and industry. Whittaker,T. Ess. & not. 1 73. 

— and religion. Gladden. Ruling ideas, 163. 

— Physical force in. Godkin. Reflections, 257. 
Polycarp. Moxom. Jerus. to Nicxa, 152. 
Polygamists, Baptism of. Cust. Ling. & orient. 

ess. 4: 138. 
Polynesians, Ancient. AlexanderJ.M. Isl. 

Pac. 485. 
Pompeii. Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 145. 
Poor, Children of the. (J.A.Riis) Woods,R.A. 

Poor, 86. 

— Creed of the. Jeune. Lesser ques. 273. 

— Homes of the. Jeune. Lesser ques. 223. 
Poor law, English, Origin and history of. (H. 

Dendy) Bosanquet. Asp. soc ques. 195. 
Poor relief. Best method in small cities. Q-C 
Brooks) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 54. 

— German "Inner Mission." (C.R.Henderson) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95: 72. 

— in Chicago. (C.G.Trusdell) Conf. char. & 

correc. '95:66. 

— New York methods. (Mrs.C.R. Lowell) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95:44. 

— Outdoor, in Mass. (T.F.Ring) Conf. char. & 

correc. '95:61. 

— Some controverted points in. (C.S.Loch) 

Bosanquet. Asp. soc. ques. 226. 
Pope, Alexander. Howells. My lit. passions, 

48. — Minto. Georg. era, 21. — Mitch ell, D.G. 

Eng. lands, 3: 30. 
Pope, The. Italian guarantees and 187 1. Chatard. 

Occ. ess. 87. 

— Temporal power of. Chatard. Occ. ess. 283. 
Portland, Ore., Municipal condition of. (T.N. 

Strong) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3:432. 

Postal service of U.S. (T.L.James) Butter- 

field Lee. Un. Coll. 1:403. 

Potter, Paul. Van DykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 137. 

Pottery industry. (S.J.Thomas) Galton,F.W. 
Workers, 186. 

Prse-Raphaelites. Nordau. Degen. 67. 

Precious metals. Workers in. (W.A.Steward) 
Galton,F.W. Workers, 32. 

Prescott, W. H. Wright,H.C. Chil. sto. in 

Am. lit. 82. 

Pretender, The. See Stuart, J. F. E. 

Prices; must they fall? Smart, W. Stud. econ. 161. 

Princeton university. (W.M.Sloane) Norton, 

C.E. Four Am. univ. 93. 
Prison, Woman's, at Sherborn. Blanc,T. Worn. 

. in U.S. 225. 
Privateer, The " General Armstrong." Lodge 

& Roosevelt. Hero-tales, 127. 
Prize-tights. Hutton,L. Other times, 11. 
Production, Over-. Smart, W. Stud. econ. 189. 
Property, Law of. Gladden. Ruling ideas, 135. 

— Private. (B. Bosanquet) Bosanquet. Asp. soc. 

ques. 308. 
Prophets of Israel. Darmesteter. Sel. ess. 16. 
Prose, Music of. NobleJ.A. Impressions, 10. 
Protection to native manufactures. Turgot. 

Life & wr. 249. 
Protestant Episcopal Church, Changes in. 

Clark,T.M. Reminis. 40. 

— 60 years ago. Clark ,T.M. Reminis. 32. 
Provident Medical Associations. (W.H. Pres- 
cott) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 285. 

Psychology, Volkmann's. Whittaker,T. Ess. 

& not. 124. 
Ptolemy. Ball,R. Great astron. 7. 
Public opinion. Gladden. Ruling ideas, 189. 
Publisher, Trials of a. Repplier. Ess. in min. 

Puccini, Giacomo. Streatfeild. Masters Ital. 

mus. 189. 

Quakers in New England. Ferguson, H. Ess. 

Am. hist. 9. 
Quarantine appliances. (F.Montizambert and 

others) Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 345. 
Queensland. Jenks,E. Hist. Aust. col. 108. 

Race and tradition. Darmesteter, Sel. ess. 155. 

Racine. HallardJ.H. Gallica, 40. 

Railway car sanitation. ( J.Pat tison and others) 

Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 233. 
Railway profits and deep' waterways. (E.R. 

Johnson) Deep waterways conven. 1: 112. 
Railways vs. waterways. (L.M.Haupt) Deep 

waterways conven. 1: 1 18. 
Rajendralala Mitra, Raja. Cust. Ling. & 

orient, ess. 73. 
Raphael. Pater. Miscel. stud. 26. 

— Dramatic pictures by. Stearns,F.P. Midsunj. 

Ital. art, 225. 

— Evolution of. Steams,F.P. Midsum. Ital. art, 

Rationalism. Balfour, A. J. Founda. belief, 163. 
Reade, C. Howells. My lit. passions, 191. 

— Why Dickens more famous novelist than ? (E. 

Cumpston) Moulton,R.G. Four years novel, 

Readers and reading. Martin,E.S. Cousin 

Anthony, 15. 

Realism. Nordau. Degen. 473. 

— and truth. Jones.H.A. Renascence, 85. 

— Physical. Whittaker,T. Ess. & not. 291. 
Reality as a phenomenon. Whittaker,T. Ess. 

& not. 298. 
Redemption, Philosophy of. Whittaker,T. Ess. 

& not. 218. 
Reform, Some aspects of. (M.M'Callum) 

Bosanquet. Asp. soc. ques. 180. 
Reform schools, Work of. (M.McG.Dana) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95: 230. 
Reformation, English. Warner, B.E. Eng. hist. 





Reformation, English, Sea-cradle of. Froude, 

Eng. seamen, 1. 
Regenbald. Round J. H. Feudal Eng. 421. 
Registration laws, Constitutionality of. Foster, 

K. Comment, on Const. 1: 340. 
Reban, Ada, as Julia in "Two gentlemen of 

Verona." Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 300. 

— as Letitia Hardy. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 71. 

— as Viola in " Twelfth Night." Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3:40. 

— in old comedy. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 127. 
Rein, Dr. William. DeGarmo. Herbart, 141. 
Religion and social evolution. (E.P.Powell) 

Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 403. 

— and the stage. Jones, II. A. Renascence, 26. 

— comparative, Recent research in. Jacobs, J. 

Stud. bibl. arch. 29. 

— natural, A Catholic on. Mai lock. Stud, con- 

temp, sup. 1 72. 

— of the future. • Darmesteter. Sel. ess. 1. 
Religions, Ancient, before the great Anno Domini. 

Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 408. 

— Max M tiller's "Chips." Chatard. Occ.ess. 98. 

— of the ancient world. Cust. Ling. & orient. 

ess. 4: 457. 

Religions equality. Turgot. Life & wr. 256. 

Religions liberty. Turgot. Life & wr. 210. 

Rembrandt. Van Dyke ,J. C. Dutch mast. 29. 

Renan, Ernest. Darmesteter. Sel. ess. 178. 

Representation, Proportional, and municipal re- 
form. (J.W.Jenks) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 
2-3: 129. 

Repton Club. (H. Legge) KnappJ.M. Univ. 

Restigouche river, from a horse-yacht. Van 

Dyke,H. Little rivers, 117. 
Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. 

lands, 3: 108. 
Rheims, Cathedral of. Lamed, W.C. Churches 

&C. 213. 

— Church of St. Denis. Larned,W.C. Churches 

& C. 223. 
Ricasoli, Bettino, Baron, in private life. Elliot, 

F. Rom. gossip, 327. 
Rice, Alex. H., with portrait. Butterfield. Lee. 

Un. Coll. 1:43. 
Richard II. Warner,B.E. Eng. hist. 57. 
Richard HI. Warner, B.E. Eng. hist. 206. 
Richardson, Samuel. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 

Richter, J. P. F. Wells.B.W. Mod. Ger. lit. 290. 
Riensl, Cola di. Oliphant. Makers Mod. 

Rome, 402. 
Riggs, Stephen. Cust. Ling & orient, ess. 4: 559. 
Rig- Veda. Hopkins. Relig. of India, 37. 
Ristori, Adelaide. Elliot,F. Rom. gossip, 319. 
Riyobou; or mixed Buddhism. Grifiis. Relig. 

Japan, 189. 
Roads. (F.V.Greene) Butterfield Lee. Un. 

Coll. 1:373. 
Robinson, Ezekiel Gilman. Am. Acad. A. & S. 

Proc. 30: 572. 
Rogers, Samuel. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

Rokh the Intrepid. Brooks,E.S. Gr. men's 

sons, 207. 
Roman Catholic Congress at Malines, 1891. 

Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 476. 
Roman Catholic societies. Chatard. Occ. ess. 


Roman Catholics, Are they right on the 6chool 
question? Chatard. Occ. ess. 291. 

Romantic school in German literature. Wells, 
B.W. Mod. Ger. lit. 290. 

Romanticism, Early. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. 
lands, 3:281. 

Rome. Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 65. 

— in the 4th century. Oliphant. Makers Mod. 

Rome, 1. 

— in the 14th century. Oliphant. Makers Mod. 

Rome, 381. 

— in 1870, occupation by Italian troops. Cha- 

tard. Occ. ess. 61. 

— in 1 871 ; condition of the city. Chatard. Occ. 

ess. 75. 

— Salons of. Elliot. Rom. gossip, 264. 
Romola, Character development in. (T. Daw- 
son) Moulton.R.G. Four years novel, 91. 

Rondani, Francesco Maria. Ricci. Correggio, 

Rosebery, Lord. Smalley. Stud. 194, 270. 
Roses, War of. George, H.B. Battles, 101. 

— Warner,B.E. Eng. hist. 169. 
Rosse, Earl of. Ball,R. Great astron. 272. 
Rossetti, Christina. Benson, A.C. Ess. 268. 

— Burden of. NobleJ.A. Impressions, 55. 
Rossetti, D. G. Scudder,V.D. Life of spirit, 

269. — Skelton, J. Table-talk, 74. 
Rossi, Ernesto, as Hamlet. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3: 235. 
Rossini, G. A. Elliot. Rom. gossip, 253. 
Rouen, Churches and other buildings of. Lamed, 

W.C. Churches & C. 37. 
Royal Asiatic Society, improvement of, Suggestions 

for. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 64. 
Royalties, English. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 

1 : 298. 
Rubens, Peter Paul. Van Dyke, J. C. Dutch 

mast. 163. 
Ruisdael, Jacob van. Van Dyke, J. C. Dutch 

mast. 121. 
Rnskin, John. Hubbard, E. Lit. jour. 57. — 

Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 198. 
Russia on the Pacific, Position of. Norman, H. 

Far East, 151. . 

Sable Island, History of. (G.Patterson) Roy. 

Soc. # Canada, 12: § 2, p. 3. 
Sacred, The, and the secular. Gladden. Rul- 
ing ideas, 97. 
St. Asaph, Charlotte, Viscountess of. Willing. 

Dames, 127. 
St. Hilaire, Geoflroy. Osborn. From Greeks, 

St. Margaret's House. Bethnal Green. (M. 

Talbot) KnappJ.M. Univ. 119. 
St. Paul, City government of. ( W.H.Lightner) 

Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 105. 
St. Paul's Cathedral. (H.H.Milman) Farrar, 

F.W. Westmin. 61. 
Salem, Literary. Wolfe. Lit. shr. Am. auth. 

Salisbury Cathedral. (H.T.Armfield) Farrar, 

F.W. Westmin. 199. 
Salmon-flies. Maxwell, H. Post-mer. 321. 
Salon, The, in America. HoweJ.W. Is polite 

soc. pol. 113. 
Salvation army, The. Jeune. Lesser ques. 246. 
Salvini, T. Elliot, F. Rom. gossip, 324. 
Samoa. Alexander, J. M. Isl. Pac. 274. 




San Francisco, Municipal condition of. (I.T. 
Milliken) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3:449. 

Bancroft. Fowler, M. Some arbps. Cant. 126. 

Sanitation. (J. A. Skilton) Brooklyn Eth. 

Assoc. Life, 361. 

Saporta, Gaston, Marquis de. Am. Acad. A. & 
S. Proc. 30: 598. 

Satura, Roman, Original forfn of. Nettleship. 
Lee. & ess. 24. 

Saxony saved by two yards of ribbon. Malortie. 
Here, there, 151. 

Sohauffler, William G. Creegan. Gr. mission, 59. 

Scherer, Edmond. Dowden. New stud. 355. 

Schiller, J. F. v. Wells,B.W. Mod. Ger. lit. 219. 

Scholar, Relation of, to practical life. Ander- 
son, M.B. Papers, 1: 121. 

School-bouses, Ventilation of. (J. E. Dore) 
Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 285. 

Schools, grammar, Reform in. Hart,A.B. Stud. 
Am. educ. 20: 22. 

Schuyler, Montgomery, with portrait. Butter- 
field Lee. Un. Coll. 1: 169. 

Science and the church. Godkin. Reflections, 


— and the French Revolution. Mallock. Stud. 

contemp. sup. 201. 

— and theology. Balfour, A.J. Founda. belief, 


— Awakening of. Osborn. From Greeks, 86. 
— Natural, and literature. Nettleship. Lee. & 

ess. 2: 35. 
Sciences, Growth and relation of. Anderson, 

M.B. Papers, 2:99. 
Scott, Sir Walter. Bell, C. D. Some Eng. 

poets, 127. — Ho we lis. My lit. passions, 40. — 

Minto. Georg. era, 235. — Saintsbury,G. Ess. 

Eng. lit. 2: 328. 

— Journal of. Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. I. 
Sculpture, Greek, Beginnings of. Pater. Greek 

stud. 194. 
Seattle, Municipal condition of. (E.O.Graves) 

Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 439. 
Secession, Legality of, and History of. Foster, 

R. Comment, on Const. 1: no, 163. 

— right of, Early assertions of. • Foster,R. Com- 

ment, on Const. 1: 116. 

Secular, The, and the sacred. Gladden. Rul- 
ing ideas, 97. 

Sedimentation in water. (W.Johnston) Am. 
Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 37. 

Selden, John. Morley,H. Eng. writ, n: 160. 

Selection, From natural to Christian. (J.C. 
Kimball) Brooklyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 333. 

Self-sacrifice, Law of. AndersonyM.B. Papers, 

Senate, U.S. Foster, R. Comment, on Const. 

,: 355. 457» 499* 5 I2 » 5 2 9» 612. 

— in the Federal Convention. Foster.R. Com- 

ment, on Const. 1 : 466. 

— Officers of. Foster,R. Comment, on Const. 

1 : 499. 

— Origin of. Foster,R. Comment, on Const. 

Seoul and its inhabitants. Norman,H. Far 

East, 341. 

Seven days* battles to Malvern Hill. (F.W. 
Palfrey) Dwight.T.F. Camp. Va. 217. 

1775, Spirit of. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 161. 

Seward, Frederick W., with portrait. Butter- 
field Lee. Un. Coll. 1:113. 

Sgambati, Giovanni. Streatfeild. Masters Ital. 

mus. 246. 

Shaftesbury, Lord. Thayer, W. M. Turn. 

points, 13. 

Shakespeare, Hamnet. Brooks, E.S. Gr. men's 

sons, 259. 

Shakespeare, William. Hubbard, E. Lit. jour. 

Shanghai and Hongkong. Norman, H. Far 

East, 3. 

Shaw, Robert Gould. Lodge&Roosevelt. Hero- 
tales, 249. 

Sheep. Shaler. Dom. animals, 114. 

Shelley, P. B. Minto. Georg. era, 292. 

Shelter and evolution. (Z.S. Sampson) Brook- 
lyn Eth. Assoc. Life, 277. 

Shelters. (O.Jay) KnappJ.M. Univ. 171. 

Shenandoah Valley, Operations in, March 10- 
June 9, 1862. (J.F.Huntington) Dwight, 
T.F. Camp. Va. 301. 

— Patterson's campaign in. (T.L.Livermore) 

Dwight,T.F. Camp. Va. 3. 
Sheridan, P. H., at Cedar Creek. Lodge & 

Roosevelt. Hero-tales, 279. 
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley. MitcheIl,D.G. Eng. 

lands, 3: 195. 
Sherman, W. T., Gen. (J.C.Ropes) Dwight, 

T.F. Fed. & confed. comm. 125. — LongJ.D. 

After-dinner, 107. 

— Cavalry of. (S.D.Atkins) Mil. ess. M. O. L. L. 

U. S. Ills. 383. 
Shinto : myths and ritual. Griffis. Relig. Japan, 

Ship canal from Lakes to ocean, Necessities and 

advantages of. (D.B.Smith) Deep water- 
ways conven. 1: 81. 

Ship canals, modern. (C.Francis) Deep water- 
ways conven. 1: 100. 

Shipbuilding. (W.C.Steadman) Gal ton, F.W. 
Workers, 56. 

— and deep waterways. (G.Tunell) Deep 

waterways conven. 1 : 203. 
Ships, Lake and ocean combined. (J.R.Oldham ; 

A.McDougall) Deep waterways conven. 1: 

176, 182. 
Shipwreck. Thoreau. Selec. 124. 
Short story, The. (L. Falconer) Cody,A.S. 

Fiction, 75. 
Siam, France and. Norman, H. Far East, 468. 

— Government of. Norman, H. Far East, 434. 
Siberia, Railway across. Norman, H. Far East, 

SixtuB IV., Pope. Oliphant. Makers Mod. 

Rome, 569. 
Skepticism with respect to personal creator. 

Anderson,M.B. Papers, 1: 196. 
Slavery, Constitutional aspects of. Foster, R. 

Comment, on Const. 1: 158. 

— in Madagascar, in Protestant churches. Cust. 

Ling. & orient, ess. 369. 

— Permission of, a civil disobedience. Thoreau. 

Selec. 238. 

— White, in Turkey. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 

Slave-trade, African, J. Hawkins and. Froude. 
Eng. seamen, 26. 

— Roman Catholic missionaries and. Cust. Ling. 

& or. ess. 4: 365. 
Smith, John, Capt., and his works. Morley,H. 

Eng. writ. 11: 184. 




Smith, Sydney, Home of. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. Brit. 

au. 148. 
" Social classes;" Is the term a scientific category ? 

(F.H.Giddings) Conf. char. & correc. '95: no. 
Social questions. Turgot. Life&wr. 193. 
Socialising of consumption. Smart, W. Stud. 

econ. 249. 
Socialism and natural selection. (B.Bosan- 

quet) Bosanquet. Asp. soc. ques. 289. 

— Evolution of. Mai lock. Stud, contemp. sup. 

274, 278. 

— Fundamental error of. Mallock. Stud, contemp. 

sup. 245. 

— What is? Mallock. Stud, contemp. sup. 232, 

Society and the individual. Gladden. Ruling 

ideas, 63. 
Society for the Encouragement of Study at Home. 

Blanc.T. Worn, in U.S. 115. 
Society Islands. Alexander J.M. Isl. Pac. 65. 
Sociology in schools and colleges. (H.H. Powers) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95: 122. 
Socrates, Lamprocles, son of. Brooks, E.S. Gr. 

men's sons, 1. 
Solar energy. See Sun, The. 
Soldier, The unremembered. (W.S.Smith) Mil. 

ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 489. 
Soldiers' Homes, Pensions for. (A.O.Wright) 

Conf. char. & correc. '95: 303. 
Soldier's place in civilization, (F. A. Riddle) 

Mil. ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 515. 
Somerset, Lady Henry. Bolton. Fam. lead. 

worn. 250. 
Song, German. Whitman, S. Teuton stud. 70. 
Songs of the sea, American. Williams,A.M. 

Stud, folk, 1. 
Sorrento. Pfirshing. Mem. Ital. 163. 
Soul, The brute. Chatard. Occ. ess. 345. 
South, The, after the war. Godkin. Reflections, 

South Seas, Discoveries in. Jenks,E. Hist. 

Aust. col. 1. 
Southey, Robert. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. lit. 

South wark. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. Brit. au. 24. 

— in olden time. (E.Boger) Clinch,G. Bygone 

Surrey, 114. 

Spanish Armada. Froude. Eng. seamen, 1 76. 

Speech. M ax well, H. Post-mer. 54. 

Spencer, Herbert. Enigma of the First Cause. 
Chatard. Occ. ess. 212. 

Spiritualism. Romanes. Mind & motion, 47, 


Spurgeon, C. H. Smalley. Stud. 55. 

Stage, The, and religion. Jones, H. A. Renas- 
cence, 26. 

— The Bible on. Jones,H.A. Renascence, 119. 

— Influence of. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 338. 

— Jewish. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 229. 
Stanislas, King, and Voltaire. Wolff. Odd 

bits, 181. 
Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn, with portrait. Hare, 

A.J.C. Biog. sk. 1. 
Stanley, Henry M. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 

2: 149. 
State-action, Individualism and. Whittaker,T. 

Ess. & not. if 1. 
States of the U.S., Sovereignty of. Foster,R. 

Comment, on Const. 1 : 63. 
Steen, Jan. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 101. 

Steere, Edward. Oust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 

Sterne, Laurence. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands. 


— Haunts of. Wolfe, Lit. pilg. Brit. au. in. 

Stewart, Mrs. Duncan, with portrait. Hare, 

A.J.C. Biog. sk. 137. 
Stimulants, Psychology of. Whittaker,T. Ess. 

& not. 361. 
Stoke-Pogis church yard. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. 

Brit. au. 39. 
Stone, Lucy. Bolton. Fam. lead. worn. 212. 
Stone age, Ancient. Clodd. Story prim, man, 


— Newer. Clodd. Story prim, man, 76. 

Stony Point, Storming of. Lodge&Roosevelt. 

Hero- tales, 79. 
Stowe, H. B. Wright,H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. 

lit. 188. 
Stoy, Karl von. DeGarmo. Her bar t, 101, 180. 
Straits Settlements. Norman, H. Far East, 37. 
Street arabs, School for. (E.R.Spearman) 

Woods,R.A. Poor, 275. 
Stuart, J. E. B., Gen. (J.C. Ropes) Dwight, 

T.F. Fed. & confed. comm. 153. 
Studies, Correlation of. DeGarmo. Herbart, 

215, 240. 
Style in fiction. (W.E.Norris) Cody,A.S. Fic- 
tion, 1. 
Suarez. Osborn. From Greeks, 83. 
Sublime Porte. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 2: 

Success, Elements of. Anderson, M.B. Papers, 

Suffolk, Henrietta, Countess of. Willing. Dames. 

Suffrage, Constitutional right of. Foster, R. 

Comment, on Const. 1:319. 

Suicide, Frequency of. Chatard. Occ. ess. 182. 

Sultans, Three. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 2: 

Summer resort, Evolution of. Godkin. Reflec- 
tions, 295. 

Summer rest. Godkin. Reflections, 309. 

Sumner. Fowler,M. Some arbps. Cant. 154. 

Sun, Energy of. (A. E. Palmer) Brooklyn Eth. 
Assoc. Life, ^2' 

Sunday thoughts. . Thoreau. Selec. 13. 

Supernatural in nature, in light of metaphysics. 
(C.O'Brien) Roy. Soc. Canada, 12: § 2, p. 135. 

Superstitions ; a Highland seer and Scotch super- 
stition. Jeune. Lesser ques. 13. 

Surrlage, Agnes. (AliceBrown) Spofford,H.P. 
Three heroines, 63. 

Sweating system. (F.Kelley) Hull-House 

maps, 27. 

Swift, Jonathan. Hubbard,E. Lit. jour. 139. 

Swinburne, A. C. Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 60. 
— Scudder,V.D. Life of spirit, 278. 

— Poetry of. HallardJ.H. Gallica, 128. 
Symbolism. Nordau. Degen. 100. 
Synagogue, Music of. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 369. 


Tailoresses, Dressmakers and. 

Galton,F.W. Workers, 13. 
Taine, H. History of English literature. 

Beuve. Sel. ess. 210. 
Tart, Archbishop. Fowler, M. Some arbps. 

Cam. 186. 
Talmud, The. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 52. 


1 60 


Tasmania. Jenks,E. Hist. Aust. col. 72. 
Taxes, Direct. Foster, R. Comment, on Const. 

Taylor, William. Creegan. Gr. mission. 291. 
Teacher, Has the, a profession? Hart,A.B. 

Stud. Am. educ. 1. 
Teaching of the Twelve. Moxom. Jerus. to 

Nicsea, 123. 
Technical education, Need and value of. (C. 

T.Millis) Galton,F.W. Workers, 1. 
Teeth, Children's. (J.C.Adams and others) 

Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 339. 
Tegner, Esaias. Boyesen. Scand. lit. 219. 
Telegraph. Anderson, M.B. Papers, 2: 214. — 

(A.B.Cornell) Butterfield Lee. Un. Coll. 1:287. 
Temperance ; total abstinence. Chatard. Occ. 

ess. 323, 331, 338. 
Tenters, David, the younger. Van Dyke, J. C. 

Dutch mast. 189. 
Tennis. Hutton,L. Other times, 22. 
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord. Ho wells. My lit. 

passions, 150. — Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 21. 

— Smalley. Stud. 66. — Walker,H. Gr. Vic. 

poets, 16,70, 150. 

— In Memoriam. Scudder,V.D. Life of spirit. 281. 

— or Darwin? Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 141. 
Terburg, Gerard. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch mast. 

Terry, Ellen, as Portia. Winter. Shad, stage, 

3: 242. 

— as Queen Katharine. Winter. Shad, stage, 

3 : 199. 

— Henry Irving and. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 


Thackeray, W. M. Harrison, F. Stud, early 
Vict. 107. — SkeltonJ. Table-talk, 25. — How- 
ells. My lit. passions, 129. — Hubbard, E. Lit. 
jour. 231. — Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 1. — Lilly. 
Four humorists, 37. 

Theatre and the mob. Jones,H.A. Renascence, 1. 

— On being rightly amused at. Jones, H. A. 

Renascence, 192. 

Theodore. Fowler,M. Some arbps. Cant. 20. 

Thiers as Warwick of 2d Empire. Malortie. 

Here, there, 167. 

Thoburn, James M. Creegan. Gr. mission. 109. 

Thorn, William, the weaver poet. Williams,A. 

M. Stud, folk, 166. 

Thomas, G. H., Gen. (H.Stone & T.L. Liver- 

more) Dwight,T.F. Fed. &confed. comm. 163. 

— in Grant's memoirs. (J.H.Sherratt) Mil. ess. 

M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 499. 
Thompson, W. H. Benson, A.C. Ess. 238. 
Thomson, James. Minto. Georg. era. 58. — 

Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 73. 
Thomson, Wm. McClure. Creegan. Gr. mission. 

Thoreau, H. D. (H.S.Salt) Thoreau. Selec. v. 

— and Walden. Wolfe. Lit. shr. Am. auth. 68. 

— Sphere of. Ellwanger. Idyllists, 173. 
Thought and life. • Whittaker,T. Ess. & not. 


— Nature of. Whittaker,T. Ess. & not. 179. 

Thrift and social intercourse. (Mrs.Mace) 

KnappJ.M. Univ. 185. 
Ticknor, Anna. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 115. 
Timber trade and waterways. (R.R.Dobell) 

Deep waterways conven. 1: 217. 
Tirel, Walter, and his wife. RoundJ.H. Feudal 

Eng. 468. 

Tobacco. Hutton,L. Other times, 70. 
Tolstoi, L. Howells. My lit. passions, 250. 
Tolstoism. Nordau. Degen. 144. 
Tonga. AlexanderJ.M. lsl. Pac. 343. 
Torlonia, Alessandro, Prince. Elliot,F. Rom. 

gossip, 292. 
Torrey, Henry W. (W.W.Goodwin) Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d ser. 9: 197. 
Totem-clans in the Old Testament, Are there? 

Jacobs, J. Stud. bibl. arch. 64. 
Tours, Cathedral of. Larned,W.C. Churches & 

C. 25. 
Towns, British, Rise of. Shaw,A. Munic. govt. 

Gr. Brit. 20. 
Trade schools. (C. R.Richards) Conf. char. & 

correc. '95: 195. 
Tradition and race. Darmesteter. Sel. ess. 

Tramp problem, The. (J.J.McCook) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95 : 288. 
Transparency, Intellectual. Pater. Miscel. 

stud. 215. 
Travis, Mrs. Kitty G. Gerard. Irish beauties, 96. 
Trawn, the, Trout-fishing in. Van Dyke, H. 

Little rivers, 219. 
Trenton, Battle of. Lodge&Roosevelt. Hero- 
tales, 43. 
Treves, Holy coat. Cust. Ling. & orient ess. 465. 
Treviranua, Gottfried Rheinhold. Osborn. From 

Greeks, 187. 
Trollope, Anthony. Harrison, F. Stud, early 

Vict. 183. — Saintsbury. Correc. imp. 172. 
Troubadours, Jewish. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 169. 
Trouting tattle. Maxwcll.H. Post-mer. 297. 
Tuberculosis. (N.E.Wordin and others) Am. 

Pub. Health Assoc. 130. 
Turk! language, a branch of the Ural-Altaic family. 

Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 1 7. 
Turner, J. M. W. Hubbard, E. Lit. jour. 109. 
Twelfth night. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 20. 
Twentieth century. Nordau. Degen. 536. 

— Therapeutics for. Nordau. Degen. 550. 
Tyndall, John. SkeltonJ. Table-talk, 95. — 

Smalley. Stud. 167. 

— and the theologians. Godkin. Reflections, 129. 

Uganda, annexation of. Cust. Ling. & or. ess. 

4 : 237- 
Undertaker, A royal. Malortie. Here, there, 

Unemployed, Emergency relief by work for. 

(P.W.Ayres) Conf. char. & correc. '95:96. 
U.S. and Christianity. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 


— Army during Civil war. (J.C.Black) Mil. ess. 

M.O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 443. 

— government, The three departments. Foster, 

R. Comment, on Const. 1 : 297. 

— History; Civil war. Clark, T. M. Reminis. 

as we see it now. (J.C.Ropes) Dwight, 

T.F. Fed. & confed. comm. 245. 
Colonial; Attempts at Union. Foster,R. 

Comment, on Const. 1: 12. 
Reconstruction. Foster,R. Comment, on 

Const. 1 : 205. 
Universities in politics. Godkin. Reflections, 


— Relation to charity and reformatory work. (W. 

H. Brewer) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 143. 




University of 19th century. Anderson, M.B. 

Papers, 1:51. 
University participation, instead of university 

extension. Hart,A.B. Stud. Am. educ. 49. 
University extension. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 

Upanishads. Hopkins. Relig. of India, 216. 
Usher, James. . Morley,H. Eng. writ. 11:155. 
Uthwart, Emerald. Pater. Miscel. stud. 170. 

Vaccination. (R. Walsh and others) Am. Pub. 

Health Assoc. 20: 166. 
Vagabonds, Married. (M.E. Richmond) Conf. 

char. & correc. '95: 514. 
Valentine's day. Hutton,L. Other times, 105. 
Van Dyck, Anthony. VanDykeJ.C. Dutch 

mast. 177. 
Variations, structural, Origin of. (E.D.Cope) 

Brooklyn. Eth. Assoc. Life, 159. 
Vatican Council, First oecumenical. Chatard. 

Ecc. ess. 41. 
Verdi, Giuseppe. Streatfeild. Masters Ital. 

mus. 1. 
Vermont brigade. (A.F.Walker) Mil. ess. M. 

O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 189. 
Verse, Social, edited by F. Locker- Lam pson. 

Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 84. 
Veselay. Pater. Miscel. stud. 106. 
Vieksburg campaign. Lodged Roosevelt. Hero- 
tales, 237. — (W.E.Strong) Mil. ess. M. O. L. 

U.S. Ills. 313. 
Victor Emmanuel, " II re galantuomo." Elliot, 

F. Rom. gossip, 94. 
Victoria, Queen. Bolton, Fam. lead. worn. 304. 
Victoria, Australia. Jenks,E. Hist. Aust. col. 

Vigee lie Bran, Madame. Bolton. Fam. lead. 

worn. 92. 
Villains, Short defence of. Repplier. Ess. in 

min. 70. 
Vinci, Leonardo da. Stearns,F.P. Midsum.Ital. 

art, 37. 
Virginia and Kentucky resolutions. Foster, R. 

Comment, on Const. 1:119, 282. 
Vision in literature. (K.S.Macquoid) Cody, A. 

S. Fiction, 46. 
Vladivostok. Norman, H. Far East, 141. 
Voltaire and King Stanislas. Wolff. Odd bits, 

Voluntaryism in higher education. Anderson, 

M.B. Papers, 1: 102. 

Wace, Master. Round J. H. Feudal Eng. 399. 
Wage, A living. Smart, W. Stud. econ. 33. 
Wages, Sliding scale of. Smart, W. Stud. econ. 


Wagner, Richard, Cult of. Nordau. Degen. 

Wagtails, Chapter on. Fowler, W.W. Sum. 

stud. 96. 
Waldric. RoundJ.H. Feudal Eng. 480. 
Walking. Thoreau. Selec. 198. 
Walpole, Horace. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 

3 : 83. 
Walter, John. Smalley. Stud. 334. 
Walton, Izaak, Wand of. Ellwanger. Idyllists, 

Wanborougb. ( Lady West) Clinch,G. Bygone 

Surrey, 163. 

War and culture. Godkin. Reflections, 11. 

Ward, Mrs. Humphry. Smalley. Stud. 227. 

Warham. Fowler, M. Some arbps. Cant. 76. 

War-songs, English. Saintsbury,G. Ess. Eng. 
lit. 2: 171. 

Warwickshire. Wolfe. Lit. pilg. Brit. au. 91. 

Washington, G. Lodge & Roosevelt. Hero- 
tales, 1. 

Washington, D.C. Tuckerman,C.K. Recollec. 

— at time of 1st bat. of Bull Run. (A.N.Water- 

man) Mil. ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 21. 

— Defence of, July, 1864. (M.D.Hardin) Mil. 

ess. M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 121. 

— Municipal condition of. (F.L.Siddons) Nat. 

Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 358. 
"Wasp," Cruise of the. Lodge & Roosevelt. 

Hero-tales, 115. 
Wasson, David A. Stearns,F.P. Sk. Concord, 

Water, History of. (R. W.Raymond) Brooklyn 

Eth. Assoc. Life, 95. 
Water supplies, Pollution of. (C.Smart) Am. 

Pub. Health Assoc. 20: 72. 
Water supply for towns. (A.P.Reid) Am. Pub. 

Health Assoc. 20: 53. 
Waterloo. George, H.B. Battles, 237. 
Watts, Isaac. Mitchell, D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 12. 

— Letters of. (H.FJenks and others) Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d ser. 9:331. 
Wealth and its uses. (A.Carnegie) Butterfield 
Lee. Un. Coll. 1:319. 

— New and old. Smart, W. Stud. econ. 217. 

— Right use of. Anderson,M.B. Papers, 1:217. 
Webster, Daniel. LongJ.D. After-dinner, 1. — 

Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 172. 

— and Marshfield. Wolfe. Lit. shr. Am. auth. 

Webster, John. Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 

Well waters. (F.T.Shutt) Am. Pub. Health 

Assoc. 44. 
Welllleet oysterman. Thoreau. Selec. 151. 
Wellington, Duke of, and King Ernestus Augustus 

of Hanover. Malortie. Here, there, 1. 
Wends, Remnant of the. Wolff. Odd bits, 145. 
Wenger, John. Cust. Ling. & orient, ess. 4: 563. 
West, Benjamin. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 

West Indies, Expedition to, 1585. Froude. 

Eng. seamen, 130. 
West Point. (P.S.Michie) Butterfield Lee. 

Un. Coll. 1: 13. 
Wheatland, Henry. (W. P. Upham) Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d ser. 9: 276. 
White, Gilbert. Fowler, W.W. Sum. stud. 203. 

— Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 259. 

— Pastoral of. Ellwanger. Idyllists, 47. 
'Whitman, Marcus. Creegan. Gr. mission. 341. 
Whitman, Walt. CheneyJ.V. That dome, 144. 

— Day with. Wolfe. Lit. snr. Am. auth. 201. 

— Works of. Swinburne. Stud, prose & p. 

Whitney, Eli. Thayer,W.M. Turn. points, 235. 
Whitney, William Dwight. Am. Acad. A. & S. 

Proc. 30: 579. 
Whittier, John Greenleaf. CheneyJ.V. That 

dome, 91. — Stearns,F.P. Sk. Concord, 253. — 

Wright,H.C. Chil. sto. in Am. lit. 96. 

— Home of. Wolfe. Lit. shr. Am. auth. 117. 
Wieland. Wells,B.W. Mod. Ger. lit. 38. 




Wigglesworth, Michael, and Day of Doom. 

(S A.Green) Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d set. 9: 

Wilberforoe, William. Thayer, W.M. Turn. 

points, 184. 
Wilde, Oscar. Intentions. Repplier. Ess. in 

min. 121. 
Wilderness campaign. (S. Prentice) Mil. ess. 

M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 99. 
Wilkie, Sir David. Thayer, W.M. Turn, points, 

Wilkinson, Jemima. Earle. Colon, dames, 173. 
Will, the general, Reality of. (B.Bosanquet) 

Bosanquet. Asp. soc. 9: 319. 

— in relation to materialism and spiritualism. 

Romanes. Mind & motion, 119. 

— in relation to monism. Romanes. Mind & 

motion, 129. 
WUlard, E. S. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 170. 
William II. of Germany. Smalley. Stud. 86. 
Williams, John. Creegan. Gr. mission. 179. 
Wills, William G. Claud ian. Winter. Shad. 

stage, 3: 270. 

— Faust. Winter. Shad, stage, 3: 162. 
Wilson, Sarah. Earle. Colon, dames, 165. 
Winchester Cathedral. (G.W.Kitchen) Far- 

rar.F.W. Westmin. 183. 
Winthrop, Margaret. Earle. Colon, dames, 

Winthrop, Robert C. Am. Acad. A. & S. Proc. 

30: 566. — Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc. 2d ser.9: 211. 

— Smalley. Stud. 307. 

Witches, The. Ferguson, H. Ess. Am. hist. 61. 
Witnesses and judges. Godkin. Reflections, 

Wives and widows in colonial times. Earle. 

Colon, dames, 1. 
Woffington, Peg. Gerard. Irish beauties, 118. 

— Augustin Daly on. Winter. Shad, stage. 3: 65. 
Women and municipal government. (Mrs.C. 

A Runkle) Nat. Conf. City Govt. 2-3: 500. 

— and the rebellion. (A.T.Andreas) Mil. ess. 

M. O. L. L. U. S. Ills. 423. 

— Clubs for working. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 


— Colleges for. BlancT. Worn, in U.S. 165. 

— Domestic life of. Blanc,T. Worn, in U.S. 


— Double tongued, in colonial times. Earle. 

Colon, dames. 88. 

— fallen, Helping the. Jeune. Les>er ques. 156. 

— feeble- minded. Protection and training for. ^C. 

W.Winspear) Conf. char. & correc. '95: 160. 

— in business: colonial times. Earle. Colon. 

daroes, 45. 

— in the colonies, Wharton, A. H. Colon, days, 


— in industry, Position of. V H. Dendy) Bosan- 

quet. Asp. soc. 9: 03. 

— in Jewish 'literature. Karpeles. Jew. ht. 106. 

— Need ot organisation among working. ^E. 

A.Holyoake^ Galton.F.W. Workers, 201. 

— of to-day. Jeune. Lesser »jues. 100. 

Women. Revolt of the daughters. Jeune. 

Lesser ques. 85. 

— Saving the innocent. Jeune. Lesser ques. 181. 

— Suffrage for. Martin, E.S. Cousin Anthony, 

— Technical education for. Jeune. Lesser ques. 

— Wages of. Smart, W. Stud. econ. 107. 

— Work of, in municipal reform. Tolman,W.H. 

Munic. reform, 167. 
Women's Club, New England. Blanc,T. 

Worn, in U.S. 105. 
Women's clubs in Chicago. Blanc/T. Worn, in 

U.S. 43. 
Wood engraving. (H.Crossfield) Galton,F. 

W. Workers, 67. 
Woodlands. M ax well, H. Post-mer. 230. 
Worcestershire survey. Round, J. H. Feudal 

Eng. 169. 
Words, Degraded. Tucker,G.M. Our com. 

speech, 32. 

— their use and abuse. Tucker,G.M. Our com. 

speech, 1. 
Wordsworth, William. Bell,C.D. Some Eng. 
poets, 245. — Cheney J. V. That dome. 207. — 
Hubbard,E Lit. jour. 205. — Minto. Georg. era, 
164. — Mitchel^D.G. Eng. lands, 3:327. 

— and the new democracy. Scudder,V.D. Life 

of spirit, 57. 
Working-man, German. Whitman.S. Teuton 

stud. 27. 
Working-men's clubs. (A.F. W.Ingram) 

Knapp,J.M. Univ. 31. 
World, The, as an eject. Romanes. Mind & 

motion, 88. 

Tale university. (A.T.Hadley) Norton,CE. 

Four Am. univ. 45. 
Yankee, Work and the. Martin, E.S. Cousin 

Anthony, 29. 
Yellow fever. (W.Wyman and others) Am. 

Pub. Health Assoc. 203. 
York Minster. (CAnderson) Farrar, F. W. 

Westmin. 125. 
Yorkshire shrines. Wolfcr lit. pilg. Brit. an. 

Yorktown, Siege of, 1862. (J. C Palfrey) 

Dwight,T.F. Camp. Va. 89. 
Young, Edward. Mitchell,D.G. Eng. lands, 3: 

Yriarte, Don Tomas de. Newbigging. Fables, 

Zanzibar, Loanda to. Malortie. Here, there, 

Zaragossa, Shrines of Lourdes and. Cost. 

Ling. & orient, ess. 56$. 
Zarinl, Princess. Tuckerman,GK. Recollec 

Ziiler, Tuiskon. DeGarmo. Herbart, 101. 
Zola, Eraiie, and his school. Nordau. Degen. 


Leopold. Karpeles. Jew. lit. 318. 





This index gives author reference to both the Periodical and the General Literature Indexes for the 
year 1895. 

Entries in Small Capitals refer to books covered by the Essay Index, while entries in Italics refer to papers 
included in such books in cases where different authors are represented in the same book. Entries in ordinary type 
refer to periodical articles. 

Aaron, E. M. Cycling in Jamaica Outing, Ja t O,N 

Abbe, C. Meteorology in University Science, N29 

Abbot, F. E. Ethics, Advancement of. Monist,Ja 

Abbot, W. J. Chicago newspapers R.of Rs. Je 

— Chicago, Populist campaign in Arena, F 

Abbott, A. V. Niagara, Industrial R.of Rs. S 

Abbott, C. C. Conrad, Timothy Abbott. . . Pop.Sci.M. Je 

— — Pearson's lane Lippinc. Ag 

Thoreau, H. D Lippinc. Je 

— — Winter, Walk in Lippinc. F 

Abbott, E. A. Bible, New Testament New World, S 

Abbott, F. M. Concord, N.H NewEng.M. Je 

Vassar college Forum, N 

Abbott, L. Public schools, Relig. teaching in. .Cent. Ap 

Abbott, M. Taylor, Hob art C. Chatfield Writer, O 

Abbott, W. J. L. Oban Cave, The new Nat.Sci. My 

Sevenoaks, Barrow at Anthrop.J. N 

Aberdeen, Countess of. Women, Council of. . .Arena, F 

Abernethy, J. W. Women, Literary Lippinc. Ap 

Abram, E. W. For the Chiltern Hundreds. Tern. Bar, D 

Achurch, J. Lucky man .....Eng.Illust. D 

Ackroyd, L. G. In sunny June ; story Argosy, Je 

— — Love-song Argosy, My 

Ac worth, W. M. Railroads, Light Econ.J. Mr 

Adam, G. M. Fiction, Recent, in Britain.. Canad.M.Ja 

Macdonald, Sir J. A. Memoirs Nation, Ja3i 

Adam, M. Viaud, Julicn McClure, Ap 

Adams, A. D. Elec. power transmission... Engin.M. N 

Adams, C. ••Caste" Bclgra. F 

Adams, C. F. English, School Nation, O31 

Adams, E. F. Fruit-raisers of California ....Forum, N 

Adams, E. L. Library associations, State Lib.J. N 

Adams, E. W. Browne, Sir Thomas Gent.M. F 

Adams, F. D. Earth, Theory of, Ilutton on. .Nature, Oio 

Laurentian, The Am.J.Sci. Jl 

Adams, G. Chinese drama igthCent. Mr 

Adams, G. I. Dinictis, Two new species of. Am.Nat. Je 
Adams, II. Crillon, Count Edward de.... Am. Hist. R. O 

Adams, H. B. Freeman, Edward A Am. Hist. R. O 

Freeman, E. A YaleR. N 

Adams, J. C. Teeth, CAiVrfr/a'j.Am.Pub.HealthAsso. 30 
Adams, J. H. Bathing at contin'l resorts. .Cosmopol. Je 

— on American seashore Cosmopol. Jl 

— — on English seashore Cosmopol. Ag 

Envelopes, Civil war NewEng.M. Mr 

Mont. St. Michel Cosmopol. Mr 

Adams, W. D. Literature Bookman, O 

Adams, W. M. Astronomy, Egyptian Ath. S7 

Addams, J. Hull-House, Chicago Forum, Jl 

in labor movement Hull-house maps 

Adderley, J. Christianity, a sermon National, Je 

Addison, P. L. Glacier, Movement of .* Knowl. Mr 

Addleshaw, P. B lunt, W., Poetry of. National, O 

Le Gallienne, R., Poetry of. .Acad. Jeaa 

Noel, Rodcn, Poetry of Acad. Agio 

Addy, E. O. Surnames Gent.M. Ja 

Adec, D. G. Malbrouk, Song of Harper, S 

Adicks, E. Kant, Bibliography of Philos.R.Supp. Je 

Ady-Cartwright, J. Raphael in Rome Portf. Ag 

Adyc, F. Oxford, Michaelmas term. 

GoodWords, N. Ecl.M. D 

Adye, J. Gibraltar iothCent. N 

Agassiz, A. Challenger expedition Nation, 812,19 

Ahmad, R. Armenia. iothCent. Jl 

Eastern question iothCent. D 

Aikins, H. A. Protozoan, Daily life of a. 

Am.J.Psychol. Ja 
Aikman, C. M. Argon and the atmosphere... Scot. R. O 

Microbes in the air Gent.M. F 

Ainger, A. Campbell, James Dykes Ath. Je8 

Ainsworth, W. F. Euphrates Sources of. ..Geog.J. Ag 
Airlie, Earl. Gr. B. Army : Cavalry officers' expenses. 

iothCent. Mr 

Aitkin, G. A. Defoe, Daniel iothCent. Ja 

Gay, J. Ladies' petition Acad. My 18 

Alain, A. Davis, M. E. M Writer, O 

Albee, E. Cumberland, R., Eth. system. Philos.R. My,Jl 

Ethics, Hyslop's Philos.R. S 

Albee, J. Amputation, An old-time ....NewEng.M. My 

Spectral publisher, The Dial, My 1 

Alden, Mrs. C. L. Snow genealogy.. N.E. Reg. Ja,Ap,0 

Alden, J. Epigraphy, Field Nation, O31 

Alden, R. M. Literature in reform. ...Pub.Opin. Apn 

Alden, W. L. Crispi, Francesco iothCent. Ja 

Aldrich, W. Farmers and reform.... Am. M. Civics, Ap 
Aldrich, W. S. Engineering education.. J.Frankl.Inst. O 

Alexander, A. Philosophy Philos.R. My 

Alexander, J. Phrase that influenced me. . . .Canad.M. O 
Alexander, J. M. Islands in Pacific: missions. 


Alexander, W. Thirl wall, B ishop National, Mr 

Alexandre, A. Bicycling; Paris awheel.. Scrib.M. Ag 

Posters and book-covers Scrib.M. My 

Alger, H., jr. John Maynard, How I came to write. 

Writer, D 
Alger, J. G. Absentee landlord, Irish. . . . Eng.Hist.R. O 




Alger, J. G. Melville, Sir Andrew Scot.R. Jl 

All, Ameer. Islam loihCent S,N 

Alison, A. United States ; Civil war Blackw. My 

Allain, £. Roman Catholic church Dub.R. O 

Allan, A. G. Water powers of W. States. .Engin.M. Ap 

AUaria, A. Culdees Scot.R. Ja 

Allbutt, F. C. Nervous diseases and modern life. 

Contemp. F. Ecl.M. My 

Allen, C. S. ' Barr, Robert Canad.M. Ap 

Allen, Grant Benvenuti, Giambattista. . Eng.IUust N 

Birth, Mystery of. Fortn.Jl 

Butterfly episode Eng.IUust. Mr 

Catharine, St Eng.IUust D 

Evelyn Moore's poet Chaut Ja. Longm. Mr 

Francia, II. Madonna and child Eng.IUust. O 

Moorland idylls Eng.IUust. Ja-S 

Science, Amateur in .NewSci.R. Ja 

Wives, A study in ; English No. Am. O 

Allen, H. Ryder, John Adam Science, S13 

Allen, Harriet. Wanted — a situation. Cent. Ja 

Allen, J. H. Religions, Sympathy of. New World, Je 

Allen, J. L. Birds. English wood-notes. .Cosmopol. Ap 

Butterflies Cosmopol. D 

Allen, J. R. Ogham inscriptions... Acad. Jl 13,20,27, Ag3 

Allen, L. Income tax decision Am. Law R. N-D 

Allen, L. Ventila. and heating tall bldgs...Engin.M. Je 

Allen, M. C. Target shooting Overland, O 

Allen, P. S. School, 16th century Eng.HistR. O 

Allen, T. E. Duality of mind disproved Arena, Jl 

Fancher, Mollie, Clairvoyance of. Arena, My 

Telepathy, Experimental Arena, Ja 

Theory of. Arena, Mr 

Allen, T. W. Homeric hymns J.Hel.Stud. 15 : 136 

Al my, F. Buffalo, Excise and charity at ...Char.R. Ap 

Charity, Problems of. Char.R. F 

Labor test, municipal, Economy of. Char.R. Je 

Altsheler, J. A. Break of day; story Munsey, S 

Alvarez, S. Cuba No.Amer. S 

Amberg, W. A. National debt, Funding of. 

Am. M. Civics, D 

Ancrum, B . Sexual problem Westm. F 

Anderson, A. M. Employers & employed Econ.J. D 

Anderson, C. York Minster Farrar. Westm in. 

Anderson, F. Cromwell, Oliver. Mask of. .Eng.IUust. N 

Anderson, Mrs. G. A. Aunt Lizzie OurDay, S 

Anderson, J. M. St. Andrew's University. . . .Scot.R. Ja 

Anderson, M. Century cyclop, of names Dial, Jei6 

Anderson, M. B. Paters and addresses N.Y. 

Anderson, M . S. October ; a poem Outing, O 

Anderson, R. Bible. Old Testament Blackw. Ap 

Anderson, W. Wood engraving, Japanese .... Portf. My 

Anderton, I. M. Olive-oil making Good Words, Jc 

Tuscan farmhouse Good Words, O 

Andrea;, P. Bismarck, A wager with Eng.IUust. D 

Lost in wooing Eng.IUust. O 

Andreas, A. T. Women and the rebellion. 


Andrcwes, F. W. Pasteur, Louis Nat.Sci. N 

Andrews, C. M. Communities Am.Hist.R. O 

Andrews, C. W. Libraries, Public Lib.J. Ja 

— — Scientific literature, Indexing Lib.J. D 

Andrews, E. A. Brandling, Conjugation of. 

Am. Natural. N,D 

Crayfish Am.Natura 1. S 

Andrews, E. B. U.S. History of last quarter-century. 

Scrib.M. Mr-N 

Andrews, E. F. Christinas, Colonial Chaut O 

In the pine lands of Georgia Chaut. Jl, Ag 

Story of an ugly girl Chaut Ja 

Andrews, J. W. Ramabai Assoc Lend a H. Ap,My 

Andrews, W. L. Almanacs, Early Amer. . . .Boo km. D 

Sabin, Joseph Bookman, Jl 

Angier, C. B. Caraelford, Thns. Pitt, baron. .Argosy, Jl 

Angot, A. Tempests, Laws of. Chaut. Mr 

Annand, J. Liberal party, Leadership of NewR. O 

— — Liberalism, Demoralization of. NewR. S 

Reorganization of NewR. N 

Anscombe, A. Gildas, De excidio Britannue. 


Paschal canon, The Eng.HistR. Jl 

Ansot, H. Bicycles Overland, Ag 

Anthony, W. A. Electric power Engin.M. F 

Antona, A. J. H. Canton Outing, My 

Eden of the gulf Outing, Mr 

— — Havana Outing, D 

— — Piper of Crag Ailsa Outing, Ap 

Appcl, J. W. Freedom, Individual Ref.Q. O 

Appel, T. English literature Rcf.Q^.O 

Apperson, G. L. Bonfires in London GentM. O 

Apple, T. G. Reformed Church in U.S Ref.Q. Ja 

Apthorp, W. E. Orchestra conducting ....Scrib.M. Mr 

Archbutt, L. Analysis of oils, etc Nature, JliS 

Archer, T. A. Clermont, Council of. Scot R. O 

Archer, W. Acting, Criticism of. NewR. Je 

— — Duse, Eleanora Fortn. Ag 

Music halls Contemp. Mr 

— — Stevenson, R. L NewR. Ja 

Argyll, Duke of. Socialism Ecl.M. Ja 

Arkcll, B. Editorial talks Writer, D 

Arkwright, W. Caria and Lycia J.Hel.Stud. 15: 93 

Armfeld % H. T. Salisbury cathedral.. Farrar. Westmin. 
Arms, H. P. MSS., not returned, How to get pay for. 

Writer, Ag 

Armsden, J. Land, Question of. Westm. S 

Armstrong, A. C, jr. Philosophy Educa.R. Je 

Thought NewWorld, S 

Armstrong, E. France and Italy Scot.R. Ja 

Lesdiguieres, The constable Eng.HistR. Jl 

Armstrong, H. E. Educa., Research in... Nature, Mri4 

Schools, Board Pop.Sci.Mo. Mr 

Secondary education Nature, N2S 

Armstrong, I. J. Her passport into heaven. Eng.Illus. D 

Armstrong, J. Angel of St. Jude's Sund.M. F-Ap 

Armstrong, S. T. Diphtheria Pop.Sci.Mo. F 

Armstrong, W. Orchardson, Win . Q. Portf. F 

Armstrong, W.J. Wages, Theory of. A rena, Mr 

Armstrong, W. N. Kalakaua, Queen Overland, Je 

Arnold, E. Egyptian thief, The Cosmopol. Ag 

Japan, Triumph of. Chaut. Ja 

Mohammed, Prophet, Passing of. Cent F 

Arnold, II. L. Milling machine. Engin.M. Ap 

Production up to power limit Engin.M . Ag 

— — Steel, Conquest over iron Engin.M. Mr 

Arnold, Lady. English Channel Outing, My 

Arnold -Forster, II. O. Gr. B., Defence of. .National, S 

Navy and colonies NewR. Jl 

Navy guns SatR. Agi7 

Ireland. Land acts National, My 

Torpedo boats.. SatR. S14 

War, Modern blockade SatR. D7 

Aronson, R. Strauss, Johann. Munsey, O 

Arthur, H . Pythagorean fancies Canad.M. Je 

Arthur, J. C. Animals and plants Am. Natural. N 

Development, Deviation in Am. Natural. S,0 

Asaph, A. G. Disestablishment fictions . . . .National, Jl 

Wales, The church in lothCent Jl 

Ashbce, C. R. Electric light fittings Art J. Mr 

Asher, L. Ludwig, Carl Sci.Prog. D 




Ashley, C* S. Gold, Put and future of . Pop.Sci.Mo. N 
Ashley, J. M. Representation in Congress . . . .Arena, O 

Supreme court Arena, O 

Ashley, O. D. Railroad situation Forum, N 

Ashley, W. J. Barter, Aristotle's doctrine of. 

Q.J.Econ. Ap 
Astrup, B. Melville Bay, A journey round. .Gcog.J. Ap 

— Peary Greenland expedition Knowl. Ap 

Atchison, H. D. Liberalism, True and false. Meth.R. Jl 
Atkins, B. R. Mining; the prospector.... Canad.M. My 
Atkins, S. D. Sherman* s cavalry. 

Atkinson, £. Boston, Greater NewEng.M. N 

— Cooperative competition New World, S 

Hard times, Benefits of Forum, S 

— - Money , Forum, Ap 

— Signs of the times Engin.M. Ag 

— — • Silver, Malignant effects of free Engin.M. Je 

— Silverites and jingoes No.Am. N 

Taxation in the U.S Engin.M. N 

Atkinson, E. S. Old John's Eastern lilies. .Canad.M. My 
Atkinson, L. B. Coal mines Engin.M. N 

Atkinson, W. Rise and fall of religion at Duxbury 

Swamp Chamb.J. Ag 

Atkinson, W. Y. Atlanta exposition No.Am. O 

Atwatef, W. O. Food as related to life. 


Austen, P. T. Examining Science, Agrj 

Memorizing Educa. S 

Austen, W. C. Roberts-. Electric furnace. Nature, My 30 

— — Micrographic analysis Nature, Agi5 

Austin, A. Arnold, M. Letters National, D 

Christmas carol ; a poem National, Ja 

Coming of spring ; poem Ecl.M. Je 

— Haunts of ancient peace Ecl.M. Ja 

Ireland revisited Blackw. N 

— To; a poem National, O 

— - — Rome; a reverie Fortn. O 

Austin, E. Monasticism in Scotland Cath. World, S 

Austin, Principal. Education, Unapprec' factors in. 

Educa. Ap 
Austin, W. H. Libraries, Aids and guides ..Lib.J. D'94 
Avery, E. M. Pembroke, Baptisms at. . . .N.E.Reg. J1,0 

Avirett, P. W. Bull-fight Outing, Ap 

Axson, S. Civics and politics at Phi la Lend a II. Jc 

Ay Is worth, G. M. Hypnotism Canad.M. Jl 

Ayrcs, J. C. Progress Cosmopol. O 

Ayres, P. W. Charities, American, Warner's. Char.R.Ja 

Charity organization Char.R. Mr 

Unemployed \ Relief for Conf.Char.&Correc. '95 

Ayscough, J. Calverly, Colonel, Cremation of. 

Temp. Bar, Mr,Ap 

Babbitt, E. II. Dialect dictionary, The.... Nation, Mri4 
BabcocA, y. W. Negroes, /«««»«. Conf.Char.&Correc. '95 

Baber, G. Foote, Henry S Overland, Ag 

Bache, R. M. Gulf stream Science, J1j6 

— — Reaction time Psychol. R. S 

Bacheller, M. Actresses, Titles Munscy, Ap 

Jefferson, Joseph Munscy, F 

Bacon, B. W. David, The historical New World, S 

Jesus, Righteousness of. Bib .World, N 

Bacon, F. II. Law, treatises on, Mod.. . Am. Law R. S-O 

Bacon, L. W. Chillon, Prisoner of. Chr.Lit. Ap 

— — Church, American Chr.Lit. Ag 

The five theories of the Chr.Lit. S 

Garrison, William Lloyd Chr.Lit. Myje 

Geneva, Use of fagots at Chr.Lit. Jl 

Bacon, L. W. Protestant Episcopal Church. .Chr.Lit. O 

Roman Catholic Church Chr.Lit. F.Mr 

Two sides to a saint; story Chr.Lit. Ja 

Bacon, T. R. Napoleon, Views of. YaleR. My 

Badenoch, L. N. Fish hatchery Knowl. Ag 

Walking sticks GoodWords, Ap 

Baden-Powell, B. H. Bengal, Permanent settlement of. 

Eng.HistR. Ap 

Badham, F. P. Bible, Matthew i Acad. Agio 

Virgin-birth Acad. JeS 

Baer % J. W. Christian Endeavor Society and cit hen- 
skip Nat.Conf.CityGovt. 3-3 

Baildon, II. C. Stevenson, R. L Temp. Bar, Mr 

Bailey, E. A. Tarpon-fishing in Texas Black. Ag 

Bailey, J. C. Bridges, Robert Ecl.M. Ap 

Erasmus and the Reformation Temp. Bar, F 

Bailey, L. H. Cornell Univ., Horticulture at....Sci. Dao 

Dahlia Society Garde n&F. O16 

Evolution, Experimental. Am. Natural. Ap 

Irrigation Garden&F. Jeia 

Knight, T. A., botanist Garden&F. D28 

Plant individual Science, Mri5 

Baillie-Grohman. See Grohman. 

Bailward, W. A. Oxford House Knapp.Univ. 

Bain, G. G. Congressional library bldg... Am. Arch. JeS 

Davidson's beat; story Munsey, Jl 

Bain, R. N. Pilling, James Constantine Ath. Agi7 

Stephens, George Ath. Agi7 

Baird, H. W. Letters de cachet Nation, D19 

Baker, D. W. Grasshopper in Boston N.E.Reg. Ja 

Baker, F. C. Mollusca, Distribution of. ..Science, Agi6 
Baker, G. P. Jonson, Ben. Epicoene. .Harv.Grad.M. Jc 
Baker, J. II. Educa. values... Dial, Api6. Educa.R. O 

High-school period Educa.R. My 

Baker, M. U.S. Geological survey Geog.J. S 

Baker, W. S. Washington, G., after Revolution. 

Pennsyl.M. Ja-O 

Balch, E. S. Mountain ascent Pop.Sci.Mo. Mr 

Balch, S. W. Rhetoric for science Educa.D 

Baldwin, II. B. Hawaii, Sugar industry in Overl.Je 

Baldwin, J. M. Consciousness and evol.. .Science, Agaj 

Moral and cosmic, The In t.J. Ethics, O 

Reaction, Types of. Psychol. R. My 

Size-contrast Psychol.R. My 

Thing, Origin of a Psychol.R. N 

Baldwin, S. E. Law, Constitutional Am.Hist.R. O 

Baldwin, W. E. Tact of Miss Aspin wall-Jones. 

Outing, Ja 
Balfour, Alice. Africa, South, British. 

National, Ap, My. Ecl.M. Je.Jl 

Balfouk, A.J. Foundations of belief N.Y. 

Balfour, Lady Frances. Lessons from Scotland. 

National, S 

Balgarnie, F. Immigrants Eng.IUust. My 

Ball, C. M. Iron-ores, Magnetic separa... Engin.M. Ag 

Ball, J. W. Roman Catholicism Luth.q.Jl 

Ball, M. V. Bacteriology J.Frankl.Inst. N 

Ball, Robert. Gkeat astronomers Phila. 

— — Copernicus GoodWords, Ap 

Halley, Edmund GoodWords, N 

Herschel, Sir John Ecl.M. F 

Planets McClure, J 1 

Rosse, Earl of. ., GoodWords, Ag 

Sun, Heat of the McClure, D 

Universe, The unseen Monist, Jl 

Ball, S. Socialism Econ.R. Ap 

Ball, T. S. Elections, The costs of. Westm. Ja 

Ballagh, J. C. Slavery, White, in Va.J.H.Univ.Stud. Je 
Balmforth, R. Gr. Britain; Politics, 1895.... Westm. D 



1 66 


Balmforth, R. Tax on ground-rents Westra. Mr 

B alsillie, D. Gr. Brit., Politics in 1895 Westm. Je 

Bandini, H. £. Spanish American families. Overland, Jl 

Ban field, F. Interviewing ..National, N 

Bango, O. Manatee, Florida Am.Natural. S 

Banks, C. £. Homes, W., of Chilmark. . . . N.E.Reg. O 
Banks, £. L. England. ..... 19th Cent. Ap. Ecl.M. Ag 

How the other half lives. Eng.Illust. S 

Banks, N. H. Allen, James Lane Bookman, Je 

^——Fuller, H. B Bookman, Ag 

— - Miniatures Cosmopol. O 

— — Wister, Owen Bookman, D 

Banning, H. E. Nightingale, Florence Chaut. Ap 

Barakatullah, M. Islam and Soofeeism Westm. D 

Barber, C. A. Sugarcane Knowl.Jl 

— - Tick pest in the tropics Nature, Jea7 

Barber, E. A. China painting in Amer. ..NewEng.M. S 

Pottery NewEng.M. Mr 

Barber, H. H. Labor question, The church and. 

Am.M.Civics, Ja 

— Libraries, Free public Lend a H. My 

Library, The free public... Am.M.Civics, My 

Barber, S. Sun pillar, The Knowl. Je 

Barbour, D. India. Currency question .... National, Ap 
Barbour, E. H. Daemonelix, Is it a burrow? 

Am.Natural. Je 

Barbour, F. C. W. Biltmore Chaut. Je 

Bar ham, C. N. Lang, thought. .Westm. Ap. Ecl.M. Je 

London, Heights of. ; Gent.M.n.s. F 

Baring-Gould, S. Belfry, The Sund.M.Jl 

Church-porch Sund.M. N 

— — Color in composition Cody. Fiction 

— Folk-prayers Chr.Lit.Ja 

— — Green rushes, O! Chamb J. S 

Musical curiosity, A Chamb.J. F 

Old gallery, The Sund.M. Ja 

Pulpits Sund.M. F 

— - Remedies, Country Sund.M. Ap 

Stomach dwellers. .GoodWords, Xmas 

Barker, E. H. Druids, The Temp.Bar, Jl 

Quelern, Gibraltar of France Temp.Bar, O 

Barker, M. Celery, Greenhouse Garden&F. JI3 

— — Chrysanthem urns Garden&F. Ja*3 

Barnard, C. Blue bonnet; story Chaut. F,Mr,Ap 

Barnard, E. E. Asteroids Pop.Astron. N 

Auriga, New star in Pop.Astron. Mr 

Comet V, 189a Pop.Astron. S 

— — Mars, South polar cap of. Pop.Astron. Je 

Telescopes, Great Pop. Astron.F 

Barnes, E. Children, little, Art of Padagog.Sem. O 

Punishment as seen by children. . . .Pedagog.Sem. O 

Barnes, L. C. Bible. Matthew xii : 39, 40. .Bib. World, Je 

Socialism Am.M.Civics, Mr 

Barnes, M. S. History, Definition of. 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. Jl 

History, local, Teaching Educa.R. D 

Barnes, W. C. Stampede on the Turkey track range. 

Cosmopol. Ag 

Barnett, C. Hospital Hits Knapp. Univ. 

Barnett, H. V. Satsuina Hokusai's long ride. 

Eng.Illust. My 

Barnett, R. C. Occupations Am.M.Civics, Ag 

Barnett, S. A. Church of England, Opportunity of. 

Contemp. S. Chr.Lit. O. Ecl.M. N 

University settlements i9thCent. D 

Barns, C. E. Tragedy of Khartoum Munsey, Je 

Barr, R. Hour and the man, The McClure, Je 

Shall and will Bookman, D 

Understudy, The; story ..McClure, D 

Barr, R. Where ignorance is bliss MoClure, Ap 

Barrett, A. R. Embezzlement and fraud Arena, O 

Barron, E. A. Booth, Edwin DiaLJai 

Barrow, A. J. St. James' parish Pennsyl.M. Ap 

Barrow, J. U. Backworth Novel-reading Union, 

Moulton. Four years' novel 
Barrows, M. Songs, Half- forgotten ..... NewEng.M. Je 

Barrows, S.J. Education Lend a H. Mr 

— — Penology in Europe and Amer Arena, F 

Barry, E. Ogham inscriptions in Ireland. 

Acad. Jaa6,Mro 

Barry, W. Balfour, A. J. Found, ofbelief Dub.R. Jl 

Prayer lothCent. Ag. Ecl.M. O 

Roman Catholic Church Am.Cath.Q,. Ja 

Bartlett, G. In Acadie Canad.M. O 

Barton, W. E. New Jerusalem, Descent of. . Bib.Sac. Ja 

Barus, A. H. Child-study... Forum, S 

Baryaardt, P. S. Interviewing, Newspaper. .Canad.M. O 

Bascom, J. Religion, Books on Dial, Api 

Supernatural, Philosophical basis of.. New World, Je 

— — Theology, Books on Dial, O16 

Values, Standard of. QJ.Econ. O 

Basevi, C. E. Argon and the kinetic theory. .Nature, JI4 

— Virial theorem of Clausius Nature, Ag 19 

B ashore, II. B. Gravels Lippinc. Mr 

Baskervill, W. M. Lanier, Sidney Dial, Myi6 

Basset, A. B. Refraction, double, McCulIagh's. 

Nature, O17 
Bassett, G. H. Ireland, farmer in, Evolution of. 

No.Am. Ap 

Bass ford, F. Yacht-modeling Outing, F, Mr 

Bates, A. B. Bonaparte, Daniel Webster agst. . .Cent. Jl 

Bates, F. Fiction-reading in the country Dial, Jh 

Bates, K. L. Rossetti, C. G., Passing of..... .Dial, Mn 

Wellesley College, Festivals in Cent. Ja 

Bates, L. P. Women, Early German. 

Chaut. Mr,Ap,My,Je 

Bates, S. Strikes, How to prevent No.Am. Mr 

Bateson, M. Worcester cathedral Eng.HisLR. O 

Bateson, W. Cineraria, Origin of the cultivated. 

Nature, Apa5,Mya,Je6 

Bather, A. G. Bacchae, The J.Hel.Stud.14: 344 

Bather, F. A. Loven, Sven Ludvig Nat.Sci. O 

Marine Zoological station NaLSci. D 

B atten, L. W. Philological congress B ib. World, F 

Battersby, C. Lilac thief. Sund.M. O 

Bauer, L. A. Magnetism, Terrestrial Nature, Jaz* 

Science, Jeai. Am.J.Sci. Ag-O 

Bauer, S. Quesnay, Francois Econ.J. Mr,D 

Baumann, A. A. Democracy & subsidizing.. Sat.R. JeiS 

Bauslin, D. H. Missionary spirit Lulh.O^Ja 

Baxter, J. P. Portland, Maine, Story of.New Eng.M. N 

Roanoke, Raleigh's colony at New Eng.M. Ja 

Baxter, S. Landscape-gardening Garden&F. Jaa 

Bay, J. C. Small-pox Am.Natural. Ag 

Bayard, T. F. Citisen, Duty of. » 

Butterfield Lee. Un.Coll.i 
Baylee, J. T. Incubation in anc. Egypt. . . Nature, Ag^9 

Baylor, F. C. Extravagance Lippinc. Jl 

Meanness, Pet Lippinc. N 

Baynes, R. E. Virial theorem of Clausius.. Nature, O10 

Beach, D. N. Gothenburg system NewEng.M. F 

Beach, H. C. Sugar bounty case Am.LawR. N-D 

B each, M . Y . Newspaper ethics Writer, N 

Beachcroft, R. M. London County Council .National, F 
Beal, N. L. Inns, Notable, around London.... Chaut. S 
Beal, W. F. Forestry in Mich, agricultural college. 

Garden&F. Apio 
Beal, W. J. Botany, Notes on Garden&F. Agi4 





Beale, J. H. Ilarv. Coll. Where students come from. 

Harv.Grad.M. Je 

Beale, L. S. Life, Nature of. Science, N 15 

Beale, S. Animals at National Gallery. Good Words, J 1 

— — India Exhibition, London Am. Arch. S7 

Royal Academy Am. Arch. Fa 

— Sherburne, £ng. ( Rambles in Am .Arch. Mr^o 

Bear, W. E. Agriculture in England. ........ Fortn. S 

— Argentine repub., Agriculture in Econ.J. D 

Beard, W. Le C. Bisnaga's Madeline Scrib.M. F 

Martyrdom of John the Baptist ....Scrib.M. My 

Bcare, H. Iron and steel Sci.Prog. N 

Beauchamp, H. India, North-west frontier of. Fortn. My 
Beauchamp, W. M. Indians of G. Lakes. .Am. Antiq. N 

Beaulieu, P. L. Luxury, Office of. Pop.Sci.Mo. My 

Bebb, M. S. Willows, Arborescent Garden&F. S-D 

Beck, J. M. War Am.M.Civics, JI 

Beck, M. Holland, Land wrested from sea...Chaut. Ag 

Beck, S. W. Underclothing question, The NewR. F 

Becke, L. Lupton's guest ; story NewR. N 

Maori, The R.of Rs. O 

Ninia Eng.IUust. D 

Becker, G. F. Gold, Nature's refining ....Cosmopol. Jl 

Beckett, A. W. Anderida Gent.M.n.s. My 

Dancing Westm. Jc 

Beckett, E. W. Gr. Brit. Foreign policy. Sat.R. Api3 
Beckwith, H. W. Illinois, Map of, 1680... Am. Antiq. Jl 

Beddoe, J. Anthropology, Spanish Sci.Prog. Ap 

— — Anthropometry in India Sci.Prog. N 

— West-Saxons, Northern settl. of..... Anthrop.J. Ag 
Bedell, F. Motor, synchronous, single-phase. 

J. Frankl.Inst. Mr 
Bedford, R. C. Tuskegce Negro conf.. . . . I^nd all. Ap 
Beecher, C. E. Trinucleus, Structure of. . . Am.J.Sci. Ap 
Beecher, W.J. Biblical criticism, Higher. Bib. World, N 

Beer, R. Nitrogen fixation in algae Nature, Ja*4 

Nucleolus, The Nat.Sci. S 

Roots, Penetration into living tissues.. .Nature, O14 

Beer, W. Libraries, Public, Floors of. Lib.J. D'94 

Beerbohm Tree, H . Shakespeare, W Fortn. D 

Beesly, E. S. House of Lords .Fortn. Ag 

Bee ton, II . R. Currency question National, N 

Behrends, A. J. F. Monism, Ethical Meth.R. My 

Belding, A. M. Thompson, Sir John Canad.M. Ap 

Belgrave, D. J. George Fenton's chance Argosy, Ja 

Bell, A. N. Brooklyn , N. Y. t Reservoir of. 

Bell, C. Sociology and criminology Pub.Opin. N7 

Bell, C. D. Some of our English poets.... Lond. 

Bell, E. H. Jocky's ladder Sund.M. D 

Bell, J. C. Canoe-song by moonlight Canad.M. S 

Soul at fault; a story Canad.M. O 

Trumpeter and the child « . . .Canad.M. My 

Bell, Mrs. A. G. Speech-reading, Subtle art of. At Inn. F 

Bell, Mrs. Hugh. Long-lost friend, A Temp. Bar, Jl 

Bellaugee, J. Sexual purity Arena, F 

Belloc, M. A. Caran d'Ache Eng.IUust. O 

Bellot, H. H. L. Great Britain, Politics Westm. Ag 

Liberal party Westm. My 

Manitoba school question Westm. Jl 

Belmas, M. Monte de Piedad Am. Arch. JI20 

Bemis, E. W. Cities, Good govt, of. 

Nat.Conf.CityGovt. 2-3 

Labor problems Dial, Jei6 

Bender, H. R. Missions Meth.R. N 

Benedict, A. L. Consumption as a contagions disease. 

Pop.Sci.Mo. N 

Medical education .Lippinc. N 

Benedict, G. G. Burlington, Vermont. . .NewEng.M . J a 

Benet, S. E. Prodigal friend, A ; story Lippinc. Ja 

Benham, W. B . Scientific situation Nature, NaS 

Benjancld, H. Fruit as food & medicine. .Pop.Sci.Mo. S 
Benjamin, M. Patriotic societies, American.. Murtsey, O 

Benjamin, P. Patents Engin.M. My 

Benn, A. W. Belief, Foundations of. Acad. Mro 

Bible, Isaiah Acad. Jei 

Mallock, W. Hurrcll Acad.Agj 

——Owen, Richard Acad.Jaa6 

Socialism Acad. F23 

—— Stephen, Sir J. Fitz J. Stephen's Life of. Acad. JI13 

Supernatural, The NewWorld, S 

Benn, R. D. Amsterdam, Jottings in... ...Am. Arch. J 16 

Bennett, A. W. Tendency, What is a?.. .Sci.Prog. Ap 
Bennett, E. II. Agreements not to be performed within 

a year • Am.LawR. Jl-Ag 

Bennett, F. S. M. Liquor traffic Popular control. 


Bennett, J. E. Leaf from life; story Munsey,Jl 

Benson, A. C. Essays ..Lond. 

— — Bourne, Vincent Macmil. Ap 

Keble, The poetry of Cdntemp. Je 

Poetry, Future oi National, Mr 

Rossctti, Christina G National, F. Ecl.M. Ap 

Benson, E. Romeo and Juliet.... NewR. J 1 

Benson, E. F. Information, Undesirable.... Contemp. Jl 

Ecl.M. Ag 

Witch burning at Clonmel iothCent. Jc 

Bensusan, S. L. Bull-fighting in Spain. . .Eng.IUust. N 
Bent, J. T. Arabia, Southern .... Geog.J. Ag. Ecl.M. N 

Dhopar Cent. O 

Muscat Contemp. D 

Bentley, A. Old days of New Burlington St.. Argosy, O 
Bentley, A. F. Investig'n, Units of. .Ann. Am. Acad. My 

Benton, E. E Writer, J I 

Berdoe, E. Lourdes, Miracles at. iothCent. O. Ecl.M. D 
Beresford, J. J. Bentley, Geo. ; a poem. . . .Temp.Bar, Jl 

"Elbe," On the foundering of. Argosy, My 

Berg, L. de C. Plastering, Staining of. . .Am. Arch. O19 
Bergami, F. Phosporic acid deter m. . .J .Frankl.Inst. Ag 
Bergen, F. D. Sun-worship, Survivors of. . Pop.S.Mo. Je 

Bergengrcn, R. Charlie Outing, D 

Berle, A. A. Agnosticism, Passing of. Bib.Sac. Jl 

Berliner, E. Gramophone J.Frankl.Inst. D 

Bernac, J. Berand.Jean. Chemin de la croix ...ArtJ.Ja 

Caillebotte, G. Bequest to Luxembourg. . . Art J. Ag 

Luxembourg gallery Art J. 0,D 

Paris salons, exhibition, 1895 ArtJ.Je 

Puvis de Chavannes ..Art J. F 

Bernard, G. Tax, Single Am.M.Civics, O 

Bernard, H. M. Trilobites Sci.Prog. S 

Bernheim, A. C. New York city franchises. . . .Cent. My 

Picture exhibitions in New York .Forum, Jl 

Berry, J. Labor colonies in South Australia. 

Contemp. My 
Berthelot, P. E. Argon, Fluorescence of... Nature, J In 

Bertram, J. Memories of books Chamb.J. Ja 

Besant, Annie. Atonement iothCent. Je 

Besant, W. Campbell, James Dykes Ath. Je8 

Literary agent, The iothCent. D 

London, Riverside parish in .Woods, Poor 

Bessey, C. E. Forests of Japan Am. Natural. D 

Pines, Yellow, in Nebraska Garden&F. Mri3 

Betham-Ed wards. See Edwards, M. B. 

Bevan, A. A. Sayce, Prof., vs. the archaeologists. 

Contemp. D 
Beveridge, y. L. Gettysburg ', First gun, 

Mil.ess.M.O.L.L.U.S. Ills. 
Bevier, L. Horticulture, Schools of. ... . Garden&F. D18 


1 68 


Beynon, R. Alabaster Knowl. N 

Baltic stream, The Knowl. My 

Bibb, A. B. Churches, English country. .Am. Arch. JI13 
Churches in the Isle of Wight Am. Arch. O5 

— Munich, Germany, The salon of...... Am. Arch. D21 

St. George's, Arrcton Am.Arch.Apa7 

Bicknell, A. L. France, Life in Tuileries Cent. S 

Bicknell, E. P. Feeble-minded, Adult Char.R.D 

Bicknell, G. T. Writers, Mistakes of. Writer, My 

Bicknell, P. F. English, Retrogression in Dial, O16 

Biddle, H. B. Rhoads, Samuel Pennsyl.M. Ap 

Biddle, H. L. Judgment, Value of good Chaut. O 

Bidwell, J. California; Bear flag Overland, My 

B ierbower, A. Problems of the world Ref.Q. O 

Bierhoff, F. Nightingale, The; poem Outing, Ag 

Bigclow, E. E. At the Hop-pole inn Lippinc. Ap 

Bigelow, F. H. Earth, a magnetic shell. . Am.J.Sci. Ag 

— — Sun, Magnetic problem of. Science, OiS 

Bigelow, J. Dwiny, Victor Am.Hist.R. O 

Gambling Harper, F 

Bigelow, M. M. Law, English Am.HisLR. O 

Bigelow, P. Africa, French in Harper, F 

— — Germany, Constit. liberty in Cosmopol. N 

— Struggle of, for liberty Harper, Jl-D 

Biggar, C. R. W. Rome re-visited.. Canad.M. Apje, Jl 
Biggs, H. M. Diphtheria, New treatment of. 

McClure, Mr 

Bill, C. Gibraltar's grievance National, F 

Bill, J. C. China wedding; a poem Canad.M. D 

Billings, % S. Cities, Good government of. 

Nat.Conf.City Govt. 2-3 

— Medicine, World's debt to Chaut. Mr 

— — Sanitary science .Chaut. Ap 

Billington, M. F. Clothing, Tailor-made NewR. Je 

Bilsborrow, John. Education, Religious. . National, 0,D 
Bingham, J. W. Alaska, A chapter of. . . .Nation, Ja,j,io 

Bingham, T. A. Bingham genealogy N.E.Reg. Jl 

Binyon, L. Dutchetchers Portf. S 

Bird, F. M. Fiction, Fact in Lippinc. Jl 

Magazine-writers Lippinc. D 

Birkinbine, J. Iron smelting Engin.M.Je 

Philadelphia, Improv't of harbor Engin.M. Ag 

Birrell, A. Froude, James A Scrib.M. F 

— Taste, Good Scrib.M. Ja 

Birtwell, C. W. Libraries, Home Lib.J. D'94 

Birtwell, M. L. Charity, Investigation in... .Char.R. Ja 

Bishop, J. R. High school.... SchoolR. My 

Navy Yard regeneration Nation, JI18 

Bishop, S. E. Hawaii, how Americanized. Overland, Je 
Bishop, W. A. Kipling, Rudyard, Work of. .Forum, Je 

Spain, Summer resorts in Nation, Oio 

B island, E. Woman, Modern, and marriage. .No. Am. Je 

Bissell, C. Idyl of the 'forties Lippinc. F 

Bissell, E. C. Bible, Genesis Presb.&Ref.R. Ja-O 

Bixby, J. T. Mohammed and the Koran. .... Arena, Mr 

Morality in nature and evolution NewWorld, S 

Black, Alex. Miss Jerry Scrib.M. S 

Black, C. Voice in a million, A Eng.Illust. N 

Black, C. E. D. Gr. Brit., Treasury... ....Westm. My 

India, Surveys in Geog.J. Jl 

Tibet lothCent. Ag 

Black, % C. U.S. Army during civil War. 

Black, J. S. Senses, physical, Education of. ..Educa. O 

Black, W. Briseis; a novel.... Harper, D 

Black All, C. H. Architecture Am.Arch. Ag3i 

Blackburn, S. Women, Canadian ....Canad.M. O 

Blackburn, V. Duse, Eleonora NewR.Jl 

— Poet's corner, A NcwR. My 

Blackburn, V. Wagner, Richard NewR. N 

Blackic, J. S. Languages, Method with . . . .Contemp. F 

Blackman, F. F. Storaata Sci.Prog. S 

Blackmar, F. W. Pensions in legislation Chaut. D 

Profit-sharing, Two examples of. Forum, Mr 

Suffrage, History of. Chaut. O 

Blackmore, R. D. Blackmore, R. D Critic, Jaa6 

Rlackstock, W. S. Arab dinner Canad.M. Mr 

Blackwell, T. S. Hounds and hunting Outing, F 

Blaikie,J. A. Of many waters NewR. D 

Blaikie, W. G. Blackie, J. S Good Words, My 

Socialism No.Am. O 

Blair, E. N. New England, Customs of. Chant. D 

Blair- Watson, A. Kilwa island Geog.J. N 

Blake, E. Golf links, Evolution of. Longm. Je 

Blake, E. W. Unemployed, Emergency work for. 

Lend a Hand, J a 

Blake, F. L. Mars and Jupiter Canad.M. Ja 

B lakes ley, T. H. Telescope, Diameter of Knowl. J 1 

Blanc, Th. Condition of woman in U. S...Bost. 

Knox College McClure, My 

Bland, R. P. Silver, Future of. No.Am. Mr 

Bland I in, E. J. Cities of Ohio . . Nat.Conf.City Govt. 3-3 
Blanford, W. T. Carbonif. flora, Southern . .Nature, O17 
Blatherwick, C. Scotland, I .and of the * ' Raiders." 

Good Words, Xmas 

Blaze de Bury, Y. Brunetierc, F Fortn. O 

Lauzun, Due de Fortn. Jc 

'Blewett, J. Field, Eugene, Home life of... Canad.M. D 

— — Point-aux-Pins ; story Canad.M. Jc 

Blind, K. Ale drinking in old Egypt Scot.R. Ja 

Sachs, Hans, celebration Ecl.M.Ja 

——Wives, A study in; German No.Am. O 

Bliss, H. L. Census statistics J.Pol. Econ. D 

House-ownership Ara.M.Civics, O 

Blissett, N. K. Moliere, Last appearance. .Temp. Bar, F 

Block, C. E. D. India, Railway to Contemp. Ap 

Block, L.J. Dickinson, Emily Dial(Ch.) Mn 

Tennyson ; Songs by Poet-Lore, Mr 

Blodgett, E. A. Pea Ridge, Battle of. 


Blomfield, D. Red parasol ; story Outing, J I 

Bloomfield, M. India, Ragozin's Vedic. Am.Hist.R. O 

Race-prejudice NewWorld, Mr 

B louet, Paul. Amer. petty tyrants No.Am . S 

BourgetP., and M. Twain No.Am. Mr 

Wives, French No.Am. O 

Bluefield, C. Muskoka days and doings. ...Canad.M. S 

Blunden, G. H. Income tax Econ.J. D 

Blyden, E. W. Africa, Problem of No.Amer. S 

Boas, F. Anthropology at Oxford Nation, Jlu 

School children Science, Mn 

Bocock, J. P. New Guinea Lippinc. O 

Boddy, C. A. S. Football, Characteristics of. .Outing, D 
Bodington, A. Royal fam., Insan. in . . Am. Natural. F 

Boehm, L. Up the Yangtze Belgra. Mr 

Boehm-Bawcrk, E. Capital, Genesis of . . .QJf.Econ. Ja 

Positive theory oT QJ.Econ. Ap 

— — Interest, Origin of Q^.J.Econ. Jl 

Boeringer, P. N. Illustrators, San Franc... Overland, Ja 

Soger, E. South-work Clinch. Bygone Surrey. 

Bok, E. W. Literature, Money the king of. . .Forum, N 

—— Young man and the church Cosmopol. Ja 

Bolm forth, R. Ground rents j.Ecl.M. My 

Bolton, C. K. Gardner, Isaac, jr NcwEng.M. Mr 

Library examinations Lib.J. Ap 

Bolton, M. Bactericidal action of metals. Am .Natural. O 

Bolton, Mrs. S. K. Famous Leadkks among 

women N. Y. 




Bolton, W. W. Divorce, The Bible mid. . .Overland, Ap 

Boltwood, B. B. Caesium chloride Am.J.Sci. S 

Boltzmann, L. Gases, Theory of. Nature, FjS 

Bom pas, H. M. Church of England Fortn. Mr 

— - Working-class homes Fortn. N 

Bonaparte, C. J. Charity, Remarks on Char.R. My 

Bonavia, E. Thunderbolt of the Assyrians. Acad. Myn 
Bond, R. W. Carr, J. Coinyns. 4 * King Arthur " on the 

stage Fortn. My 

Bonet-Maury, G. Roman Catholic ism New World, S 

Bonfort, II. Flying machine Pop.Sci.Mo. Mr 

Bonnar, W. India, English in Contcinp. O 

Bonner, G. Californian Harper, Mr 

Bonner, II. B. Bradlaugh, C lothCent. F 

Bonney, C. C. Religions, World's Pari. of. . . Monist, Ap 
Bonwick, J. Gr. Brit., Imperial federation.... Westin. D 

Booth, E. G. To May Longm. Ag 

Booth, II. C. Fishing off Santa Barbara.... Outing, Ag 
Booth, Maud B. Salvation Army, Work of. .Scrib.M.Ja 

Booth, W. Salvation Army Our Day, Ap 

Boothby, Guy. Daphne  Chamb.J. S 

Story of Lee Ping Chamb.J. Jl 

BorchgVcvink, C. E. Antarctic, The Gcog.J. Je 

Bordes, E. Alexander III Harper, Je 

Bororykinc, P. Russia, English infl. in... .Contemp. Jl 
Borradaile, A. A. Mongolia, Northern Geog.J.Jc 


— Character and social causation. 

Bosanquet. Asp.soc.9 

— — Citizenship ..Bosanquet. Asp.soc.9 

Property ', Private Bosanquet. Asp.soc.9 

Religion, Evolution of Int.J. Ethics, J 1 

— — Socialism and n-at. selection . . Bosanquet. Asp.soc.9 

Will, The general Bosanquet. Asp.soc.9 

Bostwick, A.'E. Four-dimensional space.. NewSci.R. O 

Botham, W. Lambs, Motherless Sund.M. Ag 

Bouchot, Henri. Fashions, A century of. . .Cosmopol. Jl 

Boulgcr, D. C. China and Japan Contemp. D 

Bouquillon, T. Apostolic delegation Ara.Cath.Q,. Ja 

Bourdeau, L. Agriculture, Begin, of. ..Pop.Sci.Mo. Mr 
Bourinot, J. G. Australia, Commonwealth of. .Scot.R. Jl 

— - Canada, Annexation of Forum, My 

— — — Dominion of ....Scot.R. Jl 

— Election vs. appoint, of officials.. Ann. Am. Acad. Mr 

— — Saint Castin Canad.M. D 

Bourne, E. G. Doctor of philosophy Educa.R.Je 

Bourne, G. C. Epigcnesis, Hertwig on Nature, Ja 17 

Bourne, H. E. Huguenots & Ed. of Nantes... Dial, N16 

— — War in legislation Chaut. N 

Boutwell, G. S. Income tax, The No. Am. My 

Bowden, E. M. Ethics, Theoret. and appl...Philos.R. N 
Bowden, H. P. Subterranean mystery, A....Belgra. My 

Bowditch, II. P. Scient. lit., Indexing Science, F15 

Bower, II . Turkistan, Trip to Geo.J. Mr 

Bowker, R. R. Tacoma City Library Lib. J. Mr 

Bow Icy, A. L. Wages, Average J.Statis.Soc. Je 

-^— Wages in the U.S. and in Gr. Britain Econ.J. S 

Bowman, S. L. Jesus, Josephus and Meth.R. Mr 

Bowne, B. P. Freedom, Specula, signif. of. ..Meth.R. S 

Supernatural and natural Meth.R. Ja 

Boxall, C. G. Artillery. Railway batteries. ..Fortn. Ag 
Boyd, A. K. II. St. Andrew's and elsewhere. Lond- 

Boyd, E. E. Vassar College, Festivals in Cent. Ja 

Boyd, J. II. Star, binary Pop. As Iron. S 

Boyesen, H. II. Scandinavian lit., Essays on. N.Y. 

- "  Chautauqua movement, The Cosmopol. Je 

■— Drama of revolt Bookman, J] 

— Jocularity, Plague of. ....No. Am. N 

Boyesen, H. H. Marriage; the matrimonial puzzle. 

No. Am. F 

— Nixy 's chord, The Cosmopol. S,0 

Novelists; realists and story-tellers Forum, F 

Wives ; A study in ; Scandinavia No.Am. O 

Woman, Position of Forum, N 

— Womanhood, The new Lippinc. Jl 

— — Youthful reminiscence Lippinc. Mr 

Boyle, F. Colonization, A tropical colony NewR. S 

Boyle, G. D. Salisbury Cathedral Sund.M. Ap.My 

Boyle, Mrs. R. Buchan garden National, O 

Boyle, R. Eyes and head Nature, Jeao 

Boyle, S. P. Herbal, Stearns's American. . .Canad.M. Je 

Boy Is ton, J. Journey in a chaise NewEng.M. Je 

Boynton, H. V. Chickamauga park Cent. S 

Boynton, S. S. Calif., Schools of, Early... .Overland, N 

True tales of West Overland, Mr-Ag 

Boys, C. V. Gravitation Pop.Astron. N,D 

Brace, C. L. Children, saving of, Problems of. 

Conf.Char.& Correc. '95 
Brackett, % R. Charity organization. 

Conf.Char.ft Correc. '95 

Charity organization movement.. Char.R. Je 

Braddon, E. N. Tiger hunting in NepauL.Sat.R. S21-28 

Braddon, J. B. Sanchi Tope Am. Arch. Ag3i 

Brad field, T. Arnold, M., Poetry of. Ecl.M. Mr 

Bryant, W. C Westm.Ja 

— — Caxton's vision Westm. S 

Fiction, Recent " Ecl.M. Ja 

— Lessing : story of three rings Westm. D 

Poetry : intimations of* a dawn Westm. Je 

Bradford, G. Income tax Nation, ApiS 

Bradford, G., jr. Elizab. poets, Nature in.. Poet- Lore, N 
Bradford-Whiting, M. All I could never be. 

Gent.M. n.s. S 

Bradley, F. H. Psychical states Mind, Ja.Ap 

Bradley, H. L. Dorothy Atlan. D 

— — Study number three Harper, Ap 

Bradley, W. H. Newspaper correspond.. Gent.M. n.s. F 

Bradshaw, K. St. Skea; a story Canad.M. S 

Bradshaw, M. Tenement-house question.. Lend a II. O 
Brady, G. S. Solway, Natural history of. . . . Nature, Ja3i 
Brainard, T. H. Robert Atterbury; story. . Munsey, O-D 
Braine, S. E. Cromwell fam., Women of. GoodWords, Jl 

Muff, Reign of the GoodWords, D 

Brand, J. Bible. Acts of the Apostles Bib.Sac. Ap 

Brandicourt, V. Insects' eggs Pop.Sci.Mo. D 

Branner, J. C. Naturalist, Education of a..SchoolR. Mr 

——Railways, Mountain Chaut. Jl 

Brassey, Lord. India; closing the mints.... i9thCcnt. O 
Breckenridgc, R. M. Banking, Canadian. 

Am. Econ. Assoc. 10c 1 
Breed, M. B. Magnesium, Action of.J.Frankl.Inst. Ap 
Breen, A. E. Quid mihi et tibi, mulier . Am.Cath.Q. Ap 
Breen, J. D. Mary Tudor, Queen of England. Dub.R. Jl 

Brcslin, J. W. Democracy at home Westm. Jl 

Brester, A., jr. Stars, Variable Know I. N 

Stars, New Know!. D 

Breton, H. d'a. Gr. Brit, Defence of. Blackw. My 

Brett, J. Landscapes at the National gallery . .Fortn. Ap 

Brett, R. B. China aud Japan... Contemp. Je 

Ministers, Prime lothCent. Ja 

Brett, W. II . Libraries, Public, Problem of.Lib.J. D'c* 

— — Periodicals, Use of. Lib.J. D 

Brewer, II. W. Norwegianclub exhibition. .Argosy, My 

Water ford, Louisa S. dc Rothsay Argosy, My 

Brewer, W. II." Eaton, Daniel Cady Am.J.Sci. Ag 

-— Universities and charity Conf.Char.&Correc.^ 

Bridge, J. R. Blavatsky, Helen Pctrovna. . . .Arena, Ap 




Bridges, R. Crawford, F. M McClure, Mr 

Bridgman, L. P. Elvira's chance Overland, Mr 

Relapses of Pap, The Overland, Ja 

Bridgxnan, R. L. Blue Hill, Weather studies at. 

NewEng.M. Mr 

' Cities ; Municipal reform NewEng.M. F 

Paternalism NewEng.M. O 

— Wage-standard Am. M. Civics, D 

Brierley, II. Gypscy-springs Nature, D26 

Brigham, A. P. Bowlders Am.J.Sci. Mr 

Brimmer, M. Fogg art museum Harv.Grad.M. Mr 

Brinton, D. G. Anthropology, Aims of. 

Science, Ag3o. Pop.Sci.Mo. N 

— - Egypt, New race in ... 4 Science, Ag23 

Briscoe, M. S. Annie Tousey's little game... Harper, J 1 

— — Jimty Harper, Ag 

Brittain, A. Montreal, Drainage of. 

Am. Pub. Health Assoc. 20 

Britton, N. L. Eaton, D. C Science, JI19 

Brodie, A. D. Canadian short-story writers. Canad.M. F 

Brodie, T. G. Proteids Sci.Prog. S 

B rod rick, G. C. Huxley, T. II Fortn. Ag 

Brooke, E. Sex, Each, its own moralist NewR. D 

Brooke, J. Wayne, Anthony, Indian campaign. 

Pennsyl.M. O 

Brooke, M. Love the gift ; story Argosy, Ag 

Brooklyn Ethical Assoc. Life and conditions of 

survival . Chicago 

Brooks, E. S. Great men's sons N.Y. 

Brooks, J. Play-writing Cosmopol. Je 

Brooks, J. C. Poor relief. Method in small cities. 

Brooks, J. G. Unemployed, Mass. report on. . .Econ.J. S 
Brooks, M. E. Women, Suffrage for... Am. M. Civics, F 
Brooks, Noah. Lincoln, A., Glimpses of .. .Cent. Ja-My 

— Parties, American Scrib.M.Ja 

Rector's hat, The Scrib.M. Ag 

Slavery ....Scrib.M. Mr 

Whigs, Passing of the Scrib.M. F 

Brooks, W. Looting of the 2d National . . . .Overland, F 

Brooks, W. K. Gcsner, Conrad Pop.Sci.Mo. My 

Huxley, T. H. Essays Forum, N 

— Poetry or science Science, O4 

— Variation, Inherent error in views of. ... Science, Fi 
Broughton, R. Scylla or Charybdis?... Temp. Bar, Je-D 

B rower, E. Eisteddfod, Meaning of an Atlan. Ja 

Martha's head-stone Lippinc. My 

Brown, A. Cap'n Ben NewEng.M. F 

End of the game, The. . Cent. F 

— — Joint owners in Spain Atlan. Ja 

Brown, Alice. Surriage, Agnes. 

Spofford. Three heroines 
Brown, A. Burton-. Eclipse of the sun, 1S96. Nature, O24 

Brown, A. E. Blanchard, Joshua NewEng.M. D 

Brown, Anna R. Alain of Halfdene Lippinc. Ap 

Feline fate, A Eng.IUdst. D 

Brown, F. Assyrian dictionaries Nation, ApiS 

Brown, H. Guises, Assassination of. ..Eng.Hist.R. Ap 

Brown, H. B. Twentieth century Forum, Ag 

Brown, II. F. Symonds, J. A lothCcnt. F 

Brown, H. V. Jamie Gent.M.Je 

Brown, H.W. Stringer, Arthur J. Poems.. Canad. M. N 

Brown, J. A. Scherer, Jacob Luth.Qj Jl 

Brown, J. D. Clerkenwell, Lending library Lib.J. F 

Libraries, Public Lib.J. Ja 

Brown, J. J. Douhault, Mme. de, Case of. .National, Ag 

Brown, J. R. Gibbs, James Am.Arch. Apao 

Brown, K. Cavalry troop, Beginning of Lippinc. F 

Brown, N. E. Birds Outing, Ap 

Brown, R. C. Mary, Q,. of Scots Acad. JI20 

Brown, T. E. Burton, R NewR. S 

Job the white NewR. D 

— — Roman women ; a poem. NewR. Ag 

Sidney, Sir Philip NewR. Ap 

White foxglove NewR. O 

Brown, W. G. Harvard Univ., Archives of.. N.E. Reg Ja 
Brown, W. H. Parties, Polit., in U.S. .Am.M. Civics, Jl 
Brown, W. W. Birds, Spring migration of. .Lippinc. My 

Browne, G. F. Pontresina National, My 

Browne, I. N. Y. Court of Errors.... Am. Law R. Myje 

— O'Conor, Charles Green Bag, Ja,F 

— Walworth, Reuben Hyde Green Bag, Je 

Browne, N. E. Library notes, Keeping of Lib.J. S 

Browne, P. Home life Ecl.M. Je 

Income, The management of. Ecl.M. Ap 

Browne, R. C. Allen, Ralph Acad. O19 

Charles I Acad. F9 

Fitzgerald, E. Letters Acad. N30 

Laud, William Acad. Myi8 

Brownell, W. C. Vedder, Elihu Scrib.M. F 

Bruce, A. B. Christianity, Future of. Bib. World, O 

Jesus, Teaching of B ib. World, D 

Bruce, W. S. Lightning, Effects of. Nature, Jl 11 

Brucl, K. Zupitza, Julius Ath.Jlao 

Brunton, W. Voyage in Spain Outing, Ap 

Bryan, G. H. Gases, Kinetic theory of Nature, Ja3i 

Bryan, W.J. Currency plan of Pres. Cleveland. Arena, F 

Bryant, J. H. These streams of life Cosmopol. O 

Bryant, S. Antipathy and sympathy Mind, Jl 

Bryce, J . Armenian question Cent. N 

Bryden, H. A. Boer pastoral, A Blackw. Jl 

— Bushwoman's romance Longm. Jl 

Legend of Prince Maurice, A. Chamb.J. Ja 

Rhodes, Cecil Sat.R. O5 

-— Trek, Longest on record Chamb.J. Je 

Buchan,J. Angling, Poetry of... Gent. M.Ja. Ecl.M. F 
Buchanan, H. B. M. Tenacity versus strength. Argosy, O 

Buchanan, J. R. Electricity, Marvels of Arena, S 

Theosophy, Scientific Arena, D 

Bucherer, A. H. Electricity directly from coal. 

J.Frankl.Inst. My 
Buck, G. M. Sentences, Indeterminate. Am. M.Civics,Je 

Buck, M. K. First book, Young writer's Writer, N 

Buckland, A. R. Africa, W., Missionary pioneers in. 

Sund.M. D 

— — Girl- martyrs Good Words, O 

Kinderer, Anna Sund.M. Mr 

Riggs, Mary Sund.M. O 

Thompson, Mrs. Bowen..... Sund.M. Jl 

Tucker, Charlotte Sund.M. S 

Women in the mission field Sund.M. Mr 

Buckland, A. W. Four as a sacred number. Anthrop.J.N 
Buckland, J. Kea, The; a remarkable bird.Eng.lllust. D 

Buckler, A. Buckingham, istDukeof Gent.M. D 

Mary, Qj, of Scots, First wooing Gent.M.n.s. Je 

Buckley, E. Christianity, Lectures on ....Bib.World, O 

Japan, Hearnon Dial, Api6 

Religions of Nation, A 04 

Buckley, E. R. States, public money of. Ann. Am. Acad. N 

Buckman, S. S. Evolution Pop.Sci.Mo. Ja 

Buckmaster, G. A. Antitoxin diphtheria. .Sci.Prog. My 

Budde, K. Bible, Nomadic ideal in New World, D 

Buchler, G. Asoka pillar in the Ferai, The.. Acad. Ap>7 
Buel, C. C. New York City, Government of. . .Cent. Mr 

Buell, C. J. Railroads, problem of Arena, My 

Bull, J. C. Bittee Munsey,F 

In the redwoods Munsey, Je 

— - Mission legend Munsey, Jl 




Bull, J. C. Padre's earthly hope Munsey , S 

Bull, L. C. Typewriter, Being a Atlan. D 

Bullen, F. T. " Humpbacking" GoodWords, Ag 

Bullock, S. F. His magnificence Eng.IUust.F 

Bulman, G. W. Birds, Migration of Tern p. Bar, D 

Bumpus, H. C. Teaching, Laboratory Science, MrS 

Bunner, H. C. Cheating at letters Cent. Mr 

— Novel-writing Cent. Mr 

Our aromatic uncle Scrib.M. Ag 

Posters, American Scrib.M. O 

Burchard, K. M. Co-opera., Economic. . Am.M.Civics, F 

Burchard, R. B. Canoeing, True • Outing, S 

——Yachting. Cup champions of 1S95.... Outing, Ag,S 

Burdett, G. A. Sea song; poem Outing, S 

Burgess, J. J. H. Shetland Is)., Folk-lore of. .Scot.R. J a 
Burgess, J. W. U.S. Constitution Chaut. O-D 

— U.S., Ideal Amer. commonwealth Pol.Sci.Q. S 

Burke, C. Arthur's dilemma Argosy, Mr 

— Elizabeth Rivers ; a study in crayons Argosy, S 

— Ephphatha ; poem Argosy, O 

— — Little old ladies of the creek Argosy, My 

——Old-world courtship, An Argosy, R 

— — Passed with honors Argosy, F 

—— Song of the Golden city Argosy, Ap 

Burke, M. D. Architect and engineer.. Am. Arch. Mraj 

Burnblum, E. Oxford Outing, My 

Burnet, W. French squire's diary. Gent.M. N 

Burnham, H. Traill, Mrs Canad.M. F 

Burnside, H. M. Castle in the air Argosy, My 

Unforgotten Argosy, F 

— Year ago, A ; poem Argosy , Je 

Burnside, M. Greek art Educa. O 

Burrill.T.J. Poison ivy Garden&F. Si 1 

Burroughs, J. Real and the ideal Dial Ni 

Burrows, H. W. Acoustics Am.Arch. MyiS 

Burton, C. E. Cities, Govt, of Am.M.Civics, Je 

Burton, E. D. Bible. Acts, The book of. . . Bib. World, J I 

Bible; Corinthians, Epistles to Bib. World, 

James, The letter of Bib. World, Ag 

— Paul, Earliest letters of Bib. World, S 

Romans Bib. World, N 

Jesus, life of, Sources of. Bib. World, D 

Burton, F. G. Democracy, Opportunity of....Westm. D 

Burton, G. J. Evolution Chr.Lit. J 1 

Burton, R. Amer. lit., Healthful tone for . . .Forum, Ap 
Brownell, Henry H NewEng.M. Jl 

— English language, Renascence in . . .Forum, O 

English, Teaching of Dial N 16 

— Novels and novel readers.... Dial Ja 16 

Burton, R. G. Russia, Censorship of press.. Westm. Ag 

— — Russian fictional literature Westm. N 

Bury, J. B. Coleridge, S. T. Anima poetae. Sat.R. Naj 

Bush, B. F. Forestry Garden&F. Ja*3 

Bushnell, J. E. Churches, Co-op. between... Luth.Q. Ap 
Butler, E. A. Beetles, Leaping Knowl. Ag 

— Hessian fly Knowl. F 

Insects, Winter life of Knowl. Ap,My 

Butler, H. C. Architecture, Seaside Am.Arch. Sai 

— Rome, American school at ...Critic, Jea 2 

Butler, N. M. Education; Elementary instruction. 

Nation, Fai 

— — Knowledge; what is of most worth Educa.R. S 

Butler, R. Church of England. The kirk's alarm. 

NewR. Jl 

Butler, W. F. Hamley, Sir Edward Contemp. Ag 

Butt, L. After five years Belgra. Ja 

— — Miss Falkines Belgra. Ap 



Butts, W. H. College, Prepara. for Educa.R. F 

Secondary instruction School R. F 

Buxton, E. N. Sinai, Stony. . .lothCent. Ja. Ecl.M. Mr 
Byrrne, E. F. Eleanor Keith's adventure. . .Argosy, Ap 

Cabot, C. E. Alaska, Chapter of. NewEng.M. Ja 

Charles Bryant on Nation, Jaa4 

Cabot, F. E. Electric wiring and fire Engin.M. Mr 

Cadman, S. P. English-speaking lands Chaut. Ag,S 

— Evangelists, Famous Chaut. Ja 

— Victoria, Queen, and her children Chaut. Mr.Ap 

Cady.C. M. Bible. Old Testament... Bib. World, Ag,S 

Cady, L. S. Charily organization Chr.Lit. Ja 

Caillard, E. M. Atonement; divine sacrifice. Contemp. F 

Good and evil Ecl.M . F 

Caine, Hall. Copyright act, Canadian Contemp. Ap 

—-Literature, Success in Critic, My»5 

Unto the third and fourth generation . . Munsey, Je-Ag 

Calin, S. Dominoes Overland, N 

Calkins, G. N . Vital statistics Am .Statis. Assoc. Mr 

Calkins, M . W. Psychological studies. . . Pedagog.Sem . O 

Synesthesia Am. J. Psychol. O 

Calkins, R. Harv. Coll., Volunteer charity work at. 

Harv.Gmd.M. Mr 

Callahan, D. T. Death chase Overland, My 

Calonne, A. de. Paris, Architecture in iothCent. Ap 

Paris Salons, The two lothCent. Je 

— — Vinci, Leonardo da lothCent. S 

Calvert, D. Mystics among N. E. hills. . New Eng.M. Jl 
Cameron, J. Cod-liver oil, Chemistry of . . .Nature, Mr 28 

Cameron, Mrs. H. L. Little Lady Lee Lippinc. Ag 

Cameron, R. Begonias Garden&F. D18 

Botany ; notes Garden&F. D35 

Camp, W . Athletic extravagance Outing, Ap 

Football of '95 Outing, N 

Review of season of 1894 Outing, O 

Junior promenade Outing, F 

Campbell, Lady C. English house parties. .Cosmopol. Ap 
Campbell.H. Working girls' clubs. ...Pub Opin. Myjo 
Campbell, L. C. Petroleum and its products. Canad.M. Ag 
Campbell, W. W. Ode to silence; a poem.. Canad.M. D 

Campo, I nez de. Wood- pecker , . . . .Overland, Ag 

Candagc, R. G. F. Boston Light NewEng.M. O 

Candlin, G. T. Religions, Parliamentof. Bib. World, My 

Canfield, C. L. True tales of West Overland, F 

Cannan, E. Economic legislation Econ.R.Ja,Ap 

Gr. Brit., Politics in, 1S95 Econ R- Ja-O 

Pauperism, Stigma of EconR.Jl 

Population in England Econ.J. D 

Taxation in England Econ.J. Mr 

Cannon, H. W. Banking and currency. 

B utter fie IdLec.Un. Coll. 1 

— — U.S. finances, Muddle of No. Am. F 

Canton, W. Lang, A., as a poet ...Bookman, Ag-S 

Books GoodWords, Ja-D 

Capita n, L. Microbes as factors in soc.Pop.Sci.Mo. My 
Capps, E. ' Chorus in Greek drama.. Am.J.Archaeol. Jl-S 

Capstick, J. W. Gases, Specific heat of Sci.Prog. Je 

Caracristi, C. F. Z. Colombia Engin.M. Ag 

Card, F. W. Birds, What to do with Garden&F. S>5 

Horticulture Garden&F. Jeip 

Cardozo, E. C. Happiness, Pursuit of. Cosmopol. O 

Love's court ; poem Cosmopol. D 

Carhart, H. S. Electric waves, Hertz on... Dial (Ch.) Fi 

Science, Educational Science, Api2 

Carlile, W. W. Conscience Int.J .Ethics, O 

Inference, Theory of Philos.R. Jl 

— — Moral obligation, Consciousness of. . . . Philos.R. My 

— Nalurn naturans Philos.R. N 




Carlile, W. W. Reality and causation Mind,Ja,Ap 

Carlyle, A. J. Middle Ages, Polit. theory. .Econ.R. Jl-O 
Carman, B . At the road-house ; verses . . Poet-Lore, Ag-S 

— — Song before sailing ; poem Cosmopol . Ja 

Carmichael, J. Religion of savages Pop.Sci.Mo. D 

Carmichael, M. Honorable Pat. K. Winch.. Temp. Bar, O 

Carnegie, A. Tariff. Forum, Mr 

Wealth and its uses Coll.i 

Duty of. Char.R. N 

Carotti, J. Segantini, Giovanni, Works of. ArtJ. Mr 

Carpenter, E.J. Boston Public Library. NewEng.M. Ag 

Carpenter, F. I. Elizabethan literature Dial My 16 

English in Am. Universities Dial O 

Carpenter, G. H. Insects, Literature on Nat.Sci. S 

Carpenter, Helen M. Mitchells, The Overland, S 

Car]>enter, M . F. Gibraltar Cosmopol . O 

Carpenter, W. B. Sermon on the Mount. .Sund.M. Ja-D 

Carpenter, W. H. Bjornson, B Bookman, Ag-S 

Freytag, G Bookman, Je 

Ibsen, Bibliography of. Bookman, My 

Saga of King Olaf Tryggwason Nation, Api 1 

Carr, B. Bit of life ; a story Munsey, O 

Carr, II. J. Local history, Collections of Lib.J. D'q4 

Carr, L. Indians, Food of. Lend a H. N 

Mounds in Miss, valley Nation, O31 

Picture-writing of the Indians Nation, Jaio 

Carrel, F. Mallarme, Sttfphane Fort n. Mr 

Carrere, J. M. Architect's office Am.Arch. Fa3 

Carrington, E. India Ecl.M. D 

Carroll, H.K. Roman Catholics Meth.R. Mr 

Carruth, W. H. Henry IV. of France Dial Mn 

Historical novel , The Dial, Jli 

Seamen, English Dial Jei6 

Carryl, C. E. River syndicate, The Scrib.M. D 

Carryl, G. W. At duty's bidding Munsey, Ap 

Great good heart of Corporal Dwight . . . .Munsey, O 

Carson, H. L. " Active," Sloop, Case of. .Green Bag, Ja 
Carstensen, G. A. Prot. Episcopal Church... Chaut. My 

Carter, E. K. Fulfilment Lippinc. Mr 

Carter, E. W. Kovalevsky, Sonya Ecl.M. Jl 

Carter, J. Socialism, Christian, The new. . . .Econ.R. Ja 
Carter, T. T. Church authority. 

lothCent. Ap. Chr.Lit. My 

Confession, Auricular. . lothCent. F. Chr.Lit. F,Mr 

Cartwright, Mrs. E. Mission in life, A Belgra. N 

Cartwright, J. Lotto, Lorenzo, Berenson's ArtJ. Ag 

Millet, Madame J. F ArtJ. Mr 

Cartwright-Ady, J . Raphael, Early work of ... . Portf. Ja 

Carus, P. Cognition, Metaphysical in Monist, Jl 

Missions ; a debate Monist, Ja 

Music, Significance of. Monist, Ap 

Orthodoxy, The new Monist, O 

— — Romanes, G.J. Thoughts on religion... Monist, Ap 

— — Scientific progress of 19th century Chaut. Je 

Carvalho, C. N. Half-burnt letter Argosy, Jl 

Carver, T. N. Distribution, Ethical basis of. 

Ann.Am.Acad.Pol.Sci. Jl 

Cary, H. L. Books, Some friends in. Educa. S 

Casartelli, L. C. Roman Catholic church . . . .Dub.R. Ap 

— — Universities, English Dub.R. O 

Case, J. W. Travel, Foreign Am.Arch. Fi6,Mr2,o. 

Case, T. Women, Oxford degrees for Fortn. Jl 

Cassatt, A. C. Monroe doctrine Forum, D 

Cassels, W. R. Tatian, Diatessaron lothCent. Ap 

Cassidy, J. Fishing tackle Gent.M.n.s. O 

— : — Pipes. Gent.M.n.s. Jl 

Cassidy, P. S. Canning, George Cath. World, S 

Cassilis, I. L. Dr. Vyron Belgra. My 

Castelot, E. France, Rural dwellings in Econ.J. Mr 

Castle, W. R. Hawaii, Schools in Overland, O 

Castletown, Lord. Ireland National, N 

Cattcll, J. McK. Recollection, Accuracy of. .Science, D6 
Caulfeild, F. W. Scientific educa. and pub. schools. 

NewR. Ag 
CaunifT, W. H. Railway, Relation of, to employees. 

Rngin.M. Mr 

Caven, W. Presbyterian Church Presb.&Ref.R. O 

Cawein, M. Flower of the fields Cosmopol. N 

Cawthorne, C. E. W. C. T. U., Fallacy of. 

Am. M. Civics, Mr 
Cecconi, E. Montenero, 8th of September at. 

GoodWords, S 

Cesaresco, Countess E. M. Italy 19th Cent. F 

— — Roman's villeggiatura, The Contetnp. O 

— Virgil in the country .Contemp. My 

Cewin, O. Z. Colonial architecture.... Am. Arch. Myje 
Chadwick, H. M. Thunder storm, The ; poem . . Educa. S 
Chadwick, J. W. Brook Farm, Cadman on. Nation, Mri4 

Brooklyn and King's county, Hist. of... Nation, Jin 

Church, R.W. Nation, Mya 

Cobbe, Frances Power New World, Je 

Edgeworth, Maria Nation, F14 

Emerson, Ralph W Arena, D 

Frothingham, O. B Nation, D5 

Habit BrooklynEth.Assoc.Life 

— Harvard Divinity School NewEng.M. F 

Larcom, Lucy .Nation, Apu 

— — Marblehead, Mass NewEng.M. Jl 

Roman Cath. Ch. in U.S., O'Gorman's.. Nation, S19 

Chaffee, F. Divorce GreenBag.Je 

So runs the world Munsey, Ja 

Chaffee, J. F. Revelation, Divine Meth.R. Ja 

Chalmers, R. Glacial Lake St. Lawrence. . Am.J.Sci. Ap 
Chamberlain, A. F. Anger, Words for. Am .J .Psychol. Ja 

Kootenay Indians Am. Antiq. Mr 

Chamberlain, B. H. Loochow islands. Geog.J.Ap, My Je 

Chamberlain, J. Old age, Pensions for National, Ja 

Chamberlin, T. C. Glacial studies in Greenland, Recent. 

Nature, Je6 
Chambers, E. K. Lyly, John. Endymion ....Acad. Oa6 

Saintsbury, G., as critic Acad. Jci 

Theatres, Ordish's early London Acad. Ag24 

Chambers, E. T. D. Ouananiche, Home of the. 

Canad.M. My 

Chambers, T. W. Decalogue Ref.Q. O 

Divorce in the New Testament Ref.Q. Ja 

God, Unwritten law of Prcsb.&Ref.R. Ja 

" Private interpretation," a Pet. 1: 20 Ref.Q. Ap 

Prophets, Messianic idea in Presb.&Ref.R. Ap 

Reformed church Presb.&Ref.R. O 

Champion, M. K. At the Bunch of Grapes Inn. 

NewEng.M. My 
Champion, T. E. Great Britain, politics, 1S95. 

Canad.M. Ag 
Champlin, J. D. Engineering, Prehistoric. Pop.Sci.M. D 

Chance, F. Arsenic Acad . Apay-My 18 Jlao, Ag3 

— — Cormorant, Etymology of Acad. My4.11 

Chance, W. Poor, Relief of National, Jl 

Chancellor, E. B. Literary types Lond. 

Chandler, A. E. Woman's Educ. Assoc, of Boston. 

Lib.J. S 

Chandler, Bessie. Colonel's tea-party Scrib.M. N 

— — Lighthouse keeper's story NewEng.M. Ag 

Chaney, L. W., jr. Glacier in Montana. . . .Science, D13 

Channing, G. E. Etruria Cosmopol. Jl 

Channing, W. Physical training Educ.R. O 

Chapin, H. D. Schools promoting disease.. .Forum, My 
Chapman, E. F. Africa, Triangulation of. . .Geog.J. My 


r 73 


Chapman, F. M. Birds, Study of, out-of*doors. 

Pop.Sci.Mo. S 

Chappel, £. J. Life; is it universal ? NewSci.R. Jl 

Charcot, J. M. Pasteur, I<ouis Cosmopol. Ja 

Charles, R. H. Bible, Matthew i Acad. Jas-F»3 

Charles worth, H. Johnson, P. Poems Canad.M.S 

Stevenson, Robert L Canad.M. My 

Chase, C. A. Lewiston, Me NewEng.M. D 

Chase, C. H. Thomas of Park worth 'a. . .NewEng.M. J a 

Chatard, F. S. Occasional Essays Lond. 

Chatard, T. M. Soda deposits J.Frankl.Inst. Ap.My 

Cheney, J. V. That dome in air Chicago 

— — Grass and flowers; poem Harper, My 

Why should we care? poem Harper, Je 

Cheney- Ward, L. Covering, Protective. 

B rookly nEth .Assoc Life 

Cherbuliez, M. M. Tasso, Torquato Chaut. N 

Cherkezoo, V. E. Russia, Georgian treaties with. 

lothCent. My 
Chef lain, A. L. Corinth , Battle oj. 

Chetwynd, Mrs. H. Mentone & the Riviera. . . Belgra. Ja 

Chevalier, S. Zi-ka-wei observatory Science, J I5 

Cheyne, T. K. Biblical criticism Contemp. Jl 

Cheyney, E. P. Town life in 15th century. 

Ann. Am. Acad. Pol .Sci. Jl 

Child, L. One touch of nature NewEng.M. D 

Childers, H. C. E. Prince Edward Island. . Good Words, D 

Chilton, E. Lady Joan Argosy, Mr 

Chippendale, C. V. New tenor, The Eng.Illust.Jl 

Chisholm, J. A. Haliburton, Thos. C GreenBag, N 

Chisholm, W. B. Character, Higher measurements of. 

Am.M.Civics, N 

Politics, Social pressure in Am.M.Civics, My 

Chittenden, L. E. Jurisprudence, Sys. of. . .GreenBag, F 

——Law, Common, and civil law GreenBag, F 

Legal business. Causes of. GreenBag, Ag 

— Legal reminiscences GreenBag, D 

Chopin, K. Regret Cent. My 

Chree, C. Magnetic elements j.Sci.Prog. Jl 

Chxisman, O. Girl, Little Educa.R . Ja 

Christie, R. C. Vanini, Giulio Cesare-.Eng.Hist.R. Ap 
Chubb, E. W. Fishing, on Nashotah lake Outing, Jl 

Pickerel, Jacking for Outing, Ap 

Chumley, J. Mud-line, Murray's Nat. Sci. D 

Church, A. H. Argon Acad. Fo 

Church, A. % Novel, Historical Cody, Fiction 

Church, C. M. Wells palace Good Words, Je 

Church, H. Two idlers in camp Outing, Ag 

Churchill, W. Stevenson, Robert L McClure, F 

Claflin, M. B. Whittier, J. G Arena, D 

Clapp, H. L. Education, ./Esthetic side of.. .Educa. Ap 

Nature study Educa. Je 

Clark, A. Oxford, Heraldry of colleges of. 

Eng.Hist.R. Ap 
Clarh, C. C. P. Cities, Elections in. 

Clark, E. P. Mission Indians, Decline of . .Overland, Ja 

South Carolina's problem Nation, S19 

Supreme court, Vacancy in Nation, Ag*2 

Clark, F. C. Weitling, William Ann.Am.Acad. Mr 

Clark, F. E. Ainer. stock in Europ. market. R.ofRs. Mr 

— — Christian Endeavor movement No.Am. S 

Politics Pub.Opin. Nai 

Clark, H. H. Scientific research, Motive for. 

Pop.Sci.Mo. Ag 

Clark, I. Question of responsibility Lippinc. Ja 

Clark, J. B. Capital, Positive theory of, Bohm-Bawerk's. 

Q, J.Econ. Ap.O 

Clark, J. B. Gold standard Pol.Sci.Q. S 

Interest, Origin of. Q,. J.Econ. Ap 

— Real issues concerning Q. J.Econ. O 

Clark, J. F. Cuba's struggle Cosmopol. O 

Clark, J. G. Industrial order, The coming. . . .Arena, Ja 

Clark, J. S. Education, Art in Educa.R. N 

Clark, N. W. Sachs, Hans Meth.R. S 

Clark, T. M. Architect and client Am. Arch. Api3 

Clark, Bishop Thos. M. Reminiscences... ...N.Y. 

Clark, W. Heart of oak Good Words, Ja-D 

Clark, Walter. Telegraph & telephone. . Am.LawR. S-O 

— — — Government control of. .Arena, D 

in England... M Arena, Ag 

Clarke, A. M. China, Infanticide in Cath.World, Mr 

Oxford University Cath.World, Jl 

Clarke, C. B. "Challenger" expedition Nat Sci. Jl 

Clarke, C. S. Admiral's yarn, The; story. Eng.IUust. Mr 

Clarke, E. B. Laces of Queen Margherita ArtJ . O 

Clarke, F. Talleyrand Fortn. Ja 

Clarke, G. William the Conqueror No.Am. Ja 

Clarke, G. S. Gr. Brit., Defense of, Imperial. Blackw. J e 

— Mediterranean, the, England and.' iothCent. Ap 

Clarke, R. H. R. Island and Maryland. . Am.Cath.Q. Ap 

Roman Catholic protectories Am.Cath.Q. Jl 

Clarke, T. C. N. Y. state waterways. 

Deep waterways convention 

Clay, H. Electricity NewSci.R. Ja 

Clayton , B . F. American wealth No.Am . N 

— — Farmer, Politics and the No .Am. F 

Clayton, H. H. Cyclonic indraught Nature, Jl 11 

Clemens, S. L. Bourget, Paul, on the U.S. . .No.Am. Ja 

— — Cooper, James Fen i more No.Am. Jl 

Mental telegraphy again Harper, S 

Clemens, W. M. Sound, Mystery of. Lippinc. Ag 

Clement, B. Trafalgar Corn h. My 

Clement, E. W. Japan Dial, S16 

Occult Dial Jai6 

Clement, J. New Jersey, West Pennsyl.M. J a 

Clemons, C. F. Selenious acid Am.J.Sci.Jl 

Clerk, A. Convention, In praise of.NewR. Mr. Ecl.M. S 

Justice, Art of. NewR. My. Ecl.M. Jl 

— — Men and women NewR. O 

Clerke, A. M. Pleiades, Exterior nebulosities of. 

Knowl. D 

Satellites, Evolution of. Knowl. S 

Star, Binary Knowl. My 

Clerke, E. M. Craven, Mrs. Augustus ...Dub.R. Ja 

Rom . Cath. church in Corea Dub.R. Ap 

Clews, II. Railroad management Engin.M. Jl 

Clifford, J. Religion and the state Contemp. Mr 

Clifford, Mrs. W. K. In case of discovery Fortn. S 

— — Keary, C. F. A wanderer Bookman, N 

Clinch, B.J. Russia, Church of Am.Cath.Q.Jl 

Clinch, C, and Kershaw, S. W. (eds.). Bygone 

Surrey Lond. 

London crosses Rng. Illust. D 

Clinchc, B.J. Ireland, Outlook for Am.Cath.Q. O 

Clodd, E. Story of primitive man Lond. 

Evil eye, Superstition of the Acad. Jei 

Closson, C. C. Unemployed in U.S J.Pol.Econ. S 

Cloud, V. W. Train for Tarrow's Lippinc. O 

Clous, J. W. Habeas Corpus and military law. 

Butterfield Lec.Un.Coll. 1 

Clowes, W. L. Chino-Japanese war Blackw. F 

Coast defence, A system of. Fortn. Ap 

— — Great Britain, Electoral reform in Contemp. S 

Navy, in 1S94 National, Ja 

— — Manoeuvres of, 1895 Fortn. O 

Hornby, Sir G. T. P National, Ap 




x n^.^ ** \. Mcvhtrrranean lothCenL Mr 

■fc i^^Mkvto Jibout lothCent. My 

Va. > *v* *k! tunic canal lctfiCent.Jl 

t, y t i(k captains i9thCent. O 

> •*» ,sv * K. I-Aud of promise ; poem Cosmopol. F 

x .v\ \\ . *\ Property, The Fathers on Econ.R. Ap 

x vocs**, \». M. India, Latent religion of. . . .Contemp. Je 

\ \<<v. K. i\ Zoophily, Ethics of Contemp. O 

tVSviw. C. M. Whittier, Beliefs of. Meth.R. Mr 

iVMutn, A. Conspiracy of D. Dwarber.Eng.lllusL My 
iVburu, K. W. Literary students' league. . . . .Writer, Je 

Cochrane, A . Roi est mort, Le .Temp.Bar, Ag 

Cockerel I, T. D. A. Coccidology Am. Natural. Ag 

Scale insects Garden&F. Das 

Cockerlll, J. A. Young, Brigham, and Utah. 

Cosmopol. S 

Cod man, A. A. Belknap genealogy N.E.Reg. Ja 

Cody, A. Sherman (sd.). On the art of writing 

fi ction • • • Lond. 

Coc, C. II. Mexico ; Floating gardens.. .Garden&F. O30 
Coe, E. M. Novels in Public Libraries Lib.J. D'o4 

— Reading for boys Lib.J. Ap 

Coffin, V. Quebec act YaleR. Ag 

Coffin, W. A. Atlanta exhibition Nation, N 7 

Cogswell, F. H. Shadow on red house. . .NewEng.M. D 

Cohn, A. France, Revival of Atlan. Ja 

Cohn, G. Combination and competition Econ.J. D 

— Hanssen, Georg Econ.J. Mr 

Colburn, R.T. Pacific R.R. debts.. Ann.Am.Acad. Mr 

Colby, C. W. Alps and Caucasus Nation, JI25 

— — Conway on Nation, N14 

Harper's Book of facts.. Nation, S 19 

Colcleugh, E. S. Athabasca river Outing, Ap 

— Missions, Roman Catholic Cath.World, Ap 

Cole, G. A. J. Ireland, Field-club work in . .Nat.Sci. My 

Cole, G. W. Fiction in public libraries Lib.J. D'94 

— — Librarians and teachers Lib.J. Ap 

Cole, S. W. Music, Public school NewEng.M. N 

Cole,T. Bol, Ferdinand Cent. Ap 

Flinck, Gavaert Cent. Ja 

Hooch, Pieter de Cent. Mr 

— — Rubens .Cent. Ag 

— — Teniers, David, the younger Cent. S 

Terburg, Gerard Cent. Jl 

Cole, W. M. White mountains NewEng.M. Ag 

Cole, W. R. Socialism, State Wcstm. Mr 

Coleman, A. P. Athabasca, Sources of the. . . .Geog.J. Ja 
Coleman, M. W. Working-girls' club, Model. Char.R. Ap 
Coleridge, C. R. Tender mercies of the good. 


Coleridge, S. T. Anima poetae NewR. O 

Coles, C. S. Mental telegraphy NewSci.R.Jl 

One thing lacking, The Outing, S 

Collar, W. C. Latin, How shall we teach? . . School R. Ja 
Collings, T. C. Niger, Christianising the..Sund.M. My 
Collingwood, F. City engineering bureau. . . .Eng.M. Je 

Collins, D. E. Flowers, Wild Garden&F. O9 

Collins, G. D. Citizenship by birth. . . . Am.LawR. My Je 
Collins, J. A. Combination Am.M.Civics, S 

— Home-ownership, Decadence of. ...Am.M Civics, Ja 
Collins, J. C. Language versus literature ..lothCent. F 
Collins, V. S. Conference course of study. . . . Meth.R. Ja 

Colmache, G.' Cuba Fortn. N 

Colomb, P. H. Marines No.Am.S 

Torpedo, Future of, in war No.Am. Ap 

Col ton, A. W. East winds in Hagar NewEng.M. N 

Colville, W. L. Powder, Smokeless ........ Overland, O 

Colvin.A. Chitral and Indian policy Sat.R.Jli3 

India : finance and frontiers lothCen t. N 

Commons, J. R. Cities, State supervision. 

Ann.Am.Acad. My 

-— Individualism, Pr og r essive Am.M.Civics, Je 

Taxation in Chicago and Phila J.Pol.Econ. S 

Com pay re, G. Education in France Educa.R. N 

Com stock, F. A. Individuality, Plea for Educa. S 

— - Teaching, Personal factor in Educa. My 

Comstock, G. C. Astronomy for engin. students. Sci. OiS 
Conant, E. L. Harv. College, Athletic teams of. 

Harv.Grad.M. Mr 
Conant, T. Holy sepulchre at Jerusalem . .Canad.M. Ap 

Conder, C. R. Bible ; Pentateuch Scot.R. J 1 

Cone, O. Eschatology, Pauline New World, Je 


Conn, II . W. Cold Spring Harbor biological laboratory. 

Ann. Natural. Mr 

Pasteur, Louis Science, NS 

Connelly, J. H. Aquatic gardening Cent. S 

Conney , Mrs. Old maid's m istake, An Belgra. Ja-D 

Connor, J. T. California, Missions of Chaut. N 

Connor, W. E. Prosperity Am.M.Civics, S 

Constable, M. S. Sweden and Norway, Political crisis in. 

Fortn. My 

Converse, C. C. Music, Mother-tone of Monist, Ap 

Converse, F. Shelley, Infl. on Browning.. Poet-Lore, Ja 
Conway, M. D. Emerson and Al. Ireland. Nation, Jaio,i7 
— - Paine, Thomas Nation, Jaji 

— Senate, Ought it to be reformed? Monist, Ja 

Washington, G Nation, Fi^ai 

Conway, W. Martin. Authors, Society of. . . 19th Cent. D 

Conybeare, F. C. Boase, Chas. W . . . Acad. Mn6 

Plato's apology Am.J.Philol. O 

Virgin-birth Acad. J«5 

Cook, Lady. Inheritance and wills.... Westm. F 

— Punishment, Failure of GreenBag, O 

Cook, A. B. Bee in Greek mythol J.Hel Stud. 15: 1 

Cook, A.S. Chautauqua Forum, Ag 

Cook, E. C. Oropa, a mountain sanctuary. . .Char.R. Mr 
Cook, E. T. How to live on nothing a year. 

Gent.M.n.s. My 

Cook, Mrs. E.T. New child, The Good Words, Ag 

Visitor's books Good Words, My 

Cook, G. L. Charles Pelham, sportsman . .Poet-Lore, O 

Cook, J. Armenians OurDay, Mr 

Douglass, Frederick OurDay, N 

Evolution and cosmic telepathy OurDay, O 

Gordon, A. J., as preacher and reformer. OurDay, My 

Holy Spirit OurDay, Ap 

as administrator OurDay, D 

as known to science OurDay, Ag 

in natural law OurDay, O 

Japan ....OurDay, Jl 

Parkhurst, Charles H OurDay, N 

Panoply OurDay, Mr 

Prohibition, Neal Dow and OurDay, Ja 

Psychical research OurDay, N 

Salvation army OurDay, S 

Victory through self- surrender OurDay, Je 

Cook, O. F. Stcmmatoiulus Am. Natural. D 

Cook, S. A. Bible, Septuagint vs. Heb. text.. Acad. Mry> 

Cooke, R.J. Episcopate, Historic Meth.R. My 

CooIe>,T. M. Lawyer, Obligations of. Am.M.Civics, N 

Coolidge, A. C. Siberia, Across Nation, 

Coonley, L. A. Burr ham, Clara Louise Writer, S 

Cooper, A. S. Mortar, cement, Tests of.J.Frankl.Inst.N 
Cooper, C. H. Stambuloff, Beaman's Life of. . . . Dial O16 

U.S. history. Civil war Dialjai6 

Cooper, J. A. Canada's national song Canad.M. D 

U.S. and Pan-Britannic movement ic^hCent. S 




Cooper, J. H. Gardiner Lyceum J.Frankl.Inst. O 

Cooper, W. C. Occult manifestations. Arena, O 

Cope, £. D. Evolution, Organic Science, Aga 

Present problems of Monist, Jl 

— Man, Antiquity of, in N. America.. .Am. Natural. Je 
Snakes, Some new N. American Am. Natural. Jl 

— Variation*. Structural ...BrooklynEth. Assoc. Life 
Copeland, C. T. Stevenson, Robert Louis . . . .At Jan. Ap 

Copner.J. Church, The Westm.Jl 

Coppte, Francois. Christmas betrothal . . . .Cosmopol. fa 

Corbet, L. C. Papaw fruit Garden&F. D 1 1 

Corbet, W. J. Social purity Westm. N 

Corbett, E. T. Moral crisis, A Munsey, A,P 

Corbett, Julian. Madagascar Macmil. Mr 

Corbett* M. Mayfield House Knapp. Univ. 

Corbin, A. Transatlantic transit No.Am. N 

Corby, E. F. Jilting*, Certain royal Argosy, Jl 

Cord, E. C. Jumpers; N.E. reltg. sect.. New Eng.M. My 
Cordley, C. Sport, Romance of .... Gent.M. N 

— Shakspeare, Piscine lore of Gent.M. Ja 

Corkran, Henriette. Adams, John Couch. Temp. Bar, Ag 

— Browning, Mrs *. Ecl.M. Mr 

Cormican, P. J. Bible, Inerrancy of . . . .Cath. World, Ap 

Cornell, A, B. Telegraph ButtcrfieldLec. Un.Coll . 1 

Cornish, C.J. Birds of the cliffs Sund.M. My 

Isle of Wight Portfo. Jl 

— — London, Crystal Palace Eng.Illust. O 

Cornish, I). II. Farewell; a poem Argosy, S 

Way to my heart Argosy, F 

Cornish, V. Magnetic needle Knowl. Ap 

Cornwall, A. L. Liquor traffic Am.M.Civics, Mr 

Cornwall, E. E. Cornwall, W., Family of.. N.E. Reg, Ja 
Cornwall, H. B. Chemistry, World's debt to ..Chaut.Ja 

Corn well, W. C. U.S., Finances Forum, F 

Corson, H. Browning, E. B. A musical instrument. 

Poet- Lore, My 

— — Vocal culture in relation to literary Allan. Je 

Cort, C. Suicide, Sin of Ref.Q. Ja 

Cortissoz, R. Amer. Academy at Rome Harper, Mr 

Art, American, Types in Harper, Jl 

French, Daniel Chester Allan. F 

Mural decoration in America Cent. N 

New York City, Landmarks of. Scrib.M. N 

— — Prado, Museum of the Harper, My 

Coste, F. H. P. Evolution and teleology... NewSci. R.J I 
Costelloe, B. F. C. London vs. water companies. 

Con tern p. Je 
Cottcrell, C. Saint Bede went a-haymaking. Argosy, Ag 

Colterell, G. Macleod, Fiona Acad. Ag 17 

Watson, William Acad. D7 

Cotton, F. W. Labor exchange, The Arena, S 

Cotton, J. S. Brown, Robert Acad. Na 

Rawlinson, Henry Acad. Mro 

— Reeve, Henry Acad. Oao 

Venezuela, Boundary of Acad. DaS 

— — Wadham College, Alumni of. Acad. My 25 

Wharton, Henry Thornton Acad. S7 

Cotton, R. W. Chudleigh, John Macmil. Ja 

Cottrell, II. Babism Acad. Mro 

Couch, A. T. Qj Dunraven, Lord Con temp. D 

Roll- call of the reef, The McClure, Jl 

Couch, L.Q^. Last drive, The Eng.Illust. S 

Coudert, F. R. Cuba Am.M.Civics, Jl 

Poverty or wealth Munsey, N 

Coues, E. Heligoland, Gatkc's bird-lore at.. Nation, AgS 
Jesus Christ, Tissot's life of. Cent. D 

— Mississippi basin, Winsor's Nation, JI25 

Coupe, C. Indifierentism Am.Calh.QjAp 

— — Swinburne, Algernon Charles Dub.R. Ap 

Coupin, H. Thorns of plants Pop.Sci.Mo. F 

Courson, Comtesse de. Casario, L. da. . .Cath. World, N 

Courtney, L. Bimetallism .National, My 

Courtney, L. II. Great Britain; Electoral methods. 

National, S 
Courtney, W. L. Huxley, T. H Fortn. Ag 

— Ibsen, Henrik Fortn. F 

Courtney, W. P. Jones, Winslow Acad. Ag24 

Cousins, R. G. U.S. Politics, 1805 No.Am. Mr 

Couzins, H. D. Duck shooting Outing, Ap 

Cowan, W. Autumn; a poem Belgra. N 

Cowell, H.C. B. School ethics Pop.Sci.Mo. Ja 

Cowell, Sir J. Astronomy and geology... NewSci.R. Ja 
Cowles, E. Mary Hitchcock Hospital. Am. Arch. Agio 

Cowlcs, J. L. Opportunity, Equality of. Arena, D 

Cowper, II. S. Tripoli, Early remains in .. .Ath. MyiS 

Cox, J. D. Hancock, Gen. W. S Nation, M17 

Hoar, Ebenczer Rockwood Atlan. Ag 

Tildcn, S. J., Bigclow's Life of. Nation, My 16 

U.S., Rhodes' history of. Nation, Agi5 

Cox, K. Lotto, Lorenzo, Berenson's Nation, Ja*4 

— Nordau, Degeneration. No.Am . Je 

Inaccuracies of Nation, JI13 

Coyle, H. Clay, Henry Green Bag, O 

Crackanthorpe, B. A. Literature, Sex in...iothCcnt. Ap 
Crafts, W. A. Mass. R.R. Commission ....Engin.M. N 

Crafts, W. F. Charity, New Char.R. N 

Craig, A. L. China, North, Sledging in Outing, Ja 

Craig, Hugh. Hawaii, Cable to Overland, Je 

Craig, J. Wayne, Maj. Gen. Anthony... Pennsyl.M. Ap 

Craig \ 0. Pauperism, Prevention of, Woods, Poor 

Craig, W. G. Presbyterian Church. . . . Presb.&Rif.R. O 
Craig, W. N. Carnations, Notes on. 

Gardcn&F. Jai6,MyioJlio S4,Na7 

Flower .garden notes Garden&F. Sa5 

— — Pelargon iums Garden&F. Je5 

Violets Garden&F. Mri3,Di8 

Craigie, W. A Teundale, Virion of. Scot.R. Jl 

Cram, R. A. Boston, Christ Church NewEng.M. Ja 

Cramer, M. J. Hus, John. Letters to his church. 

Chr.Lit. Ag 

Crandall, C. H. Dress, Women's No.Am. Ag 

Crane, A. Submergence of western Europe.. Science, J I5 

Crane, F. Price of a man ; story Munsey, N 

Crane, F. W. Whist in America Cosmopol. Je 

Crawford, D. House of Commons Nation, Ap4 

— — Liberal party in England Nation, Jai7 

Crawford, F. M. Casa Braccio Cent. Ja-O 

Crawford, J. II. Scotland, Wild flora of. . . . .Gent.M. Ap 

Crawford, R. F. Wheat J.Statis.Soc Mr 

Crawford, T. C. Charmer of men, A Cosmopol. My 

Crawley, A. E. Sexes, Relation of. Anthrop.J. My 

Women; sexual taboo Anthrop J. F 

Cree,J. K. Military education Educa. Mr,Ap 

Ckkegan, C. C. Great Missionaries N.Y. 

Creelman,J. Shannon, J. J Munsey, N 

London Times, The McClure, O 

Creighton, J. E. Hegel, Logic of. Philos.R. Mr 

Intelligence, Human • Philos.R. Mr 

Mind, Ladd's philosophy of Philos.R. Jl 

Creighton, J. R. Press, pulpit and pew Meth.R.Ja 

Crellin, H.N. Fall of Rhodes Gent.M. A g 

Writers and speakers Gent.M. N 

Cress we 1 1, L. Curfew, Origin of Gcnt.M.n.s. Je 

Crewe, Earl of. Ireland, Outlook for No.Am. S 

Crichton, M. Just a sub Belgra. My 

Crissy, F. Boar-hunt, Vaqui Outing, Mr 

Crocker, G. U. Insurance, Fire No.Am. Ap 

Crocket, S. R. Cleg Kelly Cornh.Jl-D 




Crocket, S. R. Kipling, R., Tales of Bookman, F 

Men of the Moss-hags GoodWords, Ja 

Scottish national humor Contemp. Ap 

Croft, A. Tibetan books Acad. JI27 

Crofton, A. F. B. Identifying criminals... Cosmopol. N 
Croke, W. J. D. Italy, Church & state in. Cath. World, F 

Nicolas, St., Pope, Who is ? Cath. World, N 

Crook, I. Psychology vs. metaphysics Meth.R. Mr 

Crooker, J. II. Democracy and religion . . New World, Jc 

Public schools in U.S .Westm. Ag 

Crookes, W. Elements, The NewSci.R. Ap 

— — Helium, Spectrum of... Nature, Ag2o. AmJ.Sci. O 

Crook lands, J. Italy, Disunion in Fortn. Je 

Crooks, W. Cask-making 1 . Ga lton . Workers 

Crommelin, M . Water-horse Argosy, F 

Cronin, V. F. Intercolonial railway Canad.M. Mr 

Cross, J. W. Bimetallism lothCent. Je 

Crosse, Mrs. A. Luttrell, Henry. Temp. Bar, Ja. Ecl.M. F 

La Rochejaquelein, Victorine de. 

Temp.Bar, My. Ecl.M. Je 

Crossfeld, If, Wood engraving" Galton . Workers 

Cr others, T, D. Inebriety ', Influence of, 

— Jury, Medical study of. ...» Pop.Sci.Mo. Jl 

Crowell, F. Holland Engin.M. My 

Crowest, F. J. Music in England Blackw. D 

Verdi, G Blackw. O. Ecl.M. D 

Crowley, M. C. Hoffman, H., painter ...Cath. World, F 
Crown inshield, F. Mural decorations. . . .Am. Arch. Ag3 
Crump, C. G. Currency, English, under Edward 1. 

Econ.J. Mr 

Cryan, R. W. W. Vosemite, The Westm. Ja 

Culin, S. Chinese in America Overland, F 

— Dominoes Overland, N 

Cumberland, B. Manitoba revista Canad.M. F 

Cummings, E. C. Arbitration, Industrial . jQ^J.Econ. J) 
Cummings, J . Poor-laws of Mass. and N.Y. 

Am.Econ.Assoc.10: 4S1 
Cumpston, E. ' Dickens , a famous novelist, 

Moulton, Four years novel 
Cundall, H. M. Liverpool, Walker art gallery. ArtJ. Ag 

Cundill, M . G. Seigneur's shooting-party Outing, S 

Cunliffe, J. W. Irving, H., in King Arthur. Canad.M. N 

Cunningham, D.J. Missing link Nature, F2S 

Cunningham, J. T. Flat-fishes Nat.Sci. Mr,Ap 

Cunningham, W. Gr. Brit., Politics in, iSo5..Econ.R.O 

Currie, B. Currency question National, Je 

Currie, F. I. For love of Marca Munsey, Je 

Curtis, W. B. Athletics, Internat'I match, 1S05. Outing, N 

Curtis, W. E. Running Outing, N 

Washington, G., Love affairs of. Chaut. F 

Curtis, W. W. Prison reform in Japan .. .Lend a H. My 

Curtois, M. A. Dirge of love Gent.M.n.s. Ap 

Song of Psyche Gent.M. N 

Curzon, S. A. Poor player Canad.M. F 

Cust, H. Stambuloff, S NewR. S. Ecl.M. O 

Cust, R. N. Linguistic and Oriental essays; 4TH 

ser Lond. 

Cutler, M. S. Libraries, Selection of books for..Lib.J. O 
Culter, E. Auditoriums, Finding key-note of. Am.J.Sci. D 

Cutter, H. F. Jury reform Am.M.Civics, Je 

Cutting, M. S. Coupons of fortune, The Harper, O 

Cults, E. L. Greek coins Eng.Illust. F 

Dabney, O. F. Espronceda, Jose de Poet Lore, N 

Daggett, R. M. Fiction, Motion and emotion in. 

Overland, D 

True tales of West Overland, Ja 

Dale, A. B. Coinage, free, Dangers of. Am.M.Civics, J a 

Dale, A. W. W. Smith, Syd., & soc. reform. Sund.M. Ap 

Dale, M. Roland, Madame Belgra. Mr 

Dale, R. W. Friendship ; a sermon Sund.M. Je 

Dall, W. H. Alaska revisited Nation, J 1-S 

Antarctic, From Edinburgh to the Nation, F7 

Dalton, M. Ireland, Home rule for Westm. 

Daly, C. P. Atwood, William.... GrecnBag, Mr,Ap,My 

Dam, H.J. W. Bank of England McClnre, Ap 

Damon, L. T. Devil inspires the monk. .Poet-Lore, Je-Jl 
Dan, Beatrice A. Brick field, Kentish. . .GoodWords, O 
Dana, C. A. Journalism ... McClure, My. Our Day, Ap 

Tree culture Garden* F. N6 

Dana, C. L. Degeneration Forum, Je 

Giants and giantism Scrib.M. F 

Dana, E. S. Dana, James Dwight Am.J.Sci. My 

Dana, At. McG. Reform schools, Work of. 


Dana, R. H. Civil service reform Good Govt. 14:99 

Daniell, A. E. London, Underground in. ... . .Chaut. Mr 

Daniels, A. H. Memory after-image. . . Am.J. Psychol. Ja 
Daniels, W. M. Gresham, law of, Formulation of. 

Ann.Am.Acad.Pol.Sci. S 

Danley, F. Geo. Moore. Celibates Sat.R. JI27 

Danziger, G. A. Jew, The, in San Francisco. .Overl. Ap 
Darcke, L. BlackwelVs Island hospitals. 


Darcy, R. Women, Mohammedan Fortn. Jl 

Dare, D. Captor captured ; a tale Canad.M. N 

Darling, T. G. God and the world, Orr on. 

Presb.&Ref.R. Ap 

Darmestbtkr, J. Selected essays Bost. 

Dart on, N. H. Dike, Newly discovered .... Am.J.Sci. Je 

Darwin, L. Gr. Brit., Army National, Jc 

Daudet, E. Carnot, Sadi Cosmopol. Mr. 

Davenport, G. C. Animals, Habits of ... . Pop.Sci.Mo. S 

Davey, R. Armenia, Turkey and Fortn. F 

Constantinople ArtJ. Jl 

Eyoub, Turkey ArtJ. My 

Sancta Sophia, Mosque of ArtJ. F-Mr 

Sultan and his harem Fortn. N 

Women in Turkey Fortn.Jl. Ecl.M. S 

David, F. Faith, Light of. Dub.R.Jl 

Davids, T. W. R. Buddhism, Essence of... Chr.Lit. Ap 
Davidson, A. B. History, prophecy & mon'ts. .Crit.R. Ja 

— Immortality in the Old Testament Chr.Lit. Je 

Davidson, J. Midsummer day; poem Sat.R. My 25 

Davies, E. " 'Tis love makes the world go round." 

Argos)-, Mr 
Davies, G. Lycia, Greek inscriptions from..J.IIel.Stud. 

Davies, H. L. Rates, Incidence of. Westm. O 

Davies, J. J. Education in England Westm. Ag 

Evening schools Westm. D 

Gorst, Sir John Westm. S 

Micawberism, Political Westm. F 

Schools, healthy, Struggle for. Westm. Ja 

Davies, M. R. China Fortn. S. Ecl.M. N 

Seal and otter hunting Macmil. Ja 

Davies. T. W. Dillman, August Chr.Lit. Mr,ApJe 

Davis, A. McF. Hollis, Thomas Harv.Grad.M. Mr 

Davis, C. K. U.S. Diplomacy, democratic... No. Am. Mr 

Davis, E. Royal authors, Modern Canad.M. F 

Davis, F. Water supplies Engin.M. D 

Davis, H. R. Chapel of ease Lippinc. F 

In sight of the goddess Lippinc. N 

Davis, J. Napoleon I Arena, Jl-D 

Davis, J. D. Babylonian myths Presb.&Ref.R. O 

Davis, J. R. A. Limpets, Habits of. ..... . .Nature, MraS 

Davis, M. E. M. Miracle, A; a story..... ...Harper, Je 

Davis, N. D. British Guiana, History of. . . . .Nation, F7 




Davis, N. D. MSS. on Am. in Brit. Mus. 

Nation, Ag 39,017,34 
Davis, O. K. Antelope, After, in Wyoming. Onting, Ag 
Davis, R. H. Caracas ; the Paris of America. .Harper, D 

— — Central America, Three Gringos in Harper, S.O 

— — Corinth, Out of the world at. Harper, N 

Grand Prix and other prizes Harper, Je 

— — Miss Delamar's understudy Scrib.M. Ag 

New England, In the gray cabins of. Cent. P 

— Paris, Americans in Harper, Jl 

' Paris in mourning Harper, Ap 

— — Princess Aline Harper, Ja-Mr 

Davis, T. £. Patriotism Am.M.Civics, O 

Davis, W. M. Dana, James Dwight Geog.J. Je 

— England, Eastern Geog.J. F 

— — Geography Educa.R. Je 

— Physiography for admission to college.. .School R. D 

Teay valley, West Va Science, Jlia 

Davison, C. Earthquake-motion .....Nature, O34 

— Earthquakes, After shocks of. Nat.Sci. Je 

Rebeur.Paschwitz, E. von Nature, O17 

Davy, Mrs. E. M. Chatterton, Thomas Belgra. My 

Dawes, H. L. Breckinridge, J. C, & H. Hamlin. Cent. Jl 

Dawson, B. M. Vision not dreamt of. Arena, D 

Dawson, F. W. Tragedy of So. Carolina. .Cosmopol.N. 
Dawson, G. M. Canada, Scientific investigation in. 

Nature, J»3 

Rocky Mts., Elevation along Am.J.Sci. Je 

Dawson, L. A. But an envelope Temp. Bar, N 

Dawson, M. Butterfly, The.., Lippinc. Ap 

Dawson, M. M. Insurance, Life.. .Am. Statis. Assoc. Mr 

Dawson, S. Matter of taste, A Belgra. Ja 

Dawson, T. Romola, Character development in. 

Moulton, Four years novel. 

Dawson, W. H. Bismarck, Prince Fortn. My 

Day, L. F. Calico printing, Progress in Art J . F 

— — Paper-staining, Art of. Good Words, Ap 

Table-cloth designed by Crane ArtJ . S 

Tiles, Artistic ArtJ. N 

— — Wood-carving and iron, Peyre's col lee Art.J. S 

Day, W. C. Gilsonite, Utah J.Frankl.Inst. S 

Day,W. H. Sanday, William Bib . World, N 

Dean, Mrs. A. Sensible woman, A Kng.I llust. Ap 

Sky sign, A Eng.lllust. D 

Dean, I. E. Financial system, An American. Arena, Ap 
Dean, J. W. Chandler, John, Sketch of.... N.E.Reg. Ap 

Deane, A. C. Drawing-room idyl Longm.Ja 

— — Some mischief still Longm. Ap 

— — Undergraduates, Religion of. lothCent. 0,D 

— " With compliments and thanks." Temp. Bar, Ja 

Deans, J. Creation, Hildery story of. ... . Am.Antiq. Mr 

De Boys, J. And so the story ends Eng.lllust. J 1 

Debs, E. V. Anarchist, The cry of. . . .Am.M.Civics, Ap 

— Labor day, Significance of. Arena, O 

Decle, L. Stokes murder in Africa NewR. D 

De Costa, B. F. Walford, Thomas NewEng.M. My 

Dv Garmo,C. Hekbart andthe Herbartians..N.Y. 
De Graffenried, C. Improvement, Permanent. 

De Kalb, C. de. Raimondo, Antonio, of Peru. 

Nation J 1 iS,»5 

De Koven, Mrs. R. Altar of mammon Cosmopol. F 

— — Bicycling for women Cosmopol. Ag 

De Land, F. Citizenship, good, Elements of Amer. 

M. Civics F 

Del Mar, A. Money; Historical aspect Fortn. Ap 

Delany, P. B. Telegraph, Electric Engin.M. O 

Delines, M. German literature... Bookman, N 

Delk, E. H. Christian fellowship Luth.Q,. O 

Deming, C. Electric railroads Engin.M. Ag 

Dendy, II. Charity, True Bosanquet, Asp.socq. 

— Industrial residuum, The Bosanquet, Asp.soc.q. 

— — London, Children of worhing . Bosanquet, Asp.soc.q. 

— — East, Marriage in Bosanquet, Asp.soc.q. 

— — Pensioners, Old Bosanquet, Asp.soc.q. 

Poor law, English Bosanquet, Asp.soc.q. 

Socialist propaganda, The National, S 

— — Trade unionism, English Econ.J. S 

— — Women in industry Bosanquet, Asp .soc.q. 

Dene, R. M. Australian bush memories Outing, Mr 

— — Kangaroo hunt Outing, My 

Denig, R. G. Witch Kate Outing, F 

Denis, F. B. Biblical criticism, Higher. .Bib. World, Ag 

Denison, G. T. Canada and the empire Westm. S 

Wolseley, Lord Canad.M. O 

Denison, J. H. American type, Survival of.....Atlan. Ja 
Denloh, E. Decorations, Foreign orders . . . .Cosmopo!. Jl 

Denney, J. Balfour, A. J Chr.Lit. Ap 

Denning, W. F. Jupiter, Planet Nature, Ja3,N 14 

— Meteors, April Nature, My9 

— Pcrseids of 1805 Nature, Ag23 

— — Star shower of November Nature, N7 

— Telescopes, Large and small Nature, JI4 

De Normandie, J. Roxbury Latin School.NewEng.M. Je 

Denslow, Van B. Venezuela, Case of. Nation, Nai 

Denton, H. St. A. Churchyard by the fen... Argosy, Ap 
Depew, C. M. College, Should your boy go to? 

Munsey, Ag 

Fourth of July Munsey, Jl 

De Qui He, Dan. Sierra Madre, Indian story of. 

Cosmopol. Je 

Derby, O. A. Meteorite, Cafion Diable Am.J.Sci. F 

Desi, E. D. Tungsten, Atomic weight of. 

J.Frankl.Inst. Ap 

Destree, O. G. Sculpture in Belgium Portf. N 

Dewar, J. Gases, Liquefaction of Nature, F 14,28 

Dewey, J. Emotions, Significance of. Psychol. R. Ja 

Dewey, M. E. Indians, Mass. Report, iSo^.Lend a H. F 

Dewey, S. Agnosticism Westm. F 

— - France, Army, Health in Pop.Sci.Mo. D 

Free thought, Crisis in Westm. My 

Skepticism, Wanted, a new Westm. Ja 

De Witt, J. Bible, Testimony of Holy Spirit to. 

Presb.&Ref.R. Ja 

Shedd, Wm. G. T Presb.&Ref.R. Ap 

De Wolfe, J. Gardens, Social use of. . . Garden AF. AgaS 

Dicey, A. V. England, Hist., Gardiner's Nation, JI4 

— — House of Lords, Unionists and the National, Ja 

Dicey, E. Gr. Brit. Politics. Gen. election. T9thCent. Ag 

Stambouloff, Stepan Fortn. S. EcI.M.D 

Unionist-party ; Alliance or fusion ? i9thCent. Je 

Dick, C. H . Wark, Old Castle of. Gcnt.M. F 

Dickens, C, jr. Dickens, C, Christmas books. 

GoodW. Xmas 

Glimpses of No.Am. My-Je 

Dickens, M. A. Prisoners of silence. All the Year, Ja-Mr 
Dickinson, C. W. Engraving, Copper. . .Pop.Sci.Mo. Mr 
Dickinson, E. Luther, Martin, Hymns of. . . . Rib.Sac. O 
Dickson, H. N. " Challenger " voyage. 

Knowl. O. Nat.Sci.Jl 

Fishes, Food Nat.Sci. Ja 

Geographical Congress, Sixth Nat.Sci. O 

-— Rivers, Temperature of European Geog.J. S 

Dickson, T. D. Manx mystery : a cycling experience. 

Outing, Mr 

Didier, E. L. Chase, Salmon P Green Bag, Jl 

Dietrick, E. B. Value, A standard of. • .Am.M.Civics, S 
Diggle, J. R. Child distress National , D 




Dilke,C.W. Gr. Brit. Navy NewR.Ja 

— Politics; New cabinet No.Am.Ag 

Dilke, £. S. P. Caldecoit, Randolph ArtJ. My,Jl 

Dillard, G. M. Montana, Sporting vacation in Outing, O 

Dillingham, P. Negroes Lend a Hand, N 

Dillon, A. Shakespeare and a municipal theatre. 

Westm. Ap 

Dillon, E.J. Armenia Con temp. Ag 

— — Gr. Brit. Politics, 1895 Contemp. X 

Dillon, J. F. Property, Rights and duties of. 

Am.LawR. Mr,Ap 

Dillon, V. B. Ireland National, N 

Dixon, C. Geogr. dispersal, New law of. Fortn. Ap 

Dixon, £. Craftswomen in the Livre des MHiers. 

EconJ. Je 

Dixon, E. T. Music. Difference of time Mind, Ap 

Dixon, F. Sadthu the dacoit Eng.IUust. S 

Dixon, G. G. British Guiana Geog.J. Ap 

Dixon, M. H. Let the best man win; drama. 

Eng.IUust. F 

Monticelli, Adolph ArtJ.JI 

Dixon, R. F. By the judgment of God Canad.M. ]1 

From the jaws of death ...Canad.M. Ag 

My dead self Canad.M. Ja 

Dixon, VV. M. Literary judgment Westm. Ap 

— Palgrave, Francis T Westm. Ap 

Dixson, Z. A. Chicago, Univ. of; Libraries.... Lib.J. N 

Doane, W. C. Women, Suffrage for No.Amer. S 

Dobbs, G. Heroism, The true OurDay, Jl 

Dobell % R, R. Timber trade and waterways. 

Deep waterways conven. 

Dobson, A. Garrick, David Longm. O 

— — Polly Honeycombe National, Jl 

Dodd, A. B. Norfolk broads Cent. O 

Dodd.J.A. St. Botolph without Aldgate.Eng.Hist.R.JI 

Dodge, G. H. Working girls' clubs Pub.Opin.Jl4 

Dodge, L. Synesius, pupil of Hypatia Atlan. Mr 

Dodge, M. Roads, better, Need of. No. Am. J 1 

Dodge, T. A. Bismarck Forum, My 

Grant, Gen Dwight, Fed.&Confed. 

Dodgson, C. Euripides the Rationalist Acad. My iS 

Iconography Acad. D28 

— — Woodcuts ; Mitchell collection Acad. Mr3o 

Dodgson, E. S. Basque books, Old and new. Acad. A pi 3 

Dods, M. Jesus, Teaching of Bib. World, D 

— — John the Baptist, Message of Chr.Lit. Ap 

Religious, Why be? Chr.Lit. D 

DSring, A. Moral conduct, Motives to. . Int J .Ethics, Ap 
Doggett, S. B. Noycs, James, Letters of ... . N.E.Rcg. Jl 
Doherty, F. B. Theosophy and Protestantism. 

Cath.World, My 

Dohrn, A. Oceanography, Future of Nature, Jc6 

Dolbear, A. E. Aurora borealis Cosmopol. Ap 

Mach, E. Scientific lectures Dial Mn6 

Materialism untenable Monist,J] 

Dole, C. F. Evang. movement in Amcr..NewEng.M. Jl 

Dole, S. B. Hawaii, Land tenures in Overland, Je 

Dolman, Frederick. Municipalities at work.N.Y 

Brunner, John T Eng. Illust. D 

Burton, Lord Eng.IUust. Mr 

Chamberlain, Joseph Fortn. Je 

— — Colman, Jeremiah J Eng.IUust. Je 

— - Man and the town Eng.IUust. F-D 

— Palmer, George Eng.IUust. Ag 

Palmer, Sir Charles M Eng.IUust. F 

Wilson, Chas. H Eng.IUust. Jl 

Dolman, J., jr. Space, Curvature of. NewSci.R. Jl 

Donald, R. Insurance Contemp. D 

Donaldson, H. H. Nervous system Educa.R. F 

Donkin, E. H. Personifications in literature. 

Gent.M.n.s. Mr 

Donkin, H. B. Anti-toxin NewR. F. Ecl.M. Ap 

Doolittle, E. latitude, Variation of. Pop. Astron. N 

Dorchester, D., jr. Tennyson Mcth.R. My 

Dori % J. E. School-houses, Ventilation of. 

Am. Pub. Health Assoc.v.x> 
Dornblaser, T. F. Child, Spiritual talents of.Luth Q, Ja 
Dougall, L. Face of death Atlan. N 

Girl who believed in the saints Temp. Bar, F 

— — Madonna of a day Temp. Bar, D 

Thrift Atlan. Ag 

Witchcraft. . •. Atlan. D 

Young love ; a story Temp. Bar, Mr 

Doughty, A. G. Murray, G., Verses by Canad.M. S 

Doughty, F. A. Fiction, Logic in Critic, Jeis 

— Women, College, in literature Critic, O5 

Douglas, J. Blackie, J. S .Nation, Ap4 

Douglas, R. K. Chinese festivals Good Words, Ja 

Corea, People of. Good Words, F 

Eastern question National, D 

Japan, Triumph of. lothCenl. Ja 

Novel, Ethical Cody. Fiction 

Douglas, W. S. Cromwell, Oliver Scot.R. O 

Douglass, A. E. Lowell observatory. . . .Pop. Astron. My 

Douglass, G. N. Selection, sexual Nat.Sci. N,D 

Douglass, H. P. Herron, G. D Our Day, Je 

Douglass, J. Bimetallism Am. M. Civics, Ag.S 

Dowden, Edward. New studies in literature. 


Dowden, T. B. Cycling in Bermuda Outing, D 

Dowie, R. C. Shipwreck, My first Chamb.J.Je 

Down, T. C. Prohibition, An object lesson in. 

lothCcnt. My 

Downes, W. H. Artists, American NewEng.M. N 

Downing, A. Cherokee Indians Am.Antiq. N 

Downs, W. Mushrooms, Cultivation of.Garden&F. Jai6 
Dowsley, E. Jewel bright in a setting rude. .Canad.M. S 

Doyle, A. C. Green flag, The ; a story McCIure, J a 

Lord of Chateau Noir McCIure, Mr 

Recollections of Capt. Wilkie. 

Chamb.J . Ja. McCIure, Ap 

— — Skees, Crossing an Alpine pass on McCIure, Mr 

Tempted by the devil Cosmopol. S 

Doyle, J. T. Civil service system of 111. Good Govt. 14: 193 
Drachmann, II. Whitsunday fight. . . .Poet-Lore, Ag-S 
Drage, G. Immigration, Alien. 

Fortn. Ja. J.Statis.Soc. Mr 

Drail, R. Clergyman, Worldly NewEng.M. D 

Draper, A. S. School systems of cities Educa.R. Mr 

Drayson, A. W. Examinations, Dangers of. 

NewSci.R. Ja 

Dreher, J. A. South, Education in Am.J.Soc.Sci. N 

Drew, E. P. Secondary schools, German Educa. Mr 

Dromgoole, W. A. Aunt Angeline's triumph.. Arena, F 

Humble advocate *. Arena, O 

Rags Arena, Ag 

Valley path Arena, D 

Droppers, G. Japan, Soshi-ism in Nation, Ap>5 

Victorian Nation, Myi6 

Japanese and the war, The Nation, F14 

Droz, N. Referendum in Switzerland. 

Contemp. Mr. Ecl.M. My 

Drummond, H. Moody, Dwight L McCIure, Ja 

Drummond, R. C. Stealing a march on the colonel. 

Argosy, F 

Drury, A. H . Thirteenth guest Argosy, N,D 

Duane, W. Electric waves Am.J.Sci. Ag 

Velocity of Am.J.Sci. Ap 




Dubbs, J. H. Reformed Church in U.S Ref.Q. J a 

Dn Bols, G. P. Secondary schools School R. O 

Du Camp, Maxime. Torn Cloak, The. . . .Good Words, D 
Dn Cane, £. T. Prison committee report . .lothCent. Ag 
Duckworth, A. Land system of Australasia. .Econ.J. Mr 
Duff, E. Josephine, 90th anniv. of crowning. Lippinc. Ja 

Duff, G. S. Two beasts Arena, Je 

Duffield, W. B. Sonderbund, War of the.Eng.Hlst.R.O 
Taxation, Graduated Westm. O 

— Turgot, Stephen's life of Acad. Jet 

Duflon, G. Milton Acad. My4 

Du Maurier, G. Trilbyana in England Critic, O5 

Dumels, M. B. Monroe doctrine Ain.LawR. N-D 

Dunbar, W. B. Jesus Christ in theology Luth.Q. O 

— ^ State regulation of prices and rates.... QJ.Econ. Ap 
Duncan, H. E. Watch, Mechanism of. .J.Frankl.Inst. F 

Dunelm, B. F. Christian Social Union Econ.R. Ap 

Dunn, E. B. Weather forecasts, Value of.Engiri.M. Ap 
Dunn, G. S. Dynamo and motor design. 

J.Frankl.Inst. My 
Dunn, J. J. Rom. Cath. Church, Journalism in.Chaut. Mr 
Dunning, W. A. Amer. polit. philosophy. . . . YaleR. Ag 

Political events, Record of Pol.Sci.Q^. Je,D 

Durand, C. A. Law; Reminiscences Canad.M. Ag 

Durham, B. At a conversazione Eng.Ilust. S 

Dura ford, C. D. Amer. antiquities in Florida. 

Am. Natural. N 

Dutcher, A. Goodyear, Charles Green Bag, D 

DmttoM, C. N. Carnal locks . . . Deep waterways conven. 

Duval le, E. Moliere, J. B. P. de Lippinc. S 

Dvorak, A. Music in America Harper, F 

Dwioht, T. F. Campaigns in Va. ( Milit. Hist. Soc. 

op Mass.) Bost. 

Sketches of Federal and Confederate Com- 
manders Bost. 

Dwight,Thos. Anomalies, Significance of. Am. Natural. F 

Holmes, Oliver W Scrib.M.Ja 

Nurses, Training-schools for Cath. World, My 

Dyar, H. G. Lepidoptcra, Classifica. of. .Am. Natural. D 
Dyde, S. W. Evolution and development. . . .Philos.R. Ja 

Dyer, H. P. Sierra Mts., A tramp in Outing, Jl 

Dyer, W. T. Thisclton. Stability, specific. Nature, Mi7,i4 

Eakle, A. S. Schnecbergite, So-called Am.J.Sci. S 

Eardley, F. Workingmen's club Good Words, A p 

Eardley, S. Chino.Japanese war Fortn. Ja 

Earl, A. Tonbridge school, Laboratories. .Nature, My 23 
Ea rle, Alice M. Colonial dames and goodwives. 


— — California, Mountains of Dial, Fi 

— — Fashions of 19th century Chaut. Myjc 

— — Fast and Thanksgiving days Dial, Jl 16 

— Flower lore of New Eng. children Atlan. Ap 

Orient, Travels in the Dial, Api 

— Pitman, John NewEng.M. Je 

Earle, Anne M. Puritanism lothCent. Ag 

Earle, C. Palacosyops, Parallelism in . . . Am. Natural. Jl 

Earnest, J. A. Bible and the Sacraments Lulh.Q. Jl 

Eastman, F. Politics, To a friend in Atlan. D 

Eastman, M. J. Woman question Am .M .Civics, J 1 

Eastman, W. R. Libraries, Free travelling... Forum, Ja 

— N.Y., Library work of State University ...Lib.J. Ag 

Easton, C. Milky way Knowl. Ag 

Eastwick, J. New centurion Longm. S,0 

Eastwick, R. W. E. Dramatic art in far East. 

Chamb.J. Ag 

Eaton, F. A. Royal academy AriJ. My 

— — In 19th cent...... ArtJ. Ag 

Eaton t /. Cloakmakers % Receipts of, ..Hull-house maps 

Eaton , /. Wages in garment trades. Am.Statis. Assoc. Je 
Eaton, J. Chicago, World's Columbian exposition. 

Am Cath.Q. Ja 

Eaton, V. G. Paper mill, A natural Pop.Sci.Mo. D 

Eberhart, G. L. Homes, American.... Am. M. Civics, Mr 

— — Monopoly. . M Am.M.Civics, Je 

Eccles, A. S. Headaches National, My 

Eccles, R. G. Atmosphere and life. 

Brooklyn Eth.Assoc. Life 

Echols, E. S. Hartford, Conn Munsey, S,0 

Eckels, J. H. Money; Business world vs. politicians. 

Forum, Mr 

United States. Finances No.Araer. S 

Eckerslcy, W. A. Mashnnaland, Eastern Geog.J. Ja 

Ecob, J. H. Theological teaching New World, S 

Eddie, L. A. Argus y, Spectrum of Pop.Astron. N 

Eddy, T. A. American export trade Engin.M.Je 

Edgar, J. Ned Clark, poacher Gent.M. Ag 

Edgar, R. McC. Christianity, Evidences of. 

Presb.&Ref.R. Ap 
Edgccomb, D. W. Reflectors, Telescope. Pop.Astron. Ap 

Edgerly, J. G. Fitchburg, Mass NewEng.M. My 

Edgeworth, F. Y. Gold, Scarcity of, Pierson on. 

Econ.J. Mr 

— Monetary reform.... Econ.J. S 

Political economy Econ.J. D 

Edgren, A. II. High school, Teacher of.. School R. My 
Edmands, T. F. Militia, Massachusetts.. NewEng.M. F 

Edmonds, E. M. Paraschos, Achilles Acad. F33 

Edmonds, W. L. For humanity's sake Canad.M. S 

Edmunds, A.J. Penn, Granville Pennsyl.M. Ap 

Edmunds, G. F. Income-tax decision Forum, Jl 

Edselas, F. M. Girls, what shall we do with? 

Cath .World, Jl 

— Ocean, Wonders of. • Cath. World, N 

Edson, C. Microbe, The, as a social leveller. .No. Am. O 

— — Women, Nagging No.Am. Ja,Ap 

Edwardes, C. Adventurous week, An Chamb.J. O 

Laudes, A day in the Chamb.J. Ap 

Upsala Chamb.J. Jl 

Edwards, A. G. Patronage bill National, N 

Edwards, C. Trades' Union Congress Econ.J . D 

Edwards, D. Athletic clubs, Life at the Scrib.M. Jl 

Edwards, E.J. Croker, Richard .....McClure, N 

Grant, U.S McClure, Je 

Parkhurst, C. H McCl ure, Ja 

— Tammany McClure, My 

under John Kelly McClure, S 

— - Tweed ring, Rise and overthrow of McClure, Jl 

Edwards, G. W. Rivalries of Long and Short Codiac. 

Cent. Ag,0 

Edwards, H. S. Hard trigger, The Cent. Mr 

— — Where the clues met Lippinc. D 

Edwards, J. Tammany, History of. McClure, Ap 

Edwards, L. B. Writers, Mistakes of Writer, My 

Edwards, M. B. Family council. 

National, N. Liv.Age, D7 

Vineyards, French Sund.M. S 

Edwards, P. L. Women, Citizenship for, Full. 

Green Bag, My 

Egan, L. H. Negro, Future of the Dial, Fi 

Eigenmann, C. H. Leuciscus balteatus. Am. Natural. Ja 
Eiloart, A. Atoms, Space relations of. . .Sci.Prog. Ag,0 

Elam, W. C. Dialect Lippinc. F 

Shakespeare, W., Eng. of, among So. negroes. 

Lippinc. Je 

— Turkeys, Gunning for Lippinc. D 

Elgar, F. Watt, James, and ocean navigation. 

Nature, Mri4 


1 80 


Elias, N. Review Geog.J. Je 

Elliot, G. F. S. Africa, Expedition to Geog.J. O 

Uganda, Best route to Contemp. Jl 

Elliot, Mrs. F. Roman Gossip N.Y. 

Elliot, W. G. Acting, Amateur, of to-day. . . National, Ja 
Ellu>tt t G. F» Law enforcement societies. 

Nat.Conf.CityGovt. 3-3 

Elliott, R. R. Indian bibliographies Am.Cath.Q. O 

Indians, Languages of. Am.Cath.Q_. Ap 

Ellis, A. B. Folklore, West African.. ..Pop.Sci.Mo. N 

Sabbaths and weeks Pop.Sci.Mo. Ja 

Ellis, H. Dreaming of the dead Psychol.R. S 

— France, Genius of. Atlan.Ja 

Ellis, W. B. Freemasonry in Boston NewEng.M. S 

Ellwanger, G. H. Idyllists of the country side. 


Elseffer, L. Self-government Am. M. Civics, N 

Elsingi W. T. New York tenement- houses .Woods.Poor 
Ely, R. T. Telegraph, Government control of. .Arena, D 

Universities, State Cosmopol. O 

Emerson, M. W. Pachanga, The murder at. Lend a H. O 

Emerson, N. B. Pakna the outlaw Overland, Je 

Emerson, P. Working lads' club, A Sund.M. F 

Emery, C. Ants, European and No. Am.. .Nature, Agaa 

Emery, C. E. Engineers Engin.M.D 

Motive power, Selection of. Engin.M. Ja,F 

Emery, II. C. Futures, Legislation against. 


Emmons, S. F. Gold fields of Africa Nation, D19 

Etnmott, G. H. Arbitration treaty between Gr. B. and 

U.S Arena, Ag 

Endicott, W. E. Achimenes IV Garden&F. Jao 

Engelmann, Th. W. Muscular contraction. Nature, MraS 

Eric, Allan. Nova Scotia, Halifax Canad.M. Mr 

Ernst, H. C. Harv. Medical School... Harv.Grad.M. Mr 

Enrol, J. Ivan the Terrible Belgra. N 

Erwin, J. Erwin, Joseph, Phila. merchant. Pennsyl.M. O 
Escott, T. H. S. Churchill, Lord Randolph. . .Fortn. Mr 

— Gr. Brit., Politics in Contemp. Je 

— — Sala, George Augustus Fortn. F 

Estes, W. C. Cotton, Effect of low price of, on South. 

Nation, Si a 

Estrem, A. Woman, College Critic, Na 

Etheridge, R., jr. Sword, A highly ornate. A nth rop. J. My 
Evans, A. J. Bronze age in Bavaria Acad. Ap27 

— Crete, Mycenaean road in Acad. Jei 

Pictographs, Primitive J. Hel. Stud. 14: 370 

Evans, E. P. Superstition ....Pop.Sci.Mo. N 

Evans, J. S. Partisanship, Blind Am.M.Civics, S 

Evans, P. S., jr. Selenic acid Am.J.Sci. N 

Evans, R. Advertising lothCent. Je. Ecl.M. S 

Evans, T. C. In northern waters Scrib.M. Ap 

Evans, W. A. Church, Corruption of. ...Arena, O 

Everett, C. C. Devil, The New World, Mr 

Everett, H. S. Immigration Atlan. Mr 

Everett, W. Latin poetry Nation, Myi6 

Ship of state, Longfellow's Atlan. Jl 

— Soldier caste, The Nation, Ap4 

Titles of honor NewEng.M. S 

Winthrop, Robert C Harv.Grad.M. Mr 

Evermann, B. W. Two-Ocean Pass Pop.Sci.Mo. Je 

Ewart,J.S. Manitoba, School question in. 

Am.Cath.Q. O 

E well, A. M. Comedown! Atlan. F 

Ewcn, R. Banks, bankers, and banking . . . . Westm. Mr 

Exeter, T. B. Strike at Colchester Lippinc. N 

Eys, W. V. Basque books Acad. F16 

Eyster, W. F. Doctrine, fixed system of Luth.Q. Ja 

Eyton, R. Education in England Contemp. N 

Fairbairn, A.M. Balfour, A.J. Foundations of belief. 

Contemp. Ap. Chr.Lit, My 

— Jesus Christ Bib. World, S 

— — in history Bib. World, D 

— Theology in the university Chr.Lit. D 

— — Universities, American .... OurDay, O 

Fairbanks, A. Homer, local cults in New World, D 

Fairbanks, C. Halogens in mixed silver salts. Am.J.Sci. Jl 
Fairbanks % W. G. Juvenile delinquents. 

Fairburn, W. A. Steamers of Long Isl. Sound. 

Engin.M. My 

Fairchild, C. S. Silver question Forum, O 

Fairfield, S. Pictorial, Tyranny of. Lippinc. Je 

Fairney, J. Middleton t Clara . Moulton. Four years novel 

Falconet ', L. Short story \ The Cody. Fiction 

Falkenhorst, C. Matches Pop.Sci.Mo. S 

Farnani, H. W. Prices, Falling YaleR. Ag 

Farquhar, G. G. His advocate Chamb.J. D 

Farquhar, H. Crop conditions No. Am. S 

Farquharson, H. R. Ch. of England and tithe acts. 

National, N 
Farrand, W. College, Entrance req'ments..Educa.R. D 
Farrar, F. W., and others. Westminster Abbet 

and other Eno. Cathedrals Phila. 

Balfour, A. J Eng.IUust. Ap 

— Education in England Contemp. N 

— — Leo XIII. to Eng. people. .Contemp. Je. Chr.Lit. Jl 

Problems of the age .No. Am. O 

Roman Catholicism Fortn. O 

Syriac Gospels Chr.Lit. F 

— — Womanhood, Christian Chr.Lit. N 

Farrelly, M. j. Madagascar exped.-.Am.LawR. Je-Ag 
Farrer, E. Miracles in French Canada. . . Pop.Sci.Mo. D 
Fairer, T. H., Lord. Employer's liability... National, N 

Faunce, G. Metallurgy, Electro- J .Frank! .Inst. O 

Faunthorpe, J. P. May queen festival, A . . loihCent. My 
Fawcett, E. Nature, From, to art; poem. Cosmopol. My 

New Year's days Lippinc. Ja 

— — Old Uncle Vanderveer Outing, Myje 

Portrait, A Cosmopol. Ag 

Fawcett, E. D. Reality, Well-Springs of. ...Monist, Ap 
Fawcett, I. F. M. Newfoundland, Newspapers of. 

Canad.M. Mr 
Fawcett, M. G. Allen, G. Woman who did.Contcmp. My 
Faxon, C. E. Birds of the Arnold arboretum. 

Garden&F. Jla4 

Cork-oak, Fructification of. Garden&F. F6 

Fay, E. W. Agglutina. & adaptation. . Am.J.Philol. Ap 

Feasey, H. J. Easter sepulchre lothCent. My 

Feinberg, I. Tax, single, Arg. for.... Am.M.Civics, Ja 
Feischner, H. Medical aid to the worthy and unworthy. 

Lend a H. Ja 

Fellner, E. Venice Outing, Mr 

Fellows, G. E. Anthropology, Relation to history. 

Felton, E. C. Bent, J., Eng. ancestors of. .N.E.Reg. Ja 

Fenn, G. M. Electric spark, An Chamb.J. My 

Fenner, H. K. Missionary, Qualifications of.Luth.Q. Ja 

Fenton, C.J. K. Flanders, Skating in Argosy, Mr 

— — Making point of it Argosy, Je 

Fe>e, C. Heredity, Morbid Pop.Sci.Mo. J 1 

Ferguson, H. Essays in Ambr. Hist N.Y. 

Ferguson, J. Nervous system..... Pop.Sci.Mo. Ag 

Fergusson.J. Insurance, Methods in Canad.M. F 

Christian science Canad.M. D 

Fernald, C. B. Cat and the cherub, The Cent. Ag 

Gentleman in the barrel Cent. Je 

Tragedy of the comedy, The Cent N 




Fernow, B. J£. Forest-fires Garden&F. Jcio 

— Government, Functions of. Science, Ag^o 

^— Pine barrens..... Garden* F. N»7 

——Strength of timber Garden&F. Njo 

Trees, Exhaustion of soil by Garden AF. Apio 

Femur, W. J. Parish register, An old Sund.M. Je 

— — Under a village spire Sund.M. D 

Ferree, B. Architecture, Artistic dom...NewEng.M. Je 

— — In France Engin.M. Mr 

— — — — Mediaeval Am.Arch.Jaia 

— — Recent, in France Engin.M. Ap 

— — Cathedrals of France Cosinopol. Ja 

Ferrer©, C. Mentation, Arrested Monist, O 

Ferrero, W. Animals, Crime among Forum, D 

Ferri, L. Ethics, Italian Int.J. Ethics, Ap 

Ferryman, A. F. M. Japanese shrine, A Ecl.M.Jl 

Fetter, F . Payments, Deferred Ann.Am .Acad . My 

Value, Theories of. .Ann .Am. Acad. My 

Fiamlngo, G. Italy, Capitalists in Econ.J. Mr 

— — Sociology in Italy Am.J.Sociol. N 

Fidler, G. Shepherd's care Good Words, N 

Field, E. Shuffle-Shoon & Amber Locks. Pub .Opin. Jeij 
Field, Mrs. E. M. Nurses of great men.... Sund.M. Mr 

Field, H. H. Publication, Date of. Science, So 

Zoological record, The Nat.Scl. My 

— Zoology Bibliog. bureau of Science, Ag?3 

— — Bibliography of Lib.J. D 

Field, Kate. Court of Claims, Cases in. . . .Green Bag, Ja 
Field, M. Cecilia, St., Legend of. Munsey, Jl 

— Howe, J. W., and her daughter Munsey, F 

— — Magdalen, Types and legends of the. ... .Munsey, Jl 

Novel, The Munsey, Ja 

Fielding, H. Burmah, Women.. Black w. My. Ecl.M.Jl 

Stamps enclosed for reply Eng.IUust. O 

Fields, Annie. Holmes, O. W Cent. F 

Thaxter, Celia Atlan. F 

Fillebrown, T. Dentistry Harv.Grad.M. D 

Filon, A. France, Presidents and politics in..Fortn. Mr 

— Salisbury, Lord Fortn. D 

Finch, Barbara C. Dogs Gent.M. N 

— — Horses and donkeys Gent.M. S 

Finck, H. T. Stavenhagen, Bernhard Cent. Ap 

Fink, A. Railroads, Legisla. regulation of. Engin.M. J I 
Fiulay, J. Banks and banking of California. Overland, D 
Firminger, W. K. Value, Natural, Wieser's.Econ.R. Jl 

Firth, C. H. Cromwell, O Mactnil. Ja 

Firth, W. New York, Spring in Ecl.M.Je 

Fischer, H. W. Bismarck's Amer. friends. Munsey, Ag 

— horseless age, The Munsey, My 

— — Royalty, Summer homes of Munsey, Jl 

Sweden, Royal family of. Munsey, N 

— Vacaresco incident Munsey, O 

— — William II. of Germany. Munsey, S 

Fischer, W. E. Sin, Origin of Luth.q. J a 

Fish, D. De facto court Am.LawR. N-D 

Fishback, W. M. Indian Territory . . . . Am.M.Civics, Ja 

Fisher, D. W. Child, Mind of Presb.&Ref.R. Ja 

Fisher, G. Glasgow ; model municipality Ecl.M. Je 

Fisher, G. P. Congregationalism Chr.Lit. O 

Fisher, J. Lakes, Great ', Commerce of. 

Deep waterways conven. 

Fisher, J. S. State rights Am.M.Civics, My 

Fisher, S. G. Immigration Pop.Sci.Mo. D 

Fisher, W. Money and credit paper J .Pol.Econ. S 

Fisher, W. E. G. Coleridge. Anima poetae . Acad. D14 

— Glasgow Fortn. Ap 

Fisher, W. R. Forestry in Natal Nature, Ja^ 

Fiske, A. W. Grand army, Decadence of. . .Nation, Mya 
Fiske, J. Sea kings, Elizabethan Atlan. Je 

Fiske, J. Smith, John, in Virginia Atlan. S 

— Virginia, Starving time in Atlan. D 

Fiske, J. S. Sardinia, Problem of Nation, FaS 

Fison, L. Relationship, Classificatory system of. 

Anthrop.J. My 
Fitch, J. G. Education and the state Contemp. Jl 

— Schools, London Educa.R. F 

Fite, W. Psychology Philos.R. Mr 

Fitzgerald, C. C. P. France, Fraternal National, O 

Fitzgerald, D. B. Oyster police, With the. . . -Lip pine. N 
Shad-float, on a Lipptnc. My 

— Tar rap in, Diamond-back Lippinc. F 

Fitzgerald, E. A. New Zealand, Alps of. 

Contemp. Ag. Ecl.M. O 
Fitzgerald, G. F. Dynamics, Founda. of . . Nature, Jai7 

Ether, The NewScl.R. Ap 

— — Gases, Kinetic theory of Nature, Ja3 

Fitzgerald, P. Dickens, Charles Gent.M. F 

London, Six days in Gent.M. O 

— — New River, Source of Gent.M. D 

Fitz-Gerald, S. J. A. Four wise virgins Belgra. Mr 

Flagg, E. New York tenement-house evil . . Woods. Poor 

Flammarion, C. Mars, Circulation of Knowl. Ap 

Fleay, F. G. Egypt, Age of. Ath.Jlao 

Flcmer, J. A. Phototopography Science, Ago 

— Topographic methods Science, JI5 

Fleming, A. Romance of Gray's inn, A Gcnt.M.Mr 

Fleming, G. Animals, Wanton mutila. of. . lothCent. Mr 
Fleming, W. J. Diphtheria, New cure for. . . .GoodW. F 
Fletcher, Alice C. Omaha Indians, Sacred pole of. 

Am.Antiq. S 

— — • Hunting customs... Cent. S 

Fletcher, H. J. Cities, Drift of population to. Forum, Ag 

— — Town, small, Doom of. Forum, Ap 

Transportation Atlan. Jl 

Fletcher, Julia C. For ten francs.. Ecl.M. N 

Next house, The; story NewR. Ja 

Fletcher, J. S. Ace of hearts, The Chamb.J. S 

Fletcher, W. I. Collating of books, Library. . .Lib.J. Mr 

Library legislation in N.H Critic, Myi8 

Flexner, A. Arnold, Matthew, Poetry of. 

Int.J. Ethics, Ja 

Flinch, O. Every day affair Harper, Mr 

Flint, S. C. Angelico, Fra Cath. World, Ja 

Flower, B. O. Chester-on-the-Dee Arena, O 

— — — Strolls beyond the walls of Arena, N 

— — Clark, James G Arena, S 

— • Dreams, Prophetic faculty of Arena, Mr 

— - England, time of Sir T. More Arena, O 

Florida, Winter days in Arena, Je 

Heredity and pre-natal influence Arena, Jl 

— — Immorality, Laws favoring Arena, Ja 

Social Arena, F 

Wellsprings of Arena, My 

— Italy during the renaissance Arena, F,Mr,Ap 

More, Sir Thomas Arena, D 

— — Prostitution Arena, Je 

— Reformation, Leading spirits of Arena, Ja 

— — Spain in the 15th century Arena, Jl 

Flower, F. A. Canals , Inter not. cooperation in. 

Deep waterways conven. 

Flower, W. II. Huxley, T. H No. Amer. S 

Jamaica, Remains of inhab. of Nature, O17 

Pygmies, Quatrefages on Nature, Myo 

Floyer, E. A. Sun-dials, Primitive Ath. O5 

Fliigel, E. Chaucer, Geoffrey Dial, F16 

Flynt, Josiah. Club life among outcasts Harper, Ap 

— Jamie the kid ; a story Harper, O 

Tramps, How men become Cent. O 




Fogazzaro, A. Evolution. For beauty of an ideal. 

Contemp. My. Ecl.M.Jl,S 

— — Religious sentiment Contemp. Jl. Chr.Lit. Ag 

Folic, F. Nutation, diurnal Science, N8 

Folks, H. Children* Saving' af.Conf.Char.&Corrcc. '95 
Folsom, J. W. Autumnal changes in leaves. 

Garden&F. Sas.Oa 
Foote, A. R Corporations, Control of . . . .Engin.M. Ap 

— — Currency and banking .Am.M.Civics, Ag 

Foote, L. H. Swipes; a tale Overland, Mr 

Foote, M. H. Cup of trembling, The Cent. S 

On a side-track Cent. Je 

Foote, W. M. Alkali, A new Am.J.Sci. D 

— — Leadhillite pscudomorphs Am.J.Sci. Ag 

Forbes, A. Moltke, Count von, in war.. . . McClure, Ag 

Sedan, After the battle of. McClure, Je 

Spey river iothCent. Jl 

Forbes, G. Niagara, Utilisation of.Blackw. S. Ecl.M. O 

Ford, C. Social problems Westm. S. Ecl.M. D 

Ford, F. L. Arctic heroes Munsey, D 

Ford, P. L. Freneau's National Gazette.... Nation, F21 

Giles's resolutions, Authorship of... Nation, S5 

Lafayette in the Amer. revolution Nation, Mrai 

— Pennsylvania, Constitution of 1776 Pol.Sci.Q. S 

-- — Washington, George, Dr. Rush and Atlan. My 

Ford, W. C. British. officers serving in America. 

N.E.Reg. Ja,Ap,Tl 

— - China, Our trade with No. Am. Ja 

Exchanges, Foreign YaleR. Ag 

— — Gerry, Elbridge, Letters of. N.E.Reg. O 

— — Gold, Movement of. YaleR. Ag 

— Philadelphia, Defences in 1777. 

Pennsyl.M. Ja,Ap-0 

Taxation, Direct Nation, Ap35 

United States, Finances No. Am. Ag 

Forster, J. W. L. Ontario; artists, Early. .Canad.M. My 

Forsyth, G. A. Frontier fight, A Harper, Je 

Forsyth, P. T. Dale, R. W Sund.M. My 

Fort, S. y. Feeble minded, Training" of. 


Fortescue, J. W. Buenos Ayres Macmll. Ap 

La Plata Macmil. Ap 

Fosbery, G. Bonamy Chad wick's secret Argosy, O 

— Connoisseur, The..... Argosy, N 

Fosdick, A. News-getting for country papers. Writer, O 

Pen, Living by Writer, Jl 

Foss, C. D. Pulpit, The old, and the new. . .No. Am. Mr 

Foster, A. P. Religious journalism Chaut. F 

Foster, E. C. Italy, Glimpses of. Cath.World, My 

Foster, F. H. Bible, Authority of. Bib.Sac. Ja.Ap 

Jesus Christ Bib.Sac. J 1 

Foster, J. Bering Sea arbitration No. Am. D 

Foster, M. Huxley, Thomas Henry Nature, Agi 

— Physiology, Teaching in schools Nature, Mr2i 

Foster, Roger. Commentaries on Const, of U.S. 

Vol. 1 .....Bost. 

Foster, W. E. Children and good literature Lit. J. N 

Sonnenschein's Guide Nation, N7 

Foston, H. M. Evolution & mental elaboration . Mind, O 

Foucher, A. A. Myopia Am.Pub.llealthAssoc. ao 

Fouillee, A. Peoples, Psychology of. Chaut. Jl 

Foulke, W. D. Civil service reform... Good Govt. 14: 140 
——Representation, Proportional. 

Am.M.Civics, O. Pub.Opin.Je6 

Fourier, Baron. Laplace, Eulogy on Pop.Astron. S 

Fowler, A. American methods in topography. 

Nature, Jai 7 
Fowler, C. E. Califoruia, Irrigation in. ... Engin.M. Je 
Fowler, F. Decorative art in America Forum , F 

Fowler, M. Some notable archbishops op Can- 
terbury Lond. 

Church, Is its influence growing? Chr.Lit. Ja 

Fowler, R. L. U.S. Constitution Am.LawR. S-O 

Fowler, W. W. Summer Studies of birds and 

boo ks Lond . 

— — Village, Mediaeval, Study of ..Q.J.Econ. Ja 

Fox, G. L. London County Council YaleR. My 

Fox, J. Brooks, Phillips Presb.&Ref.R. Jl 

Fox, J., jr. Fox-hunting in Kentucky Cent. Ag 

Fox, J. B. Apostles' creed Luth.Q. Ap 

Fox, L. A. Bible and its expositors Luth.Q. O 

Fox, S. N. Truck legislation Fortn. Ap 

Fox, T. A. Boston State House Am.Arch. Je?9,Ag3 

Foxcroft, F. Boston, Subway in NewEng.M. O 

License and no-license NewEng.M. S 

Foxwell, H. S. Money National, Ja 

Fradenburgh, A. G. Political economy. . . .Meth.R. My 
France, Anatole. Abelard and Heloise. . . .Cosmopol. F 
Francis, C. Skip canals. Mod. Deep waterways conven. 

Francis, M. E. Old folks' tales National, S 

" Owd lads ;" story Blackw. O 

Third time of asking Longm. Ag 

— — Tom's second missus Longm. N 

Francisco, M. J. Municipal ownership. . . .Engin.M. Ap 
Francke, K. Leibnitz day of Berlin Acad.. ..Nation, JI25 

Germany, Socialism in Nation, Agaa 

Frankland, E. Milk, human, Artificial ...... Nature, O3 

Frankland, F. Matabeleland R.of Rs. O 

Frankland, G. C. Bacteriology, Modern ..Nature, Mrai 
Light, Action of - Nature, My>3 

— Cholera in Germany • Nature, Nai 

— — Sunshine and life .Longm. S. Ecl.M. O 

Frankland, P. Pasteur, Louis • .R.ofRs.N 

Franklin, C. L. Retina, Shadows of blood-vessels on. 

Psychol. R.J1 

Vision, Normal defect of Psychol. R . Mr 

Franklin, H. E. Arnold, M., Blank verse. . Poet-Lore, O 

Eraser, J. F. My lady's chair ; story Eng.IUust. Mr 

Westmoreland Eng.IUust. My 

Frederic, H. Trinidad island and H. Hickey. Sat.R. Agj 
Freeman, H. V. Colored brigade. 

Mil.ess.M.O.L.L.U.S. Ills. 

Freeman, T.J. A. Oils, Essential Am.Cath.C^. Ja 

Petroleum Am.Cath.Q. Ap 

Precious stones Am.Cath.Q. Jl.O 

Fremantle, W. H. Religion and the state. .Contemp. My 
French, A. Merry Thanksgiving oT the burglar and 

plumber; story McClure, N 

Scale, The Scrib.M. Ag 

Venice Academy Nation, JI25 

French, A.J. Russia and England Fortn. Je 

French, E. Alligator-hunting .Outing, D 

— Fishing: When rustics went a-trouting... Outing, J e 

French, G. E. Coeur d'Allne riots Overland, Jl 

Frewen, M. Broker Hill silver mines...... Contemp. S 

Money .National, N 

Friedenwald, H. Congress, Continental.. Pennsyl.M. Jl 

Frith, W. New York, Spring in Temp. Bar, My 

Frothingham, A. L., jr. Byzantine art in Italy. 

Am.J.Archacol. Ap 
Froude, J. A. English seamen in ioth cbnt...N.Y. 

— Seamen, English «. Loifgin. Ja-Ap 

Fry, H. Shipbuilding in Quebec Canad.M. My 

Fry, T. C. Socialism, Christian, The new. . . Econ.R. Ja 

Fulcher, F. A. Birds, Silence of Argosy, S 

Fullarton,J. H. Highlands, Scottish Scot.R. Ap 

Fuller, A. W. Wife manufactured to order.. . Arena, Jl 
Fuller, E. Art for art's^sake .Bookman, My 




Fuller, F. Criticism of life Bookman, N 

^— Drama, decadent Lippinc. S 

Fuller, G. W. itoc/rriWo^.Am. Pub. Health. 

Filtration, Sand Am. Pub. Health. Assoc, v. 20 

Fuller, H. B. Pilgrim sons, The Cosmopol. Ag 

Funck-Brentano, F. Man with the iron mask . Chaut.F 

Furman, L. S. Kate Negley's leadings Cent. F 

Furman, McD. Mlddleton, Henry Educa. O 

Fmmess, W. E. Negro, The, as a soldier. 

Mil.ess.M.O.L.L.U.S. Ills. 
Fyvie,J. Landor, Waller Savage Temp. Bar., Je 

Gabrielidis, V. Currants, Greek Eron.J.Je 

Gage, S. H. Histology. Science, Ag 23 

Galdemar, A. Sardou, Victorien. ... McClure, Je 

Galdos, B. P. Battle of Salamanca Lippinc. Je 

Gait, A. Electrification of air Nature, Mrai 

Gait, A. C. War, Finances of. Canad.M. S 

Galton, F. Imprisonment, Terms of Nature, Jeao 

Statistical science, New s'tep in Nature, Ja3i 

Galton, F.W. (bd.). Workbks on their industries. 


Gambier, J. W. Gr. Brit., Foreign policy Fortn. O 

Papacy, The Fortn. Jl. Chr.Lit. O 

Gamgee, A. Hoppe-Seylicr, Prof. Nature, 010,24 

Gandhi, V. R. Missions, Christian Arena, Ja 

a debate Monist, Ja 

Gaodini, Conte, Ferrara, Court of, in 15th cent. Scot.R. Ja 
Gannett, H. Popu. of U.S. 1800. . . . Am.Statis.Assoc. Mr 

Ganong, W. F. Teaching, Laboratory Science. Mri 

Ganthony, R. Hamburg Eng.Illust. S 

Garbcr, J. P. Teachers, Salaries of. Educa. Je 

Gardener, C. Relief by work, Experiment in. Char.R. Mr 

Gardener, H. H. Age of consent Arena, Ag,0,N 

— — Japan. Arena, Ja 

Women, suffrage for Arena, D 

Gardner, E. A. Archsol. in Greece . .J.Hel.Stud. 15 : 203 

Panaenus, Paintings by J.Hel.Stud. 14:233 

Gardner, E. C. Hospital architecture Engin.M. S 

— - Municipal buildings Engin. M. Ja 

Schools Engin.M. D 

Gardner, P.« Hades, The descent into Contemp. Mr 

— — Poole, Reginald Stuart Acad. F16 

Garland, B. Pollock's surrender; story Munsey, Jl 

Garland, C. H. Novels, Common, in Public Lib.Lib.J. D'94 

Garland, H. Art Forum, Jl 

Evangel in cyene, An Harper, Ag 

Kemeys, Edward McClure, Jl 

Garnett, L. A. Money question, The crux of. . Forum, Ja 
Garnett, L. M. J. Superstitions, Other people's. Ath. Ap6 

— - Women, Mohammedan lothCent. Ja. Ecl.M. F 

Garnett, R. Blake, William Portf. O 

— Carlyle's house Nation, F7 

Gamier, R. M. Agricultural science Econ.K. O 

Garrison, F. L. Iron, Carbides of J.Frsinkl.Inst. D 

Garrison, W. L. Douglass, Frederick . . . .OurDay, Ap 
Garrison, W. P. English dict'ry, Murray's. .Nation, FaS 

Fitzgerald and Mrs. Kemble Nation, O24 

Florence, Mass Nation, Ap^ 

Hall, Fitzedward Nation, Mrai 

— Holmes, O. W., Judge, Jingoism of Nation, D19 

Lundy's land, In Pennsyl.M. O 

South and the black man, The Nation, Ja3i 

U.S. Public documents Nation, F7 

Garstang, W. Chromatophorcs Sci.Prog. O 

Kea, sheep-eating parrot of N. Zealand. .Nature, 024 

— — Tunicata, Budding among Sci.Prog. Mr,My 

Garvey, I. Majendie's heroism; story Argosy, Je 

Garvin, J. L. Labor party in England Fortn. S 

Gasquet, J. R. Confirmation and baptism Dub.R. Ja 

Gast, F. A. Syriac Gospels, newly-found . . . .Ref.Q. Ap 

Gates, E. Mentation, Science of Monist, Jl 

Gates, O. H. Bible, Old Test., Sociological value. 

Bib.Sac. O 

Gatrill, J. M. Baring-Gould, S., at home Sund.M. S 

Gaullieur, H. Hypnotism, Wonder of. Arena, D 

Gaunt, M. Brave little lass Eng.Illust. Ag 

Gavanescul, T. Altruistic impulse Int.J .Ethics, Ja 

Gay, S. M. Tax, Single Arena, Jl,Ag,S,N 

Gcddes, P. Pasteur, Louis Contemp. N 

Geffcken, F. H. Eastern question lothCent. D 

Geikie, A. Geology in Britain Nature, F 

Gemadius, J. Greek language ; pronunc. . . . 19th Cent. O 
Genung, J. F. Rhetoric, Teacher's outfit in. .SchoolR. S 
George, H. B. Battles of English History.. N.Y. 

Gerard, D. Arranged marriage Longm. Ja-Ap,My 

Gerard, E. Foreigner, A; story Blackw. Apjejl 

Gerard, F. H. Celebrated Irish Beauties.. Lond. 
Gerard, J.N. Botany — Native compos... Garden&F. S18 

Irises Garden&F. Jei9 

American Garden&F. JI17 

— Snowdrops Garden&F. Ap3 

Tulips Garden&F. My22 

Water lilies, Hardy Garden&F. JI3 

Gerhard, W. P. Drainage, House Am. Arch. Ja5 

— Sanitary engineering J. Fran kl. Inst. Je-Ag 

Gerhart, E. V. Preaching, Doctrinal Ref.O^. Jl 

Germain, E. Building- material station. . .Am. Arch. JI20 
German, J. F. Ontario ladies 1 college, Whitby. 

Canad.M. My 

Gerry, E. F. Flogging No. Am. Mr 

Gibb, J. Erasmus Crit.R. Ja 

Gibbon, J. West Point No. Am. Je 

Gibbons, J. Preacher and his province No. Am. My 

Gibbons, W. F. Huns in Pennsylvania. Am.M.Civics, S 

Gibbs, H. C. Currency question National, Ap 

Gibier, P. Physician and the social question. No. Am. Ap 
Gibson, M. B. Christmas among the Tules. . .Outing, Ja 
Gibson, M. F. Adventures of a poet-laureate.Gent.M. My 
Gibson, W. H. Hornets; a familiar guest.... Harper, Je 

— Mushrooms Garden&F. D4 

Giddings x F. H. Social classes . .Conf.Char.&Correc.'95 

Giddings, H. A. Signaling, Army Outing, Ag 

Gide, C. Agricultural syndicates Econ.J.Je 

Giglioli, I. Seeds, Vitality of Nature, O3 

Gilchrist, H. M. Story in embroidery, A Chamb.J. D 

Gilbert, B. L. R.R. stations, Architecture of. Engin.M. Jl 

Education, The new... Educa. S-N 

Biblical theology Bib. World, J,N 

Rock fissure, A Science, Aga 

Ethics, Immoral Westm. N 

Gildersleeve, B. L. Euripides, Verrall's... Nation, Ag22 

Poetry, Aristotle's Theory of Nation, My9 

Gtlman, N. P. Profit sharing Pub.Opin. Mya 

Gilmore,J. E. Asia Minor and Syria... .Eng. Hist. R. Ja 
Gilmore.J. R. Garfield's ride at Chickarnauga.McClure,S 

N.Y. Tribune in draft riots McClure, O 

Gill, R. C. Woolens and worsted of Yorkshire... ArtJ. Ja 
Gill, T. Branchiostomidae, Genera of ..Am. Natural. My 

— — Vertebrates, Lowest of Science, Jei4 

Gillett, C. R. Ei^ypt, Petrie's History of . ..Nation, Mr7 

Libraries, Public, Moving of Lib.J. F 

Gillham,R. Elbe disaster, Lessons of Engin.M. Ap 

Gilliat, F. E. Christmas offices Dub.R. Ja 

Gilliland, M. S. Hedonism, Rational... Int.J. Ethics, Ap 

Ginty, E. B. Cant hooks NewEng.M. Mr 

Girardeaux, J. L. Theology, Systematic, Miley's. 


Gilbert, C. B. 
Gilbert, G. H. 
Gilbert, G. K. 
Gilbertson, A. 




Gissing, G. Fate of Humphrey Snell Eng.IUust. O 

— In honor bound Eng.IUust. Ap 

— - Inspiration, An Eng.IUust. D 

— — Lodger in Maze Pond National, F 

Poet's portmanteau Eng.IUust. F 

Tyrant's apology, The Eng.IUust. Jl 

Gittings, L. Rome, Spring in Outing, Ap 

Gladden, W. Ruling Ideas op present age. . . Rost. 
Civic Religion Am.M.Civics, D 

* Civic Religion Nat.C0nf.CityG0vt.2-3 

— — Corporations and public morals Bib. Sac. O 

— — Religion and wealth Bib.Sac. Ja 

Social reform, Church and Chr.Lit. N,D 

Gladstone, J. H. Argon Nature, Fai 

Gladstone, W. E. Butler, Bishop, and his censors. 

lothCent. N,D. Chr.Lit. D 

— — Sunday, Observance of McClure, M r 

Glass, H. A. Beecher, Lyman Sund.M. S,0,N 

— — Teetotal ism in London Sund.M. Jl 

Gleadell, W. H. Chinatown Gent.M.Je. Ecl.M.S 

Gleason, W. W. Universalism, Bible and. . . .Chr.Lit. Je 

Gleig, A. C. Hamley, Edward Gent.M. N 

Glenn, L. C. Darlington, S.C., Bays of ... . Science, Oi 1 
Goadby, E. England and Gothenburg system..Fortn. F 

Godard, G. Taxation, Graduated Econ.R.Ja 

Goddard, II. P. Horatio as a friend Poet-Lore, Ap 

Godet, F. Jesus, Life of Chr.Lit. Je 

Godkin, E. L. Reflections and Comments... N.Y. 

Armenian trouble, The Nation, Jai7 

Bering Sea award Nation, Dia 

Bimetallism Nation, Ap*5 

Chamberlain, Jos. Colonial schemes. . . .Nation, D19 

— Consular reform Nation, S26 

Diplomacy and the newspaper No. Am. My 

English, College Nation, S26 

Finance, Patriotism and Nation, Da6 

Force as a moral influence Nation, D19 

Hawaii Nation, F14 

Income-tax decision.... Nation, Apn,My23 

Interoceanic canals Nation, Na8 

Monroe doctrine Nation, O31 

Strikes, Railroad Nation, F7 

— - Sultan, Fate of the Nation, N14 

— Venezuela correspondence Nation, D26 

— — — Pres. Cleveland on Nation, Dia 

Godkin, G. S. Piuro, Fate of Argosy, S 

Goepp, P. H. Symphony illustrated Atlan. Ja 

Goff, E. S. Insect pests Garden&F. Apio 

Plant-breeding Garden&F. JI24 

Going, C. B. Floods in western rivers ....Engin.M. Mr 

Goldie, G. T. Aberdare, Lord Geog.J. Ap 

Goldsmid, F.J. Frerc, Sir Bartle Geog.J. My 

Indus-delta country Geog.J. S 

— — Persia, Geography <jf Geog.J. Ag 

— - Rawlinson, Sir Henry C Geog.J. My 

Gomme, G. L. Open-field system in Northamptonshire. 

Ath. My4 

Gooch, F. A. Carbon dioxide Am.J.Sci. Ag 

— — Halogens in mixed silver salts Am.J.Sci. Jl 

Selenium Am.J. Sci. S,N 

Good, J. I. Antistes of Zurich Presb.&Ref.R. O 

Goodale, D. R. Up Horse Mountain NewEng.M. O 

Goodale, G. L. New York botanic garden. . Science, JI5 

Goodale, W. H. Citizen, The Am.M.Civics, Jl 

— — Patriotism Am.M.Civics, Ap 

Goodchild, F. M. Sweating system in Phila.. .Arena, Ja 

Goode, G. B. Museums Science, Ag23 

— — Scientific Uterature, Indexing Science, Apio 

Gooderbara, C. H. Moose, My first Canad.M. Ja 

Gooding, W. L. Pedagogy, Psychology and. School R. N 

Goodloe, A. C. College life, Girls' Scrib.M. Mr-S 

Goodnow, F.J. City govt., Home rule in. . Pol.Sci.Q. Mr 

Goodrich, C. F. Naval education Am.J.Soc.Sci. N 

Goodspeed, G. S. India, Religions of. Dial, N16 

Religions Parliament of Bib. World, F 

Goodwin, C. Domestic servants Forum, Ag 

Goodwin, C. A. Hiawatha Outing, My 

Goodwin, C.J. Watson, William New World, Mr 

Goodwin, E.J. High School, Curric. of. . ..School R. My 
Goodwin, W. W. Aristotle, Politics Nation, N21 

— Classics, Educa. value of Educa.R. Ap 

— English, School Nation, 024 

Goodyear, W. H. Architec, Principle* in..Engin. M.Ja 

Nimes, Maison Carree at Am.JwArchseol. Ja 

Gordon, A. Daisy Venn Argosy, Mr 

Gordon, Alex. Doctor's romance Good W. Xmas 

Gordon, A. J. Parliament, Curious acts of. .Gent.M. Ag 
Gordon, A. M. Women, Education of. 

lothCent.Je. Ecl.M. O 
Gordon, A. M. R. Bernhardt and the bear.. .Canad.M. Jl 

Yuba Dam trout Canad.M. Je 

Gordon, F. C. Drumtochty, Visit to Bookman, D 

Gordon, G. A. Cushing, Col. Job N.E.Reg. Ap 

— United States pensioners N.E.Reg. Jl 

— York County, Me., Records of N.E.Reg. Ja 

Gordon, H. Corean rebel, Story of Lippinc. My 

Gordon, H. D. Railroad machine shop Engin.M. Jl 

Gore, J. E. Barometric measurement Pop. Sci .Mo. Ja 

Gamma Virginia, The story of. Gent.M. Ja 

Solar system, Size of Knowl. O 

— — Sun, Stellar magnitude of Knowl. Je 

— Telescopes, Giant Gent.M. Ap 

— — Universe, Construction of Knowl. Ja 

Gorren, A. La Baraonda, Rovetta's Dial, O 

Gorst, J. E. Social reform lothCent. Je. Ecl.M. S 

Gorton , D. A. Labor as a /actor in evolution. 

Brooklyn Eth .Assoc .Life 

Gosse, E. Literary ta.ste, Decay of No.Ara. Jl 

Pater, Walter Ecl.M. Ja 

Stevenson, R. L Ccnt.Jl 

Tusitala in Vailima; poem McClure, Jl 

Gossip, G. H. D. Gr. Brit., For. relations Fortn. D 

Gotthilf, O. Weather, Influence on diseases. .Chaut. Ap 

Gottsberger, F. Liquor traffic No.Am. N 

Gould, E. Prot. Episcopal church Forum, Jl 

Gould, E. P. San Sisto Madonna Educa. O 

Gould, E. R. L. Arbitration YaleR. F 

Criminality, Hereditary. . . .Conf.Char. & Correc.'95 

— Dwellings, Improved Conf.Char.ACorrec'95 

— — Slums, Only cure for Forum, Je 

Gouraud, A. H. Herring, Mysterious migration of. 

NewSci.R. O 

Shad, The Pop. Sci. Mo. Ap 

Gourlay, R. Woman ; a decade of fads Canad.M. N 

Gowers, W. R. Visual sensations, Subjec... Nature, JI4 

Gowing, E. A. Gregory, Sir William Belgra. S 

Spurgeon, Chas. II Belgra. Mr 

Go w land, W. Corea, Antiquities of. Anthrop.J. F 

Gracey, S. L . Chinese letter-shops Chant. Je 

Graham, H. G. Scotland, Rural Scot.R.Ja 

Graham, P. A. Agriculture, Pottering with. . . .NewR. O 

Auburn, A Scottish Chamb.J. N 

Pallinsburn Gull Pond Longm. N 

Truffle-hunting in Wiltshire Longm. Mr 

Graham-Barton, A. Church of England Westm. Ap 

Graham, R. B. C. Morocco Sat.R. N16 

Graham, T. H. B. Cumberland dialect Gent.M. My 

Mithras, Unconqucred Gent.M. Jl 





Graham, W. Collectivist prospect in Eng.. .igthCent. Ja 

Once-loved Belgra. Ja 

Poverty Am.M.Civics, S 

Graharae, G. Claude Lon-ain Portfo. Mr 

' Grahame, K. In A ready Ncwll. Mr 

Twenty.first of October NewR. O 

Grahame, R. B. C. Schmidel, Flulderico... .lothCent. N 
Grand, Sarah. Momentary indiscretion ... .Cosmopoi. D 

Wrong road, The Eng.IUust. D 

Grange, A. Knight of the Temple Dub.R. O 

Grant, G. M. Religions of world in relation to 

Christianity N.Y. 

Gladstone, Hopkins' Life of Canad.M. N 

Grant, R. By hook or crook ; a story Harper, My 

Living, Art of Scrib.M. Ja-N 

Grant, T. B. Irish. Americans Am.M.Civics, N 

Granville, M. Gout, New theory of. .* National, D 

Gratacap, L. P. Reform, Political mission of. 

Am.M.Civics, S.O 

Graves \ E. O. Seattle Nat Conf.CityGovt. 2-3 

Gray, A. Electric oscillations, Potncare on. .Nature, F14 
Gray,G. American diplom.. Two years of. .No. Am. Ap 

Gray, M. Character in fiction Cody. Fiction 

Gray, T. Galvanometer, Ballistic Science, My 17 

Gray, W. M. Currency Canad.M. O 

Greeley, C. Pugilism vs. progress Lend a H. D 

Green, D. I. Value, Nat., Wieser's...Ann.Am.Acad. Ja 

Green, G. W. Party loyalty, Ethics of Forum, D 

Green, II. J. Tintern Abbey ; poem Belgra. Ag 

Green, J. R. Plants, Reserve materials of. 

Sci.Prog. Mr,Ag 
Green, M. A. Williams, Rev. Samuel... NewEng.M.Je 

Green, P. Pauperism, Old-age Econ.J.Je 

Green, W. S. Digger Indian, The Overland, Mr 

Irrigation in California Overland, O 

Grrene, C. S. Irrigation in the S.Joaquin ..Overland, S 

Prowl for the picturesque, A Overland. Ag 

Greene, F. V. Roads ButterfieldLec.Un .Coll . 1 

Greene, H. Coal, Formation of NewSci.R. O 

Greene, R. Cavalier, Jean Gent.M. S 

Greene, T. L. Prices, Declining Nation, Mya 

Railroad securities Engin.M. Jl 

Greene, W. B., jr. Christianity, Evidences of. 

Presb.&Ref .R. Ja 

Reason in Presb.&Ref.R. Jl 

— — Religion, Evolution of, Caird on ..Presb.&Ref.R. Ja 
Greenhill, A. G. Flying machine, Maxim. .Nature, Agi 

Green leaf, J. L. Beams, Flexure of J.Frankl.Inst. Jl 

Greenough, J. J. Education Atlan. Ap 

Greenwood, F. Alliances, The talk of new... .NewR. Ja 

Gr. Brit., Politics in; wilful isolation . .Contemp. Je 

Greenwood, G. Berkeley and Hume Westin. Jl 

Greenwood, G. G. Theology, Dogmatic Westm. N 

Gregg, R. E. Stories, children's, Failure in . .Writer, Je 

Gregory, A. Irish superstitions Spec. Ap2o 

Kinglake, A. W. Eothen. .Blackw. D. Li v. Age, Dai 

Gregory, A. C. Australia, Geological development of. 

Nature, Mya 
Gregory-Flesher, H. Canada, Fut. of. .Am.M.Civics, Mr 

Miller, Joaquin Arena, Mr 

Gregory, J. M. Referendum & initia. ..Pub. Opin. Ap25 
Gregory, J. W. Eozoon and Monte Somna blocks. 

Nat.Sci. Je 

Geo-morphology Nature, Jaj 1 

Thomson, Joseph Nature, S5 

Gregory, R. A. Chemistry Ecl.M. O 

Normal school at Paris Nature, Oio 

Spectroscope in chemistry Fortn. Ag 

Technical education Nature, F14 

Greswell, W. Birds, Sea-, of the Cape.. Good Words, My 

Newfoundland, Crisis in Fortn. Mr 

— Quantock hills, Witchery of the Temp. Bar, Ap 

Gribaytdoff, V. War correspondent Munsey, Ap 

Grieve, R. Labor, what it wants Arena, O 

Griffin, L. Abdur Rahman Sat.R.Je2o 

Chitral and frontier policy lothCent. Je 

Kashmir valley, Lawrence's Sat.R. Oa6 

Griffin, M.J. Parliament, Dissolutions of. ....Forum, S 
Griffin, W. Education, School in an air castle. 

Canad.M . Ag 
Griffing, H. Skin, the, Sensations in . ...Psychol. R. Mr 

Gkiffis, W. E. Religions of Japan N.Y. 

Anabaptists, The New World, D 

China Nation, Api8 

Holland, Literature in LiUW. Agio 

Griffith , y. D, Dead, the, Transportation of. 

Am. Pub. Health Assoc, 

Griffiths, A. Biskra: winter-resort Fortn. Mr 

'—-Criminals, Female No. Am. Ag 

Great Britain, Defence of Fortn. O 

Griffiths, E. H. Kew observatory Nature, N14 

Grim, M. Strike at Mr. Mobley's, The Cent. Jl 

Grimthorpe, Lord. Divorced persons, Marriage of. 

lothCent. F 
Griswold, W. M. Poe, E. A., Moral nature of. 

Nation, Myi6 
Grohman, W. A. B. Chamois-driving ....Eng.IUust. N 

— — Chamois-stalking Eng.IUust. O 

Selkirks, Stalking in the Eng.IUust. My 

Grossi, V. Italians, Immigration into U.S Chaut. Je 

Grosvenor, ('. H. Venezuela No. Am. N 

Guertin, F. River between Outing, D 

Wheel of time Outing, Ag 

Guertin, F. I. With madness in his method. 

Eng.IUust. Ag 

— — Merrington-Manning affair Munsey, Mr 

Guerville, A. B. de. Japan, Women of Munsey, D 

Red cross society Munsey, O 

Guetzkow, K. Uriel Acosta; play Poet-Lore, Ja-Jl 

Guiney, L. I. Hilton, Martha. 

SpofFord. Three heroines 

Orisons; a poem Harper, Je 

Sanctuary Harper, Ap 

Vaughan, Henry, Grave of. ..Ath. O12. Critic, DaS 

Gulliver, J. H. Eliot, Geo New World, D 

(Sundry, R. S. China, England's interests... Sat. R. Jeao 

Ancestor worship in Fortn. F 

Formosa islands Sat.R. My4 

Hong Kong and the Straits Settlements. . . .Fortn. Je 

Gunsaulus, F. W. Jesus in poetry Bib. World, D 

Gupta, S. N. Hindu logic Mind, Ap 

Gurley, G. D. Aryan race Ref.Qj Jl 

Gwillim, J. C. Brother's story Canad.M. F 

Gwynn, S. Stevenson, Robert Louis Ecl.M. F 

Gwynn, S. L. Shakespeare, W., Songs of ....Acad. Na 
Gwynne, H. A. Danube, Iron gates of Longm. N 

Haacke, W. Birds of passage Chaut. F 

Hadaway, W. S. Electric heating Engin.M. My 

Hadden, D. E. Spectroscope, Grating... Pop.Astron. O 
Hadden,J. C. Musical pitch lothCent. N 

Pianists, A gossip about Chamb.J N 

Scottish poetry Scot.R. Ap 

Haddock, F. C. Consciousness and faith... .Melh.R. N 

H addon, A. C. Art, Origins of Nature, Jaio 

'* Challenger " expedition Nat.Sci. Jl 

Hadley, A. T. Economic policy . .Conf. Char. SiCorrec.'g^ 

Economic terms — YaleR. Ag 


I 86 


Haeckel, E. " Challenger " expedition Nat.Sci. Jl 

Huxley, T. H., and Karl Vogt Fortn. S 

Haggard, H. R. Copyright act, Canadian. Contcm p. Ap 

Haight, C. S. Shaker romance ; a story Munsey, Mr 

Haines, A. M. Hay res family N.K.Reg, jl 

Haite, G. C. Seaford, England Art J. N 

Haithcox, H. C. Education of 3-fold man ...Lulh.Q,. Ap 
Hake, T. St. E. Mystery of Pilgrim Gray. .Chamb.J. Ap 

Haldanc, R. B. Hegel Con temp. P 

House of Lords National, la 

Hale, E. E. Charities that have succeeded. Lend a H. O.N 

Prom generation to generation NcwEng.M. D 

Holmes, Oliver VV Arena, D 

Labor market Lend a H. D 

Progress of the century Lend a H. O 

Hale, E. E., jr. ^Esthetic principles, Marshall on. 

Dial, S16 
Literary study, Aims of Dial, F16 

Nordau, Degeneration Dial, Api6 

Pater, Walter. Miscell. Studies Dial, N16 

Poetry and fine art Dial, Myi6 

Shakespeare, \V. Midsum. night's dream. .Dial, Jai 

Ed. by Furness Dial, Oi 

Hale, L. Great Britain, Army National, F 

Hale, R. B. Esther NewEng.M. Jl.Ag 

Middle-aged woman NewEng.M. D 

Philosopher with an eye for beauty Atlan. Jl 

Hale, W. B. Baptist town, Religious study of a. 

Forum, F 

Mother and son Munsey, Ag 

Hale, W. G. Latin, Six years' course in . . . . School R. Je 
Hales, J. W. Shakespeare and Puritanism. Con tern p. Ja 

Halford, G. Margaret, To; a poem Temp. Bar, F 

Halifax, C. L., Viscount. Church union National, N 

Hall, A. O. Ghost of nisifrius GrcenBag, ]e.Jl 

— — Hamilton, Alexander Green Bag, D 

Tilden, Samuel J GrcenBag, F 

Van Buren,John GrcenBag, My 

Hall, C. G. Asceticism, Ideal of. 

Moulton. Four years novel 

Hall, F. Americanisms Acad. Mr30 

»* Industriously," Use of the word Nation, Agio 

M Respectable," Meanings of word Nation, J I4 

" Scientist," use of the word Acad. F33 

" Several," Peculiar uses of word Nation, Nji 

Hall, Gertrude. Late returning, The Cosmopol. Ap 

Rival, The Harper, A p 

Hall, J. A. Railroad accidents Engin.M.Jl 

Hall, Marshall. Glaciers Nat.Sci. Ja 

Hall, O. Ceylon, A dead city of. Lippinc. N 

Hall, R. Newton, Sir Isaac Good Words, Ja 

Hall, W. P. Cavalry, Revolver or sabre for. No. Am. Ag 
Hall, W. S. Human body, changes in proportions. 

Anlhrop.J. Ag 
Hallard, Jambs Henry. Gallica, and otiisk 

essays Lond. 

Halleck, R. P. Truth, Human Pop.Sci.Mn. Ap 

Hallett, H.S. China, Southwest Sat.R. No 

China, Western lothCent. Ag 

Halliburton, W. D. Lymph, Formation of. Sci.Prog. Jl 

Peptone Sci Prog. Mr 

Proteids, Synthesis of Sci. Prog. O 

Hal lock, W. Bolometric investigations . ..Science, Agi6 
Hallowell, E. M. Annisquam, Mass. ...NewEng M. Ag 

Halscy.J.J. Pike, Z. M Dial O16 

Halstead, A. Newspaper Row and National legislation. 

No. Am. F 

Halstead, R. Wages, Living, Plea for Econ.R. Jl 

Halsted, B. D. Poisonous plants Garden&F. Myi 

Halstcd, G. B. Teaching, University Science, F23 

Harlcy, L. R. History, Study of Educa. F 

Ham, G. H. Manitoba Canad.M. O 

Hamilton, A. Exeter, Bishops of Dub.R. Jl 

Hamilton, F. A. Cable, Laying a submarine. ' 

Canad.M. Mr 

Hamilton, S. M. McCosh, James Educa. R. F 

Hamilton, W. R. Illinois NalM Guard... Outing, Ap-Je 
Hamlin, A.J. Intervals bet. stimuli ..Am. J. Psychol. Ja 
Hamlin, C. Armenians OurDay, Ja 

Maine, Supieme court of GrcenBag, O.N, D 

Hamlin, C. H. Gambling and speculation Arena, F 

Hamm, M. A. Japan, Corea, and China. ..Overland, F 

Hatnmell, G. M. Girard, Stephen Meth.R. S 

Hammond, M. B. Cities, Population of. 

Am. Statis. Assoc. Mr 
Hammond, W. A. Brains and muscles. 

ButterfteldLcc.Un.Coll. 1 

Hylozoism Philos.R. Jl 

Hanard, H. Ivy, Poison Garden&F. Myaa, Jeu 

Hanbury, R. W. Ireland in 1S95 National, F 

Hancock, A. B. Latitude, Variation of.Pop.Astron. Ap 
Hancock, J. A. Hands of men and children. 

Pcdagog.Sem. O 

Hancock, M. S. Mere Angcle Belgra. Mr 

Hand ley, F. Besant, W alter OurDay, F 

Tolstoi, Leo... OurDay, Ag 

Handy, M. P. Cahles, Telegraph NewSci.R.Ja 

Hankin, St.J. E. C. Criminal, The Ecl.M. Ap 

Li Hung Chang Acad. S7 

Hanna, H. B. Chilral garrisoned Sat.R. Agi7 

Hanna, Robt. Torpedo, Whitehead Cosmopol. Ag 

Harm an, T. Religion and literature ... Ecl.M. F 

Hannay, David. Naval history NewR. F 

Gr. Brit., Navy of NewR . Ap,My,O.D 

Hannigan, D. F. Fiction, Sex in Westm. Je 

Novel, Tyranny of modern.. Westm. Mr. Ecl.M. Ap 

Prehistoric times Westm. D 

Scott, Sir Walter Westm. Jl 

Hansen, M. G. Christianity, Modernizing Ref.O^ Jl 

Pulpit notices, Tyranny of. Ref.O^ Ja 

Hanus, P. H. Secondary education SchoolR. Ap 

Hapgood, I. F. Alexander HI. of Russia. .Nation, Fji 

Furs in Russia Lippinc. Mr 

Kovalevsky, Sonya Cent. Ag 

Russia, Misinformation about Nation, S5 

Hapgood, N. Balfour, A.J Contemp. D 

Haras, S. Royal Academy, London Arn.Arch. Jew 

Harbcn, W. N. Matt Digby's wedding Lippinc. Jl 

Harcourt, A. Philip II. of Spain Temp.Bar, F-Ag 

Harcourt, L. F. Vernon-. Engineering Nature, S19 

Hardie,J. K. Labor party 19th Cent. Ja 

Hardie, M. B. God-beloved Longm. D 

Hardie, R. P. Aristotle, Politics of Mind.Jl 

Hardin, E. E. N.Y. State National Guard. Outing, Ja,F 
Hardin, Af. D. Washington, J). C, Defence of. 

Harding, S. B. Tariff of 1S28.. AnnA1n.Acad.P0l.Sci. Jl 
Harding, W. F. Indiana, State bank of...J.Pol.Econ. D 

Hardinge, E. M. Social evolution OurDay, N 

Hardy, E. J. Irritability, Scientific NcwSci.R. Ap 

Hardy, L. Only a lassie Sund.M. Je 

Winifred Power's candlestick Sund.M. S 

Hardy, S. M. Prices, Money and, 1S60-1S91. 

J.PoI.Econ. Mr 

Hardy, T. Hearts insurgent Harper, Ja-\* 

Hardy, W. S. London under old laws Sund.M. F 

Hakf, A. J. C. Biographical sketches Lond. 

Hargrave, M. Professor's letter Gent M O 




Harker, A. Metasomatic changes Sci.Prog. S 

Pctrographical research Sci.Prog. My 

Harkne*s t B. J. Fort Fitker expedition. 


Harkness, W. Solar system Science, J ai 1 

Harley, L. R. Bayard, Thomas F Am. M. Civics, D 

— Malthus, Doctrine of Atn.M.Civics, Ja 

— Race mixture Pop. Set. Mo. My 

Representation, Mod. theory of ...Am.M.Civics, Ap 

U.S., Independence of Am.M.Civics, Ag 

Harlez, C. de. Buddhist sects in Japan Dub.R. Ja 

Harmack, A. Monasticisin Chr.Lit. Ja 

Hannan, J# A. Hawaii, Polit. Importance of.No.Am. Mr 
Harms worth, A. C. Arctic expedition, Jackson's. 

Eng.Illust. D 

Harper, W. R. Gold standard Am.M.Civics, Jl 

——Jesus, Foreshadow! ngs of Bib. World, D 

Moses in Hebrew histo